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Bitten by a Sp?dei
S?Sood Poisoned and Body
Covered by? Sores
?th?r Remedies F?!'*?*? put Ho***'*
, Sarsaparilla Curort.
"Windover tho tinturo of thc'poison
or humor in tho blood, Hood's Sarsa
parilla, ns the one tum blood purillor,
effects a cure. Hoad this loiter:
"Eight yosrs ago my Ut Mo ndoptod
.laughter, thou two year? old, won blttou
On tho bsok by n Bpldor. Wo folt almost
Burosbo would dlo. Bbo Buffered torrlblo
Bgony, and wo doctored ber by ovory
means..wo could think of without a euro.
Bbo w'as covered with sores from bead to
loot. Thou lier cara dlsobarged, ami
bltnduoB? wno tho next thing. Wo wore
?ot ablo to continuo paying doctor'B billa.
Ono day n lady aBkod mo why I did not
try Hood's Sarsaparilla. Sho Bald,
When yoi* buy n bottle of
Hood's Sarsaparilla you
may roly upon tx euro.
"Wo acted upon this suggestion, and began
giving bor Hood's Sarsaparilla Tho llttlo
girl ls now cured and Hbo IB g?ttiog plump,
Bloops well and luis a good appetite, and
Bbo cnn ooo to put Hood's Rainy Day Put?
zlo together and even thread n lino noodle.
A great many people and a number of phy
sicians know about this oseo and they
Mn.OW that our little girl is Uko another
child. Bbo ls now ?taking her tenth hollie
of Hood's Sarsaparilla." Mus. MATTIE V.
BTKINKK, 716 Milton Av., Bun Diego, Col.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is tho Dost- tho Ono Trno Wood Partner. Bo
sure to got Hood's and only Hood's.
?m m i, ?-b:n cosy lu lake, easy to buy,
BlOOtl S PHIS oi>sy lo enentte. Kio.
Tho Unman KM tho Snorod Vestibule ol
tho ruinen of the Soul - ({od Io Our*
SOIVCH- Ho That LMatltod tho i:i\r, Slinll
Ho Not Hour?
[Copyright, 1808, by American Presa Asso
WASHINGTON, April 17.-In this dis
OOUrso Dr. Tnlnmgo sets forth tho
goodness and wisdom of Lind in tho con
struction of tho bunnin ear and extols
musio and oucouragos prayer; text,
PsalmsXoiv, 0, "Ho timi, planted tho ear,
Hind I he not bear?"
Architecture is ono of tho most fasci
nating arts, and the study of Egyptian,
Grecian, Etruscan, Hollian, Byzantine,
.rl?UlQrjjll latona i ssa nco styles of biiih.liu?_j
?>r j,aH j,oou to ?nmiy-n -?UUi-l-liJiul^hno lifo
work. Lincoln and York catliedrals, St.
Paul's and Kt. Peter's and arch of Ti
tus and Thobau temple and Alhambra
and Parthenon aro tho monuments to
the genius of those who built them.
Hut more wondul ful than any arch they
over lifted, or nay tran Bop t window
they ever illumined, or any Corinthian
column they ever crowned, or ony Goth
ic cloister they over elaborated, is tho
human ('ar.
Among tho most skillful and assidu
ous physiologists of our time iiavo been
those who have given their time to the
oxniuinntion of tho ear and the study of
its arches, its walls, its floors, its ca
nals, its aqueducts, its galleries, its in
tricacies, its convolutions, its divine
machinery, and yet it will take another
thousand years before the world comes
to any ndoqunto appreciation of what
God did when bo planned and executed
tho infinito and overmastering architec
ture of tho human our. Tho most of it is
invisible, and tho inioroscopo breaks
down in tho .ttompt nt exploration.
Tho cart?lago which wo call the oar ?H
only tho storm door of Ibo great templo
(dear down out of Hight, noxt door to
tho immortal soul.
Such scientists as Helmholtz, and
Conto and Do Blninvillo and Hank and
Huck havo attempted to walk tho Ap
pian way of tho human oar, hut the
mysterious pathway bas never hoon ful
ly trodden but by two font-tho foot of
sound and tho foot of God. Tinco ears
on each sido tho bend-tho external (?ar,
tho middlo oar, tho internal ear-but all
connected by most wonderful teleg
Wonders of tho Knr.
- Tho external ear, in all ages adorned
by prooions stone-; or prooious motels.
The templo of Jorusnlotn partly built by
(bo contribution of earrings, and Humor,
in tin? "Iliad," speaks of Hera, "tho
throo bright drops, ber glittering gems
suspended from tho oar." and many of
tho ndornmonts of modern times were
only copies of ber ear jewels found in
Pom poi i nu museum nod Etruscan vase.
Hut, whilo tho outer ear may he adorn
od hy human art, tho middle and tho in
ternal 'car aro adorned and garnished
only hythe bund of tho Lord Almighty.
Thostrokoof u kuy of yonder organ sets
tho air vibrating, and tho external ear
catches tho undulating sound and passes
lt on through tho bonolots of tho middle
em to tho internal car, and tho 3,000
libel!; of tho human brain take up tho
vibration and roll tho Hound on into tho
soul. Tho hidden joachim ry of tho ear,
by physiologists called by thc names of
things familiar tn us, '.ike tim Lammer,
something to strike, like tho anvil,
something to bo sn. ;ten; Uko tho stirrup
of tho saddle with which wo mount tho
Btocd; liku tho druin, bonton in tho
inarch; Uko tho harpstrings, to ho swept
with music; coiled Uko a "snail sholl,"
by which ono of tho innermost passages
of tho ear is actually called; like a stair
way, tho sound to ascend; Uko a bout
tube of a heating apparatus, talcing thnt
which enters round and round ; lihou
labyrinth with wonderful passages, into
which tho thought enters only to bo lost
in bewilderment; a musido contracting
when tho noise is too loud, just as tho
pupil of tho oyo contracts whoa tho light
is too glaring. Tho external ear is de
fended by wax which with its bitter
ness discourages inseetlle invasion. Tho
internal car imbedded in hy what is far
tho hardest bono of tim human Bysb in,
a very rock of strength and dofinnco.
Tho car so strange a contrivance t bot
hy tho est?malo ol' ono scientist it cnn
catch tho sound of 73,700 vibrations in
iv sooond, ?ho outer 'iii' taking in nil
kinds of sound, whether tho crash of an
avalanche or tho hu n of a bee, Tho
.sound passing to tho inner door of tho
outside ear balts until another mechan
ism, divino meohnnlsm, passes it on by
tho bonolots of tho middlo oar, and, com
lug to the iniu r door of that second oar,
tho sound lins no power to conni farther
until another divino mechanism passes
ii. mi through iniu Ibu iiiuoi ea?, and
then tho sound comes to tho rail track
of Mm brain brnnchlot and rolls on and
on until it comes to sensation, mid there
tho curtain drops, und a hundred gates
shut, and tho voico of God seems to Buy
to nil human Inspection, "Tims far and
no farther. "
Vestibule ol tho Soul.
In this vest?bulo of tho palace of tho
soul how many I: ngs of thought, of
medicine, of physiology, have dono pen
mien of lifelong study and got no far
ther than tho vestibule? Mysterious
home of reverberation and cobd. (band
Central depot of sound. Hcadifcartors
to vbioli there com? quick dispiVtohoH,
iatt tho way by. cartilages, \mh tho
way by itir, tjaxfi tho way "by bobo, pur?;
tho way by nerve, t?40 siowost dispatch
plunging into tito our ut too speed of
!,0!>Q feet- n MXOOIWI. Small i nut run mut
Cf music on which is? played nil tho
muslo you over "hoard, from tho grau
dours of ou August thunderstorm to tho
softost breathings of n Auto. Small in
ni, .u.t of music, only n, quarter nf nu
inch of surfaeo and tho thinuoss of ono
two-hundrod-nnd-llftioth port of au
inch, and that thinnoKs divided luto
thron layoru. In thut. our muuieal staff,
lines, oimoos, bur nud rest. A brldgo
londing from tho outuido natural s.orld
to tho iusido spiritual world, wo Booing
tho abutment at this ond tho bridge,
but tho fog of nu upliftod mystery bid
ing tho uh ltiueut on tho othor ond
the bridge. Whispering gallery of tho
soul. Tho human voioo is God's eulogy
the onr. That voioo oapublo of produc
ing i7,592,180,044,410 sounds, mid ali
that variety mudo not for tho regale
ment of honst or bird, but for tho bu
nnin our.
About 16 yours ago, in Vonioo, loy
down in doatli ono whom ninny oonsid
orod thu greatest musical composer of
tho ooutury. Struggling on up from 0
yours of ago, whon ho was loft father
less, Wagner roso through tho obloquy
of tho world und ofttimes all nations
seemingly against him until ho gainod
tho favor of a lung and won tho onthusl
nsm of tlio opera houses of Europe and
Amorioa. Struggling all tho way on to
70 years of ago to conquer tho world's
euri in i hal same attompt to muster tho
human 3?r end gabi suprema.vy over
this gut? of tho immortal soul grout
battles WOCO fought by Mozart, Gluck
and Woher and by Beethoven and Mey
erbeer, by Ko.-NUI? and by ;\U tim roll of
Gorman and Itnlian and French com
posers, somo of thom in tilt bnttlo leav
ing their blood on tho koyn ites and tho
musical BOOros. Great butti i fought for
tho our-fought with huton with organ
pipo, with trumpet, with oornot-n-pis
ton, with all ivory and bri zen und sil
ver und gobion weapons of th ?orolicstra;
royal theater and euthedrnl und uoad
emy of musi? tho fortresses for tho con
test for tho our. longland and Egypt
fought for tho supremacy of tho Sue/,
ennui, and tho Spartans und tho Persians
fought for the deiilo at Thcrniopyho,
hut tho musicians of all ages have
fought for tho mastery of tho auditory
canal and tho deiilo of tim immortal
soul and thc Thormopyho of struggling
CouqURHt of tho lim'.
For tho conquest of tho eur Haydn
struggled on up from tho garret, whore
ho bad neither Oro nor food, ou i nd on
until under tho too great nervous strain
of honriug his own oratorio of thc
"Creation" porfrrmud bowns oarriud
_"..i. L- .u" 1...4. i.. ?.. ut,. I,.,....... tr,
um M un, u?j--iuiirlil? ?? ?- -~o">-J -,
tho w.ovld ' 118 symphonies, 108 pieces
"for tho bar?tono, 16 mass?s, 6 oratorios,
.13 Gerninn and [tallan songs- 89 oauous,
805 English and Scotch Bongs? wjth-W?
oompanimont, und 1,530 pagos of libret
ti. All that to capture tho gato of thc
body that swings in from tho tympanum
to tho "?null shell" lying on tho beuoL
of Ibo ocean of tho immortal soul.
I To oonquor tho car Handel struggler
on from the tiniowhcn his futhor would
not lot him go to school lest bo lean
tho gamut and become- n musician, am
from tho timo when ho was allowed ii
tho organ loft just to play after tho au
dionoo hud ioffc to tho time when holofl
to nil nations his unparalleled oratorioi
of "Esther," "Deborah," "Sampson, '
"Jophthnh, " "Judas Mnooaboous, " "Is
rael In Egypt" and tho "Messiah" tin
soul of tba groat Gorman composer stil
woeping in the dead march of our groa
obsequies and triumphing in tho rup
turns of every Easter morn.
To oonquor tho ear and tako thin gat
of t,-o immortal soul Sohuhort ooniposoi
bis grout "Serenade," writing th
stuvos of tho musio on tho bill of far
in n restaurant, and wont on until h
could lcavo ns u legacy to tho work
over 1,000 mugnifloont compositions ii
musio. To oonquor tho oar und tnko thi
goto of tho soul's castle Mozart strug
gled on through povorty until lio cam
to u pauper's gravo, and ono nhill}
wot afternoon tho body of him wh
gavo to tho world tho "Boquiom" nu
tho "G Miuor Symphony" was crunoli
od in on tho top of two other pan pei
into ?i gravo which to this day ?H upi
tapb loss.
For tho oar everything mollifluoui
from tho birth hour when our earth wu
wrapped in swaddling olothos of ligh
and sorcnudod hy other worlds, froi
tho timo when Jubal thrummed tho fin
harp and pleased n 1 ey of tho first ol
gan down to tho musio of this Sabbat
?lay. Yea, for tho eur tho coming ovci
turos of heaven, for whatovor oth(
part of tho body may ho loft in tho dui
tho our, wo know, is to como to cele
tint lifo; otherwiso why tho "barpoi
harping with their harps'." For tho cu
enrol of lark, and whistle of quail, au
chirp of cricket, and dash of onsoadi
und roar of tides oceanic, and doxolojj
of worshipful assembly and minstrels;
cherubic, seraphic and nrchangolio..Vi
tho oar all Pandean pipes, all flutes, n
olnrincts, nil hautboys, nil bassoons, n
Indis and all organs-Luzornonnd Wes
minster abbey, and Freiburg, and Do
lin, mid all the organ pipes sot aero
Christendom, tho groot Giant's (Jans
way for tho monarchs of musio to pa
over. For tho ear, all chimes, all tiol
iugs of chronometers, nil nntbenis, n
dirges, all glees, nil choruses, nil lull
bios, all "rohostrution. Ch, tho oar, tl
God hoiiuiod cur, grooved with divil
sen lp turo and poised with divine grno
fulness and upholstered with ourtaii
of divino embroidery, and corridorod 1
divino carpentry, and pillared with 6
vino architecture, and chiseled in hoi
of divino masonry, and oonquored 1
processions of divine marshaling I Tl
cart A porpotunl point of intorrogatio
asking, How? A por po tua 1 point
apostrophe appealing to (Jod. None h
God could plan it. Nono hut God cou
build it. None but God could work
Nono but God could koop it. None h
(Jud could understand it. Nono but G
could explain it. Oh, tho wonders
tho human earl
A fin.), oil 'i i.!,,,;.
How surpassing snored tho human ot
Von lind better be careful bow yon 1
bo sound of blasphemy or unelonnin
Atop into that holy of holies. Tho Hil
snys thut in tho ancient toiuple t
priest waa sot apart hy tho putting
tito blood of arum on tim tip of tho ci
tho right cur of thc priest. Hut, i
friends, wo need all of us to havo t
sacred touch of ordination on the hui
lng Ioho of both ears und on tho arel
of tho oars, on thc oustuphiau tube
tho eur, on the mastoid colls of tho et
on tho tympanic cavity of tho car and
everything from the outside rim of t
out rd do ;:.".r c!o:tr hi to th? point vhf
sound stops off tho auditory nerve ni
rolls on down into tim unfnthomal
doptbs of t'i Immortal soul. Tho PU
speaks of 1 dull curs" and of "uno
oumoisod earn" and of "itching ear
and of "rebellious ears" and of "op
ours" and of thoso who have all tho <
guns of hearing and yet who seem to
deaf, for itor'oB to them, "Ho that hr
ems to bear, lot him hear."
To show how much Christ thought
tho ii an our, ho ono day mot a m
who was deaf, onmo up to bim and j
a finger of tho right bund into tho oril
of tho loft ear of tho patient and pu
finger of tho lefthand into tho orifice
tlio tympanum und ^wT?l?'? tho tfffmjflits
nnd, with ? volco that rang olear through
into tho mnn'H soul, or iori, "fiphpba
tba!" und tho polypoid growths gave
way,, ?nd. tho ?nfhvmod hurl?lo ooolod
Off, and that uinn.who bad not hoard a
eouud for runny yours that night board
tho wash of tbowuvoH of Galileo against
?no H?io^t^y? ?fe'elv.*?'**, ?h.?'i'v k&\v
Milich Christ thought of tho human car,
whou tho apoatlo Peter got mad and
with ono slush of his sword droppod tho
oar of Malohus into tho dust Christ oro
ated a now oxtorunl oar for Malobus oor
ro8ponding with tho middle oar and tho
iutorunl oar that uo Bword could olip
And to sliow what God thinks of tho
oar wo aro informed of tho fact that in
tho millennial Juno which shall rosouto
all tho earth, tho oars of tho donf will
bo unstopped, nil tho vascular growths
'I Mufuxju?t?o?i Ol (he Hst??iUg
organ cured, eorrcotod, changed. Fvory
hoing ou oarth will have a boaring ap
paratus as perfect as God knows how to
I mako it, nud all tho ears will bo roady
for that groat symphony in wbiob all
! tho muston! Instruments of tho earth
shall play tho accompaniment, nations
of oarth and ompiros of heaven min
gling their voioos togotbor with tho
doop baHs of tho sea, and tho alto of tho
woods, and tho tenor of winds, and
tho baritone of tho thunder. "Hallelu
iah I" surging up mooting tho"Hullolu
lah I" dosoending.
Cod lu OuriiolvoM.
Oh, yos, my frionds, wo havo boon
In-iking for God too far away instead of
looking for him close by and in our own
organism. Wo go up into tho observa
tory and look through tho toloscopo and
eeo God in Jupiter, and God in Saturn,
nud God in Murs, but wo could seo moro
of bim through tho mioroscopo of nu
nurist. Nu king is satisfied with only
ono rosidenoo, and in Franco it has been
St. Cloud and Versailles and tho Tui
lorios, and in Groat Britaiu it has been
Windsor and Balmoral and Osborne. A
ruler does not always prefer tho larger.
Tho King of oarth and heaven may havo
larger onstlos and greater palaces, but I
do not think thoro is any ono moro curi
ously wrought than tho human ear.
Tho beaven of beavens cannot contain
bim, and yet bo says ho linds room to
dwell in a oontrito heart, and 1 think in
a Christian ear.
We havo been looking for God in the
infinite; let us look for him in the infi
nitesimal. God walking tho corridor of
tho ear, God sitting in tho gallery of tho
human oar, God speaking along tho au
ditory nervo of tho ear, God dwelling
in tho ear to beai^that which comes
from tho outside, and so near the brain
und tho soul lie can hear all that tran
spires thoro. Tho Lord of hosts encamp
ing nuder fhn nnrhiiiia nf UlO?l?b?S??e.
Pallico of tho Almighty in tho human
oar. Tho rider on tho whit? h?rso oi
tho Ap^J^.!~J?^h?UHting bis foot lute
"tho loop of bono which tho physiologist
has been pleased to oall tho stirrup ol
tho ear.
Aro you ready now for tho qucstioi:
of my text? Havo you tho endure nco tc
bear its overwhelming suggestiveness
Will you take hold of some pi'lav am
balauoe yourself under tho somioiiinipo
tout stroke? "Ho that planted the ear
shall he not bear?" Shall tho ?O? .vin
gives us tho apparatus with which w<
bear the sounds of tho world bimsol
not bo ablo to catch up song and groni
and blasphemy and worship? Doos lu
give us a faculty which ho has not him
soif? Drs. Wild and (?ruber ami Toyn
boo invented tho ncoumutor and otho
instruments by which to mensuro am
examino tho oar, and do these lustra
monts know moro than tho doctors wir
made thom? "He that planted tho ear
shall he not bear?" Jupiter of Cred
was always represented in statuary am
painting ns without ears, suggesting th
idea that lie did not want to bo bothei
cd with tho affairs of tho world. Du
our God has oars. "His ears aro open i
their ory. " Tho Biblo intimates tba
two workmen on Saturday night do nc
get thoir wages. Their complaint ii
stantly strikes tho ear of God, "Tho er
of those that reaped hath entered th
ears of the Lord of Sabaoth." Did Go
bear that poor girl last night as nh
throw herself on tho prison hunk in th
city dungeon and cried in Ihomidnigh
"(.?od havo mercy?" Do you nail
think God could in ar ber? Yes, just i
easily as when l? yuara ago sho was sic
with scarlet fever and her mother hom
borwhonat midnight she asked for
drink of water. "Ho that planted tl
oar, shall ho not hear?"
How Omi Hears Prayors,
When a soul prays, God does nob H
bolt upright until tlie prayer travels in
mcnulty and olimbs to his ear. Tho 15
bio says lie bends clear over. In mo;
than one place Isaiah said bo bow?
down bis ear. In more than one pla<
tho psalmist said he inclined his ear, I
wbiob 1 como to uoliovo that God pu
bis ear KO closely down to your lips feb
lie onu bear your faintest whisper. It
not God away oil' up yonder. It is Qi
away down hero, close up, so close i
that when you pray to him it is n
moro a whisper than a kiss. Ah, yes, 1
hears tho captive's sigh and the plash
tho orphan's tear ami the dying syll
hies of tho shipwrecked sailor driven <
the skerries and tho infant's "Now
lay mo down lo sleep" as distinctly
ho hears tho fortissimo of brazen han
in the Dusseldorf festival, as easily
ho hears the sa'.vo of artillery winn tl
18 squares of ICnglish troops open r
thoir batteries at. once at Waterloo. 1
that planted tho ear can hear.
Just as sometimes an ciltraiioii
strain of musio will linger in your en
for days after you have heard it, ai
just as a sharp cry of pain I once bea
whilo passing through Bellevue hos]
tal clung to my ear for weeks, and ji
as a horrid blasphemy in the sin
BOmotimos haunts one's ears for dir
so God not only hears, hut holds t
songs, tim prayers, the groans, tho wc
ship, tho blasphemy. How we havo ?
wondered at the phonograph, whi
holds not only the words you utter, 1
tho very tones of your vence, so tl
100 years from now, that, instrunu
turned, tim very words you now Ut
and '.ho very tone of your voice will
reproduced. Amazing phonograph I 1
more wonderful is (?oil's power to ho
to retain. Ah, what delightful elton
ngomoilt for our prayers! What an a
ful fright for our hard speeches! SV1
assurance of warm hearted sympa!
for all our griefs! "Ho that planted
ear, shall he not hear?"
Hotter take that organ away from
sin. Helter put it nuder tho best som
Detter take it away from all gosf
from all slander, from all humen
from all had influouoo of evil assoc
thin. Detter put it to so bool, to obur
to philharmonic lintier nut I hal
under tho blessed touch ol' Christ
hymnology. Bettor con seora te it.
timo and otornifcy to him who plan
tho ear. Rousseau, tho infidel,
asleep amid his skeptical manuscr:
lying all around the room, and in
dream he entered heaven and heard
; "ii;; Ol lim WOi'?itip?l'?, and it YvUi
sweet ho asked au angel what lt mei
Tho angel said, "This is the pane
of God, and tho song you hear is tho
them of tho redeemed." Under ano!
roll of bo oolostlal musin Kons;
wakene and got up in tho miduij
mid nu woll as ho could wrote flown
strains of tho musio that bo lind lu
in tho wonderful tuno called "
gong* ot tho Roao?ot??.^ tTodgt^w*
?hnc it may ?ot DO io you and to mo an
infulol dream, bu* a glorious roplity,
Whon wo como to tho night of death
ahd wo l?o down to our last sloop, moy
our oura really uo wakened by too cnu
tiolos of tho heavenly touiplo and tho
songs and tho nntboms und tho carols
and tho doxologies tbnt shell olimb tho
luusicul ladder of that hoavonly gamut.
common schools o? our county. Ho
wns n student of tho Oitndol Aon
demy of Charleston from 1882 to
loo".1). ??O Wfici Urlihl? U yci*i of
graduation when ho roturncd homo
and taught school for twclvo mouths.
Ho thou mitered tho law oflico of
Messrs. Keith & Vernor. After read
ing two years, ho was admitted to tho
bar February 12th, 1888. In Iiis
exam ination beforo tho Supreme
Court, special mention wns mudo by
tho Judges of tho creditable manner
in which ho passed. Ho is a careful
and painstaking lawyer and gives
close attention to tho preparation of
his cases.
Major S. P. Dendy studied law in
tho University of Virginia, and after
his admission to tho bar, located nt
Walhalla in 1871. He was Probate
Judge of Oconeo County lor several
years, during which his attention was
divided between the discharge of his
official duties and the practice of his
profession. He also served ono term
in thc House of Representativos from
this county from 1881 to 188?1.
Major Dendy is a polished gentle
man and has long been at tho top of
his profession. Ho combines in an
o in i neut degreo tho forlitcr in re
with thc suaviter in mode, i
The law firm of Jayne's A.-, Shelor
is composed of R. T. Jay nos and J.
NV. Shelor, The partnership \yts
formed in January, 180?.
lt. T. Jay nos, Esq., spent three
years in Adger College, and gradua
ted in tho class of 1882, a class com
poned of niue yoiulg men, tho largest
over graduated from that college,
lu January, 18S;{, he entered the law
oflico of Messrs. Wells it Orr, in
Greenville, S. C., and remained there
until Muy, 1884, when ho was ad
mitted to thc bar before the Supremo
('omi. Ho located at Walhalla in
ibo fall of 1884, and has boen actively
engaged in practice herc ever since.
For severn] years bc was junior
member of tho linn of Wells, Orr,
Thompson it Jnynes. It was carly
manifest that he possessed ability for
handling questions ol' law and fact.
Ho is an able lawyer, always true to
ibo interests of his clients, and from
the lirsL hus enjoyed a splendid prac
J. W. Shelor, F.sij., was a student,
of both Newberry and Adger Col
leges. He graduated from the hiller
institution in 1878. Ile then entered
upon tho study of law in tho office of
the late , I migo Norton and was ad
mitted to the bar in January, ISSI),
before the Supreme Court. II?H first
partnership was with tho late K. H.
.Murray, with whom he was associated
for th roo years. He was afterwards
a partner of tho late Col. Keith, and
cont inned with him until thc death
ol' Col. Keith in February, 1889.
From 1 SOO until 1891) he was a mem
ber of thc law firm of Stribling it
Shelor. Ile is a strong lawyer, and
has always enjoyed a good practice.
Tho County Officers*
Walhalla being the county seat,
most of the county officers reside
. i. ",. i._ i_i,. .._:,i (i,..i ....
nore, il lull m* ti my r>.in> m<i%j no
county in South. Carolina lina more
competent and accommodating olli
cials thiinOconec. Ku ch and everyone
ol' thom strives to serve lim public;
faithfully and ciliciently, They arc
straight-forward, honest business
mon, who feel that public oflico is n
public trust. Whatever may bc their
lot in tho future, and wherever they
may go when their respective terms
expire, Ihoy will carry with them tho
best wishes of an appreciative public.
The rosier of officers nt present is as
follows: James Seaborn, Clerk of
Com!; W. W. Moss, Sheriff ; U.R.
.Moss, Deputy Sheriff ; J. W. Hollc
inan, Master ; IC. li. Ilorndoil, Judge
of Probate ; J. O. Adams, Auditor;
Tilomas llibb, Treasurer; V. F.
Marlin, Superintendent of Fd ii eat ion;
J. h. Hoggs, Coroner; A. Lay,
County Supervisor; J. J. Haley, J.
A. Cook, C. C. Arve, W. II. Mon
gobi, J. I, Talley, F. A. torry, W.
M.Campbell and J. 1). [shell, County
Hoard of Commissioners, anti H. S.
Vandiviore, W. M. lirnoo and W. II.
I ?arron, Supervisors of Registration.
J. T. Ashworth is tho Magistrate
located at Walhalla, and J. lt. Kay is
( 'onstable.
Tin bocal Government.
The municipal government of
Walhalla is committed to tho hands
of some of her most intelligent and
enterprising men, of whom much
may he expected. Thc, Town Coun
cil is composed of II. A. II. Gibson,
Mayor, C. VV. Pitchford, ll. I. Wea
ver! W. h. Veiner. A. P. Crisp, F. S.
lloUcman and James Thompson,
Aldermen. Under their direction
the government of flu! town is all
that its citizens can desire.
Hoard of Health.
The health and cleanliness of the
town is looked af tor by an able
Hoard of Health, composed of Dr.
J. J. Thode, Preside ., lt. T. Jnynes,
Secretary, J.K. Hendrix, Dr. J.W;
Hell, ami W. P. Dickson. Thc Town
Marshais, Messrs. \v. Hook and S.
M. Dickson, are also Health Ollioors.
A tobacco factory is operated by
Mr. J. TJ Ashworth. lie is a native
of Virginia, bat hu? boon a resident
of Wal indi a about livo your?. He
conduct" a successful busiu?s'^
Tho Walhullu Canning Factory hat?
been running throe yours; It is an
important enterprise, anil undov tho
management of Mr. C. \y. Pitchford,
President and Trcasuror. Ho is fast
putting tho company oh a solid busi
ness basis. AU kinds of fruits, vege
tables and berries aro canned.
Tho Southern Manufacturing Com
pany manufacturo high-grade mill
supplies. This is ono ot tho few
Ei|i\n?faoturing pin1 ts of fho v!rd i*i
tho South. Tho company is char
tered with C. W. Wicoking, Sr., Pre
sident and Trcasuror, C. W. Wicoking,
Jr., Vice President und Secretary,
and h. F. Wicoking, General Super
intendent. Picker stioks and lovers
foi' cotton milln aro a specialty. Thoy
bave built up a splendid business.
Their plant was unfortunately de
stroyed by liro on Thursday night,
14th instant. But with commenda
ble pluck, they intend to rebuild in
the near future and continuo busi
ness nt tho old stand.
Cly!! Engineer.
Mr. I. II. Harrison, civil engined
and surveyor, resides in Walhalla
Be is one of tho most capablo civil
engineers in tho State, and has had
large and varied oxperienco in tin
business. His work is always foam
to givo satisfaction in locating mil
way routes, county and townshi]
boundary linos, publie highways, am
thc nudes and bounds of lands.
Miscellaneous Industries.
Commission merchants and insur
ance agents: J. 1). Vernor, J a mei
Thompson, Guy T. Grovo and K. O
There aro two beef markets. Mi
M. H. Bryco has served tho pilbil
herc for many years, and his marke
receives tiro patronage of many cns
terners. Messrs. J. F. and T. .1
Fowler have recently opened a mat
kel on Main street and serve thei
customers well. Mr. W. M. Gossott
of Westminster, S. C., also supplie
our citizens with fresh beef and inn!
ton two days in each week.
Wo have three blacksmith shopi
Mr. John M. Baldwin is an expert n
Ibo business. Who has not had bi
horse shod by John Baldwin? Who
ho puts on :i shoe it stays until won
Mr. .). W. Loo bas had a shop hoi
for two years. Ile has n large ru
of custom and does a good busbies
Who bas not heard of Deco tu In
Gadsden? Ho is an export?t tl
forge, and none can beat him as
worker in iron, Ho is a worthy sir
cessor of Tubal-cain.
Mr. F. Thoilkuhl is Walhalla
export tailor. He came from tl
Fatherland about six years ago. 1
has ali tho work he can do.
lt would never do to forget oi
barber, Monsieur Warren Priest!
He is almost as indispensable as
doctor. A good shave at his de
Irons band never fails to make oi
feel better, lie has been our to
sorial artist fourteen years.
And who does not wear shoes?
you want to have them made
mended carry them to tho shop of
A. Byrd, Henry Tiotjen or T.
Medicino for "snake bite." can
furnished at tho dispensary and fin
o. p. stores. Wo may wish thom awi
but facts must bo recognized, 'i'
dispensary, however, is in tho carol
charge of Mr. H. 15. Schroder. T
o. p. shops are run by Messrs. G.
Wilson, O. II. Schumacher and W,
Carpenters and Mechanics.
Then there arc carpenters, n
chanics, contractors, and mast
galore. Who does moro for 1
building of tito town than they,
their skill and industry? Ann
tho most active! may bo rcokoi
Messrs. Otto Kaufmann, John V
Nadeln, W. C. Boohostor,
ll. J. W. Schroder, J. J. Il
ti.v.ingor, W. I). Snell, Ta
Woods, .lohn Pagan, K. F. Fag
Jesse G rabi, J. C. Simpson, Ni
Fitzgerald, lilford Smith, Joe
Capel!, P. II. Snell, S. P. Snell,
J. Snell, .fohn Fierce, Jus. Fricks
M. Long, Lafayette Carter, W.
Tigue, Newton Oronshaw, 101 i
llyrum, Luther Johnson, p.
Tom Ton y, p. e., I levey On
p. c., Stepney Oreen, j?, c.,
many others. They find abunda
of work., and just now every tr
and calling seems overworked. '
sound of tho hammer and tho sa'
hoard every day. Several now bu
ings arc in course of erection,
mort! aro contemplated. This is
place foi" lirones oi pessimists,
mailors lillie if /America goes to
with Spain -Walhalla is for;
ahead. Her citizens, ono and
have nu abiding faith in a prospoi
flt turc, both for tho town and cou
Knights er the Grip.
Two popular traveling sales
have theil homes hero : Mossrf
IC. Dendy ami G. W. I 'ral f.
Dendy has one. of tho best-]
places in town. Ile owns se\
acres, surrounding his residuum
which bo he has a lino vineyard am
chard, and grows corn and s
grain. No moro genial, wholc-SO
gentleman lives than Sam Oend;
Mr. G. W. Pratt is a gallant K r
?of the Grip. Ho came hore I
Chai lesi on about twenty years
and han made this place his li
i? 111? ?muMiinmiiiiiii. i.i n ni'mi i,?mi i? ?um M IHI?..mi nut
I over Binco. Ho waa bookkeeper for
ll. J). A. Biomann for several years.
Ho is known nt homo mid r.broad
a? n ginini gentleman. Ho wav.As
oietai:t Jourep-l Clerk of tho Lower
House of Congross for four years,
and made a most popular and oapn
ble olDcer. Ho believes there is ti
a groat futuro in storo for this sec
tion, and io a walking and talking
advertisement for tho town mid
county whorovor ho goos.
Hallway. Mall aud Telephone Service.
Walhalla enjoys tho sorvico of tho
Blue Ridge Bnilroad Company which
furnishes oxcollont faoilitics for
freight and paBBongor traffio. Mr. J.
M. Ward, Jr., is thc faithful depot
agont located hore. He is also tele
graph oporator and oxpress agont.
Tho railroad company is doing nil
in ils power to furnish tho public
willi tho very host servico. Bcoontly
tho freight and passerigor traflic lias
been sovorcd, thus furnishing two
separate trains eaoh day. Tho froight
train also onrrios passongors and
mail, thus giving us praotioally two
passenger trains. Capt. J. B. An
derson is the popular superintendent
and conductor, thu*' combining two
important officers in one person.
Cant. ll. C. Beattie, of Greenville, is
receiver, and under his wiso super
visi?n the road is run on n successful
business basis.
Thc pooplo of Walhalla enjoy ex
ceptionally lino mail facilities. Mrs.
J. M. Merrick is tho cflicicnt post
mistress, with Mr. B. Q. Merrick,
assistant. They arc faithful and
obliging in tho dischargo of duty.
Walhalla congratulates herself on
having such accommodating and
clover Hcrvico in tho post oflieo.
This is Bc publican rule, but it is as
good as wo over had under the Dem
Thc peoplo of Walhalla also enjoy
excellent telephone service. .Several
lines go out from hero in different
directions. Wc can talk readily will
thc towns of Highlands and Franklin
N. C., West Union, Seneca
Westminster, buri lu?ui??ii, Oak way
Richland, Retreat, Mt. Tabor
Fair Blay, Townville and Anderson
S. C., andTocooa, Shoal Creek, Hart
well and other neighboring towns ii
Georgia. Tho telephone has conn
to stay, and as n vehicle of raplc
communication between distan
points it is indispensable.
Our Young People.
Thc beaux and belles of Walhall'
should not be forgotten, for in n<
small degree do they infuse lifo inti
thc staid old town. Walhalla ha
long been fained for her pretty girle
and justly so. There is this peen
liarity about them, (and we note i
with pleasure): it matters not ho\
many may bc transplanted to otho
climes, tho supply is constantly 01
thc increase. Surely lhere aro mor
sweet, pretty ojirls in Walhalla to-da
than over before. This is no idl
boast. It is ono of the most h?pefi
signs. It is certain they will nc
all leave us, oven though gallan
swains from other parts como t
worship at the shrine of beauly. W
have too many beaux of solid wort
to permit any serious invasion of th
ranks of our beautiful belles.
The Town Growing.
On all sides aro soon evidences <
steady growth. Handsome residci
eos adorn many streets. Facult
Hill has been in high favor of lal
years. New dwelling houses, sn
rounded by beautiful lawns, gardci
and picturesque scenery, have sii]
planted thc waste places of formt
A dlood linker.
"Bread is the staff of life," ai
Mr. Harmon li. Schroder knows ho
to bake it.
lleucvolent Ordors.
There arc four benevolent instit
lions-Rino Bidgc Lodge, No. S)
A. F. M., Walhalla Lodge, No. C
K. of P., Knights of Honor and A
oient Order of United Workmen.
In tho foregoing article, wo ha
endeavored lo present a bird's-e
view of tho County scat of Ocont
ibo business dono herc and tho in
who do it. Wo have not written i
that could or should ho said, b
space calls a halt. Wo have paint
no' over-drawn picture. It is o
I purpose to give a plain narrative
facts, and let them ?peak for tbei
selves. In a future artiolo we sb
treat of thc surrounding conununi
its resources, advantages and attn
lions to persons at 'nome and ?bro:
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09fi "ixion Boiras 'unj^s ii?iio;> -con
'suv! iSH nv IKIIIM sum:) I 'J
Condensed Schedule In l?frcot
Fab mary 27, U03.
Ev. Ciinrloaton.. :.i Ho a m
tv. ?olumbloT. ll ?O~A~ui
" Prouporlty. li ll p In
" Nowborry. li 83 pm
" NiiiotySix. 1 85 p m
Ar. Greenwood. i 40 pm
.. Hodges.?. 8 36 j?_m
"fx. Ablioviilo ?,........... j.,.....?.. ? ST j?jfo
Ar. Yioii?n... " ? ~?1[0 p n>
Xr. A?dorgon..... "T." . 0 fi? p m
Xr. (jfrqonvtP? ?... I.....,. * ^ p ni
Ar. ?ir?utft*,"'.".. ?,.,-.;". ? HTftO p m
8TATION8. j}w^ ^
fTvTfJF?M?vni?." 10 ftO a m
" Piedmont. 10 55 ft m
" wllllnmetoq i..,,..'. ? . U l? u_m
fj\. Anderson.TY"5tT o ni
Lv.TioTtou.'IT"?5 a m
Ar. Douimlde.. 12 03jp_m
I.V. AbboYh lo .?.li'ToTa ni
CiTHortgen.' nr*K p >?
" Greenwood. 1 00 p ta
" Nlnoty-nix. 1 25 p m
" Newborry. 2 86 pm
" Prosperity. 2 87 p m
Ar. Columbio. B 50 p m
AiC'?iiTr?oBtou. 5~o? p" ni
*5frTp~TT0ft"L.Y... Olmi ioBton... .A>"~^O0p TToOa
T??n' ?T??o ''TTT Columbia.... > 1? 03p T65p
?07nl8?6p ".Alston." 2 45p BOM
IQ OM 126p ".Bontuo." 1 2ftp 7 ?Wp
10 20A 8 02p ".Union." 1 05p 7 00p
10 aOa 2 Wp "_Jonesville .... " 12 Wp 0 63p
1051'? * 07\> Pftoolot." 12 14p 047p
11 Son. ? l?p Ar.. Spai ?anburg. Lv 1) ?5A 0 Wp
il 40a 8?Op LT.. Bpurtniiburij. Ar ll 20a 0 COp
j jip ?O?pAr_Asheville.Ly ft Wa 0 05p
"P," p, tn. "A," tv. ?n.
TrMnn 0 Bini 10 oniry elegant Pullman
?Imping- euro between Oo?umblii nod Asheville,
enrout? dnily between Jacksonville und Hinein
Trahis lenvo Hinirtniibur?, A. & C. division,
northbound. 0:07 ft. m.. 0:07 p.m., 0:10 p.m.,
(Vest?bulo Limited); Bouthbomia 13:20 a. m.,
6:15 p. m.. ll :04 p. m., (vestibule Limited.)
Tralno lorivo Greenville, A. end ?. division,
northbouilQ, Q :*0 n. m., 2:04 p. m. nod 5:32 p. m.,
iVontlbulon Limited) ? miiithbomid, 1:2ft n. m.,
:05 p. m., 181?O p. m. (Vestibuled Limited).
Voil mun Sorvloo.
Ptdlman pallico sleeping eora ou TrnliiB03nnd
Bil, 07 nn? m, on A. and OT dividion.
Third V P. AGou. MRI-., T. M., Wnsbln?ton.
W, A. T??ttt, S. ?. HARPWIOK.
Oto. PftflH. Ag't, Aii't Gea. PoBfi. Ag>t.
WMhluafogi P-. 0?_^h ail tn, G 5
Oondfin<iod Moliediilo of PinfloiiRor Trains.
In Effcot Fobrum-y 27lh, 1808.
t.v A Mutt In. fl. T.
" Atlnntni U.T.
" NorcroHS.
" Huford.
" Gninosvlllo,
" Lulu.
Ar. f.)!..
Lv. Mt. Airy.
" Toecofi.
" WoHtminftter
" Benooa .
Oreen ville ...
Kiiir:'? Mt....
Lv. Olinrlotte_
Ar. (4 reen ?boro
Lv. Groennlroro..
Ar. Norfolk.
Ar. Dunville.
Ar. Richmond ..
" Rnitm'oPRR
New Vork ..
VCH. No. 1H
No. 12 No. 3S Ex.
Dally Dnlly. Sun.
7 50 a 19 on n> 4 W> p
8 60 ii i 00 p 5 - V
OHO a ... ?J Wp
10 05 a. 7 Oilp
10115 >\ 2 02 n 7 40p
10 5S u 2 ? \, H OSp
11 25 a ... . 8 ?5ii
ll m u ....
11 wi ii fi fio ni.
12 III ni.*. .
12 63 p ?'? 15 p ..<.....
M0{>. . .
2 04 p 5 22 p .
0117 p O 10 p.
4 20 p 0 44 p .
4 fis p 7 00 p.
5 OH P. .
5 26 pl .
(1110 pl 8 22 p.
0 52 p 10 IS p.
10 60 p
7 Sir, ii
ll 25 p ll 61 p
0 00 ii| (1 00 a
ll 43 a
B 00 a
10 15 a
12 I!) m
Nu. ?10
ll 60 p
li? o? a
1 27 n
.\ 10 a
?I 25 iv
4 ea H
4 -i i a
4 ni it
6 45 a
rt 87 a
7 15 a
7 05 ?
7 5S ii
8 20 ii
0 ?15 ii
12 Ul p
I Kat. RH I
Southbound. ?N,,. art
Cv. N. y..p.n*:Tr. lrrrii
" Phllndelphtn . a 50 n
" Baltimore)_ o Ol a
" washington., il 15 v.
Lv. Richmond ... 12 00 m
Lv. DnnvUlo^.^.. 0 15 p
Lv. Norfolk . _
Ar. C'lrcensboro. .
LY . Greensboro..
Ar. ChnrlottO_
Lv. Gieitonla.
" KlliK'a Aft ...
" Blnokaburg ..
" OJoffnoys.
" Bpartanpurg.
" Grconvlllo...
" Central.
" Heneen .
" Woatnilnstor
" Tocooa .
" Mt. Airy ...
" t^ornolift.
" Lulu.
" OninosvlllQ
" Unfold.
" Nore.roRii ....
Ar. Atlanta, IC. T
Ar. Atlanta, C. T
7 02 p
lu IX) p
No. 87
' i IM p
0 65 )i
0 20 p
10 !(? ?
12 (Mut
ft_fi0 a
10 IXJ
ll 60
7 05
V 25
ll 01 pl 10 45 a
11 40 b 10 frfl II
12 20 n ll 04 a
1 25 a'12 00 p
2 IX) a
0 35 a
1 Oil p
No. t 1
1200 nt.
2 18
I I,".
6 25
C, lo
5 10
a la
8 if!
8 66
7 ?2 11
ll 15 a
1 as p
1 i ts p
2 00 p
2 25 p
8 16 p
4 85 p
6 46 p
0 15 p|
7 15 p
7 12 ,
7 45 1
8 10 p
p: 8 to p
0 11
ll 10 i>
10 BO p
O no 11
No 17.
0115 "a
1)67 ft
7 20 ii
7 18 ft
8 27 a
0 00 ii
8 lil) n
"A" n. m. "P" p. in. "M" inion. "N" night.
S?OB. 87nndRS--l)nliy. Washington and South
woatorn voatlbulo Ltlnltod. Through Pnilninn
slee]ttng cars between Now York and Now Or
leans, vin washington, Atlanta and Montgom
Cry, nod niuo between Now York 11ml Momiihis.
VhiWiiHliln((ton, Atlanta and lllruilin<bam. I''ir.tt
oliiHii IhorouKbfaro coaohoa between Wnahillg'
ton and Atlnnta. DIIIIIIK ears BOrvo nil niealH
en route. Pullman drawing-room Blooping cara
botweon GreoiiHliOro and Norfolk. (JIORO eon
mmtlon at Kinfolk for OLD POINT COMFORT,
ftrrivln? there in time for breakfast.
No? as nod HO United RtfttOH Kast Mall
runs sollil between Washington nntl New Or
Ibiimt, via Bouthorn Railway, A. ?VJ W. I?. H. H.,
end h. te N. lt. lt., hoing compoHod of baggage
our and ooBohofl, through without ohnngc for
paanongorfl of nil ein.'SOM. PUII?????II drawtng
room Hleepln^ earn hoi wooli New York and
New Orleans, vin Atlanta and Montgomery.
Leaving Wimhington each WodtlOKdny und Hat
urtlny, ii tourist Hleoping ear will run through
hot ween Washington and San Krauels. 0
without chango.
Nos. 11,07, 08 ami 12- Pullman mooning em?
botweon Itichmoiid and Charlot to. via Danville,
itout h bon ml Nos. ll and 07, northbound Nos,
88 and 12
Tho Air Line Hello train, Nos. 17 and 10, br.
tween Atlantn and Cornelia., Ga., dally ox
Third V P. A Gen. Mgr., Trafilo M'g'r.
Washington, D. c. Washington, D. 0
Gou'l PUAH. Ag't., Ass'tGen'l Parts. Ag't..
WltHhblgtonVP. Q. _ At Imita, I la.
umuuigmg ni bin gnrot 'woontly,
owell mun ionud in tvj$ pocket ot
old vost a lottethat wo? glvon to
hy u Indy to mail Wi year*; ago.
Is caused by toYpht liv. r. which p?v,v<ynts.??l
Hon mul pomms fowl to torment (inti puiro? ??
tho stomach Thou follow ?ir/r-lness, liewlaehe,
hmoinlna, nervousness, ?uni,
It n?l relieved, Mllous fovor
or blood poluonlnn. Wood's
Tills stimulate tho stomach,
ronso the liver, ?nie hcndiicho, dizziness, COO"
stlpatlon, uto. 23 cents. Hold hy nil <!r??"d8ls.
'rho only Pilli to biko with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
I J. W. 8?KL0?.
WAi.iiAM.A, ?. O.
PROMPT nttontion ?Ivon to all busi
ness committed to tb oh' c?iro.
.January 12, 1805.
Blue Ridge Railroad,
Effective 7.00 \. M., Marob 1, 1808. '
Between Anderson and Walhalla.
No. 12. STATIONS. No. Ii.
P. M.-Heave Arrive-A. M.
s 8.85 Anderson 11.00
f 8.60 Denver 10,40
1 4.05 Autun 10.81
s 4.M Pondloton 10.22
f 4.23 Cherry's Crossing 10.18
f 4.20 Adams' (bossing 10.07
? 1.17 Seneca 0.40
s 5.11 Wost Union 0.25
s 5.17 Ar Walhalla Lv0.20
No. ?, Mr v:i>,
Daily, Except
.Su'm lay.
P. M.
.I. io
I.oavo. P. M.
Cherry's (bossing
Adams' (bossing
> c
West Union
(s) Regular station; (f) Ehig staffion.
All regular trains from Audoilfon to
Valhalla have right of "(rock ove? trains
of tho saino obis? moving in opposite
direction, unless olherwiso spooiXlod by
train orders. f
A'ill also stop at tho following stations
Lo take on or lot off passongors : Fhin
uoy's, .lames and Sandy Springs.
Nt?. J2 oonnects with Southern Railway
No. 12 at Anderson.
No. 0 connects with Southern Railway
NOB. 12, 87 and 88 at. Seneca.
^tl?tixtie CJOOJ^I) JLdxie,
Passenger Department,
Wilmington, N. C., February 24, 1807.
Fast Lino Between Charleston
mid Columbia and Upper South
Carolina ami North Carolina.
lu ol?cct Fobruarly 24th, 1807.
. ?No. 52.
Heave Charleston. 7 00 a m
" Danes.8 20 *?
" Slimier. 0 85 "
Arrive Columbia.10 ?? "
11 Prosperity.ll 58 pm
" Nowherry.12 10 " .
" Clinton. .12 50 "
" Laurens. 1 15 "
" (?reenvido. 3 00 ti
" Spartanbnrg. 3 00 "
" Winnsboro.? 15 p m"
" Charlotte. 8 20 "
" Hondorsoiivillo.0 08 M
" Asheville. 7 00 M
?No. 53.
Leave Ashovillo. 8 20 am
" Iloudorsonvillo.0 15 "
" Spartanburg.ll 45 "
" Greenville.ll 50 "
" Lauren?. 1 45 "
" Clinton. 2 10 "
Newberry. 2 57 "
" Prospority. S 18 "
" Columbia. 5 15 "
Arrive Sumter. (i 35 "
" Lanes. 7 48 ?J
" Charleston. 0 25 "
* Daily.
Nos. 52 and 53 Solid Trains botweon
Charleston and Columbia. 8. C.
Gou'I Passenger Agont.
,7. H. KKN LY.
Gonoral Manager.
Traillo M nun gor.
you'll (Barolin* and georgia 1},??
Solid Through Trains Hetweon Chai^?
ton and Ashovillo Carrying Pull
l'alaco I'.utVeti. Parlor Cars.
Passenger I>opartmeto[?|,
CiiAitLKsro.N, S. C., .lune 13, \HU ;
son KI nj LI::
Leave Charleston, 7 10 a ni 5 30 \ |
Arrive Summerville, 7 4(1 a m 0 JO i
" Pregnalls, 8 18 a m 0 50
" Gooi gea, 8 20 a ni 7 04 ?KS
" Hrancbvillo, 0 (M) a ni 7 85 j
" Howosvillo, 0 '.'> a m 8 07 J
" Orangeburg, ./ .'<> a in 8 24 )
" St, Matthews, ft 48 ll ni 8 48 ,
" Fort Motto, 10 00 a m ft 03 j
" Ringville, IO 10 a m ft 20 J
" Columbia, 10 55 am 10 io,
Leave Columbia, 7 00 a m ' 4 00 .
Arrive. Ringville, 7 40 a m 4 44
" Fort Mot te, 7 51 ll m 4 55
" St, Mat t hews, 8 02 a m 5 Oft \, .
" (haunching, 8 21 a ni 5 27 p
" Itowosvillo, 8 88am 5 42 i
" Hrnnohvillo, ft io a m u lo p
" Georges, ft 35 a ni 0 37 p
" Prognalls, 0 48am ? 50 p
Summerville, 10 22 a ni 7 22 p
" Charleston, 11 Ot) a in 8 00 p ?
Leave Charleston, 7 10 a m 5 80 pw
" Hranohville, ft 15 a m 7 50 p
Hamborg, ft ?7 a m 8 1ft p
" Donmark, ft 52 a m 8 81 p
" Hlackvillo, 10 10 a m 8 KO n
" Williston, 10 27 am ft 10 p
" Aiken, JI Oil a m H57p
ArrivoAugusta, ll 51 a m 10 15 p
Leave Augusta, 0 20 a m 3 20 p
.? Aiken, 7 14 a m 4 07 ?>
" Williston, 7 57 a ni 4 44 p
" Hlackvillo, 8 14 a m 5 08 \
" Donmark, 8 28 a ni 5 17 i
' Hamborg, 8 41am 520i
" Hrancbvillo, ft 05 a m 5 50 p
Arrive Charleston, JI 00 a m 8 00p
Leave Augusta, 9 05 pf
Arrive Aiken, 8 25 pi<
" Denmark, 4 i]? pt
? .i ... i i. - ililli'. .V, u j?? a i
" Aiken, 't 28 O?
" Augusta, . V, UU!
Daily Except. Sunday.
Leave Camdon, K .I? ?I m s? 25 M
" Camdon Jnnot ft 35 a m 8 BB \t\
Arrive Ringville, 1005 a m 4 85 M
Loavo Ringville, 10 25 am 0 00
.? Camden dunotll 00 a m t . 10
" Camdon, li 55 am 8 15
Jos. th SANOS, Gonoral Manngor
L. A. KMKIISON, TraraO Manager.
GononU ooloo, CU?rleawpi S.

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