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Ho Issues an Address Explaining why He
Roslgned His Scat.
Tho following address is published
by request?.of Senator Benjamin 'li.
Tillman :
Fellow-Citizens: An extraordinary
and unparalleled situation has unex
pectedly arisen in tho State, and as
I nm mainly responsible for this I
fool that a proper respect for you
requires an explanation of my action
and motives. Eleven years ago by
a very largo vote you elocteil mo
Governor of tho Stale, ?ind two
years afterwards I was re-elected by
an overwhelming majority. In 'Ol
I was sent as your Representative
in tho Congress of tho United States
as ono of tho Senators from South
Carolina. After six years' service
in that body I was last year chosen
without opposition to bo my own
successor. I was sworn in on Mareil
4 last for tho six years' torin ending
in 1907. The ink has hardly become
dry upon my oath of ellice and yet 1
have tendered my resignation, to
take effect September 1;") next. My
colleague has also tendered his resig
nation, to take effect the same date,
and thus there will be two vacancies
to ho lilied hy appointment of the
Governor until the Legislature can
oleot our successors in .January next.
I desire to announce my candidacy
to succeed myself, and shall ask you
to vindicate my action by your votes
in thc primary which will be ordered
hy the Stale Democratic Committee.
This is an off year in politics, and
hut for ibo conditions which had
como about my notion in precipitat
ing a political campaign and primary
election would be inexcusable.
of recent political events will ho
necessary to give that explanation.
My colleague, John I.. McLaurin,
was elected to tho Senate ?it a pri
mary held in '07, to succeed the
lamented liarle. He was elected as
a Democrat, standing upon tho Chi
cago platform of 1800. Karly in 'OD
Senator McLaurin parted company
with his D?mocratie colleagues in
tho Senate, and luis since voted for
ami advocated everything that tho
Republican party now stands for,
ami luis persistently antagonized his
own party in all ol' his publie utter
ances ami ?lets. Notwithstanding a
now Stale Convention last May laid
down the principles ami pedicles of
the party, ami a new National Con
vention at Kansas City in duly
announced the principles cd' Democ
racy as now understood throughout
the Union, your junior Sonator has
noted ?is though he wen; entirely
independent of the people who
elected him, ami has felt under no
obligations to obey their wishes o?
do their will ?is their Representativo.
When ('ongress adjourned last
March ho ?ind his sympathizers in
this State began at once an active
propaganda of his new doctrines,
which he claims are Democratic, hut
which all true Democrats must know
are only Republicanism in disguiso,
and vei / thinly disguised nt that. Ile
made a speech at Charlotte, April
18, in which lin- Democratic party is
sneered ?it and assailed. Ho made
another speech al, Greenville last
week, iilliiig ont ami developing his
new theories, ami took pains to indi
cate his perfect accord with Mr.
McKinley and all of his policies. Ile
had appointments already arranged
to make speeches at at least three
other places-Gaffney, Ynrkvillo
atid Spnrtanhurg-ami had begun
an active canvass for re-election
HftCCtl months before the regular
campaign which would choose his
successor, in tin; Domocrnlic primary
of 1902, would open.
lt was natural that these gentle
men, who proposed to contest foi
his seal, should he unwilling lo pre
maturely announce their cnndidftO
ami take tho field against him. Iii
had tho dispensing of l-'eder:
patronage placed at his disposal hy
tho Republican ['resident, timi lu
A miner itHViHW
?oods !
Neckwear is strict!
in be found in any
t, we have almost
W. & J. E.
I had unlimited money furnished by
hi? Republican allies, or McKinley
Democratic followers in South Caro
lina, and hi? purpose was to go up
and down the State unopposed and
unanswered to organize his new
political machine.
This was the situation up to the
Gaffney meeting and I was eon
fronted with the question of what
was my duty under tho circum
stances. Recollect that I am a
member of the National Democratic
Committee ns your Representative.
I was on the committee on platforms
in both of thc last national conven
tions ami helped frame thc declara
tions of principle and policy upon
which we went to battle, and 1 was
chairman of the committee on plat
form in your last State Convention.
Remember, too, that both at Char
lotte, and at Greenville, directly and
indirectly, I had been assailed by
Mr. MoLaurin, and you will under
stand why I was anxious to meet my
colleague at Gaffney, and when
invited by a large number of citizens
of Cherokee county I willingly
accepted. The result of that meet
ing is n AV well known. Mr. MoLau
rin was unoxp . jdly brought face
to face with the question of resigna
tion and appeal to tho people whose
confidence he had abused and whose
trusts ho had betrayed.
Ile tried to dodge thc thrust by
charging that I was attempting to
dictate and boss tho people and
interfere in a race with which I had
no concern and was safely ensconced
in my seat for six years and had
nothing to lose, but could well afford
to lay down a code of moral ethics
for another which I was unwilling
to follow myself. I saw the oppor
tunity to precipitate tho battle at
once rather than wait fifteen months,
and I offered to resign if he would,
and the result yon know. I acted
from impulse, it is true, but I havi
always acted upon impulse, and as G
public man I can ailinn with tin
sacredness of ah oath that all of m j
impulses have been to serve the bcHl
interests of the people who have
honored mc. I had every oppor
tunity to weigh tho eonscquonooi
and get out of it without discredit
but I felt then and still feel that mj
duty was to force the fighting and ru
the party of all traitors.
ns I understand it is this : The peo
|>le who are interested in having tw<
Senators at Washington to do theil
will and stand by their principle
will have an opportunity of boinj
honestly and honorably represented
This has not been tho case (lurinj
the hist two years and as long a
MuLaurtn remains in the Senate i
could not be tho case.
As to tito burdens of the contest
The citizens of a given county wi
lose but two days to bring about th i
much desired result-one day t
attend tho campaign meetings ah
the other to go to tho primary, whil
I will have thc fatigue and oxpene
af ti State canvass, which I coal
have easily avoided. The cnn tot
between tho Democracy and th
man who seeks to betray it will li
fought without any local complici
tiona whatever. Voters will not I
influenced m this contest by tl
desire to elect local favorites, an
thus swapping will bo prevented.
Thc issues will bo (dear cut. Tl
organization of tho "Commoroi
Domocracy," another name for M
Kinley Democracy, will have to 1
consummated in a much short
time and under much less favorab
conditions. Our party has tl
opportunity to rebuke and punii
treachery at oneo as a warning
those who may be wavering. Mai
good mon will bo prevented fro
becoming 1 {('publicans in fact, thou)
not in hame, by having the issn
explained before they have align
themselves under tho new bannt
The Democratic uniform will
struck off of those who have prov
unworthy to wear it, and they w
be made to understand the difft
euee between honorablo and dish tl
orablo discharges, ('ivie, virtue, t
We can please y<
Shirts, and we are s
going to be worn,
as to fit, style and f
carry all the new tl
y up to date. We t
market. Ask to se
anything in FURJN
sacred relations which should exist
between tho Representativo and his
constituency will be more clearly
understood and true Democrats
must rejoice at thc result. For
myself and tho sacrifice I have made
I will say nothing. I prefer to let
tlio people of tho Stato consider thc
mutter for themselves, and pass
upon my conduct, so they may deter
mine whether it was right and
proper or rash and quixotic. I have
served them to the best of my
ability, with zeal and honesty, since
I bavo been their servant, and shall
continue to do so if they continue to
honor and trust mc. When I can
not truthfully say that I represent
the majority of tho people of South
Carolina and speak and vote as they
desire, I become "as sounding brass
and a tinkling cymbal," and prefer
tho retirement of private life to tho
degraded elevation of thc high posi
tion obtained by deceit and held
against tho wishes of the people. I
put my case in your hands and
will explain and vindicate my course
more fully in the coming primary
canvass. B. R. Tillman.
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Has Closed Until September.
Clemson College, May St.- Kditors
Keowee Courier: Please announce
,hat the veterinary hospital at Clem
ton College is closed and the freo
ilinios suspended until the next sea
lion of tho college opens-in Sep
tember. I do not conduct a private
iraoticc and it will save trouble to
?oed this notice and not bring horses
>r other animals here for treatment
luring thc summer.
Thc new law regarding inspection
>f animals is now in force, and all
.eports of contagious diseases among
mimais, where an inspection is de
lired, should be made to "Veterina
ian, Clemson College, S. C., and not
,o tho (iovernor or some other State
?nicer. State plainly and fully what
s wanted and tho request will be
ittended to as soon as possible. No
ittention can ho given to minor
.roubles which are not contagi?n?
Dr. G. K. NcHom, Veterinarian
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lated a preacher for sheriff, moro as
v joke than anything else. Ile ac
..cpted, made the race and was elected.
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icon no peace. Tho preacher-sheriff
1UH been enforcing the law. Ile said
i day or two ago that he had indi
.coily roeoivd an offer of $40,000 if|
IO would resign, or take a vacation
,o Europe for tho remainder of his
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What Would Calhoun Think of the Present
Situation in South Carolina?
R. VV. Hamilton, a farmer of
Jonesville, S. C., writing to tho
Greenville Nowa under dato of May
27th, aays :
As 1 am indoors to-day on account
of excessive rains, and looking over
thc paper I seo that Tillman and
MoLaurin had a great political bout
at Gaffney. I at once decided to
svritc you a farmer's opinion of such
proceedings. I do not think that tho
personal political differences should
lie brought before tho pcoplo in this
:>ff year in elections. Time is bread
ind meat now to us, especially wo
farmers. I know of 20 or more mon
who threw down their work to go to
hear these distinguished gentlemen
quarrel tho othor day.
I once heard Senator Tillman Bay
Johnnie MoLaurin was the brightest
young man in South Carolina, and if
re thought BO then why does he make
uich charges as ho does now? Has
Senator MoLaurin lost BO much in
Lbe last ton years that he has to buy
>r borrow his utterances? I think
I can't sec anything unwise he has
lone except to agree to meet Sena
,or Tillman in an uncalled-for dis
nission. Ile ought to have known
,w\t to bc beneath the dignity of a
" vop?nan, as his course so far has
). .?un him to be. Hut there is no
.oiling what a man can ho provoked
,o do, and he has been provoked of
ato by Senator Tillman with his
Thinking people never expected
my good to come to South Caro
ma through Mr. Tillman's influence,
mt did look with hope to Mr. Mc
Laurin's work to put us on equal
ooting with other States of the
Jnion, which he can do if allowed to
tay in position to help us, and
vithout any sacrifice of our boasted
)omooratio principles. I don't mean
b yan Democracy, but good old Cal
loun Democracy.
What would Mr. Calhoun think of
his Hryan-Tillmanism if he could ,
.iso up and look a little over the
lolitical field of the South, especially
South Carolina ? I Io certainly would
>e astonished ; his prayers would be
iffered, his tears would How. It is
veil that ho Bleeps.
What would the late groat Daw
ion think and say ? Which side of
ho question would the lamented
;rand Georgian, I ienry Grady, bo on ?
krou would, in my opinion, find them
di working for tho development of
he loved South, right where Mc
laurin is to-day.
Not politics, statesmanship is what
vc want. Damn the political Givo
is markets for our products. We
:an feed and clotho the world if
'ongress will remove the barriers,
rho mind is not born that could
lalculato the possibilities of these
J ni tod States under a W'IBC and libo
al administration of government of
he whole.
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s one of tho few human beings from
vhoin doctors have successfully ro
noved an entire lung. The patient,
vho is 21) years of agc, was stricken
ibout four years ago with what he
iel ic ved was galloping consumption
md was treated accordingly by the
ihysicians consulted. Kully 2-10
.ysls were removed in one operation,
ind then it was decided that tho
vhole lung would have to c?mo out.
The operation was successfully por
ormed and Taylor has recovered his
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dur years. Kasy to take, novor w'ipo.
Jj W. Doll, Walhalla.
MoLaurln Says His Health Will Not Permit
a Canvass Then.
[Tho Stato, May 20th.]
Senator MoLaurin, as indicated in
an interview published in Tho Stato
this morning, protests against a can
vass of tho Stato in August. Ile
has writton to Col. Wilie Jones,
chairman, asking that the State
Executive Committee arrange for the
campaign to ho held at some other
It seems to ho tho sentiment of
loading politicians that tho com
mittee Bhould require tho two torras
to bo competed for separately ; to
requiro each candidate to designate
for which torin ho is running. Tho
committee can, of courso, rule that
tho two officers aro co-ordinato,
though not cotorminal, and that it
has no right to differentiate. In
such an evont tho two candidates
receiving the majority of the votes,
in tho first or thc second primary,
would bo declared the nominees. It
is th'ought that as several members
of the Democratic Executive Com
mittee aro prospective candidates,
they will work for tho alternative
first suggested-got Tillman and
MoLaurin sidetracked to thomBolvcB
and lot tho now blood fight it out
for tire sucocssor to McLaurin's short
Col. Wilie Jones returned from
Chiokamauga yesterday afternoon.
Ho declared that he in tho race and
will make tho canvass. In regard to
Senator McLaurin's protest against
an August campaign, Col. Wilie
Jones waiii :
"So far as thc time is concerned
that will have to be fixed by tho
committee. 1 merely suggested
August because it is tho usual time
when farmers have laid by their
crops and have time to attend thc
meetings. Senator MoLaurin may
rest assured that tho Executive Com
mittee of the Democratic party, of
which I have thc honor to be chair
man, will give him absolutely fair
"Tho suggestion that Gov. Mc
sweeney hold thc resignations at thc
request of the committee is a matter
for the whole committee to decide.
The suggestion as to filling the long
term or short term is a matter for
thc committee to act upon and one
which will bc only recommendatory
and any suggestions to the Legisla
ture would not bc binding. Person
ally I believe a campaign for the
long term Scnalorship this year and
another for the short term next year
would involve a double expense
which can bc easily settled with ono
canvass to the satisfaction of the
voters of tho State. As both posi
tions have been resigned by the
incumbents it will certainly be less
expense to fill both places at once.
As to whether tho committee will
allow the suggestion of Senator
MoLaurin that ho and Senator Till
man bo allowed to arrange the
schedule to Buit themselves is a ques
tion for th -m to decide, but that has
never been done."
In his letter to Col. Jones, Mr.
MoLaurin states that he wants tho
issue between himself and Tillman.
Ho saya :
Dear Col. Jones: I note in to
day's paper that you speak of the
campaign between myself and Sena
tor Tillman boginning about August
1st. Thin is ontiroly out of tho
question so far UB I am concerned.
I made it point to date tho resigna
tion September 16th, because I knew
that it was absolutely impossible for
mo to canvass tho Stato until tho
weather became cooler. I resigned
in good faith to submit tho question
to the voters of South Carolina. I
want fair treatment and an oppor
tunity to present my case to the
people, Senator Tillman intruded
himself Into thin fight, ? ?tm ready
to fight to a finish, but want no
"draw" or fouling." My suggestion
would be, as Congress does not meet
until December 4th, that tho com
mittee request Gov. Mc.Sweeney to
withhold action until tho result of
the primary is announced, and then
appoint thc man reciving the highest
number of votes. Let tho Legisla'
lure elect my successor, ns it is only
for a short time, or let you gentle
men who desire to Contest arrange
your canvass entirely apart from
mine and Tillman's.
I would also suggest that you per
mit bim and mo to arrange thc
ichddtilo for our meetings. It is my
lesiro to conduct a clean, decent
lanvnss, free from personalities, if
permitted to do so ; btlt I am ready
Lo take what comes. I wish it dis
tinctly understood, however, that I
cannot entertain tho idea of canvass
ing in August, and that one man at
a timo ?8 nil I oaro to light. I had
enough of tho four to ono businoBs'
in 1897. I appeal to you us man
and chairman of tho party for fair
Tho roason I suggost withholding
notion on our resignations until aftor
tho primary ie that there aro many
post oflioos and other matters of
interest to the Stato, among which I
might mention tho Charleston Expo
sition, which demand the attention
of a Sonator. To tako away from
tho Stato this protection for even
six weeks may causo trouble. I do
not caro personally, however, what
is done about this, but think it my
duty to mention it.
Yours respectfully,
John L. McLaurin.
G. Walton Whitman on tho Situation.
To tho Editor of Tho Nows and
Courier : Tho old adage : Tempus
mtitantur ot nos mutant ur cum lilia,
is now in order. Then, again, wo
behold tho pot and tho kettle at
their old tricks again-tho one call
ing tho othei black. The cry about
thc Populist is not heard in thc land.
Tho howl now is "McLaurin is a
Republican." "If McLaurin is a
Democrat I am not." Those who
now bark after the leading dog in
the pack woro not long ago howling
both McLaurin and Tillman out of
the Democratic party. What has
Tillman since dono to establish his
right to bo called a Democrat, and
what hos McLaurin done to make
him a Republican ? They are both
close to the Administration and have
been making love to it, and have
done more in thc way of getting
spoils for South Carolina than any
of their predecessors-all because
they were close to tho Administra
tion. Sure McLaurin voted to ratify
the treaty of Paris, bul did not
Bryan advise it ?
Besides, did not many of tho
prominent Republicans in Congress
volo with Tillman on that question,
and arc they Democrats? Tillman
is tho last man to howl against Mc
Laurin and call him a Republican.
Tillman's definition of Democracy in
tho South, oft repeated, was : "White
supremacy." Does it suit him now
better to broaden his definition?
The fact is McLaurin followed the
dictates of common sense and reason
and had nu oyo to tho people's
interest, and especially the pros
perity of the South, in every import
ant vote he cast with thc Republi
cans in thc Senate, while Tillman's
every vote was cast to harmonize
with what the few Democrats in the
Senate dictated. If McLaurin had
heeded them wo might to-day bc in
a blooody struggle with Spain and
other nations of Kuropo. His vote
ended tho Spanish war and gave us
the Philippine Islands, possessions
for which any European nation
would have given hundreds of mil
lions, lt is to be hoped that McLau
rin will win on thc merit of what he
has done for the peoplo, but, what
ever ho the issue, history will do
him honor to all future ages. I am
sorry that ho is in bad health, and
in all sincerity, if he should be una
ble to make tho race against Tillman,
I would feel called upon to make it
in justification of his course in tho
Senate. There aro some things I
would like to tell "Old Ben" any
way, where all could hear it. Ile is
tho last man to talk of party fealty
where tho people's interest is at
stake." Hemmeber Lot's wife." Re
member "Free silver or bust."
(4. Walton Whitman.
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Enjoyable Children's Day Exerclsos-Para
graphs About tho Poople.
[Too lato for last issuo.]
Seimon, May 29.-Tho annual
Children's .Day exoroisoB of tho
Mothodist Sunday Behool woro hold
last Sunday afternoon. A numbor
of protty plants woro placed in tiro
church, and a numbor of ohildron
had parts on tho programme. Those
who recited woro : Misses Nannie
Iebell, Annie Isboll, Mattie Lou
l8boll, Mary Mooro, and Masters
Harry Sligh, Hoko Swann, CharloB
Lawrence and Morry Arrington.
Five little girls, dressed in white and
carrying calla lilies, who sang tho
motion song, "Swing tho LilicB,"
were : Ludio Jordan, Katie Cam ak,
Frances Arrington, Paris Dillard
and Both Stribling. Tho speaker of
the afternoon was Prof. W. S. Mor
rison, of Clemson College. His ad
dress was much on joyed by tho chil
dren as well as tho older pcoplo
present. Ho told the children of
"six soul snares"-slothfulness, nog
lect, anger, rudeness, envy and sci
fish ness. They listened intently and
many will remember bis impressive
words. Prof. Morrison took oeca
sion to speak in very complimentary
terms of tho Soncca boys now at | j
Clemson. Tho exercises wore con
ducted by tim superintendent, Dr
W. F. Austin, assisted by the pas-1 ^
tor, Rev. G. F. Clarkson.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cary and j j
Master Whitner Cary, of Lockhart,
visitod in Seneca last week.
Mr. S. D. Cherry, who bas been in j
Texas for some time, is on a visit to
his family in Seneca.
Miss Eleanor Richardson invited
number of her Seneca friends to the
commencement exorcises of Bronau | rj
College Conservatory, which Bbc has
attended for several years. Miss
Richardson is ono of this year's
graduates of Brennu, and is expected
homo from Gainesville this week.
Mrs. VV. A. Holland and children
carno last week from Anderson to j j
Seneca, whero they joined Mr. Hol
land, and will make their home.
Many friends aro glad to welcome
them to Seneca again.
Mrs. J. W. Striblincj leaves the
first of next week for Columbia,
where BIIC goes to bc present at thc (
graduation of ber daughter, Miss
Mary George Cherry, who is at the
College for Women.
Misses Tommie and Dora Pitch
ford, two bright little Walhalla girls,
visited their friend, little Miss Mary
Julia Reid, last week.
Miss Carrie Shclor has returned
from Charlotte, where she spent some
limo taking a course in a business
Miss Lidie Keilli, of Walhalla,
visited Miss Carrie Sholor tho first of
the week.
An article written by Col. James
T. Bacon for a recent issue of the
State has beeir much read and en
joyed hore. It is written in Col.
Bacon's channing stylo of tho picnic
given by Mrs. J. W. Stribling at
Cherry's not long since. Col. Bacon
was present at this picnic.
Mr. Erwin, of Abbeville, visited
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Holland the
first of thc week.
A number of little girls, as thc
guests of Miss Mary Julia Reid, cn
joyed a picnic, in the park one day
la?t week.
Mr. El/.ic Richardson was in town
Saturday, returning to Columbia to
finish his examinations in tho Law
Department of the South Carolina
College, having already been admit
ted to thc bar.
Mrs. John Hopkins is visiting rela
lives in Anderson.
Miss May Bates Cherry returns
to-day from a long and delightful
visit to Atlanta.
A meeting will commence at tho
Baptist church at an carly dat ti
Rev. Dr. Chapman, of Anderson, will
assist with Ibo meeting.
In thc game of base ball played
between Seneca and Westminster, at
Westminster Friday, Seneca won a
decided victory. M. K. .S.
"C" With a Tai!.
The "C" with a tail is the trade
mark of Cascareis ('andy Cathartic.
Look for it on the light blue enameled
metal box! Each tablet stamped
C. C. C. Never sold in bulk. All
druggists, ioc.
The Standard Oil directors have
just declared another dividend of 12
per cent. In March last they declared
a dividend of 20 per cont. Thus far
in tliis current year, 1001, tboy have
divided profits of ?{?32,000,000 on their
fcl00,000,000 of alleged invested capi
Kczonia, saltrhouni, tetter, eluding, ivy
poisoning and ali skin tortures are quickly
cured by DoWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
The certain pilo euro. J. W. Hell.

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