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JAYNE?, SHELOR, SM,T!jL*"3?.*Ck'
K. 'j'. J A YNK8, I ,..," , J D. A. BMiril,
J. W. KU Kl.Oil, f 1 1 I J. A. 8TK0X.
Tlll'ltMI?.tY, li'liu, U8, (808.
Tho Hsu-dens of War.
At noliino dining tho Inst twenty years
could ?var Jiavo boon Inaugurated ?rbon
Un Jmrdons would havo horno moro
heavily on Hie meat masses than at tho
present. For tho last four years we
liavo groaned under a linaneial panie,
tho result of which has paralyzed tho in
dustries of tho whole nation, (with the
possible exception of tho very wealthy,)
and especially those of tho South and
W?st< The volume of money bas been
BO contracted that, the products of in
dustries would scarcely repay tho ex
penso of production, lt may bo possible
that there is more money in the nation
than we estimate, but if true, it ls in the
hands of the wealthy few. lt certainly
is not in the hands of the masses or in
Of lato years the Govorumont has
found great difficulty in realizing money
for its current expenses in time of poaco.
With war, and increased taxes incident
thereto, unless some reform of our cur
rency is devised w hich w ill placo in cir
culation mor? money, many must su flor.
"We bavo very little hopo for such reform
from tho present National Legislature,
but as this is election year it is possible
lo mal e such changes in the personnel
of Congress as lo alford some relief.
lt behooves us not to ho so engrossed
in the war as to forgot that self-preserva
tion demands that wo give some atten
tion to polities. While our noble sons
light for national honor let those remain
ing at home protect individual interests
at the polls and all may be well.
D?mocratie Conven!lon.
The convention of the Democratic party
of Oconoo will meei in the Court House
in Walhalla next Monday, May 2d, for
tho purpose of reorganizing tho party for
tho coming campaign and sending dele
gates to the State Convention, to meet in
Columbia. Several of the clubs have
met ami elected delegates, but some have
not met. at al).
This next campaign is to bo ono of
importance to the stale, and one in
which ovory citizen should interest him
self. Much dissat isfaction has been mani
fested of late with the conduct of thc
Government, and the cost of its adminis
tration. The voters should not now be
lukewarm about tho choice of the oftl
COrs who make and administer the laws,
and grumble afterwards. If we wish a
change in tho laws for tho purpose of
economy, now is thc lime lo make our
demands and secure (heir enactment into
law. All reforms must come from the
Wo notice that the Center Club passed
.XCSjduJjpns asking for the continuation
of fiie primarY rU'Clion for the nomina
tion of allstate ofllcors. This is correct,
and we see no reason why all ollicers of
the Stale should not he elected hy Ibo
direct, vote of the people. We feel as
sured that toso elect all ofiicers would
bo infinitely better than a continuation
of the log rolling which is practiced by
the members of the Legislature.
Reform in this direction would he a
great improvement. A reduction in the
amount of money to be raised hy taxa
tion is needed and should he secured.
This year is the lime for action.
The Prohibition Ticket.
Since the convention, held hy the pro
hibitionists, in Columbia the 12th of
April instant, lhere has been much dis
cussion in the papers of tho State as to
w hether the ticket suggested hy the said
convention can he voted for in the com
ing primary and have their tickets
counted under the present, rules govern
ing the primary election. There ought
to bo no such .question. If the rules of
tho party can be so construed, then the
Sooner such rules arc; abrogated the
hotter for the Democratic; party. We
have too much foolish law in the party
any way. Tho solo object of the primary
should be to ascertain ibo will of the
majority, and any rule thal restrains the
voters in expressing their choice is un
wise and will eventually work harm.
Hut. who will assert that there are not
rules made to govern tho primary elect ion
which tend to suppress the real will ol"
tho majority ? What good reason can
be given for not allowing a candidate to
announce himself ai any limo before HU?
election and be voted for and have his
vote counted, or the people vote for a
man not asking for ellice at all, and elect
ing him if they choose '.' Many a time
it has been wisely said that tho ollico
should seek the man and not thc man
the ollico; but the rules ol' our election
say no vote cast for one not a declared
candidate can h counted. Wo can only
see protection to politicians anil candi
dates in these rules. There certainly is
none to the mass ol" voters.
It would be a good idea to "nave, the
State Convention at its next, session re
peal all its many rules ami laws and
simply doline wit" eau vole, and provide
for a fair tabulai ion of llio votes cast,
and leave the voters to do the rest, ami
a more friendly spirit will spring up for
tho primary and with no detriment lo
the system.
The War with Spain.
it is ovulent, that every State in the i
Union will furnish its quota of volunteer
soldiers for the t ailed States army in
tho war with Spain. The supply of vol
unteers is far in excess of the demand,
lt. has roached the point already that it
is safe to volunteer, so far as danger to
lifo or limb is concerned, for several
months. The 125,000volunteers, together
with the regulars, will make an anny of
some lftl,0(io soldiers, lt is not probable
that any of the volunteers will see ("nba
before next fall. They will go into camp
of instruction at convenient points in tho
South and he drilled dining Hie summer,
while tho navy is doing its work on tho
high seas.
[t seems lo be the policy now lo lei Ibo
navy do its work in blockading Havana
and furnishing food and arms to the
i II surgen ls, so as to enable I bein t o co-ope
rate on land with ibo Hoot on the water.
The rainy season in ( 'nba will soon begin,
and it would be unwise to mass a large
army of American soldiers there at this
.icasoii. The proper cour.se w ill be adopt ed
of letting the Spanish soldiers wrestle
(his suminer with I be diseases that pre
vail in Ibo eilies and low lands, and
await, tho developments! incident lo
blockades, naval engagements and ag
gressive action hythe insurgents a ft r
Going well fed and equipped. In Hie
meantime our citizen soldiers will have
become disciplined toni seasoned lo army
life. They will then be no longer raw
recruits, hut regular soldiers, ready for
Offootivo aeliol). Hel?le tho lime comes
for th em to depart for (hi ba, the war may
ho over and Spain driven from that
oppressed Isle. Who knows? It ah nady
begins to look that way.
lint, since so few will bo required lo
conduct the war to a successful conclu
sion for American arms, there is no occa
sion for excitement or the slightest inter
ruption of business of any kind. Tho
prudent man will go about, his business
as usual. If there is to be any difference
il tthoidd bo in the direction of greater
energy and industry in the pursuit of
daily avocations. This i.s no time for
idlers in any department of business.
There is something for all lo do while
the few go to t he front lo do tho lighting,
if it has to be done. Hy far the largest
army must romain at homo to till the
soil, run tho loom, keep Hie ofllcc, lire
the forge, buy and sell, ami see that busi
ness niovesin its ordinary channels. This
is tho best way to support the Covern
rnont In tho present emergency ami to
bring success to our cause, ll may seem
commonplace and prosaic, but ibis is
far bettor than standing around making
patriotic speeches and light inj; imaginary
Spaniards over two hundred miles away.
Volunteer if you must, enlist, if yon can,
fight if V?>u meet a Spaniard but, by all
moans, keep cool and attend to your
business until Unolo Sam (iuds bigger
business for you.
Meeting of tho?rand Lodge Kulglits
f . i ?*f Houor.
Tho Statu Grand Lodge of tho Knight*
of Honor of South Carolina met ir*, au
mini BC88?011 in Columbia on Wednesday
and Thursday of last weok. Tho soo
sions were all most harmonious and plea
sant and no time was wasted in disposing
of tho work on hand.
Tho following aro Homo of tho most
Important items passod upon by tho
(?rand bodge, which rocoivod its carotid
attention :
Tho Committee on Kinnimo recom
mended that tho (?rand Lodge sot asido
?1,000, if BO-much bo necessary, to moot
tho oxpoii8os of kooping ft Stnto {Solicit
ing Agont in tho ilokf. This w?? adopted.
The samo committee rep or tod that it
bad carofully oxaminod tho book? and
uccountn of tho Grand Roporter and tho
Grand Tr?asuror and had found thom In
a most satisfactory condition.
Tho Committee on Koturns stated that
the reports of subordinate lodgos showed
a decided improvomont on last year's
Tho Committee on Por Diem and Milc
ago reported that lt) lodgos were ropro
Bontodat tko mooting and that the pay
rolls amounted to $000.30.
Supromo Vico Dictator, John P. Shan
non, who was present, entertained tho
Grand Lodge for an hour and a half with
an elaborate, oarnost and instructivo ad
dress, dealing with tho aims, object*
and benefits of tho Order. This ad
dress was listened to with niarkod at
tention, and it Itt thought that it will
do much good throughout tho State Or
ganization. Tho (Land Lodgo, by a
rising vote, unanimously tendered Mr.
.Shannon a vote of thanks for bis ad
The annual election of Grand Officers
was held resulting as follows:
Hast Grand Imitator, J. F, Holmes:
Grand Dictator. W. A. Tomploton; Grand
Assistant Dictator, M. F. Konnedy:
Grand Roportor, L. N. Zoaly; Grand
Treasurer, J. T. Robertson; (Land Chap
lain, A. Buist; (Land (?nillo, J. A. Ver
non; (irand Guardian, J. R. Lowis:
(.rand Sentinel, J, B. Bonner; (Lana
Trustees, J. G. Tompkins, IL C. Moses,
M. A. Smith.
Representativo to Supremo Lodgo for
two years, W. .\. Tomploton; alt?rnalo
for two years, M. A. Carlisle; al tomato
for one year, .J. W. Todd.
Orangohurg Lodge. No. 1,102, carried
off both prizes offered. Tho first, offorod
by (?rand Dictator Holmes, $26. was for
the largest increase in momborsnip from
April I, 1807, to April 1, 1808. Tho sec
ond offorod by (Land Roportor Zoaly, $10,
wak for the largest number of initiations
from September I, 1807, to April I, 1808.
The Hist was presented by ex-( Jovernor
Sheppard of the Advisory Board of tho
Supreme Lodge, and the second hy Mr.
Shannon. Roth were presonled with re
marks highly complimentary to the Or
angeburg Lodge. They woroaccoptod in
behalf of the lodge by Mr. A. Lathrop,
who said ho expected to seo his lodgo
ahead again at t ho next annual mooting.
The iiowdy-eloetcd (irand Ollicors were
then installed by Messrs. Sheppard, Shan
non and I., W. Perrin.
Tho customary resolutions of thanks to
the railroads,hotels, ti o Knights of l'yth
i;in of Columbia and the local lodge of the
Knights of Honor were i-dopted.
Tlie next meeting of tho (Land Lodgo
will be bold in Columbia on tho third
Wednesday in April, 1800.
The following standing committees
were appointed:
On Laws and Supervision-L. W. Per
rin. M. A. Carlisle, L. Shorfcsso.
On Finance-W. 1'. Anderson, A. F.
Calvert, II. Kytlenberg.
This was the 2iid annual session of the
Oarnd Lodge of this popular Order, and
it was harmonious and pleasant through
Walhalla Lodge, Seneca Lodge and
Westminster Hodge wei. ably and faith
fully represented in tho Grand Lodge by
Messrs. J. W. Ilolleman, J. L. Smith and
I W. P. Anderson.
Thousands ol' Women
are dragging out r. weary, misorablo exis
tence, because they do not fully realize
what is tho matter with them. They
know that they have "female weakness,"
but they do not really appreciate what
that means. They do not know that
to this one trouble is traceable almost all
of their bodily ills. They consider it a
diser.se by itself, and if they have also neu
ralgia, nervous headaches, biliousness,
kidney troubles and other things, they
see no connection botwoon then, and the
derangements of a strictly feminine iia
t.iiro. Busy and overworked physicians
often treat these things as separate ail
ments, w hen the wholo trouble has tho
ono source. Tho reproductivo organs
are so important a part of the body that
when they are out of order, the whole
system is deranged. Whatever illness a
woman has, she will dowell to look thoro
for the cause. A great many women
knowingly neglect themselves, because
they dread the telling of their troubles
to a physician and tho subsequent "ex
amination" and "local treatment." All
Ibis is needless for Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription has been found to perfectly
and permanently restore lost strength
and promoto regularity of functional
Cross Roads Items.
(/'noss ROAOS, S. C., April 20.-Somo
in our cominunify report their fruit all
killed, while others have a full crop.
Tho small grain is tine, and we have
moro sown in this section than for seve
ral yours.
The farmer:, are getting on nicely with
their work. Most of them are through
planting. Some few, who planted er. ly,
are having to replant.
Misses Leila dones and Corrio Tray
nuiii, of Piedmont, arc visiting Mr. A. H.
Tannery's family.
Mr. Wade Armstrong and sister, Miss
Maggie, returned last, week from a short,
visit, to relatives near Salem.
Miss Seppio McDonald is sponding a
few days in our midst.
Mr. Horace Stone and sister, Miss
Kita, from near Seneca, visited friends
here Ki nlay and Saturday.
Wo had the pl ea s uro of attending a so
ciable last Friday evening at thc resi
dence of Mr. A. P. Tannery, given in
honor of Misses Corrio Traynum and
; Leila .Iones.
Mrs. M. J. Harris, of Laurens, S. C., is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. II. Finley,
Mr. Tom Singleton and sistor, Miss
Sallie, of Mt. Tabor, visited relativos and
friends here Sunday and Monday. Chis,
Mr. Singleton is a "candidate" and will
need only ono vote. V.
Valuable to Women.
Especially valuable to women in Browns'
Iron Hitlers. Backache vanishes, licuditchc
disappears, strength takes the place ol
weakness, and thc glow of health readily
comes to thc pallid cheek when HUH won
derful remedy in taken. Fur sickly children
or overworked men it has no equal. Ko home
should ha without this famous remedy,
browns'Iron Mittem io sold by all dealers.
"Marie," he cried passionately, as he
threw himself at. the feet, of the rich
widow, "will you be my wife'/" "Yes,
John," she murmured, putting her arina
about bis nook, "lt, means the sacrifice
of my fortuno, for my income from my
late husband's estate ceases at my sec
ond marriage; hut, my love for you is
.nub -" "Marie, I cannot, accept, tho
sacrifico! lt is too much I I willi be a
brother to you !"
Pugh Jones now says that for the Cu
llan war all the Baptist niggers aro to
be called out first, because the Baptists
arc accustomed to lighting on water ami
this is to be r water war. Hugh further
says I hat the Methodists will not be called
out at all, as they cannot light, on waler.
Kdgclichl Advertiser.
"I feel it my duty to give you a truthful
statement ot what Chumhoriftin's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy did,"
writes d.S. Collins, of Moore, 8. C. "I
had a child about, two years old, that
bad the diarrhjpoa for two months. I
tried all the best, known remedies, bot
none gavo the least, relief. When this
remedy caine to hand, 1 gavo it as di
rected, and in two days the child was
completely cured." Sold at IL B. Zim
merman A Co.'s, Westminster; W. .1. Lim
ney's, Seneca; .1. W. Boll's, Walhalla,
Drug Stores.
The President Calis foi
Hy tho President of tho United State?:
Whereas, a joint resolution of Con
April, IKlkS, entitled "A Joint Resolut*
onco of tho people of Cohn, demanding
its authority nud govornniont of tho Isl
naval forces from Cuba and Cuban wat
United States to uso tho land and na
these resolutions into etVeet;" and
Whereas, by au Act of Congress, <
rarity increasing tho military establish)
and for other purposes," approved Ai
in order to raiso a voluntoov army, to I
tool's to sorvo in tho army of tho Unite
Now, thoroforo, I, William MoKii
virtue of tho power vested in mo by th
ing suflleiont occasion to exist, havo t
call forth, volunteers to tho aggregate
elToot tho purposo of. tho said rosolutio
practicable, among tho sevoral States ai
bia, according to population, and to
Tho dotails for this object will bo ii
authorities through tho War Dopartmo
In witness hereof I borounto set m
States to bo afllxod.
Dono at tho city of Washington, t
the indopondonco ol tho United States I
by tho President:
JOHN SHERMAN, Secretary of SI
Formal Declaration
WASHINGTON, April 2">.-Tho fo
Affairs Committee in the Lower lions;
diatoly and without division:
,lA bill declaring that war oxlsts hi
tho Kingdom of Spain. Do lt onacted,
"First. That, war ho, and tho saim
war has existed since tho 21st ?lay of A
tween tho United States of Amorten an
"Second. That tho President of t
directed and empowered to uso tho ont
States, and to call into tho actual servit
several States, to such oxtent as may bc
Tho Senate went into secret session
Mr. Davis moved to take np tho House
bill hy adding a fow words which tho S
Tho Senato agreed to tho House \
Rotations Com m?tico woro dropped.
South Carolina's Q
At last tho call for tho volunteer li
from tho War Department. Though a
by mail, it carno by wire about 7.1") o'c
prompt response to the call of the Pres
this Slate loave no doubt. Here is a cc
The Govornor of South Cai dina, Cohn
The mimbi v of troops from your
dated April li.'ld, IStIS, will be one region
heavy battery of artillery. It is the wi
of the National vimird or Si ate militia
will permit for the reason that, they ar
w iro as early as possible .s hat, equipine
otc, you havo and what additional y<
troops witt oe ready for muster into tb
low by mail.
Immediately upon receipt of tho a
lowing telegram in reply:
lt. A. Alger, Secretary of War, Wash in
Your telegram received. South (
President. Will furnish information rc
Prizes Captured by American Fleet.
KKV WKST, April "?2.-Tho cruiser
Nashville has captured the Spanish
steamer Kuena Ventura, for Rotterdam,
having oil board a cargi) of lumber. She
was on her way from tho coast, of Texas.
Tho United States Hoot was about. 12
miles off Sand Key light house this
morning at 7, when the Spanish mer
chantman was sighted, bound north.
The gunboat Nashville ran her down and
put. a shot across her bows from the
.l inch pun on tho port side aft, manned
by Lieut. Dillinghnm. Tho Spaniard
ignored the shot, but another, clo;;;;;- to
her bows, brought her to.
A prize crew under Ensign T. P. Ma
gruder was put aboard. Capt. f.ucar
raga, in command of her, was astounded.
Ho did not know that war had been de
clared, but when informed of the state of
affairs ho shrugged his shoulders and ac
cepted tho situation philosophically.
KKY WKST, April 24.-Another prize
was brought, in this morning by tho
United States gunboat. Helena, Com
mander W. T. Swineburne. She turned
out to bo tho Spanish steamer Miguel
dover, hound from Now Orleans for Bar
celona, with a cargo amounting to about.
2,000 tons of cotton seed and grain.
The Havana agents of the Miguel
dover are Balcello A- Co., .!.'! Cuba street.
She has a capacity of 5,500 tons, triple
expansion engines and an electric light
ing plant. She is classified Al by
Monil.K, Ai.A., April 2*1.-A special
from Biloxi, Miss., says tho revenue cut
ter Winona, from Mobile, captured tho
Spanish steamer La Gununa at Ship Is
land, Miss., at 1 o'clock to-day, but likely
will have to remain in quarantine with
tho prize until thc time of quarantine
detention is out, to-morrow or next day.
Tho name of tho seized steamer is now
learned for tho first time, lt is Satur
nina, from Sagua to Ship Island, Xuclaga
in command, 1,870 tons.
KKV WKST, FLA., April 21.-The licet
captured another prize yesterday after
noon, tho schooner Mathilde of Ha
vana, laden with ruin. The schooner
was taken by the torpedo boat, Porter,
alter a lively chase, lim ing which a num
ber of solid shots were brod. A prize
crew from the llagship was put on boan!
the schooner, hut no ship could be spared
to tow her and she was brought into Key
West in tow of the Associated press
dispatch boat Dauntless, which arrived
about midnight.
The Dauntless reports that tho fleet,
has been divided.
Tho Nashville and the Machias or Cas
tine sailed west at IO o'clock yesterday
morning, while tho Amphitrito, the Puri
tan, tho Cincinnati and the Castino or
Machias sailed east, later. The rest of
tho licet at 8:30 o'clock in the afternoon
was blockading Havana, which is distant,
ten miles to the southward.
About, d::5() p. m. on Sunday Capt.
Chadwick sent Chief Knginoor C. J, Mc
Oonnelly this message: "(Jot up all the
steam you can. A steamer has been
sighted and tho admiral wishes to cap
ture bor."
Tho New York was soon tearing
through the water at a rapidly increas
ing speed, and was fast leaving the squa
dron in the rear.
Away in tho distance, close under the
mist co vor eil od hills of ('nba, midway,
between Havana and Matanzas, could he
seen tho outlines of a large steamer bead
ing to tho eastward. Then the old cry of
"a chase," "a chase" re echoed fore and
aft. The officors and tho crew of the
New York gathered on her decks, eagerly
watching tho llagship churn through tho
blue water, foaming white at her stern,
until she was making about IS knots.
The admiral paced the forward bridge
as calmly as if waddling a potato race.
it. was evident that the Sp.mia vd was
doing her best to get away from 'bo
cruiser, and was heading in nearer and
nearer to the coast, hoping to find safety
in shallow water where tho war ship
would not dare to follow her.
When the Spaniard was about three
miles from the shore and about, a mile
from tho New York an H inch gun from
the cruiser's forward turret suddenly
belched out a stream of fire, accompanied
by a crashing report. It. wan imly meant
as a warning shot, hut. the steel projec
tile went, ricocheting over the water in
dangerous proximity to the Booing mer
The echo of tho report had hardly died
away among Cuba's hills when the Span
lard hove to. About ten minutes later
the Now York was near her. In the dis
tance a few lonely looking houses could
bo soon perching on a wibi looking bceeh.
A pr I zo crew, commanded by Lion!. K.
K. Capehart, and composed of Assistant,
Kngincor Neall, four marines and a boat's
crew, all well armed, wore lowered over
tho side of the cruiser and, amid exultant
cheers from their comrades on hoard the
Now York, they pulled over to the Span
iard, which proved tobo thu Pedro, of
Bilbao, an oxcellent prizo.
In addition to tho abovo if is reported
that tho Algonquin captured and towed
Into port two Spanish ROIIOOIIOIH.
. Hure Voiu?itrees than
in 18?1.
WASHINGTON, April 23.-Tho Presi
dent to-day issued Ino follow Pug procla
mation, calling for ono hundred mid
twonty-Hvo thousand troops to servo
two yours:
igross wes approved 011 tho 20lh doy of
un for tho recognition of the indopend
that tho Govorimionlof .Spain relinquish
mid of Cuba, and withdraw its land and
?era, and directing tho President of tho
val forces of tho United States to carry
mtitled "An Aot to pr?vido for tompo
nont of tbo United Statos in timo of war
nil 242, 18Dt<, ino President is authorized,
Ksuo bis proclamation cnlling for volen
ti States :
doy, President of tho Unitod States, by
o Constitution and tho laws, and dcoin
hought, Ot to call forth, and horoby <lo
number of 125,000 in order to onrry into
n; tho sanio to bo apportioned, as far as
id Territories and tb.e District of Oolum
sorvo for two yoars, unless sooner dis
nincdiatoly communicated to tho propor
y hand aral causo tho seal of tho United
his 23d day of April, A. 1). 1808, omi of
tho ono hundred and twonly-Hocond.
of War by Congress.
bowing bill, roportcd by tho Foreign
a of Congress to day, was passed iinino
)twoou tho United Stales of Amorica and
otc. :
? is hereby, declared to oxistj and that
pril, A. 1). 1808, including said day, bo
il the Kingdom of Spain,
he United States bo, and ho hereby is.
ire land and naval forces of ibo United
io of tho Unitod States tho militia of the
) necessary to carry this Act into effoct."
to-day on receiving tho I hmso war bill,
i war bill and then to amend the llouso
Ol?ate committee had agreed upon,
ivar bill. Amendments of tho Foreign
tuota of Volunteers.
loops from this State has boon recoived
nxiously awaited all day, and expected
lock last evening. That lhere will be a
idont the events of the past few days in
ipy of tho call :
WASUINOTON, D. C., April 25, 1808.
alda, S. C. :
Slate, under tho call of the President,
int and ono bat talion of infantry and ono
sh of tho President that tho regiments
shall bo used ns far as their mimbe?*?'
e armed, equipped and drilled. Please
ids, ammunition, arms, blankets, tents,
nv will require. Please also state When
c United States service. Details to fei
lt. A. A LC KK, Secretary of War.
hove call Governor Kllorbo sont the. fol
Coi.UMllIA, S. C., April 25, 18!>8.
gton, I). C.:
landina will respond to the call of tho
quested as soon as practicable.
W. IP KPPKK1SK, Governor.
KEY WKST, FLA., April 20.-The Span
ish auxiliary cruiser, Panama, which
sailed from New York last Wednesday
with a big cargo of munitions of war for
Spain and a largo number of Spanish
refugees was captured thirty miles from
Havana by tho light house tender Man
The Mangrovo tired three shots before
the Spaniards surrendered.
Two other Spanish prizes wero cap
tured this morning by ships in Captain
Sampson's licet.
An American Hark Captured.
The American hark Saranoc was cap
tured by Spaniards near Philippine Is
lands on April 2tlth. She had Hill) tons
of coal on hoard.
The Nations to Remalli Neutral.
WASHINGTON, April 2(1.-Conditions in
Washington are rapidly settling down to
those of actual war.
Notice carno to tho Stale Department
from the four quarters of tho globo to
day showing that tho nations aro, as a
rulo, prepared to assume an attitude of
strict neutrality' as between the Unitod
States and Spain in tho present struggle.
In most cases they were in answei to
the identical note sont out yesterday by
the State Depart ment to all United States
embassies and legations instructing them
to inform the governments to w hich they
woro accredited that war has existed
since April 21st.
(Heat Britain always has taken an ad
vanced st,.i.o' in tho principios of neu
trality, i o that it was with great interest,
that the news was recieved hero of the
terms of the neutrality proclamation is
sued in Pondon.
On the whole the oflloinls aro disposed
to take the view that a strict adherence
by (?rent Hritain to these rules will be
rather moro advantageous; to the Unite!1.
States than to Spain, particularly as we
aro now operating in the naval sense
(dose to our own base of supplies and jil
all probability soon will cut Spain o IV
from the two bases she now has in the
neighborhood of ('nba.
Spain's Troubles Increase.
i NKW YOI?K, April 25.-Spain's dangers
from within aro becoming fully as grave
as those from without, says the Madrid
correspondent of the World.
Tho war with the United Slates prom
ises to cost her tho last of her colonial
possessions in tho West Indios.
Hut no ono can tell w hat will be tho
result of her rapidly increasing dornest ie
troubles-the cabinet crisis, t he dissen
sions among statesmen and warriors, the
intrigues of tho Carlista, tho plotting of
Weyler and Homero Kobledo and the
popular agitations. The street, demon
strations in the capital and elsewhere
have assumed such a threatening charac
ter as to cause tho gravest concern to the
(jilleen and her Go vorn mont.
All these political dangers are aggra
vated by the financial disturbances in
Madrid, and a dozen principal towns in
the provinces marked by an alarming'
run on the silver reserve of the Hank of
Spain, a fall in tin; prices of securities of
every kind and a rise of exchanges send
ing the gold premium to 75 per cont.
These things have made tho politicians
and everybody else pay less attention to
the news from America and Cuba, start
ling as it is.
The press advises the people to desist,
from demons I rations, which become inex
pedient and dangerous. The newspapers
attribute the financial panic to the
11 (.brew bankers and speculators.
It is impossible to describe how hitter
the Spaniards are against the Knglish,
and the feeling increases OVOry day.
"England is the only Kiiropoan power,"
tho Spaniards say, "that is paralyzing
the energetic action of tin; ot her count lies
to force America lo take her hands off
Cuba "
This finding is fostered by continental
diplomacy, which encourages Spain to
hope I hal, the power? will interpuso as
they did between Japan and China and
between Turkey and G rocco, to provont
any oxcessivo settlement after tho wai
tlist could damage the finances of the in
stitutions of Spain.
Spanish Fleet Near Our Shores.
I.ONIiON, April 27. lt, is reported from
Madrid thal, tho Spanish fleet bas been at
sea for some days, and the news of tho
bombardment of American coast towns
is expected at. the Spanish capital before
long. It is confidently looked for. Tho
licet left Cadiz several days ago and the
world apparently lost sight of f lu? ship?
from tho very day they sailed.
H. is reported that, three Spanish ships
have run the blockade into Havana and
Matanzas carrying, supplies and ammu
KUY WKST, FLA., April 27, 1:10 p. m.
Tho Spanish steamer, Ambrosio Bolivar,
captured by the monitor Terror today a
few milos out fi'om Havana, had $(i(),(H>(>
in Spanish silver aboard, ill addition to a
cargo of bananas. She was brought In
hero by Gunner Martin and a prize crew.
It is truo wisdom fot* every
body to talco n thorough oourse of
Swift's Spuoifio just nt thia soason
of tho yonr. The blood is sluggish
and impoverished, and tho system
ls full of impurities which should
b? eliminated. In addition to
thoroughly cleansing tho blood,
and toning up tho system no as to
avoid loss of appetite and a g?n
erai run-down fooling in tho
spring, S. S. S. HO strengthens and
bi iii? IM up ivs to fortify against tho
many forms of dangerous illness
that abound during tho hot Bum
mer season, lt is a vory small
matter to tu?ko this precaution but
it .1 muiron health and strongth ati
summer. Swift's Specific
&S.S? Blood
in far ahead of all other remedio
for thia purposo. It is a real
blood remedy which promptly
purihos tho blood and thoroughly
renovates the entire system, tonos
and strengthens tho stomach, and
renews tho appetite. It is tho
only safe tonic, being purely vogo
table, and tho only blood remedy
y a ar ant ced to contain no arsenio,
sulphur, mercury, potash or other
mineral nubstanco, which ?H of so
muoh importance to all who know
tho injurious effects of these drugs.
Nature should bo assisted by na
ture's romody, S. S. S. Talco
S. S. S. and be well all summer.
Tho torr!tory once owned by Spain in
immense, lt included .Spain, Portugal,
Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria,
Bohemia, Hungary and Transylvania,
nearly all the northern half of Africa, tho
continent of .South America, (-'entrai
America, Mexico, and all of North Amer
ica south of a lino running from Savan
nah to San Francisco, the West Indios,
and a great many others isles. Hy mis
government, and oppression and extrava
gance, she has lost practically tho whole
ol' this vast territory. About all that is
left her are Spain, (mba, and tho 1'hil
lipino Islands.
Fifty-two car loads of regular troops
passed through Columbia last Thursday
on t heir way to Tampa, Fla. They wore
in seven trains and passed at intervals
of a half hour. Two regiments of them
were from New York.
I? WOTTO mi. ?F'IKi .
r. \V. M. WHEELER, tho Groon
rville Photographer, will bo in
Walhalla about Ma;/ Otb for a few
days. Ile will be prepared to
make all tho latest styles ol Pho
tographs and finish them up-to
date in every respect.
I have just received a
new supply of
Teachers' Bibles.- Testaments. ;
These Hooks rango in price from ldc.
io $3.50. If you are interested, call and
look at them. The price is as chea]) as
you will find anywhoro.
W. J.
H JE INT ii] O.A., ?-?. C.
Summons for Relief.
.lohn 1). Vernor, Plaintiff,
Margarot I. Gibson, Pinckuoy Freeman,
Noah Owens, Henry L. Owens, Perry
Owens, Austin Owens, Amanda CrutU
moy, Mahala Turner, John Owens,
Week Owens, Willie Owens, Tully
Owens, Clarisa Doohy, .lannis Owens,
Li'/./.ie Owens, Pena Owens, Mitchell
Heliums, William Heliums, .lames
Ilollams, Nan Hallams, Lillie Ann Jof
foison, itobort Hollams, Pena Ilollams,
Lany Hid lams, Mary Talley and noil
lah Owens, D?tendants.
SKKV Bl>.)
To tho Defendants above named:
Yoll are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in
this action, which was (Hod in the ofllco
of tho Clerk ol' tho Court of Common
Ploas for the said county, on tho 27th
day of April, A. I). 1808, mid to Borve n
copy of your answer to the said com
plaint on the subscribers, at their ofllco,
on the Public Square, at Walhalla Court
House, South Parolina, within twenty
days aftor tho service hereof, exclusivo
of the day of snob servie; ami ii you
fail to answer the nom pla 1, within tho
time aforesaid, the Plaintif! in this indien
will applv ).> the Court for tho relief
demanded in the complaint.
Dated April ?mil, A. I). 1808.
I L. S. I .1 A M KS Si: \ no UN, C. C. P.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the Defendants above named.
You, and each of you, will please fake
notice that tho summons and complaint
in this act ion were Hied in the ellice of
Clerk of Court of Common Pleas in amt
for Oconce County, on tho 27th day of
April, IMUS; that tile object, of this action
is the foreclosure of a mortgage of the
promises described in the complaint exe
cuted by tho Defendant, Margarot I. Gib
son, to D. Riemann A Son on the Vid day
of February, IMHO.
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
.Walhalla, S. C.
April 27, 1808. 17-22
It 1? ?aid ProBldont MoKlnloy will Issuo
neall te? iG.GOO oolcred volunteers, to
form o colored army cori?.
Legal Notice.
Butler Vaughn, ot al., Plaintiffs,
Sallio Vaughn, ot al., D?tendante.
I TPON homing tho petition of tho
KJ IMniiiiii?H in this uut??n, p??iy??g
that somo suitable poison bo doslgnnted
to bo guardian ntl litom for tho Dofond
ants A. R. Argrovos, infant, cud tho hobs
of Evalino Farnior, doconsod, whoso Chris
tian namos mid whereabouts aro unknown
and supposod to bo infants uudor tho
ugo of twonty-ono years, nutl who havo
no gonoral or testamentary guardian
within tho State, mid who havo boon duly
made partlos by publicat ion :
lt is ordorotf, on motion of II. A. If.
Gibson, nttornoy for tho petitioners, that
J. W. Sliclor, Esq., au attornoy of this
Court, bo, and is hereby, designated to
bo guardian ad lltom for said Infnnt do
fondautB with all tho powors npportain
ing to tho position, unloss said infant
defendants or some ono in thoir bohalf
sholl procuro tho appointment of a guar
dian ad litom for thom in this notion
within twonty days from tho sorvico of a
copy of this ordor upon thom, oxoluslvo
of tho day of sorvico.
It is furthor ordorod that a oopy of
this ordor bo sorvod upon said int'nn: do
fendants by publication. In oaso they
cannot bo found wi I hin this State.
February 8,181)8.
Presidie." Judge.
April 28, 181)8. 17-Ow
Bids for Building* Bioyole and
Base Ball Park.
rill IE Commilteo aro ready to rccoivo
J. bids for building tho Walhalla Bioy
;)o and Paso Dall Park. Specifications
furnished on application. File cash bids
vt once with us.
April 14, 1808.
CRAY EAGLE is a woll-brod Jack,
sired by a thoroughbred Rlack Spanish
.lack, his dam is a nativo Kentucky Jon
nett. His colts aro finely shaped, with
long, keon heads, mostly blacks ami
bays. No short hoads or (fish faces, and,
never as yet, shown any bad colors. Ile
will be at Richland this season. For
particulars apply to
Richland, S. C.
April 14, 1808. lm
Notice to Executors, Adminis
trators and Guardians.
H1XKCUTOUS, Administrator? and
Iii Guardians will tako notice that un
der the law they aro required to make
to tho Judge of Probate an annual ac
counting of tho estate in their hands
bet ween the Hi st ?lay of January and tho
first day of July in each year, and upon
failure to do so forfeit all dalma for com
missions, and aro furthor liable to (lue
and costs. E. L. 11 ERNDON,
Judge of Probate for Oconoo County, S.O.
April 14, 1808. 14-4t
TB Mit ami Pay Claims.
BY Resolution of tho County Hoard of
Commissioners tho Svporvisor will
audit and pay claims for load work on
the Hist Monday and third Saturday in
each month only. Persons wishing this
class of claims audited will take notico
of this order. No accounts will bo au
dited or. any other days except by tho
full Hoard. J. W. SI1ELOH,
Clerk of Hoard.
April 14, 1808.
Civil Engineer
and Surveyor.
- ? - <
VEYING business ofllciontly executed.
Orders left with Jaynes A Sholor will re
ceive prompt attention.
Walhalla, S. C.
February 3d, 1808. 5-1 yr.
II O TJ S13 II O 1^T>
I^UItTS" I'S Ii UV ?
G. A. Norman.
.*:f/ ? Personal Attention to Customors.
w KV m )
E havo bought out tho T. E. ALEX
AN DIOR Stock of Goods and expect to
run thom off at ( X)ST FOR
Cvj\ \ <^ !l" (,xt?0l>t' Groceries, for
tho next sixty days.
Don't fall to como and get ?OHIO of
the Hargaius beforo they aro geno.
February 24th, 1808,
Dry Goods, Notions,
Clothing, Hats,
Shoes, Hardware,
Groceries, Etc.
OUR SPRING STOCK ?H now coniploto und wo cnn offor you Homo vory nico
goods nt roftl low prices.
Wo luivo established a bargain counter and wo aro adding groat bargains to it
20 pieces Hamburg Edging, ? couts nor yard.
100 pair Ladies' Bleached Undorvesls oidy 10 cents por pair. A groat bargain
?T*l fA
A perfect
Fit guaranteed
To ovory
Customer in tho
K. & ii. CORSET.
Bay State Shoes and Slippers
from $1 to $4 per pail
Cooking Stoves
and Ranges.
If you arc needing a Cooking Stove or
Hange, wo want to sell you Sheppard's
Excelsior. Wo guarantoo ovory stove
and range to give perfect, sat isfaction.
Whoo, you are needing anything in our
lino call and see us.
You will always timi ?mr stock coni
Wo soil nt one price and that tho low
Wo treat you courteously.
A satisfied customer is our host adver
Our constant, aim is to give you the
best goods at bot tom prices.
Wo make your interests ours.
Your child will be served as cheaply
and politely as yourself.
A comparison of our goods and prices
will convince you that you should trado
with us.
/ \< Wo control tho following
?fflhbto brands and guarentoo ovory
/ )!\ m fiele: Hay Stato Shoes,
A- / <s Ballard's Flour, Sheppard's
"\\ Cooking Stoves and Hanges,
j \ Clausa Scissors and Shears,
Hakor & Young's Crescont
Roasted Coffee
\ i Y
9 ll O
A^V^J1: want, your Iradi; and in exchange
we will try to give you better values each
time you coom. Do yen trade with us,
if so, wo hope you are pleased (we are).
If not, call and seo ns and got our prices.
Don't buy your COTTON H O ICS until
you have Been oms. Wo think wo can
please you in a good IIOIC fora small
Bring your wife and daughters with
you and hit us sell them a nice Dress,
Hair of Shoes or Oxfords, Holts, ?fee,
while you pick out things for tho farm.
Call often.
March 17, 1898.
y\ fd, Dress Hoods, ('apes, Blankets, Hannels, Undorwaro and all Wt
at w hat, they actually cost and less. We must reduce st ock and wo expect pi i
to do the work. Tho goods aro only half soason old. Kvorything now, frosh
desirable stock, but it. is our rule not to carry over goods from ono season to
other; therefore we offor thia sacrilloo sale. If you are going to buy only vory
tlo it will pay you to investigate our goods and prices.
Tolling r?ductions in Men's ami Boys' Clothing. They aro not counter \v
but fresh and good as gold. If you will come ami give us a trial wo will show '
for how little money First (Mass Clothing can he had.
There is going to he cold weather yet, but we are determined to close tho Win
Soason and proparo for Spring and Summer.
Thanking our friends for their liberal patronage din ing the past, and aolieilh
sham of their custom during the present, year, and wishing you all a prosper
year, wo aro sincerely,
January *20, IR/fe,

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