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R. T. J A YNES, ) KflH . .,"_" J I>. ?. 8M?TII,
J. Wi HUKI.OIt, I K"s- I 1 I J. A. 8TKOK.
WALI|AliIiA, S. C. ?
'fllllllNnAV, ArWUHT ll, ISON.
WASHINGTON, D. C., August lO.-Soc
votary Day, to-day mado tho following
"Wo havo agreed upon a protocol em
bodying tho proposed torms for tho nego
tiation of a treaty of ponce, including tho
?vacuation of Cuba and Porto Rico, and
it is oxpcetod this protoool will bo oxo
coted. It can bo stated that tho torms I
arc prooisely thouo laid down by tho |
President in his original note about a
week ago. lt is boliovod that nothing
but a few formalities remain to bo dis-1
posed of to secure tho signature of tho
protocol. Spain nindi lied ber answer
before a sottloment was roached. Tho
Fronch ambassador, on instructions from
Madrid, at tho conference this afternoon
accepted tho torms as originally made.'
Fierce Fighting and an American Vic
tory Nonr Manila.
HOMO KONG, August 0.-Tho Gorman
steamer Petrarch, which loft Manila on
August Otb, arrived boro to-day and
brought tho first news of a soveio en
gagement botweon Spaniards and Ameri
cans near Manila. The Americans wore
victorious and only lost ll men killed,
and had .17 wounded. Tho Spanish losses
aro not known, but were heavy. The in
surgent forces remained neutral.
The attack was made on tho American
camp between Cavito and Manila during
tho night of July 31. Tho Spanish, who
numbered ovor .'i,000 men, made sovoral
dosporato charges upon tho American
lines, but each timo tho lire of tho
Amovican troops drove tho Spaniards
back, and finally bioko the Spanish cen
ter, and tho onomy retreated. Lato? ibo
Spaniards made a second attack, but
woro again repulsed and they then re
treated into tho bush, keeping up an in
cessant bro on tho roads loading to Ma
nila, over which thoy apparently expect
ed tho American troops to advance.
Estimates placo tho Spanish losses at
over r>00 mon killed and wounded.
WASHINGTON, Angust?).-(ion. Merritt
has roportcd tho fight, near Manila, and
says tho Spanish lossos aro very hoavy.
Interesting News.
Tho Maria Torosa, Corvora's wrecked
flagship, has been boated' " .Tho first
cablegram was sent August ?>, 1S5S.
What changes in forty years"'?"The
Lutheran Theological Seminary will bo
moved from Nowborry to Mount Pleas
ant. Tho former court house of Berke
ley county will be used as part of its
plant* . "C. P. botts, who was shot by J.
lb Williams, died last Sunday night.
On Saturday night he mado a statement
ns to tho shooting, which has been
turned over to tho Solicitor for uso on
tho trial of Williams, who fired tho shot.
. "'Capt. Edgar Hubert, of tho Eighth in
fantry, regular army, a Georgian, died
at Ponce on thc 4th of brain fevoi
B. A. Hagood. of Charleston, has been
appointed assistant district attorney bu
tins State, succeeding E. O. Woods, of
Darlington. .'Tho vessels to transport
Torsi's army are on their way to Santi
ago, and barring accidents, thoy aro ex
pected to arrive thoro on tho 13th in
stant, when the troops will bo embarked
ns rapidly as possible and proceed at
once to Spain . . . . battery A, 1st. Artillery,
U. S. A., composed of 150 men, has boon
ordered to Sullivan's Island, as an ill
croaso in tho permanent garrison of the
island .". . ? Ro? icvolt's Rough Riders
passed Ashloy Junction, near Charleston,
on eight trains, on Monday last, on route
to Montouk Point, Long Island' ..The
steamer Alliance reached Seattle, Wash.,
from St. Michael's, Alaska, on August 7,
with 1 liO passengers. Porty of theso had
gold to the amount of $:?00,000-Hob
son arrived in Annapolis Monday and
called on Corvera" .. .Two battalions of
immunes, tho first and third, of the
Fifth United States volunteer regiment,
from Columbus, Miss., sailed from Sa
vannah last Monday for Santiago do
Cuba-C. I). Madden, of Antun, S. C.,
was drugged and robbed at tho house of
Annie Searcy, in Atlanta, last. week.
No Plan Yet.
Secretary Duncan of the Alliance Kx
ehango said yesterday that ho had not
done anything yet in tho matter of mak
ing plans to handle tho cotton of the
Alliancomen. which question was refer
red to him ny tho recent Alliance Con
vention. Mr. Duncan said tho question
was a difficult one, and while ho was
now in correspondence on the subject, bc
had no definite methods yet worked out
which would enable him to undertake
tho placing and soiling of cotton for tho
Alliance Ho may be able to do so, but
it is not likely thai he will undortako tho
SOhomo this season. Next year, after
having plenty of time, some plan may bc
devised.-The State, August b.
First Cylindrical Hale.
BAHNWKI.I., S. C., August 0.-Col.
Mike Brown shipped to-day to Charles
ton Cotton Exchange tho first halo of
cotton over put in a round or cylindrical
halo in South Carolina, lt was raised,
ginned and pressod on his own farm ami
gin plant.
On tho night of July 30th, nt Ciaron
don, Ark., j. T. Orr, a prominent mer
chant, was murdered in his house by
being shot through a window. His wife
was suspected of knowing something of
tho murder. A negro named Castle was
arrested and acknowledged that ho was
hired by Mrs. Orr to kill her husband,
both Mrs. Orr and tho negro aro in jail.
Orr's lifo was insured for $5,000 in the
Knights nf Pythias and the Maccabees.
His wifo is the beneficiary, and it is
thought she bas had him killed to got
his insurance money. Five people, Will
Sanders, Dennis Ricard. Manse Castle,
Rills Weaver, Susie Jacobs, were lynched
thurs Wednesday morning for tho crime.
Mrs. Orr died hy hen- own hand in the
jail Tuesday night, after making a con
fession. Miss Rachel Morris, tho only
survivor of the seven named in tho ver
dict of .tho Coronor's jury, is a fugitive
from justice.
Admiral Corvora and his son, Lieut.
Cervora, arrived at Norfolk Saturday
morning from baltimore. They left
Annapolis, where they have been prison
ers of war for several weeks, on parole
Friday afternoon, haviug been granted
speoial permission to visit Capt. Coucha,
commander of tho admiral's Hag ship,
Maria Torosa, and thc other Spanish sick
ami wounded at tho naval hospital in
Ho is a prisoner of war only in name,
and is shown tho greatest courtesy and
consideration by our government. This is
ominently proper, for to his sense of
humanity and enlightened warfarois duo
tho preservation of tho lives of Lieut.
Hobson and his orew after the sinking of
tho Morrimac.
John Meadows, a mullato negro, was
lynched Monday hunt at Griffin, Qa., by a
mob of flvo hundred citizens, for at
tempted rape of the soven-yoar-ohl
daughtor of Capt. Reason Camp, of
Merriwothor county. He was swung to a
limb in tho suburbs and his body riddled
with UH Uri
It Is estimated that the cost of the war
with Spain so far incurred by the United
SUites ls tho sum of *1H:},000,000.
Richland Gleanings.
RicufcAN?, S. C., August 8.-After a
lon;; absouoo ff rom your valu al ?lo ool
ni o H s wo uow wir, h to mako a BUort
saturn visit r.fc least, fcsd try to fill up thc
spaco which used to bo so fitudly allowod
us 'ry tho editors of tho COVMKH.
Our pubiio sciiool oponod somo timo
ago with a fair attondauco, considering
tho bot woatbor and summor visitn which
tho pooplo of our thriving community
oro wont to make ovory your.
Mrs. W. II. Hughs lias returned' from
an oxtondod visit to rotativos in lMckeon
and Pendleton. Ilor protty li!tlc nicco,
Miss Jounio Louis, of Pickons, accom
panied lior homo
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Doudy and their lit- j
tlc son Foul, of Audorson, are taking a
much uoodod rest, visiting relatives in
our community. m
Messrs. Grady Hallengor sud Noil I
Sligh took an outing to Audorson city 1
last Saturday on thoir wheels.
Miss Nollio I.ouiso Coo, of Asliovillo,
N.C., spout a fow days with relativos I
last wooli. Miss Nollie is u former 'Mob
land girl, and wo always wolcomo hor j
from tho "Land of tho Skies."
Mr. T. II. Hughs, of Ulnoksburg, S. C.,
formerly of Richland, passed through
our little burg some days ago on his way I
to tho Grady Hospital, of Atlanta, to
liuvo a growth taken off his right hand.
Wo havo slnco learned that tho doctors
could not tako tho growth off and offoct
a euro; so his hand was taken off just
bolow tho olbow. At this writing ho is
doing woll and hopes to bo ablo to rotura
homo in a wook or ton days. IHB many ]
friends v/ill bo pained to loam of his niis
Sovoral of our young pooplo attended
night Horvicos at the Presbyterian churoh
in Seneca on Sunday last, and thoy say
they hoard a most oxcoliont sormou
dolivorod by Rov. Jos. T. Dendy. Among
thoso who wont woro Misses Poarlo Hal
longer, Mary Hughs and Lillio Hughs,
and Messrs. Chas. Rallonger and Wade
Hughs. <.
Mr?. Walker Foster, who has boon at
hor fathor-in-law's, Mr. E, D. Foster, has
returned to hor homo in Rlvorsido. Ala.
Miss Sallio Davis has returned nome
after a vory pleasant visit among friends
and rolativos in Georgia.
Mrs. W. H. Strange, of Carnot, Ga.,
returned to hoi home after Doonding a
wook with hor mothoi and sistor at and
near Richland. Miss Hort Fennell went I
with her to spend the romaindor of tho
summer among tho mountains of North
east Georgia.
Mr. Oliver .Martin is again ablo to bo
up after having a short spell from al
serious attack of sickness ot fow wooks |
Oakway Items.
OAKWAY, S. C., August 8.-Tho farm
ers aro through work.
Wo aro having plenty of fruit, and as a
rnnnU w? nie having a linc timo at pres
Miss Fleta Henry, ono of Soncca's
holies, has returned home, aftor a two
wooks' visit to friends boro. Miss Kieta
mado many frionds, who woro sorry to |
witness her departure-and ono friend
Miss Anna Reardon visited Miss Min
nie Finley, of Richland, last wonk.
Misses Eva and Sonia Heeder visitod
their cousin. Mr. J. I/. Rcodor, of Tuga-1
loo, last wcc'i, attending tho mooting at|
South Union.
Several of our young ?.copio, tliirty-livo
in numbor, picnickod Inst Tuesday at
Clemson, which is a very pleasant placo
for an assemblage. Tho school was not
in session, but wo wore escorted over tho
many departments, all of which con-1
taincd many things of groat intorcst. It
was indeed a very pleasant trip, and it
shall always romain a pleasant spot in
tho memory of thoso who woro present |
on this bright social occasion,
Mrs. Spearman Dobbins visited Town
villo last wcok.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Edwards have been
on tho sick list for the past month. Wo j
aro glad to report them much better.
Mrs. J, !.. Met.in is very sick at this
Thc Grange picnic at this placo on last |
Thun 'ay was q uito a success. Alargo
orow? was preso nt, but no doubt many
stayed away on account of the impropi
tious weather. Speeches woro delivered
by Messrs. Vernor, Drown, Reardon and
McGuire and woro highly enjoyed by all.
Immunes Must Go.
WAMII.NO ION, 1). C., August ti.-In
spito of protests which aro hoing made
from Southern Slates, tho immune regi
ments will bo sent to do garrison work
at Santiago and tako tho place of tho
troops hoing brought back from there.
Tho protests referred to woro sent by
Senator Bacon, Hoko Smith and others
of Atlanta, that city having furnished
about twenty-live men to Ray's "immune"
regiment at Macon, which is under orders
to go to Santiago. Tho mon joined as
immunes. When they were ordered out
their friends telegraphed that they are
not i mimili OS, ami that it would bo mur
din Lu send thom whore there is yellow
fever. Col. Pay telegraphed to Wash
ington that tho protests are not endorsed
by tho men of the regiment, who aro
ready and anxious to go.
Chiekamauga to Rc Evacuated.
WASHINGTON, August 0. - "Chieka
mauga is to bo evacuated," said Secre
tory Algor this morning after tito Cabi
net meeting, "and troops genorally in
tho South aro to bo moved northward to
moro healthy camps."
Whore they wwi bo sent has either not
boon decided or tho department does not
want to make it known at present.
Tho Secretary said tho movement of
tho troops and tho exact sito to bo chosen
would dopend, ho thought, largoly upon
thi! negotiations. This is conclusive evi
dence that no troops will bo sont to Cuba
until late in tho fail.
- . %- - -
Civil Service Examination.
COLUMBIA, S. C., August tl.-Tho
United States Civil Service Commission
announces that au examination will be
hold for tho internal rovonuo aoivico in
Columbia on somo date between October
1 and Octobor 15, 1808. All persons who
dosiro to bo examined should apply to
tlio secretary of the board of examiners
at Columbia for application blanks and
full information relativo to thoseopoof
tho examination. Applications on Form
101 must bo bled in completo form with
tho secretary of tho board prior to tho
hour of closing business on September I ;
otherwise tho applicants cannot bo exam
ined. Soon after Hiing applications,
applicants will be notified hn to tliooxact
dato of examination.
Secretary Hoard of Examination.
rn! 0 Arc your cheeks f
hollow and your f
if (Uj(!]| lips white? [
II Is your appetite r
? [email protected] P?or and your di- J*
? gestion weak? Is fj>
[ii) your flesh soft k
? and have you lost L
91-T- in weteht' 1,
2 These are symptoms of P
i anemia or poor blood, j*
<{ They are just as frequent ji
J tn the summer as in the fe
j winter. And you can be f
j cured at one time Just as f
* well as another.
j S&sstt's ?
i Emulsion >
1 of cod (fater oit loith Uypo- j*
j phosphites will certainly jj
i help you. Almost everyone Pj
4 can take it, and it will not j>
ij disturb the weakest stom- J?
J ach. j.j
j It changes the light color of u
5 poor blood to a healthy and rich f
? te?. It nourishes the brain \ gives L
J power to the nerves. It brings u
^ back your old weight and strength, ft
4 All IlruKRlMs. Wv. mid |1. 1 j?
. J SCOTT A HowNit, chomUU, Now York. )
Interesting Loiter from Mexico.
MoNTKitF.y, MKXICO, Augusto, 1808.
Editors Koo woo Courier: ) lavin,", just re
turned from a ploasanfc trip to tho Gulf,
Unough u very iOitilo section Of tue Ko
publio, I will try to givo you a description
of a fow thiugs soon ou tho way and tho
country in gonoral.
Tho Moutoroy and Gulf Itaihoad mus
from Monterey,to Tampico, in almost a
direct lino, a diatuuco of about ?350 milos,
and it takes tito train two days to mako
it, and tho roadbod hoing- in bau condi
tion, jolts ono up considerably, ,*'.viug
BiiAloioht oxereiso to all.
Leaving Moutoroy tho sconory from tho
train is vory protty, prcsontlug a semi
tropionl appearance, with lofty moun
tains iu tho distauco and Holds of greou
corn, sugar onno and other crops, through
whioh run ragged, unkopt hodges and
irrigating ditches. Farm hands dressed
iu whito shirting, with wido brimmod
hats, aro BOOH occasionally, somo plowing
witli Amorican turning plows and some
with forked logs witli iron points on thom
and a yoko of ox ou pubing them.
From Moutoroy to victoria tho country
is gonorally lovel, covorod with brush,
grass and oaetus, interspersed with
ranohes and a few small towns, agricul
ture and stock raising being tho indus
trios. ShopbordB with droves of goats
and herds of horses and cattlo aro seen
occasionally, and they livo fat all yoar on
tho range with but littlo attention.
Victoria, the capital of tho State of
Tamaulipas, is a town about the size of
Walhalla, and is a vory protty place iu
dood. I Sanana, orango and other tropical
growths aro s,eon ovorywhore ovor it,
giving it a tropical appearance. While
tho sun is vory warm thoro during tho
day, tho evenings and nights aro always
cool aud a nico hroozo is ovor stirring,
and thoro being vory little rain fall, thoro
is not sufllciont moisture to causo decay
of vogotahlo matter, consequently it is
very healthy, which cannot ho said of
many othor tropical towns. Tho parks
aro beautiful, laid oil' in walks among
luxuriant trees and tropical shrubs and
Howers. Fuchas, oleanders and roses in
groat confusion perfume the air.
From Victoria down tho country fast
hocoinos lower, tho brush gets douser,
tho heat becomes gl oater and tho grass ?B
thick all along, and in tho windows and
doors of tho section houses dozens of
parrots aro BOOU ; some pot badgers and oc
casionally a monkey is noticed. Conleys
aro seen with herds of horses and cattle,
all in good condition. Wild game
abounds, such as deer, turkoy, wild
guineas and many smaller animals, and
rivers full of fish run through it.
Tampico is a city of about 7,000 in
habitants, situated on a hill four miles
from tho Gulf, on tho P?nico river, and
ocean vossols can come up tho river to
tho city sineo tho jetties were put in, as
tho river is wide and deep. Tho rivers
aro full of canoes laden with tropical
innis, precious and dyo woods, skins,
honoy and other produce which is ex
ported from Tampico. A passenger train
leaves ovory" two hours for La barra, a
point on tho (Juif co'ist, at tho month of
tho river. Faro is 12> -lonts. There aro
baths thoro; a wide sandy beach, covorod
with sea sholls of all sizes, colors and
shapes imaginable, and on one side tho
grand, boundless old Cult wars and.
lashes its waves fcrover, which is a beau
tiful sight to an inland dweller.
Many vessels aro at Tampico all tho
timo loading and unloading froight and
passengers, which givo lifo to tho city.
Tampico is tho homo of tho parrot.
They aro raised and sold by tho thou
sands and thoir chatter is ovor bearii.
Wborevor you go lhere, bo c ."? ovor so
poor, ho can have a pot parrot At this
season of the year tho rivor .morally
rises and backs water up aro iu d tho city
and very largo ugly crabbs a ; every
where around tho edge of tho water,
marching along sideways. They are a
comical sight.
Very truly yours,
JAM KS F. lt KA un.
If yon have any disease duo to impure
or impoverished blood, likoscrofula, salt
rheum, dyspepsia, or catarrh, you should
tako Hood's Sarsaparilla and be proudly
Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy ti?
operate, ('uro indigestion, billiousness.
Tokecna Items.
TOKKKNA, S. C., Augusts.-Mrs. J. A.
Patterson spent last wcok with relatives
and friends in Anderson.
Miss Macie Mooro and brother, of Now
Hope, woro tho guests of Mr. lt. A.
Mooro and family, of Snow Creek, Satur
day and Sunday.
Mrs. Eva Cleveland, of Gieonvillo, is
spending sometime with Mr. A. W. Tan
nery, of Return.
Mr. C. T. Phillips and Mr. P. ll. Isbell
went to Anderson last Wednesday.
Tho many friends of Mr. J. II. Mooro
will bo saddened to learn that he is so
ill as to bo beyond medical restoration.
Miss Flossie Pike, of Conneross, has
been visiting Miss Emily Compton, of
Snow Creek.
Mr. W. M. Sullivan and sou, bullier,
havo returned from a visit to friends and
relatives in Greenville county.
Mr. T. P. Singleton, of Mount Tabor,
accompanied by Mr. J. T. Singleton, of
Novotta, (?a., was among friend* here
Tho Sunday school at the baptist
church at this place is in a nourishing
Mr. J. H. Zachary, tho champion brick
maker of this section, is making ample
preparation for another kiln.
Tho school at this place is gelling on
fairly well, considering so nundi rain.
Your humble scribe, accompanied by
'Squire C. T. Phillips, visited tho latter's
farm on big Heavordam last Thursday.
Mr. J. < ). Simmons, who has control of
tho farm, is one of our most enterprising
farmers, as shown by his crops.
Mr. anil Mrs. A. G. Harper, ol" Seneca,
spent Sunday at tho Tokecna "hotel."
Mrs. H. K. King is building a nice
residence near hero.
Hi 1.1,1 K J'AXN'ISTKK.
High living, if you koop af if, is apt to
tell upon tho livor. Tho things to pro
vont this aro Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pol
lots. Take ono of these little "Pelloto"
for a corrective or a gentle laxative
three for a cathartic. '.1 hoy're thc small
est, onsiest to lake, pleasantest anti most
natural in tho way they act. They do
pm manen! good. Constipation, indiges
tion, bilious attacks, sick or bilious head
ache, and all derangements of tho liver,
stomach and bowels are prevented, re
lieved and cured.
-. -
Mt. Tabor Items.
Mr. TAUOH, S. C., August?.-On last
Wednosday night a gale S trink our sec
tion. Considerable damage w>?8 done to
crops, which, however, aro looking
unusually good at prosont.,
There will bo an all-day picnic at Mul
lin's Ford, on Tllgaloo river, August 16.
Lot everybody come and bring some
thing good to eat.
Mr. M. P. Singleton and sister, Miss K,
(J. Singleton, were called to. Hie bedside
of their brother, Kev. W. lb Singleton,
who is not oxpeeted to live many days.
His many South Csioiiuu friends will bo
grlovcd to loam of his serious illness.
Mr. S. M. Singleton, of Anderson,
accompanied by his two little daughters,
visited his father, Mr. J. W. Singleton,
of Itotroal, last week.
Mr. John Singleton, of Forsyth county,
Georgia, accompanied by his sister, Miss
bia Singleton, visited friends and rela
tives in tho Mt. Tabor section Inst wool:.
Wo hopo thoy will come again soon and
stay longer.
Hov. ./. F, Singleton was in our burg
Saturday while on his way to Townvillo.
Wash Oglosby, a colored mau, died
last Thursday of fever. Wash was an
honest darkey.
A protracted mooting will begin at Mt.
Tabor next Saturday. We hope it will
bo a success and accomplish much good.
SAM no.
In catari hal Inflammation, in chronic
displacements common to women, where
thoro aro symptoms of backache, dizzi
ness or fainting, hoaring-down sensa
tions, disordered stomach, moodiness,
fatiguo, etc.. tho trouble is surely dis
pelled and tho suu'oror brought, back to
health and good spirits by the uso of Dr.
Pierce's Favorito Proscription. It's tho
only medicine for women's peculiar ail
ments devised by a regularly graduated
physician -an experienced export in this
special Hold of practice, and sold through
druggists. Its sales oxceed the combined
sales of all othor medicines of its class.
ls duo not only to tho originality nud
simplicity of tho combination, but also
to tho care and skill with which it' is
manufactured by soientifio processes
Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon
nil tho importance of purchasing tho
truo and original romcdy. As tho
genuino Syrup of Figs is manufactured
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist ono in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other-pari
ties. Tho high standing of tho CALI-,
FOUNIA Fio SYRUP Co. with tho medi
cal profession, and tho satisfaction
which tho genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of fumilles, makes
the nnnio of tho Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of nil other laxatives,
as lt nota on rho kidneys, liver nud
bowels without irritating or voaken
ing them, and it does, not grlpo nor
nauseate. In order to got its beneficial
effects, please remember tho name of
thu Company -
bet urn Hons,
RKTURN, S. C., August 10.-Tho crops
in this section aro looking lliio. It con
tinues to rain, and tho heavy wind and
rain we had on August 3 did muoh dam
age to corn, cotton and molasses cane.
Tho (?range picnic at Oakway on Au
gust <1 was very interesting. There were
about live hundred noonie present. Able
speeches were made in bohnlf of tho
GraugO by Hov. J. M. McGuiro, Hon. E.
E. Vernor and W. M. Brown. In tho
afternoon Mr. Vernor was requested to
make a political speech, and, of courso,
ho couldn't refuse Ho mado an elo
quont speech, lie was heartily applauded.
Mr. W. M. Brown followed. Ho mado an
ablo speech. Thoir views seemed to bo
the sumo politically.
Wc regret to chronicle tho death of our
friend and neighbor, Mr. John B. Moore,
of Return, who died on August 0, aftor a
lingering illness of two months. Ho was
born Dooomber 14, 1822. On December
ll, 1815, bc was happily married to Miss
Martha Ann Myers. To thom woro born
ton sons and ono daughter-Mrs. M. J.
McGuflin, of Toxas. Niuo children sur
vivo him. His wifo preceded him niuo
years and niuo months. Mr. Morgan was
one of our best and oldost citizens. His
example to tho world cannot be excelled
for truth, morality and soborncss. A fow
days before bis spirit took its Hight ho
lifted his voice and said, "I am waiting
4o goto ray everlasting .homo above."
His body was laid to rest in tho Rotura
burying ground at 5 o'clock Tuesday
evening. Ii. J. M.
W. F. Cleveland, an employee of tho
boo Cotton Mills, Greenville, and Miss
Minnie 1). Wright, aged 16 years, a
daughter of Suporintondont l.W. Wright,
of tho Sampson Mills, eloped Sunday
afternoon last and were married. Cleve
land was arrested Monday morning on a
warrant issued by Mr. I. W. Wright
charging him with abduction. Tho
bride's brother indorsed tho bond of
Clovoland, securing his release. Tho
only objection urged by thc girl's
father is ber youth.
Democratic Mass Meeting.
A Democratic mass mooting has been
arranged to bc hold at Walhalla Court
House on Monday, August 15, 1808,
beginning promptly at 10 o'clock A. M.
Candidates for Govoruor and other Stato
offices, and also for Coiigrcssnnu for
Third District, will bo present and
address thc voters on tho political issues
of the day. Thc public cordially invited
to attend, so that an intelligent choice
can bo exercised at tho ballot-box in tho
coming primary elections,
C. K. D. BUHNS, County Chairman.
s. V, STRIRI.INO, Soorotary.
George W. Hosier, a well-known en
gineer on tho Southern Railway, was
shot and killed at Stirling, Ga., on Tues
day, by a man named John Burns.
Ker State and County Officers printed
on good paper, in first-class stylo and in
any quantity. Apply to CoURlKli Jon
Ol I K K.
1 hereby announce mysolf a candidato
for Judge of Probato of Goonoo county,
subject to the choico of tho Democratic
party in tho primary election.
1). A. SMITH.
Thc many friends of J. M. II CN NH; HIT
respectfully announce him as a candi
date for tho office of County Supervisor
of Goonoo County, subject to tho action
of tho Democratic party in the primary
The many friends of NATHANIEL
Pim.I.irs hereby announce him as a can
didate for tho office of County Supervisor
of Goonoo County, subject to tho action
of tho Democratic primary election.
Thc many friends of MOBKS L, CAN
T?O:!,i, respectfully announco bim ns n
candidato for County Supervisor, subject
to the action of tho Democratic primary.
The many friends of JOHN V. STHIH
I.INO announce him as a candidate for
County Supervisor, subject to tho action
of tho Democratic party In tho primary
Tho many friends of ANDHK.W BK.ARDKN
respectfully announco bim as a candidato
for County Supervisor, subject to tho
action of tho Democratic party In the
primary election.
Tho many friends of HON. A. LAV
hereby rosnoctfi:1 announce him ns a
candidate for re-election as County Su
pervisor, subject to tho choico of the
Democratic party in tho primary elec
I respectfully announco mysolf as a
candidate for the office of County Treas
urer, subject to the action of tho Demo
cratic primary.
W. Gi.nm no K Wurra.
The friends of W. A. DlI.WORTll re
spectfully announco him as a candidate
for the office of County Treasurer, sub
ject to tho action of tho Democratic
party in tho primary election.
The many friends of J. R. KAY re
spootfully announce him as a candidato
for County Troasuror. subject to tho ac
tion of tho Democratic Party in tho pri
mary election.
The many friends of J. II. BARNETT
announce him as a candidate for County
.Treasurer, subject to tho action of tho
Democratic party in tho primary olcction.
Tho many friends of L. O. DAVIS an
nounco him as a candidate for County
Troasuror, subject, to tho action of tho
D?mocratie party in tho primary election.
Tho many friends of OsOAII HAKHIS
announce him as a candidate for County
Troasuror, subject to tho rules govoming
tho Democratic party.
The many friends of NOAH.W. GRANT
respectfully announce him as a candidate
for County Troasuror, subject to tho ac
tion of tho Democratic party in tho pri
mai y election.
The many friend:; of THOMAS HI ult ic
spoctfully announce him as a candidato
for ro-olcotion to the oOlco of County
Troasuror. subject to tho decision of the
Democratic party in the primary election.
We ? IT? hu roby authorized to announoo
aa a candidato for nomination to tho
Fifty-Sixth Congress, from the Third
Congressional Dtatriot, subject to tho
notion of tho Democratic party in tho
primary olootiou.'
I announce to tho votora of tho Third
Congressional Distriot that I am a candi
date for ro-olootiop to CongroBs, aubjeot
to tho rulos of tho Domocratlo party of
South Carolina.
j JULIUS. E. ROUOB, of riebens, ia ro
spootfully annouucod as a candidato for
nomination to thc Fifty-Sixth Cougross,
aubjeot to tho rules of tim Domocratlo
Wo aro authorized to announoo J. P.
KRKSE nit a candidate for County Audi
tor, subject to tho notion of tho Domo
oratio party in tho primary olootiou.
I horoby announoo myself as a candi
dato for County Auditor, anbjnot to ??ha
choleo of tho pooplo in tho primary oloo
tiou. R. S. RUTI.KDOE.
Tho many friends of J. T. ASIIWOUTU
respectfully nnnounoe bim as a candidato
for Auditor, aubjeot to tho action of tho
De moe i;it io party in tho primary elec
Tho many friends of J. ED. SIITON
announoo him as a candidato for County
Auditor, 'subject to the aotion of tho
Domoorat?o party iu tho primary oleetion.
Tho many fHonda of J. O. ADAMS re
spectfully announce bini aa a candidato
for ro-oleotlon to tho oilloo of Auditor,
subject to tho action of the Domocratlo
Tho friends of MA.lOIt S. P. DENDY
announce him as a candidate for tho
Legislature; subjoot to tho action of tho
votora of tho Democratic party of Oeonoo
county in tho ensuing primary olootiou.
Tho many friends of JOHN L. SMITH
announce him as a candidato for House
of Representatives, subjoct to tho aotion
of tho Domooratio party in tho primary
I horeby announce myself as a candi
date for re-election to tho IIouso of Rep
resentatives, subject to tho action of tho
Democratic party in tho primary election.
E. E. VElWEIt.
Tho many friends of W. M. BROWN
respectfully announce him as a candidato
for tho IIouso of Representatives, sub
joot to tho action of the D?mocratie
party in tho primary olootiou.
1 robpootfully announce mysolf as a can
didato for County Superintendent of Edu
cation, subject to tho action of tho Domo
oratio party in the primary elect ion. '
Tho many friends of W. H. BARKON
respectfully announce him na a candi
dato for County Superintendent of Edu
cation, subjoct to tho action of tho Domo
oratio party in tho primary oleetion.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for rc-olcotion to tho ofllco of
County Superintendent of Education,
subject, aa horotoforo, to tho will of tho
pooplo oxprosacd in tho Domooratio pri
mary. V. F. MARTIN.
Keowoo Township-T. M. Kclloy, T.
A. Grant, Roubon T. Whitmiro, J. T.
Miller, W. N. Todd, John B. Beaty, J. R.
Rogora, W. E. Nimmons, W. P. barker,
Elijah Sanders, Warren J. Kcown.
Seneca Township-L. O. Phillips, J. T.
Long, J. T. Reid, John Myers, J. L.
Miller, T. H. Strlbling.
Wagner Township-F. W. Piopor, J. I).
1 shell, F. II. Williams, B. F. O'Kclloy,
,M. R. Garrott, S. H. Snead, C. H. Whit
Conter Township-J. L. Roedor, T. 1).
M.-rott, 1). J. Morgan, W. S. Pritchard. B.
J. Marott, Robert M. Cain, C. W. Hayes.
Whitewater Township-J. L. Talloy,
Jesse Lay, Jr., J. B. Welch, Josiah Hol
den, 1). E. Nicholson, D. 1). Alexander,
A. P. Barton. v
Chattuga Township-J. S. Callas, K.
B. Frotwoll, J. E. Orr, A. J. Hunter,
Martin L. Phillips.
Tugaloo Township-D. A. Dickson, J.
R. .Iones, G. J. Ramsay, W. A. Houoa,
Thoa. A. Spencer, W. P. Cleland.
Will enter upon it? Sixth Year, Mon
day. SEPTEMBER 6th, 1808.
Tue school room lins boon romodoled
and is much improved in point of con
vonionco and comfort.
The limited number of pupils rccoived
and tho attainment of tho best results in
school work, make it desirable that all
arrangements for tho admission . of
pupils bo made before tho oponing of tho
As to hours, courses of study, tuition
rates, and other matters of interest to
parents and guardians, full information
will bo given by .
MISS KATE J. STECK, Principal.
August ll, 1898. ' 32-40
Master's Sale.
caso mentioned bolow, 1 will oller
for sale, to tho highest bidder, at auotion,
in front of tho Court IIouso, in Walhalla,
S. C., on MONDAY, tho nth day of
Soptombor, 1808, being Salesday, be
tween tho logal hours of sale, the tract
of land bolow described:
Franklin G. Power ot al., Plaintiffs,
Seneca Manufacturing Company et al.,
Ai.i, that certain piece, parcel or tract
of laud, situate, ?ymg and uoing on both
sides of Connoross Crook, at what is
known as High Bridge, in Oeonoo County,
South Carolina, adjoining lauds now or
formorly bolonging to Kzokiol Cox, Tur
nor Sloan, Poggy Crooks, estate of Jos.
Mooro, catato of John B. Sitton and
others, and being tho samo convoyed to
M. W. Coleman ny John C. Cary and H.
W. Jordan, and known as Taylor Falls
Place, containing one hundred and
seventy-two (172) acres, moro or loss,
and being tho tract of land purchased by
defendant, Seneca Manufacturing Com
pany, from tho defendant, Matthow W.
TERMS : Cash. Purchaser to pay ox
tra for papors.
Master Oeonoo county.
August ll, 1808. 82-36
Citation Notice.
By E. L. Homdon, Esq., Probate Judge.
WuKliRAS, James Bryco hus made
suit to mo to grant him letters ol ad
ministration of tho personal estate of
and olfeeta of Morgan H. Bryco, deceased,
Those are, thorefore, to cite, and ad
monish all and singular the kindred and
creditors of tho said Morgan II. Bryce,
decoased, that they ho and appear
boforo mo, in tho Court of Probate, tc be
held at Walhalla Court House, S. C., on
Saturday, August 20th, 180:', after pub
lication thereof, at il o'clock in tho tore
noon, to show cause, if any they havo,
why tho said Administration should not
ho granted.
Given under my hand this 2d day of
AugUHt Anno Domini 1808.
/ JXJ. ? E. I,. II ERN DON,
] lt.fy. [ Judge Probato for
( - .'-.) Oeonoo county, S. C.
Published on tho 1th day of August,
J80S, in tho Kooweo Courlor and Oeonoo
Dissolution of {Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby jd von timi; the part
nership horotor'<>o existing between I
the undersigned iu tho planing mill and I
lumber business beti this day- huon dis-1
solved by mutual cousent.
August 10th, 1808.
82-85 i C. W. PITCHFORD.
rill IE Township Hoard of Commission
JL ors for PulnskI Township will, at
tho road on Cantroll Mountain, on the
22d day of AuguBt, 1808, at ll o'olook a.
m., lot tho contract, to (?nish grading tho
now road around Cantroll Mountain.
This contract will bo lot at tho risk of
YYi T. Davis, a fornior contractor. Plans
and sp?cifications will, bo oxUibitod at
timo and placo of lotting.
Clork County Hoard.
August ll, 1808. 82-83
Sheriff's Saler
BY virtuo of sundry oxooutions to ino
directed from the oflico of tho Clork
of Court of Common Pleas for Oconco
County, South Carolina, I will soil, to
the highest bidder, at pabilo outcry,
within tho lognl hours of salo, on Sales
day in Sopteuibor uoxt, in front of Wal
halla Court TlouHO, tho following de
scribed real ostato, to-wit:
Two lota in tho town of Walhalla,
known ns Nos. 0 and 10 of tho Court
Houso lots, adjoining South Broad street
and lands of White and othors.
Also, four lots, Nos. 48, 10, CO and 51,
of said Court House lot?, adjoining South
Boundary, College, Doidriok and Church
streets, containing oacli one-fourth of
ono nero. ,
Also, tho ono undivided one-half into
rost of D. Bioinami, deceased, in all that
pioeo, parcel or tract of land known ns
No. 13 of tho Falls tract of tho Gorman
Sottlomont Sooi'.y's lands, containing
103 acres, moro or loss.
Also, ono two-story warohouso, situato
on tho South sido of track of the Bluo
Kidgo Railroad in tho town of Walhalla,
and bounded by C'.tharino street on tho
East, -
Iioviod on as tho proporty belonging to
tho catato of Diodriek Biomann, do
coasod, at the suit of F. W. Wagenor &
Co. and othors.
TEEMS : Cash. Purchasers to pay
oxtra for pnpors.
Shorii? Oconco County.
August ll, 1808. 32-35
Flouring Mill.
JL county aro notified that tho Flour
ing Mill at High Falls, S. C., has boon
put in lirst-class running oidor and with
ontiroly now bolting cloths and a compe
tent miller. Its customers aro highly
pleased with both quality and quantity
of Hour turned out. Patronago solicited
and satisfaction guaranteed.
S. P. DENDY, Attornoy.
j vj ? jj TU (j ' i ' Send your hoys and
I IV j girls out of tho county
" to sonio far-awny town
"""^""^^Bfir*" for an education.
Seneca School in
?til? Pince.
Complote High School Course. Instruc
tion in Music when wanted by pupils
Vocal as well a/4 Instrumental.
For information call on
.1. l" ESKEW, L. 1. and B. S.,
31-30. SENECA, S. C.
Walhalla High School
"Parsimony toward education means
liberality toward crime."
"Tho battle of Waterloo was fought at
Tho victories at Manilla and Santiago
woro gained at Annapolis and West Point.
Of tho Walhalla High School bogins
September 12th next,
Students prepared for lifo or college.
Discipline kind, hut linn. Building to
bo mado moro commodious, convenient
and comfortable.
Tuition absolutely free durlny public
Town unusually healthful. Church
facilities unsurpassed. Board in private
families reasonable. Common-sense
methods. A bio assistants will be oni
ployod. Desire to teach your girls and
boys. Thorough work. Chonpost terms.
Call on or address
.JAS. M. MOSS, Principal,
31-3? WALHALLA, S. C.
Don't Fail . .
. . . To call on mi! when you
want anything in this line.
T. E.
Staple & Fancy Groceries
Cash <?r barter for Poultry ami Eggs.
Bakery furnishes Frosh Bread and Cakes.
?-? RESTA 11 RA NT
uti?"' bunches served at all hours. .
Boots, Shoes
- AND -
ft 17 ' Porsonal Attention to Customers.
ratono liver; and Sale stables,
? Fancy toaras and vehicles at nil tlujoa,
day or night. Trieos reasonable
Furniture of all Kinds,
CofDus mid Cnskots.
jg^" Piicos to suit tho times. ??*?<8
Prompt and satisfactory work at his]
VS \ v
Ladies' Undorvosts from 5c. ap?ceo up.
Mon's Laundriod Shirts from 50o.
apioco up.
A lot of fino Table Damask, both
white and colored.
Shoes of all colors, stylos and prices
uta groat reduction.
My stock of Groceries is now com
Have you tried Iloint/.'s Piokling Vine
gar ? Tho best on tho niarkot.
1 havo now besidos a nico lino of
Clocks and somo bountiful Silverware
that I givo away to cash purchasers.
1 will guarantee polito and prompt at
tention to all.
Thanking all for past favors and solicit
ing your futuro custom, respectfully,
In tho Kaufmann Opera House, next to J
the Post Office
July 21, 180S.
k k k k
ii is tlie Tiine
For war on Fruit!
Have you seen our now mothod of scal
ing tho cans, jars and glasses. If not
como in and lot us show it to you. Wo
guarantee to show tho best and oheapest
way you over saw. Any kind of vessel
is used and no top or rubbor is needed.
Don't Forget
That wo aro still soiling medicines,
?fee, a littlo choapor than any ono else in
spite of the war tax.
is the
i ; Now is the time to sow
JBM**^ Turnip Seed. buy your
49jg * sood of mo if you want
(\ Fresli Good Sood. 1 havo
" thom in bulk.
Lunney's Drug Store,
Seneca, S. C.
Civil Engineer
and Surveyor.
- >-<
VEYING business offieiontly executed.
Ordors left with Jaynos A ."dudor will re
ceive prompt attention.
Walhalla, S. C.
February, ad, 1808. ?-lyr.
Doppsits rocoived, Exohango Bold, Col
lections promptly made.
4-21-98-1 y _
' . --THU
-44 .
Exchango sold, Colloctlous promptly
mudo. J. W. STRIRL?NG, 1 ;
<L21-98-ly Gasldcr.
W. H. IE IQ S TIS ll, Mannaor.
Popular Summor and Winter Robol't.
Special attention to tho comfort of guests.
Commodious Rooms. Elogaut Faro.
o-oo I oo-o
WE liavo bought out tlioT. E. ALEX
ANDER Stock of Goods and oxpcot to
.??.n..? ??COST FOR
Jj ^ JJ all oxcopt Grocorios, for
tho next sixty days.
j Don't fail to como and got ??OIUO of
I tho Bargains hoforo they aro geno.
February 21th. 1808.
1 havo Lawn and Calico at 20c. por
Shirt Waists from ;l,r<c. to Toe.
Corsets from 25c to $L50.
Latest Novelties in Holts, 2f>c. to fiOc.
A boautiful Lino of Ladies' Gloves arjd
other articles needed to complote ladios'
Be Sure and Give Me a Call.
Seneca, O
May 2(5, 1808. 21-21-ly
o u
<H ?
P fi
0) (il
4 ti
ft 0
Pure AN" Fresh.
w E carry a select stock of Pure
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles,
(Jandy, Cigars and Tobacco.
All Druggists' Sundries.
Anything not on hand will ho ordered
on short notice.
Proscriptions Carofully Com
pounded Day or Night.
Yours respectfully,
February :!, 1808. ?
Received Since le WT
A M Supply ol Mette*,
i Beautiful Antrat ol Stationery.
?}ploin<licl A?Nortment;
of I Joli* and To o til
XJvii?He? lind fi Ijot
of CJoiriba.
Call at Reid's Old Stand if you want
to buy from
.lune 80, 1808.

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