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In Squads, Every Man Thoroughly Armod, tho
Search 1or tho Colorod Men is Begun.
TUX A UK AN A, A HIC, Maroh 2 J.-A
rnco war is on in little Uiver county,
and, during tho last 48 hours, an in
definito number of negroes bavo met
their death at thu banda of an infu
riated white population. Seven aro
knov'M to bavo boon lynohod and tho
work ta .?ot yet done. Tho bodies of
tho victims of tho mob's vengeance
aro hanging to the limbs of trees in
various parts of tho county, strung
up wherever 'overtaken. Tko county
is in a stat a of intonso excitement.
White mon aro collecting in mobs
heavily armed and determined ; no
grocs arc Hoeing for their lives and
tho community is in au uproar.
Tho exact number of negroes who
bavo been summarily dealt with, or
thoso who may yet fall into tho
hands of tho mob boforo order is ro
Btored{ may novor bo known. Hoven
bodies bavo been found and other
victims aro being hunted and will
meet a similar fato when run to earth.
Tho known dead to (late aro :
General Duckett, Edwin Goodwin,
Adam King, Joseph Jones, Benja
min Jones, Moses Jones and an un
known man.
Joe King and John Johnson wore
also taken in hand by mobs and
whipped. Thoy were afterwards
turned loose and bavo disappeared.
Little Uiver county is in tho ex
treme Southwest corner of tho State,
bordered on tito Wost by tho Indian
Territory and on .ho South by Texas.
The negro population is largo and
has, for a long time, proved very
troublesome to tho whites. Frequent
murders have occurred and thefts
and lights bavo become common
Ono or two negroes bavo previ
ously been severely dealt with when
tho people found it necessary to take
the law into their own hands, but it
was not until Tuesday that tho trou
ble took on a Horious aspect. It then
developed that carefully laid plans
had been made by a number of ne
groes to precipitate a race war, and
that many white men had been
marked for victims. It is learned
that twenty-three negroes were im
plicated in this plot and the whites
arc now bent on meting out num
mary punishment to tho entire
coterie of conspirators. Seven have
been killed and the work of wiping
out tho entire list continues without
relaxation. All implicated in tho
plot arc known, and parties of whito
men varying in numbers from '25 to
50 n~o scouring tho country for them.
Wherever ono is found ho is quickly
strung up and his body perforated
with bullets. Tho work of dispatch
ing tho first two or three was an
easy matter. Hut tho nows soon
spread among the negroes, who, in
stead of making tho resistance and
offering tho battle that they had
threatened, became panic-stricken
and began getting out of tho com
munity as quickly as possible. Two,
whose names were on tho list of oon
fpirators, got a good start and HUC
ceded in reaching tho Texas State
lino bofo rc being captured. They
were strung up without ceremony.
The trouble arose over tho killing
of James Stockton by Duckett. Just
prior to tho lynching of Duckett tho
negroes had planned thc inaugura
tion of a race war. Duckett was tho
loader and at his death the negroes
let tho matter out. Thc citizens be
came greatly enraged. Joe King
and .fohn Johnson wero taken to thc
woods and whipped. Other negroes
mado threats, but nothing occurred
until yesterday, when the wholesale
lynching began.
In thc gang that was plotting for
a race war were twenty-three ne
groes, and it is likely tho entire num.
ber have been strung up in tho
thickets. It is known to a certainty
that seven ring-leaders arc dead.
Tho negroes are Hoeing from the dis
trict. To-day three wagons full ar
riv?t) at Texarkana, having crossed
Ked Hiver at Index last night.
*ll>0 KKWARD *100.
Tho roadors of this paper will ho
pleased lo learn t hat thorn is at least ono
dreaded disease that scionco has boon
aldo to euro in nil ifs stages, and that is
catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tho only
positivo euro known to tho medical fra
ternity. Catarrh hoing a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh is Curo tnkon inter
nally, neting directly upon tho blood and
muci|Ot|S surfaces of tho system, thereby
destroying tho foundation of tho disenso,
and giving tho patient strength hy build
up tho constitution and assisting nature
in doing its work. Tho proprietors bavo
bavo so much faith in its eurativo pow
ers, that thoy offer one hundred dollars
for any caso it falls to cure. Mond for
list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. ClIKNRV .* Co., Toledo, O.
Hold by Druggist, 7?o.
flail's Family Fills aro tho best.
Twolvo Articles of Bollol Which Justify tho
Benevolent Policy ol McKinley.
This olevor satire on the inconsist
encies of American imperialism has
boen contributed to the Outlook :
Artille 1. I believe in keeping up
tho old war taxes to provont trado
from Europe and tho now war taxes
to force trado from Asia.
Artiolo II. I boliovo in tho exclu
sion of ignoran.. Europeans, and tho
inclusion of moro ignorant Asiatics.
Artiolo III. I believe in a protec
tive tariff where farinors would trado
abroad, but in freo trado whore
manufacturers seok a market.
Articlo IV. I boliovo tho public
can not mnnago monopolies at home,
but can manage sv.hjeot race? on tho
other side of tho globe.
Articlo V. I believe in homo rulo
for Ireland, but in alien rulo for tho
Spanish islnnds.
Artiolo VI. I boliovo in a Monroe
doctrino whioh forbids Europe to in
tel fore with solf-govornmont in Amo
nen, but permits America to inter?
foro with self-govornmont in Asia.
Articlo VII. I believe tho Spanish
islanders aro unfit to govern them
selves, but will bo fit to help govorn
Article VIII. I boliovo tho blaok-i
have no right* to govorn thoniBolvcs,
but that whites and blacks have a
right to govern yellows.
Artiolo IX. I believo that taxation
'without representation is tyranny
when applied to us, but philanthropy
when applied by us.
Articlo X. I believo that govern
ments get their powers from tho con
sent of the governed in Amorion,
but from the conscious superiority of
tho governors in Asia.
Articlo XI. I believo that milita
rism and foreign broils are tho ref ugo
of despotism in Europe and Republi
canism in America.
Artiolo XII. I believo that Ameri
can policies havo made a littlo Ame
rica, and that European policies will
make a grcator America.
*r v ;v ?r w v 'w ?r ?r
mt rm <n irfti ifli A n iti A ^
? Does Your <
, Hoad Ache r \
4\ Aro your nerve? weak ? Can't ?
L you sleep well V I'uln in your 4
r? hack ? /.nek energy V Appotlto k
poor v Digestion Ead ? nolls or r?
y j pimples f riicHo aro bat some of .
" tho results of constipation. If. r
y tho contents of thu bowels aro aot 4
4 removed from tho body each y
. day, as nature Intended, poison- 4
% ons substances aro suro to bo nb- L,
sorbed Into tbo blood, always ^
? J causing sulTorlngand frequently . ~
causing ?overo disenso. . >
b. Thoro ls a common-senso euro. 4
. They dally Insure an easy and
Hnatura, movement of tho bowels, jr*!
l*rico,26o.a box. AU druggists, y
Ay OP'8 Sarsaparilla i
wiTli tho pills will hasten recovery, r.
^ J Write tho .Inrtor lust how you aro 1
4m sufforliiK You will rccoivo tho bolt >.
? 1 morilritl ?ilvico without coKt. I <
A DU. J. O. AYER. Lowell,Mass. L
.~m> w y y qp mp ey mm
A A. A -A. A ?t. A, A Al ^mJ
Destruction of Montezuma University.
BIRMINGHAM, AI,A., March 23.
Tho Montezuma University, at Bes
semer, below boro, was totally de
stroyed by fir3 this morning. The
tiro originated from a dofeotivo flue.
The building belonged to the Besse
mer Land and Improvement Com
pany and cost ?$?{0,000. There was
#5,000 liiKuranoo. Tho building in
boom days was used as a hotel.
O ^3bu $Bt V *C> 3r$. X A. ?
Dears the Jp ^B KM YOU HaV8 AlWajfS Bought
Bler? (^yfM^
?- ---
Oiujlit to Bo Hanged.
(!I,AY CBNTBH, KAN., March 26.
?John Gilbert, who slew his wifo and
four children with a hatchet on Feb
ruary 28 last, on his farm, near In
dustry, pleaded guilty when put on
trial hero to-day, and was sentoncod
to death. This, under thc Kansas
law, means life imprisonment, as no
recent Governor has signed a death
-,-?t --
It must bo remembered that start
ing in to milk a heifer when she first
comes in, is taking a considerable
liberty with her. To avoid having
her kiok and "out up" when it be
comes necessary to milk her, abo
should have boon previously handled
now and then, her legs rubbed and
her udder stroked and felt.
According to a high authority cold
water is a valuable stimulant to many
if not all, people. Its action on tho
heart is moro stimulating than brandy
It has been known to raise tho pulse
from 70 to over 100.
-- -?.??- - ..
A lot of Bourbon county, (Ky.)
cattle wont into a tobacco barn for
shelter during tho last snow, and 20
of them dlod from eating the tobacco.
\ Whole Cornrnunlty Saddened by a Terribie
Aocideni-ir?y Finds Aocordiny io Facis.
HAMPTON, S. C., MaroU 22.--Our
community was greatly saddonod
this morning when it booamo known
that on ye?torday ovouing about
?lusk our townsman, Mr. W. P. Grif
fin, bad, by misohnnoo, shot and
killod Ambrose Bootlo, of Brimson.
Both mon had gone to tho swamp in
ienroh of turkeys. Mr. Griffin took
Ids position and never mr ved. When
Mr. Griffin oalled ho waa answered ;
lio continued to onll and tho answor
waa also contiuued, but shifted in
position from about th roo hundrod
yards to his right until it oamo
within fifty or sixty yards in front of
liim. It was thou dusk ; hu saw a
iark object move as if it wero a tnr
koy preparing to fly to its roost. Ile
fired, running to tho spot oxpeoting
lo get his turkey. Ile was horror
?tricken to lind a man. Mr. Griffin
ipoko, but gutting no roply ho ran
Lo his horse and onmo to town nt full
meed for help. About thirty of tho
3?ti/,eus wont with him. They found
Lho wounded man and brought him
hero, whore ho died at 8 o'clock this
morning. Mr. Bootlo WUB a kind,
quiet Christian gentlomnn, though
poor. Mr. Griffin is a gentleman of
the higho?t ordor and as a citizon
Lhere is none bottor.
Both our town and Branson aro
n great grief over tho sad affair.
Tho coroner's jury found a verdict of
'mischance," or absolutely accidental
Mr. Bootle's remains wero carried
.o Colinton county, his old home, for
burial. All expenses for tho funoral
tvoro mot by Mr. Griffin.
I'hoHo aro tho Mouths In Which to
Purify Your IMood.
This in tho Benson when your blood in
ended with impurities, accumulated dur
ng tho winter months from close con
luomont, rich food, and othor cnusoH.
the sc impurities must bo driven from
roar systom or thoy may brood lierions
liseuse and causo untold suffering.
lund's Sarsaparilla is tho groatoBt and
lost blood purifying medicino it is poa
lible to obtain. It ia what tho millions
akc in tho spring. It will purify nnd
nu ?ch your blood, create an appetite,
ono up your system and givo you sound,
obust health.
Smokeless Powder Explosion.
PHNN'H GKOVK, N. J., March 24.
3vor three thousand pounds of
imokole8s powder oxploded to-day
it tho E. I. Dupont Powder Works
it Carnoy Point, near hore, and op
losito Wilmington, Delawaro, in
itantly killing three workinon and
injuring a number of others slightly.
Ladies desiring a contented nnd happy
rid ngo should nao Simmons' Squaw Vino
Wino or Tablot?, commoncing nt -10 years
>ld nnd continuo during "chango of lifo."
Cigarettes Must Go.
LITTLE HOCK, AUK,, Mardi 27.
A. bill prohibiting tho manufacture,
importation, salo or giving away of
aigarottes or cigarette paper to any
person whomsoever, adults or minors,
nndor a penalty of not less than ?}ff)00
nor moro than $5,000, passed tho
IIouso by two to ono majority to-day.
Thoatrioal Man a Suicide.
NKW YORK, March 25.-Horace
P. Wall, a thoatrioal manager, shot
and killed himself in his room in thc
Putnam house to-day. On tho table
in the room lay a number of letters
with postngo stamps affixed. Tho
suicide asked that his body bo oro
mntcd and thc ashes sont to his wife.
RJMI the J* Thl Kind You Have Always Bought
Two Homicides ia Laurens.
liAuiiicNH, March 26,-Tho coro
ner's inquest held yesterday ovor tho
body of Abo Kinnct, colored, who
was shot and killed by Marshall Irby,
colored, on thc plantation of Col. J.
1>. M. .Shaw, resulted in Marshall
Irby being lodged in jail hero. Tlio
dispute, which lcd to the killing, had
been about a dog.
Tom T,yrd, a young negro, was I
shot and killed in tho county last
night, but no dotnils of thc affair
havo been learned ns yet.
Constipation of thc bowels may bo
easily cured by a fow doses of Dr. M. A.
SlmmoiiH Livor* Medicino.
.Senator Tillman's visit to Havana
may havo boon mado to givo John
Gary Evana somo lessons in govern
ment. It is a long timo since tho
major sat at tho foot of his groat pre
ceptor, and ho must bo vory rusty in
mattera of minimini ration.
Aller Being Shot to Death the Bodies Wero
Weiytifc? arid Thrown lu a Rivor.
JACKSON, MISS., March 23.
Three negroes woro takon from an
oflloer of tho law and lynched by an
armed mob noar Silvor City, in
Yn/.oo county, last Saturday morn
ing. After hoing shot to donth tho
bodies of tho victims wero woightcd
with bundles of cotton halo tics and
thrown into tho Yn/.oo Rivor.
Tho negrooB woro Minor Wilson,
C. C. Heed and Willis lioyd. They
wero tho ring loadors of tho negroes
in a raoo oncountor on tho Midnight
plantation carly laut week. Thoy
woro arrested and taken to Yn/.oo
City jail. Tho offence with whioh
thoy wore ohnrgod having been com
mitted in Sharkoy county, tho au
thorities woro notified. LaBt Friday
ovening Deputy Constablo Sylvcstor
arrived and tho prisoners wero turn?
ed ovor to him. Tho constablo
boarded the stcamor Rcsouo with
tho negroes Saturday morning and
reached Silver City with thom.
All that is further known is that
tho negroes foll into tho hands of tho
mob at Silvor City, were shot to
death and thrown into tho river, as
abovo stated.
The feeling against thoso negroes
had boen very bitter on account of a
disturbance at the Midnight planta
tion last week, in whioh thoy, with
two other comrades, had fired on
two whites on tho publio road. A
horse belonging to ono of the white
mon was wounded, but the mon
woro not harmed.
To rostoro tho olear skin and bright |
oyo, tho nlort gait and souud health, uso
Dr. M. A. Simmons' Livor Modioino.
An Outraged Husband.
CUMBERLAND. MD., Ai .ireh 25.
John Jackson, of Lonaconing, Md.,
and Mrs. Charles Howman wero
found dead in the latter's house at
Douglas, W. Va., to day. Their
heads wore crushed in by blows
from a hod slat wielded by tho wo
man's husband. Bowman was ar
rested. Ho says ho found Jnokson
in his hoiiBO last night and jealousy
caused him to commit tho deed.
Flusbod cheeks, throbbing toniplo,
nausea, lassitude, lost appetite, sallow
complexion, pimples, blotches, aro warn
ings. Tako Dr. M. A. .Simmons' Liver
Tho First Moorschaum Pipo.
In 1723 thoro lived in l'esth, the)
capital of Hungary, \arol Kowatcs,
a shoemaker, whose ingenuity in cut
ting and carving on wood, otc.
brought him into contact with Count
Andrnssy, ancestor of the primo
minister of Austria, with whom ho
had becemo n favorite. Tho Cou'it,
on his return from a mission to Tur
koy, brought with him a largo piece
of whitish clay, which had been pre
sented to him ns a curiosity, on ac
count of its light specific gravity.
It struck tho shoemaker that, bein?
porous, it .nest naturally bo woll
adapted for pipes, SB it would absorb
tho nicotine. Tho experiment
tried, and Karol cut a pipo for tho
Count and ono for himself. But in
tho pursuit of his trade he could not
keep his hands olean, and many
picoo of shoemaker's wax beoamo at
tached to tho pipo. Tho clay, how
ovor, instead of assuming a dirty ap
pearanoe as waa naturally to bo ex
pected, when Karol wiped it off, re
coived, wherovcr tho wax had
touched, a olear brown polish, in
stead of tho dull white it previously
had. Attributing this change in thc
tint to its proper sourco, ho waxct
tho whole surface, and, polishing tin
pipe, again amokod it, and noticed
how admirably and beautifully it
colored ; also, how much more
sweetly the pipe smoked after being
waxed. Karol had struck thc smok
ing philosopher's stone, and other]
noblemon, hoaring of tho wonderful
properties of this singular species of
clay, imported it in considerable
quantities for tho manufaoturo of
pipes. Tho natural scarcity of thia
much-esteemed article, and tho groat
cost of importation, in those days of
limited facilities for transportation,
rondered itn uso exclusively confined
to tho richest European uoblomon
until 1830, when it beoamo a moro
general ariioio of trado. The first
meerschaum pipe made by Karol
Kowatcs has been preserved in tho
museum of l'esth.
Hob childbirth of ita terrors mid mini
mizo tho pain and dangers of labor by
using Simmons' HquaW Vino Wino or
It is a fixed law of thc universo
that a selfish man should bo also an
! unhappy mm.
His Field Lies in thc Congo Free Slate Ile
Ka? Sonio Trying ?xperlonooo.
COLUMBIA, March 20.-Hov. Phil
Hps Vernor, a son of ox-Comptrollor
Conor ni J. S. Vorner, who has just
returned from Afrioa, was seen yes
terday and talked interestingly about
bis labors in tho Congo Free Stato
and tho peculiarities of tho Various
peoples. His work ns missionary
brings him in contact with tho vari
ous tribes, and ho stated that it was
almost impossible to lind any two
who spoko tho same dialect. Thoro
is a confusion of tongues, oaoh hav
ing a languago peculiar to itself.
Tho Presbyterian mission whore
Mr. Vornor is located is at Wisa
mann Falls, on tho Kasai rivor. This
is tho only Protestant ohuroh in that
section of tho continent; Tho Cath
olic church has a mission about 100
miles away.
Tho principal tribe in tho district
where Mr. Vernor is located is tho
Bantu race. Tho peoplo aro of a
moro superior typo than their neigh
bors, ami arc even in a higher stato
of civilization than is usually accred
ited to them. Thoro is a divorsity
of industries and arts, which mani
fest itself in tho production of tho
various instruments of wr.r and in
works of the smelters of various ores.
A very peculiar industry of this par
ticular tribe is tho weaving of tho
libers of the palin into cloth. Tho
prinoipnl industry, however, of tho
Bantus is agriculture, which chiefly
comprises tho cultivation of fruits.
However, commerce has recently re
ceived a great impetus and is rapidly
coming to the front. This consists
principally in tho gathering and ship
ping of ivory and rubber, tho making
of rubber being tho chief commercial
Tho importation of cotton goods,
especially tho coarser grades, is an
nually inoreasing. During tho past
year tho sales amountod to $2,000,
000 to $3,000,000, and thero is every
prospect of a brighter future Ono
of tho peculiarities, A-as tho custom
of interring their dead with quanti
ties of cotton cloth j and in this V.'iiy,
perhaps, ono man would consumo
more cloth on tho day of his burial
than ho would during his entire lifo.
Incidentally speaking, Mr. Vornor
Bnid that, after a careful study of the
question, ho believed that tho cotton
mills of Columbia could sell thoir
product at a good profit to tho trade
of tho Congo Freo Stato.
During his labors in Africa, Mr.
Vernor has availed himself of tho op
portunity of studying tho African
question in all its phases. Ile han
devoted much titilo to tho ethnologi
cal studies and fools that ho has been
greatly benefited by his researches
and obesrvation.
There is also another question
which he has given closo attention
and that pretnins to tho Pigmies, f
primitive tr tl o with which Mr. Ver
nor has como in contact. Thero arc
about 200 peoplo of this tribe, anc
ho thinks that this sect i? tho lowest
type of mankind. Thoy load a gre
garions lifo and havo a language o
their own. Ho has contributed novo
ral articles to Tho Spectator on tin
modo of lifo and tho various ecoon
trieities and peculiarities of thii
tribe, and, judging from tho com
matts of American journals, hi
feared that thoso periodicals wer
laboring under a misapprehension ii
regard to his position on tho quos
tion. Ho thought that tho matte
had been scientifically Bottled boyon<
pispute that tiio Pigmies woro th
most primitivo and lowest typo o
mankind extant.
When asked it he had any thrill
ing persone1, experiences to rclati
Mr. Vorner replied that he had passe
j through some narrow escapes on so\
oral occasions, roforing to his entra]
ment in n gamo pit, tho shooting <
arrows at bim and tho driving (
olophants upon bim ; but ho did n<
caro to go in to minor details just nov
Ho proposes to write'n book, and i
it he will rolnto much that ho hi
had to contend with.
Mr. Vernor will remain in tho oil
for a week or ten days, after whit
ho will probably go to North Car
lina for a short icst. Ho will r
main in America probably a yon
and in the meantime will deliver s?
oral lectures on Africa. Ho IIOB so
cral appointments already, covcrii
tho territory from Now York
Pope Leo had to submit to a Burgh
oporation last wook. For years a oj
had bonn forming and it was r.ecossn
to UKO tho knifo. Ho was muoh rellov
and la now improving rapidly.
Out of Two Mines tl Dahlonega 950,000
Worth of Ore Was Obtained In Six Months.
Gold mining in tho Stato lian beon
givon a wonderful impetus by tho
groat quantity of rieh oro taken out
at different mines during tho past
As a result of tho rioh deposits
that havo boon found in the minos
of tho Dnhlonoga Consolidated Min
ing Company, in tho Northorn part
of tho Stato, that company has do
torminod to put in, at onoo, at the
Hand and Yahoola mines a sixty*
stamp mill with a ohloriuation plant.
Such mills as tho ono contemplated
by tho North Georgia Company oro
among tho most oxpousivo on tho
market and aro seldom found in ope
ration East of tho Mississippi. Tho
only sixty-stamp mill in tho South
at present is in Georgia, and the now
ono is to bo orcotod within a low
F. U. Adams and W. G. Miokle,
two of the stockholders of tho Con
solidated Company, wero in tho city
yesterday and for a good part of tho
timo woro in conference with Stato
Geologist W. S. Yoatos. Accom
panying tho two dirootors of thc
company was a capitalist from Ohio,
who is expected to invest largoly
in tho concern, and is now on his
way to tho minos of the company to
givo thom a thorough inspection.
Out ol tho Hand and Yahoola
mines, tw of tho minos oporated by
tho oom pfc < y, was takon during tho
past winier $50,000 worth of oro.
Sonio of tho oro is stated, on tho au
thority of tho directors, to be Worth
$400 a lon, which is a phenomenal
deposit for gold in such conditions.
Tho rich oro which has boon ex
tracted is now lying at tho entrance
to tho mines and waiting to be
passed through tho process of remov
ing tho gold.
Sonio of tho strata now being
worked at those minos is worth $100
a ton, ns an avorngo price.
The Dahlonega Consolidated Gold
Mining Company oporates a largo
number of mines in tho Northern
part of the Si tito and is incorporated
at a eapital of $5,000,000. Tho com
pany only last year bought out the
Wahl property, which was considered
tho most valuablo gold lands in the
The directors of tho company aro
enthusiastic at tho splondid work ac
complished at tho minos during tho
past wintor and stato that tho sixty
stamp mill will bo orcotod at once.
A sixty-stamp mill is ono which
operates sixty crushors and tho
chlorination plant, which is to bo of
sufiiciont. nnpneity to keep tho mill
running, will separate tho gold from
tho sulphide oro.
Tho mill is tho kind which thoso
interested in tho doposits of tho
Stato beliovD will, in time, bring out
tho resourcos of Georgia and the
South gonorally and attraot gold
men boro from ovory part of tho
country.-Atlanta(Ga.) Constitution,
March 28.
A Loller lo John.
A curiosity in tho shape of a let
tor was mailed at tho Walhalla post
oflice rccontly. On a soaled, stamped
onvolopo wsH tho following :
"Dear John : I writo you this to
say I <<ot your lotter on a Tuesday
mororo', an' thia ia wrote to you on a
Wednesday night. I will oxpoot
you shoro on a Sunday. As you
told mo you didn't want folks to
know wbar' you wu/, at, I havo wrote
an' souled your address on tho insido,
so's tho postmoster won't bo nono
tho wiser. No ono on earth will
know whnr' you aro now. Writo ns
soon ns you git this."
I Of*
Thc ourativo proportion, strongth and
effect of Dr. M. A. Simmons' Livor Medi
cino aro always tho samo. It cannot bo
? ---
It is rumored thnt Congressman I.nti
mor, of tho Third Distriot, will bo on
torcd by tho up-country noxt yoar as a
candidate for Govornor. Wo do not
know Mr. Latiner personally, but ho
fttandR high among his colleagues in
Congress ns a lovol-hondod, onorgotio,
tiroloss workor.-Orangoburg Patriot.
Anothor sausngo mnkor in Chicago, by
tho nanto of Hocker, admits to having
murdorcd his wife and cut hor up into
sausngo moat and tinnily burned tho
body. Ho has confessed and is to be put
on trial for murdor.
No othor medloino builds up and forti
fies tho system against miscarriage as
well aa Simmons' Squaw Vino Wine or
I Tablets.
LMakes the food inore del
_ ?
ht Administrations ol Governors Tillman, i
Evans and Ellerbe Involved. >
Tillman, $57.00 ; Evans, $181.00 ; (
Illorbo, $154.11. Penitentiary ra- *
ion accounts of th rc o Reform Gov- A
moro still duo and uncollected. *
'hp penitentiary ration aooounta of *
lampton, Simpson, Jotor, Ilagood, *
'hompson, Shoppard and Richard- 1
on, their Unreformed predecessors
i offico, havo novor boon Been, hoard *
f nor suspootcd. "By their works 1
ball yo know thom."'"'-Tho Stato. *
Tho management of tho South Ca
olhia ponitontinry, according to tho E
lelhods of Col. Neal, is a pic nio.
L man could have all kinds of fun
t tho job and make frionds as fa?t ?
s ho could count. Tho Governor (
nd his washing dono free of charge, 1
Sonator got a oar load of brioks, a i
tailroad Commissioner got some 1
rorthloss briok-bats, tho Secretary
f Stato got a bookoaao, somobody
Iso p:ot Homo hams. Neal was moro .
linn a Mark Hanna ; ho was a Santa
Plaits.-Charleston Post.
Mr. S. P. J. Garr?s, Railroad Com
lissionor, has "dono tho State Homo f
orvico." First, ho acquired tho
?eckrogo trunk and thoroby raised a
oandal that resulted in Home ox- 1
osuro of dispensary methods. For i
lint the pooplo rewarded Mr. Gards 1
y olocting bim a Railroad Commis- "
ionor. Now ho continues tho good ]
?ork by appearing as a materinl wit
less in the penitentiary scandal,
?/heroin ho bas takon, apparently, a
ery unselfish part. Ile got a car (
oad of bricks from the penitentiary, j
?aying nothing for them, of course ?
luspicious folk declaro this to be a |
nost unwarranted acquisition, but |
toa? the explanation. mr. Garr?s ,
ayfl tho bricks wore entirely worth- ?
ess, that no ono would buy them at \
\ny price and Col.Neal, good, patient
nan, was sorely concerned as to their
Imposition. Thou Mr. Garr?s, ono
>f the directors of tho penitentiary,
?arno along and, seeing Col. Noni's
itnbarrasatnent, offered to reliovo 1
lim by taking tho brick-bats off bis '.
land. Thoy woro of no valuo to i
lim, but for tho good of the Stato :
io would take them. Wan not that
i tine notion ? Mr. Garr?s deserves
. highor office than Railroad Com
nissioner. Tboro woro sonio other
ittlu attentions Mr. Garr?s paid to
ho penitentiary's affairs which show
in appreciative mind. Mr. Garr?s is
i largo minded and an open banded .
minot and dosorves high reward
rom his fellow-citi/.oiiH.-Charleston
As a stone dropped in a stagnant
)Ond HOIKIH out its ripples in ovor
vidoning rings, so tho plummet of
ho investigating committee tosaod
nto tho Htill wntors of tho peniten
tiary pool works an oxpanding agita
Ion of its surfaco, and tho wavelets
vasli against many a ?tump and
The ovidoneo grov/H and grows.
Tboro is HO much of it, it touches so j
nany points and advances in HO many
lireotions, that we cannot considor
t in ita dotails to-day. But wo nd
i/iso overy citizen of South Carolina
Lo study it. lt is aroalbookof reve
1'orlinps tho most interesting and
significant feature of tho testimony
is contained in the following para
graph :
"Capt. WoHtfiold was rocallcd to
tho witness stand. In answor to
questions ho said that Governor Till
man bad worked oight or ton amos
of rented land in and near Columbia
whilo Governor. Tho work was dono
by conviots and with penitentiary
stool*. No cbargo for either conviot
biro or tho mules woro mado against
him on any of the penitentiary
books. Tho Governor paid for tho
fortilizora used. This samo thing
was dono by Governor Evans, and is
now being done by Governor Ellerbe,
No other Governors prior to Govor
nor Tillman had ovor dono such a
thing. Tho poavino hay with whioh
Governor Ellerbe is orcditod on bis
account to tho amount of $00, ho
said, was made on this small Colum
bia farm of bis."
Thin is news, sure onougb I Till
man sotting tho example,'our throo
Reform Governors havo suooossively
?c?ous and wholesome
w?r iSUm! mmfur III wi ii mn MMIII?HWI
Maintained a rented farm near this
?itv, working it with State conviots
md Stato mulcH nud appropriating
ho .proceed? to their personal uso.
STo oh argo was made agaiuBt thom
br thia labor of mon or animals
vhioh bolonged to tho Stato. It
vent with tho oflloo, though "n<<
3ovornor prior to Governor Tillman
md ovor dono such a thing." The
rory hay that Governor Ellorbo
.urned ovor to thc penitentiary ! in
>art payment for penitentiary sup
Hies ho had received was mado by
bo penitentiary hands and stock 1
What could wo say of this revela
tion which would accentuate its sig
uficanco ? Nothing 1 There is only
>no moral, and that is, that in thc
>rlght loxicon of Reform statesman
ihip "Public ollico is a private snap."
What wo havo now is tho moro
ikimming of ono department of thc
rabilo Borvicc. What moro lies Ind
ien there, and what moro might bo
incovered in other department? if
uithority oxistod for soarching thom,
,ho public oan surmiso ns woll as wo.
But it is not too early to say that tho
honorai Assembly at its next sea
lion must direct a thorough over
muling of other departments. These
.ovelations taint tho whole fabric of
Reform government with suspioion.
tt must bo confirmed or dissipated.
The Stato.
J. H. Hill, Paoksvillo, 8. C., writes: I
lave used Dr. M. A. Simmons' Livor
Medicino for dyspepsia with bettor results
ban I bad from a long trial of /odin's
togulator, which I found not so good,
sever had any such good results from
Slack Draught used.
Shot Horsolf co tho Stago.
LONOON, Marok 25.-Tho Vienna
?orrespondont of tho Standard says
ihat tho popular actress, Lolo Ban
ella, exclaiming " 'Tis lovo that
kills," shot herself with a revolver on
tho stage in full Hight of tho audience
luring a performance at Cilli, Syria,
rind was removed in a dying condi
Nogro Kills an Arkansas Farmer.
LITTLE ROCK, ARK., Maroh 26.
Powhattan Winn, a prominent
Union county farmer, was shot and
killod from ambush, ten miles from
Eldorado, last night by a negro
named General Washington. Tho
assassin is in jail nt Eldorado. Ho
has confessed his crinio and is threat
ened with lynching.
Shorten tho timo of confinement,
^strengthen mother and supply breast
milk for ohild by using Simmons' Squaw
Vino Wino or Tables.
Tho Indiana Logislatui o has enacted a
law legalizing tho uso of voting machines.
Tho Indianapolis Nows says in regard to
it: "This is entirely in tho interest of
honest elections. Wo havo learned in
Indiana that it is nossiblo to "boat" ovon
tho Australian Bystom. Hut it is difficult
to soo bow tho most ingenious corrup
tionist can successfully tamper with tho
machines. ' Under tho now systom tho
voting will bo absolutely socrot, auto
matic and without oven a hint of bow
tho citizens voto. Moreover, as ouch voto
is registered tho count is mado, and whon
tho voting ?B ovor tho result is given in
Wo seo it announced that Dr. W. IL
Whitsitt is to proaoh tho commencement
sormon of Converse Collogo tho first Sun
day in Juno.
??6M? the * ?? Klfid V?ii Hatti Aiways Buughi
Tillman in 1000.
Tho Greenville Mountaineer, edited by
Col. Jamos A. Hoyt, rocontly contained
a woll considered editorial in reforonco
to tho record already mado by Hon. Till
man in tho United States Sonate, and its
probablo effect Upon thc contest in this
State in tho summor after noxt. Tho
Mountaineer concludes that Hon. Tillman
will bo bard to boat and that any gentle
man who IUIB it in mind to opposo him
would do woll to reconsider tho matter.
Tho Mountaineer is right.
Hon. Tillman, considered with refor
onco 'o h'B prospoo'ivo candidacy for re
election, is as strong ns ovor. Ho has
vindicated tho olaims of lil? supporters
that ho would impress tho Sonato and
impress tho country. Ho bas done both.
Ho will go bet?re tho Democratic votors
in 1000 having the advantage of a Ono
rocord in Washington. Any man in
South Carolina who may und? .tako to
boat bim bad bosfe begin proparations at
onco for tho toughest Job ovor attompted
in Southern pol?tica.-Hampton Guar
Tho bli th of a boy with two tongues
and no brains ?B reported from South
Dakota. Tho Macon Tolograph ox
olaims: "What a lino United States Sena-'
tor ho will make,"

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