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" Only the First Step
is Difficult "
The first step in Spring
should be to cleanse Nature*s
house from Winter's accumu
lations. Hood's Sarsaparilla
does this work easily, lt is
America's Greatest Spring
Medicine. It purifies the blood,
as mitions of people say.
I? iimkm the weak strong, as nervous
mon and women gladly testify. It
cures all blood diseases, as thousands
of cured Voluntarily write. It is Just tho
medicine for yon, as you will gladly say
after you have given it a fair trial.
Bad BlOOd-" Although past 70 years of
ago I am thoroughly well. It was tbrco
Lui? ici o? Hood/a Sarsaparilla that niado
mo so aftor spending over $60 In medical
attendance. My troublo waa A raw ?oro on
my ankle." M ie;. LOUISA MASON, Court
Street, Lowell, Mass.
Running Borea-" After Worrying four
months I gavo my children Hood's Sarsa
parilla and lt cured thom of running ?ores.
Hood's I'llls cured mo of dyspepsia and
constipation." MHB. KATE 1?. THOMAS, 31
Governor St., AnntpoUn, Md.
Conaumptlvo Cough-"Five years
BgO I had i* CuiitsumjUlvo COUgb Which re
duced mo to n skeleton. Was advised to
toko Hood's Sarsaparilla which I did and
recovered normnl health. I have been well
ever since." MATILDA BBIDOKWATKB, Cor.
Pearl and Chestnut Sts., Jofforsonvllle, Ind.
Monti's I'llln euro livor ill?, tlio lum-U I lt ut hip nml
only CRtlmrtio to Uko willi lloort'a Siirammrlllw!
Nothing but Stock Bought and Fattened in tho
Mountains of South Carolina, Georgia,
Tonnossoo and North Carolina will
bo Used for Slaughtor.
Tho prospects are that Charleston
will dovolop a largo export trade in
oattlo for Cuba during tho next few
months. Tho preliminary steps to
ward the accomplishment of this re
sult have already been taken, and
tho first oargo of cattle will be ship
ped from this port in the next day or
two. Tho cattle have arrived in the
city and tho boat, which has been
contracted for, is expected to come
in at any hour. When thc vessel
arrives tho cattlo will be loaded im
mediately and tho shipment made.
Thc projectors of this new enter
prise aro Mr. W. G. Warr, proprietor
of tho Augusta Stock Yards, and
Mr. John A. Darwin, proprietor of
tho Charleston Stock Yards. These
gentlemen have not only tested this
venture by a small shipment of cat
tlo BOH?O time ago, but have secured
statistics that show conclusively that
it is a good thing, and now they in
tend to go into the business exten
Tho first big shipment will proba
bly leavo Charleston to-morrow on a
steamer chartered through Israel Ss
Keogh. The shipment will consist
of three hundred head of cattle for
slaughter, and it will go direct to
Havana, where there is a strong de
mand for cattlo at present. For im
mediato slaughter all cattle will be
?ont to Havana, ?md nothing bot
?tock bought and fattened in thc
mountains of South Carolina, Geor
gia, Tennessee and North Carolina
will bo used, lt has been demon
strated by experiment that for
slaughter, within a week or two after
arrival in Cuba, this kind of stock is
preferable. Tho cargo now waiting
for tho ?hip to put i:: is made up of
this kind of cattle, and not one in
the entire three hundred weighs less
thou 1)00 pounds. It is a shipment
that is calculated, by its condition
and appearance, to popularize in
Cuba beef received from tho port of
Messrs. Darwin and Warr do not
propose to let their export business
cud wii/'n thc shipment of cattle for
slaughter. They have also made ar
rangements to ship cattle to Cuba for
brooding. Thc grade of cattlo re
quired for this purpose can only be
raised successfully on the coast? of
South Carolina, Georgia and Florida ;
therefore, tho development of this
particular branch of cattle export
will assist materially the cattle rais
ers of tho country and give them a
good profitable market for the slock
they raise. Experiment has shown
that cattlo raised in the interior or
olovatcd portions of tho Southern
States do not thrive when turned on
thc ranges in Cuba. The change in
climate in too radical and the stock
hickons and dies. The climate,
Weather conditions and ills lo which
cattlo are heir on tho South Carolina
coast are very similar to thoso of
Cuba, and the coast cattlo of this
State, therefore, not only stand tho
best chances in Cuba, but really
thrive splendidly in that country.
News and Courier, April (Uh.
.-.-^ . -.
A torpid livor causes depression of
spirits, indigestion, constipation, head
ache Uso Dr. M. A. Simmons' Liver
Medicino to stimulate that organ.
Judgo William C. Prico, once the
idol of tho Southern Confoderaoy,
cordially hated by the Abolitionists,
and United Slates Treasurer during
tho lost years of President Bucha*
nan's Administration, will soon bo 81
years old. He lives in Chicago, and
boasts that he is still a rebol.
o jDk.m tT?? set. ac J*..
"Btu* tho jp Tho Kind You Have Always Bought
'ff OL^&c
Tho regular army of tho United
ates will bc recruited to its full
ngth, 106,000, by May 1.
A Mode of Library Work Which is Being Sys
tematized by the Qood Women.
Having received a great many in
quiries ns regards a mode of library
work known ns tho tra voling library,
which is being systematized by tho
Federation of Woman's Clubs, I ask
thnt you will give space to the fol
low'j qr, in ordor that thc propaganda
of this work may bo fully understood
and appreciated by tho pooplo of our
S tu to :
A great awakening is being folt
throughout thc longth and broadth
of this broad land to tho importance
of a moro general diffusion of knowl
edge to the M'?baes,1 arid Out O* this
awakening lias grown this work,
which is missionary in tho broadest
souse, ns its raison-da-oto is tho plac
ing of good litcrnturo in thc reach
of Binall towns, ? ural sohools and
villages, tho carrying of good hook*
into isolated communities whoro
library privileges and bonoiits aro
Thc tra voling library is not a re
cent experiment, but as evidenced
by other States is ontircly a practi
cal and successful project.
In tho State of Wisconsin wo find
a record of eight years successful
operation. A work that is support
ed by Stato aid, and ?B controlled by
a library commission, consisting of a
board of (ive persons, viz: Tho pre
sident of tho Stato university, tho
State superintendent of schools, tho
secretary of the Stato historical
society, .vith two others, appointed
by tho Governor. A Stato appro
priation supports and carries out this
plan of tlie freo traveling library.
Ohio follows Gloso in tho lead of
Wisconsin and other States, North,
East, South and West arc catching
thc inspiration. Our sister State,
Georgia, witli lier usual enterprise, is
abreast of the times.
Tho Georgia Woman's clubs have
been sending out libraries as indi
vidual clubs for two years. Thc
most important traveling library
work, however, in tho South, and
which is unique in its inception, is
that of tho Seaboard Air Line rail
road, under the superintendence of
Mrs. Eugene Heard, of Middleton,
Ga., anti which, by lier earnest efforts,
has been systemized.
Mrs. Heard is an ardent member
of thc Georgia Federation, and is
also chairman of thc lihrary commit
tee of the general federation. Tho
territory over which she has control
(the Seabord railroad) extends from
Norfolk, Va., to Atlanta, Ga. This
linc of road, through its vice presi
dent, Mr. E. St. John, hpd contribut
ed books used on the li ic and cases,
transports thc agents a id book cases
free of charge, ami o' .icrwiso assists
in thc successful carrying out of this
project. Mrs. Hoard's territory em
braces iif> South Carolina towns or
stations on tho said railroad. These
towns will be reached by the travel
ing library of the South Carolina
federation, through Mrs. Heard
and her agents. It is projected to
make Clinton, Chester, Cheraw aud
Abbeville distributing points for tho
adjacent territory on this lino of
And now a word as to thc method
uf this work. A certain nnmhnr of
hooks are denominated a library
*ay f>0 or more-52 is the number
adopted by the Seabord > lil road.
These books are labeled and num
bered and placed in a case made s po
..ially for the purpose, with stout
loora, locks and handles, ready for
,ra??npo? LILUHI al a moment's notice.
A local organization must bo formed
in towns and villages cr communities
lesiring the usc of thc library-a
ibrarian appointed who will be re
sponsible for tho safe return of the
looks. The books are then sent out
'or tho freo use of tho public in tho
millages applying for thc library.
Thc books will lie returned after tho
? S. S. GO
Promptly Reaches the Seat
of ail Blood Diseases and SS
Cures the Worst Oases. d,sss
blood d
men ts or troubles so obstinate and difflou
to euro such real, deep-seated blood dise
offer such incontrovertibleevidoneoof n
is a euro! It goes down to the vory sea
foundation of the very worst cases, and ro
not, like other remedios, dry up tho poise
only to break forth again moro violently
trace of taint, and rills the system of it fi
Alrs.T W. 1.ec, Montgomery, Ala., wrll
ago 1 waa inoculated with poison by a m
my babe with blood taint. I was coven
ulcers from head to foot, and in my greatc
to die. Several prominent physicians t
to no purpose. Tho mercury and pc
Save me seemed to add fuel to the swill
evouring me. I was advised by fr?en
wonderful euros made by it, to try ?Swift
proved from the start, ns the medicine s<
to tho cause of the trouble and foroo chop
bottles cured mo complotoly." Swift's ii\
S. S. $. FOR "
-is. thc only remedy that is guaran teat
mercury, potash, nrsenic, or any other m
cure Cancer, Kczeina, Scrofula, Khci
Tetter, Bolls, Carbuncles, Boron, etc.
Valuable books mailed froo by Swift Sj
- ?v> r . ix .
expiration o? tko time, allotted?
which is about 80 days. Tho library
in thon returned to headquarters or
forwarded to other towtiB desiring
thom who havo complied with the
requirements'. Thus it may bo seen
that it matters not how small a vii*
iago may bo, by a little effort on
their part tho opportunity is offered
thom of scouring good readiug by
simply applying for tho books.
Now as regards tho work in South
Coro! in a :
A rooent visit to the majority of
tho women's olubs in tho Stato shows
that a widespread int event in being
taken in this spoeial work. Several
olubs in tho State-*-noticoable among
which is tho Century, of Charleston j
Ovor tho Toa Cups, Spartanburg;
Oncea-Wenk, Seneca; Up-to-Dato,
Chester-have each donated a
library, which library will bear the
namo of tho club and eaoh book in
scribed with tho name of tho party
donating tho Hamo.
A gentleman from tho Stato of
New York generously donated a
library aftor hearing of our purpose
This library will boar the name of
tho donor.
Through tho industrial agent, Mr.
C. J. Chase, tho co-operation of tho
Southern bas boon scourod for tho
furtherance of tho work.
Bookfl aro tho next problom with
tho extensive territory opened up
by tho co-operation of this road.
Ono hundred libraries, of 50 books
each, will bo required to givo what
is necessary to carry out our pur
pose Wo appoal to tho reading
public of South Carolina, especially
club women, for aid. Tho gift of
ono book will not. bo felt by any one,
but tho multiplication of many
books will leave its impress upon the
futuro of our Stato.
President South Carolina Federation
of Women's Clubs.
Seneca, S. C.
Used during expectancy, Simmons'
Squaw Vino Wino or Tablets ehoor and
strengthen mothers, shoYton labor and
rob confinement of ita terrors.
Bold Highway Robery Near Liberty.
Neville O'Dell, half-brother of W.
T. O'Dell, who has just recently
been mustered out of tho anny with
a Georgia regiment, left Liberty last
Monday evening to como to hie
brother's house, and just.about tho
corporate limita of Liberty he was
accosted by a white man for a ride ;
he got in and began a conversation
and waving a handkcichief before
O'Dell's faco and when at tho first
bridgo a negro stepped out, grabbed
thc horse and covered O'Dell with a
pistol, tho other man robbed him of
1174, then jumped out, whipped thc
horse and took to tho woods, the
horse ran away and threw O'Dell out
lind torc up thc buggy. This was a
bold, yet dastardly, picco of work.
Mr. O'Dell being a stranger and it
being late in tho evening, thinks he
is unable to identify the parties.
May they be speedily caught and
severely punished.-Piekons Senti
nel, April 6th.
Boar? tho J* 1,1B Kind Y?u ?av0 ^M)S BM&M
Labor Scarce in Abbeville.
To show that tho work of emigra
tion agents has been injurious to tho
farming interests of this section it is
only necessary to state that reports
reach us that sonic forty or fifty
mules and horses in that section
have been sold or arc for sale because
thc laborers thal, had formerly worked
them were carried away by Peg Lag
Magistrate A. A. Edwards was in
:owti salesday and auctioned off
tome twelve or fourteen mides for
Mr. Koisor and others, and ho re
ports that some twenty-li vc other
mimais in that, section arc for sale
:or tho same reason those were sold
ni salesday.-Press and Banner.
People eat 20 per cent, more bread
when the weather is cold than when
t is mild.
n every test made 9. S. S. eatiily
inonstrntes its superiority over other
tod remedies. It matters not how ob
nato tho case, nor what other treat
mt or remedies have failed, S. H. S.
trays promptly roaches and cures any
where tho blood is in any way involved,
ono who has had experience with
?sonsos known that there aro no ail
lit to euro. Very few remedies olaim
ases as S. S. S. cures, and none can
icrit. S S. S. is not merely a tonic-lt
t of all blood disensos, and gets nt tho
nts the poison from the system. Itdoca
in nod hide it from view temporarily,
than over; 8. 8. S. forces out ovory
tes: "Homo years
urso who infected
i'd with sores and
ixtremity 1 prayed
rented me, nut nil
tash which they
1 llnino which was
tis who lind seen
's Specific. I i in
terned to go direct
olson out. Twenty
1 purely vegotablo, and contains no
inoral or chemical. It novor falls to
imntisM, Contagious . Illood Poison,
icciilo Company, Atlanta, Ga.
Holum of Second Redmont, South Carolina
lu au Interview of Col. Wilie Jouos,
commanding officer of tho 24 South
Caroltua roghueot, by tho Columbia cor
respondent of tho Nows and Courier, ho
Col. Wilie Jouos, commanding officer
ot the Md South Carolina regiment, ar
rived in the city Sunday night, after see
ing that tho regiment was well quartered
in Augusta. Tho regiment will bo mus
tered out ou tho 10th of the month, if
tho present calculations aro carried out.
Tho mustering officers aro Liout. New
man nnd Liout. Frederick, and the books
of tho officers are now hoing propared
for muster out. -
Col. Jouos ls looking splendidly, and
says that ho ought to fool well after hav
ing gotton his regiment out of Cuba
Col. Jones admits that l?o was vory much
worriod about tho mou of tho 2d rcgi
mont. Ho snys that somo lew of tho
regulara in Havatia developed casos of
yellow fovor, and two of his moa woro
put in sido touts ns "suspects," and that
bo was dreadfully worried loat tho men
might dovolop yollow fovor, and if tho
disoaso had broken out in tito oamp ho
did not know where it would mut, or
how tho mon would got homo. Ho says
that ovor since tho bot weather sot in bo
han boon working to have tho regiment
brought back to tho Statos, because of
fear of disoaso and nothing olso.
Col. .'ones said that tho prosont
strength of tho roglmoiit is 810, and ho
thinks that <B romnrkablo, and inoidon
t ally it limy bo mentioned tbnt it speaks,
finely for Col. Jones' administrai ion that
during tho onUro stay iii Cuba only
throe mon in the regiment diod. They
woro McKay, Trovtotto and Kptlng. Col.
Jouos still has niuo mon in tho hospital
in Cuba, nnd ho is sat hilled that all of
those thoro now will rccovor and join
tho regiment, or bo mus? ered out lal er.
Col. Jones said that in his opinion, ns
woll as that of Qon. Loo and othor offi
cers, tho 2d South Carolina had tho fin
est camp of any of tho regiments of tho
7th army corps.
Col. Jones tnlkod a litvio about tho
politics of tho island, mid ii. his opinion
Con. Gomez will ho olooted President of
tho 11 o w republic. Ho says Mint tho
Cubans gonornlly, tho army, tho Span
iards and tho Amoricans aro nil in favor
of tho election of Gen. Gomez ns Presi
dent of tho island. Ho says that tho
Spaniards favor Gomoz's oloction bo
cnuso thoy think tho Uni tod Stales waut
it, and whatovor tho United Statos wants
is ngrcoablo to tho Spaniards. Gon.
Gom?/, is tho great favorito in Cuba, and
ovory Sunday afternoon hands of Cubans
march through tho streets mid go to
Gomez's homo to hoar him spoak. Tho
Amoricnii, Cuhnn mid Snn Domingo lings
aro displayed in tho parados. Cel. Jones
says that tho United Stntcs will givo tho
Gomez administration a trial, mid if it is
too exponsivo or is not satisfactory then
tho likelihood is that thoro will ho ano
ther election on thc matter of annexation.
The election for President of tho repub
lic is oxpootcd to como off in Juno.
Col. Jones says that as soon as tho
government booomos moro st?hle Cuba
will bo an elegant Hold for investment.
Tho lands are hean! i ful mid fei tile, and
Col. Jones thinks tbnt nionoy is to ho
made there. Farm lnilds, nenr Havana,
nro worth from (2 to $:l por nero. In tho
city of Havana proporty is exceedingly
high. Tho city has a largo population,
and everything is vory much crowded.
Col. Jones said that nt tho outset, tho
military rules woro vory rigid, nnd tho
men woro not givon much opportunity
of seoing tho city of Ilnvnnn, but Inter
thoro wns considerable liconso granted 1
and thc mon woro gonornlly allowed tho 1
liberty of tho city. I
Col. .Fortes said tbnt thoro was novor a '
linor body of mon together, in his opin
ion, than the men of tho 7th army corps,
under command of Gen. Leo. Ho says
that tho nienibors of tho 'Jd regiment, uro
nil delighted to got back to tho States,
and for ovory man in tho regiment South
Carolina in good enough.
Tho health of tho regiment is now ox
colleiit, and lhere is no sickness whnt
evor nt this timo.
1 inmediately Oil being mustered out of
tho sorvico Col. Jones will resume his
duties as, cashier of 1 he, ( 'anilina. Na.I iona l
Hunk of this city.
"Tho ult?mate salvation of thc island
and its people," said Col. Jones, "lies in
tho retention of tho Uni tod States troops
and tho continuance of a military govern
ment. Tho island lins boon so com
pletely domornlizod tbnt thu pooplo nro
unfitted for government, mid need the
supervision of somo power sufficiently
strong to quoll promptly tho first out
break of insurrection or disorder, mid
with n disposition to do it without fenr
or favor. My conviction is that if tho
troops nro withdrawn or civil adminis
tration substituted nil tho good that has
boon dono will be undone nnd Cuba
revert to its old condition of lawlessness
and ill government."
Derniigemnnts of menstrual functions
produce miscarriage. {Simmons' Squaw
Vino Wino or Tablets corroot derange
The Hound Balo Condemned.
There haB boon considerable contro
versy between tho friends and opponents
nf tho now "round" cotton halos as to
tho merits of that form of package, hut a
lotter from a very high cotton authority,
which was printed last Sunday in tho
Florance correspondence of tho Nows
md Courier will probably bavo great
weight with most farmers and shippers.
Tho letter was from tho groat exporting
Il rm of Sprout St Son, of Wilmington, to
\ correspondent at Florence, and runs ns
Follows: "Wc hopo you will not adopt
tho round halo system. It cannot bo
used for export at any price, and our
ngont in Llvorpool writes us that it in
??old over thu conn tor there for loss money
Limn the square halo. Wo have entered
thoroughly into an investigation of tho
round hale people's claim, and wo do not
lieliovo that thc halo is praotlcablo for
trade generally, lt, may suit u fow mills
who especially desire it, but it cannot bo
incepted as a regular halo nor on any
udor without n special ngroomont before
lined, lt ls, therefore, usoless to us,
md wo would not buy it on uny terms.
Thora in no advantage in transportation.
IVo cnn get much more cotton in a ship
tt square hale? than wo eau tho round.
Wo bavo proved this to be tho caso."
"Tho gront cotton mill to bc built ut
Huntsville, Ala., by tho Merrimac Com
pany, of Connecticut," says tho Trades
man, "is to bo ono of tho largest and com
pletest in tho world. It will run 200,000
spindles, with looms to match, and will
liavo n bloachory and print works, "tho
first of tho latter In tho Southern cotton
trade." Tho cost will be about $2,000,
XH) nnd f>,(XX) hands will bo employed.
"Tho concorn will rival tho greatest ono
in Now England."
Mothers wishing stout, healthy girls
?hnuld givo thom Simmons* Squaw Vine
WinoorTablots as they approach puberty
The Kind You llave Always Bought, and which has hoon
ia uso for ovor 30 years, has horne the signature of
ty, ^ ^l*"'1 has hoon made under his per
[&fcJjCJ&7$rtzfc?' sonni supervision since its infancy.
Allow no ono to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitatious and Substitutes are but Ex
periments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
Castorla is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Sootliing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains noiibor Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
aud allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wi ml
Colic. It relieves Toothing Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food; regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Obi biron's Panacea-Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature ef
The KM You Haye Always Bought
5n Use For Over 30 Years.
In the Privacy of the Home.
?TTTHERE is no need of women subjoot
^1*" lng thomsolvos to tho mortification
1. of examinations by doctors for tho
*^ treatment of tho various disonses to
which tlioy aro subject. These troubles
can bo treated just ns offoctivoly at tho
homo. Whoa you aro affected with do
rangements of tho menstrual functions
or any othor fomalo disorders, you can
bo completely cured and tho organs
fully restored to activity and strength
if for n few months you will UBO regularly
G. F. P.
V*e m . * . (panacea.
Write to The Ladies' Health Club, (caro
L. Gerstlo & Co.) Chattanooga, Tonn.,
for advice, froo, on fomalo disensos.
My wife was taken sick and I nt once called our family physician, and he
thoiiKhtbesttocnll in another physician for consultation. After UHIIIK their
:_rjftl".....tXJ,? .ni im I f itu ml MI II* wiiHvcTvlitllc' l?t?t tor. so 1 1 hen nure bused
;1 results. ll. J. i ii u.\ iiiivii/i;, IIUIIMMII, JUIN-.
Bond us your namo and address and wo will mail you a copy of
"Healthy Mothers Make Happy Homes," a rolinblo treatise on fomalo
disensos, bosidos containing other valuablo information.
L. GERSTLE & CO., Chattanooga, Tenn.
For salo by JAMES II. DARBY, Walhalla, S. C.
If you desire attractive
Joh Printing of any descrip
tion send it to the
Courier Job OiHco.
Briefs mid Arguments
: : : : a Specialty.
Good Road Paragraphs.
"To-day the barriers between us
ind tho remainder of the country aro
roads that arc almost impassable,"
mys thc Wnukognn (111.) Gazette.
'In this the town is not alone the
sufferer. Farmers throughout tho
sounty aro hampered and their work
seriously retarded because of misera
ble highways. Would it not be wiso
Lo labor, through our Representa
tives, for tho passage of a bill calcul
ated to remedy thia evil?"
* *
The 8an Francisco Bulletin points
jut that tho county which cannot
ifford schools and good roads is
rllowed to pass into tho possession
>f men who want neither.
.WA NT Kl).
A perfect country road, whereon tho
noble stood
3an draw a broad and ampio load at
pleasant rato of speed;
Ino hard and smooth and level, yet so
drained and round and high
Lt won't ho muddy wncn it's wot, nor
dusty when lt's dry.
* *
Tho worst rod in tho road deter
mines tho size of tho load.
* *
The citizens of Rolfe, Iowa, woke
ip to the fact that they were money
ocera because of thc poor condition
)f their ntrcets and highways. They
?ot to talking, and from talking to
working, and a subscription paper,
good for ^G.r)0, was obtained from
Jio business men. This was prc
lented to the city council and a simi
ar amount votod from tho city
Tcnsury. This was supplemented
by liberal donations of team work by
the farmers. Gravel pits were bought
iud opened, and on (our leading
.cads out of tho city, all winter, a
'oreo of mon have been hauling
?ravel. Rolf will have {rood vpiulu
iieronftor and people will go there
rom far and near to trade because of it.
* *
Thc borough of Kockledge, adjoin
ng Philadelphia, lins voted to bor
row ^'20,000 to macadamize its roads.
For Infants and Children.
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought
Oignaturo of
The ancient Finns believed l.' it a
nystio bird laid an egg in tho lap of
^aimainon, who batched it in his
losom. lie let it fall in tho water
md it broke. Tho lower portion of
;he shell formed tho earth, tho upper
Mc sky, tho liquid whito bocamo thc
inn, tho yolk tho moon; while UV
irokon bits of eggshell wcro turned
nto stars.
Menstruation made regular and pain
osH, and pal ii insides, hips and limbs
lured by Simmons' Squaw Vino Wino
Citation Notice.
Hy 1). A. Smith, Kee.., Probate Judge.
WHEREAS, America Mooro has
mado suit to me to grant him
Ncttor? of Administration of tho estate
if and effects of .Jeremiah Moore, de
Theso are therefore to cite and admon
ish all and singular tho kindred and
creditors of thu said Jeremiah Mooro,
lecoasod, that thoy ho ami appoar hc
roro mo, in tho Court of Probate, to ho
told at Walhalla Court House, S. C., on
Saturday, April 15th, 1800, after publica
ion thereof, nt 11 o'clock in tho fore
men, to show cause, if any they have,
.vhy tho said administration should not
JO granted.
Given undor my hand and seal, this
?Otb day of March Anno Domini 181)1).
[L. 8.J D. A. SMITH,
I migo of Probate forOconee county,S.C.
Published on the 30th day of March,
1800, in tho KKOWKK CouniKii and Oco
loo NOWH. 18-14
CM <>t;ii?<3 Ol* JL^illfll Wot'.
tlement ctn cl I.MM
VTOTICE is hereby given that thc un
1.1 dorsigned will make application to
I). A.' Smith, Esq., Judge of Probate
for Oconce county, in the State of South
karolina, at his oflieo at Walhalla Court
House on Saturday, tho 2ltth day of
\pril, 1800, nt ll o'clock in tho fore
men, or as soon thereafter as said ap
plication can he heard, for lcaxo to make
Inal settlement of the estate of Har
ison Haynes, docoasod, and for linal
lisohargo as Executor of said estate.
Kxooutor of Estato of Harrison Hoyne ,
March 80, 1800. 18- Ul
State of South Caroline,
Comity of Oconee.
ptLARK CRUMPTON, who in in tho
KJ custody of tho Sherill' of Oconeo
bounty hy virtuo of tv writ of Soire
Macias, at tho suit of Lindy Nichols, hnv
ng filed in my oflice, togothor with a
ichedulo on oath, of his estato and cf
'ects, his petition to tho Court of Com
mon Pleas, praying that ho may ho ad
mitted to tho honefit of tho Acts of tho
Monoral Assembly made for tho relief of
nsolvent debtors: It is ordered that the
mid Lindy Nichols and all others, the
creditors, to whom tho said '-lark Crump
on is in anywise indebted, u, and they
ire hereby, summoned and havo notice
to appoar boforo tho ('oort of tho Clerk
ti Com mon Pions ami Genoral Sessions
lot Oconce county, S. C., at Walhalla
Uotirt House, S. C., on tho 26th day of
iv ju ii noxt to shew cause, if any ihey
can, why the prayer of tho pul it inn
kforosald should not he granted.
C. C. P. & G. S.
Ofllcc of dork of Court, )
Oconeo county, S. C., J
80th March, 1800. ) 18-1(1
I Of tllO ??lllllliY
ALL parties interested for or against
. tho applications for permission to
irect gates over tho public roads in tho
monty aro hereby notified that, tho Hoard
viii hold a special mooting to pass on
taid applications on the 14th day of
\pril, Instant, at 10 o'clock A. M., at
.vhich mooting both sides will bo ox
>C3tcd to ho ready with their petitions
m<? HWch other testimony as they may
too proper to submit. At the Hame time
ill mattera now before the Hoard Involv
ng tho regularity Of tho proceedings.
>.v which tho now road was laid out, and
ights of way acquired for tho road from
?oncea to tho High Hridgo, will ho dis
losed of.
Hy order of tho Hoard.
April tl, 1800.
Notice to Debtors and
ALL poisons Indebted to tho enlato
of M. II. Bryco, docoasod, aro
horoby notiltcd to ranko payment to tho
undersigned-, and all pensons having
ola!ros against unid catato will present
tho samo, duly attested; within tho time
prescribed bv'law or bo barred.
Administrator of tho Estate of M. IL
Bryce, deceased.
April 0, 1800._1417
Tho appointments for tho Walhalla
Circuit aro as follows:
First Sunday, at Whittuire'a at ll a. m. ;
Jooasseo at 3 p. m.
Sooond Sunday, at Doublo Springs at
ll a. ie. ; I,aurel Springs at 8y,p. ra.
Third Sunday, at Ooonoo at ll a. ra.;
Zion nt 8 p. m.
Fourth Suuday, at Falrvlow at ll a. m. ;
at Nowry at 7 p. m.
Tho following aro tho appointments]
of tho Wostmlnstor Circuit for tho yoar
First Sunday--Hopowoll, ll a. m.;
Nazareth, 8.80 p. m.
Second Sunday-WoBtmhistor, ll a. ra. ;
Kock Springs, 3.30 p. ra.
Third Sunday-Contor, ll a. m.
Fourth Sunday-Rock Springs, ll a.
m. ; West I il i list er, 3.30 p. m.
West Union Baptbt Church.
Proaohing'ovory fourth Sunday at ll
o'clock by tho pastor, Rov. P. J. vormil
Sunday eohool at 10 o'olook a. m.-C.
R. 1). Burns, Superintendent.
Prayor mooting every Sunday at oight
o'clock p. m.
The following aro tho appointments of
tho St. John's Kvangollcal Lutheran
Church :
Sunday School at lin. m., Mr. J. J.
Ansel, Superintendent.
Divino Services in English on tho 2d
and '1th Sundays at ll a. m., and on each
Thursday Rt 4.80p. m.
Gorman on tho 1st and 3d Sundays at
ll a. m.
Condensed Holiedillo lu KfToot
Duo. 4th, 1803.
Lv. CharloHton. . 7 10 <\ m
LT. Columbia"..'. ... ll 05 ? m
" Prosperity. 19 io n'n
". Now uer ry. 19 25 p m
" Ninety-Six. 1 90 p'n
" Greenwood. 7 40 ft m 1 65 p m
Ar. jgodgga. 8 (li) n m 2 15 p m
Ar. Abbovillo. 8 40 ft m 8 ?6 p m
Ar. Bolton. ..I 8 CO ft ni 8 10 p m
ArTAmlornon. (TM a in 8 85 p m
IF. Greenville..~. "10" i?~a m 4 15 p m
Ar. Atlanta. ?... 8 65 ]> in ITttO p in
K*I<ATIOM<-I B*-Slm- Dally
STATIONS. No 18. No. 12.
LT. Greenville. 6 ?to p ni 10 16 a m
" Piedmont.:. 0 00 p ni 10 40 a in
" \VllllinnMtoii. fl 22 p m 10 65 a m
Lv. Amlorson. 4 45 p m 10 45 a m
Ev. Belton. 0~46 p m ? ?5 a m
Ar. Ponnaldn. 7 16 p ni ll 40 a m
Lv. Ahlmvillo".. uT? p in ?30~a ni
IJV. Hodges . 7 !?5 p in il 5.r> Km
" U reen wood. S 00 p in 19 40 p ill
" Ninety-Six. 12 65 p m
" Newberry. 9 00 p ni
Ar. Prosperity. 2 14 p in
"_Columbia. . a !)0 p ni
Ar. (iliario.iion_.~8~00"p in
Dillly Dully ' HTATIOHq D?t?j- Dn??y
No. ti No.l? _Bl A1IONH._No. 14 No.10
"o'llOp 7 i-'i I'.v7.__. .Chariest wi". _..?r 8 udp Tl 00a
8!K>?iW!0a '' .7.. Columbia." 8 20p 9 80p
0 07al2 16p '..Alston.Lv 2H0p 8 60a
10Ola 1 atp ".Bunt no." 1 2Hp 1 40p
10 20a SOOp ".Union..' 105p 7 80p
10 Wu 2 22p " .... Jonesville .... " 12 26p 0 Mp
10 64a 987p ".Pncolot." 12 14p 0490
11 26a U 10p Ar.. Spartniihurg.. Xv ll 46a 0 16p
ll 4Uu ?40p I.V.. Bpartuiihiirg.. .Ar ll 22a OOOp
9<5p 700p Ar.... Ashovillo... ..Ly 8 20a 8 05p
"P," p. m. "A," a. m.
Pul I nm ii palnco Blooping carn on Trains 06and
60, 87 and HS, on A.nndO. division. Dlningcara
on theso trains sorvo all moulu enrouio.
Trains leave SpurtanburK, A. A G. divinion,
uortlibound, 11:45 a.m., 8:07 p.m., 0:10 p.m.,
(Vestibule Llmitod)| Kouthbouml 12:20 a. m.,
8:15 p. m., ll :84 a. m., (Vi'utibulo Idmltod.)
Trains loavo Greenville, A. and O. divinion,
northbound, 6:60 a. m., 2iU4 j), m. and 6:22 p. m.,
?Vestibuled Limited) : BOUtjlDOUnn. 1:26 a. m.,
:UU p. m., 12:80 p. m. (Vestibuled Limited).
Trains 0 ana 10 carry olcgant Pullman
sleeping oars bet winn Columbia and Ashovlila
en route daiix between Jacksonville aiulc*?oiu
Third V-P. A OOH. Mgr., Traillo Mur.,
Washington, D. o. Washington, 1>. O.
Won. Pass. Ag't. Aa'tGun. Pass. Ag't.
Wiinlilnptou, D. O._ Atlanta. Gi?.
C?ndanse..! Schedule of Paoianger Train?.
In KfTeot Deo. 4th. 189S.
Ve?. No. IS V?t.Ml
Northbound. No.IS Ho. 8? Kx. No. 80
Hally unity. Sun. ?ally.
LY. Atlanta, O.T. 7 60 a 12 00 m 4 86p ll 50 p
" Atlanta, IC. T. 8 60 a loo p 6 86 p 12 60 a
" NororoKS. tl U0 u ..... 0 28 p 1 00 a
" Buford. 10 06 a . 7 08 p.
" Gainesville... 10 85 a 2 22 p 7 48p 2 26 a
" Lula. 10 68 a ? 49 p 8 OB p 2 60 u
Ar. Cornella. ll 86 a ra 00 p 8 86p.
Lv.Mt. Airy. ll 80 a.
" Toocoa. 11 58 a am) ?. 6 42 a
" Wentinlnster 1281m. 4 20 a
" Seneca.. 12 62 p 4 15 p. 4 87 a
" Central. 1 40 p . 6 02 a
" Greenville... 2 84 p 5 22 p. 6 60 a
" Bpurianhurt:. 8 ?17 p ?J lo p. 8 45 a
i" Gaffneys. 4 2o p 0 44 p. 7 26 a
,M Blaokabnrg.. 4 88 p 7 00 p. 7 45 a
" Klnif'n Mt ... 6 08 p. 8 03 a
" Gantoitla. 5 26 p . . . 8 83 a
LT.Charlotta..., 0?Op 8 22 p. 0 26 a
Ar. Greensboro 0 52 p 10 48 p .12 10 p
Lv. Gi edinboro. 10 60 p.
Ar. Norfolk. 7 60 a .
Ar. Danville ..... ll 25 p ll 61 p 1 86 ))
Air. Richmond... 6 40 a 0 40 a_... o ?& p
Ar.WanhluKton. 0 4 '2 a. . 0 10 p
" Baltm'e Pltlt. 8 os a.ll 86 p
" Philadelphia.10 15 a. 2 66 a
" New York .. ....... 18 48 m. '6 28 a
I'M I Si I Vc?. No. ll
outhlioiiiid. No. SS No. 87 Haily
l>iillv. liallv. _
Lv. M. V.,l?.iriT r7To~? i Jo' V- TTTTT.
" Philadelphia. 8 60 a o M p .
" Ballimore.... 0 81 a 0 90 p.
" WoRhln^ton. ll 15 a 10 48 p.ILLLL^
Lv. Rlehmonil... 19 01 ni 19 01 ut I9l0nl.
LY. Danville ..... 6 15 p 5 60 a 0 10 a.
Lv. Norfolk . .... ?86 p.
Ar. Gruonnboro . .... 0 45 a .
Lv. Greensboro 7 20 p 7 0i a 7 87 a.
Ar. Chai lot lo .... 10 00 p 0 26 a 12 05m .....
Lv.GiiHtonlK. 10 49 p. 119 p.
" KIIII?'.-) Mt. 1 88 p.
" Wai-kHburg .. ll Ol p 10 45 a 2 00 p.
" GafTncya. il 4(1 p 10 68 a 2 24 p .
" Bpartanburg. ri ~M a ll 84 a 8 io p.
" Groenvlllo.... 126 a 12 80 p 4 80 p.......
" Contrat. 6 26 p s\T?f
" Seneca. 2 00 a 1 83 p 0 1? p -*
" WeHtminuter. Ot? p u
" Toreoa. 8 25 a 2 18 p 7 10 p
" Mt. Airy. 7 88 p.
" Cornella.f8 00 ll 7 40 p 0 85 a
" Lula. 4 15 a fa 18 p tj 14 p 0 07 a
" Gidiuvivllln... 4 1)5 a 8 87 p 8 40 p 7 90?
M Buford. 0 19 P 7 48 a
- Nororom. 6 26 r,. t>48p 8 27 .
Ar. Atlanta, IC. T. 0 10 a 4 65 p 10 80 p 9 80 ?
Ar. Atlanta,O.T. 5 10 a 0 66 n ?SO p| Bl? a
"^A^'a. m. p. iri^ "M" noon. "N'^nlfht?
(iheuiipeiiko I.tno Htoniner? in daily cvrvloe
between Norfolk mid Haiti:noie.
No?. 87 and UK Dally. Wafhlnut-m ?nd South
?,?.?< it ci H VeHtDiulo Llmiled. 'iitfoilgh Pullman
?leepliiK nur? betwaoi) New York und Nevr Or
leaiiB, via WAnliliigioii, Atlanta and MnutKoii)
.ry, and also between New Vork and Meriiphjii,
VlaWaahlngtoUi Albinia and niripingham. rlmt
di ' i tl.iiifhfin. ooaehei but ween WMplQg1
ton and Atlanta. DlniiiK cara norv* all mealQ
#n route. Pullman dl a wing rooin iilnopliigoart
patwaan dfoanaboru and Norfolk. Clone won
pection at fforfotk for dd) POD TCOMFORT,
Non. a'i and ?0 United Htatow Ka?t Mall
rttitw siilld liritwoan Wll?liinulon and Nov? Or
lean?, via ?onilmni Rsl'?var, A. A \V P, \\. If.
?nd L. S? N. It. lt.. brilni/ o<)imio?r>i| nf liavK?i(n
car and coaohen, tiirougii witbout olmngn tgi
iiaHteiiKorn of all olatsn?. PU?IIIIHII ilinwir.
Tooin ?leeplng car? natwest) New York ?Qu
New Orleaim, via Atlanta ?nd Monttfomoirr.
LeaviiiK waahlnaton each Wedn?Mla*, a lourlvt
flaopjnit oar will run through between WMh'
iiiftoa and K?n FumoiKoo without uhnngn
MnliiK cars unrva rill upiaW ai)roula.
No?. 11,^7. WI ?nil 18 -Pullman alonplnt; ?*iya
belwenn I(tiihiiiondniid()liA|')<|ltu. vi i Danville,
Routhbouni? No?. Il and 87. uorthlxmii'l Nni
88 and 12
FilANK fl. GANNON. J. M. QUI J?.
Third V P. A Gen. Mgr., Ti afilo M*g>.
Wn*htnKtoii, I). C. Watliliitfton, O. a
Oen'l Pota Ag'L. AaVlGen'lPa??. Aft..
_j|M^?toS, ft.fi, _ 4!l>?5*i??%
Anyone senoinjr ??skoteh und description may
quickly ascertain, froo, whotlior nu Invent ion IB
probably patontiiblo. i:ouiniunle?tlona strictly
lojitlilontlul. Olijost oMonoy forpecurlim putout*
lit Aiuorlca, Wo Imvo .? WaslihiKlon ol:l<?.
Patenta taken thron,:h Munn & Co. receive
spoolul notlco in t Inj
beautifully lllus?rntod, Inrccst circulation of
any scloiillflo Journal, wcotly. torni?#3.CJa yeor?
tl.(O Rix months. Specimen copies mid KANO
ihm K ON J'A l?KN 1 >. rom frei?. Address
.Mil llroudwnv. New York.
Pickens R. R. Co.
On and after .Tune 2Gth tho following sohodulo
will bo rou ovor tim Piokcns Itailroad for tho
purpoao of limiting freight and imseciigors, vir.:
No. 9. Dally Except 8unday. No. 10.
Head Down. Mixed Train. Head up.
[ 4 20 a iu...., ....LY Pieken? Ar.7 Mau)
600am....Ar Eatdoy M.7 00 a in
No. 12. Dally K>cept Sunday. No. ll.
Head Down, PussoDgor 8orvico. Hoad U|>.
1 00 p in.I.v reckons Ar.6 40 n m
1 40 p m.Ar Knutey I.v.^...5 00 ? in
Trains will ?ton to tr.ko on or lot oft imssengora
at tho following oroBBll ;;s: KorguBon's, l'ar
HOIIB'H nnd Maul?"?'?.
Depot will 1)0 opon for tho receiving and dollv
ory of freight from K a. m. to 12 m.
Wo will mako lt to your int m < M to patronizo
our homo road hy giving K'-KHI Horvlco and
prompt attention.
A nnMiui?i . I JU?.IU8 E. noons, President.
Appro-,ta. j j T XAYI.OB. ?on. Mnnngor.
Blue Ridge R. R.
Effective 7.00 A. M., July .'J, 1898.
Ex. Sun.
No. No. 12. No. ia
84 Walhalla....Lv.. 8 10 am 0 00 am
82 ?West Union. 8 20 am 0 00 am
24 *8oneoa. 8 Oil am 9 30 am
18 t Adam's Crossing. I) 17 am 0 48 am
10 tChorry OroBBing, 0 25 am 0 48 am
13 'Pendleton -.. 0 40 nm 0 50 am
10 t Antun. 0 62 am 10 04 am
7 tDenver.10 Ol am 10 13 am
0 'Andersen... Ar. .10 35 am 10 35 am
No. No. ll.
0 .Anderson....Lv.. 3 25pm
7 t Don vor. 3 53 pm
10 tAutuu. 4 05 pm
13 "Pendleton. 4 17 pm
10 tChorry Crossing. 4 20 pm
18 t Adam's Crossing. 4 37 pm
li?. .(B 6 01 pm
24 * j Seneca. g 80?)m
32'?West Union. 5 54 pm
84 ?Walhalla.... Ar.. 0 00pm
(*) Regular stop; (t) Flag station.
All regular trams from Anderson to
Walhalla havo right of track over trains
of tho samo olass moving In opposite
direotiou, unless otherwise specified by
train ortlors.
Will also stop at tho following st ?it ions
to tako on or lot off passengers : Phin
noy's, James and Sandy Springs.
No. 12 connects with Southern Railway
No. 0 at Anderson.
No. ll connects with Southern Railway
No. ll at Seneca.
atlantic Coast JLiine,
Passenger Department,
Wilmington, N. G., February 24, 1807.
Fast li duo ltetwcen Charleston
a n<i Columbia and Upper South
Carolina and North Carolina.
In oiToct Fobruarly 24th, 1807.
.No. 62.
Loavo Charleston. 7 00 a in
" Lanes. 8 20 "
" Sumtor. 0 35 "
Arrivo Columbia.10 55 *'
" Prosperity.1168 pm
" Newberry.'.12 10 M
" Clinton.12 50 "
" Damons. 1 15 "
11 Groonvillo. 8 00 '?
" Spartanburg... . 8 00 "
" Winnsboro.0 15 pm
" Charlotte. 8 20 "
" llondorsonvillo. > "
" Asbovillo. i A) "
.No. 53.
Leave Asbovillo. 8 20am
*' llondorsonvillo.9 15 "
" Spartanburg.ll 15 "
" Groonvillo.1150 "
" Laurons. 1 45 *'
?' Clinton. 2 10 "
.? Nowborry. 2 57 "
.? Prosperity.3 13 "
" Columbia.6 15 "
Arrivo Sumtor. (I 35 "
" Lanos. 7 48 "
" Charleston.? 25 44
. Daily.
Nos. 52 and 53 Solid Trains botwoon
Charleston and Columbia. S. O.
Oon'l Passenger Agent?
ft enoral-Manager.
Trafilo Manager.
Timo Table in Effect January Int, 1800.
(East Bound-Dally.)
Lv Columbia.C 45 am
Ar Branchville. 8 52 am
Lv Branchville. 9 05 am
Ar Charleston.ll 00 am
Lv Columbia. 8 65 pm
Ar Charleston. 8 17 pm
(Wost Bound.)
Lv Charleston...... . 7 00 am
Ar Columbia.ll 00 am
Lv Charleston. 5 30 pm
Ar Branchville. 7 35 pm
Lv Branchville. 7 50 pm
Ar Columbia.10 10 pm
(East Bound-Daily except Sunday.)
Lv Columbia. 3 55 pm 0 20 am
Ar Camdon ....... 0 38 pm ll 10 am
(Wost Bound.)
Lv Camdon.,. 8 45 am 8 00 pm
Ar-Columbia.ll oo am 5 30 pm
(Wost Bound-Daily.)
Lv Columbia. 0 45 am 3 65 pm
Ar Branch ville. 8 52 am 0 02 pm
Ar Augr.sta.ll 51 nm 10 45 pm
(East Bound.)
Lv Augusta. 0 20 am 8 55 pm
Ar Brnnohvillo. 8 52 nm fl 02 pm
Lv Branchville. 8 55 am 7 60 pm
Ar Columbia.ll 00 am 10 10 pm
(North Bound.)
Lv Augusta, -9 ?J0 pm
Ar A ikon. 3 QQ pm
Ar Denmark.,.4 ]2 pm
(South Bound.)
Lv Donmark. fl 17 am
Ar Aiken.7 in aw
Ar Augusta.7 66 am
Trains leaving Charleston at 7.00 a. m.
and arriving at Columbia at 11.00 a, rn,
run solid from Charleston to Asbovillo,
Through sloenor on train leaving
Charleston at 6.80 p, m. for Atlanta, con
necting at Branchville with train loaylng
Columbia at 3.45 p, m.
Any further information onn bo ob
tained from R. L. 8KAY,
Union Tiokot Agont,
Union Dopot, Columbia, ti, C,
L. A. KME1USON, Trafilo Mgr.,
Charleston, O,

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