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ruiji.'MMF.o ?.vr.itY T?ur.auAY MOUNIHO.,
8nHBC|(?lll>TION, *1.O0 PER ANNU?'.
rmncttUAY, Ai-mi, ii, j NON.
? Dispensary or Hnr-Kooni, Willoh t
Tho State Hoard of Control mot lu Co
lumbia last woolf. In reporting tho pro
Ocodlngs of tho Hoard, Tho Stato, of tho
lill instant, has this to say of tho aotlou
takon.rolativo to tho Disponsary in Wal
Up fn ono of tho largest towns of Oco
iU)0 county tboro is a disponsary, which
according to information presented to
tho board is run in a dooidodly novol
mannor. Tho town is prohibition in sen
timent. Tho disponsor, a gunsmith,
keons bis Btook in a box in tho baok part
of Ids shop. Homo timo ago Inspootor
Hill was given instructions to order tho
dispensers to display thoir stocks and
koop thom in iirst-olass ordor. Tho
County Hoard of Control bas mado com
plaint to the Stato Hoard about tho dis
play of tho o. p. stocks. Tho latter sent
instructions that tho disponsor bo or
dorcd forthwith to display his ?tock as
required by tho rulos or ho would bo "re
moved .'or causo."
plr. H. H. Se.bvndor is tho disponsor re
ferred to in tho abovo report. Every
body who knows Henry Schrodor, knows
bim to bo as honest as tho day is long.
We doubt not, it may bo correctly said
Ot bim, that in Ibo conduct of Ids dis
pensary, ho comes nearer carrying out
tho lotter and tho spirit of tho require
ments of tho Disponsary Act than any
dispenser in Ibo Hiato. Ho is careful
ami watchful in tho discharge of bis offi
cial duties, and docB not try to con voit
' tho disponsary into a bar room by mak
ing an enticing display of liquors. Ho
hoops tho stock In tho front room, how
ovor, and is always on band within tho
legal hours to attend to tho wanta of
customers. When tho liquors aro sold
bo docs net allow thom oponed or drunk
on Ibo promises. Ho novor opens a Bido
or buck door, or furnisbes a cork sorow,
so that ibo customers can stop into a
corner of the back yard and drink, as is
dono by not a fow dispensors elsewhere,
if we aro correctly informed. Ttis not
bis purpose kn rusk the sales o? liquors,
and tins seems lo bo tho chief causo of
complaint urged against bim by tho
Hoard of Control. If they expect bim
to do this, they havo got tho wrong man,
^^long as tho .Statute remains as now
4 wm ton.-- Mo may .bo removed for this
cause, but a bettor man can Hover bo
found for the position. Should ho bo
removed for this cause, there would bo
furnished proof conclusive that tho
Hoard of Control purpose to violato both
tho letter and the spirit of tho Statute by
converting the dispensary into a bar
Tho President's Policy.
President McKinley's message on tho
Spanish-Cuban situation was transmit
ted to Congress last Monday. Ho reviews
at length tho condition of affairs in Cuba,
and closes by advising armed interven
tion to put a stop to hostilities, by im
posing "constraint" on both contending
parties, lie thus " blows both hot and
cold" in the same breath. Tho uso of
force as outlined by him would douht
v. less result in tho United States having
to light both tho Spaniards and tho
Cubans. We would occupy tho position
of a big boy attempting to Btop a
light between two smaller boys who
.happen to he pretty equally liiftfamccK
-vii .! . big boy, -'gr.r-'s up, takes each
by Ufo' collar, pulls them apart,
gives them a slap, and a kick and starts
them humping in opposite directions,
each, however, heaping reproach on tho
head of the would-be poace-makor.
That is the logic of the President's po
licy, and .should it be (rallied out along
tho lines indicated by him, it would be
a clear ease of "love's labor lost ," for the
anathemas of both Spain and Cuba would
be called down upon his head. Tho at
tempt at this lalo day to impose "hostile
constraint upon both tho parties to tho
contest," would simply he adding fuel to
tho lire, and result in rendering still
more distressing tho already perishing
condition of tho reconcentrados. The
insnnMMUs have long since resolved upon
independence or death as thoir portion,
and they would not accept servitudo any
more readily from us than from Spain.
It would bo far bid ter, in our humble
opinion, simply to recognize tho Govern
ment of ("nba, accord berthe rights of
a belligerent, and let tho matter rest with
tho insurgents to rid their island of
Spanish rule. Even at this lalo day such
recognition would result in their indo
pondoueo and freedom. This action
should have been taken by our Govern
ment, eighteen months or two years ago.
The wai' would thou have been ended ero
this, by tho original partios to tho con
test, thousands of lives would havo been
saved, and tho present crisis avoided.
Such action still would bo better than
"hostile constraint" in tho manner pro
posed. The I'resident 's policy in pract i
cal operation would doubtless bo found
to work complete destruction of what
little remains of tho subject matter of
Ibo contest. "Independence or Death"
is the mottoof the ('ubans, and a glorious
ono it is. They have sufforcd far moro
from the tyranny of Spanish rule within
tho last ten years than tho American
colonists did whoo our forefathers do
. dared their independence. They fought
.v^ nuder the inspiring exclamation of Pat
^?-- rick Henry: "(Jive ino liberty or give mo
The ('Madel Itchpllion.
Tho occurrence" .'it the Citadel Academy
in Charleston last week was most unfor
tunate. It resulted in ti;o immediate
exj olsloil of tho sixty-four students on
gngod in the riotous demonstrations.
Since that time quito a number ,>{
tho friends of those who woro expelled
have asked for honorable discharges and
have gone homo. Among those volunta
rily retiring appears tho mono of George
Tillman, sou of i ion. Gooroo f>. Tillman.
Tho disastrous effects of tho opisodo
will long bo fol' . if, indeed, tho college
bo able to survive. Strong opposition to
tho col logo nlroady exists throughout, the
State, and those who think it a "fifth
wheel" Jn our educational system will,
^vavaJI themselves of the oppor
'C^? W" *' l>u*ftn cm' l<> tn0
Jls()l> ' tee? i?otlhl havo
^<n' u .cl those com
Hi rough Holi'.obedleiit stu
beyond tho
yr resisting
.<. Disoi
%of a\l
e the
Fugitivos from Justice.
lu our Issuo two weeks ago we gave *
full stateruont of tito Uw anet facia rota
tivo to tko extradition warrants for II. J.
W, Hitt ot al., of Tf^borsbnm county;
Georgia. A eouso of publio justloo
prompted what we wrote. Nothing has
since transpired to vary what was said as
to the action of tho Ordinary and Sheriff,
of Haborsham county, in attempting un
lawfully to shield tho acouood, and pro
vont thoir appoaranoo boro for trial on
tito ohargos prof cv red against thom. Tho
Toccoa ltooord, of tho 8th instant, at
tempts to parry tho effects of tho blow
doalt thom, and to oxouso thoir conduct,
lt is soldom so niuoh "rot" can bo found
in tho oolumus of a roputnblo journal.
As wo do not proposo to bandy epithets
with tho editor of tho Record, or confond
with him in vilo composition, wo must
loavo to him tho task of expounding law
and disordor for his oouxtituonts on
I'author creole after hi? own uuiquo aud
bilious stylo. Ho now sees "as through
a glass darkly," but whon his "flt" is
ovor it is tb bo hopod that his vision will
bo oloarod, and his mind freed from
its prosont distempered disordors.
NovortholpsB, tho faot romains and
onnuot bo rubbed out, thnt tho Loos
woro obnrgod with assault and battery
with intout to kill by uso of pis
tols and li ni veu; tho chargo preferred
ngninst tho Mitts nnd othors is for assault
anti battery with intent, to kill by dis
charging n load of shot iu tho back of
LOO. Thus it Will bu neun that tho Clinics
ohargod aro oxaotly similar. Tho South
Carolina authorities willingly dolivorod
up tho Loos to tho Ooorgia authorities
for trial, while tho Georgia authorities
aro resorting to all kinds of tricks and
subterfuges, without authority of law, to
forogo tho dolivory of tho Jlitts, Owens
and Haddock for trial in tho Courts of
South Carolina. Extraordinary position,
isn't it?
Prohibitionists In Convention.
Tho Stato Prohibition Convention con
venes in Columbia this (Thursday) after
noon at eight o'clock. It bids fair to bo
quito a representative body, and will
doubtloss nominate a full State ticket to
bo voted for in tho primary olootlon.
Tho ruling of tho Stato Democratic
Kxocutivo Committoo last wook ?B taken
as an indication that tho votes oast for
tho nomin?os of this convontion will bo
counted. An amendment of tho consti
tution, to carry out this purposo, will
probably bo adopted by tho May Stato
It ?B not yot cloav that tho votes for
a prohibition, or any othor faotion,
could bo counted, so long" ns tho consti
tution of tho party romains unchanged,
for each candidate is required to Mo a
plodgo that ho is not tho candidate of a
faction, and will not bocomo ono. Such
hoing tho lauguage of tho plodgo, incor
porated in tho constitution of tho party,
how could tho Hxocutivo Committoo
chango it ? It bas no law-making power.
Its duty is to uinstruo tho law, whorovor
a caso shall como before it on appeal.
It is patent that tho prohibition son ti
mon t bas great strongth throughout tho
State, lt is UBoless to nncor at it as is
tho custom of nomo. Tho votes of tho
prohibitionists will bo folt on election
day, and somo way will bo found to have
them counted. That much may bo taken
for granted. Thoy aro noithor fools nor
demagogues, but mon who havo tho
courage of their convictions and do thoir
own thinking. Not "\ small part of tho
best brain in tho Stato is found in thoir,
ranks. " .
Text?aE&uWtff?n lu tho South,
On our first pago will bo found a de
scription of tho now Toxtilo School to bc
founded as a permanent department o?
Clemson Collego. This will add greatly
to tho popularity of donison, and enable
it still moro of?cctivoly to accomplish tho
industrial training which constituted tho
purposo for founding ibo institution.
Tho leaders of toxtiio dovolopmont in
tho South say that tho apprentice system
is a thing of tho past, and will novor bo
revived. Tho great revolution wrought
by steam and electric machinory in all
branches of mill operations has mado
high-grade technical training an absoluto
necessity, and in order to develop ofli
ciont managers of men and machinory,
tho ground work for his training and
education must hereafter be obtained in
industrial or technical schools, in tho
same way that men aro prepared by spe
cial training to eventually occupy high
positions in law and medicine. Tho em
ployment of a boy or man on a special
machine will soldom develop a leader or
manager,-without somo previous instruc
tion on general subjects.
It is a matter of congratulation that
South Carolina is loading tho South, in
manufacturing enterprises, and just now
she scorns to bo in tho load in affording
means for thorough training In toxtilo
Tho bladder was created for ono pur
pose, namely, a receptado for tho urine,
and as such it is not liable to any form
of disease oxcept by ono of two ways.
Tho first way is from imporfect action of
tho kidneys. Tho second way is from
careless local treatment of othor disoascs.
Chief Cause.
Unhealthy urino from unhealthy kid
noys is tho ohiof cause of bladder trou
bles. ?So the womb, like tho bladder,
was created for ono purposo, and if not
doctored too much is not liable to weak
ness or disease, except in raro casos. It
is situated back of and very closo to tho
bladder, thoreforo any pain, disease or
inconvenience manifested in the kidneys,
back, bladder or urinary passage is often,
by mistako, attributed to fomalo weak
ness or womb tronido of somo sort. Tho
error is easily made and may bo as easily
avoided. To lind out correctly, sot your
m ino asido for twenty-four hours', a sodi
mont or sottling indicates kidney or blad
der tronido. Tho mild and tho extraor
dinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Koot, tho groat kidnoy, and bladder
remedy, is soon realized. If you nood a
medicine you should havo tho best. At
druggists fifty cents and ono dollar. You
may havo a sample bottlo and pamphlet,
both sont freo by mail, upon receipt of
tinco two-cont stamps to cover cost of
ponbjgo on tho bottlo. Montion KKOWKK
Couiupu and send your address to Dr.
Kilmer # Co., Binghamton, N. Y. The
Proprietors of this pa, r guarantco the
?jonulncncss of this offer.
In Texas tho other day tho Qovornor
granted a stay of execution iu cuan of a
murderer condomuod to death. Tho
Sheriff, bowe vor, hanged Mm prisoner
md then went to argue thc matter with
lie (inventor.
It's Kasy To (?ct In,
whoro tbero's a : biggish liver, for any of
tho gorms of disoaso that Surround you.
[f your liver woro activo and healthy, it
would koop thom out of your blood.
You'll havo to watch your livor for solf
proteetton. As soon as you fool tho first
lymptoms that it's wrong (oruptions on
ho skjii, or a dull and worn out feeling)
uko th; I'ip-.co's (?olden Medical Dis
?ovory. Thai, fpUl start your livor into a
lealthy action, puj-J/y your blood, braco
ip your system, givoyou strongth, and
mt on ncoded Kosh-not fat, byt .wbojc
orno, nooossary lloati.
... v, ". . '
WAV??NUTON, D. C., Aprii i?.--Tlio
Houso into this ai Comoon passed tho
following resolution hy a voto of 824
yoas to '20 nays :
Rosolvod, That tho President is horoby
authorized and directed to Intervene at
onoo to Btop tho war in Cuba, aud to tho
ond and with tho purpose of soouring
poaco and order thoro and ostnbliBbiug
by tho froo ootion of tho poople tboro of
a atablo and iudopoudont goverumont Of
thoir own in tho island of Cuba, tho
Prosldont is horoby authorized and om
poworod to uso tho land and naval foroos
of tho United States to exooute Ibo pur
poBO of this resolution.
Tho Senate will pass praotloally the
saiuo resolution to-morrow, oxoopt that
tho 8onato rosolutiou calls for tho imme
diate ovaouation of Cuba by Spain.
Thole was a riot in tho Houso this af -
ternoon on a parliamentary quostion aud
sovornl fights occurred on tho floor. For
llvo minutos tho wholo Houso was prac
tically iu a rough and tumblo fight.
Four MONHOK, VA., April 12.-Tie
dying Squadron bttiiod for tho Soutii at
2.20 o'olock this afternoon undor soalod
ordors. Thc ordors aro said to bo to in
tercept Spain's Hoot now on route to
Porti liico.
President McKinley's Mcssngo ou tho
Cuban Situation.
WASHINGTON, 1>. C., April ll.-McKin
ley's Cuban moBsago was road at noon
to day, lt caustically censures Spain for
tho inhuman war of extermination in
In his mossago tho Pr?sident strongly
opposes recognition of bolligoronoy aa
inexpedient. Ho UIBO opposos tho r?cog
nition of tho indopendonco of Cuba at
this timo, but favors tho granting of
authority for such HBO of armed forcos of
tho United States ns bc may doom neces
sary to put an ond to hostilities and to
sccuro a stablo government for Cuba.
Ho alBO asks for an appropriation to bo
usod for tho roliof of Buoh of tho pooplo
aa aro still in need. Tho message shows
that Spain horsolf first suggested to this
goverumont tho desirability of au armis
tice and signified in advanco her nssont,
and asked that tho United States uso its
good ofilcoa to soouro a liko assent from
tho Insurgents. Thia request was denied.
Tho Mamo incidont figures quito prom
inently in tho mossago, and tho Prosi
dont argues that thc wreck of our battle
ship in Havana harbor shows conclusively
that Spain ?B not ablo to guarantco to tho
United Statos and othor nations that
soourlty to thoir VCSBO?B which thoy have
a right to doinand.
Tito mo ?Bago shows, however, that
Spain, BO far as can ho dono, without
specific action by tho cortes, lins disa
vowed any connection with tho wreck
ing of tho Maino, and has expressed her
doop rogrot and sorrow that tho appall
ing disaster should havo occurred in a
port within hor jurisdiction.
Tho following is thc lnnguago roforring
to nrmcd intervention:
In viow of theso facts and of thoso con
ditions I aBk CongrosB to authorise and
empower thc Prcsidont to tako measures
to sccuro tho full and liual termination
ol tho hostilities botwoon tho Govern
ment of Spain and tho pooplo of Cuba
and to soouro in tito island tho establish
ment of a Blablo govornmont, capablo of
maintaining order and observing ita in
ternational obligations, ensuring poaco
and tranquillity and security to ito citi
zens ns woll as our own, and to uso tho
military and naval forces of tho Unitod
States as may bo necessary for tho pur
Tho mcssago was roforrcd to the For
eign Affairs Committer }n both Houses,
wno will roport to-morrow.
Tho mossago was disapnnkififng to thoso
who expected tho Ul??si<lont to declare im
mediate war?,Viii is stronger than thocon
8orva??.'vc8 oxpectcd. Thoso closo to tho
Administration say tho mcssago means
Consul General bec.
Consul Gonoral Fitzhugh Loo arrivod
in Washington Tuesday afternoon from
Havana, whence ho and bis party sailed
last Saturday afternoon. His routo from
Port Tampa to Washington was via
Jacksonville, Waycrosa, Savannah, Char
leston, Columbia and Richmond. It waa
a grand ovation from start to finish.
Arriving at Jaspor, Kia., tho local com
pany of State troops and a acoro of Con
federate veterans with a wild crowd mot
him. "A thousand wolcomcs to you.
Gonoral Leo, as a bravo man, a thousand
wolcomcs to our old Confederate com
rade, ton thousand wolcomos to you, sir,
for your admirable official courso as our
Consul at Havana," said ono of tho grey
headed mon.
"I thank you, sir," said Leo, "for your
kind expression; I thank the American
people for tho commendation thoy have
shown my administration as your Consul
General at Havana. 1 havo never really
known until to-day bow united tho peo
ple aro in sanctioning my courso.
At Savannah moro than 5,000 pooplo
woro at tho station to seo General Leo
whoa tho train carno in. Tho crowd was
enthusiastic and a short speech was
mado by tho Gonoral, hoing froquontly
applauded. As tho train rolled into tho
station a platoon of tho Chatham artil
lery, of which Gonoral Loo is aiihonorary
member, began firing tho Major Gono
ral'a Habito of bl guns.
Beneath tho shadow of Morro castlo
somo ono brought out a bottlo of cham
pagne and glasses, and Gonoral Loo gavo
this toast: "lloro is to the olllcors and
mon of tho Maino, which was blown up
by a Spanish mino."
In responding, Mr. Ackors, a British
subject, said: "May fifty guns speak for
oaoh of thc Maine's dead, and may each
gun mean fifty Spanish lives.)'
I asked Gonoral Leo if his toast was
significant. Ho replied: "It is significant
only as I spoak from tho heart, not from
tho hoad."
"Is it truo," I asked him. "that you
havo ovidonco showing Spanish implica
tion in tho blowing up of tho Maino?"
"I havo a roport, to mako on tho
Maine," bo answered, "which will bo in
tho President's hands on Tuesday, hut 1
have no ovidonco."
"I boliovo it ia my duty that I should
bo allowed to load tho first division on
Havana. If I do, please say foY mo that
I know bow to take tho city."
Gonoral Leo displayed a lottor from
Algernon Sartoris, grandson of Gonoral
Grant, in which ho said ho wroto to bim
as grandson of tho groat conminador on
tho Northern sido, to ask ono of tho loa
der? on tho Southern sido to permit him,
in caso ho headed an invasion of Cuba,
to sorvo on bis Btaff. Mr. Sartoris stated
that ho was 21 years old, and Bound, and
presented tho compliments of bis mother
and grandmother.
Goo, LOO had not boon in Washington
long when bo was ushorod into tho oom
nui i ce room. Ho wac givon a hearty,
genuino reception by tho mombors and
answered many questions. Ho talked
freely with tho committee in regard to
tho condition in Cuba, and especially
With roforenco to tho destruction of tho
Alamo. Ho waa vory pointed in lils
Htatomnut that tho destruction of tho
VOHHOI was duo to Spanish agonclos.
"Do you moan tho Spanish officials in
Oilba? bo was asked by a mombor of
tho compjittoo.
"' menv tlfOSpanish officials," ho ro
[dleri, "bub pot (jeno;-,';! Blanco. I think
mino of tho officials woro cognizant of
ibo plans to dostroy tho vo'ssol, but I do
jot Jmlioyo that the Captain (?lonoral
Tho plain and hopeful truth about dis
wno is shown in tho light of tho boat
loionoo of tho century in Dr. I'loroo'a
Common Sense Medical Advisor, ft is a
column of 100ft pago*, ilhiHtrntnd, Halse
?oui 'in ; letters .from many who have
mon rescued from consumption. Tili?
?roatbook ia froc, if you Bond 21 ono cont
damps, to covor cost of mailing only, to
World's Dispensary Medical ABHooiation,
biffnlo. N. V.
SBHEOA, 9. C., AprU 12,18?8.
Au outhuslastio gamo of base ball wu?
playod by the boys of the "school" and
"town" nlnos Friday afternoon. Though
the Behool boys played right manfully,
they woro defeated, the score standing
20 to 15. On tho school side, Mr, Claudo
Myora was oatohor and Mr. Adolphus Dun
can ptteber. On tho town sido, 'adnttra
blo playing was dono by Mossrs. Louis
Jordan, Qoorgo Coloman, Paul Strlbllag
and Blzlo Richardson, nil of whom havo
had oxperlonoo in colleen athletics'. Da
ring tho first part of tho gamo Dr. E. 0.
Doylo was umpiro;during tho latter part
Mr. J. DT. Bryan.
Miss Luola Lowis, who is visiting hor
friend, M?3S Mary Minhtunotte, nt Ros
woll, Goorgin, was an attendant at tho
wodding of M?BB Patti Miuhinnotto and
Mr. lioso, which occurred recently at
Tho Methodist oliuroh was simply,
though prettily decorated for Eastor.
An inscription "Christ tho Lord 1B riBon
to-day," was ovor tho largo nroh. PolmB.
oalla lilies and ferns woro usod for de
coration. Tho pastor, Hov. J. L. Daniel,
delivered an appropriate sermon. Tho
collection for tho Epworth Orphan ago
was good.
Miss Emma Strlb?ing complimented
hor olass, which is oomposod of olovou
children of tho Baptist Sunday school,
with au Eastor ogg bunt on Saturday af
ternoon. Euoh member of tho class was
allowed to invite two frionds.
It is gratifying to tho frionds of Dr.
Chorlos Manly that ho had rooovorod suf
floiontlyfrom his recont illness to bo pro
sont with his congregation nt tho Bap
tist ohuroh Sunday.
Somo of tho mombors of tho youngor
social sot participated in a sooiablo at tho
rosidonco of Mr. and Mrs. It. L. IIowoll
last Friday ovoning.
Tho town council has pouaod an ordi
nance prohibiting gambling and things
of Uko character.
Mrs. L. S. MacSwain wont to Kook
IH11 Friday morning. Hor daughtor,
Miss Joslo MacSwain, who ls a studont
at Winthrop Collogo, sustained a painful
injury occasioned by a fall in tho collogo
gymnasium. This ccourrod eovoral days
previous to Mrs. MacSwaln's going, and
Miss MacSwain is roportod bottor at pro
Hov. Homy S. Hartzog. Prosidont of
Clomson Collogo, will mako an address
at tbs annual Children's Day of tho Me
thodist Sunday sobool on tho afternoon
of tho fourth Sunday in May.
Miss Victorino Nardin, of Anderson,
visited hor friond, Mrs. Ruskin Andorson,
last wook.
Mr. JamoB 1*. Caroy, of Piokons, oamo
to Soncca Saturday.
Mrs. A. W. Thompson is visiting rela
tivos at Clarkoavillo, Goorgia.
Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Austin Bpont Mon
day in Andorson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Itoid havo movod
into tho Methodist par., juago.
Mr. IL J. Gignilliat Bpont Sunday in
Groonvillo, with his family, who aro visit
ing there.
Mrs. B. Frank Sloan spout Eastor in
Groonvillo, whoro BIIO romainod sovoral
days longor.
Mr. J. W. Livingston, of Lockhart,
spout a day or two of this week in So
noca, owing to tho sickness of his mother,
Mrs. C. K. Livingston.
--4 ?tte.
April Wisdom.
Bo sure that your blood is puro, your
appotito good, your digestion porfect.
To purify your blood and jjj?f?d UJ
your health, take Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This medicino bas ^tccomplishod ro
m^rJ^h?ft>'VJir?U&"of 'all blood disoaaos. It
"is tho ono Uno blood purifier.
Hood's Saraparilla has tho power tx
mako yoti woll by purifying and enrich
ing your blood, giving you an appotito
and nervo, montai and digestivo strength.
Six ty-Four Expolled from tho Cltndol,
ClIAm.KSTON, S. C., April 8.-Tilt
Hoard of Vimtors of tho South Carolin?
Military Academy to-day oxpollcd thc
sixty-four cadets who participated in tin
m'.hellion which took placo at tho a cadera}
on tho 3rd of April.
Tho cadots had bocomo inoonsod al
tho conduct of Cadot Cantoy, who har
roportcd.mon for breaking barracks whor
ho was not on duty, and they resolved tc
forco him out of the institution.
A lottor was Hist sent to Canter's fa
thor, asking for his withdrawal, and wboi
this failed of effect, tho boys signed .
pledgo to resort to violonco,if necossary
in oxpelling (,'autoy.
Tboy attempted to cm ry (mr, their ne
sign on tho night of tho 3d. When thoj
woro mot and opposed by Col. Coward
tho superintendent and tho commandant,
Lioutanant McDonald, U. S. A., thoj
broke into opon robollion, Tboy rofuscr
to obey orders and rioted around tin
building all night, tho polico having t<
bo called in.
A mooting of tho Hoard of Visitors wai
called at once and has boon in session foi
sovoral days.
Tho order of oxplusion gavo tho cad ob
two hours in which to loavo tho build
Tho boys belong to many of tho most
prominent families of tho Stato.
Tho order sent from tho academy two
thirds of its studonts.
Tho action of tho young men ::: every
where doplorod.
Both tho method and results when
?Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing tot-ho taste, and, acto
gently yet promptly oil tho Kidneys,
Liver and liowols, clonimos tho Bys*
tom effectually, dispels colds, heat),
aches and lovers and euro? habitual
constipation. Syrup of Fig* is thu
only romcdy of it? kind ovor pro.
duced, pleasing to tho taste and ac
coptahlo to tho stomach, prompt in
ita notion and truly bonoiloial iii ita
effects, prepared only from tho mont
healthy and ngroonbloBubstanocn, ita
many cxcoliont qualities commend it
to all and havo mndo it tho most
popular remedy known.
1 'Syrup of V\m is for salo in 50
cont bottle? ' bf all leading drug,
gists. Any reliable 'druggist who
may pot hAvo it on hand; will j?>r0V
pury it promptly for Any ono who
wishes io try it. Po not jwept any
substitute, '
MMtUM, Hf. Wiv YORK, ftft
Railroad Engineer
T?attflos to GonsflU Received From
Dr, M??er* Remedies?
THERE ls no moro rosponalMo posit loo
on oarth thnn that of a railroad ongln
oor. On his steady norvos, cloar brain,
bright oyo and porfoot solf cpmmaud, do
poud tho safoty ot tho train and tho Uves
of Its pnssongors. Dr. Milos' Not vino and
othor romodlos aro especially adapted to
keeping tho norvos steady, tho brain eloar
aud tho montai faculties unimpaired.
Eiirfiucor F. v?. McCoy, xorworly or ia23
Droadwuy, Council Bluffe, Out non residing
at 8411 Humboldt St., Den vor, writes that bo
"suffered for years from constipation, cruis
laj sick, corv?os and bilious houdackos and
was fully restored to health by Hr. Milos'
Norvo ct Livor Pills. I heartily rocomuiood
Dr. Milos' Domadlos." MMHV'ffllHHflB
Dr. Milos' ItomcdloaBHy^ ' r%v"WBM
aro sold by all drug-HV IUJI-JI.? *3H
gists under a positivo BC- <!TU?T^ HM
guarantee, flrnt hotth>B^e?f|^f{J|Q^S
bonoflta or inonoy ro-fe' n???iir?' ?B
funded. Kook on dis-BL. \P OM
oaBosoftho heart andP^^^t^^^f^?\j?^ip|P
DH. MILKS MEDICAL GO.. Elkhart, Ind.
February 24, 1808.
WKSTMINSTKU, April 18, 1808.
Miss Minnie Traylor has rel urned
from n visit to Toccoa, Ga.
Hannah Blassiganio, tho wifo of B?rry
Blassigamo, eolorod, who lives on Mr. Y.
B. Pitta' farm, near Oak Grovo, diod sud
denly last Thursday ovoning.
Married, at tho Methodist parsonage
by Hov B. lt. Bagnall, on April 7, 1808,
Mr. Prinoo Taylor, of Andorson county,
to Miss May Mosoly, of Oconoo oounty.
Messrs. L. G. Gaston and G. W. Tray
Ipr oaoh.had a valuablo mulo to dio this
On Faster Sunday at tho Methodist
church tho pastor, Rov. It. lt. Daguall,
preaohed vory Impressively on appro
priate sermon fron tho toxt, "ChriBt Is
rison indeed." Tho decorations were by
far prettier than any soon boforo on Bi mi
la' occasion. Among tho decorative
btautioB susponded wns tho inscription:
"Christ is rison."
Mr. Bobert Mason, of Soueca, who re
turned from tho medical colic?o at
Augusta, Ga., a short timo ago, paid his
paronts and friouds boro a visit Saturday
and Sunday.
Tho roof of Mrs. P. M. England's house
j caught firo last Thursday morning. It
was discovered boforo any sorious harm
was dono.
Mr. Josso MoGoo baa potato "a}]r?7i
largo enough to J^ajHtfrjiant." "
Bobbed tho Grave.
A startling incidont, of which Mr
John OHvor, of Pbiladolpbia, was th
subjoot, ls narrated by him as follows
"I waa in a most dreadful condition
My skin was almost yollow, oyo? sunken
tonguo coated, pain contiually in bael
and sidos, no appotito-gradually grow
ing woakor day by day. Throe phys!
cians had given mo up. Fortunately,
friend advisod trying 'Blootrio Bittors,
and to my groat joy and surprise, th
first bottlo mndo a decided iinprovomonl
I continued their uso for tinco week
and am now a well man. I know tho
saved my iifo and robbed tho gravo o
another victim. No ono should fail t
try thom. Only 50 couts por bottlo at .1
W. Boll's, Walhalla, W. J. Lunnoy's, Sc
noca, and H. H. Zimmormaun's, Wcsl
minster, drug storos.
Tho Mission Training School In Cor
ncction with tho Presbyterian Collogo o
South Caroliha and Tbornwell Orphanair
will bo onlargod on July 1st. No St?des
will bc admitted unless 20 years tdd an<
a graduate of some female Collogo.
Tho Assooiate Reformed Presbyterial
Church has established an orphanag
at Hickory Grovo, S. C.
An Old Ide?.
Every day strengthens tho belief of emi
nent physicians that Impure blood ia tits
cause of tho majority of our diseases.
Twenty-five years ago this theory waa used
as n basia for tho formula of browns' Iron
Hitters. Tho many remarkable ourca effected
hy thin famous old household remedy are
?muir?ent to prove that the theory is correct.
Hrowns' Iron Hitters in sold by all dealer?.
South Union Chat.
Tuoxr.oo, S. C., April ll, 1808.
Our little city is still improving.
Messrs. Dowls and Sholor aro bavin]
lumbor sawod to build on their land noa
tho church.
Our school boys foolod thoir toacho
on Friday afternoon, April 1st, by shut
ting him out. But tho fun of it was, hi
prized tho door opon ami got AU\*if
Hal Wo think tho boys wore .TV
wornt at last, ooled tlr
Our school closed last F?iu??. . ,
1st, under tho management of
C. Barton. Ho was loved by alPA '
plls and no doubt ho will gain H^1 *ni
whorovor he goos. Ho will toaoh ''^??. j
in tho suinmor. t
Mr. Humphroy MoGuiro wont to Nw
Inst Saturday to work. Wo wish Vj,
much SUCCORS. ) '
Mr. Ottio BurrisB, Hov. lt. W. NoU
and Misses Annie L Maud Burriso an
Ida Stonocyphor it to proaohing ?
Poplar Springs last Sunday.
Hov. If. W. Xbjplsop prnaoliod an into*
csting sermon at South |Jn|on last Kip!
day ovoning. |
Mrs. J. L. Harriss and Mrs. Joe Mc
Junck'n spent thu du^ with Mm. Kilon
Barton, at Fair Play, one day last wook.
Mrs. S. V. Harbin wont to seo hoi
daughtor, Mrs. Karl Dickson, at Westmin
ster last wook. Wo woro glad to soo hoi
aldo to bo out again.
Wo were told last week that Mrs. Add
Freeman bas poa blossoms.
Mr. Ciando Durrinn, who has boon
visiting bis undo, Dr. MoJunkin, of Toc
oon, Ga., returned homo last Saturday.
Ho was accompanied by Masters ?Tonnie
and Morgan MeJuukin.
Mrs. J. M. MoGuiro bas radishoo, lot
tuco and onions for tablo uno.
The Jlttlo childron bad a nico timo
KW?? flfWrVr1 ?Wr 9wi?day morn
"Mr. J. L. Burris* has planted sixtoen
apron in d?rft, mid hah ?/?t'UiirshcnV 'y?t?
Hr. BnrrisB ljoliovo? ju making plenty of
everythipg for hoino ponimmptlon.
Wi? wjdi (ho farmors would plant moro
corn aPff loss cnMon. 'fimos would thou
not bo so bard, ' ?WA??.
Oakway and Tokccr.n Dots.
fOoitespoadouce of Koo woo Co "ior.j
. ^ OAKWAY, S. 0" April ll, 180&
'.Vc h?"?Y? ? ?iud MAOO !?>..< ?" 'lln'i
'the farmors oro making Rood ooo of it
?-km.o of tko old folks say wo bad th<
heaviest frost last Thursday morotai
they evor saw for tho timo ot tho year
We thought all of tho fruit would b?
killod, but if nothing happens, thora wil
be a good crop.
oi,mil grain ?B still promising.
Mr. L. A, Edwards has the finest Heh
of whoat wo evor saw Some old mon sa?
it is the boBt thoy ovor saw in this ooun
Corn is boginniug to como up whoro i
was plautod early.
Mr. J. .T, Hanvey is woarlng a smilo al
ovor his faoo now. lt's a Uno boy.
Mr. Torrel Thresher lost ?fi??? bor?i
tho othor day.
Miss Lilly Prlohard, of Tokooua, visit??
hor cunt, Mrs. Gibson Walt, and family
of Tugaloo, lase wook.
Mr. Robert M. Wilson, of Clearmont
was among frionds at Tekoona Sunday.
Mina Minnie Fiuloy. of Cross Hoads
Bpont sovoral days with irionds at Oak
way lost wook.
Miss Eva Reeder, of Sonooa, was a
homo Sunday.
Mr. Clifton Davis and wifo nud Mis
Ada King and brother, of Fair Play, wort
among relatives at Oakway Sunday.
lion. William Iluntor and wifo, o
Mountain Rost, visited thoir daughter
Mrs. A. BOM??n, and family Saturday ant
Hou. E. P. Earle, of Tertio, gavo ai
interesting and instruotlvo talk to tb
Bothol Suuday school on Sunday.
.Among thoso attending church a
Bothol on .Sunday woro a numhor of vis
itors-F. M. Bruco, Jamos Bruoo, Samuc
Martin, of Town ville; E. J. Huuniout
and Miss Bortha Graham, of Seneca,
Wo had tho ploosuro of nttouding i
sooiablo on last Wodnosday night at tin
rcsidouco of Mr. J. W. Bonrdon, glvon ii
honor of Miss Fnunio Sholdon, our ao
oomplishod teacher, and Miss Mimd
Finloy. Evory ono prosout enjoyed,|th<
occasion very innob.
Tho Hasler sorvicos nt Bothol woro I
grand SUCCOBB. Each child acted its par
woll. Tho music was good. Miss Boll
Boardon was musioal diroctor. 8I10 al
ways takes great interest in Sunda;
Behool work and tho advancement o:
Christianity. A collodion was taken am
a nico little aomo reined for tho foroigi
Hov. J. M. MoGuiro proaohod an inter
OBting and inatruotivo sormon.
Mr. VoBter Boardon, of Oakway, am
M?BB Efllo Martin, of Kel un?, nttondoi
Easter Borvicos at Rook Springs Sunda;
ovoning. Nico TODD.
Bids for miiidinp; Bicycle ant
Base Ball Park.
rilRE Commiltco aro ready to rccoivi
X bids for building tho Walhalla Bicy
olo and Lase Ball Park. Specification
furnished on application. Filo cash bid
at onco with us.
April 14, 1808.
?RAY EAGLE is a well-bred Jaok
B?rod by a thoroughbred Black Spaniel
Jack, his dam ia ? native Kentucky Jon
uott. His colts aro flnoly shaped, witl
long, keon hoads, moBtly blacks am
bays. No short hoads or dish facos, and
novor as yet, shown any bad C.olcu;8rt.--I/j
will bo at BJoldAn?U^bhT^aeaso?. F<
PSrJjwfctfippV to
Richland, S. C.
April 14, 1808. lm
Notice to Executors, ?dminis
trators and Guardians.
171XECUTORS, Administrators an
ll Guardians will tako notico that 111
dor tho law thoy aro required to mal
to tho Judgo of Probate an annual a
counting of tho catato in thoir ham
hotwoon tho first day of January and tl
first day of July in each year, and upc
fa.ilure to do BO forfeit nil claims for coi
misaiona, and aro further liablo to lb
and costa. E. L. HERNDON,
Judgo of Probato for Oconeo County, S.<
April 14, 1808. 14-4t
Bridge to Let.
rilUE County Supervisor for Coom
JL County will, at tho bridge, on tl
20th day of April, 1808, at ll o'clock
m., lot, to tho lowoat responsible biddc
tho contraot to rebuild tho bridge ov
Thompson's Crook, at tho Mill of W. 1
Stribling. Plans and specifications wi
bo oxhibitcd nt tho timo and plnoo
lotting. Tho right to roject all bids r
served. J. W. SHELOR,
Clerk of Board.
April 14, 1808.
TB Aili and Pay Claims.
TTY Kc..elidion of tho County Board 1
Jj Commissioners tho Suporvisor wi
audit and pay claims for road work (
tho drat Monday and third Saturday
each month only. Persona wishing th
claaa of danna audited will tako notii
of this order. No accounts will bo a
ditod on any othor days oxcopt by tl
full Board. J. W. SHELOR,
Clerk of Board.
April 14, 1808.
I always koop on hand a largo and froi
Bicycles and Bpijii;
If you want anything In this lino 1
sure and BOO mo boforo buying.
Yours respectfully,
April 14, 1808.
?ti I L LINF R Y
Jponatantly locoiving Now Gooda In r
ijfiio latest atyles.
\ (Jail and BOO thon1 whothor you buy 1
WK vaut your trade aud in oxoliango]
wo win try t** give ye:: better valu*?? ??o??
timo you como. Do you trado with us,
if so, wo hopo you aro ploasod (wo aro).
If not, oall and soo us and got our pricos.
Don't buy your COTTON DOES until
you havo soon ours. Wo think wo oan
ploaso you in a good HOE for a small
Dring your wlfo aud daughters with
you and lot us soil thom a nico DroBs,
Pair of Shoos or Oxfords, Dolts, ?to.,
whilo you pick out things for tho farm.
Call often.
Lowery, Byrd & Co.,
Maroh 17, 1898. SJSlVIiJO^, ?. O.
A.LL Dross Goods, Capos, Blaukots, Flannels, Undorwaro and all Winter Gooda,
at what tboy aotually cont and loss. Wo munt rod ooo ?tock and we expect price;
to do tho work. Tho goods aro only half season old. Everything now, frosh and j
dosirablo Btook, but it ir. our rulo not to carry ovor goods from ono soason vo an- (
othor; thorcforo wo offer this sa?" iflco balo. If you aro going to buy only very lit
tlo it will pay you to investigate our goods and prices.
Tolling reduotions in Mon's and Hoys' Clothing. Tboy aro not counter worn,
but fresh and good as gold. If you will como and givo us a trial wo will show you
for how little monoy First Class Clothing can bo had.
Thoro la going to JO cold weatbor yet, but wo aro determined to closo tho Winter
Soason and proparo for Spring and Summon
Thanking our frionds for tboir liboral patronago during tho past and soliciting a
sbaro of tboir custom during tho prosont year, and wishing you all a prosperous
year, wo aro sincerely,

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