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Boru, unto Mr. and Mr?. Gr. L. Wilson, j
19tb iiistaut, a sou.
probate JudgolL (M. Burriss,of Andor-1
son, was in town Wodnosdoy.
Your monoy goos a long way at Cartor |
Morohnndiso Company's.
Mrs.-Walook, of Koaloy, spont|
Sunday with Mrs. A. O. Morriok.
Mr. W. J. Novillo, Jr., is having Ids!
commodious dwolliug newly paiutod.
MisB ltoxio Bold is visiting frionds nt
Audorsou, Fondloton and donison Col
Sovornl luiportout cora muuioatiouB
crowdod out this weok. Thoy will appoar
in uoxt Issuo.
Attention is directed to tho now ndvor
tisomont of Mossrs. C. W. Pitchford
Major Wm. J. Strihling is in Laurens
this wook attending tho special torin of
tho Ciroult Court.
Dr. Fohnoetook will bo in his oflloo
ovory Monday, Tuosday and Saturday
until furtbor notioo.
Mrs. N. L. Faut and ohildron returned
Wed no: al ny from a protraotod visit to
relatives at Columbia and Audorsou.
Ramon's Relief cures Sick Headache,
Neuralgin. Cramps, Cholera Morbus.
Diarrhoea, &c. 25c. for large bottle.
Mr. W. L. Vornor, our ontorpriBing
townsman, has just bad his houao on
Faculty HUI dressed with a now coat of
Mr. J. C. Hicks retnrnod homo Tues
day, after taking a fivo .months' oourso
in tho Georgia and A.labnmn BusiuoBS
College, Macon, Ga/
Mr. Goorgo A. Lotford, roproBontativo
of II. K. Huoklon & Co., of Chicago, 111.,
paid tho COUUIRU cfllco an appreciated
call Tuesday aftornoou.
A piazza has boon built on tho wost
Kido of tho jail, fronting Church streot.
It adds muon to tho comfort and appoar
anoo of tho promisoB.
"A dollar saved ls a dollar made." If j
wo canuot save you money wo of oourso |
do not ask your patronage
Carter Morohnndiso Company.
^\ Ciando Poll, of Cashier's Vnlloy, N. C.,
cpico a typo in tho CoimiRii ofllco, has I
recently onlhited in tho United States j
arm\y to participate in tho war with Spain.
Poouivr-BooK FOUND Monday aftornoou
in tho nublio road thia sido of Cano Crook.
Owner can got it by calling at our ofllco,
paying advertising charges and proving
nwvtnorfcv 1
t-1-J . i
WnlhalVa's photographer is Mr. G. W.
Eaton. ,'Do not forgot him whou you
want your "boauty struok." Uivo him a
good subject and he will make a good
picture ',
Hon. Ill J. Johnston and wifo and
daughter, (Miss Mattio, and Miss Antoi
nette Herndon, of Contrai, S. C., visited
at tho homo of Mr. E. L. ll camion this
On tho morning of tho 20th instant
Deputy Collector W. W. Ivridor in com
pany with Deputy Marshal Corbin and
J. T. McKinney, captured a copper still
ami about sixty gallons of corn whisky.
Tho State Hoard of Control mot at Co
lumbia on Monday. Tho County Hoards
of Control were appointed for Ibo onsu
iug year. Thc board for this county
consists of J. J, Keith, E. A. Parnm and
T. V. Chalmers.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hiles loft Tuesday
for their Northern homo at Shelby,
Michigan, after spending tho winter in
Walhalla. Their many friends wish them
a safo journey, and hope to welcome
them back to Walhalla noxt fall.
Mooroo Gilmore, a respected colored
man, died at lils homo near Wost Union
Tuesday nftornoon, Huh imitant. His
remains woro buried at Flat Kock ceme
tery on Wednesday after -ion, Hov. John
Stewart conducting tho services.
Tho appointment of Hov. G. W. Gard
ner, 1). 1)., to preach in tho West Union
Haptist church on Sunday noxt, at ll
o'clock A. M. ?md 8 o'clock P. M., has
-boon recalled, and thoro will bo no ser
vices thero by bim as announced last
Our esteemed friend, Mr. W. J. Dufllo, of
Columbia, was seen on tho streets of
Walhalla thia weok. Ho paid tho Con
ni KU ofllco an appreciated call?n Tues
day. Ho can numbor many friends in
our town who aro always happy to give
him a welcomo hero.
Ramon's Nerve and hone Oil curr
kbctunntism, Cuts, Sores, Bums ane
Bruises, for zjjc
A pair of home-made dumb-bolls, which
ho aaya woro used by John O. Calhoun,
havo boon exhibited to us by Stepney
Green, p, 0., who was a servant of the
groat statesman. Stepney is proud of
his old monier and can glvo many inter
esting incidents in bis domestic live.
Tho now baso ball and bicycle park has
boon Biirvoyed, and work of construction
begun. In tho course of a wook or ten
days tho base ball ground will bo finished.
Tho heavy grading is to bo done on tho
bicycle tarck, but it will not bo long j
until ijf, is ready for uso.
.1 A. Zimmerman, of Westminster,
ll mr sanctum a pleasent call on
do<" '.y last. Mr. Ximmorman is 0
ry j . gontloman, mid wo aro alway?
t/,,"HtO800lliro. Ho is ono of Oconoo's |
fiiccossful farmers. Ho ?B also giv
,1 attention to ?took raising.
John Vollrath diod at hor homo
i'ligh Falls on tho 10th instant. She
Iwenty-nino yearn old and loaves
|uaband and two children, the
Jr boinii nu infant nino days old.
jalden name was Miss Ella Chil
Tho sympathy of many friends is
?led tho bereaved relatives.
Hogers, p. c., and John (Jrovo, p.
0 arrested Tuesday on a warrant
ng thom with assault and battery
intent, to kill. Thc warrant was
[out by Jule Evans,p. c., who alleges
was shot by them last Saturday
Evans was shot on tho loft sido of
:o, tho ball fracturing the cboak
ito an enjoyablo timo was had at a
at Hold's Hall, given by Miss Ella
jiu honor ut her cousin, Miss ;-tella
union, of Soneca. Tho boys from
la woro: Mossrs. Claude Myers', Joe
Ins Norman Bacon Jack StribMn
iton iloiiry, Joe Snelor ami Karlo
?harlin Harper. Mr. Ballongor, from
find, was also present.
second quarterly conference foi
:a and Walhalla charge convened at
?O Methodist, church last Monday
lng, at half-past ten o'clock. 1). A,
and W. F. Austin woro olootcd
(ates to tho Greenvillo District Oon
oo; W. A. Strother and V. H.
n. alternates. Tho District Confor
rlll bo bold nt Piedmont, Juno 22d
button ia directed to tho now nd ver
ront? pf Ja?. T. Wilson, H. C. Bitsoh,
' Vorrior, J. J. Ansi I, Abram Nag
Smith Brothers, W. H. Heeder, I),
lora, W. Oldrioh White, Wilmot |
Walhalla Hotel, W. H. Hostor,
|gor, Warren Pricstloy, Walhalla, S.
i'ho Sonoca Hank, Palmetto Livery
3?, I. I), Fincannon, proprietor,
ia, S. C.
American Holol building, owned
rs. Mary E. Hauknight, bas boon
awn, and tho lumber will bo used
hiing smaller houses. A lino mod
?Idoiico will tako it? place, and
h lumber will bo left to build a!
pr of cottago roaidanccs. A quart
Of cognac brandy and a pint of I
.vldakoy woro found between tho 1
ring and weatherboarding. It may
eon put thoro wbon tho luman wa? I
n 18f>5, by Jacob Scbrodor, or it
ovo boon bid thoro in timo of tho
Tho whiakoy was spoiled, but tho
tho brandy was iutaot,
8eo now advertisement o? Kr. G. A.
J? orman.
Tho fi louds of If re. H. A. Byrd regrot
to learn of ko? serious Illness. Sho ls
thought to be improving this morning.
MM. H. A. Thompsou h?.\s beor? quit*
slok thin week. Khe is better to-day aud
her many friends hopo for her spoody
Mrs. Elisabeth Bruce, llvtug on Boaver
dam Crook, iu Oconoo. had a partial reun
ion of her family on the 15th of April,
whioh was her 7oth birthday. Mrs. Bruoo
is tho mothor of olovou ohlldroni ten of
whom aro living, and sho hos forty-six
Srnudohildron and throe groat-graudohil
ron living. Sho was loit a widow lu 1870,
whilo a good part of hor ohlldrou wero
(WUMI, but sho, with truo ObrUteln ??tt.!^
<;o, raised hor obildrcn and gavo thom all
ii fair English odueatlon, and thoy aro all
doing well.-Townvlllo Corrospondonce
Audor8on Intolligoncor, April 20.
lilt cuses of tb? Ulooil and Werves.
No ono ii oed Huffer with neuralgia. Th's
dijCOSO ls qidokly and permanently cured
by Drown* Iron Hitters. Every disease* of
. Ito li I. md, nerves and stoinaoli, ehronlo
o- otherwise, succumbs to H row nu' Iron
Bitter*. Known and used for nearly a
nuurter of a century, it stands to-day fore
most among our most valued remedios,
it:owns'Iron Bitters is Bold by all dealort.
Killed Tvr* Big Ow!...
Mr. S. K. Thompson killed two owls
hist week, ono roostor and tho other hon.
Thoy motnured 4 foot and 0 inobes from
tip to tip.
44 one to Ooliiuibln.
Messrs. J. W. Ilolloman and 1). A.
j Smith loft Tuesday inorniug for Colum
bia, S. C., to attona tho annual session of
Grand Lodgo of Knights of Honor.
Death ot Dr. muller.
Hov. L. Mailor, D. 1)., died at his homo
in Charleston, S. C., on tho 14th instant,
fall of years and honors. Ho was woll
known in Walhalla, where ho had fro
quontly visited. Ho was an onimont di
vine. Ono son, Mr. Chas. Mullor, lives
nour Walhalla.
Dieri iu Columbia.
Mr. Homy Finkonstadt died at tho
State Hospital for tho Insano, in Colum
bia, on Saturday, lill h instaut. His body
was brought to Walhalla on Sunday's
passongor train and laid to rost in tho
cemetery of tho Luthoran ohuioh on
Monday morning at 10 o'clock, aftor
funoral services conducted by Hov. J. G.
I Sebald.
-^ ? ??
A Hitcceriful Unid,
Deputy Collector W. W. Krldor, in
[company with Deputy Marshals W.
H. F. Corbin, J. II. Grady and posso,
mado anothor offootivo raid into
tho moimtaiun vf ?uuu?w cornily
on tho morning of tho 10th of April inst.
Thoy captured a copper still, worm and
outfit, ono thousand gallons of beor and
thirty orations of limier.
Demil ot n I'romiiieiit ?linn.
Mr. E. L, Hoobo died in Charleston, S.
C., on 18tb instant. Ho was woll and
favorably known throughout tho State.
Ho was commissioner of South Carolina
in charge of tho South Carolina exhibit
at both tho New Orleans and Atlanta
Expositions. Mi. Roche was for a num
ber of years secrotary of tho South Caro
lina Agricultural Socioty and was phos
phate inspector for tho Slate for sevornl
A DcHlriiclivo I'" i rc.
On last Friday morning at ono o'clock
tho alarm of bro was soundod, and it
was discovered that tho faotory of tho
Southom Manufacturing Company was
on Uro. Tho building was soon reduced
to ashes. Tho largo engine and machinery
wero practically ruined by tho oxcensivo
boat. Loss, $2,500; insuranco, $1,500.
Tho polioy is hold in tho Greonvillo
Mutual. Messrs. Wiccking contomplato
rebuilding at an carly day.
A DnriiilexH Hhooling.
A light oconrrcd in tho ofllco of Mr.
W. H. Frioraon, U. S. Commissioner, nt
Anderson, last wcok, botwoon Deputy
Marshal W. C. Railoy and T. R. Lang
ston, an applicant for tho Doputy Mar
shal's position. It is said that Hailoy
was drinking, and while in tho ofllco bo
gan abusing Langston, using strong lan
guago, whoreupon Langston knockod
him down. Hailey pullen bis pistol and
shot at Langston, tho ball missing and
striking tho mani el. Thoy wero sepa
rated, anil no further damage dono.
Will Clloue nt 7 O'clock.
Wo, tho undersigned merchant? of
Walhalla, do hereby agree to closo our
stores, both front and back doors, at 7
o'clock sharp ovory evening from May I
to Septombor 1, Saturdays oxcoptod:
W. J. Schroder ?ft Co., M. W. Wright,
C. W. Pitchford Co., Wilmot Smith,
Norma. Company, .lames T. Wilson,
W. II. I. odor, D. Oelkors.
Cartor M'd'so Co., W. O. Whito,
Smith Brothers, C. W. Hauknight,
C. M. Nield.
To Oar? <!oi>Nti|>iilioii Porevoi'
Take Cascarete Candy Cathartic. 10c.
or25c. If C. C. C. fail to euro druggists
refund monev.
Meelina of Went Itnion meuioernlio <PIub.
Pursuant to call of tho county chair
man, tho mombors of tho Wost Union
Democratic Club will mcot at tho Town
Hall on Saturday, April 23, at 3 o'clock
P, M. The Object of this mooting will be
tho reorganization of said club and
tho olection of dologatos to attend a
county convention to bo bold at Walhalla
on May 2, 1808, and tho transaction of
any other business that may properly
como hoforo it. All Democrats aro urged
to attend. C. H. D. BURNS,
New Telephone V.ine.
A now tolephono lino has boon built
between Seneca and Richland. Tho wiro
and phones wero put in placo Monday
afternoon. Connection is mado at tho
store of tho Stribling Drug Co. in Seneca
with tho phones on linos to Walhalla,
Oak way, westminster and elsowboro.
Tho construction of tho now lino is due
to tho efforts of Mr. W. H. Hughs, Mr.
J.J. Hallengor and othor enterprising
citizons of tho Richland neigh
borhood. The tolophono is growing in
popularity and usefulness. When tho
iiooplo onco become acquainted with tho
benefits derived from its uso ovory im
portant community in tho county will
j havo a connection.
1 Killed hi Rabnn.
Mack Ma nh Iii i, au aged oittzon of
Ilahorsham county, Ga., died on Satur
day, 10th instant, from injuries indicted
upon him by Ed. McClain, at Frank Hla
look's house, in Kahlin county, on Sun
day, April 10th. It seems that McClain
had wanted Mauldin to go on his bond
in some case, and upon Mauldin refus
ing, McClain had got mad. Ho wont
into the house, whero Mauldin was sitting
by tho fireplace, and knocked bim head
foremost into tho Uro with a chair. Ho
repeated tho blows, and Mauldin was
badly burned before ho could bo rescuod.
Mauldin lingered until Saturday, when bo
died. McClain was arrested at Clarkos
ville, carried to Clayton on Tuesday and
lodged in jail on tho charge of mordor.
.- --^ . - -- -
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words writton by Mrs. Ada
E. Uart, of hoton. S. I). : "Was taken
with a bad cold which Bottled on my
lungs; caugh BOt.in and finally terminated
In consumption. Four doctors gavo mo
up, saying I could livo but a short timo.
I gave myself up to my Saviour, deter
mined if I eou'd not ?tay with my friends
on earth I would mcot my absout ones
above. My husband was advised to get
Dr. King's Now Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colds. I gavo it a trial;
took lu all eight bottles. It bas ourod
mo, and thank Cod I am saved and now
a well and boalthy woman." Trial bot
tles freo at J. W. Roll's, Walhalla; W. J.
Lunr.oy's, Soncoa; H. H. Zimmerman's,
Westminster, drug stoics, Regular sizo
50 couts and $1.00. Guaranteed or price
JU?W? At??|jo ifcar?r? f ??eorjjwMiise.
J. 0. Boyd, of Greenville. 3. 0., Colo-1
nol o? tho otu Regiment of South Care- ]
lilia Volunteers, ha? written Cant. K. L:
Horndon, roquorting him to re-organizo
the Bluo Ridge IU??OB in ovent of war
with Spain. Capt. Horndon manifeste a
willingness to comply with tho request
and has written. Col. Boyd for instruc
tions. The State militia will be utilized
IQ guarding our ooast, wherovor active
hostilities oommonoo. This is a good
brauch of the military service, and Capt.
Horndon will bavo no trouble in ro-onllst
ing tho requisito numbor of solders for
the reorganization of tho Bluo Ridgo
K?los. Ic looks as if they may bo mus
tered into sorvlco at au early day.
Educate Your Bowels with Casearots.
^?ud" C"th"r*ic cures oonstb^fttioifor*
ovor. 10o., 26o. If C. C. 0. fail drug
gists refund monoy.
H parc ?ho Wird?.
"Foathors and Fashion" is tho tltlo of
an excellent nrtiolo by J. Carter Board
in Dcinorost's Family Magazine. Ho
says that future gouoratioiiB will woar
tho furs of domostio animais and tho
plumage of barnyard fowls, for there
will bo no other furs and feat hen. to
woar. Through tho wholesale slaughter
of birds of beautiful plumage, they aro
fast becoming oxtinot. Wo quoto:
"England imports moro than twouty-Pvo
million doad birds ovory yoar In ordor
that thoir corpses and foatftors may adorn
fashionable womou. lu all Europo, three
hundred million are annually sacrificed
for this purposo. In Chicago ono doalor
has received in ono sonsou thirty-two
million humming birds and throo hun
drod thousand other birds of difforent
vnriotios." Tho beautiful ogrots, or
snowy-white herons, which furnish tho
fashionable nigrclto, dwelt formerly lu
thousands in tho swamps of our South
ern States, but aro now almoBt extermi
nated. Tho delioately beautiful plumes,
BO much prized in millinery, aro worn
by tho birds only during tho nesting sea
son. Thus ovory aigrette stands for a
homo broken up, paronts slaughtered
and little ottos loft to starve But senti
ment is not nil. Thoro is n prnotlcnl
viow to bo taken. Wo quote again: "Tho
natural and only offootivo cheek for iu
scots IB tho birds. Evovy average insec
tivorous bird destroys at loaBt two thou
sand four hundred insoots ovory yoar of
its fifo. Tho groat majority of birds oro
insootivorouB. Tho only ono condomnod
ns actually UBOIOBB and pernicious is tho
English sparrow." All others aro tho
friends of mankind-especially of tho
farmer, gardener and fruit grower. It is
said that insect bte is already on tito in
crease because of tho wholesalo el aught er
of birds, and in placoB makes human lifo
almost unondurablo.
Volumes Could nc Written,
filled with tho testimony of womou who
hnvo boon made woll and strong by Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Proscription. It':; r.
medicino that's mndo especially to build
up women's strongth and to euro women's
nlimonts-an invigorating, roatorativo
tonic. Boothlnir cordial, and braning
nervine: purely vegetable, non-alcoholic,
and porfoctly harmless. For all tho func
tional derangements, painful disorders,
chronic weaknesses that afllict woman
kind, tho "Favorito Proscription" is tho
only remedy now boforo tho public devised
by|a regularly graduated, oxporionccd and
skilled speolalist in these maladies. Its
sales oxcood tho combined salea of all
other medicino for women.
linne Hull nt OICIIIHOU.
On last Saturday donison and Fumina
crossed bats on tho diamond in (Jrc( n
villo, resulting in a dofoat for donison
by a Booro of 5 to 2. Tho gamo through
out waa quito oxciting and by far tho I
host baso ball contest that Orconvillo
has seen for a long timo.
On Friday, April 22d, tho Furmnu
team will arri vo at Clemson on tho ono
o'clock South-Hound train and at 4.?50
P. M. will croBB bats with tho orango]
and blue boyH.
Tho Clemson boys aro getting ready to
mako tho Forman boys and visitors bavo
a bot timo on tho diamond and a pleas
ant timo during thoir stay with IIB. Tho
Purman mid donison boys will, on Sat
urday, April ?Hil, at il P. M., play a sec
ond gamo on our grounds. Admission
for either or both gamea will bo 25 rents.
Ladies freo. ThoflO paying for tickets
will be furnishod witli a printed kadgo
which wo desi i o to bo worn upon tho
front of coat or vest.
Cloni8on looks forward to a largo ]
crowd. *
Tho Sure La (Jrippo Cure.
Thcro ls no HBO sn hol ing from this
dreadful malady if you will only got tho
right remedy. You aro having pains all
through your body; your liver is out of |
ordor; bavo no appetite; no lifo or ambi
tion; bavo a bad cold; in fact, nro com
pletely used up. Electric Bitters is tho I
only remedy that will givo you prompt |
ann miro relief. Thoy act directly on
your livor, stomach and kidneys, tono |
un tho wholo Bystom and mako yon fool
like a now hoing. Thoy aro guaranteed
to euro or price refunded. For salo at j
J. W. Boll's, Walhalla, W. J. Lunuoy's,
Seneca, and H. H. Zimmerman's, West-j
minster, drug stores. Only 50 couts por
Our Oakway Budget.
[Coricspon?cnco uuowco Courier.]
OAKWAY, S. C., April 18, 18118.
Hov. H. H. Dagnoll, pastor of tho Oak
way Motbodist church, preached a very
instructive sermon to a largo congrega
tion Sunday.
Miss Mai Sn. Ilaloy bas just returned
homo from a very pleasant visit to bor
niator, Mrs. Marion Bruco, of Townvlllo.
Miss Josie Hoardon spout a fow days
la?t wook with relativos at Tugaloo.
Mr. II. P. Haley attomlod church at)
Townvlllo Sunday.
Messrs, Bleckloy King, and (Julien
Bourdon visited kin folkfl and frionds at
Fair Play Sunday.
Miss Marv Heodor spout Friday night]
with M?os Cora Boardon.
M?BB Bortha Kubanks was tho guest of
Miss Lila Hcodor Saturday night.'
Ono of our Oakway boys went spark
ing Sunday af foi noon. Tho result was j
tho mulo got looso and tho boy bad to
walk homo a distimco of ton miles. Poor
Mr. Boileau Harris and wife, of Town
ville, spout Sunday night with tho family
of Mr. J. W. Boardon.
M?BB Fannie Sheldon, our accomplished
(cacher, lind thc pleasure of attending a ]
party given ut tho homo of Mr. ('burilo
Anderson, of Westminster, Friday night.
Mr. ((arnott Martin and Mina Rosa
King, of WoBtminstor, paid friends of
tltis place a throe minutes'visit Sunday
Mr. Spearman Dobbins has purchased
au interest in tho Btoro of Mr. L. A. Ed
wards and is now behind the counter
ready to Boll you goods at a reasonable
Ouilo a number of ino young people of
Oakway and Tekoona surprised our
worthy superintendent. Mr. ll. J. Myers,
with a pound Bttppor Saturday night, to
colobrato bin birthday. And such
supporl Everything ono's ll oar t could
wish for was there.
Messrs. W. W. Hoardon and W. M.
Hommoiis, two of Oakway's popular
young mon, certainly know how to amuse
a orowd, ospooially if thoro are any tin
cana about. All prcsont had a most de
lightful timo and left with broad smiles.
"Jlt.VK Kvics."
"I fool it my duly to givo you a truthful
statome it of what Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhooa Remedy did,"
writeB J. S. Collins, of Mooro, S. C. "I
bad a child about two yours old. Mint,
had tho dinrrhooa for two months. I
tried all tho host known romodies, but
nono g.-ve tho least rolicf. Whon this
remedy carno to band, 1 gavo it ns di
rected, and in two dava tho child was
complotoly cured." Sold at II. H. Zim
merman iv CO.'H, Westminster; W. J. i.un
noy's, Honocn; J. W. Boll's, Walhalla,
Drug StorcB.
A Treat In Store for Tamasscc ?Ugh
Thoro will bo a reunion of tho pupils
of Tamnsaoo High School at tho schcol
houso on Saturday, 30th instant. Tho
baso ball enthusiasts will bavo a gamo in
tho forenoon. Como ono, como all, and
bring woll-illlod baskets, and iotusspond
a pleasant day with tho Tamassooschool.
WKSTMINHTKH, April 20, 1808.
Mr. VV. A. Diekorson roturnod yostor
day from a vory pleasant visit to hia homo ]
folks noar Hartwell, Qa.
Mr. VV. P. Anderson, tko representativo
of tko Knights of Honor to the Grand
Lodge, wout to Columbia Wodnosday.
" Mr. Tboodoro Goth ran, of Toceoa, Ga.,
visited "a friend" noar Westminster tho
first oi this week.
At uoou on Tuesday, April 10th, Wm.
Rouen, a colorod woll-diggor, was killed
by a dynamite oxplosion in a woll on Mr.
C. IL Miller'o inrm, a io*v mt?ci? below
Born, unto Mr. and Mi's. Olaudo Little,
on Sunday, 17th instant, a daughter.
Small grain orops look promising.
In some placos tho poaoh orop will not
bo n total failure
Married, at tho homo of tho brido's
uncle, Mr. J. H. Elrod, Wostmbi3tor, 8.
C., on Thursday evening, April 21st. at
half-past eight o'olook, Miss Lillio Elrod
to Mr. Frank W. Cannon, proprietor of
tho Palaeo Grocery Storo. Tho bridos
maids woro Misses Efllo Stribling and
Miimio Traylor: groomsmen, Mossrs.
J, A. Torroll and J. E. Gainos. To tho
swoot strains of tho wedding march, ron
dorud by Miss Lily Doylo, Miss Vora
Elrod, tue flowor girl, dressed in pink
organdie led tho bridal train. Sbo was
followed by tho bridesmaids and grooms
men. Miss Stribling was dressed in
whit o organdie Miss Traylor woro pink
organdie Thon oamo tho brido and
groom, who took their stand undor n
floral boll and vowod fidelity for tho ro
mnindor of life Bov. I). W. Iliott por
formed tho marriage ooromony in bis
brlof and interesting manner. Tho
brido is a beautiful young lady and
was ologantly drossod in bluo and
white. After tho ceremony tho popu
lar young couple rocoivod tho congratu
lations of many friends. Tho parlor was
prettily decorated with flowors. Fruits
woro Borvod.
Miss Mngglo Sholdon has been visiting
relatives and friends at Fair Play, South
Union and Lavouia.
Mr. Sloan Dickson is getting his min
orai springs in shapo for summor visitors.
It is a pleasant walk out tboro o vor tho j
splondiu road opened last year.
On Sunday, Gio nth instant, Bov. D.
W. Iliott pronohod two able sonnons In
tho Baptist church. His subject at night
waH "Tho Judgment." Tho congrega
tion woro dooply impressed and visibly
Miss Bessie Epting visited tho Misses
Sholdon, of Tugaloo, on lust Saturday
and Sunday.
Mr. Jehu Holiday visited bis former
homo, Piodmont, this wook.
A whotstono drummer was boro Mon
day. His visit, in a businens sonso, was
not a success.
Our town olootion comos oft* noxt Mon
duy, April 25.
Tho nicest social ovont wo bavo had
tho ploasuro of attonding in a lon,*^ timo
was an "at homo" given by Mr. an I Mrs.
C. E. Andorsou on Friday ovoning, April
15th, complimentary to Misses Dossio
Epting and Maggio Sholdon. Many in
vited guests woro present. Among tho
number woro tho following gentlemen
and ladies from neighboring towns: Mr.
W. Ii. Vernor, Walhalla; Mr. Frank Car
tor, West Union; Miss Fannie Sholdon,
Oak way: Miss Veda Sheldon, Tugaloo;
Messrs. Henry Vernor, P. L. MoWbortor
and J. W. Lesley, Retreat; Mr. S. N.
Hughs. Richland. Everybody bad a
most delightful time. Delicious fruits,
cakes and other refreshments woro
sorvod. Miss Maggio and Miss Bessie.
.??ho officiated on tins occasion, as woll.
ns tho estimable hosts, spared no pains
to mako every ono happy. Tho occasion
will bo most pleasantly remembered.
- o
When a train is discovered rushing on
to a frightful collision, it is a thrilling
instant ns.thc cngincor whistles "Down
brakes I " and reverses his lover. Brakes
alone arc not enough; the whole propell
ing power of the engine must be reversed
mid made to
work in the
d i re ct ion.
That is how
it is some
times with
disease. 1
There are
times when
the system is
flying along
the track
of disease
-at such a
-pace that no
ord I nary
methods will
prevent dis
aster. There
are plenty of
m e tl lc i nes
which act
merely ns breaks to "slow up" the dis
ease and put off disaster for n little while;
but tbnt isn't enough. What is needed
ia a medicine that will instantly reverse
the entire wasting, degenerating process.
When people are losing flesh, strength
and vitality, they need Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery, which nets directly
upon the vitnl forces, completely trans
forming thc entire nutritive organism and
totally reversing the wasting, debilitating
process which is at the root of all diseases.
It enables the digestive and blood
making organs to supply thc circulation
with un abundance ot pure, healthy, red
blood. It stops the wasting of tissue,
builds up solid, nmsculnr flesh and
healthy nerve-force.
"About four years ago I had an attack of
grip which left my threat and lungs in a
baa condition," write? Mrs. Mary Hartman,
of 300 Harker Street, Mansfield, Ohio.
"The doctor said I lind disease of the throat
and bronchial tubes. I continued to grow
worse all the time until I had pain in the
upper part of my chest and severe cough,
winch grew worse at night and in the morn
ing, with expectoration. Quite often I
would cough up what seeiueo to be mattery
scabs, after which I would experience a
burning and smarting sensation in my
thront. I took the doctor's prescriptions
without number, but all did not seem to do
me any real good. At last he told me to try
cod liver oil. I took sixteen bottles of the
oil; this seemed to help me for a while and
then I would be tis bad ns ever. Next I
tried the extract of malt. I took five bottles,
and not deriving any benefit from Hie tnnlt,
(I was feeling so weak I could hardly get
around) I concluded I would write to your
Institute for advice. About eighteen months
ago I wrote describing my symptoms. I
immediately received an answer advising n
course of treatment, which I began at once.
I bought five bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, and one bottle of his
'Favorite Prescription' and three of the
'Pellets.' I began taking the medicines as
directed and immediately began to Improve
In every way. I have obtained more lasting
benefit from these medicines than from ali
others combined. Indeed Dr. Pierce's med
icinen have done wonders for nie. I enjoy
quite good health and have not taken any
medicine for ovei six. ???Utbft."
Miss Mary Whitman, of Rust Dickinson,
!.? .....lin Co., N. Y., writes: " For nearly
ten mouths I bad a bad cough, and in
stead of getting better, it grew worse, until
I wa? idvised by a friend to try Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. I hesitated at
first, for it seemed to mc nothing would
give relief only death. My parents were
anxious about nie, and I wa? said to have
Consumption. I trttd your medicines, and
b. 01c I had taken ninny doseB there was a
great change, wiicn the second bottle waa
empty I had no cough and wan a great deal
Dr. Pierce may Ix? consulted by letter,
free of cost, by addressing him at No. 663
Main Street, Buffalo, N. v.
One copy of a good, practical, medical
work is worth more in home than a
thousand works of fiction. Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Medical Adviser io tho
best home medical book extant. It con
tains 1,008 pages and three hundred illus
trations ana ie written in plain, evoryday
language that any one may understand.
Over a million homes own copies of it
and 680,000 of them paid $1.50 each for
their copies. A new and large edition
will be given away absolutely VUKH. If
you want a copy in a paper cover, send
twenty-one one-cent ?tanins, to cover coat
of malling only, to tho World's Dispen
ftsry Medical Association, buffalo, N. Y.
If you desire 0 fine French cloth binding,
?end thirty-one stamps,
OONUUOTBJ) ?V M. i? ft.
SBNKOA, 8. C., April 10, 1608.
Hr, O. ii. jp. Faut visited the family of
his daughter, Mr?. F. M. Carey, fest woek.
The aforo of MIBH Kibbon Phillips ls a
vorllablo "cbiug of beauty" this wook.
Miss Phillips lu lier display of protly and
novel things, doo? credit to herself and
to tho town.
Mr. D. A. Smith, of Walhalla, was In
town Friday.
Tho friends of Mr. and Mtfij O. F.
Hoke, of Atlanta, aro glad of thoJr pros
ouoo in town this wook.
Mr. W. W. llowou has roturnod from
au oxtoudod visit to Florida, aud was in
Sonooa last woek,
Thoro was a party for tho young poo
plo at tho homo of Mrs. T. E. Dioksou
tost Friday ovenlug.
Hov. W. C. Powor, presiding oidor of
< ?reenville DlBtriot, pleased his hearers
at tho Methodist oburoh Sunday morn
ing, with a sermon of thirty Ovo minutes'
Tho quarterly conforouco of tho Sonooa
and Walhalla station was hold in tho
Mothodist ch m eh Monday morning.
Mr. lt. T. Jaynos, of Walhalla, attended
tho quarterly oonforonoo Monday.
Hov. W. S. 11nmitor preached 08 usual
at tho Presbyterian oburoh Sunday morn
ing, hut held no night sorvicos.
Hov. Mr. Tilllnghrst carno up from
Columbia, proaohod at Clomsou Collogo
Sunday morning and flllod tho pulpit nt
tho Kpisoopal obuieb, inntoad of Hov.
W. T. Capors.
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Jouos, of Greonvillo,
arrived in Sonooa Tuouday.
Mr. Jamos H. Hrowu, Jr., has roturuod
from Lula, Georgia, whoro ho worked
sovoral days.
Waltor Swann is at Walhalla in tho
depot for sovoral days.
A foundation has boon laid for a now
calahooBo, to bo build of rook, and pre
sumably to bo muon stronger than tho
old ono, from which tho ingenious
prisoner lins found little diflloulty in
cux'c consumption ? Yes and
no? Will it cure ever/ case ?
No* "What cases will it cure
then ? Those in their earlier
stages* especially in yoting
people* "We make no exag
gerated claim?* but we have
positive evidence that the
H carly ?se ol
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod-liv?r oil with Hypo
phosphites of Lime and Soda
in these cases results in a
positive cure to a large num
ber* In advanced cases, how
ever* where a eura is impossi
ble* this well-known remedy
should be relied upon to pro
long life surprisingly*
joe. and $i.oo, alt druggist*.
SCOTT St HOWNfi, Ch-mUts, New '
Return Items.
[Correspondence of tho Kcowco Courlor.l
RttTURN, S. C., April 10, 1808.
Hov. Wm. Abbott proaohod at Return
(Sunday. Hov. C. L. Craig failed to Oil
his appointment on nccount of sickness.
Wo hopo ho will soon bo in Iiis usual
Mrs. Mnggio King bas just roturnod
from visiting rotativos at Holton, S. C.
Mrs. N. E. Morgan is on a vmit to
rotatives at Dawkins, Monticello and
Jonkinsvillo, S. C.
Mr. J. H. Lylef. was visiting 'Squiro J.
H. Sandor? at Oakway last Saturday
oven lng,
Messrs. Kl/.y L. Richardson and Lu
thor A. Mooro, of Sonooa, attended
church Sunday and partook of tho hos- j
pilality of Mr. F. A. Cox. Wo hoar
they called on somo spocial friends near
Oakway. Thoy aro hustling young busi
ness men. (lomo again.
Thoro is a good prospect for a fruit |
Tho small grain crops aro promising.
Wo hoar somo farmers havo changed
thoir minds about planting so much
cotton this year. Thoy aro planting
somo Inmi, at iirst prepared for cotton,
in corn and peas.
Somo predict that corn will bo $1 per
bu shu] ?I?A? fall if thu war with Spain
continues. D. J. M.
Au Iluccrtnlu Dlicase.
There is no disenso moro uncertain in its
nature than dyspepsia. Physicians Bay that
tho symptom? of no two eases agree. It is
therefore most difficult to make a correct
diagnosis. No matter how severe, or under
wlintdisBuiscdyspepsia attacks you. Browns'
Iron Hitters will cure it. Invaluable in all
diseases of the stomach, blood and nerves,
browns' Iron Hitters is ?old hy all dealers.
Call from the County Chairman.
In accordance with tho constitution of
tho party.tho Democratic Cluhsof Oc.onoo
county will moot at thoir respectivo vot
ing placea on tho -1th Saturday in this
month, (April 23d) at 3 o'clook p. m. (ox
I copt factory clubs, which for thoir oon
vonionco will moot at 0 o'clook), and ro
I organizo. Tho obi rolls roamin good and
now names can bo addod to thom. Now
clubs will, of COUrso. sturt with entirely
now rolls. Fach club will elect a Presi
dent, one or moro Vicc-l'rcsidents, ,i llc
cording S ooretary,a Corresponding Secre
tary, a Treasuror, a niomhor of tho Coun
ty Bxeoutivo Comniittco, and dolagatcs
to tho County Convention (olecting ono
dolcgato for overy 26 voters on tho poll
list at tho llrst primary in 180(1, and ono
dolcgato for majority fraction of BUCII vo
tors.) linell club will also appoint tho
usual committees.
Tho County Convention and tho County
Executive Comniittco will moot at Wal
halla Court, House on snlcsday in May
next at 12 o'clock.
I The prcsout club ofllcors should seo
to it that their clubs moot at tho timo
stated just as was dono two yoars ago.
Members of a now club will simply as
semble, call OHO of i heir llUlllhor to
tho chair, ami proceed to organise,
County Chairman.
I April 14th, 1808.
Cure ni! formo of disease caused by
n Sluggish Liver and biliousness.
Thc Pink Pill C/CfMSCS
Thc Tonic Pellet IttvlgQrnUjS
8. n. Moore, of Grccnsburg, Ky., ?fiys : " I
was very bllloua for ? toiiff time : lin?! fallen
off nml getting* in bad hcnlth. I lind dys
pepsia mid spit up my food. I began using
Ramon's Liver rill? and Tonie Toilets ac
cording to the Ooctor'H Rook, and as a re
sult r Increased In weight 23 pounds, mid
feel like a new person."
The little " Doctor's nook " tells nil about
them, nod a week's TrvAtiiicnt i'rec, proves
every word true. Complete Treatment, 20o
BROWN MFQ. CO.. N. V. und Orcooevlllu, Tenn
For eulo by J.W. Koli, Walhalla, and
Sti liding Drug Company, Seneca
Both tho method ana vonni IB wheo
By rup of Fige is takon; it is plousont
and refreshing to tho taste, and acta
gently yot promptly on tho Kidneys,
Livor and Bowels, cleanses tho sys
tem effectually, dispols colds, head?
aches and fevers and euros habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs in tho
only romedy of its kind over pro
duced, ploasing to tbo tasts ano: ac
ceptable to tho stomach, promnt in
its notion and truly bonenoial m its
effoots, proparod only from tho most
healthy and agrcoablo substances, its
many oxoollont qualities commend it
to all and havo made it tho most
popular romedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for salo in 50
oent bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any rcliablo druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro
ouro it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
Uovornor Bllorho has advised Assist
ant Socrotary of tho Navy Roosovolt tljat
tho navy dopartmont was at liborty to
establish signal stations along tito South
Carolina coast, and that ho could count
upon tho co-oporation of tho South Caro
lina Naval Reserves. All tho Secretary
of tho Navy has to do is to indioato what
is desired of tho Naval Hosorvcs in con
nection with the signalling work on tho
Carolina coast.
Tho two-yoar-old son of W. L. Furgu
son, of Holton, Miss., had whooping
cough. "After sovoral physicians had
prescribed for him, without giving re
lief," writes Mr. Furgason, "I persuaded
my wifo to try a 25 cont bottlo of Cham
berlain's Cough Romedy. Tho first doso
had tho desired offoct, and in forty-eight
hours ho was entirely freo from all cough.
I consider your romedy tho boat in tho
market, especially for children and rc
commend it at all times.'' Tho 25 and
50 cont sizes for salo by J. W. Boll. Wal
halla; H.H. Zimmerman & Co., West
minster; W. J. liinnioy, Seneca.
Tho Court of tho now county of Ham
borg, which has just closed its Orst ses
sion, convicted two mon of tho crime of
murder, to-wit: Hill Rico and Charles Z?B
sott. Zissott was sentenced to hang on
tho 10! h day of Juno noxt and Rico to lifo
imprisonment in tho S tato penitentiary.
Ho Hm?Tloils.
CIOT.KY, S. C., April li, 1808.-J. W.
Capoll, of this placo, has boon troubled
with a series of boils, but nineo taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla ho was on ti roly
lioved. This medicino has wondorful
powor to purify tho blood, and it is tho
ideal spring medicino.
Whon Con. Leo called to say good-bye
to Con. Illanco, tho latter was "too busy"
to rccoivo him. Perhaps ho will bo kept
just as busy trying to got away tho noxt
timo Con. Leo drops into Havana.
.A. choice lot of
Coin Brand Hams,
Boneless Hams and
Westphalia Hams,
Bologna Sausage,
Vienna Sausage,
Dutch Herrings,
Smoked Herrings,
White Fish and
Many other good
AT NI E L D ' S .
Corn, Bran,
Hay and Salt
A new lot Ham
berg Edgings, and
Lawns and Prints
and other Dress
A Beautiful Line of Clocks
io Give Away io Gash
?j^Storo to ront. Apply to O
M. miiUK&t
.". M?> ioirt? pope". <.....> oVuw '." 'lom
Spain, aooordiog to a rocent publication
Ju that country, is placed at only 18.000,
000. Noarly niuo million avo without
olthortrado or profession, and only six
million ears and writs. ?lvc million
oro engaged In agricultural ponants, and
tbo school attondanoo is lee? than t>--o
million. Thoro aro 100,000 oflloo-hold
ors and an email unmber of professional
boggais, whilo tboro are uenly 60,000
?nests, frhrs and other church digni
?rios. 't
It's Rather Too Mueh For You
-tho ordinary, bulky pill. Too big to
take and too; much disturbauoo for your
Soor systom. Tho smallest, easiest to
ike, and host aro Dr. Picroo's Pleasant
Pollets, Thoy loavo out ell tho disturb'
anco, but yot do you moro good. Thoir
help 1 ; .; -. vonolipution, indigestion, |
bilious attacks, sick or bilious headaches,
and all dorangomoats of tbollvor, ntom
aob, and bowels aro provoutod, relieved,
and permanently ourod.
The twenty-first annual eossion of tho
South Carolina Sunday School Conven
tion will convono at Georgetown, May
11th to 10th, proximo. An lntoroatiug
programmo baa boon announood. .
Wo arc allowing a most beautiful
Children's Headwear of all kinds undi
Huffman, who has been to tho market
Everything now and stylish, and you i
with us in this lino. Wo oan and wi
prices. Wo havo takon especial pains
all and will bo glad if all tho ladies wi
Miss Christono Dickson is in char
to show ali tho Novelties of tho season i
nc. vc. ???rn
Dr? G. C.
Office Over Carter Merchandise
Company's Store.
Doune : 8.30 A. M. TO 1 i?. M. AND 2 TO (I
r. M.
March 24, 1808.
Civil Engineer
and Surveyor.
Y1CYING business oflicicntly oxooutod.
Orders loft with Jayncs & Sholor will ro
colvo prompt attention.
Walhalla, S. C.
February 3d, 1808. 5-lyr.
I always koop on band a largo and frosh
Dinunlno mu) iliniinln OlinnY?QO
Ulbjfbl?o Hill] Dluj?l? ?ullllll?u.
If you want anything in this lino ho
sure and seo mc before buying.
Yours respectfully,
April 14, 1808.
Pion ty of it still on band.
TT7HEN you want anything in this
VV lino call and soo me. 1 will ?lo my
best to pleaso you, both in quality and
When you havo a horse that don't suit
you bring him tonio and I will swap yon
ono that doos suit yon.
?3f""Nioo, woll furnished, four room
T. E.
April 7, 1808.
Statement of Tho Peden and
Anderson Banking1 Company.
[Organized September 1st, 1801. |
Statomont of tho condition of ''"ho
Peden and Andm-son Hanking Company
at tho oloso of business March 31st, 1808.
Cash.$1,050 81
Due us by Hanks. 5,301' ,
Stocks. 1,7ft/ I
Heal Kstato. 37}* ?
Loans and Discounts. i0,l?M|7
$58,010 84
Capital.*20,000 00
Surplus and Profits. 5,7:17 m
Deposits. 20,826 48
Ho-Discountfl. 12,511 00
$58,040 34
I. W. P. Anderson. Cashlor of Tie.
Peden and Andorson Hanking Company,
of Wontminstor, S. C., do solomnly swear
that tho abovo statomcnt is truo to tho
best of my knowledge and beliof.
WM. P. ANDKHSON, Cashior.
Subscribed and sworn to bofore "
me this 6tb day or April.
1808. H. IL OUOBS, CL. S.I
Notary publlo, S, 0. j
like every other crop, needs
? fertilizer containing nitro
gen, phosphoric acid, and not
less than 3% of actual
will increase the crop, and im
prove the land.
Our books tell all about tho cubject. They
aro free to any farmer.
93 Nai.au St., Now York. 1
and solcet line of Hat.-), Bonnots,
?r tho managoniont of Miss Mario
i and mado this her npeoial study,
iced not hesitate to place your orders
ll pienso you both in goods and
to make our prices within roaoh of
ll givo us a call.
go of Dress Goods and will ho glad
n Ladies' Boady-Mado Garments, oto.
MAH" ?k CMK*
Hm Cm
AN? Fresh,
W li carry a select slock of Puro
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles,
Candy, Cigars and Tobacco.
All Druggists' Sundries.
Anything not on band will bo ordorcd
on short notice.
Prescriptions Carefully Com
pounded Day OP Night.
Yours respectfully,
Eobruary 3, 1808.
Attorney and Counsellor al Law,
403-404 Kittin Building, . ? . ATLANTA, GA.
Couoral Law Practice,
onco invited.
WM. .J. STlttm.iNO. ^ ?{ E. L. HKUNOON.
January 0, 1808.
ouiiiiiiui ia lui nuiitn.
Stale of South Caroliua,
Thomas M. Lowery, Plaintiff,
Jamos N. Robinson, Pachol T. Sanders,
Hhoda M. Buxton, John W. Robin
son, Mathew W. Robinson and
Augusta V. Robinson,
To tho Defendants abo"o named:
"'SiTOU aro hereby summoned and ro
lf <{uired to answer the complaint fn
this action, of which a copy is herewith
sorvod upon you, and to servo a copy of
your answer to tim said complaint on tho
subscribers at their office, on tho Public
Square, at Walhalla Court House, South
Caroliua, within twenty days after tho
service hereof, exclusivo of the day of
such sorvico; and if you fail to anawoi*
tho complaint within tho time aforesaid,
tho Plaintiff it? this action will apply to
tho Court for tim relief demanded ni tho
Dated March 12th, A. 1). 1808.
[L. S.1 JAM KS SisAnoitN, C. C. P.
Plaintil?'s Attornoys.
To tho absent Defend?.?.ls, Rachel T.
Sanders and Rhoda M. Hoxton: i leaso
take notice that tho summons and com
plaint in tho above entitled action was
Hied in tho ofhuo of tho Clerk of tho
Court of Common Pleas for Oeoneo
oounty, South Carolina, on tho 12th day
of March, 1808; that tho object, of this
Lotion is tho rocovory by Plaintiff of tho
valuo of tho improvements and better*
monts made upon tho lei and promisos
doscribed in tho complaint.
Plaintiff's Attornoys,
Walhalla, S. 0.
March 11, 1808. ll-Ow
WK have bought out tho T. E. A LI X
ANDER Stock of doods and O'.poot to
0jt\ S tl ftl1 oxcopt Groceries, for
tho noxt sixty days.
Don't fall to como and got some of
tho Kargalns before they aro gono.
February 2ith, 1808, :

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