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13 THE
WALHALLA, SOUTH ?AKOL?NA, Al? lt I ii 20, 180?.
Impl?calos His Mothor in tho Crlnio. Tolls
How Ho Brutally Murdorod His Wifo.
Citos?viLi.K, TBNN., April 13.
Hiram Hall, a prominent farmer,
was hanged hero to-day for tho mur
der of his wife.
Hall made a confession of tho
orimo yesterday, Htating that he had
boon urged to kill his wife by his
own mother, who wanted to get rid
of her daughter-in-law. Ho said that
ho waited for his wifo at a deep well
near thc house until she came there
for water, and as sho stooped over
tn draw water, ho pushed her in.
"She caught by tho sides of the
well," ho said, "and ohing there
pleading for livo, but my mother
urged me on, and I seized a largo
stono and struck the almost fainting
woman on the head with all my
force, and Bite dropped lifeless into
the water. Later my mother came
in and told me Ida was trying to get
out, and go and ti nish her. I then
went out and with a long plank beat
her on tho head until I knew there
was no life in her. After this my
mother tried to get mo to kill my
father, but I could not do that."
After Hall's arrest and the facts be
came known in tho county, it became
necessary to remove him to another
county to protect, him against mob
violence, the crime being tho most
diabolical and heartless ever known
in that section of tho State.
Do Not Bo Foolod
With tho idea that any preparation
your druggist may put up and try to sell
you will purify your blood like Hood's
Sarsaparilla. This medicine has a repu
tation-it has earn 1 its record. It is
prepared under tho personal supervision
of educated pharmacists who know tho
nature, quality and medicinal effect of
all tho ingredients usod. Hood's Sarsa
parilla absolutely cures all forms of
blood discaso when other medicines fail
to do any good. It is tho world's great
spring medicino and the ono truo blood
ls tho Millenium al Hand ?
Tho cats and rats aro fraternizing in
Lancaster, S. C., lying down and cavort
ing together in a manner altogether
startling to tho student of felino loro.
Several youug cats and young rats aro
tho objects of tho samo solicitude of the
mother of the kittens, partaking together
of nourishment from tho same maternal
fountain, wherefore ?'ho wonder-stricken
editor of tho lioviow remarks: "We have
always heard that when cats go back on
rats you may look out for the millonium.
If there ho any truth in this obi saying,
tho limo for tying tho devil is at hand,
for tho finest mousers in tho county
have discarded their sido arms and made
peace with all rodents, from infancy to
old ago. They have most assuredly
"gone back on" what has been regarded
from time Immemorial as the choicest
diet of well-bred eats and aristocratic
Cinnamon, namely, a rompin' rodent,
roasted or raro."
Not Chea
I do not try tc
Goods in town, b
give the Best Valu
and to please everj
This week I I
offer at a Sacrifice.
Come and look
pleasure in showin,
Livery, Feed ar
\ ||ftvo tho host on tho markot,
What Denomination.
Jay Cooke, in 18G6, told tho
writer tho following : "One day when
I was putting government bonds
on tho market, I was greatoly an
noyed by tito clerk tolling me that
there was an old man in tho office
who would do no businoBs with them
and muBt seo me. To got rid of
him, I went out. Ho said :
"Mr. Cooko, I havo throe thou
sand dollars in gold in this bag. 1
can't do anything with it in tho town
where I live ; thoy aro circulating
grocers' checks and everything oise
for money, and I am frightened bo
ee uso I think I will bo cheated if I
dispos J of it. Will you toll mo on
your word ot hot or if theso bonds
aro sound and right?"
I replied : "If they aro not right,
nothing is right. I am putting all I
have in tho world in thom."
After further conversation the
man conoluded to tako them.
"What denomination will you
havo them in Tr I asked.
This was tJO much for tho man.
He had never heard that word used
in connection with business. Ho
scratched his head, and said :
"You may give me fivo hundrod
in Old School Presbyterian, to pienso
tho old woman ; but I will take tho
heft of it in Baptist."
A torpid livor causes depression of
Spirits, indigestion, constipation, head
ache. Uso Dr. M. A. Simmons' Livor
Medicino to stunulato that organ.
A Smart Young Trader.
There was onco a worthy Presby
terian minister, who, while sitting in
his study, was interrupted by a small
boy who had by some way or other
gained admission, to sell tho good
man some young pups.
"I don't want any dogs, my boy,"
said the divine.
"But they aro Presbyterian pups,"
persisted the youngster.
Tho old gentleman, however, would
not have them and tho disnj jointed
boy withdrew.
Some days afterward, while visit
ing a friend, who was a Uni versahst,
the minister was astonished to see
the same boy come in and offer to
soil his friend somo pups.
"Good Universalist pupp," said tho
This was too much for the Domi
nie, who said to the boy :
"Are you not the samo boy that
tried to sell me these pups the other
day ?"
"Yes, sir."
"And did you not tell me then
that they were Presbyterian pups?"
"Yes, sir."
"Then how can they bc Universa
list pups, now ?"
"Because they have had their eyes
oponed since then," said the little
chap. It is needless to add that ho
sohl thc pups.
ip Goods,
) sell the Cheapest
ut it is my aim to
e for your money
r customer.
Lave a small lot of
at them. We take
g our Goods.
id Sale Stable.
i ?er
) mid OH li)Al*ISK than over before,
Rovolting Dolalls as Told by Vlollm-Tho
Fiond Surrounded in a Swamp.
PALMETTO, QA., April 18.-A
poBBO, composed of citizens of Camp
bell, Hall and Cowota counties, ia in
pursuit of Sam HOBO, tho nogro who
last night assassinated Alfred Cran
ford nt his homo near boro and then
assaulted tho dead man's wife, and
thcro now aceras no ohanco for tho
negro to escape.
When lioso is caught ho will
either bc lynched and his - body rid
dled with bullets or ho will bo burned
at tho stake. Thore is a possibilty
of his being brought to this place
and executed. Mrs. Cranford, OJIO
of his victims and tho wifo of tho
murdered man, desires to bo present.
HOBO is surrounded in a swamp
and that he will bo oxecutod thero
ib no possiblo doubt, as tho loadorsof
tho mob aro determined men.
Gov. Candler has offered a toward
of #'2f>0 for tho delivery of Sam HOBO
to tito Sheriff of Fulton county.
Tho Btory of the murder of Alfred
Cranford, at Palmetto, Wednesday
night, ns told by E. 1). Sharkey, of
Atlanta, who visited Palmetto Thurs
day, makes tho deed one of tho most
atrocious crimes over committed in
Georgia. Mr. Sharkoy went to tim
scene of tho crime because of Iiis ac
quaintance with tho entire Cranford
The account of tho murder told by
Mr. Sharkey was given him by Mrs.
Cranford, wife of tho murdered man.
Mr. Sharkey said :
"I have never in my life over
heard of a more dastardly crime.
Alfred Cranford waB twenty-six
years of ago and had been married
Bix years, having four little children,
tho youngest eight months old. This
negro, Sam Hose, has been working
for Alfred Cranford for some time,
and waa regarded as a steady work
man. Of late, howovor, ho baa made
throats against Cranford to thc othor
negroes on the pince, and these no
grocs told Mr. Cranford.
?'Cranford told his father, G. E.
Cranford, and on tho night boforo
the murder borrowed a nistol fi n
him. G. J?. Cranford lives tinco
miles from Palmetto and Alfred, tho
murdered man, lived with his family
a half a milo further out. Wednes
day night, Mr. A1 fred Cranford had
just began eating his supper, when
Sai Hose carno to tho bouse. Cran
ford called him and tho negro did
not answer. Cranford called again.
This time HOBO nnsworod and en
tered the hmiBC, not by tho regular
door, but through Mrs. Cranford's
room. He had taken off his BIIOCH
and when first Mrs. Cranford saw
him he had au ax upraised over thc
hoad of her husband.
"Before she could scream ho had
brought tho blado down upon
Mr. Cranford's Iicad, splitting his
skull to Iiis ' yes. Cranford fell over
sideways to the iloor. Tho negro
then struck him on both temples
with tho handle of the ax, driving
in tho skull. Ho then kicked his
victim on thc left sido of lit? face and
in tho loft side. Black bruises on
tho body corroborate this. Cranford
lived three hours after tho blows
had been struck.
"Tho negro then compelled MTB.
Cranford to accompany him whilo ho
robbed tho house, and abo carried
lier youngest baby on ono arm and
with tho othor carried a lantern.
"Ho then mado her return with
him to tho room in which tho mur
der had boon committed. Here one
of thc little baby girls began crying
and asked her mothor, ?What is Sam
doing?' Whereupon tho negro
struck tho child on tho ?ide of her
head, knocking tho little girl about
six or eight feet. He then snatched
tho cight-months-old baby from thc
arms of its mother and (lashed it to
the floor. Tho baby may not live.
"Then with renewed threats of
death in case sho mnde tho slighost
outcry, Sam Hose assaulted Mrs.
Cranford, literally within arms-reach
of where the brains wore oozing from
her husband's hoad. After commit
ting tho assault tho negro said :
.Now I am through with m j work ;
let them kill me if they can,' and
left the hoilBO.
"Mrs. Cranford took hor four
children, and, not daring to make an
outcry, made hor way to tho home
of ber father-in-law, one-half mile
distant. When at tho gato shel
could contain her feelings no longer
and bogan screaming. When Mr.
('ranlord reached her aide t>ho was
lying unconscious on tho ground,
having fainted from her torrado ox
?She told the story when abo ro?
covered consciousness, howovor, and
it took only a few moments to raiso
tho alarm throughout tho entiro
country for milos around. Tho
family is HO well known and stands
?0 high in the county that the peoplo
will not tolerate tho crime, When
tboso peoplo oatch that negro there
is going to bu a lynching sure, and
they will bo ri^bt."
PALMBTTo, March 16.-Up to thc
present timo Sam HOBO bas not beon
caught. The mob is still in pursuit
of h,HVb
Stayed Four Days at tho Bottom-Nearly
Starved when Rosouod.
CAKTKKSVIMJK, GA., April 14.-?
John W?IHH, a negro workiug on Dr.
McGowan's place, at Kuharlc, twolvo
miles out from this placo, foll into an
old well on tho placo last Thursday
night and was not rosouod until Mon
day afternoon.
The woll ia forty foot deep and is
in an old field. Willis was walking
across tho Hold Thursday night, and
it hoing dark ho foll headlong into
tho well. Ho was considerably
shocked, but not badly hurt. Ho
had no way to got out and yelled
himself hoarse. After ho had been
in tho woll four days bc hoard somo
plowmen and called to them. Thoy
hoard him and ho was rescued almost
starved to death.
Frank J. Chcnoy makos oath that ho is
tho senior partnor of tho linn of F. J.
Cbonoy & Co., doing buslnoss in tho City
of Toledo, County and Stnto aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay tho sum of
Ono Hundred Dollars for onoh and
ovory caso of Catarrh that cannot bo
enrod by tho uso of Dall's Catarrh Curo.
FltANK J. Gil KMC Y.
Sworn to hoforo ino and subscribed in
my presence, this tlth day of December,
A. D. 1880.
KAI. j
Notary Public,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tuleen internally
and acts directly on tho blood and m.u
couB surfaces of tho system. Send for
testimonials, free.
P. J. CIIENBY ?t Co., Tolodo, O
Sold by Druggists, 75o.
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Political Story from Washington.
Tho following is printed in tho
dally papers of tho State, coming
from a Washington correspondent of
a recent date : "Tho report comos
by a somewhat circuitous route, and
wo will not undortnkc to vouoh tor
its ncouraoy. It is to tho effect that
a treaty of poaco has been made be
tween Senator Tillman and his for
mer politioal rival, Gen. M. C. But
ler, and tho programme is said to be
that Cen. Butler will endeavor to re
turn to tho Sonnte as tho successor
of tho present junior Senator, J. L.
MoLaurin, at tho expiration of tho
lattor's term. My informant, who
was in South Carolina recently and
mingled with the membors of tho
Tillinan-Latimcr Congressional ex
cursion party, says there is not tho
slightest possibility of defeating Se
nator Tillman for re-election, ami at
present there is a feeling that Sena
tor McLnurin did not represent the
views of a majority of his party
when ho voted with tho Republicans
to ratify the peace treaty. There is
a disposition to reorganize the Demo
cratic lines in South Carolina and
bring back into thc regular organiza
? 5?., \\\tr il?.. l?...l~- Tl"..."<...
V..'.. Hivll Itifcw V.W?, > - ul li j, ..f.lllj'llM
and others who have heretofore an
tagonized the Tillman faction in tho
Palmetto State. It is claimed that
Senator Tillman has had somo of
the rough edges worn off of his na
turo while in tho Senate, and ho is
less objectionable to his former an
tagonists than ho was a few years
ago. Gen. Butler's popularity, to
gether with his ability, would go a
long way towards rendering him ac
ceptable to tho followers of Till
Music Kills a Filly.
Music caused the death of a beautiful
thrcc-ycar-old filly at Florence, Ala., tho
other day. A farmer drove the valunblo
young maro into town, and as ho was
driving up tho principal street a brass
baud suddenly struck up ita hlatunt
music. Tho maro had novor board any
sound Uko that buforo, and so startlod
was she that she dropped dead in tho
shaft;', of tho trap. A votorlnary surgeon
who examined tho carcass declared that
tho maro had died of heart failure, duo
to e.. ci lenient caused by I he sound of the
unaccustomed music of ii brass baud.
--?, . t.
Used during expectancy, Simmons'
Squaw Vino Wino or Tablets cheer and
strengthen mothers, shorten lubor and
rob confinement of its torrors.
A $5,000 Incendiary Firo at Liberty.
Tho ntr.ro room and stuck of goods
oooupied and owned by William
.'.::?'.tcr ?fe Son at Liberty were re
duced to adie:; at ail carly hour
Thursday morning. Thc loss is
OOO with *!\,000 insurance. Tho Uro,
which is suppOHod to bo tho work of
an incendiary, was discovorod nt 2
o'olock in tho morning.
Bern tb? jp Ita Kind You Haw Always Bought
If you ..ill mako a habit of look
ing for tho good instead of tho evil
in your associates and companions,
you will often bo pleasantly sur
prised at your discoveries.
Ho Talks Inttrostlngly of the Collogo, and
What is Being Done Thoro.
Dr, A. C. Truo spent ycstorday in
Charleston, tho guot of Mr. J. C.
Ilemphill. Dr. Truo is conneotcd
with tho office of oxporiment sta
tions.of tho United Statcb depart
ment of agriculture, and ifl now on a
tour of examination and inspection
through thc Southern and South
western States. Thc itinerary of
tho present trip will not only causo
him to visit every Stnto in thc South,
but will take him ns far West as
Arizona. The exact business of tho
gontlemnn is to visit all tho experi
ment stations, tako notice of tho
progress of tho work, advise with tho
staff of experimentalists at each sta
tion and make a general report of
tho same to tho agricultural d?part
aient. In pursuance ot this mission
Dr, True has just visited Clemson
College, and, being a thoroughly
practical scientist, as well ns a keon
observer, ho talks entertainingly and
instructively of what ha saw and of
what ho thinks should be dono nt
this Stato College, whore tho United
Stntes experiment station is located.
In speaking on tho subject Dr. True
said \
"I found that thc experiment work
at Clemson had improved a groat
deal during tho last year. Belter
arrangements havo been made to
successfully carry on thc vork and
additional improvements aro hoing
added to tho system ns rapidly os
conditions will permit. Ono of the
very best moves at Clemson during
the paBt year has been to concen
trate tho work. Heretofore there
has not been sufficient distinction
betweon thc general farming for
commercial purposes and tho experi
mental Btation. I was glad to see
that thiB disadvantage, under which
the station labored in former years,
baa been in a groat measure reme
died. The experiments for tho next
twelve months will bo entirely sepa
rate and distinct from tho commer
cial farming. Another chango which
will causo tho experiments to pro
gress ?B the fact that two of tho de
partments heretofore maintained will
bo abandoned. A geologist and a
dairyman .vere on tho staff of tho
station, with results insufficient to
warrant the expenso of keeping them.
They have been dropped from tho
faculty and tho saving in tho ex
penses by doing away with those
two departments will give addi
tional funds for tho othor work.
"Thc principal work at present is
in tho nature of iiold experiments.
Under this head also comes tho fer
tilizer practical tests. Cotton, for
age plants, potuioes and other vege
tables are receiving a great deal of
attention, with good results. Fruits,
apples, pears and some peaches aro
being experimented with in differ
ent ways. Poultry is also tho sub
ject of much care and study. Breed
ing and feeding aro tho principal
subjects of investigation under this
henel. Another investigation is
goin_ on that should interest tho
people of this part of tho State not a
little ; it concerns rice. Of lato
years a disease called 'smut' has de
veloped in the rico of some parts of
South Carolina. The Clemson Bta
tion has arrived at the conclusion
that this disease is an importation
from .Japan and it took its stand in
this Stato by mixing tho ?oed of tho
two countries in somo manner. Tho
Clemson experimentalists took up
tho case right away and aro now of
the opinion that 'smut' in rice can bo
troatcd just the sanio as it is treated
in the seed of other cereal grains. A
bulletin on this subject will shortly
bo issued and all grain planters
should Hccuro a copy of it. By tho
way, it might be important to men
tion that arrangements have boon
completed at Clemson to publish
moro bulletins than heretofore, con
taining full reports of tho results in
all important experiments. Tho far
mers' institutes are being encouraged
by the staff at tho Clemson station.
"Tho national department advises
all stations, as well as Clemson, to
adopt permanent lines for experi
ments and stick to thom. A few
important subjects, well studied, arc
worth a great deal more to tho agri
culturists of tho country than mea?
gro information concerning a number
of subjects. Tho funds by whioh
the stations aro supported warrant
thorough investigations along a few
linc?, bat aro not sufliciontly large
for experiments in,ronny branches at
ono time. The best thing tho Circa*
son or any other board of trustees
can do is to select a fow very impor
tant lines of experiment, got good
men on tho station staff, koop poli
tics and ovorything olso but business
out of the work. Then results will
follow, results that will bo beneficial
lo thc people of tho country and well
worth the money paid for them."
Dr. True left Charleston last night
for tho Florida station, whoro ho
will spend a few days and then con
tinue his investigations through the
rest of his territory, and will roturn
to Washington to collaborate tho in
dividual reports from each station.
News and Courier, April H,
Idenllflod (he Negro who Murdered his Aunt
and the Quilty Man Confessed.
CAMILLA, GA., April 14.-Amanda
Smiko, an old 1103ro woman, who
liven with hor husband, Mouos Smike,
near Baconton Station, thin oounty, j
mysteriously disappeared lost Satur
day night. Jim Koolbardi, a nephow
of Mosos Smiko, was suspected of
having murdered tho old woman.
Jim was nrrestoxi aud onrricd bofore
a justice, t?ut, if ter investigation,
was dist ' avged.
Yesterday Jim Reinhardt and eomo
other negroes called nt tho houoo of |
Dr. Posy, a mind reader, to ascer
tain the facts in tho ense. Jim was
identified as tho murderer. Ho con
fessed and designated tho place of
burial, whoro tho body has sinco boon
found. Jim is now in jnil awaiting
tho action of tho court.
Dornngomonta of mouotrual f unotlons
produoo miscarriage Simmons' Squaw
Vino Wino or Tablets correct dorango
A Carolinian's Opinion of tho Cuban Patriots.
W. M. Wilson, a mombor of tho
Second S. C. Regiment, has boon
writing letters from Cuba to his homo
paper, tho Flofonoe Times. His last
lotter oontains an account of tho
doparturc from Cuba and tho trip to
Tampa. Thc following is his opinion
of tho CubaiiB that havo como ander I
Iiis observation ;
"Many a soldier Will go homo with
a much more elevated opinion of tho
Spaniards than he lind when wo first
carno herc, although thoy do not pro
claim tho fact from their house tops.
Havana is full of Spaniard? and they
aro tho most civilized inhabitants of
tho Isle of Cuba to-day. Thoy aro
not out throats, nor bandits cither,
aa many of us aro wont to boliovo.
As a class tho Cubans aro a low sot
of thieving out laws, whose solo do
light is to sit in tho saddle, wield
tho machcto and havo it said that ho is
tho Napoleon of Napoleons. Thoy
will accept Undo Sam's $3,000,000
vory reluctantly, but once in their
hands you will seo tho moBt gor
geously uniformed sot of "nassy"
bandits of thc agc.
"If I wore asked tho question, 'Do
you consider tho Cubans capable of
self-government?' I would reply
emphatically no."
They 'vc imitated
everything else, but
they Ve never been
able to imitate the
quality of
Sarsaparilla I
Programme of Union Mooting.
Four MADISON, S. C., April 10, 1800.
Editors CoURIRlt: Pienso publish tho fol
lowing prograinmo of union mooting of
tho Second District:
Will moot with tho Fort Madison
church on Saturday bofore tho fifth Sun
day in April at lOJ.o'olook A. M. Dovo
I I ional sorvicos led by Sam Tannery.
1st Quory: Ilighor attainment in Chris
tinn lifo; how i,"hall it bo attained ?
Opened by J. W. Hoynolds.
2d Quory: Aro wo as professed Chris
tians not doing tho caiiRO of Christ a
great injury in professing to ho that
which wo do not practico ? Can wo bo
savod in so doing ? Dy J. A. Voiles.
Sundriy School mass mooting. Quory :
What aro the duties of Christian parents
in regard to tho moral and intollootual
development of their ohildron ? Dov.
P. J. Vormillion.
Sermon at ll', o'clock A. M. by Dov.
P. J. Vormillion. S. C. SMITH,
For Committee.
W. F. Kawl, Now Brookland, S. C.,
writes: Havo unod Dr. M. A. Simmons'
Livor Medicino many years, and considor
it tho boBt livor medicino mudo. I regard
it a miracle compared with /odin's regu
When ono comparea tho American
loss in tho Spanish war with tho loss
in battle in tho lato war tho figures
nppoar trilling indcod. In a list of
twenty brigades in ono battlo tho
oasunltion aro gi von. Anderson, S.
C., in tho battlo of Gaines' Mill heads
tho list. Out of 1,225 carriod into
notion, 774 were killed and wounded,
hoing a loss of 03 per cent, tho small*
ost loss in the list being 28 per cont.
Soven out of tho twop.ty wontionod
show a loss exceeding ftO por oont,
Eight Bbow f\ \o?a of botween 40 and
5,0. per conj,
Makes the food inore del
? ?f? TO ms.
ls Thoro Any Reason Why tho Nogro Should
Oppose tho Soulhorn Whito Man ?
Tho most sonaiblo ami praotical
negro of prominonco in tho South is
Prof. Booker T. Washington, of
Tuskogee, Ala., and ho is thoroughly
indopondont in his views. In an
swering tho request of a prominont
colored man in North Carolina as to
what should bo dono to allay tho
present coniliot botween tho races,
Prof. Washington clearly advises
him to m alco alliance with tho trium
phant Dcmoornoy. Ile Bays in tho
lotter :
"I havo boon asking myself lately
Bomo rather soriouB questions, and I
want to put one or two of them to
you. Is there any roason why thc
negroes in tho South should continue
to oppoBO tho Southorn whito man
in his politics? Is not this thc
Bourco of nearly all our troubles \
Unconsciously we seem to have got
ten the idoa into our blood and bonoi
that wo arc only acting in a manlj
way when wo oppose Southern white
mon with our votes.
"I boliovo that Governor Johns
ston, of Alabama, is just ns good i
friend to the blaok man ns Hon. Wm
Youngblood, of Alabama. Hon. Wm
Youngblood has about 400 whito fol
lowers, and Governor Johnston ha
about 500,000 whito followers ii
Alabama. Why should we follo\
Mr. Youngblood with his 400 whit
followers rather than Governo
Johnston with his 000,000 follower
when no prinoiplo is at stako ?
"Why is it that the nogro in Cub
has surpassed us in Bottling his rac
problem ? Is it not becauso tho nogr
in Cuba has m ado tho white man
intorest their own ?
"For example, suppose during th
agitation of tho freedom of Cuba th
negro had ontinued to espouso th
cause of Spain instead of tho causo <
tho whites in Cuba? Would not tl:
white Cubans have grown furioi
against the blaok man in Cuba?
"In some way, by some motho
we must bring tho race to tho poii
where it will censo to feel that tl
only way for it to succeed is to o]
poso everything suggested or pi
f ,. " ? I. t... .t. ~ Cl_it_ ...t. !. - - . ...
.ut in ujr mu > >uu inui u winn; [ililli,
"Tilis I consider ono of our ro
problems. I confess that personal
I have brought myself wholly to tl
point that I should liko to seo tl
wholo raco got to, but I merely ni
theBO questions to put ye u to thin
ing along those lines if you havo n
already begun to do so.
"I boliovo that thoro are thousnn
of whito Democrats in North Cai
lina who aro fiO por cent beti
friends to tho negro than Govern
Ituflsoli, and I BOO no necessity
continuing to follow Govornor Ri
sell who has no power to protect,
if ho has tho power, does not oxi
oise it-rather than tho whito m
who can protect, us if wo coane
continually and forever oppose then
--. --
Malaria ennnot Ibid a lodgmont in
system while tho liver is in r/orfoct onl
Dr. M. A. Simmons' Liver Medicine
tho boat regulator.
---4 . ??-.-.
A Roy's Composition on Newspapers
An exchange publishes tho folk
ing composition on "Newspaper
writton by a little boy :
"I don't know how nowspap
como in tho world. I don't th
God does either, for ho ain't got no
ing to say bout them, and editor a
in tho Bible. I think tho editor
ono of tho missing links you h
about and ntrayod into tho brush :
aftor tho Hood, then sneaked ont r
wrote tho things up, and has b
hero ovor sinco. I don't think
over dios. I novor saw a dead
and novor heard of one gottin' lick
Our paper is a mighty poor 'un. '
editor goes without underclothes
winter, don't woar no sox, and \
hain't paid his subscription in
-? --' 1
BsMith? Tho Kind You Haw Mwiflft
That moil ruc saved by hope i
faot of oxperionoo as woll as a
covery o? revolution, for notl
good or great was over aohioved
I a perfeotly hopeless wan,,
W -J?!
?Cfous and wholesome
Will Potatoes Pay?
Will it pay to grow eweot potatoes
in largo quantities for salo at fifteen
oonts a bushel ? Tim is a question
that wo would bo glad to havo some
of our roadcrs answer, oithor affirma
tively or negatively, giving tho rea
sons for tho conclusion roaohed. Wo
would doom it. a favor for aa many
as possiblo of tho farmers of Sumter
county to givo us an opinion on tho
mattor, for an affirmative answer
may dosido tho location in thia city
of a largo etaroh faotory that would
consumo ono to fivo thousand bushels
of p?teteos a day.
All farmers who have had experi
ence in growing swoot potatoos are
qualified to speak, for thoy know how
many butshols an aero will produce,
tho amount of manure roquirod, tho
coot of cultivation, coBt of harvesting
and hauling to tho noarcst depot.
Therefore wo ask our roadora to
think of tho matter, write out their
opinions and Bond thom to UH at thoir
In tho ouory, tho price of potatooa
ia fixed at fifteen contB a bushol for
tho reason that fifteen cents waa tho
loweat price mentioned by tho South
ern Starch Company proapeotora ivbo
whero in thia city laat woek looking
for a suitable location for a faotory.
Thc same price, whether it bo fifteen
or twenty couta a bushel, will bo
paid at all depots within oasy roach
of the factory, consequently tho
farmer who livea fifteen, twonty-fivo
or moro miloa from thia placo, but
noar a depot, will bo on tho ca mo
footing aa tho farmer at the faotory
door. Tho potatoes richest in ataroh,
and therefore moro valuablo to a
starch factory, aro tho Southorn
Queen and Bohama varieties, which
aro, we have boon reliably informed
by oxporionoed farmers, tho moat
prolifio and at tho samo timo tho
easiest cultivated. A comparativo
Btatoment allowing tho rolativo not
profit that a farmor oan realizo from
potatoes, corn or cotton, at ourrent
marketa prices for tho two last namod,
products and fifteen centa a bushol
for potatoes, would bo of decided
intorest, and wo trust aomc of our
roadora will make up auch a state
ment from bia own experience as a
produoor of tho threo cropa men
Speaking off hand and with only
auch random information aa wo havo
been enabled to gather hero and thoro
in the course of conversation with
various farmers, wo aro decidedly
inclined to boliovo that thoro is moro
clear monoy to bo realized from tho
sale of sweet potatooa at fiftoon centa
a bushel than thoro ie. in cotton at
oix conta a pound. Thia may bo a
erroneous belief and we ahull bo under
obligations to tho one that points out
the error. Tho avorago crop of cot
ton doea not yield in excosa of 2f)0
pound)? of lint to tho nore, in faot,
tho l ocordo prove that tho avorago is
much leaa than that, thoroforo tho
groaa income from an aero of cotton
ia only JJS'J .6. We havo been informed
that it ia oaaior and far cheaper to
mako an arco prod nco 200 bushels of
potatooa than 260 pounds of lint cot
ton, consequently tho gross income
from an nore of potatooa would bo
$30, j nat double tho price of tho cot
tell ?rom tho ".ame land. Bat should
tho yiold of potatoes bc only 100
bushols to tho acre, wo Itolievo tho
not profit would bo greater than on
250 pounds of cotton, because t\\o
fcrtilizor bill would bo loss, tho cost
of cultivation would be loss and tho
cost of harvesting and niarkoting
would bo lesa than for cotton.-Sum
tor Watchman.
Dr. M. A. Simmons' Livor Modioliio
oloars thc complexion, gives buoyancy to
tho mind, euroa headache, regulates tho
stomaoh, bowols and livor.
There ia a bill boforo tho Maasri
ohusetts TiOgialaturo to mako it com
pulsory to nae wido inatcad of nar
row tires on vohiolcs. Tho atatcsmnn
who drafted tho bill baa bocomo
ti rod of aooing tho Stato apond
monoy to fix up tho mada and vhon
havo thom out up by thoao narrow
ti rc a.
- -?w?- -
Goncral Joseph Whoolor baa ao
copted J . ' ivitation to dolivor tho
oratk ot. : ocoaaion of tho Con
federate re-union in Charleston.
Mothers wishing stout, healthy girls
should glvo thom Simmons' Squaw Vino
Wine or Tablets as thoy approach puborty

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