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18 THE
Novor Broak tho Fruit, But Ropalr tho Dam
ago Dono by Wot Woathor and Birds.
want to say n word in defonso of tbo
much-abused boney bee. Every
summer wo hoar moro or ICHS com
plaint about the bees eating np tho
grapes, damaging peaches, otc.
It is strange some people don't
know their beat friends. That tho
little honey beo is a great benefit to
tho fruit grower is well known to
everyone who lias taken tho trouble
to inform himself on thc subject.
It has been proven time and nguiu
that thc bees never break the hull of
tho grape. To prove this you may
tnko a prefect bunch of grapes and
plaeo it in a hivo of bees and it will
remain thoro until it dries up, and
will never bo disturbed by tho bees
unless thc skin is broken. After tho
sparrows break tho hulls, or wet
weather bursts tho grapes open, thou
thc bec comes in, take;; up tho juice
that is going to waste, and right
there is where the bees come in with
their help? They take up tho juice
before it ferme ats and runs down on
tho other berries and spoils them,
which it will do inside of forty-eight
hours, if the bees do not clean up the
cracked berries. So instead of doing
harm they are a benefit to the grape.
But this is not tho only place
where tho little busy bees come in
with their help. The first anti great
purpose for which bees were created
was for aiding in tho fertilization of
flowers of different kinds. The
honey, as food for man, comes in as
secondary. To provo this wc only
find honey or nectar secreted in such
flowers that are incapable of self-fer
tilization, while thoso capablo of be
ing fertilized by the agency of the
wind, etc., secrete no nectar. For
example, we find no nectar in wheat,
corn, oats, rye, etc., all these being
capable of self-fertilization by tho
rustling of their stalks in tho wind.
Then thoro aro all the clovers, the
squash and the vine family, none of
which are capablo of being fertilized
through tho process applici.'olo to the
first. All the..3 last named secrete
honey for thc sole purpose of entic
ing bees, flies, otc, for fertilization,
so that they may mature seed and
perpetuate their kind.
The same thing holds good with
trees of all kinds. In fact, if it wore
not for tho bees there would be very
little perfect fruit in the country,
because to make f'vit set and grow
to perfection the po. on must be car
ried from one bloom to another, and
the honey bee is the main agency for
this work, and should be welcomed
in every orchatd and vineyard. It is
claimed for the industry of bee-keep
ing what can be claimed for no other,
namely : It does not take from any
other thing that which would make
it moro valuable in returning tho
Haine, but on the contrary adda to its
value. 1\. It. CAMAK.
Those arc thc Months In Which to
Purify Your Blood.
This ia tho season when your blood is
loaded with impurities, nccumu1,*ted dur
ing the winter months from e.ose con
finement, rich food, and other causes.
These impurities must bo driven from
your system or they may breed serious
diseaso and cause untold Buffering.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the greatest and
best blood purifying medicino it is pos
sible to obtain, lt is what tho millions
take in tho sining. It will purify and
enrich your blood, oroato an appetite,
tone up your system and give you sound,
robust, health.
-? ? fc
Russell Sage's Wealth.
Russell Sage will be 81 years old
on tho 4th of next August. Ile docs
pot look his ago by almost twenty
years. Ile arrives at his off!co every
morning tit R,80. Ile is a director in
thirty-eight different, companies,
from which ho draws in directors
fees ranging from $!> to (gu per
mooting, over $20,000 annually. This
about covers his whole cost of living
expenses, including his stable and
his charities. Ile banks the income
that ho derives from his #1,00,000,1)00
investments, and his wealth is com
puted at * 175,000,000.
When you ask for Dr. M. A. Simmons'
],lvc| Medjcipe^ soo that you get lt, apd
not sumo worthless imitation.
--< . ? -
Old Glory Float; iver Malolog.
MANILLA, March 81.-(5J.6& )>. m.)
-Tho American flag was raised over
Malolas at 10 o'clock this morning.
The Kansas regiment and thc Mon
tana regiment, on ontortng tho city
found it deserted, tho presidencia
burning and tho rebels retreating to
ward tho mountains in a Htato of
What tho Moonshiners May Expect-Ready to
Get to Work on tho Farms.
HOLTJY SPBINOB, April 4.-Wo aro
all ready for making a orop-that ie,
tho talking is all done ; nothing now
to do but go to work.
Mr. Ira Hutt baa declined having
Iiis express wator carrier patented.
Tho dove and whippoorwill, com
bined with the ring of Mr. B. Black
well's hammor, toll us that planting
time is drawing near.
We presume tho gamo law has ex
pired, as Messrs. 1*. Chambors and
,1. W. Smith havo mustered out.
Mr. H. E. Chambers bas tho mst
ease of tho grip-grip on ids plow
Gober (p. c.) says dc moonshiners
may look out now, fur dat, olo Pres
umdenl McKinloy is kum an' gwino
'round wid Corbin.
Col. II. S. VanDiviere, of Wal
halla, was in this vicinity ono day
recently. We are always glad to
meet tho Colonel.
Wo hear some complaint, nbout
our road bands not working. The
contractor h tho man wo arc going
to look after. Wc have paid our
money and wo want the roads worked
in our district. v. R. 8.
An Important and Valuable Indox.
There is no hotter basis upon
which to estimato thc civilization, or
rather the material advancement, of
a people than tho prevalence of good
roads among them. They form the
local arteries of trade, reaching out
to fountain heads from which the
waters of trade are gathered to form
thc great streams and oceans of com
merce. Good roads aro good tax
payers, because they relieve the far
mers and tradesmen of tho country
of their heaviest burdon, for it is
well-known that ono of tho most con
stant, most 'roublcsome and most
wearing of all the taxes they pay
is the transportation of their pro
ducts to market over bad roads.
Prosperous communities, therefore,
aro made by good roads, and, in
turn, good roads are an index to the 1
prosperity of a community.-J. li.
Killebrew, in tho Southern States
- -- - .-<.?- -
W. P. Kaw?; ?Vw Brookland, S. c., <
writes: Havo used Dr. M. A. Simmons'
Livor Medicino many years, and consider
it the best liver medicino made. I regard
it a miracle compared with /odin's rogu- '
Maioloi, hut not Aguinaldo.
Well, Malolos is taken, but not
Aguinaldo and his army. Contrary
Lo all military laws and usages guid
ing our sapient war department, tho
Filipino leader did not make a last
Desperate stand at his capital and
permit his forces to be annihilated.
Ile "sloped," and will send in hm
jard later from the jungle. "Diddle,
liddle, como and bc killed," sang tho
war department; but Aguinaldo
never heard of Mother Goose, and
"reclined thc invitation like a dam"
tis one of our own rebels remarked
nbout 85 years ago. This of course
shows what a savage Aguinaldo is.
But, as we have pointed out more
than once, in campaigning against
Ravagea wc must not count on their
following civilized precedents. The
Filipinos are natural guerrillas. They
are not hankering after a Sedan. It
suits them better to adopt the tactics
thc Spaniards and Russians found so
effective against tho legions of the
greajb^Napoleon. Of theso tactics wo
will learn to our cost before wo get
through in the Philippines.-Thc
Ilai.jod tor Their Crlmo.
Tour, A i.A., March 81.-Richard
Hale and Thomas Johnson, white
men, and Sam Rives, colored, wore
Slanged at Tory to-day for the brutal
minier of Mrs. Ira Meyers, an aged
?vornan, and her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. E. Meyers, whom they killed
?nd attempted to burn at Josie, in
December last. Robbery was the
incentive foi the deed. A plot
hutched by tho prisoners to escape
from the jail was frustrated last night.
Not as Woll as Expoclod.
A little jutland, Pa,, girl is very
much up to tho times. At her prayers
tho other night after the usual ap
peal for lier loved, op.os sho added ;
'And please, Lord, take caro of your
<elf, too, for if anything should hap
pen to you wc couldn't have any ono
!>ut Mr, McKinley to depend on, and
lie isn't doing ns well as papa ex
If yon don't want to bo an old
moholor got in the push-get mar
BALTIMORE jj lill.
Now Yoik and Philadelphia Contribute to the
Advanoomont of tho South.
Baltimore awl the South aro to bu
jointly congratulated at tho com
manding financial power which this
city is now developing, because it
means tho most forceful i?fl?etico for
Southern upbuilding which has evor
boon turned upon that scotion. New
York and Philadelphia have con
tributed largely to tho material ad
vanoomont of the South ; in fact, it
hus been estimated that New York
investments in tho South aggregate
as much ns a billion dollars; but
neither Now York nor Philadelphia
has over made tho dovolopmont of
the South a loading foaturo of its
financial operations. Baltimore, on
tho contrary, is so pre-eminently
Southern by virtuo of its location,
its sentiment and its trade interests
that it must look to tho expansion
and upbuilding of that Hcotion ns ita
chief field of operation.
In tho South there is undeveloped
wealth sufficient to profitably employ
practically unlimited capital and to
furnish a broad field for tho greatest
business energy and ability of this
remarkable g?n?ration. Tho natural
resources and advantages of the
South aro groat enough to croate
industries and trade equaling in
magnitude tho cntiro mining, manu
facturing and commercial interests
of tho country. Economic changes
in finance and in thc world's general
business interests brought about by
the revolutionizing iniluonccs of
modern inventions and methods
changes beyond human control-aro
now forcing tho world's manufactur
ing interests to tho place of cheapest
production ?- thu placo whore tho
raw material is found in tho greatest
Abundance and most cheaply turned
into tho finished product. Thia
means that tho South is to be tho
greatest manufacturing country on
the face of tho earth. What that
means can bo faintly comprehended
when it ia remembered that Eng
land's wealth and power aro baaed
DU her manufactures; that thc
United States has $0,000,000,000
capital invested in factories whose
annual product ia valued at ovoi
M0,000,000,000, or three times thc
Lotal annual value of all agricultural
products of tho country, and thal
the 5,000,000 banda now employed
in thc industrial interests of thu
country receive about $2,500,000,
OOO a year in wages. Of this vast
industry-the foundation of om
marvelous national progresa-tin
basis on which Nev/ York, Philadel
phia, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburg
und the other great cities of th h
country rest-tho South bas now
less than one-tenth. The middle
riged man of to-day may live to soi
Ibo South's industrial interests cqua
in capital, in production and ii
wenlth-orcation tho entire buaincai
now represented by these stupend
aus figures for thc whole country
Thirty years from now tho 25.000,
000 people of tho South, by natura
increase alone, baaed on tho percent
rigo of increase for a contury, wil
have advanced to nearly or quit
f)0,000,000, and it must bo rcmom
bored that our entire country ha?
but 51,000,000 inhabitants in 188
?nd (52,000,000 in 1890. To attomp
Lo picture tho future progress am
prosperity of thia section would in
vito thc criticism that thc write
must bo a visionary enthusiast. Fact
which cannot, however, bo dispute
prove all that bus been said and poi ri
to a future of material advaneemen
perhaps never equaled.
The construction of the Nican
guan canal will revolutionise tb
world's coin meroo in favor of th
country and bring about a marve
[>ua notivity and prosperity at all or
South Atlantic and Gulf port
rbis chango in tho world's ahippin
interests, and tho development (
tho West Indies, which will inui
to thc benefit of the South, wi
make this section ns dominant i
commercial affairs na in manufai
Lures. Wo have hero a combinado
on which to build up great ci tu
find vost business intercuts, and f<
tho support of a djenso ponqlatic
$\\K\\ na !s found nowhoro olso o
earth. Willi Southern iron boil
exported to h)urope and Asia at tl
rate of nearly a thousand lona a da
is was ?lone during 181)8, with grci
ilcol planta under construction <
strengthen our command of tl
world's iron and steel trade, wil
cotton manufacturing rapidly cc
toring in tho South and tho leadii
mill companies of Now Kng?ai
building branch mills in this scctio
with Southern porta showing a rapid
expansion in thoir foreign commerce,
it would be hard to forooaat tho pro
grcaa and prosperity of tho noxt ton
In viow of thcBo faota, it is moat
opportune, that liait?inoro ia becom
ing Buflioiontly strong financially to
furnish tho unpitnl ncoded for tho
dovolopmont of tho South. Some
yoara ago tho Morcantilo Trust and
Deposit Co. was organized, largoly
for tho purpose of finanoing South
ern railroad and municipal scouritics.
Ita great auocoss onused others to soo
tho opportunity, and thou canto tho
Baltimore Trust Co. and thc Mary
land Trust Co., both of which havo
been activo factors in Southern af
fairs. Tho Morcantilo Company has
a capital of $2,000,000 and a surplus
of $8,000,000 ; tho Baltimore Trust
and Guarantco Co.'s capital is
$1,000,000 and surplus $1,500,000;
tho Maryland has a capital of $1,
000,000 and surplus of $f>00,000. A
fow months ago tho Continental
Trust Co. was organized with a capi
tal and surplus of $4,000,000, largely
ovor-Bubsoribcd ; thc Citi/.ons' Trust
Co., with a capital and surplus of
$2,500,000, and now thc Interna
tional Trust Co, hnB boon organized
with a capital and surplus of $8,000,
000, and, >ut $12,000,000 of bona
fido subscriptions were received. In
addition to theso wo have tho Mary
land Casualty Co., probably the
largest company of its kind in thc
United States ; tho American Bond
ipg and Trust Co., capital and sur
plus $1,500,000; the Fidelity s and
Deposit Co., capital and surplus
$2,000,000 ; tho Guardian Trust Co.,
tho United StatoH Fidelity and
Guaranty Co., and Hovcral other
strong companies.
The total actual cash capital
roprcscntcd in those companies ?a
over $25,000,000. Their success
has been so great that tho selling
valuo of their stock runs from 00
por cent abovo par to bH)0 per cont,
and ovon theso prices aro not near
ns high as for Bimilnr ?tocks in
Now York. Tho organization of
theso great financial enterprises is
simply a new form of banking, with
broader power? than national bank?
possess, enabling them to finance
great industrial and railroad under
takings. With thi? vast aggregation
of wealth concentrated upon 'be de
velopment of the South tbeiu must
como a moro rapid advancement of
that Hcotion than wc have over seen.
Thc South affords room for the pro
fitable employment of all this capital,
und the operation of these companies
will bring Baltimore and tho South
into tho closest trade relations. Thc
Meld is broad enough for tho fullest
development of all these strong finan
ical companies. With their influence,
backed by that of our private banker?
and national bank?, Baltimore pro
misos to take a loading position ns a
groat financial center-a position
coramon'jurate with its many advan
tages. -Manufacturers' Record.
Many ?ornons hiivo tliolr gooil ?lay and*
their had clay. Others nro about half!
slok all tho t:mo. Tboy lnvo headache),
backache*, and sro restlose anet nor/ona.
Food ?toes hot tatito good, and tho dlrres
tlon ls iioor; tlio skin ls dry anet Ballow
anddlHll(;iircdwlth)>lin3)lo9 ororupt lcnm ;
nicol) Ininti no rostand work Isa burdon.
What ca?mos tili? ? Inipur? ?lood.
And tho roniody ?
lt taken out all Impurities from tliol
blond. Winni fm'KO aro removed, nature |
take!? right hold and completos tho euro.
IT leo, $1.00n bottle. A t nil druggists.
If riiii?> ts constipation, tako Ayor'n
rill?. rrlco,26c. a box,
Wrlto lo tlin dnoti.r nil tlio particular* In,
your nico. Yon will roeolvo a i.roniiit rciilyi
iwltnouteott. AddroM, PR, J. O. AYKIt, !
I.owoll, M , ? <:
A Usoful, Strong P..ste.
Thi? article, BO universally useful
in tho honie, can bo really depended
upon to do ?ta duty well, if prepared
a? follows : lu half a quart of warm,
wator dissolvo a Binall teaspoonful o.f
alum, and when it cools, add enough
Hour to. make it into a thin pa.'te.
Stir lt till smooth, then add a pinch
or BO of powdered ins'II, and pour on
to tho pasto half a cupful of boiling
water. When well mixed and thick
oncd, turn into a receptado with a
cover, and store it in a dry corner of
a cupboard. Whoa required for use,
soften a sm il quantity with warm
If your efforts to do good are not
appreciated by your fellow-men, you
may have at least thia pleasing con
sciousness, thai they aro appreciated
hy your Heavenly Father.
Errors on the Part of Some of Clomson's Men
Causo tho Seora to Swell Against Them.
Last wcok wo gave tho result of
tho gntno at donison. For soino
reason tho official 6coro, which wo
had mado arrangements to got in
time for publication last Thursday,
was delayed and enmo too lato.
The first gamo of tho season for
Clemson Colic?o was ployed hero
yesterday ngainst Cornoll University
of New York, resulting in a seoro of
14 to 8 in favor of Cornell.
Tho game was much moro closoly
contested than tho scoro would indi
cate, because sovoral errors on tho
part of tho Clemson mon allowed
thc score to run up greatly.
Tho Cornoll team arrived boro on
tho 1 o'clock train and woro drivou
to tho College.
CI.KMBON- A.B. lt. IB. P.O. A. E.
Shaw, c. 5 2 1 5 1 ..
MoMakin, p.... 5 1 8 .. ll ..
Gray, lb. 4 .. 1 14 1 8
limiter, 2b... . 4. 4
Whitney, ?b.. . S .. .. 2 1 ..
Ordlomo, ?h.. . J . 1 8
M ?mil li ii, BB.... 4. 2 1
Colo, If. 4.
Rutledge, cf.... 4 .. .. ?J .. 2
Ii:? m hm g, rf.. .. 4.
Total. 88 3 6 24 21 0
Stolon base, Iluntor; 2-biiso hit,
Gray ; 8-bso hit, Shaw. Struck out
-Hy MoMakin, 5 ; baso on balls, by
MoMakin, 4.
CoiiKRi.i.- A.B. lt. IB. P.O. A. E
Stratton, BS.. . 5 1 1 .. 1 1
Ginger, c. 8 2 .. 10 ' ..
Murtaugh. lb.. 5 4 8 ? ..
Young, p&rf... 4 12 2 6
Molo, rf&p - fi 2 2 1 4 ..
Kobcrtsoii, 8b,. 5 2 1 .. 4 1
Newton, If. 5 .. 1 1 ..
Bough tory, 2b.. 8 1.. 2 5 1
Johnson, cf.... 5 1 1 1
Total. 40 14 li 27 10 4
Stolen bases, Ginger and Bolo ;
2-hasc hits, Murtaugh and Hole ;
ll-base hits, Murtaugh. Struok out
Hy Young, 5; by Hole, 4.
Umpire-Sanders, of Cornell.
Scorers-Hill and Blair.
Cornoll Outclassed at Augusta.
Tho Cornell boys "ran ngainst a
snag" at Augusta, Ga., Thursday
afternoon last, in tho gamo played
there with the Brooklyn team, which
is practicing at Augusta, for entry in
the National League. Tho Cornells
played well, but the Brooklyn toam
ran over them with a scoro of 20 to '2.
Morcor University Boys Dotoatod.
MACON, GA., March 81.-Cornoll
defeated Mercer University to-day
in the opening game of tho season.
Tho attendance was good and the
game was oxoiting throughout, tho
two teams being evenly matched.
Scoro : Cornoll, ll ; Mercer, 7.
Georgia was "Easy" for tho Minoans.
On April 1st, at Atlanta; Cornell
defeated tho College of Georgia by a
score of ?? to 5. Tho Constitution
says: "If thero is a single point in
which the Georgians equal tho Cor
nollitOS they kept it carefully con
Derangements of inonntrunl functions
produce iniscarringo. Simmons1 .Squaw
Vino Wino or Tablets correct derange
Railways and Roadways.
When a railway company under
takes to extend its tracks, or to put
in a switch, or do any other v\ rk of
this sort, tho first thing done is to
have their engineer-an educated
and trained specialist-preparo the
plana, set tho stakes and superintend
tho job. They never trust a booby ;
they do not trust oven an experi
enced roadmastor, except with oxpert
supervision. When our County
Commissioners aro charged with tho
care of a road, tboy push the respon
sibility on to soino ignorant piko
commissioner, and apparently trust!
tho devil to superintend. Ile doos
usually, and very effectively, with
the result that we get less for our
money than any other county hero?
abouts.-Dayton (Ohio) Herald.
A community is not likely to got
rich while its roads aro poor.
How is tho road itt front of your
house ?
The State can get moro out of her
couvict labor by placing it on ti
publia roads than in any other way,
and would be decidedly moio profi
table than letting them lny in jail in
idleness.-New Smyrna (Florida)
---rn . fe
Re?r? tho J* TM Kind You Hw Always Bought
--...?- -____
Many a reckless boy has boen
save., from taking tho last fatal
plunge into sinful courses by tho
recollection of a mothor's sweet
face, of tito gentle tones of hov yoico,
Hereafter ll Propose? to Operate Re Own
Minos and Reduce the Cost ot Pig Iron.
UiKMiNQiiAHi ALA., March 81.-It
was openly announced yesterday that
ail active roi i inp, mills in the Bir
mingham district aro in tho Western
and Southern bar iron combine,
whoso books of subscription wore
oponod in Now York yeBtorday.
Inoluded aro ' e Alabama mill at
Gato City and tho Birmingham mill,
together oraploying twonty-ilvo hun
dred mon and both in full oporation.
Tho combino has also acquirod ono
furnnco plant and has obtained op
tions on othei.?. Coko oven plants,
(joni and oro mine/, and dolomito
quarries aro also included in tho op
The combino proposos to mino its
ooal and oro and itiako its coko and
iron and thus obtain pig at first cost.
Heretofore tho pig iron was bought
from other iron manufacturers. Tho
deal appears to bo ono of tho most
gigantic and far-roaobing yot devel
oped in tho Soutborn iron field.
A torpid livor causoB doprossion of
spirits, indigestion, constipation, head
ache. Usc Dr, M. A. Simmons' Livor
Medicine to stimulate that organ.
Wo Want Good Roads-Tho Roslslanco.
A correspondent of tho Wilming
ton (Del.) Nows says : "Tho use of a
broader-tired wagon does not meet
with favor by all, for some people
nlludo to them ns (tcam killers.' In
moving a loaded wagon thc force of
resistance is in tho tires. Conse
quent ly, tho forco of resistance
would bo twice as parent in a six
inch tiro SB in a tin -; ich ono, tho
kind now in use." How altogether
lucid ! And einco tho foroo of re
sistance of a three-inch tire is only
half that of a Bix-iuch tire, that of a
ono-inch tiro must bo only one-third
that of a throe-inch tire. Then why
not narrow tho tiro down to tho
width of tho back of a caso knife ?
Why, bocauso tho narrower tho tiro
tho deopor it cuts into tho avorago
road, and the groator tho forco of re
sistance it has to overcome That's
why .i lix-inoh tire pulls easier, ac
cording to all Hcicntifio tests, than
rlocs a three-inch ono. Such misin
formation as is hoing spread about
in snob statements as nbovo referred
to will all have to bo lived down,
until the pcoplo got to doing a little
thinking and oxporiinonting for
themselves, and thou
They'll got wido tiroB.
Wido tires maintain good roads
and ina provo poor ones.
Used during oxpoctancy, Simmons'
Squaw Vino Wino or Tablot? choor and
strengthen mothors, abort?n labor and
rob conilnomcnt of its torrora.
Taro of tho Eyos.
Up to forty years of ago. hathn thc
eyes twice daily with cold water.
Avoid reading when lying down
or mentally or physically deproBBod.
Whon thc eyes aro tired rest them
by looking at objeots from a distance
Old persons should avoid reading
tush by artificial light ; bo garded
ns to diot, and avoid sitting up late
at night.
Avoid stimulants and drugs which
affect tho nervous system, especially
when they aro known to exert an in
jurious influence.
Aftor 50 years of ago bathe tho
eyes mornings and evenings with
water BO hot that you would wonder
how you would stand it, follow this
with cold wator. That will make
them glow with warmth.
Do not givo up in despair whon
you aro informed that a ontaract is
developing. Remember that in theso
days of advancing surgory it can bo
removed with little dangor to tho
C3 ?A. ?St T C3* X% X./%. m
Boan th? ^ T8 Kind You HSYB Always
Cllizon Josh (or Governor.
Tho Dillon correspondent to tho
State of tho 26th, has tho follov big
to say in regard to tho dispensary rat
ense ;
This is almost a strictly temper
ance community now. Somo of tho
toughest Boaks havosuddonly beoomo
lotnl nbstnintva BO far ns dispensary
rat juico is cono^rned. Ask thom to
"smilo" and th ?y groot you with a
shako of the Iw.nd and a shuddor and
a gag, and simply answer "rat-juioo."
.IOBII Ashley has dono moro for
tempor?neo hereabouts than all tho
tempor?nea organizations put to
gothor and ho ought to bo a candi
date for govornor next year on a.
platform of "Low tax tagst A.n.ti-nc"?
tiflm, anto-ponivOn.tia.ry favovft Rudj
anU-rat-juieo.'' tarraji \ for Josh.
itofy 9< C March -.jjL
Makes the food more dell
OVER I ill
Short Herr.; ?i Interest to Many-Tho Agricul
tural Hall to bo Mado a Hotol.
Tho Agricultural Hall, in Colum
bia, which was at ono timo used as
tho Stato dispensary, is hoing re
modelled, and, by tho last of this
week, will bo opened ns tho Albe
marle Hotel,
Suicido in Bamberg.
David Phillips, white, aged about
30 yoars, committed suicido at Bam
berg on March 28th. Ho had boen
3n a drunken spreo for sovoral days
md toid sovoral of his frionds he
intondod killing himsolf, but no at
tention was paid to his talk. Ho
procured a bottlo of laudanum, went
io his home, drank it ami wont to
bed nnd a few hours after A'.ird was
Found dead. Ho had written a 'lot
lor of instruction as to the disposi
tion of his proporty, showing that
io fully intended carrying out his
Jiro ats.
Cily Hall in Columbia Burns.
Tho oity hall building in Colum
bia, S. C., was totally destroyed by
l'ro last Thursday night. It was thc
nost destructivo tiro Columbia has
lufforcd sinco Sherman's army laid
.he city in ruins. Too building was
i largo three-story structure, con
dining tho Columbia Opera IIouso,
council chamber, Mayor's court,
lolico headquarters, two stores,
meeting rooms of various lodges
ind tho Governor's Guards' armory
Nothing was loft standing save a
'ow fragmonts of wall. Tho loss is
1(75,000 covered by $80,250, insur
ance. Tho catiBo of tho fire is un
tnown. Tho PoBtnl Telegraph Com
pany's oflice, occupying tho adjoin
ing building, was also destroyed.
Heavy Winds on March 27th.
Saluda, Spartanburg, Union and
florence counties suffered eonsidora
bio daraago from tho wind on tho
27th ultimo. No lives aro roportcd
lost, but several persons wore bodily
injured, houses blown down, roofs
lifted, and, in places, fences and
kimber woro laid low for milos. Hail
accompanied tho wind storm and
much damage was done to vegota
Tho Eftocts ot Wood Alcohol.
It is suiu thai nonie UL tho blind
tigers in Yorkvillo aro dispensing
wood alcohol, whatever that may bo
?md on last Saturday night Will
Johnson, colored, died from tho
o?focts of drinking it within six
liours aftor hoing discovered in tho
barn of his omployor In a drunkon
stupor. No inquest was hold, tlioro
being no ovidonco of foul play.
Bride's Head Almost Burned OH.
A spcoial from Naylor, Lowndes
county, Georgia, under dato of
March 81, says : "Mrs. J. A. Turnor,
a brido of a few months, was lying
on tho floor with hor hoad in the
fire when hor husband wont homo to
Einnor to-day. Sho had boon slightly
indisposed, and it is thought she
fainted and fell. Hor head was al
most ontiroly consumed by tho fire"
Frank J. Cheney makos oath that ho la
tho senior partnor of tho firm of F. J.
phoney & Co., doing business in tho City
of Toledo, County and Stato aforesaid,
?nd that said firm will pay tho sum of
Ono Hundred Dollars for onoh and
ovory caso of Catarrh that crmnot bo
bured by tho uso of Hall's Catarrh Caro.
Sworn to boforo mc and subscribed .'In
my prcsonoo, this 0th day of Dooombor,
A. D. 1880.
^-w^-v ? A. yy, OI.K.VBON,
\ SK Af? I
' ? Notnry Public
Hall's Catarrh Caro is taken internally
and acts dirootly on tho blood and mu
cous surfaces of tho system. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHUNKY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 7?o.
Hall's Family IMHB aro tho best,
Tho Cowpcns Momorial Associa
tion intends to have that famouB bat
tle ground suitably cared ?for. They
propose also to have a notable cele
oration at tho battlo ground on tho
27th of May.
-I-/?M.tjgu?fr.? u ; i foWfr
Malaria cannci find n lodgment in the
avetoro whilo tho IWor la in povfootordor.
Dr. M> ?. Sism?os' Liver Mcdloino ls
the best rogmlator.
Unci? Sa?n gc?B Houmthing over
$8,0,000,000 a year in taxes out ot
dons and
Medlclimi V.?rt.i i
Lomon juice
or or.UBhod Bug?
For feverish
thirst soften ii li on
bard s.urfnco,out
ind work it dos,
with.a fork, thon i
During tho v,
:>f co?lncHB, comfort
?lin bo produc (il'
lonioimdo URO sn
juico before ridding tl
inmo'us cold lemonade,
iso about one-half RH n.
neatened with lomon ?nb
ind mond;*. Tho Urfiti :. ;.
viii produce florene.1'
neht ia persisted in foi
ongth of lime ii eure wi!
Tho discomfort ouh-?< I
;cndor feet may heir ? >
entirely cured, by nppls
onion, sprinkle lino so
Lemon juico will relieve .
md vegetable stains on tiki :,id'*
Aitor having tho hands in I
iuds1 rub thom with a oioco ol' i
This will prevent ohappiv;g and
,ho bauds soft and-whit
Menstruation made, rc/mbi)
088, and pain in nidi Iii
mrod by Simmons' Squ
Food for tho Sii
Any ono who over had tho
dbility of caring for au in va]
zea tho finesseo frequently n
o got him to take tho
required. Ono is pyejudh
uilk J od dcolaroH ho CUM m ?I. :
\ot tako it- For such n
;or toa is recommended
JO made almost entirely
jystor furnishing thc
mlts, which is about ?il!
xnyway. For the patio
ngainst the sight of In
overcooked, which
it? red color, or uni
which taken away I;
svhich aro the best part
buy a red wino gin
ns hoof toa in that.
V'ariouH biiutards QfgSfiS
irothn, especially dy',;;
med willi <?:"..
Halted and chilled, tb'i
Limes rendered vf ry gi
patient who want',
?on't know just what.
pleases and ^pes when :
in by attending lo ItM ownfi^PHRgBH
ness, and making everyb'" '
terfores with him wish >
thc same thing!
Whon a hornet stin
knows it and never
about it ns long os )>\
listen to him. Ono
stung my pa (my pa
on tho nose, and ho hu.
pastoral visiting for ai
taking that hornet.
Another way a "Qg^^^|^H&
smart ness is by not pi
If ho has any bushier,1
u'ill attend to it 'at "(ijii ;.? uh-u? ?>
leaves jun to think ii
solf. Ile don't do J dee
who '...me , {',.. .lin;-, ;..
an Iiour singing, "t.'oui in. .cb?iilii V
and thou, when he hun cl . . ?
ho can, dashes. nv.?vy
kin." A hornet neve? bleed ,
but if ho etioks you ho will .
. aw ?ill.
1 don't know nnyththjsi.ii?uk? oh
hornets, only that Atn-H
?'A hornot itt ; ; 1
a poov speller) bu/ vor, ;MV
impro?hut)!*, and hasty M'. M v
nionu ?>r ends,."
i llll'WIIBM-H1IWIMT11 /
Mothers wlsbir.fi , c ."
Kh?Yti'd f.ivo them I'.'r
"?Vluoor Wolcot anti , /

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