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Cb? li???ow tarier.
-- BY- ' .. ~
?UMCttiPTioN, #1.00 PER ANNUM.
Communications of a porsoun?
ohsro^ter obargod for as advortisomonts.
_WT" Obituary notices and tributes of
respect, of not over ono. hundred words,
will bo printed froo of chargo. All over
that uunibor must bo paid for at tho rate
maSSSoript.5 WOr<1, Vaah to W???Pauy
l'Miinm^v, AV? II. ao, iso?.
- Ott. our first pago wo publish a lottor
from Prof. Bookor T. Washington, of
Tuskegee, Ala. j writtou to n promiuont
negro lu North Carolina. Ho is tho most
prominent loador of bis raco, as woll as
a most sensible and practical man. Hoing
a otoso obsorvor of mon and affairs bo
h-vs learned tho lesson that his raco bas
boon slow to leam, vis: That tho best
.friends tho nogroos bavo aro tho whito
tuon of ? he South.
Tho mistako the negroes have boon
making BO long is supposing that, thoy
woro advancing thoir interests by antogo
nibing tho whito mon in politics. It is
oloarly to thoir intorost to coaso tho op
position which has been manifested in
tho past. Tho negro's homo is iu the
South, and boro ho finds steady employ
ment at tho hands of his whito neigh
bors." Ho is accordod tho rights of free
citizenship, ?md ho can labor unmolested
in any of tho lines of industrial pursuit.
Novor has a Southern State furnished
such an instance of hostilo opposition as
has boon dono within tho past fow
roontbB in tho Stato of Illinois, and that,
too, with tho sanction of tho Govornqr,
who is a Republican. There tho negro
has boon driven from tho mines at tho
point of tho bayonet and forced to lcavo
tho Stato. Bloody coull iota between tho
whito and black miners have been fre
quent, and mob violonco has boon meted
out to tho negro becauso ho wanted to
ic is for an entirely di it?rent cause that
tho 'mob bas sometimes visited swift
punishment upon certain individual of
fenders among the negroes in tho South.
Thoro is ono crimo that always Calls
forth a speedy reckoning, but Vu these
instances tho anger of tho whito man is
stirred against tho individual offondor,
and not against tho raco. Should a
whito man bo guilty of a similar offense
ho would moot with tho samo condign
Truo, tho raco problem is tho most
lan ions ono demanding tho attontion of
both races. Thoro is, and will continuo
to bo, much ncod for thc oxerciso of
patience and forbearance A question
of such far-reaching consequences can
not bo sottlod in tho eourso of a fow
years. It has boen thirty-four j.lars
sinco tho negro obtained his freedom,
and ho has not yet learned his exact
BtntuB ns a race. Ono generation has
almost passed away, and others will
doubtless do so before his station is
recognized and, established. In the
meantime ho should learn to labor and
to walt. Tho decrcos of tho God of
nat ure muft bo porforincd by both races,
and it is certain that tho Anglo-Saxon is
tho king among tho nations of tho earth.
Ho is king of tho Old World and king of
tho Now. Ho is such by tho divino right
of a Buporior innate manhood. He is tho
ruler among mon wherever found, but
bis rule ii? that of justice, morey and
truth. Tho highest phase of civilization
is attained undor his sway, and its bene
ficent result? will bo shared by tho negro
as a raco just in proportion to his sub
mission to thc inevitable decrees of fate.
Wo bavo novor felt any undue anxiety
over tho ultimate solution of tho race
problom along right lines, however dark
and foreboding the situation sometimes
appears. It is better to look on the
bright sido of tho picture and OX peet t lie
conservativo sonso of both races, under
Divino guidance, to achieve the highest
good of All.
lt is becoming moro and more evident
that tho subjugation Of tho Philippines
no email task. In the latest dispatches
it is announced that ono hundred thou
sand troops will be required to subdue
the islands. Tho tropical climate is ono
of tho hardest obstacles for our troops to
overcome. It ls haiti lo fight guerrillas
in such a country.
Cen. Lawton has been ordered to
return to Manilla immediately on ac
count of tho condition of his mon. Thus
all the territory heretofore cn p tu rod will
bo ovaouated, vory much to his regret.
On Monday (len, Lawton authorized the
correspondent of the New York World to
ntako this statement:
"Tho present prospect is that 100,000
troops will bo necessary to pacify the
Philippine islands. The difllcultios in
tho way aro those of lighting guerillas in
a tropical conn try. With my brigade, I
could force my way from one end of tho
island to tho other if 1 did not bavo to
hold tho territory I traversed. Dut leav
ing garrison behind would soon eat tip
tho whole force."
Tho trial of thirteen men,charged with
burning tho post office and killing Post
master Dakor, at Lake City, bogan in tho
United Stato? District Court, before
.Judge Drawloy, at Charleston, on mon
day, tho loth instant. Tho trial is still
in progress. Tho government no)
prossod tho caso as to two of tho defend
ants. Newham and Lee, and t**?Mo:! ti.em
as witness*.;:. Afc tho close o? tb i tcsti
mDiy for tho government tho United
States Attorney consented toa verdict of
not guiiiy as to tinco of the defendants,
and thoy woro discharged. This left
night defendants still Oil tria!. The
main defense sot up is that of alibi, and
If tho wltnossos for tho defendants aro to
bo behoved, theso men wcro not near
tho post ofllco at tho time of tho fatal
tragedy. The trial will bo concluded
this week. At this writing tho chances
seem to bo in favor of the defendants,
and a verdict of acquittal is expooted.
AFTKU argument by counsel, on last
Wednesday, Judgo Watts refused to
grant bail to Meet zo, tl o slayer of Cart
ledge, in Columbia.
TIIK privilege tax receipts to date, for
1800, amount to $65,082.44, against $01,
iar>.o8 for this timo last year. Tho out
put of fertilizers bas increased wonder
fully ?il tho last four weeks. All this tax
goos ti Clemson' College, which now has
to lt? credit about $?0,000 in tho State
-' > fir -rc Mk*mm*?mmmmmmmMmm^mmmm^ Jj^Mpfl
Tu? Virginia Slate Board of Eduoa
Hon bsa rendered a doondou that it takos
throe-fourths white blood to ontitle a
oldld to attoud tho whito .schools. Undor
tho laws of Virginia a porson wlio has
threo-fourths whito blood ls rogcmlod
ns Caucasian.
TJIK Logislaturo of Pennsylvania will
adjourn without elooting a United States
Sonator to succeed Quay. A voto for tho
elect ion of Senator has boon takon daily
for th roo months. Tho Stato will bo rop
rcsontod lb tho Unitod States Sonato by
oMy ono representativo for tho coining
yoar, _
Tim gubernatorial boo is nlroady
beginning to bu//, in tho oaps of Bovoral
py ospeoti ve aspirant?. Thonamos of A. C.
Latimer, M. B. McSwoonoy, M. C. Butler
and Willo Jones bavo boon montionod as
possible, if not probablo, candidates.
Thoro will doubtless bo a full corps
hoforo tho outrios oloso, ns it will bo au
open Hold and a froo shako of tho pin tn
tlti0" _______________
Tho old soldiors aro propsting natur
ally for tho Confederate rounion, in
Charleston, in tho carly days of May.
How aro thoy to got thoro? Some of
thorn aro ablo to pay thoir way and sotno
aro not. Tho poopln of Charlotta, N. C.,
bavo struck tho koy noto. Fon? commit
tees o? ladios, headed by Mrs. Stouown.ll
Jackson, aro dovisiug ways and means to
I raiso monoy to pay tho expenses ot in
digent soldiors to tho rounion. Of courso
tho mon of Charlotte aro bohind tho
patriotic women in this lnbor of lovo, and
success is assured. Why can't tho peo
ple of tho othor So Uth?rn StatoB, ospo
eially South Carolina, follow the laudable
example of tho noble "Hornots" of tho
Old North Stato? Wo hopo Oconoo will
scud one or moro old Confederate sol
diers from onch township to tho reunion.
Thoy wore not too poor to light our bat
tles. Lotus soo to it that sonvo ono or
moro of those old soldiors represent us
at tho pleasant, poacoful rounion 1
The Kidney Complexion.
Tho palo, sallow, sunkon-ohookod, dis
tressed-looking peoplo you ?o cite;; 'moot
aro nillictcd with "kidnoy complexion."
Thoir kidneys aro turning to a parsnip
color. So is thoir complexi?n.
They may also have indigestion, or
suitor from sleeplessness, rheumatism,
neuralgia, brain t rouble, nervous exhaus
tion and sometimes tho heart act? badly.
The causo is weak, unhealthy kidnoys.
Usually tho sufforoi from kidney dis
oaso does not lind out what tho troublo is
until it is almost too lato, because tho
first symptoms aro BO like mild sickness
that thoy do not think thoy need a medi
cine or a doctor until they lind them
selves sick in bcd.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Boot will build
up and strengthen their weak and dis
eased kidneys, purify their diseased,
kidnoy-poisonod olood, clear their com
plexion and soon they > ill onjoy hotter
You can get tho regular si/.os at tho
drug store, at fifty cents and ono dollar,
or you may first provo for yourself tho
wonderful virtues of this groat discovory,
Swamp-Boot, by sending your addross to
Dr. Kilmer it Co., Binghamton, N. Y.,
for a sample bottle and n book that toll
all about lt, both sont to yon absolutely
freo by mail. Whon writing kindly mon
tion that yon read this liberal offer in tho
To tho Ladios of Urtu ordain Association.
Realising tho importanoo of a united
offort on our part, in regard to missions,
wo earnestly request each church bolong
Ing to this association to organizo a
Ladies' Missionary Society.
At tho last association only four
churches wore reported as having organ
ized societies. This work is important
and easily accomplished with a reasona
ble amount of perseverance. It is not a
separato part of church work, but is
generally considered a necessary auxil
iary. Thoroforo wo deem it tho duty of
every church to fOS tor theso socictios.
Tho Denvordam Association has some
thing over thirty churches, with twelve
or (?ficen hundred members. If each
member would ?ivo one-fourth of a dol
lar for missions it is easy to seo that this
association could support a missionary.
Somo of tho churches bavo given libe
rally for this causo and wo hopo thoy
will continue to do so, but thoro aro seve
ral that ha' .> ^iven nothing if tho records
aro correct. Wo hopo tho pastor of eaoh
church will urge their lady mombors to
begin this work at tinco, Nothing is to
bo gained by putting it off, A hotter
roport is earnestly desired at the noxt
association. PKKSIDKNT,
Ladies' Missionary Society, Seneca
Last week in Greenville, Miss Minnie
Pollard sued John Jenkins for $0,000
rinmagos in a breach of promise suit and
was awarded a verdict of $2,500.
Thai Cough
Hangs on j
You have used alh
I sorts of cough reme
I dies but it does not
} yield ; it is too deep
seated. It may wear
itself out in time, but
it is more liable to
produce la grippe,
pneumonia or a seri
?I ous throat affection.
You need something
that will give you
strength and build
up the body.
will (lo this when everything
else fails. There is no doubt
about it. lt nourishes,
: strengthens, builds up and
makes the body strong and
; healthy, not only to throw
off this hard cough, but to
fortify the system against
further attacks. If you are
run down or emaciated you
; should certainly take this
nouiiihing food medicine.
Hoc. ?ml f i.?VJ, ?ll .li. i .
SCOTT ?\ IJOWNB, Chemists, New York.
Som? Department Officials- - -Tho Worries ot
a (Metropolitan Officer.
WAsnihoTON, Sr>. 0., April JO.-Editors
KKOWKK CoIU?II:it: While tho "Fithor of
his Country" became ira mortal bc ca into
of his wonderful faoulty for stating facts
at all timos, I must confess timo has
brought many ohanges, and tho old man
could not recognize his doscoudanto
should ho pass this way now. I onoo
prided myself on hoing a first class corn
field ox lion mler of falsehood; yot now I
lind my ability failetb. lt is fast vanish
ing into tho dlrn vista of tho unknown ?
whou brought into comparison with ouo I
artist that I And boro. Tho wonder of it I
all is that ho is from South Carolina. It
sooms tba*, mon nro rewarded hore for
their ability to lie, aa this ooloftain bas
boon groatly rewarded recently. ,
I have a can of that concoction called i
army roast hoof. I got it by a slmplo ,
twist of tho wrist whon ono of tho secre
tarios to that investigating committee
olosod his eyea for a moment-then I did
tho rcBt. 1 want to sond it to tho Cou
tuKU os a .souvenir. (_Accept tluniks. It
is embalmed, wo suppose.-linn,J
Tho exocut ioner's axe bas buen busy of
lato ill tho difforout departments, and
many hoads bavo fallon. So far South
Carolina bas boon vory luoky or OIBO sbo
bas boon doing somo wonderful dodging.
I can givo quito a list of boys boro from
South Carolina holding positions of trust
whoso rooords will comparo with '.hose
from any State.
I notioo a lot of now faoos going to and
from tho agricultural department, ami
among thom I soc BOIDO old whippoor
wills who should bo vagrantod ratbor
than entrusted with a government posi
tion to tho exclusion of tho thousands ot
hard-working, deserving and compel eut
country boys and r?irls, who would bo
gian to have ono of these places woro it
only for a year. But such is lifo. Tho
schemer goto tho reward and tho deserv
ing go by default. Yot ono of thoso old
stacks of wrinkles cnn causo moro l rouble
about a town in ono day than forty sensi
ble people would in six months. Ono of
them, in company with bor country
cousin, was transferring from ono car to
anothor not long ago, when sudden1 y she
yelled out: "Oh, sir, stop that oar. Ono
of my friend's ohlldron has boon oarriod
away' on it by that stupid couduotor."
Tho car was too far gono, and tho moans
and howls sont np by tho two old squaws, ?
mingled with tho shrieks of tho four ,
remaining kids, soon drow a mob somo
thing liko ono socs in Anderson, S. C.,
when old John Robortoon's circus comes
around. All tolophonos woro called into ,
UBC to stop tho car and look out for tho
oh Uti. Tiio conductor, when stopped,
claimed that only tho two women and
four children came up tho lino with bim
and thoy all got ott at 7th st reel and i
Pennsylvania avonuo. A number of tho ?
nasBongcrs corroborated lila statement,
I saw a dotoctivo in tho mob and called
him. Ile took ono of tho women on a
car and wont back down tho lino, whilo i
tho othor remained with tho four kids.
Tho dotcctivo found thc lost ono asleep
tn ono of tho Washington and Norfolk i
steamers, whore it had boon loft by tho
old fools whon thoy got ott to tako tho i
car for up-town. This Is a fact. It ia a ,
fair illustration of what ono has to con- i
tend with hero, and convinces mo that
tho man was moro than right who wroto:
''Young man, know thysolf. If you havo
brains go into businoss; if you havo not,
thou go into society." J. Q. C.
Takon In Timo,
oven consumption yiolds to tho wonder
ful effects of Dr. P loree's Gobion Modi
cal Discovery. It won't make now lungs
-hut it will make diseased OUCB healthy
whon nothing olso will. There's reason
for it, too. Consumption is lung-scrofula.
For ovory form of scrofula, and all blood
tain to, tho "Discovery" is a positivo
euro. It'B tho most potont stronach ro
storor, blood cloansor, and flesh ouildor
known to medical ??cicnco. For woak
lung8, spitting blood, bronchitis, asthma,
catarrh, and all lingering coughs, it's an
unequaled remedy.
$1,250 ?eward for Ho&o>
ATLANTA, GA., April 18.-Howards
aggregating ono thousand dollars aro
offered for tho arrest and doli vory to tho
sheriff of Campbell county of Samuol
lioso, tho murdoror and rapist. Gov
ernor Candler to-day doubled tho Stato'o
reward of $200 and issued a special pro
clamation urging shorin's and authorized
oflicors in tho Stato to make ovory ol?ort
nossiblo to capture tho negro, who is now
hoing pursued by hundreds of men and
tho best bloodhounds that can ho secured.
Tho Atlanta Constitution offers a ro
ward of $600 for Boso, lt says: "Geor
gia is an agricultural Stato. lier poor lo
aro forced to tho isolated life of tho fa.m,
and as tho farmer goes about h?? 'laily
labor bo must loavo mother, wifo or
daughter in tho lonely cabin to await his
homo-coming. Aro they safe? Tho
Answer comes from the humble homo
in Campbell county, whoro an indus
trious oiti'.on, who boro his part toward
family and Stato. was brutally murdered
by tho negro whom ho had given food
anti employment, anti his wifo assaulted."
In Bovoral churches in Cowota county
prayors woro ottered yesterday for tho
capturo of Hose and tho infliction of a
penalty, which is to bo in keeping, as far
as possible, with his heinous crime
'I ho following description of HOBO has
boon soattorod broadcast: Sam I loso
weighs 140 pounds, is llvo foot oight
inches tall, and a mulatto of a coppery
tint. Has a small black moustache and
holds his hoad to one side whilo talking.
Ho wears his hat well down over his fore
head and has an aftoction which causes
him to jerk bis hoad at Intervals. When
last seen ho bad on a pair <>>" almost new
shoes, No. 7, a pair of gray joaiiB pants,
brown flack coat and a moi t led bat.
Tho people of Palmetto, it is roported,
have ol?orcd $200 for tho apprehension of
Hoso. This makes tho total offered for
the nogro's arrest $1,250.
I was reading an advertisement of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy in the Worcester Enter
prise recently, which leads me to write
this. I can truthfully say I nover used
any remedy equal to it for colic and
diarrhoea. I bavo never had to uso moro
than ono or two doses to euro tho worst
caso with myself or children.-W. A.
Stroud, Popoinoko City, Md. For salo
by H. ii. Zimmerman, Westminster; J.'
W. Dell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
A Sunday School Convontion.
Tho International Sunday School Con
vontion willoh . '" assombfo in Atlanta
April 20th, will bo ono of tho largest and
most Interesting bodies that over held a
session hero. Thorn will bo moro thou
it thousand dolegates and a largo num
ber of visitors. Tho dolegates will como
from all part? of tho United States and
from many foreign countries. The pro
ceedings of tho convention will ho hitor
DSting not only to Sunday school workors,
but to tho public genorally. Tho work
In Sunday schools has boen beautifully
systematized and niado moro attractive
to ohlldron than ever before.
Tho conventions nt which Sunday
school Buporintontlonts anti teachers
moot to oxchango experiences anti com
pare methods do muon to carryon this
Im provoniont.
Tho arrangements for this great moot
ing aro proceeding in (Ino order. Atlanta
liomoB will ho opened gladly to tho host
of noble mon and women wno come hore
to ?d lend to the business of tho Interna
tional Sunday School Convontion.
Atlanta Journal.
Volumes Could Ro Written,
filled with tho testimony of women who
havo boen mado well anti strong by Dr.
Piorco's Favorite Proscription. It's a
medicino that's made especially to build
up women's strength and to cure wo
men's ailments- an invigorating, restora
tive tonio, soothing cordial, and bracing
nervino ; purely vegotnble, non-alcoholic,
and perfectly harmless. For all tho
functional derangoinonto, painful disor
ders, and chronic weakness that afllict
womankind, tho "Favorito Prescription"
is tho only remedy now boforo the pub
lic devised by a regularly graduated, ox
porloncod and Bkillod specialist In thoso
maladies. Ito nales oxceod tho combined
Bnlcs of all othor modlolno for women.
An Excellent Combinulkm.
Thc please at method and beneficial
effects of tho well known remedy,
SYKUP OF Fia?, manufactured by the
tho value of obtaining the liquid laxa
tive principle? of plants known to bo
medicinally laxative and presenting
thom in the form most refreshing to tho
tasto and acceptable to the Bystem. lt
is tho ono perfect strengthening laxa
tivo, oleausing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
geii( ly yet promptly and enabling oue
to overcome habitual Constipation per
manently. Its porfeot freedom from
overy objectionable quality and sub
Btanco, and its noting on tho kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating- them, moko it tho ideal
In tho process of manufacturing figs
uro UBcd, as thoy aro pleasant to tho
taste, but tho medicinal qualities of tho
remedy aro obtainod from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a mothod
known to the CALIFORNIA Fio SYRUP
Co. only. In order to got its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, please
romombor the full name of thc Company
printed on tho front of ovory package
I'or s.ilc hy nil Druggists.-Price 50c. per bottle.
InK it Killi? Ulenia NhoUfiifil DOWN for
(ho Kondor? of tho Cleurior.
Horr Pollock, a woll known engineer
and electrician, of Vienna, has (Uncov
ered a moans of telegraphing 00,000
words por hour over a Binglo wiro.
Attornoy Gonoral Griggs and his pri
vato seorotary aro in- Atlanta, Ga., for
tho purpose of solooting tho siio for tho
Unitod States penitentiary to bo oroctod
in that oity.
Duko d' Arcos has boon ohoson as tho
now Spanish minister to tho United
States, and tho Unitod States Govern
ment was oflloially notified of his selec
tion an April 17th.
Arch II. Wells, ns oxocutor of tho
catato of tho lato Capt. G. G. Wolla, has
lllod in tho ofllco of tho Judgoof Probato
a petition for appraisement of tho estate,
tho valuo of which is givon at $14,000.
C. ll. Smith, of Columbia, and Paul
Trapior 1 layne, of Groonvillo, have boon
appointed .second lieutenants in tho regu
lar army from this Stato. Both aro grad
uates of tho Citadol and members of tho
samo class.
Some citizens of Kock Hill started a
movciucnt to solid somo of tho indigent
?ld Confcdorato vbtorans to tho Charles
ton reunion and already twenty citizens
have obligated thomsolvos to each of
thom Bond ono vol eran to tho reunion.
Robert Millor, a plumbor, of Toronto,
Canada, committed suloido at tho Val
(losta. Gu., jail on April 17th. Ho was
In jail awaiting examin?t ion as to his
montai condition. Ho out his wind pipo
und jugular vein with a pioco of glass.
J udgo Watts has granted a chango of
venue in tho caso of Dispensary Consta
ble Crawford, Indicted for tho murdor of
Mrs. Stuart, in Columbia, from ltiohland
to Kershaw. Tho Kershaw Court of
Gonoral Sessions convenes at Camdon on
tho First Monday in Juno.
Sovoral groat expositions will bo hold
In tho Unitod Statos thiB year. Tho
nost notable of thom aro hoing arranged
for in Philadelphia, St. Louis and Dallas.
Texas. Kx poBl t ions aro educational
agoncicB, tho valuo of which can hardly
bo estimated.
Groonvillo is io havo a Sunday papor.
Mr. D. Harnott Foster, a sorgoant in tho
Uh Missouri regiment, will issue a six
column, four pago paper, "devoted to
social mnttors and current gossip." Tho
papor will bo known as Tho Sunday
Times and will bo printed at tho Groon
villo Nows oflico. Mr. Foster baa moved
his family to Greenville and will mako
Iiis futuro homo t here.
Attorney Ocnoral Bollinger, in rondor
ing a docision elaborating a provlouBono,
holds that boor dispensaries must order
heir supplies t brough tho Stat? bo..rd
Duly, and tho board has a right to decido
what kind shall ho sold in Bitch dispen
saries. Ile holds that hoer dispensarios
san sell hoer on draught, provided it ia
add in quau! itics of not loss than a pint,
und provided furtbor that tho Stato hoard
grants thom normission to do so.
Attornoy Gonoral Bollingor has ron
lered nu important decision in thc mat
:or of tho pay of County Auditors. Tho
lubstanco of the opinion is: "That tho
imotint called tho annual salary, to bo
raid by tho Stato Treasurer, and tho Binn
oforred to as additional compensai ion,
o bo paid by tho County Treasurer, ave
nt end cd to bo ill tho UgglOgatO tho ail
iital salary of tho County Auditor, and
ire only separately rccoivcd in ordor to
tpportion. as no ar as may bo, equitably
?otweon tho Stato and tho county tho
?ardon of paying tho Auditor his annual
Wluit J)nl..iy? il lier.
Mrs. Darloy-You aro BO lato.
You fdiould have noon horo two
hours ago. I got HO tired waiting for
Mrs. MoBrido-I'm vor y B?rry,
dear, but I ennio na Boon na ovor I
could. You soo, Jnok gavo mo bia
coat to sow a button on this morning
boforo bo wont to tho ofllco.
Mm Darloy-I soo! Wero tho let
tors so interesting as tbatf-Hnrlem
Mice to Debtors awl Creditors.
AUL PERSONS having claims against
tho ostato of Mrs. Sarah J. Ander
ion, deceased, aro notified to present
bein to tho undersigned, aa Executors
>f hot- last will and tostamont, properly
noven ns required by law. And all par
ions indebted to nant deceased aro notl
lod to make payment, thereof to us at
Westminster, S. C.
March 28. 18M. |?!-]<1
Tho State of South Carolina-Oconoo
County-Office of Supervisors of Regis
tration, Oconoo County, Walhalla, S.
C., March 22d, 1800.
VTOTIOE is hornby givon that in ac
Li cordanco with an Aot of tho Gonoral
Assembly, and in conformity with tho
'cquiromonts of tho Stato Constitution.
;ho books for tho registration of all
ogally qualified voters, and for tho issu
ng of transfors, oto,, win ha opon at tho
dllco of Supervisors of Registration at
the COUl't house, between tho hours of 0
Molock u, m., and :i o'clock p. m., on tho
list Monday of each month, until thirty
lays before tho next gonoral election,
diners who shall becomo of ago during
hat period of thirty days shell bo cud
led to registration boforo tho hooks aro
dosed, if otherwise qualiilod. Tho ro
luiromonts for a qualified voter aro that
lie appin ant. for registration shall bo
iblo to road and writo correctly, or pos
ions in his own name property to tho
.mount of ihi co hundred dollars, upon
vhieh ho pays taxes.
W. T. (tnt'ima,
luporvisors of Registration Oconoo Co.
GOLOR and ?avor of fruits,
size, quality and ap*
pearance of vegetables,
weight and plumpness of grain,
are all produced by Potash.
properly combined with Phos?
phone Acid and Nitrogen, and
liberally applied, will improve
every soil and increase yield
and quality of any crop.
Write and get Free our pamphlets, which
tell how to buy and use fertilisers with
greatest economy and profit.
93 NMMH St., N?w Yolk.
J Townvllle Topics.
TOWNVJI.I.K, April 18.-Thofarmore iu
this community rcado good ?wno last
wook putting in guano and planting cot
ton Bood.
Mr. B?rry Cromor, of Clomson College
was in town last week. Dorry is a fino
boy and wo nro always glad to soo him.
Tho M?8B08 Funner, of Andorson,
spout. Inst Friday night with their
l?r. B. Funner.
Tho oharado and musical, given at tho
old academy by MIBS Lillio Kloo, was tho
host that your soribo lins over attondod.
A largo crowd was present and wo think
ovorybody enjoyed themselves.
Do not put off until to-morrow tho
duty that ought to bo dono to day. If
your blond is impuro and you fool weak
and weary, tako Hood's Sarsaparilla at
onco. -
Hood's Pills euro all livor ills. Mailod
for 26 couts by C. I. Hood ?fe Co.,Lowoll,
Making tho Deaf to Hoar.
Rccso 11 ut ellison, a young electrician,
a graduate of Auburn College, Alabama,
1B exhibit ing- in Mobile his apparatus for
oinking tho doaf hoar, no augments vi
bration and enables deaf mutes to hoar
words spoken in tho ordinary tono and
also to hear piano, guitar, tho phono
graph and enjoy tho music. Tho appa
ratus for tho HBO of tho doaf is tho size
of a pocket -book, mid is connected by
wires with au audiphono, which is bola
at tho oar. Two totally deaf mon woro
oxporiinontod with. Thoy stood fifty
foot from tho niano and marked tho timo
of tho musio, laughing with delight ovor
tho novol oxporionco.
lin tah Store
Standard and
..Fancy Groceries..
My motto: Short profits and Quick
Como mid seo mo. I will make it to
your interest.
April 20, 1809.
The Seneca Bank.
Loans mid discounts
Duo from banks....
Hank building.
Vnult and safo.
Curronoy .
$ 41,085 01
12,803 50
1,000 00
1,400 00
0,700 10
$03,728 00
Capital stock.$20,400 00
Duo to banks. 080 01
Doposits. 38,345 07
Surplus. 3,003 02-$03,728 00
Cortifiod by
J. W. Stribling, )
lt. M. Richardson, > Directors.
J. W. Shelor, )
South Carolina, I
Oconeo County. J
Personally carno J. W. Stribling, Cnshior
of Thc Seneca Bank, before mo and mndo
oath that tho nbovo statomont is cor
rcot to tho best of his ki.owlcdgo and
Sworn to boforo mo this )
18th day of April, 1800. I J. W.
H. F. Ai.KXANnnii, [L.S.1 ISTRIBMNO.
Notary Pabilo, S. C. J
Application [or Homestead.
1WTOTICE is horoby gi von that npplica
i_N tion has boon mndo to mo in duo
form by Malissa. A. Dryco, widow of Mor
gun H. Dryco, dooonsod, for homestead
exempt ion in his est ate for herself nm)
hei children. This application will bo
hean! by mo, in my ornoo, at Walhalla,
S. C.. on FRIDAY, tho 10th day of May,
1800, at ll o'olock A. M. All poisons
interested therein will govern themselves
accordingly. J. W. IIOLLBMAN,
April 18, 1800-10-10. Master.
I havo a splendid lino Of Season
able Goods, and invito my friends to
givo thom a perusal boforo di culing
to buy olsowhoro.
My i,?icen aro ljo. to 10c a yard,
and Embroidery 21o. to 10o.
While Kid bolts, 11 and k ci ch i of s
and Iloslory.
Dig lino Tinware nt old prices,
i hough tho mnrkot is 25 to 40 por
cont advanced.
A now orato of nico Staple Crock
ery at Walhalla, and a big Uno on
hand here.
Low Cut Shoos and Oxfords. I
have a. beaut ifni lino of Two-button
Oxfords for children, misses and
ladies. Do suro to soo thom.
GrocorloB, both fanoy and staplo.
I havo bought 33 hags of Coffee in
the Inst 50 nays, and have nold quito*
a lot of it to nppreoiativo customers.
Come und got your shnro boforo it in
Now for those good fat Hams
and Poultry and Country Produco in
gonoral. You ono got cash or inor
ohandiso for thom. Komombor, I
buy most any quantity and am in tho
mnrkot nil tho yonr round. Dring
mo your carly Frying Chickons and
?ot good prices for thom. Eggs and
Ions ospoolally in domnud.
Yours truly,
I Shoes, Clothing,
Hats, Groceries, Stoves,
, Coffins
Dry Goods,
2,600 yards of Shooting nt only 2 couts;
worth 4 couts.
4,500 yards of Yard-wide Shooting afc 4
conte; wortli 5 conta.
4,500 yards af Yord-wido Sea friand
Shooting nt 4} couts; worth (I couts.
8,500 yards of Checks at 4oonts; worth
5 conto.
8,000 yards fJost Cheoks at 5 cents;
worth 0 couts.
2,500 yan tu Uost Choviots nt 7 couts;
worth lo conto.
8,500 yards Very Host Yard-wide Per
cales at 7 couta-tho 10 cont kind.
8,000 yards Linon Gnvis Cloth nt 5 oonts;
worth 8} conto.
3,800 yards Dost Prints, in all oolors, at
SJ couts-tho 5 cont kind.
Dig liuo of Orgaudios, in all colors,
from 7 cont? to 50 o< nts.
Big linc of Litwtts, in all colors, from
8|t lents to 15 cont?.
Lig liuo of h'inh Piquo, in all colors, nt
15 couts.
Dig lino of Figured Lawn, from 5 cont?
to 12 j couta.
Dice lino of Litton (hash, from 7 conto
to 25 conto.
Sovonty-llvo difforont Waist Patterns
in Silk, from 50 cents up.
I nm still soiling tho famous Hamilton
& Drown Shoes. Kvory pair guaranteed
to bo ns ronrosontod.
Ladies' Fino Shoos from 08 conto to
$3.50, in nil toos and styles, blnok or tan.
Mon's Fino Shoos. Congress or Lace,
black or tan, in all toes, from $1.25 to
Dig lino of LndicH' and Gouts' Oxfords
and Slippors, in black or ton, from 55
conto to $3.
Do suro to soo my Btook boforo buying
HOBO from 2\ couts to 40 conto a pair.
Laoo Curtains from 75 conto to $1.50 a
Ladies' Gauze Undorvoste f rom 5 conto
to 25 conto.
Mon's G au zo Undorvoste from 10 conto
U. ?fc G. Corsoto from 50 couts up, in
ali stylos.
Ladies' Dolts front 10 couts up, in all
Mon's Shirts from 20 conto to $1.25.
I hnvo ono of tho largost lines of Cra
vats, Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Cuffs and
Ffandkorohiofs ovor shown in Oconoo
Dig lino of Jowolry at hard tinto prices. '
Good Watches, guaranteed to givo satis
faction, for only 08 conto.
Fifty Mon's Suit?, all wool, at $4; woll
worth $5.
Dig lot of Mon's Suits at $5, $7.50, $10,
$12.50 and $15.
Twoiity-fivo Doy's Crash Suite for only
50 conte.
Dig lot of Doy's Suite at $1, $1.50, $2,
$3, $3.50 and $4, in all stylos.
Do ?uro to seo my lino boforo buyinp.
I omi lit anybody, from a three-year-old
boy to tho man that wears a 48 coat.
250 Oak Post Bedsteads from $1.25 to
200 Solid Oak Bedsteads fron? $2 to $5.
25 Duroaus nt $3.50 and $1.
20 Solid Oak Bureaus, Dovolod Mirrors,
nt $5 and $7.50.
12 Solid Oak DroBSors, Dovolod Mirrors,
nt $10.
Suits of throo pieces-Dur ?.au, Wash
stand aud Bedstead-iron $0 to $45.
Fiftcon different stylos of Rockors,
from $1.25 to $3.50.
300 Cane Bottom Chairs at 50 conte;
worth 00 conto in any tnarkot.
100 Home-made Chairs at 25 conto.
Kitchon Safes front $2.25 to $4.50.
KJ V\J V Cb,
Soo my Now Enterprise Stovos, guar
anteed for 5 yoara, at $15, $18 and $30.
Soo my $8 Stovo with 22 piceos; never
a bettor ono sold for $10.
Got your wifo ono of my No. 8 Stovos
for $11 and $12. Guaranteed to givo por
foct satiHfaotion or inonoy rofundod.
Everything in tho way of Cofllns and
Undertakers' Sunnlios is kopt by mo.
All orders will bo filled promptly,
night or day.
My now Spring Hats aro all in, and at
prices to suit tho timos.
Gottto' Straws front 5 conto to $1.50.
A full lino of Folt Hate, in light brown
and black.
Como and soo tay stock boforo buying
gtj?*** Wo carry a full lino of Grocorios. BALLARD'S FLOUR-ovory snck warrantod. ?^?fjlj
J. H. ADAMS, Seneca, S. C.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY VIRTUE of an oxooution, to mo
? directed, issuing from tho Court of
Common Pleas of Oconoo county, in Bald
Stato, I will soil, in front of Walhalla
Court HOUBO door, to tho highest bidder,
at public auction, within tho logal hours
of salo, on MONDAY, tho first day of
MAY, 1800, tho following dcsoribod per
sonal property, to-wit:
Ono Ray Mulo, nainod "Maude.''
Levied on as tho property of W. Paul
Dickson, at suit ot John W. Singloton
for purchaso monoy.
TERMS: Cash. W. W. MOSS,
Shoriff of Oconoo County.
April 15, 1800. 10-17
Noiico of Final Set
tlement and X>i?
"VrOTTOE is hereby givon that tho un
UH dorsignod will niako application to
I). A. Smith? Esq.. Judge of Probate
for Oconoo county, in tho State of South
Carolina, nt his oflice at Walhalla Court
Houso, on* Monday, tho 22d day of
May, 1800, at ll o'olock in tho fore
noon, or ns Boon thoroafter as said appli
cation eau bo hoard, for loavo to mako
final sottlomont of tho estate of Phcobo
Nicholson, docoascd, and final diBchnrgo
as Administrator of said estate
Administrator of Estato of Phcobo Nich
olson, Deceased.
April 20, 1800. 10-10
A T T O R N E Y - A T . L A W,
Will givo prompt attontion to all busi
nens committod to bi? nare.
Juno 80, 1808. 20-ly
January 0, 1808.
I3ROMPT attention given to all busi
noBs committed to tholr caro.
Janunry 12, 1805.
W. H. H 15 ST KR, Manngor.
Popular Summor and Wintor Hosort.
Special attontion to tho comfort of guests,
Commodious Dooms. Elogant Karo.
Staple & Fancy Groceries
Cash or batter for Poultry and Eggs,
bakery furnlsKos Krosli Droad and Cakes.
sY?f"' Lunches served at all hourn.
4-2t-08~ly , Y
A Nico, donn Stock of Dry Goods, Notions, Shoos and Slippers, Hats,
'i -unks and Valises, Clothing and Gouts' Furnishing Goods, Hardwaro, Groceries,
Faints, Oils and Varnish, Stovos and Danges, Saddles, Harness and Dridlos, Lap
Hobos and Buggy Umbrellas, Ac.
Cotton Sood Meal and Hulls, Dr.an, Hay and Corn.
1 wish to announoo to my friends that I am still selling Fertilizers, and can
ii ntl o Iii ex* Brands of O n JU io
aa cheap as any ono in tho markot. Deduced rates on big lots-cash or on timo.
Got'my prices hoforo you buy.
By*Y6U can always find mo oithor at tho Warehouse or at tho Court Houso
any timo during tho day. Yours truly,
W. H. BARRON, Walhalla, S. O.
Soodn that grow and do not disappoint is tho result,
if you buy hero. Wo do not fool it best to oxporimont,
and so wo oiTor only tho most Northern grown-thouo
from tho foremost seedsmen, CROSSMAN DUOS., Ro
chostor, N. Y., and also D. M. FBHRY A CO'S., Dotroit,
I Michigan.
Caroful buyers aro interested in tho goods that aro
linost cortnin to return thom value-tho.se. that aro 011
dorsod-that havo tho approval of thrifty planters, and
.that aro known to ho most roasonablo in price.
Wo have only a fow moro of tho Cat Tail Millet, and
Itho Isboll Tobacco Sood.
You como nearest securing ideal results when you
buy your Soods nt
The Popular Price Store.
Oh, that Pain !
Call in at Dr. J. W. Boll's Drug Storo,
toll bim "whoro lt is nt" and lot him
?Ivo you what you unod.
You may not know what you want, but
ho can tell you.
Proscriptions carefully and accurately
compounded, day or night.
WA I.M A I,LA, S. C.
No TTL ^passing.
ALL pornons aro boreby forbidden to
. commit any damage, injury or spoil
upon this property, known as Jocassee
farm, or to hunt, fish, sot out iiren, rango
cattle, or to commit any kind of trespass
whatevor tboroon, undor penalty of tho
law. as proscribed in tho Criminal Codo
of South Carolina, and othor laws relat
ing to RUCll Mil. ?eel.
April 0, 1800. I I IV
Deposits rooolved, Kxouango sold, Col
lodions promptly mndo.
4.21-08- ly
Kxchnngo sold, Collect ions promptly
made. J. W. STIMULI NO,
4-21-on-ly j Cashier,

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