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He Qc is Back to tho Origin of the Govern
ment and Summarizes History of Parlies.
Tho following correspondence ox
plains itself :
Florence, S. C., Juno 3, 1901.
Hon. John L. MoLaurin, Hcnnetts
ville, S. C.-Dear Sir: I have taken
great interest in tho political out
look, and aB a matter of instruction
aBk that you differentiate between
your views and tho viewB held by
leading Republicans. Most of us
seo no difference, but perhaps you
can show some difference ; if so,
please do it, as I am not inclined to
condemn you without a hearing.
Yours truly, W. F. Clayton.
Hennettsvillc, S. C., June 4, 1001.
Mr. W. F. Clayton, Florence,
S. C.-Dear Sir: In your lotter of
Juno 3 you ask mo "to differentiate
between my views and tho views of
leading Republicans, as most of us
soe no difference." I am vory busy
at this time, but will dictate a few
thoughts as thoy occur to mo in
reply to your question. I do this
with tho more pleasure because you
have boon opposed to ino politically,
but show a desiro to Beek the truth.
At tho time of tho adoption of the
United States Constitution there
woro several distinct plans of govern
ment proposed. Of these plans the
light was made upon two ; thc
Hamiltonian idea and the Jeffer
sonian idea. Alexander Hamilton
openly maintained that tho British
Constitution was the most perfect
instrument of its kind evor in exist
ence. Ho wanted all laws for the
government of the States to bo
passed by the Congress of tho United
States. Ho wanted the President of
the United States and tho Senators
to hold oft?ee during good behavior.
He wanted the Governors of the
States appointed by tho President
of tho United States and he wanted
tho Federal government to assume
the debts of the State. He wanted
a Btrong Senate and a weak House
of Repr?sentatives, and openly pro
claimed his belief that tho people
woro incapable of self-government
John Jay was sent as minister to
England in order to mako a com
mercial treaty, which would have
placed our cotnmerco under thc
control of (iront Britain. Thc
Hamiltonian idea was so far carried
out that he succeeded in preventing
tho incorporation of a bill of rights
in tho Federal Constitution. Under
his leadership tho Congross imposed
tho exciso tax, which made the rich
escapo thc burdens of taxation and
placed theso burdens upon thc poor.
This brought about tho revolution in
Pennsylvania and came very near
disrupting tho new Republic.
Thomas Jefferson forco< 1 thc bill of !
rights into thc Constitution ns an
amendment. As minister to Franco
he succeeded in defeating tho pur
poses of the Jay treaty willi lang
land. Hamilton favored and Jeffer
son opposed the granting of monopo
lies, the establishing of a United
States bank and the assumption of
the State debts by the Fedora! gov
ernment. Associated with Jeffer
son was Madison, Monroe, Samuel
Adam?, Albert Gnllatln, George
Clinton and Benjamin Franklin.
Associated with Hamilton were
John Marshall, John Jay, John
Adams and Pinckney. Tho Demo
cratic party has been in continuous
existence ever since thc adoption of
the Constitution, while tho Kode ral
party, of which the Republicans are
the successors, has passed through a
number of changes. The Ked oral
party, at first successful, li nully com
mitted suicido by carrying their
(lost ri no of a centralized government
ao far as lo pass the allon and sedi
tion law. Under this law thc Presi
dent was authorized upon his own
volition to expel from the country
any allon whom he might suspect as
dangerous to thc peace and liberty I
of the country, otc. This radical |
measure created a powerful reaction.
Tho Democrats then remained in
jiowor almost without interruption
Neckwear is strictly
be found in any i
t, we have almost
W. 8L J. E.
until I860. During this time nil pf
tho territory acquired by the United
States up to 1898 was secured except
tho territory of Alaska, and ovory
foot of it was encountered by tho
vigorous denunciation of tho Repub
During tili? entire timo tho Demo
crats wore tho progressive men.
They held to tho principle that tho
people should rule, but that thu
general government, while keeping
taxation nt thc lowest rato consist
ent with good government shou?d
expend tho fund thus derived for
tho good of the whole people. In
18f)0 they favored subsidizing tho
Pacific railroad. About thc saine
time they Htartcd tho subsidy to the
Collins Lino of steamships between <
the United States and England.
Rased upon tho principle of tho
Jeffersonian commercial troaty with
France, they had concluded trentios
with all tho principal nations and
those treaties aro still in force.
Tiley had built up our foreign com
morco until it oxcitcd the wonder
and admiration of thu entire world. i
They had, under Gen. -Jackson,
stopped imprisonment for debt.
They had fought two successful
wars with foreign nations. They
had established a credit throughout
tho world second to no nation on
earth. They wore lighting for tho
principles of liborty of thought and
action and the freedom of American
citizenship. Matters of internal con- 1
cern thc leaders of tho party differed
about, (icu. Jackson was the first
to make a reciprocity treaty. Tho
next reciprocity treaty was made by ,
President Pieroo. John Randolph,
acting against thc loaders of his
party, voted against tho Embargo
Act, and was finally successful in
defeating that legislation. Clay,
Calhoun, Cheves and Lowndes ac
tively opposed President Jefferson
in the matter of decreasing tho army.
Tho first proposition of a protective
tariff for the purpose of protection
came from James Madison, and Cal
houn and Lowndes joined with
Madison in its favor. Tho Fede
ralists opposed protection. Clay
and Calhoun favored measures of
internal improvement, and Madison
vctood thom. Our groat distinctive
foreign policy known ns tho Monroo
doctrine was a Democratic policy.
Tlic Democrats dofcatod thc solt?me
of thc Republicans to turn ovor
Oregon and Washington to Groat
Thc Democratic party has never
yot denied to any man within it?
lines tho privilege of free thought
and free speech. It has novor yet
failed to correct mistakes when it
has m..do them. It has lost no
opportunity to build up thc nior
cliant marine and open up our trado
with foreign ports. It opened up
tho Japanese port when all of tho
nations of the earth had failed.
Thc party has never been incon
sistent and yet it lias never stulti
fied itself by adhering to provious
platforms when tho conditions which
demanded them had changed. Until
1856 the Democrats had denied tho
power in tho Fedora] government to
make internal improvements, and
yet it was tim first to advocate tho
front, improvement of the PrtOifio
railroads and tho Nicaraguan canal.
In tho matter of tariff it was a
protection party under tho leader
ship of James Madison ; dcclarod
for freo trado in 1818; for ?'inci
dental protection" in 1808 ; a tariff
for revenue only in 1880, and in
1X84 the convention said :
"Moreover many industries have
come td rely upon legislation for suc
cessful continuance, so that any
chango of law must bc nt evory step
regardful of tho labor and capital
thus involved. Tho necessary reduc
tion and taxation can and mast be
effected without depriving American
labor of tho ability to compete suo
ceshfully with foreign labor ami
without imposing lower ratos of duty
than will he ample to cover any in
creased cost of production which
may exist in consequence of tho
higher rate of wages prevailing in
this country."
)u with our line of
chowing a nice line
WAISTS. They are
We can please you
rice. We always
ings in COLLARS
mrry as nice a line
e our Men's Hose
und tho Demoorats aro asked to
apposo thoHO De mooral i o polloica
because they havo boon adopted by
ibo Republicans.
The Democrats of UI?H country
mist stand together and restore their
|)arty to the power which was theirs.
They cannot do it by condemning
Lhat which is good booauso tho Re
publicans endorse it, nor can they do
t by going off after Btrango and
iinsound policies in order to secure
tome votes which might othorwiao
;>e Republican. Tho fight of Hamil
ton and Jefferson is still on in this
?ouiitry, and will be until it ia fought
io a finish. Kitbor we will havo an
iristooraey or wo will have a repub
ic. Aro tho J)emocrat8 to discard
.heir fundamental idea of tho liberty
>f thc individual and freedom of
.bought and action by refusing to
.ecognize as membors of their party
?hose mon who have always fought
IB battles in tho past, but who in
.hu present, believe that some of its
)olioioB aro not tho policies of tho
,ruo Democracy? Tho true Dcmoc
.aoy is a progressive party. It pro
gressed as no othor party evor has
lone, and the nation prospered by
.eason of ita wisdom and admini?tra
,ion of public affairs. It oannot pros
ier if it ?B to oppose tho extension
)f our foreign trade, tho creation of
lew markets, tho upbuilding of our
iommercial and industrial interests
md the freedom of the individual.
If the Republican party > tho record
>f which shows it to havo boon a
>arty forbidding tho freo exorciso of
mccoll, concentrating tho wealth of
Jio country in thc hands of a few,
mrdoning tho people by excessive
laxation and conducting public affairs
for the benefit of private citizens; if
that party ?B to be allowed to turu
ts back upon its record and, by
adopting the progressive features of
thc Democracy, become tho party of
progress, then thu Democratic party,
having allowed its opponent to
appropriate its. principles, can no
longer live.
I believe that tho Democratic
party does not exist for tho moro
purpose of opposing whatever tho
Republican party may suggest. I
believe that it lives, as it has lived
in timo past, for the purpose of
adopting that which is right and
liscard mg that which is wrong, and
3onducting tho affairs of State so
is to make all men equal under tho
The record of tho Democratic
party upon tho money question has
ilways been in favor of gold and
diver coined at such a raito as will
maintain their parity, and paper
money convertible into coin at tho
will of tho holder. There is not a
line in any Democratic platform
fixing thc ratio of silver and gold
prior to 18%. There is not a lino
in any Republican platform advo
cating or opposing the ratio of 10 to
1 or any other particular ratio.
There were strong men in tho
Democratic party in favor of the
free coinage of silver ; there wcro
strong men in the Republican party
in favor of the free coinage of silver.
Tho Republican party adopted tho
first free coin ago platform. Although
silver was demonetized by Re
publican legislation in 187!!, tho
only objection to that Act. made
prior lo 18!)ll caine from tho Republi
cans who had passed the INI in Iago
Act, under which silver was demone
tized. After twenty-three years'
silence thc Democratic party con
demned tho Ant of 1878, under
Which silver was demonetized. Tho
Republicans Answered by abrogating
their previous platform and endors
ing for tilO first time tho monetary
system for which they were responsi
ble. At that point both parties
split. Silver men withdrew from
tint Republican party, and gold mc?
as they were called, withdrew from
the Democratic party. Thom were
more Democrats who withdrew on
account of their belief in tho motto*
tary system than lhere were Repub
licans who withdrew on account of
their opposition to it. Tho result
was that after a magnificently fought
campaign tho Hopublioans wore sue
cossful anti tho Demooratio loadore
all agrood that thia Kopublioan suo
ccBS was duo to those Democrats
who had loft thoir party and votod
either tho Gold Demooratio tiokot
or dircotly for tho Republican ticket.
Tho Democratic party showed that
it wns not dead, and when it is
taken into consideration that tho
Demooratio Administration wont
into powor at tho timo of ono of
the greatest panics from which this
oountry has ovor suffered, it is
remarkable that the figures should
show, as they do, that had tho party
been united it would hnvo been con
tinued in powor.
Acting under their platform tho
Kopublioan party passed oortain leg
islation, which Bottled tho financial
question in accordance with their
wishes. There onmo about a season
of prosperity, not caused by this leg
islation, but by Humorous other mat
ters whioh politics had nothing to do
with. This poriod of prosperity car
ried with it groat business transac
tions. Those transactions wore con
ducted under tho financial legisla
tion already mentioned. Some of
the strongest advocates of tho freo
coinago of silver in both parties took
a conservative view of tho situation,
and hold that it had required over
twenty years and two panics to
chango from tho former system to
tho present one, and that a chango
back again would require equal timo
and cause a groat disturbance to our
business interests. They bolieved
that, although tho question bad boen
Bottled wrong, business had boon BO
adapted to the present condition
that any chango of a radical charac
ter would causo widespread disturb
ances. Showing that the fundamen
tal principles which have always
divided tho Republican and thc
Democratic parties wore unchanged,
those Domoorats who were convinced
that tho unlimited coinago of silvci
at a ratio of 10 to 1 would provo dis
astrous, nevertheless remained ir
thoir party, and in several States thc
delegations sent to Kansas City wert
composed of Democrats who to t
man opposed the free silver plank
It was understood that William J
Bryan should once moro lead UH
party. It was also understood tba
those opposed to tho 1G to 1 plaid
wore not opposed to his leadership
They had no requests to make of UK
Kansas City Convention concorninj
candidates. They wont there deter
mined ns far as possible to have thoi
party, which abandoned its pas
principles and stultified itself in 189i
by an unholy alliance with tho l'opu
lists and Socialists, placed back upo
its own old moorings, and adopt
straight and Democratic platforu
Thoy were willing that the Populist
should have thc candidato if thc
were allowed to preserve tue prinoi
pies of tho grand old party.
What did those mon find who
they reached Kansas City ? The
found Western delegations in whic
not a single man bad hoon a Dome
erat in 189*2. Those mon demande
a reiteration of tho 10 to I plank <
tho Chicago platform. Tho propi
sition was mudo to thom that thc
could have both candidates, and tilt
could have any planks they wanto?
which aro not Socialistic or Ana
ohistio, and all tho Democrats askf
was that thoir party ho preserved 1
maintaining its reputation as a sa
and conservativo Organization. .lol
W. Daniel, of Virginia, as thorottf
a believer in tho freo coinago of si
ver as any man in his party, and oi
of tho grandest characters in tl
United States Sonate, worked like
beaver day and night to try to co
vinco th OHO Western delegates th
thoir policy was suicidal. Govern
Smith, if Maryland, told them th
tho Democrats could carry Marylai
without that plank and could n
carry Maryland with it. Gen. ,
Clair, of West Virginia, work
until 'I o'clock in the morning wi
that committee and then wont ba
to his delegation, saying, "Hoys, i
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aro ruined." Tom Taggart, of lodi- !
ana, himself n silver man, worked
like a beaver to koop that plank from
hoing insortcd and Bervcd notico
upon his party that the DcmooratB
of his Stato woro not in sympathy
with it, and would not voto for tho
candidato if nominated upon auch a
platform. Tho vote was taken and
only fifteen States voted in favor of
10 to I. Tho Wcstorn dologatcs
weakened on tho night of July 4 and
so apprised Mr. Bryan. By tolophono
message to II?B loader, Mr. Motoalf,
of Nebraska, ho informed tho con
vention that ho would not accept the
nomination if tho reiteration of 10 to
1 was not in tho platform. It waa
then too lalo to select another can
didate, although meetings wero in
progress by at least twenty State
delegations, denouncing tho man
who would BO far desert tho Demo
cratic principle that tho majority
shall rule, as to refuse to accept a
nomination upon a Democratic plat
form that did not contain this now
principle of Democracy. It was too
late to concentrate upon another
candidato and Mr. Bryan was nomi
nated. Tho remark was general
among tho DcmooratB on tho trains
as they went to their homes that
they had been compelled to surren
der and thoro was no hope of Bryan's
election. Tho Eastern leaders were
not surprised when Bryan was de
feated by a greater majority of popu
lar and electoral votes than in tho
election of 1890.
When such mon as Senator Vest,
David B. Hill, Grover Cleveland and
Don M. Dickinson discussed tho re
organization, Mr. Bryan replied in
an editorial in Tho Commoner, tho
plain purport of which was that ho
considered himself thc Democratic
party and declined to bo reorganized.
Ile has on various occasions in The
Commoner read out of tho party all
men who wore not willing to sacri
lico all Democratic principles to tho
interests of tho silver question. Ho
attempted to defeat Carter Harrison
in Chicago and tho regular Demo
cratic nominee for mayor in tho city
of St. I .onis because they were
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Democrats first, and did not bclicv
that thc Democratic party shouh
sink into oblivion by reason of a
issue which has boon gallantly tough
for, but irretrievably lost.
Thc old lino Dem?crata declined t
bc driven from their party by a ma
who, during ten years of politic;
life, had been a Democrat, a Pope
list and a Socialist. Tho only ollie
which. William J. Bryan over hoi
he was elected to by the Populist
it being impossible for tho Dom<
orals to secure nh election in tin
district. Ho acted with tho Derne
orate in Congress, but distinotl
stated that be was not bound by
Democratic platform.
As a side partner of Mr. Bryn
and sharing with him in thc nomim
tion of the Populists in 1000, is ant
ther brilliant orator from thc Sta'
of Minnesota. I refer to Charles J
Townc. Mr. Towrie, like Mr. Bryn
became famous in n day by reason .
his oratory and has remained famoi
as a political lightning change nrtif
His autobiography, published in tl
Congressional Directory of tho 51
Congress, ronds a? follows :
(.Charles A. Townc, of Dulut
wnB born November 21, ISf>8,
Oakland county, Michigan ; oducat
in common schools and the I'nive
si ty of Michigan; admitted to J,
bar in IMHO; removed to Duluth
1800; took part in every campai|
from 1870 down, but never ran ?
ofllco until elected to the 04til Co
gross as a Republican, receiving 2
'187 votes, against, 16,880 votes ?
Melvin li. Baldwin, Democrat, a
0,47b votes for Kittel l?olvorsi
Thc next issue of the Congr?
Sion al Directory conveys tho stai
ling information that ('liarles
Towne was defeated on the Po)
listio ticket by tho Hon. Pago M<
ris. The most remarkable spec
that Mr. Towne made during
torm in Congress was one in whi
he said that, whilo young, "his n
ord as a Republican was unimpeai
able." He had inherited it "fr
Iiis fathor and his grandfather." He
bad boon urookod iu a Republican
cradle" and had "always liftod up
bis voice in buhalf of tbe Republi
can party." Within a few wooka
after this remarkable spoeoh ho had
walked out of tho only Ropublioan
Convention to which ho had ovor
boon a delegate and joined tho Sil
ver Ropublioan party. Ile went
home as a Silver Ropublioan and
two weeks later was nominated for
Congress as a Populist and endorsed
by tho Domocrnts. He was nomi
nated as Vico President by tho Popu
lists nnd then wont to Kansas City
and proclaimed to the Democratic
Convention that ho was only mas
querading as a Populist and Silver
Ropublioan, and, ns a niattor of fact,
was a Simon pure Democrat. Ile
then received as a Populist from tho
Populistio Governor of Minnesota a
thirty-day appointment as Senator of
tho United States, and placed him
self under tho direct management of
Senators Pottigrow and Butler, ono
a Ropuhlican and tho other a Popu
When a party of men aro willing
Lo sue their party go down in defeat
in order that ono issuo may be main
tained they either believe that this
issuo lies at tho very foundation of
nil government, or oise they have
somo ulterior motive. In tho case of
tho silver issue experience has proved
Lhat, whether or not tho freo coinage
ot silver ?8 beneficial and tho wisest
system of finance, yet tho perpetuity
af our institutions does not dopend
upon it. It is not an issuo of such
magnitude as to justify tito' disor
ganization of a political party in a
vain attempt to establish it. And
yet thero can bo no doubt that tho
leaders of thc Democratic party, who
were responsible for forcing that
issue in 1000, know when they did
so that they were endangering the
lifo of tho party, without in any way
making it possiblo to carry out their
:lesign, even though elected. Had
tim Democratic party succeedod tho
Democrats from tho States which
voted against that plank would have
voted against tho legislation. This
would have defeated any Act Bought
Lo bo passed for thc free coinage of
Had every Slato which voted for
Lhe free and unlimited coinage of
sil vor in tho Convention of 1000
elected every Congressman a Demo
Brat tiley could not have carried that
legislation. Thc Democrats them
selves from tho States opposed to it
would have defeated it. If the cn
Liro House of Representatives had
been Democratic a majority of this
membership, as shown by tho votes
of tho States in tho Democratic Con
vention, would have opposed the free
coinage of silver. Then what was
tho object of those mon ? It would
Boom that there could only he ono
solution. Tho delegates from tho
West wero personally interested in
tho free coinago of silver for the rea
son that, if carried out, it would open
up tho Western silver minos and
doublo the value of Western prop
erty. Tho East would have been in
jured only by thc unsettling of busi
ness. Thc East and the West could
by a coalition obtain completo con
trol of tho finance and commerce of
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tho South. All contracts would have
been gold contracts. Under tho free
coinage law there would undoubtedly
be a provision by which the West
ern bullion would bo presented to
the mint by tho Mastern banks and
form a basis of permanent and con
stant credit for all Western transac
tions. Tho blinks would control tho
bullion and the rates of exchange,
and thus what they would lose by
tho depreciation of contracts not al
ready in gold they would about make
even through their Western connect
ions. Mut tho South prod it cos no
bullion. It would have no need for
maintaining a reserve in the K?st
such as would bo created for tin
benefit of the West by the bullion.
All of its contracts would bo gold
contracts. For all of its money it
would bo dependent upon tho K?st
and bo compelled to pay whatever
rates the Eastern banks saw fit to
charge, Then a part of tho same
Hollomo was to prevent the Democra
tic policy of tho repeal of the tax
upon State banks, in order to prevent
liCBt Couuh Hymn,
In din?. Sole
SO'S c
thc Southorn Stntos from having any
oiroulnting medium whatovor for
local purposes. Tho West would
lia vc its silver as a basis for obtaining
tho gold and tho East would oontrol
tho gold ; tho South would bo pre
vented from oven having paper, and
would be under tho absoluto and
complote and porfoot control of tho
East and Wost.
When I mado a fight iu tho House
for the repeal of tho 10 por oout tax
Mr. Bryah voted against it, and I in
vito your attention to his utterances
nt this time, which fully confirm what
I say. Congressman Bailey, of
Texas, ono of tho ablest mon in tho
United States, called my attention to
the sinister attitude of Mr. Brynn at
tho timo. Tho Western silvor mino
owners wore supposed at tho tittie of
the Convention to put up tho money
tor tho campaign. But tho East had
become so largely interested in tho
newly organized industries of tho
South, and BO much Eastern money
liad been withdrawn from tho West,
ind found profitable employment in
Ibo South, that tho Enstorn bankers
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jaw that they had as much to lose
l>y such an arrangement as they could
possibly gain and declined to enter
.bc arrangement demanded by tho
Western mino owners. At this point,
which occurred when tho campaigu
was at its height, tho promised con
tribution to thc Democratic treasury
failed to come in and several wealthy
olver mino owners mado visits to
Now York, then returned to thoir
lomes and joined tho Republican
Think of Senator Stuart forgetting
.he "crime of '73 !"
Up to this time a number of tho
States were admittedly doubtful.
Those of Maryland, New York, Wost
Virginia and Indiana woro notably
io. But when the financial scheme
tell through thoro was no longer any
Doubt as to thc outcome of tho olcc
l-ion, and tho doubtful States all gave
greatly increased Republican ma
The trouble with tho South has al
ways been its clinging to traditions
md its lack of practical'wisdom, in
preventing the other sections from
imposing upon them by under-handod
means, Tho South is solidly Domo
eratic, for nowhere in tho world is
>hcro a greater love for freedom of
mooch, liberty ot thought and action,
md absolute justice, which aro the
foundation stones of thc Democratic
party. But they were asleep in 189G
md 1000, and totally ignorant of tho
reasons for this new issuo being
forced upon them. It was in tho
Democratic platform and they, there
fore, voted for it. Now it behooves
them to consider why it was in that
platform, and they will learn that
instead of being Democratic it was a
sounlorfeit to bo spurned and cast
Thc South should now take advan
tage of the fact that it controls tho
Democratic party and seo to'it that
those principles of justice and equal
ity which lie at tho foundation of
Democracy aro not again departed
from, and that no scheme for tho en
richment of any section, for tho
benefit of any other section, shall
tiver again be incorporated into a
D?mocratie platform.
When I called you over tho'phono
For permission to make my reply pub
lic I (lld riot expect it to grow to such
ii length, but it is a great thorne and
its importance is my apology.
Yours respectfully,
John Lowndes MoLaurin.
Danger, disease and death follow neg
lect of the bowels. Uso Dewitt's Little
Karly Itlaora to regulate them and you
will add years to your lifo and Mfr. t;:
your years. lissy to take, never grmo.
J. W. Hell, Walhalla.
-- -? -.
There are two women in the United
States who never use st am nfl on thoir
letters or mail matter. PIICRO aro
Mrs. Lucretia R. Garfield and Mrs.
Julia D. ({rant. Unelo Sam pays
these widows of former Presidents
tho compliment of honoring thoir
signatures and all mail matter sent
lo these ladies will be carried freo
[luring their lives. No signature or
marks are necessary to the freo car
riage of mail to either of them, tho
address being suflicient. Liko Sena
tors and Representatives they have
the privilege of writing or stamping
a facsimile of their signatures upon
Olivolopca and they go without post
A surgical operation is not necessary to
cure piles. Dewitt's Witch Hazol Salvo
in Voa all that expense and nover fails,
liowaro of counterfeits. ,1 W. Holl.
Capt. J. A. Mooney,a talented law
yer of Greenville, has boon engaged
Lo assist in the prosecution of Barnoy

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