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Aud buy tho Swau's Down Flour, A'
foo, Austin Nichols ? Oo.'s Spices and Plc
Baker's Cocoa and Chooolato, Quakor C
Chipped, Corned aud Keast Boof, Cudaky'
aud Box Brand Lard.
Call for theso aud anything olso in
fresh ami nico. Respectfully,
i^ocal aub ^mmxnh
-Swan's Down Hour at Jaynos's.
-Por any kiud of ?took food call on
C. W. Ba?-knight.
-For Cotton Sood Moal and Hulls call
on C. W. Dauknight.
-Any ono wanting Swan's Down Hour
will lind it at Jaynos's.
-Thrco frosh milk cows for salo. Ap
ply to J. II. Barnett at his homo.
-Ladies, bo your own judgo of mil
linery bargains. Miss B. Phillips.
-For a spring tonic to build up tho
systom, tako Lunnoy's Sarsaparilla.
-Pattern hats ami bonnots, children's
hats, infants' caps. Miss B. Phillips.
-Full lino of dross goods with now
trimmings to match. Miss B. Phillips.
-Corn, Bran, Hay, Cotton Scod Meal
and I lulls a specialty atc. W.Bauknight's.
-Mr. 'C. O. Wright, of Oroonville, was
in Walhalla Wednesday on a brief busi
ness trip.
-Miss Florenco Norris, of Westmin
ster, is visiting the family of Mr. W. P.
-For biliousnoBs, headache, pain in
back and side Burnley's 8 hour liver pills
aro a cure.
-"Grand Spring Oponing" April 17th,
18th, 10th, i'Oth, 21st, 22d. Miss B. Phil
Hps, Seneca, S. C.
-Seo tho now advertisement of Messrs.
W. D. Lesly & Cc, appearing in this
issuo of tho COUUIKK.
-When in Walhalla don't fail to call
at tho New York " Bargain Store," first
door below tho Bank.
-Don't, fail to seo mo when you want,
feed of any kind. 1 will niako it to your
interest. C. W. BAUKNIOHT.
-Did you go out to hear Eastland's
Entertainers? If you did, you was stuck.
lt was a beautus, onco! lint not latoly.
-Ilavo you used any of tho Diamond
"C" hams ? No. Well, if you want the
best ham to be had, call at Jaynos's. Ho
sells them.
-STUAYKD-Saturday night, Apiil 8th,
yellow Sheppard Bitch ; answors to
"Vick." Kowald if returned to T. C.
Hun8?nger, Walhalla, S. C.
-B. T. Jaynes, Esq., visited C?reenvillo
on Wednesday, tho 1 ?til instant, to at
tond tho funeral of Capt. C. G. Wells,
who died in that city on tho I lt.li instant.
-Health for ton cents. Cascarots
make the bowels and kidneys act natur
ally, destroy microbes, euro hoad aol) o,
biliousness and constipation. All drug
-Mr. W. J. Duffle, of Columbia, is
in Walhalla this week, looking after II?B
landed interests in Goonoo, county. Ho
is always a welcome visitor among our
-Tho Now York "Bargain Store"
will open a mammoth stock of clothing
and gents' furnishing goods, first door
below the Bank, in Walhalla, on Monday,
April 17th.
- If you want cheap goods go to J. &
J. S Carter, Westminster. Don't forgot
t) they will pay highest market juice
for your chickens and other produce. A
nice lot of pants just received.
-Mrs. Fannie Iludgens returned to
Atlanta Wednesday morning, afterspond
ing a week or two with her father, Mr.
W. P. Nash, and family. She was much
improved in health by her visit.
-Seo changes in tho advertisements Ol
C. W. Pitchford Co., C. M. Nield, C. G.
Jaynes, S tri bl lug Drug Co., J, & J. S.
Carter, and tho now advertisements of
W. 1). Lesly &. Co. and J. P. Keoso.
^-Impressive services wore conducted
in tho St. John's Lutheran church last
Sunday morning. Thc Koral decorations
were beautiful. Nino catechumens, six
girls and three boys, wore confirmed.
-Mrs. W. T. Rowland, of Charlotte,
N. C., after pleasant visits to rdativos at
Summerville, Greenwood and Anderson,
is spending some time with tho family of
Col, Kout. A. Thompson, at. Walhalla.
-Kev. Wm. Theodotus Capers will
preach in tho Seneca Episcopal church
on next. Sunday evening, huh instant,
nt S o'clock. The subject of his sermon
will be, "The power of tho resurrection."
-Mrs. (.'has. A. Wood, of Anderson,
who has boon on a visit to her uncle, Dr.
J. J. Thodo, who has been quito ill, re
turned home this morning. The Doc
tor's many friends are pleased to learn of
his Improvement,
- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hiles will start
next Tuesday for their home .t Shelby,
Michigan. They will bo accompanied by
Miss Allon Hicks, who will romain on a
visit. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner will also
make the return trip with them.
-Mr. Robt. Crisp fell last, Friday from
a ladder while fixing shingles on tho
root of the shed over tho sidewalk in
front of bis house. His back was badly
wrenched, but his many friends will bo
glad to learn that he is getting over his
-Go to J. ?fi J. S. (Jailer's to get your
new suit. The have them now nod moro
coming. Yourwnutitsliall.be supplied,
for you v*ant a largo stock to select from
and yon want prices right. So go now
and get first choice.
- Bo sure to hoar tho address of A. P.
Montague, L.L. D., on Christian educa
tion, in t he Walhalla Baptist church, on
Sunday, April 2ild. I twill repay you for
your attendance. Dr. Montague is a (Ino
speaker. All are invited to hoar him.
-Spring is hore and our spring goods
are here. Do not fail to see our now
lines, for weean suit, you; besides, that
thing you are so anxious about (prices),
will suit. you. Como now.
J. & J. S. ('A it ri:ic, Westminster, S. C.
- Gaffney Ledger: "Fifty years ago,
on tho loth of April, snow fell here to
tho depth of two or three inches. Tho
trees were in full loaf, tho dogwood
trees were in full bloom, and much corn
was ii]) and was bitten down by the frost
which followed."
- Messrs. John H. Keith and ('harlie
Langston accompany Mr. .loo Dickson
to bis home in Montana.. Those young
men left for the far Weston last Sunday.
Mr. Keith is a Walhalla boy, son of the
late Col. W. C. Keith, and young Lang
stott is from (.'layton, (Ja. We wish them
groat success in their new home.
- Mrs. Tecoa W. Foster, of Anderson
pounty, ba? purchased from .lohn W.
and ? manda C. Tannery their valuable
farm on Snow crook in Center township,
nod will remove to it next fall, where she
and her family will make their home in
the future. Wo welcome Mrs. Foster
and her clever husband into Goonoo.
- Toecoa(Ga.) Record: "Mr. W. J. Sut
iles has returned from Atlanta, where
he has been under treatment, of Dr. Cal
houn, for his eyes, and we aro sorry to
know that be bad to have In's right oyo
taken entirely out." Mr. Mattie* has
many friends horn who are sorry to hear
of his misfortune.
- Miss Ida McCollough went to Spar
enburg Tuesday lo attend the marriage
of her former pupil, Miss Eva Potty,
daughter of Mr. (ibas. I'etty, to a promi
nent young lawyer of New York city.
Tho nuptials woro celebrated Wednesday
in li ning. Tho bride is .? well known
w ri tor, and of late years she has been
engaged on tho New York Sun. She is a
brjght, beautiful and accomplished young
woman. Her many Carolina frionds ex
tend congratulations and best, wishes to
tho happy couple.
astin Nickola & Co.'ti I31uo Ribbon Cof
iklos, Hooker's Oat Meal and Taplooa,
)ats, Corn Starch, Macaroni, Armour's
s Diamond "C" Hams and Diamond "C"
tho Grocery lino, wbiob you will find
-Largo O8sortmont of ladies' drosB
skirt? at Miss H. Phillips', .Seneca, S. C.
-An Ooonoo county furmor has found
out that by planting onions and potatooB
in tho samo Hold, in altornato rows, tho
onions bocomo no strong that tboy bring
tears to tho oyes of tho potatoos lu such
vast volumes that tho roots of tho vinos
arc kept moist and a big orop raised, iu
spite of tho drouth.
-Hov. John Smith, colored, was ar
rested in Souoca on Tuesday ns ho was
in tho act of boarding tho Southern Rail
road train. Ho is wanted in Anderson
v n tho chargo of obtaining goods undor
falso protor.uou. Hu was taken to Ander
son thia (Thursday) morning by Deputy
Shoriff ll. R. Moss, wlioro ho will bo
dealt with according to law.
Fino lot Watermelon, Corn, To
mato and Bean."., dorman Millet.
Onion Sets.
All Burpee's Seed warranted
and spld at catalogue prices.
Reniombor, wo givo you th roo to
four times more seed-and hoo
ter-than you got in packagos.
Attention. U. S. Witnesses.
J. W. Sholor, United Staten Commis
sioner, lias a large number of ein? '.u on
hand for tho paymont of witnesses who
havo been sworn in ins court. Thu wit
nesses can got a check in paymont of
their claims hy calling on Mr. Sholor at
Addition to Our Mercantile Brigade.
Mr. Myer Saul, a prominent merchant
of Hartwell, (ia., lins decided to open a
hrnnoh store in Walhalla, lie has routed
tho store room of Mrs. Ivcstor, on Main
street, and will bogin oponing a ?tock of
clothing and furnishing goods noxt Mon
day. Wo extend him a cordial wolcomo
to our town and comity.
A Heavy Loss.
Tho many friends of Capt. J. L. Mc
Carley deeply sympathise with him in
tho loss of so much valuablo property by
iiro on inst Monday night. Tho Uro was
ovidently of incendiary origin. Such
malicious destruction of property should
bo swiftly punished. There was no in
suranco, and a loss of about $!!,000 was
Clippings (rom Rabun.
Miss Stella Langston, has returned
from Walhalla, S. C., af tor sovoral wooks
Mr. II, Long and Mr. L. N. Robins
drove in town to-day with .'12 copnor stills
out into smithereens. Tho stills wore
well perforated, as woro tho caps and
Mr. and Mrs. Ch arl io Grant, of Wal
halla, aro in town to-day.-Clayton (Qa.)
Tribune, April ?.
Anderson Increasing Oconoe's Population.
Mr. J. L. O. Shaw, of Tokoona, S. C.,
accompanied by his two sous, Messrs.
W. S. and J, R. Shaw, was in Walhalla
on Thursday of last wcok on business
connected with tho purchase of a tract
of land from Miss Kinma C. Sitton, of
Pendleton. Mr. Shaw is au Anderson
county mau and he and his family, con
sisting of his wife and ten children, havo
rocontly become citizens of Oconoo
county. W7o gladly wolcomo this largo
and interesting family to our territory
nnd bespeak for thom a cordial recoption
by our people
Arrested for Stealing and Concealing.
On last Monday night Deputy Shoriff
U. li. Moss arrested Tom and I'ierco
Cleveland, sons of ('lark Cleveland, who
live about tinco milos south of Walhalla,
on tho charge of concealing a stolen
nullo belonging to W. II. Drown, of Hol
land's store, Anderson county, which
was stolen last February. Tom and
I'ierco ('loveland, together with tho mule,
wore taken to Anderson Tuesday morn
ing. Sam Small, who stole tho mule, is
under arrest in Anderson, and tho three
will ho held * ero for trial-Sam Small
on the charge of stealing tho mule, and
tho Clevelands fi>r concealing stolon pio
Married, on Wednesday, April 5th,
1 Stn), In Tryon Street Baptist church, at
Charlotte, N. C., Mr. Albert W. Watson
to Mis? Mainio Pool. Immediately after
tho coromony tho bride and grou. .
took the train for (Jroonvilio, S. C.,
where an elegant recoption was tendered
them hy his parent?, Kir. and Mrs. C. Iv
Watson. After spending thrco days in
Greenville they returned to their nome
in Charlotte. Mr. Watson is train dis
patcher on tho Southern and is held in
high Osteom. Mrs. Watson is an attrac
tive young woman, and also a nativo
South Carolinian. Tho groom has many
friends in Walhalla who extend congratu
lations and wish thom many years of
happiness and prosperity.
To tho Tuno ol $10.
As a linnie to a free for-all fight, with
glittering bl ad OB on Saturday night,
Wade Alexander, Sam James, Jim Koo
ton, B?rry Hollaras, W. J. Russell and
Perry Nicholson were before Mayor llol
leman Monday morning, and eacli lined
ton dollars fop lighting and disorderly
conduct. They were a Jolly crowd on
Saturday evoning. while tanking up on
"rat" or "coon'' juice, but the results
woro disastrous. Somo escaped from
the moioo with gai>ing wounds on the
lu-ad and rhouldors, while others got oil
v. it h numorotis cut? of their clothing.
Tho boys had their outing Saturday
night, ?iud "paintod the old town red,"
hut tho Mayor had his inning Monday
?- - - -4*^--~
Dr. Jameson as Spcrotary.
On Tuesday, 11 th instant, Rev. S. Y.
Jameson, D. I)., of Atlanta, was elected
corresponding secretary of the liaptist
Mission Boara of Georgia. This is an
important office, and tho discharge of
its duties will require his winde time.
In speaking of his election the Atlanta
Constitution says;
ARov. S. V, Jameson, pastor of the
Went Kiwi Itnntlst church ?mci one of tho
most prominent ministers of Atlanta,
was soleil d to iii) tho vacancy caused
hy the resignation of Dr. J. H. Gibson
and will next Sunday resign tho pastorate
of tho West lind Baptist church.
"Dr. Jameson is the only pastor the
West Bud Baptist church has over
known, and for ton years has had charge
of thia pastorate, l?o assumed ohargo
of (Iiis ch ii roi) when its momborsbip
numbered less than ino, and hy his
energy and devotion to tho work, has
caused it to bocomo ope of tho most im
portant oh inches in tho city, Ho has
succeeded in erecting a largo and magnifi
cent church edifice, and under his care
and (guidance the congregation hi's
grown yearly."
Dr. Jameson is an Oconoo mau and ho
gan his ministerial life at Westminster.
Many of his kindred nov/ reside in Ooo
noo and will receive tho nows of his pro
motion with great pleasure.
International Sunday School.
Tho International Sunda! School Cou
vontiou will assomble at Atlanta, Qa.,
April 2flth. The South.orn Railroad will
havo tickets on salo April 26th, 20th and
27th, limited to rotura until May 8d, for
one fare for tho round trip.
Ha* Accepted.
J oso ph W. Shelor, Esq., a prominent
lawyer of the Walhalla liar, has aooopted
an invitation to deliver tho oommouoo
mont address before tho cadets of the
Patrlok Military Instituto on Juno 14th
next.-Anderson Advocate
A Walhalla Boy GoloTlected In the West.
Mr. J. Henry Pitohford has boon oloot
od Mayor of Tahlequah, Indian Terri
tory. Tho oleotion oanio off last wook
and was intensely exciting. Ile rooolv
103 votes, his opponent 02. This will ho
welcome nowB to tho many Walhalla
friends of Mr. Pitohford.
This ls Worth Your Attention.
Wo would again remind our frlonds
and patrons that wo charge for nil trib
utos of roBpoot, memorial roBolutiotiB.
oto., whore they exceed one hundred
words. AH over that number munt bo
paid for at tho rato of ono cont n word.
Cash required or Batisfaotory arrango
mont made boforo publication is made. I
Whon you want an obituary, tribute of
i os poet, memorial resolutions, otc, pub
lished in tho (.'or m Ki!, deduct, ono hun
dred wordB from tho total numbor and
thou remit us at tho rate of ono cont a
word for tho remainder. Don't ask us
to doviato from this rulo. No roasonablo
porson ought to oxpoot us to publish
long obituaries and such like notices
witYiout receiving somo compensation
for tho samo. Wo havo doue n groat doal
of this kiud of printing in tho last fow
yoars gratis. Wo aro always will
ing to do our part, but don't caro to
shoulder tho whole burdon. Wo oau't
run a first class newspaper, snob RB
tho CotntiKit, without rocolvtng somo
remuneration for our labor and tho capi
tal invested in thouowspapor business.
Death of Capt. G. G. W?lls.
On Tuesday morning, 11th, Instant,
Capt. G. G. W?lls, died at his homo in
Ho was an honor graduate of tho Cita
del, and a commission as captai:: in tho
Confederate army, serving in Virginia,
North and youth Carolina. Last Novem
ber ho had a stroke of paralysis from
which ho novor rccovorcd. Mince thou ho
has hoon confined to his rosidonoo. For
tho past few wooks ho has boootno
weaker, and Tuesday morning quitoly
passed away. Ho was prominent, as a
Baptist, hoing secretary of tho hoard of
trustees of Kurraan University for thirty
yoars, doacon of his ehuroh twenty-two
years, and superintendent of Sunday
school ton years. Ho was a mombor of
tho Convontion which adopted tho pres
ent Constitution of tho State. Ho novor
took any part in politics, devoting his lifo
to his profession, and hoing recognized
as a profound lawyer.
Ho was horn Ootobor, 25th 1880.
His funeral services woro conducted in
tho First Baptist church at (Jroonvillo
Wednesday aftornoon at half past four
o'clock hy Dr. Gardner and largely at
His wife died in 1801.
Bight children survive. A groat, faith
ful and useful man has gono to II?B To
Death ol T. H. Dondy.
Mr. Thomas Hogan Dendy died at his
homo at Richland on Saturday morning,
April 8th, 1800, at 8 o'clock, from kidney
complications. Tho announcement of
his death carries sorrow to' a largo circle
of relatives and friends.
Ho was born on August 1st, 18:57, in
tho house in which ho died. His parent s,
Capt. James Hogan and Elizabeth Knox
Dendy, removed to Richland about the
year 18'20. They continued to reside
th oro and reared a family of ton chil
dren, six of whom Burvivo, viz: Maj. 8,
P. Dondy, Capt, S. K. Dendy and Mis.
Wm. J. Novillo, of Walhalla: Hon. M.
ll. Dondy, Mrs. Elizabeth Hughs and
Mrs. E. lt. Strihling, of Richland.
On December (1th, 18(57, ho was happily
married to Miss Lucy A. Terrell. Ho
hecanio the owner of tho family homo
stead where ho and his wife resided for
nearly thirty-two years, and reared a
family of ten children. The oldest son,
W. E. Dendy, is superintendent of tho
Yorkvillo graded .?"hool, and another, J,
T. Dondy, is now completing his senior
year in the Columbia Theological Semi
Mr. Dendy was a true, noble, manly
man. His days wore spent, on the farm,
and ho magnified his calling by the suc
cess which ho achieved. To roar and
oducato a family of ?en children on a
farm as he has dono was a task of no
small magnitude. Of him it may bo
written that ho was truo to himself, his
home, his country and his God.
In early lifo he united with tho Rich
land Presbyterian church, and for SJ
years he tilled the ellice of Doacon. Ho
was Sunday School superintendent four
teen years. Ho contributed liberally of
both his tinto and means to tho support
of tho institutions of his church.
In h:s devout and zealous hfe tho
! Christi.'n graces woro fitly exemr ?i?led.
Hts kindness and generosity were pro
verbial. Well did ho sorve his day and
generation. Duty was his watchword,
and his linty in al! the relations of life
was nobly done, livery human need
found in him a ready responso. It ia
said that ho helped to dig ovory gravo,
except two, at Richland Presbyterian
church. On different occasions, whon
no minister was present, ho would con
duct tho hurlai sorvicos and perform thu
last sad rites over tho dead.
Ho saw three years of sorvico in tho
civil war. Ho enlisted as a member of
(len. Kershaw's regiment, Second South
Carolina Volunteers. After a fow
months ho was transferred to tho Second
South Carolina Rides, .tonkins' Brigade
Ho participated in sovoral bard-fought
battles, and was In the heavy fight bo
hind tho stone fence at Erodcricksburg.
Ho romalnod in tho sorvico to tho omi
and was mustered out at Appomattox
Court Houso on April 0th, 18(55. On tho
battlo Holds of his country woro dis
played tho samo unfailing valor and for
titude with which for 8-1 yoars thoro
af tor ho fought tho battles of lifo in
tho church militant. Thon, tho
warfare hoing ended, tho final command
obeyed, tho last victory won, ho laid lils
earthly armor down for enlistment in tho
church triumphant. For sovoral days ho
knew that tho time of his departure was
at hand, but ho felt no foars. To
thoso about him he said tho way was
clear, and ho died as ho had lived-an
humble Christian. The world was mado
hotter and brigbtor for his having lived
in it. Tiio lesson ot bis lifo in that of duty
nobly dono. His charactor is woll
worthy of emulation hy tho young mon
of to-day.
On Sunday afternoon at throo o'clock
hi? bier was followed to Richland Pres
byterian church. The funeral sorvicos
wore conducted hy Rev. R. h. Rogers,
assisted hy Rev. lt. L. Duffie, in tho pres
ence of a huge concourse of Borrowing
friends. To his widow and children wo
Join with a host of friends and kindred
in oxtending sincere sympathy,
Secret of Beauty
is health. Thc secret of health is
thc power to digest and assim
ilate a proper quanity of food.
This can never bc done when
the liver does not act lt's part
Doyouknow this?
Tutt's Liver Pills are an abso
lute curr for sick headache, dys
pepsia, sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, torpid liver, piitis,
jaundice, bilious fever, bilious
ness and kindred diseases,
Tutt's Liver Pills
Santa C FUE, in thc Philippines, !:r?r
boen captured hy (lon. Lawton. The in
surgents lost 08 lives. No Am?ricain
woro killed and oply six wounded.
Black Diamond Officiai? Stop Ovor -Othor
Hom? of Local News.
SENECA, 8. C.. April ll_W. B. Oron
ehaw, of Knoxvlllo, Tennessee, aud Wm.
Kirkby, of Tolodo, Oblo, bf tho "Dliiok
Diamond," woro registered atthoOcouoo
Inn tho drat of the weok.
A distressing aooideut occurred last
Tbur*d*y. A Mr. Burns, who Uvea
aeVeral milos from here, carno into town
to BOO his son off ou the Bluo Ridge
train. Tito son, belonging to tho army,
lind boon homo ou a furlough and was
ro tu mi ng. Just as young Mr. Burris
stopped into tho train his father. at
tempted to follow, but hoing obliged to
Stop ovor tho couples of a freight tran?,
had his foot badly mashed, lie was car
ried tc the boarding house of Mrs. Phil
lips, whoro physicians amputated the
looi. and his wifo wns summonod.
Tho many friends of tho family of Mr.
"'. E. Dickson aro glad of their ret urn
from Atlanta to Souooa. They will oo
oupy tho up .stairs rooms of thc
Doyle building.
Wiss L?llau Vernor, of Walhalla, ami
Miss Marlo Bruoo, of Toccoa, visited
Mrs. J. M. Strother last weok.
Several boys and girls from boro at
tended a party given by Miss Mary Davis
at ber homo in tho couutry Friday ovo
ning. ,
Miss Lucile Mnokoy is tho guest, oj
Mrs. E. A. Hine;;. ,
Tho friends of Mr. M. Stokes Stl'lbling
ave gi.ul to soo him out, after having boon
coull ned to tho houso for several weeks.
Mrs. Gignilllat, of Marlotta, Ga., ie
visiting tho family of her son, Mr. G. W.
Dr. .hickson G?CS, whoso home is at
Townvillo, and who was recently gradu
ated from tho Medical College at Au
gusta, spout Saturday in town.
Miss Ida McCullough, of Walhalla, waa
in town a short while Monday on hoi
way to Spartanburg.
Tho pulpit at tho Methodist chm eli
was Ulled last Sunday morning by Hov.
Pntriok II. Moars, of tho Ourlfttlau
chinch. Tho congregation was very
much pleased with tho sermon and thc
man. Hov. J. L. Da. ni el, tho pastor,
prc.udied as usual ill tho afternoon.
Hov. I). W. Iliott, tho now pastor ol
tho Baptist church, will soon movo hie
family boro, whon tboy will occupy thc
Welch houso.
Tho millinery opening of Mr. E. J.
Hunnloutt will bo hold this week; thal
of MisB H. Phillips next weok.
Miss Julia Bryan, ono of Seneca*!
charming young ladies, loaves thin weeli
for Augusts, to .spend some time. Hoi
friends wish hor a pleasant visit.
Mr. Wal tor Z. Swann, ono of tho ope
raton of tho Western Union Telegraph
Company, Atlanta, spout several days oj
this wook with tho family of his father
Mr. V. li. Swann.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Bryan havo moved
into tho cottage rooontly erected by Dr,
John Hopkins.
Mrs. G. W. Tolbort and children nponl
Sunday at Walhalla. t .
Mr. J, Adgor MoOraroy, of Pondloton,
was in town Monday, Ho has rocoivoi:
an appointment in tho navy yard al
Washington, and was on his way to ac
copt tho position. Ho is a graduate !'ol
(denison. M.VltY E. SWANN.
SENECA, S. C., April 12.-On Mond?)
night, near 12 o'clock, tho stable, barr
and cribs of J. L. McCarloy,.Esq., win
lives on tho Maxwoll place, about oighl
miles from boro, woro burned. Elovoi
horses, 17 cows and 2 two di orso wagons
15,000 hundios of fodder, BOO bushels ol
corn and farming implements, wort
burnell. A preliminary trial was hole:
beforo Magistrate T. E. Strihling hort
to-day, Numa Campholl, colored, bollix
charged with tho burning. Tho negri
was sont up to court.
Hov. Phillips Vernor passed throng!
Seneca Tuesday afternoon. Ho had wi tl
h'm two littlo African boys whom ho in
tends having educator). ll. K. s.
Earlos Mills and Tokponn Blldgol.
TOKEENA, April ll.-Tho formera o
this section look Uko they have got tin
blues. Wo guess that it is timo for thon
to havo something, as it looks liko tho;
aro not going to got to plant any crop.
Small grain is looking very voil.
Mr. T. M. Jones, who lives near Sand;
Springs, was in theso parts rooontly o'
Mr. J. O. B. Haloy has been dean
somo good work ou tho roads. Wi
think ho knows his business.
Dr. C. T. J. (iiles, who rccoutly gradu
atod at tho Georgia Medical Coflcgo, a
Augusta, in spending several day? wit!
his parents, Mr. anilMrs. C. D. (Mles.
Prof. M. C. Barton's school at Pim
Grove will close next Friday, April I-1 Lil
Mr. Iago Kooso, ono of Fair Play'i
promising young mon, was in this com
niunity recently.
Mr. J. H. Bruce, of Townvillo, was ii
thia burg hist Sunday.
Tho school at Cross Hoads, under tin
control of M ins Maud Cromer, closet
last Friday. Sho has taught asueoossfu
school and tho patrons aro woll plcasci
with her work,
Don't forgot tho musical entertain
mont at Townvillo April 14.
?-,-?-w*t #
Suffering humanity shouldbo supplie?
with ovory means possible for its relict
It is With pleasure we publish tho follow
lng: "This is to certify that I was a toi
riblo sufferer from yollow jnundico fo
over six months, and was treated b;
some of tho best physician;; in om cit;
and all to no avail. Dr. Boll, our draft
gists, recommended Electric Bitters
and after taking two bottles, I was 011
Uroly cured. I now tako great pleosur
in recommending thom to any poraOl
suffering from this torriblo malady,
am guilefully yours, M. A. Hegarty, Lox
legten, Ky." Sold by J. W. Boll, Wal
baila; H. ll. Zimmerman, Westminstoi
W. J. Lunney, Seneca, Druggists.
* ?- -
Programmo of Union Meeting.
Pour MADISON, S. C., April 10, 1809.
Bditors CouniElt: Please publish tho fo1
lowing programme of union meeting o
tho Second District:
Will meet With tho Kort Madiso
church on Saturday hoforo tho lifth Sun
i ay In April at 10} o'clock A. M. Dove
tional sorvicos led by Sam Tannery.
Int Query : Higher attainment in Oin b
tia:: lifo; how shall it bo attained
Oponed by J. W. Reynolds.
2d Query: Aro wo as professed Club
liana not doing tho causo of Christ
groat injury in professing to bo thn
which wo do not practico ? Can wo b
saved in so doing y By J. A. Voiles.
Sunday School mass meeting. Query
What aro tho duties of Christian parent
in regard to tho moral and intollootut
development of thoir children ? Ho\
P. J. Vormillion.
Sermon at 11} o'clock A. M. by Ho\
P. J. Vormillion. S. O. SMITH,
For Committee.
Tho plain and hopeful truth about dil
cano is shown in tho light of tho oof
BOiouce of tho oontttry in Dr. Pierce'
Common SOIIHO Medical Advisor. It is
volume of KKW pages; illus! 1 alni, |
also contain)! lottors' from many wh
havo boon roscuod from consumptioi
This groat hook is KKK ic, if you send :
ono-oont stamps, to cover cost of mal
lng only, to World's Dianonaary Mod
cal Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
A Card ol Thunk?.
My kindest thanks aro duo and ai
hereby tendered to my friends and neigl
hors for their many ads of kinduot
shown mo during tho illue. s of my soi
caused by a tree falling on him, an
which caine so near costing him his Uh
May tho g^ood Lord bless ovory ono ?
them in this world and tt|o next.
.fits. JANE Ani.)ta.
TOKKKVA, S, C., Aprjl 10, IHM?.
Tho casual! ?cs ju (bo A mci ?i,a n arni
in tho Philippines, from February I I
March J inclusive, aro reported to th
Adjutant Gonoral's olllco in Washingl.o
as follows: Killed, 1 SI ; wounded, IMI?
total, 1,100.
?:v.?-V.-'t ".....V
^mrtiri-i? iii', V?Qi itfttllil
Westminster Lo?fit Intelligence.
\yK?-TMINbren, 8, O., April 12.1-A con
gregational niootlug o? the Presbyterian
ohuroh will ho held ou uoxt fourth Sab
bath, April 28d, at tho conoluslon of tho
morning Borvioo for tho purpose of eloot*
lng two Deacons and one Kider.
Rov. Arthur Oraino, of New Jorsoy,
?reached threo edifying sormons in the
aptist ohuroh last week. H?B themes
wero '.Conversion," "Love" aud "Spir
itual Birth." Westminster hopes to en
joy more of Mr. Oralee's preaching goon.
Miss Lily Doyle is local agont at West
minster for tho "Timrod Memorial As
sociation," Tho books aro worth $1.50
-xMrs. W. M. Q( B8ott loft this morning
for a ten days' visit to relativos at Qroon
vlllo, Clifton and Piokons.
Mr. Thos. N. Carter has gouo down to
Thomasvilld, Qa., for the beuoflt of his
Dr. Bruco MoCubbins, a recout gradu
ate Of tho M asimilo Medical College,
who in also a number ono railroad man,
is sorviug tho Sou thorn Railway as dopot
agont boro for tho prosont. Our agent,
Mr. Cauinboll, is proparing himself to
stand a civil ser vico examination.
Tho nows of tho doath of Mr. Thomas
II. Dendy, of Richland, was roooivod
boro Saturday cvoniug. Mr. Dendy ha??
many friends and his doath will oause
wide-spread sorrow. A good mau has
gono to biB reward. Our sympathies a. 1
extended to tho bereaved family in thor
groat loss.
Mrs. Eugenia Pearson, of Duo Wost,
widow of tho lato Hov. W. F. Pearson, is
visiting hor daughter, Mrs. S. L. Wilson.
Harmony GrovoCMtlzon. April 0: "Mrs.
W. A. Quiihun loft thia morning for
Wostminstor, S. C.,whoro sho will spend
several days with her daughter, Mis,
Ciando Little"
Tho Baptists bavo written Rov. A. P.
Montague, i,.I,, D., President of Furman
University, to como and preach next
Sundny, April 10th. It is oxpoctod that
ho will aceppt tho invitation, provided
ho has DJ previous nppointmont.
A. L. Q08SKTT.
Another groat discovory has boon
made, nnd that too, by a Indy in this
country. "Disease fastened ita clutches
upon hor for seven years she withstood
it? sovorest teats, but her vitnl organs
woro undermined and death Boomed Im
minent. For tinco mouths abo coughed
incessant ly, nnd could not sleep. SllO
tinnily discovered a way to recovory, hy
purchasing of us n hottlo of Dr. King's
Now Discovery lor consumption, and
was HO much relieved on taking flrat
dose, that sho slept nil night; and with
two bottles, bas been absolutely cured
Hor nnmo is M?t*. Luther Lute.'1 Thus
writes W. C. Dam nick ft Co., of Shelby,
N. C. Trial hottlo freo at J. W. Doll's,
Walhalla; W. J. Lunnoy'a, Seneca; H.
ll. Zimmerman's, Wostminstor, Drug
Regular sizo 50c nnd tl. Every hottlo
Items from South Union.
Mr. J. J. Leo would hnvo tho finest
wheat crop of any body in tho neighbor
hood, if ho would just koop tho oows oft.
Messrs, Sam and Claud Burriss visited
friends in Georgia Sunday. "They hud
hotter look out, or they will got their lin
ger bit or arm aquoozod."
Misses Amanda Heeder and Mary Sam | i
Messer viBitod friends and rolativos at
Townvillo Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Leslie Strlbltng, of Fort Hill, ia
visiting tlio family of Mr. W. Il.Sholdon.
Dr. Wohb and M ?HS Ada King woro 11
Been i Hiing through thia community lnat
Sunday. Sho must bo very sweet, ns
abo "enn't ont nny kind of cundy but tho (
very llnost of French," i
Mr. H. P. Loftis nnd daughters, M?HSCB <
O'Mery and lissie, visited Newry Inst 1
Saturday ami Sunday.
Misses Annie und Veda Sheldon made
a (lying trip to Lavonia, Ca,, last week.
Mr. J. J. Cromer was in tho Oakway
midst Sundny.
Mr. '1. J. Harris lost a valuable cow
h"it wook.
Missou Huella mid Fonelln Malone vis
ited rolntives near Now Hopo Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Roedio Cromer visited hor father,
Ezra Cromer, last Sundny. Wo hopo to
soo hor hack again soon,
Miss Hattie, Norris, of Ooorgia, was
tho gucBt of Miss Ida Stonecyphor Sun
Mr. nnd Mrs. Patt iBbollo, of Cross
Hoads, visited relatives boro last Sunday.
"I wonder if sho dropped hor hat in tho
mud bolo?"
Mr. and Mrs Cannon, of Ooorgia, via
ted tho family of Mr. J. L. Rccdor Sun
Mrs. E. P. 1 Inn is nnd Miss M. E. Craw
ford Hpent Sundny with Mrs. T. J).
" ong.
Wo nympnthizo with Mr. t'laudo Gib
son for Ina snd misfortune of having to
' nvo his too taken off, nnd nie glad to
now ho in improving.
Mr. Marett, of (?oorgln, spout somo
few days with Mr. Lovis Knox. Wo hopo
0 will como hack soon to go "crow hull
ing." s. G.
- -4 . ?- - -
"A word to tho wise is sufiloiont" and
word from tho wiso should ho sufll
cicnt, but you ask, who arc tho wiao?
'lioso who know. Tho oft repeated ex
perience of trustworthy poisons may ho
taken for knowlodgo. Mr. W. M. Torry
saya Chaiiiborlnin's Cough Remedy givei
' otter cat infant lon than any other in tho
market. Ho has boon in tho drug busi
ness at Elktoh, Ky., for twolvo years;
ns sold hundreds of bottl of this
oinody nnd nearly all othor cough medi
dnos nianiifaoturod, which shows oon
iusively that Chamberlain's ia the most
atisfactory to tho peoplo, nnd is tho
heat. For snlo by J. W. Boll, Walhalla;
. B. Zimmerman, Westminster; W. J.
untiay, Sonora.
Itoturn Biulyot.
lt BTU UN, S. C., April 10.-Time brings
many changes and sorrow. Wo woro
very sorry to loam of tho doath of Mr.
Thomas fl, Dondy, and nlso tho death of |
Mrs. W. W. Mosa. Mr. and Mrs. Moss
lived for ninny yonra in this vicinity nnd
hnvo many warm friends and rolativos
who extend their doonost sympathy to
tho henri ct ricken family.
It was vory snd indeed to loam of tho
loath of Mrs. Elias Crooks, of Friend
ship, formerly of this placo. Thoro woro
nany of hor friends and rolativos from
imo who attended tho funeral sorvlcos ut |
Friendship M. E. church yoatordny.
Mr. Hilory Oolo and family, of Oak
way, loft Saturday morning, tho 8th
instant, for Polzor, S. C.
Mr. J. A. Bennien, who went to Polzor
sometime ugo, is moving back to tho Ho
ll eut neighborhood. His health and tho j
health of his fumily would not permit
him to live ut Polzor.
Miss Ellie Martin, of Return, hm hoon
on the sick dst for the psst few dnys.
Mr. J. F. Martin, who rocoivod a lick
from a fulling acnnlhug tho other day, ia
scarcely aldo to get about.
Mr. C. W. Hayes \;nn at Westminster
Saturday terracing nnd fixing up his I
farm that ho recently purchased thoro.
Messrs. .lohn Hanyon and - Foster
woro visiting this noigl 'lorhood on busi
ness last wook from near Holton, S. C.
Mr. Foster was successful in purchasing
ono of tho most dosirnblo fnrms in this
section from Mr. J. W. Tannory. If you
don't want to soil yourlnud yon had bot
ter not offer it to an Andorson man.
Mr. Androw Ileardon had a Uno molo
to dio tho othor day. This is vory bud,
as we aro so far bofdnd in farming now
we nood all tho plow help possible,
Wo bavo never witnessed liorotoforo
as littlo work dono on farms np to dato.
The frosts nnd winds nro still with us.
Our pondi crop is a failure nnd but little
hopo Of apples,
Mr. A. W. Tannery snys ho recollects
.18 or 50 yr." rs ago. tho 15th of April,
whont wns in full bend, lt snowed na
heavy ns hu over snw it all day. It
mel I ed very fnst. That night it was cold
and freezing. Wheat was killed. Tho
woods woro greon and tho loaves on tho
troos nearly grown. Everything wau
killed down. \yiicftt now don't near
coyer the ground. He says it is tho
BfirrloBt hp evpr ?nw at this dato, lodi of
April. u. ,i. M.
An', wer to tho Bible Hiddle.
SKNKOA, S. C., April 10.-To tho Edi
tors of KROWRH COWIUKU: I say I?; was
it lissie's, nes that ho rodo to Moah to
curso Israel, Wi Md A M HUNMOUTT,
"Saved Her Ufe."
MBS. JOHN WALLET, of Jefferson,
Wis., than whom none ls moro highly
esteemed or widely known, writes.
"In 18901 bad a sovero attack of LaGrlppo
and at tho ond of four months, In spite of all
physicians, friends and good nursing could
do, my lungs boart au'd uorvous system woro
so completely wrecked, my Ufo was do
jpalrod of, my frlonds giving mo up. 1 could
Duly sloop by tho usa of opiates. My lungs
and boart pained mo terribly and my cough
(???? ?".eel aggt/watlug. I could not Ho lu
uno position but a short timo and not on my
loft eldo at nil. My husband brought mo
Dr. miles'' riorvln > and Heart Cure and I bo
gan taking thom. When I bad taken a half
!x>tt!e ot each I ws ? nvach bettor and contin
uing persistently ! took about a dozen bot
tles and was compl Holy rostered to health to
bho surprise of all. '
Dr. Milos' Homedlos
?ro sold by all drug
gists undar n poshIvo
guaranteo, first bot. io
?onoflts or money ro
Fundod. Hook on dis
lasos of tho heart and
lorvosfroo. Address,
DU. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
Nows From Oakway.
OAKWAY, S. C., April ll.-Prof. J. S.
Fennings pronobod nt Now Bethel Hnpti?t
ibu roh Sundny nt ll A. M.
Miss Ella Jlonrdon is visiting Miss Min
lio Finley this wcok.
Mr. TI. C. McCrnokin. of Fort Hill,
dsitod bis cousin, Mr. Virgil McCrnokin,
Saturday night.
Miss /ima Kny nnd Mr. Sbirloy, of
3oorgin. visltod tbo Misses Reeder Sun
lay. ?MiMS Alma intends sponding a
ivhilo with friends bofoio returning to
Miss Mary Sbolor nnd brother Hylaii
visited tho fnniilyof Prof. J. S. Jennings
Messrs. John Losloy nnd Henry Vernor,
if Retreat, Jnko Crotnor, of South
Union, Willio MoLoskoy nnd W. D. GiloB,
>f Tokcona, ltobort Price and Coorgo
lolly of liowninn, attended ohuroh nt
ibis placo Sundny.
Tho niarriago of Mr. W. M. Lomonn to
Miss Josie Bennien, was sol em ni /ed at
tho homo of tho bride's father, Mr. A.
itoardon SuirHay morning at 10..'H). Hov.
I. M. McGuiro oflleiating. Tho brido
md groom bavo ninny friond around
Dak way who wish thom muoh success
n their journey through lifo.
Huoklon's Arnica Halve.
Tho best salvo in tho world for outs,
jruisos, sorso, ulcors, Bait rheum, fovor
tores, totter, chnppod hands, ohilblnins,
joins and nil skin emptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required. It
s guaranteed to givo porfcot satisfaction,
ir monoy'refunded. Price 25 con ts nor
For salo by D. B. Darby, Walhnlln;
W. J. Lunney, Sonoca, and II. H. Zini
normnn, Westminister.
Tho North karolina Legislature has
igrocd that tho ??lnck Diamond Hail rond
iball writo "gold" in its bonds, bnonuso
i largo part of thom nro to bo llontod in
Kiiglniul, nnd England doos not want any
ixcopt gold bonds. Tims it seems Mint j
tho North Carolinians hnvo recognized, |
iftor nil, thnt wo cannot do precisoly ns
wo pienso in money mutters, without oon
uilting any other country.-tininosvillo
is So.
nnd ns chonply in ono ns nnothor; but
thoro aro goods that you cannot got
ovory whore. Thia is tho lino wo want to
show. We hnvo ninny dainty now things
for Spring that aro now and hoautiful in
Wash Hoods, Silks and Woolens, and
our " Silver Star " Madras for Shirt
Waists nt 121c is unequaled. Thoy aro
ns pretty as silk. Sond for samples.
Our now lino of Lndios' Shoes, just
ht, Blaok and Tan Oxfords and Sandals,
and they have tho style and lit, you can
depend upon it.
Our Mon's Furnishing Department was
novor bettor-Neckwear, Hosiery, Col
lars and Cuffs, Shirts, while and colored.
Soo our now Silk Bosom Shirts nt $1.00.
You can't nintcb thom.
Wo hnvo n full stock of Mon's Straw
lints, nil new sbnpos nnd up to date,
Wo bavo a "Nobby Hat" for only 60s,
Wolena and will soil yon if you will
only look before you buy.
1 AT. WHAN & CO.,
W:. D. LESLY ot G
A few of our specials for tho noxt ton days wilt bo in SI1 OKS.
Two oases Ladies' Laced Silk Vosting Top Vioa Shoe?, in tans and h?acks?
guaranteed ?ll loatbor soles, worth and soil anywhere.for $1.70 to $2 por Ou*
prico only $1.49. . '
Our lot of Oxford Tics-the kind that "will not skin up. Thc soles are au
leather. The beat bargain you will And this season, only 70 couts,
Will montlou a few of our Groceries:
Qood ono-hftlf Patent Flour $3.75 nor barro!.
Arbuoklo's Oolloo, per paokago, 10 conti).
Granulated Sugar, 17 pounds for $1.
Soda, 10 pounds for 25 couts.
. Wo soil all Snot)' at 4 couts por box. *
Hoot Oatilakes, 6 oonts per pound.
While wo are soiling wo will buy a fow things. Will give 22 couts cash for
Hong; 23 cents in irado; 8 oonts per dozen for Eggs, Will buy and give tho top of
Ibo warkot for Butter, Peas, Corn, &o.
Yours very rospoctfully,
A Nico, Clean'Stook of Dry Goods, Notions, Shoos and Sllppors, Hats,
rrunkl anti Valises, Clothing and Gonts' Furnishing Goods', Il'ardwaro, Groceries, :
I'alnts, Oils and Varnish, Stoves and Rangos, Saddles, Harness and Bridlos, Bap
Hobos and Buggy Urabrollas, Ac
Cotton Sood Meal and Hulls, Bran, Hay and Com.
Not Cheap Goods,
Good Good
I do not try to sell the Cheapest
Goods in town, but it is my aim to
give the Best Value for your money
and to please every customer.
This week I have a small lot of
offer at a Sacrifice.
Come and look at them. We take
pleasure in showing our Goods.
? m
Our Spring Goods Aro Hero, mid Wo Ask that You Call
and Examino Them.
117 li liavo all that you could ask for-that is, first-class Goods at Lowest Fri?os.
VY Junt soo our lino of Dross Goods and you will bo convinood that wo aro
right. Seo our Ladies' Slippers. Wo can givo you a nico Slipper, worth $1.25, foi
na cents. Thon if you want something bettor, wo havo thomnnd oan suit you, both
in price and quality. Wo havo tho best selected lino of t hom wo havoovor had, and
can givo you what you want.
CLOTHING.-Now is your timo to buy your Clothing. Como boforo thoy aro i
picked over, Wo havo bought thom and thoy must go. So como.
PANTS.-Wo also havo a lot of nico Pant?, just como. Thoy, too, must go,
and now is tho timo to got thom ohoap.
SHOES.-Thou you should soo our Shoes. Wo will not tako spaco to montion
our many different kinds and low prices, for wo can suit you in stylo and quality,
and mako you sniilo when you prico thom.
SHIRTS.-Wo havo a lot of new Shirts with tba manv other 'bargains^ a?iil
don't forgot to look at them. ' '
IN FACT-anything you want to buy you should como to us for it, as wo carry
everything usually kopt in a first class store and aro always willing to divido profits
with yo?. So it will pay yon to como to soo us.
GROCERIES, &0.-Whon you want Groceries call and soo us.'. Whou von want
Hard wttro call and soo us. Whon you want Furniture call and soo us. Whon you
want Shoos call and soo us. Whon you want Dry Goods call and soo us. Whon you
want BARGAINS call and seo us. . .
Two Cold Feet
Aro common afiliotions. So common, in fact, that I havo laid in
an oxtrasupply of
Prico of throo-qi Art hottlos $1 oaoh.
Also a'largo am frosh stock of Drugs and Druggist's Sundries,
at prloos to meet tho times.
-T. IX. JO^RJSY, I>iMi|?gist.
D'^ 'Fall stock of Gardon Soodf..
T, E
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
My FERTILIZERS ar0 BETTER and CHEAPER than over boforo.
I havo tho best on tho markot.
Thoy havo tho Largest Assortment and Prcttiost Lino over shown in town,
such as Wash Silks, Dotted Swiss, Pronoh, Pacido. Foli?la and Mulhouse Grgaiv
dios, Sootoli and Marquita Lawns, Skirt (?cods, Suitings, Dross Linons, Ducks,
Piques, l'orcalos and Dimitios.
Yon look and begin to want-wo prico and you begin to buy. Tho most fas
th ms oan please thcmsolvos in our Laces and Embroideries. Our stook ls largo
lind beautiful,
. . , SHOES! SHOES! SHOES ! . . I
Wo aro alwayii up on this lino. Can fit both your foot and pookot book with
I styles that aro suro to ploaso.
Wolli our largo stook of Spring Clothing is just going so fast wo fear to mon
tion lt, for it may nearly all bo gonn whon you got boro uiiloss yon como soon,
Frosh Grocorlos and a full lin . of Hardware always on hand.
Thanking nil our customers for past patronage, and soliciting moro for thO
futuro, wo aro, Very rospoctfully,
O .A. Xfc TER Sc <J O MPANY,
? . "Weil Italia, m. <J. . .
&y-?T ih-We Mo. havo plenty of. th.Q UlRhost Grado Fortillaora on hand.

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