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R. T. JAYNKH. J , ""_. ? D. A. SMITH,
J. Vf. 81TBLOR, J BDS- I ri'D'- [ J. A. STECK.
auDQcniPTioN. $1.00 PCB ANNUM.
Communications of a personal
oharootor ohargod for AB advortlBomonts.
Di?"" Obituary uoticos and tributos of
respoot, of not ovor ono huudrod words,
will be printed froo of charge. All ovor
that nutnbor must bo paid for at tho rato
of ono cont a word. Cash to accompany
The Monea Path Citizen Advises Sonator Till
man to Resign or Shut Up.
I Groonvillo Nows. J
Please allow mo spaoo in tho columns
of your paper to express somo of my
viows on tho recout Sonatorial resigna
tions. Sonators Tillman aud McLauriu
vory foolishly rosignod at Gaffnoy, S. C.
Tho Govoruor wisoly docliuod to accopt
thoir resignal ?olin. t
Sonator Tillman, in order to play tho
rolo of boss and dictator, intruded his
prosonco ou tho mooting nt Gaffnoy.
Tho boys, liko myself, aro tired of boss
Tillman, hoing invitod, offered tho
bluff of resigning; McLauriu in tho
midst of debato and excited ns ho redly
wa?, called Tillman's bluff.
Now, Mr. Editor, if Tillman is roally
in earnest and thinks McLauriu has sold
out to tho Ropublioau party and wants
to provont tho doar pooplo from becom
ing contaminated by Mel .aurie's Repub
lican doctrines, lot him resign immedi
ately and ask tho Govoruor to appoint
his successor. Thou bo will bo in posi
tion to rightfully ontor tho campaign,
not as a meddler or dictator, butas a real
patriot, willing to Baori?oe dollars and
couts to savo tho pcoplo.
If McLauriu should insist on resigning
thoro would bo nothing gained; bo will
vory soon bo compelled to answer boforo
tho pooplo for bis actions ns their ser
vant, as ho is now doing, and which Till
man objects to him doing.
Lot Ti'.man resign and havo bis suc
cessor ? ppoiutod immediately, enter the
raco ns au honorable, fair-minded lighter,
or stop his bushwhacking in tho cam
Tho pooplo aro intelligent, patriotic
and capable of divining for themselves as
to what they want without Tillman's in
terfering or meddling as between the
candidates for McLanrin's place. Lei
overy man in the raco toto his own skil
let. If Tillman wants to dabble in the
raco let bim resign and enter or stay at
homo and shut his mouth. Tho people
of .South ('arolina aro capable of decid
ing who they want for United States
Sonator. Josh W. Ashley.
linnea Path, S. C., Juno 5.
You may as well expect to run a stoam
eugine without water as to lind au active
energetic man with a torpid liver and you
may know that his liver is torpid when
bo does not relish his food, or feels dull
and languid alter eating, often has.head
ache ami sometimes dizziness. A few
doses of Chamberlain's .stomach and
Liver Tablets will restore his liver to its
normal I unctions, renew his vitality, im
prove his digestion and make him feel
like a new man. Price 25 cents. Sam
ples free at Dr. J. W. Hell's drug store.
Mr. James McAlis> r Meets Death Attempting
to Prc.ont a Suicide.
Tho remains of Mr. James McAlister,
w ho was accidentally killed at Jackson
ville, Fla., last Wednesday ? hilo attempt
ing to prevent Mrs. T. II. West from
committing suicide, were taken to
Charleston and interred at SI Lawrence
cometery. The pall-hearers were: Capt
James F. Redding, Col. J. E, llagood.
Col. James Armstrong, Messrs. William
K. Rrolwn, Albeit II. Mowry, Sr., Ed
ward Connor, J. 1). Cnppolman, Simon
Fogarty and H. F. White.
The inquest over tho remains of Mr.
McAlister was held Thursday afternoon,
and a verdict was rendel ed t hat the de
ceased came to his death through the
accidental dischargo of a pistol, which
bo bad pulled out of the hands of Mrs.
T. II. West, who was attempting to lull
herself. Mrs. West was arrested on the
afternoon of the killing, but was liber
ated when tho tragedy was known to
have been an accident. It appears that
Mrs. West was Buffering with melancholia.
She was in bad health, and thc recent
taking of an adopted child from her
aggravated her condition. She attempted
suicide on the morning of the tragedy,
but her attempt was frustrated. In the
afternoon she entered Mr. McAlistor's
o thee, making a sudden rush for a pistol
which lay on his desk. Mr. McAlister
was writing at the time to his children.
Mrs. West seized tho pistol with tho re
mark that she would at last succeed in
suiciding. She is a frail, delicate little
woman, one of whose hands is paralyzed,
and Mr. McAlister had no trouble in
wrenching the pistol from her hands.
As ho pulled the pistol from ber it
struck the ledge of his desk at his side
and exploded, causing almost instant
Shools His Whole Family.
Boa vor ton, Mich., June 8.-W. Arnell,
proprietor of a hotel and saloon here,
ran amuck to-day, and, boforo be was
overpowered .shot and killed hin r.ix
yoar-old daughter, fatally wounded his
wife and shot his aged mother, brother
and sister. No reason can be assigned
for tho shooting. When Arnell, who
had been drinking for several days,
entered the bouse to-day he went up
stairs to where his (laughtor was hiding
from him limier a bed and killed her.
Ile then came down and shot his wife
and (Ired at his invalid mother, who was
sitting in her chair, shooting her through
the hand. Mrs. Samuel Do pp, his sister,
was attracted hy the shooting anil as she
approached he walked out to the street
and opened tire, wounding his sister
slightly. At this juncture his brother
and Mrs. Dopp's husband carno on the
scene and Arnell shot his brother
through the arm. Dopp was armed
with a shot gun and opened fire, wound
ing the crazy mau. Mis wound is not
Di RUCTIONS Hilt Coi.ir |.\ [fOUSKS,
Contents Of small hollie of Perry Davis'
Pain-Killer in quart bottle, add pint
warm or cold water, sweeten with
molasses, shake well until all mixed, and
drench well, (?ive about half at once,
then h?lam e in in or In minutes if Inst
dose is not Sufficient. This will be found
a never-failing remedy. Avoid substi
tutes, there is hut one Pain-Killer, Perry
J)av?8'. Frico '2'>c. and f>Oc.
The Senator and the Governor Excliango
Warm Compliments.
Senator Tillman, on Tuesday, tele
graphed to Qovernor MoSweeuey to
know "pffloially" whether Sonator Mo
tannin bad withdrawn his resignation.
Governor MoSweonoy telegraphed that
ito understood Sonator MoLouriu's letter
to bo a withdrawal. Sonator Tillman
then wrote another abusive lotter about
Sonator MoLaurin. lu tho meantime
tho Qo vor nor had already repliod to the
warm lottor ho had previously rocolvod
from Tillman. Tho two lotter? passod
iu tho mails. Thoy aro as follows:
Dear Sir: 1 am in receipt of your tolo- i
gram in which you say, "I understand
Senator McLaurin's lottor to bo a with
drawal of his resignation," and I havo
that worthy's communication in which
bo graciously consents at your roquost,
"to hold on to his commission ns United
States Sonator and continuo to sorvo tho i
Stato ns ho bas dono in tho past, to tho
best of his ability."
This loaves mo ono of three alterna
tives. To appeal to tho D?mocratie
Kxecut i ve Committee to take tho matter '
up aud determino what tho boat interest,
of tho party requires to be dono, to
appeal to tho Senate itself to determino ?
tho question na to whether a resignation ?
from that body, to take off cot at some
futuro timo, is biuding, or withdraw my
own resignation. Thoro aro no proco- ,
dents on this subject, because in tho 125
years of our national lifo, with moro
than 200 resignations from tho Sonato,
no' Senator lias hitherto boon willing to
occupy tho despicablo attitude uow
assumed by Sonator McLaurin and forcod
on mo. 1 am certain of ono thing: that ]
tho Kxooutivo of a Stato has no authority 1
to declino a resignation that has boon <
tendered, mid I am equally certain that 1
had your excellency confined your action j
within legal bounds that your appointees .
would bo seated in tho Sonato whon that I
body meets in Dccombor, and hold their (
seats until tho Legislature should act in ?
January. My chief regret is that I am 1
forced by your action to engage iu what I
the outside world wdll consider a gamo 1
of opora bouffe, by withdrawing my own i
resignation after Senator McLaurin's t
undignified and puerile action ; but the 1
purpose for which it was tendered baa
boon thwarted by Sonator McLaurin's
precipitous accoptauco of oxecutivo
advice. Hob Acres lias boon outdone
for once. As 1 havo already said I had
no motivo or purpose in resigning oxcopi
to force McLaurin's, and there is nothing
for mo to do but accept tho situation aud
withdraw my own resignation, if it bo
lawful to do so. Yours respectfully,
13. lt. Tillman.
Sir: *Your letter of Juno lat baa boon
received. I have carofully noted its
contents, and tho most charitable viow 1
can take of it is that it was written in
tho heat of passion and without duo
1 noto that you say that I have "trans
cended" my authority and that tho
Governor "cannot compol a member of
tho United States Sonato to hold II?B
commission and exercise tho functions
of that office if ho chooses to surrender
it," and that you "declino for tho
present to withdraw" your resignation.
Had you read carofully my lotter
addresssod to you and to Senator Mc
Laurin, you must havo seen that I did
did not express any dosiro to "compol a
member of thu United States to hold his
commission and exercise tho functions
of that oflico," if ho chooses to surrondor
it. My solo purposo in returning tho
resignations was to ask your gentlemen
to consider calmly and thoughtfully tho
consequences to tho pooplo of what I
judged to bo a hasty net, and I must
confess that 1 am somewhat surprised at
tho tone of your answer to my request.
1 consider tho course which I took in
this matter to bo for tho best interests
of the pcoplo of South Carolina, and I
am responsible to thom alono for my
action. And, furthermore, I Btill boliovo
that my course has mot tho approval of
a majority of tho citizens of tho Stato,
nor do I consider them "unthinking
citizen?," but mon who know and recog
nize as fully as any pooplo on earth tho
rights and duties and responsibilities of
citizenship, and do not need tho services
of any ono to toll them thoir duty.
You insinuated that I have been
"importuned" to "await tho conven
ience" of any pr?sent or would-bo aspi
rants who "aro not just ready for various
reasons to outer tho contest brought on
so unexpectedly," and that for this rea
son my action has taken tho direction
it ha?, is unworthy of a man holding tho
high commission which has hoon given
you hy tho pooplo of South Carolina,
and deserves notico in this connection.
However, 1 may say for your bonofit that
1 alono am responsible for my roply and
will givo account for tho courso I havo
taken to tho pcoplo who honored mo
and not to any ono individual.
In this matter I havo dono what I
thought best calculated to promote the
present prosperity and contentment of
the pcoplo of my Stato, and shall con
tinuo to do so regardless of what any
one man may say or think of my courso.
f did not think that a political campaign
this BUmmor could do any good. How
ever, had tho resignations been uncon
ditional and unrestricted, my action
might have boon otherwise.
With duo respect for your opinion, I
think I have as high "conception of tho
office of Senator and its powors" a? you
or any other citizen of this State, and
you must havo known that tho hriof
interview to which you refer meant that
1 would simply moot tho responsibility
and perform my duty under tho condi
If you still wish to 'osign your com
mission and will send to this offico an
unconditional resignation, 1 will exercise
the authority ..nil powor vosted in mo by
the people. Respectfully,
M. H. McSwoonoy.
Mr. W. S. Whodon, Cashier of tho First
National Hank of Wintorsot, Iowa, in a
recent letter gives somo experienco with
a carpenter in his employ, that will ho of
value to olhoi mechanics. He says: "1
had a carpenter working for mo who was
obliged te Stop work for ?everal days on
account of being troubled with dian luca.
I mentioned to him that I had hoon simi
larly troubled and that Chamberlain's
Colic, ('bolera and Diarrhoea Remedy
had cured me. Ile bought a bottle of it
from the druggist hon and informed mo
that one done cured him, and ho is again
at Iiis work." For sale hy Dr. J. W.
Hell, Walhalla.
McLaurin's Visit to Washington.
A secret meeting of tho (ahmet in
Washington, occurring just at tho limo
of Senator McLaurin's visit?t tho seat
of government, leads many to conclude
that our junior Senator was at thu meet
ing and that its d?lib?ration? woro for
hi? bonofit, to onablo him to still poso
a? a Republican in Washington and aa n
Democrat in South Carolina. j. ?.
lt will Take Place at Anderson on July 15.
T. P. Cothran, 8peolal Matter.
The dooroo issued by (Jirouit Judge |
Goff for the sale of the Blue Ridge Rall*
road waa received here yesterday and
filed in the United States Circuit Court.
The sale will take place at Anderson on
July 15 next Mr. Thomas P. Cothran,
of Greenville, is appointed special
Muter to dispose of the property at
publio unction and tho upset price in
flxod at (100,000. Tho road will be
bought in by the Southern Railway,
which controls the proporty, and for tho
purpc?o of obtaining a dood. The lino
will bo oporated as usual, although tho
Southorn will extend tboroatter from
Charleston to Walhalla, instead of from
Charleston to Anderson.
Fredoriok M. Colston is named as com
plainant in tho suit, which is brought
against tho Columbia and Greonvillo
Railroad, now tho proporty of tho
Southern. The Columbia and Greon
villo Railroad holds judgment against
tho Blue Ridge for moro than $2,000,000.
Following amounts aro duo and paya-1
bio at tho dato of this dooroo by tho
Columbia and Greenville Railroad Com
pany, tho owners of tho Bluo Ridge j
Railroad, to the petitioner horein, tho
Sea thom Railway:
Judgment, Deo. 4, 1808.$1,200,705 82
Intorost to May 20, 1001. 210,805 40
Judgment, Feb.27,
1800.$077,045 07
Intorost to May 20,
1001.152,554 81
-$1,120,000 48
$2,040,201 20
Tho salo will inoludo all of tho rights,
propel ti es and franchises of the Blue ]
Ridge Railroad, oxtending from Andor
ra to Walhalla, a dis tan co of about
thirty-throo milos. Tho Bluo Rldgo
Railroad, of Georgia, tho name of tho
company whioh started to build across
tho mountains from Walhalla, a dis
tance of sovonteon milos, and tho Ton
JO8B00 Rivor Railroad, in North Caro
lina, survoyod for Bovonty-four milos, J |
tro included undor tho dooroo. These
nttor proportion, howovor, woro novor |
jsed, although thoro has boon talk from
imo to timo that eventually tho through
ino would bo cut over tho mountains.
Of late years tho Bluo Ridgo Railroad
ias figured extensively in railroad
'umors, and it was hintod that tho lino I
ivas being sought by t mpany whioh
loutornplntcd building from Port Royal
0 Knoxville, tho Boone Railroad, as it
ins moro commonly known. For tho
>ast fow years tho Bluo Kidgo has boon
Uldor tho management of Rocoivor JJ. C.
leattie, and it has boon oporated as a 1
uandi of tho Southorn. Tho lino was |
iwned by tho Columbia and Greenville,
>y reason of tho heavy judgments out
building, and whoa tho Columbia and
been vi Ile passed into tho hands of tho ] t
wilthorn this latter road naturally
issn med tho judgments. Tho primo
ibjoct of tho salo is to givo tho Southern
1 deed to tho Bluo Ridge. Tho Bluo
tidgo is ono of tho oldest roads in thc
itato and has kept its individual organi
zion and name longer than many other
if tho smaller railroads in South Caro
Tho outright purchaso of tho lino by
ho Southorn will doubtless givo uni
'orsal satisfaction to tho towns along
ho route, and n good train sorvico wil
io operated os nerotoforo.-NewB and
fourier, Juno 7th.
i Piscatorial Excursion on the Whitewater.
Tho moBt delightful locality in th
.ountry to visit at this time of tho year
s to take au out ina iuto tho mountai
'alloy traversed by tho placid stream of
Vhitowator. Your correspondent spent
orno timo among tho kind nud hospita
ile pooplo of this section last week.
Tho first point roached WOB at Ervin
Iotol, kept by tho polito and accommo
lating host, Mr. Jesse F. Cox. Th
lOtol is well situated between . 0 upper
nd lower falls on tho river, ic givos
n m tnandi ng view of tho surround i n
mm try, and is an ideal retreat for rest
,nd recreation during tho sultry beat of
nininor. Wo sojourned with Mr. Cox
or four days and spout most of tho tim
slung for tho speckled mountain trout
rbioh abound in this beautiful rivor
Ve caught sovoral trout, varying
?iigth from 8 to 14 inches.
From tho liver, returning berna, wo
pout ono day with Mr. I). E. Nicholson
nd shared his hospitality, and al
pent Home time next day with OHO of
ho old landmarks of this section, Mr.
lihou Nicholson. Wo found him in
ue.ble health, but in good spirits as usual,
nd wo woro very sorry to find his good
nd aged wife vory sick and indisposed
nd confined to hor bod. Wo hopo to
lear of tho speody restoration to their
isual good health of this aged couple.
Wo carno homo into tho Choohoo Val
3y on Wednesday aftornoon. Tho farm
is along tho way wero busy making tho
lost of tho present fino weather to work
ut thoir crops.
Any ono desirous of sponding a fow
ays in tho mountains would do woll to
?sit Whitewater falls. .1. II. C.
Juno ll, 1001.
Fatal Wreck in Atlanta.
Last Thursday morning about 10.;H)
'clock a passenger train was run into by
switch engine, and a fearful wreck
osulted. Tliroo persona wore killod
ut right, and a number seriously hurt,
list how tho accident occurred is not
ositivoly known, but a yard conductor
I suspected of having opened the
irottlo of tho yard engine, which had
con abondonod by its engineer and
roman only a short timo prior to tho
coulent. Tho injured passengers wore
romptly takon to city hospitals and
?ired for.
Tho criminal bran edi of tho Fulton
uporior Court will convene noxt Mon
ay. The case above all ir. interest t;
ne public is that of B. O, Danton, the
outhorn Railway yard conductor, who
ran bound oyor by Judge Broylos on a
bargo of murder, hecauso of tho wreck
0 which th roo lives woro lost. Hunton,
? is alleged, was tho man wiio started
ho (Mi gi ne Oil its terrible course of des
Tho grand jury will moot Friday to
orm indictments for tho criminal court,
nd Danton's case will thou be con
Idorod, In tho opinion of tho grand
nry ito can bo indicted for murder, as
io is bound ovor, or for a lessor offense,
r thoy may And no bill against him at
ll. If indicted, the grand jury will
?rohably chargo him with three murders,
? there were tinco deaths.
A man cannot ho indicted for thc mur
er of moro than ono person: each must
io a separate charge. If three indict
nonts aro found ho will ho tried on only
no. very probably, though tho Stato
an, whore it sees flt, prosecute ono aftor
be other until all aro disposed of.
Tho grand jury gives Danton ono
banco-a slim ono perhaps, lint a
hancc-to escapo trial for murder,
'hoir action on Friday will be awaited
rd th intorost.
An Elovon-Yoar-Old Girl Killed Near Atlanta.
Body Found In a Pool ot Wattr.
Atlanta, Ga., June ll,-The dead body
of Berta Jackson, adopted daughter of
H. S. Flowers, a dairy ainu, WM found
yesterday muming ia s small stream of
water about a quarter of a mlle from
Flower?' home, between Decatur and
Jt'oplar Spring, and not far from East
lake. The child had boen assaulted and
murdorod. She was eloven years of age,
had boen missing nineo last Weduosday,
and Flowers had boon searching for her.
Yesterday morning at 5 o'clock' Juilas
H. Parkor, a gatherer of foros and water
cress, discovered tho body. It lay ia a
shallow pool of water, a portion of a
oroek that empties Into East lake. Ou all
sidos tho buBhos aud woods grow thlok,
and no ooo oxoopt a person oa a soaroh
Uko Parker's would have soon tho body.
Parkor, having hoard of tho disappoar
anco of Herta Jackson, hurried to Flow
ers' placo and told what ho had soon.
Flowers and a crowd of neighbors weat
to tho orook and drow tho child's body
from tho water. Tho child had beon
assaulted aad murdorod. There woro
ovldonoos of tho girl having boou heaton
and ohokod. Oa ouo sido of hor throat
was a out mado by a knlfo, but whothor
boforo or af tor doath is not koowa.
Mr. Flowers said tho girl was aa
adopted ohild. Sho was adopted at
Jackson, Ga., and was named af tor tho
town, hor full aamo being Ko berta Jack
son. Sho went by tho name of Berta
Flowers. A whito woman, Sallie Smith,
oarriod tho ohild to Jackson. Tho woman
was a oonvlotod thief and loft tho county.
No ouo knows what tho girl's carno was.
Tho ohild was woll known la the neigh
borhood about Poplar Spring aud East
lake. Tho ? copie know most of hor his
tory aud the-, pitied tho little girl, who
?teemed to bo thrown on tho world to bo
hu fretted about from pillar to post.
Though she was a nameless waif, hor
tragio ond has called forth tho most in
tense feeling ia DeKalb county and tho
?uthoritios will do all within thoir powor
bo forret out tho doublo crimo and bring
lo justloo tho person who assaulted aud
murdorod Herta Jackson.
Columbus, Ga., August 2-1, 1872.
Dr. C. J. Moffott--Bear Doctor: Wo
pjavo your TKKTIIINA (Toothing Powders)
bo our little grandchild with tho happiest
results. Tho effects woro almost magi
sal, and certainly moro satisfactory than
from anything wo ovor used.
Yours vor y truly,
Joseph S. Key,
Pastor of St. Paul Church.
[Now Bishop Southern Methodists Ibureh )
For salo by Dr. J. W. Boll.
I. A. Cook's Views on tho MoLaurln and
Tillman Problem.
Fort Madison, S. C., Juno 10.-Editors
fourier : As it hos boon quito awhile
unce wo wroto yon, wo thought wo
would givo you a lino to lot tho pooplo
lear once again from Fort Madsen, tho
lnost part of tho world.
Wheat, crop-, uro looking better than
jBual, but corn and cotton aro not BO
There is some sickness in our town.
Vir. Rico has typhoid fovor.
Mrs. J. U. Sullivan, who has boon sick
inito awhile, is improving.
Thoro has been an unusual commotion
n our vicinity for tho last wook or two
n rogard to tho resignations of ourSona
ors, Tillman and MoLaurin; but our
3ovornor acted wisely in not accopting
bo r?sign?t ions, and tho pooplo soom to
io satisfied. Thoro snouts to bo a good
nany of tboBO littlo ono-by-tbrco editors
ill ovor tho country, jumping on Mc
laurin with both foot, abusing him as
.hough ho was guilty of some groat
sri mo; but I suppose a majority of thom
ire of that samo littlo old jealous, nar
.ow-mindod faction, which was fighting
McLaurin all through tho campaign of
1807, and some aro those who have been
twinging to Tillman's coat tail ovor si nee
io wont into politics, for tho probability
if getting some potty oUlco through fa
voritism. Now, boys you bad bettor bo
saroful, that old coat tail may bo getting
.ol ten by this time, and it might lot you
all, though somo of you aro so light it
ivon't hurt you much if you do fall. So
ust bang on, boys, if you fool Uko it.
Wo havo investigated MeT.aurin's
tourse in Congress, tho host wo could
tudor our circumstances, and wo havo
ailed to find anything wrong with his
vork, though wo kuow thoro is an idoa
ixisting in tho minds of a c?rtalo class
>f pooplo in tho South that a man is not
i Democrat unless ho will go to Wash
ngton and quarrel with tho Republican
najority in Congress and act tho fool
?Onorally; but this isa mistaken idea.
V man is not obliged to bo a fo il to bo a
)omocrat, noi thor aro all tho Republicans
icoundrols. A rnombor to Congross is
lot obliged to voto for any and ovory
?bing that tho Democratic party may got
lp, regardless of morit. Whothor it's
ight or wrong to bo a Democrat wo
tnow this blind oft' hand kind of work
s what they havo boon doing for tho
ast 25 years; but thoynro not obliged to
lo it. MoLaurin would quit it if wo
vould lot bim and take a common sonso
dow of tilings; but wo won't lot him.
It has boon about 85 yoars since tho
var botweon tho Statos closed. That is
tali of an averago lifo timo. Wo think
t's timo for'.us to stop calling each other
..'auks and Kohols and say Americans,
md all got together for good and build
ip tho country. Wo think MoLaurin
viii probably do bis country moro good
villi bis common sonso way and friendly
lispositiou towards tho Republican ma
ority in Congross than Tillman can do
vith II?B pitchfork. I havo never known
i Southorn man do his country any good
>y quarreling with a Republican ma
ori ty In Congross. lt's Uko butting
igainst a stone wall. If MeLauriu's
lOlirSe in Congress is Republicanism
.hon Republicanism is not so very bad
ts wo board it was after all. Wo think
,ho country needs a littlo moro of it.
Tho Democratic party of tho Tillman
itripo was lu power a few yoars ago.
they had thoir Prosidont and a majority
n both bouses of Congross and what
lld they do ? Why not a thing in tho
world but sit thoro and quarrel with
>aeh other while tho COHO try Wftfl Stiffer
ng. When Tillman can't find anybody
n Washington who will qunrrol with
lim ho will como homo and quarrel with
tho preachers of bia State just because
thoy don't like hi? dispensary whiskey.
If MoLaurin will start out with a pitch
fork on his shoulder and onco in awhile
lollow froo silver or burst, raiKo a quarrel
with every Republican ho monta, why
Limn Tillman will think bo in a Demo
crat of tho right sort.
Tillman boast? of writing out tho Do
.noemi ?c. platform, ns assisting in tho
work, and that's what's tba matter with
tho Democratic platform to-day. If
mme conservativo man had written it it
would not have been so full of dynamito
md Bryan would havo been Prosidont.
\H it is, their platform exploded prema
turely and Bryan got boston.
Yours, &o.t J. A. Cook.
Declares That Democracy of Bryan and Till
man lt Nothing but Socialism.
Bennettavllle, S. 0., June 8.-"The
trouble with Tillman is, to use a slang
expression, he has ?ot 'too big for his
trousers.' In adversity, and while he
! was striving toward the goal of his ambi
I tiona, he was a magnificent oharaoter
and a fighter of ahn oat irresistible foroe.
"There aro still many things about him
that are admirable, but prosperity has
spoiled him.
"What he now needs is for the people
of this State to take him across their
knoo, paddlo him good and hard and
thou toll him go about his own business.
If this were dono, it would teach Tillman
that ho does not own this Stato and
carry it about in his vost pookot.
"Once ho has learned that lesson ho
may become again tho mau ho was in
former years, and bofore I got through
with him I'll soo to it that ho gets tho
paddle whacking ho so much nooda to
sot him straight."
The forogoiug expresses, in tl o terms
applied, tho strenuous nature of South
Carolina politics, ono phase of Senator
John Lowndes Mci,aluin's estimate of
tho prosont situation-bis opinion of tho
personality of his foromost opponent,
Senator Bonjamin Byan Tillman.
Tire fight between these two mon, on
whom tho oyoB of tho nation have boon
centered for tho past fow wooks, is still
on. Senator MoLauriu declares that lt
will go on to the finish.
Senator McLaurin got up from his
chair and walked across tho room to tho
mantlopioco, above which huug a group
of tho photos, on tho mat of whioh woro
tho words, "Stato officers of South Caro
lina." Immediately beneath tho pieturo
I of McLaurin, who was, nt twenty-nine,
Attornoy General of tho Stato, was a
pieturo of Tillman.
Pointing to this group, Senator Mc
Laurin continued: '
"lloro ho is. Look at him. Wo all
started togothor. I don't boliovo thoro
was ono among UB who was animated by
any other than honest motivos, and a
sincero desire to sorvo tho Stato to tho
bost of our ability. But of that group,
Tillman has wandered away alter falso
"Ho has gouo from ono extreme to tho
other, until to-day ho stands for the
socialism aud anarchism which mas
.pleiades under tho name of 'Democ
racy. '
"Ho hos docoivod and deluded tho
people of his Stato; tho things ho repre
sents aro a curso and a blight, upon, not
only South Carolina, but tho wholo
South, and tho timo has como when ho
must bo taught tho hardest lesson ho
over learned.
"Before I got through with this mis
?rable outfit, I will toar tho cover off it.
Those peoplo want mo to fight. I'll
fight them to a finish. This is a contest
between ignorance on ono sido and
intelligence on tho other. Tho negro
question no longer figures. Boforo
November, if Tillman forces tho fight
now, or by next y oar, if it doos not then,
tho pooplo will bo told tho truth, and
tho storm of ignorance gathering will
swoop tho tribo of Tillmnu from tho
"Tho Domcracy of Bryan and Tillman
is nothing oxcopt socialism, populism
and anarchism. It thrives upon and
ndvocatos tho basest class and sectional
prejudices and appoals to thoso passions
w h io h no. honest man will, as an indi
vidual, acknowledge iulluonoos him.
"It is tho Domocracy of ignorance,
intolerance, bato, radicalism, depres
sion, disaster, ana tho only consolation
thoro is in it, is knowing that ho will
hover win anothor victory in South
Call at Dr. J. W. Boll's drug store and
got a freo sample of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Livor Tablets. They aro an ele
gant physic. Tlioy also i m provo tho
appotito, strengthen tho digest ion and
regulate the livor and bowels. They aro
easy to take and pleasant in offoct.
Many Livos Lost in Oklahoma Tornado.
Perry, O. T., Juno 8.-Tho storm which
passed over Eastern Oklahoma last, night
was ono of tho most severe si nco tho
opening of tho Strip. A feature of tho
storm was tho extent, of tho territory
covorod, swooping down from tho Kansas
Stato lino and covering about fifty milos
in width, tho rain, wind and hail swept,
ovor tho country as far South as old
Oklahoma. Tho rain simply foll in tor
rents from early in tho evening until
Tho fury of tho storm conterod in a
tornado at about ?0.80 p. m., which
formed at a point nonr tho Kansas Stato
lino and just on tho county lino of Ken
tucky and Grant, Oklahoma. Tho
twistor took a southeasterly course and
was most disastrous on a bolt of ton
milos sqitare in Eastern Kay county, and
tho littlo town of Eddy was struck and
of tho twolvo or fiftoon buildings in tho
placo all woro lovolod to tho ground
oxcopt tho railroad station and olovator.
Flying In m her was scattered for milos.
At Eddy th roo persons wore killed.
Fivo farm IIOUSCB with barns and out
buildings woro blown away, but tho
occupants all escaped without injury.
Fino Holds of whoat in tho midst, of
harvest woro laid waste. Tho tail end
of tho tornado foll with torriblo forco
upon Tonkawa. Thirty dwollings and
business houses woro scattorod liko so
much looso lumhor. Tho citi/.ons of tho
town had been watching tho advance of
tho tornado and bad sought shelter
in caves and cellars. No fatalities aro
reported at this point.
Strango to say, only a fow porsons
rocoivod oven a scratch. A few miles
from this point tho tornado sootned to
go up in tho air and tho country bolow
did not suffer much from thc storm
oxcopt hy washouts, a stiff wind and
hail which damaged whoat and fruit.
Tho financial loss by tho storm is
about $100,000.
At Hillings, Noblo county, much
damago was dono. Soven pooplo woro
killed and ninny severely injured. A
cloudburst occurred near Hennessey,
King Fisher county, and King Fishor
city suffered snvoroly.
Oconoo Committee of Charleston Exposition.
Tho following ladies have boon ap
pointed a cominitteo for tho purpose of
collecting and arranging an exhibit, in
tho Woman's Department of the Inter
State and West indian Exposition: Mrs.
M. W. Coleman, Soneos, chairman; Mrs.
J. P. Low ls and Mrs. Albert Haines,
Clemson College; Mrs. W. E. CliOSWOll
and Mrs. C. E. Anderson, Westminster;
Misses Sallio Norton, Hessin Micklor,
Carrio Perry and Mrs. J. H. Anderson,
Walhalla. Subcomrnittoo: Miss Mary
Sliolor, Tugaloo; Misses Alico Harris,
Graco Thompson, Mary Hughs. Birdie
Gllmor, Jodio Haley and Daisy Wright.
A mooting of this cominitteo will bo
called by tho chairman (at Walhalla)
carly in July.
Thirty Mon Bumed in a Buming Coal Min?.
Rosculng Party Lost
Port Royal, Pa., June 10.-The Pitts
burg Coal and Coke Company'? plant,
No. 2, at this place, is again on firs after
steady running for sevon years, and over
thirty mon are lu the mines, many of
whom, it is feared, will never be heard
from again. About 0 o'clock smoko was
soon to bo issuing from shaft No. 2,
wbioh is on tho line of the Pittsburg and
Lako Erle railroad, lt is thought tho
Aro started from an explosion aud that
six mon woro in the mino at tho timo of
the explosion, tho men being Jook Poo
plos, Tony Stickies, Frank Davenport,
John Daly, Lawronoo Sotlor and John
Stakes. Stakes and Settlor woro not near
tho plaoo in which tho explosion oe
curred, and upon the arrival of a resouo
party thoy woro quickly brought to tho
surface- after hoing nearly overcome by
after damp. Thoy could glvo no Infor
ination as to what had caused tho Oro,
and told tho rosouo party that four other
mon woro entombed.
About 7 o'olock Superintendent WU
liam MoCuuo, of Weat Newton, general
superintendent of this district; Donuts
Wortloy, pit boss of tho mino; Miohaol
Roy, foreman of tho Euolid minos, and
sovoral other bosses and about twonty
mon, wont down Shaft No. 1, which is
just opposite on tho Raltimoro and Ohio
sido of tho river, and havo not boon
hoard from nineo. About throe hours
nftor tho rescue party had boon in tho
mino two moro explosions wore hoard
Moantimo, tho crowd around tho opon
lng of tho shaft had inoroasod, the orowd
Including many mothers, wives and sis
tors of tho mon entombed.
All sorts of plans havo boon suggested
for tho rescue of tho mon. Some talk of
turning tho rivor into tho minos, but
many aro opposed to this idea for foar of
drowning tho minors. All that would
bo necessary to lot tho dolugo of water
looso in tho mines would bo to pull
plug, which was placod in the minos
aftor tho explosion of seven years ago
and tho water would rush in tho minos
nt a rapid rato. Dalco, ono of tho mon
known to bo in tho burning mine, wont
in for the first timo this morning, and it
is not known who ho is or whoro ho
At ll o'clook to-night four mon volun
toorcd to go down shaft No. 2, and No
8. and ono mau down No. 1, but up to
this timo it is not known whether thoy
havo succoedod in making auy rescue.
(?as and smoke aro issuing from tho
minos at midnight and over two hundred
men, women and children are waiting
for some nows of relatives. Doctors
havo boon called aud assistance is being
offorod on ovory sido.
A Sprained Anklo Quickly Curod.
"At ono timo I sufTored from a severe I
sprain of tho nnklo," says Goo. E. Cary,
editor of tho Guido, Washington, Va.
"Aftor using sovoral woll recommended
medicines without success, I t ried Cham
berlain's Pain Halm, and am ploasod to
Bay that relief oamo ns soon as I began
its uso and a complote cure speedily fol
lowed." Sold by Dr. J. W. Roll.
Wedding Tour Ends in Doath.
Chicago, Juno 10.-Sido by Bide, onoh
with a buhot wound in tho toraplo, tho
dead bodies of Ii. Hartmnn and Iiis wifo
wero found in their bod at tho Great
Northern Ilotol this evening. Tho room
showed no evidence of a struggle, both
lifeless forms woro composed, tho cover
ing of tho bod woll tucked about thom,
hut tho revolver clutched in tho right
band of tho husband told tho story of tho
doublo trngody. Of tho pair that courted
death BO successfully nothing is known
by tho managers of tho hotol boyond a
ropoi t that tho man has wealthy cornice
Mons in Now York, and that tho woman,
apparently, was an actress, under tho
stage name of Rose Violot. From infor
mation gi ven by a woman who inquired
for them this morning it is supposed that
tho caso is ono of a runaway marriage,
with death as tho result of despondency
ovor the obduracy of an unforgiving
Hartman and his wifo registered at tho
hotel on Juno 0, giving thoir address as
Now York, They woro reserved in man
ner, but from tho evidences of affection
thoy displayed, it waB surmised by at
taches of tho hotol that thoy were on
thoir wedding trip. Early Sunday night
they retired to their apartments and
nothing was soon of thom until this oven
big, whon thoy woro found doad in bod
Tho chambermaid tried to gain entrance
to tho room in tho foronomi, but was t
unable to do so. Lator in tito day eho *
repeated the attempt, with tho same j
rosuU. Ropoatod knockings failed to (
obtain an answor, and tho hotol oflloo
hoing notified, tho room was broken into
to-night and tho discovory mado of tho
double tragody. It was lonrnod lator
that tho dead woman was HOBO LoSobroo,
a variety actress. Tho father of tho
doad man is said to bo a wealthy tobacco
dealor in business in Now York city.
All the dnilios in tho Stato, except tho I <
Greenville Nows and tho CharloSvJii j
Post, aro for Senator Tillman. Wondor f
if this docs not mako thc .Senior Senator
fool a littlo shaky ?-Nowborry Obsorvor.
"Something New Under tho Sun."
All doctors havo tried to euro Catarrh
by tho uso of powders, acid gases, inhal
ors and drugs in pasto form. Thoir pow
dors dry up tho mucous membranes, caus
ing them to crack open and blood. Tho ,
powerful acids used in tho inhalers have | |
entirely eaton away tho samo membranes
that thoir makers havo aimod to cure,
while, pastes and ointments cannot roacli I '
the dlsoaso. All old and experienced I t
practitioner, who has for many yoars
mado a closo study and specialty of tho
t real m cut of Catar rli, has at last per fcc te il
a treatment which, when faithfully used,
not only relieves at once, but permanently
cures Catarrh, by removing tho causo,
stopping tho discharges and curing all
inflammation, lt is tho only remedy
known to seionoo that actually roaches
tho atiiicted parts. This wonderful rom
edy is known as "SNUFFLES, tho Guar
anteed Catarrh Curo," and is sold at tho | I
oxtreniely low prico of ono dollar, each
package containing internal and external
medicino suniciont for n full month's 11
treatment and everything necessary to | i
its porfoot uso.
"SNUFFLES" is tho only porfect Ca
tarrh Curo over mado and is now recog
nized as tho only Bafo and positivo euro
for that annoying and disgusting disease.
It cures all inflammation quickly and per
manently, and is also wonderfully quick
to roliovo Hay Fovor or Cold in tho Hoad.
Catarrh whon neglected often loads to
Consumption-"SNUFFLES" will Bavo
you if you uso it onco. It is no ordinary
remedy, but a complote treatment Which
is positively guaranteed to euro Catarrh
in any form or stage if used according to
tho directions which accompany oach
package. Don't, delay, but send for it. at.
onco, and write full particulars as to your
condition, and you will re?oive special
advico from tho discoverer of this won
derful remedy regarding your caso with
out oust to you boyond tho regular prico
of '.SNUFFLES," tho Guarantood Ca
tarrh Curo.'-' Sont propaid to any ad
dress in IL S. or Canada on receipt of
one dollar. Address Dept. C .Kio, Edwin
H. Giles & Company, 2:130 nnd2 .'132 Mar
ket street, Philadelphia.
Be sure to see me before you bu
I am prepared al
Monuments, Tombs, 51
and Headstones.^ *%+
Having desi?net
ener Monument
Executive Corni
mental work in
can satisfy all w
Two Soldiers Dead and Another Dying-Re
venge by Nogroes Alleged.
Beaufort, Juuo 8.-Sensational dovol
>pmouts bnvo transpired in eonnootlon
?villi tho dcntliB of Wright and Eastor
ling, which ocourrod respectively last
Tuesday aud Wodnosday at Fort Fro
nont, near hero.
Both mon woro onlisted sold ?ors be
onghig to tho artillery garrison at tho
'ort, and tho former was taken violontly
md suddonly ill last Monday after drink
ug sonic kind of bittora proourod from a
icgro, who conducted a blind tigor on
St. ITolona Island, in tho vioiuity of tho
port, and died a fow hours subsequently
u awful agony, which oxport medical
lid was absolutely powerless to aile vial e.
Kasterling was ono of the squad com
posing tho military escort which accom
panied tho remains of Wright hero last
Tuesday for interment in tho national
military cemetery, and ho ls quoted as
having remarked on that sad occasion
bat, ho did not credit tho theory that his
comrade had died from tho offoots of tho
bitters, aud upon his subsequent return
to tile fort ho proceeded to demonstrate
:he correct ness of his idea by imbibing
freely of tho very poison that had termi
nated the career of his friond on tho pro
viens day.
Fosterling was attacked with frightful
convulsions soon aftor drinking tho
alleged bitters, and tho port surgeon,
who lias grown gray in tho sorvico, is
roported to havo said that in nil his long
iorvioo in the army ho novor witnessed
mob intense suffering as this unfortunate
midier underwent. Death mercifully
anded tho man's agony in a fow hours
md his romains wore brought boro lor
ntormont in tho national cemetery on
tho day following tho funeral of Wright.
To-day it ia said that another member
)f tho garrison at Fort Fremont is ill,
with no hope of rocovory.
It is thought that a deliberate plot to
kill certain of tho soldiers by poisoning
hem lins boon formed by somo of tho
negroes who live in tho vicinity of tho
fort, some of whom allego that tho mili
tary mon havo boon committing dopreda
tious upon thom. Tho question as to
whet her tho coroner of Beaufort county
ihould or should not investigate tho cir
cumstances surrounding tho deaths of
Wright and Eastorling is hoing widoly
lisenssed, and it is gonorally conceded
that an inquest is imperativo if tho guilty
parties aro to bo brought to justice
A Good Cough Medicino.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy whon druggist* uso it in their
)wn families in proforonco to any other.
'I have sold Chamberlain's Cough Rem*
?dy for tho past flvo years with completo
latisfaction to myself mid customers,"
lays Druggist J. Goldsmith, Yan litton,
Y. "I havo always used it in my own
family, both for ordinary coughs and
..olds and for tho cough following la
grippe, and find it vory ollioaoious."
[for salo by Dr. J. W. Bell.
Negro Eaton by Sharks.
Charleston, Juno 5.-Tho fato of the
[If toon li sh erm en of tho "mosquito fleet"
jf this port, who have boon missing for
lovoral days, scorns to bo soalcd. Tho
ishing smack Victoria carno into this
port this morning bringing an enormous
dinrk which had boon caught near tho
icono of tho disaster to tho fishing boats.
Whon tho monster was cut open tho
mn of a negro man was found in his
stomach. Tho inference to bo drawn
from- this fact is obvious. Last wook
twolvo boats of tho "mosquito floot"
woro oaught in a sudden storm off tho
Kastern patches, a famous fishing
ground, HO milos off short. All of tho
[)oats woro wrecked or moro or less
njurcd and three of thom aro still miss
ng. Thoro woro ti fl cen mon on these
three. Tho catoh of tho Victoria indi
cates that a shocking fato was mot by
ho unfortunate fishermen.
Teachers' Examination.
nprJERE will bo an examination for
X Toachors' Certificates on Saturday,
Inly 0, 1001, at tho Court Houso, begin
ning at 0 o'clock n. m. All porsons do
oring to be examined will appear boforo
tho Board on that day. Applicants aro
expected to furnish thoir own paper, pon
ind ink. C. Ii. CRAIG,
County Superintendent Education.
Juno 12, 1001. 21-2(1
lins boon tho loading
for 46 years, too woll known to
nood description boro.
Send for illustrated catalogue of
Raffines, Threshing Machinory, Saw
Mills and Agricultural Implomonts,
mailed free.
York, Penna.
Livery, Feed and Sale
. . Stable, ? .
I have the best manufactured
goods on the market, and sell
more than any man In town.
v4.Phone No. ll.
va,y& on M and?
1 Designing!
; all times to fill orders for
I and executed the?Wa?
for the Semi-Centennial
nittee, and other monu
this section, I feel that I
ho wish work in this line.
Summer is Here
Soo our bargahiB in Straw Hats,
Nogligeo Shirts, Ladies' Undervosts,
Undershirts, Ladies' and Men's Low
Quarter Shoes, and everything for
hot weather.
Dean & Earle,
C. L. Reid's Old Stand,
p. s.-Grain Cradles for tho fine
groin crop.
New . .
. . Store.
When you como to Seneca bo sure to
soo my NEW SPRING HATS and
NOTIONS before you buy.
Now Goods arriving ovory wook.
Every style up-to-date.
Noxt door to M. W. Coloman & Co.
All kinds of Machino Neodlos, Now
Tin, GlasB and Crockery, at
WAI.nAM.A, S. 0.
?ROMPT attontion givon to all busi
nOBS commit (od to their flare.
Notice to Trespassers.
NOTICE is hereby givon that all per
sons aro hereby forbidden to tres
pass on any of my lands in any manner
wbatsovor-by cutting cross-ties or other
timbor, or in any manner injuring trees.
Any ono so trespassing will bodoalt with
according to law.
May 22, 1001. 21-24"
&?&C?/^>'rt?S GUARANTEED
^^f3 $5>000 DEPOSIT
200 FREE
Scholarships ottered.
w>d? quiet to
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examinations.
THE oxaminations for tho award of
vacant scholarships in Winthrop
Collogo and for tho admission of now
Students will bo held at tho County
Court Houso on FRIDAY, JULY 12th,
at 0 a. m.
Applicants must not bo loss than fif
teen years of ago. When scholarships
aro vacated aftor July 12th thoy will bo
awarded to thoBo making tho highost
avorago at tins examination.
Tho cost of attondanco, including
board, furnished room, hoat, light and
washing, is *D per month.
Eur further information and a cata
logue addroBB
I). B. JOHNSON, President,
22-27* Hock Hill, S. C.
Spanish Jack.
IWILL II AYE at my stablcB, two
milos below Richland, a thorough
bred Spanish Jack for tho soa?on. Weighs
piRht hundred pounds, is Ml hands
high. SURE SERVICE. For tormo and
particulars call on or addross,
12 24 Richland, 8. C,

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