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Cfrc JUatott (Saurier.
R. T. J A Y Mes, ) . Pim_ J 1). A. SMITH,
J. W. 8HKLOR, J M?"- 1 ruM-1 J. A. STECK.
Jry* Communications of a personal
character charged for OH advertisements.
JQ^" Obituary notices and tributes of
reBnoot, of not ovor ono hundred words,
will bo printed freo of cliargo. All ovor
that number must be paid for at tho rato
of ono cont a word. Cash to accompany
Prom a rocont ?SBUO of tho Sumtor
Watchman and Southron wo clip tho fol
"Lioutonant Governor damos ll. Till
man must bo an enthusiastic chicken
fancier, for he inmle a Hying visit to
Sumtor last wook to witness a cook light
that was pulled olT, about six miles from
this city, lt is cuiront ly re poi ted that
bois notan expert judge, of tho capa
bilities of gamo cocks, for ho backed tho
losing cocks in most of tho Hgbts, and
i-aid doai'ly for his poor judgment. Tho
nontenant Governor did not travel in
cognito as is tho custom of high person
ages in KuropOi but ho did not sook un
necessary publicity, nial but fow of his
acquaintances, chicken fanciersoxcopted,
know of his presence in tho county until
after his doparturo."
Sovoral months ago wo noticed an ac
count of a largely attended cock light in
an out-of-tho-way placo botweon Au
gusta and Hamberg, and Lieut.-Governor
Tillman is reported to havo "dropped"
ovor a thousand dollars backing his poor
judgment. His lack of good judgment
is very likely duo to tho fact that on
i hese occasions (and others, too, for that
mat ter,) ho is in a com? ition favorable to
"scoing double," and probably seos moro
sand in tho craws of his favorite chickens
than is really thcro. At any rato tho
Lioutonant Governor of South Carolina
nood not lose any timo from his official
duties in ordor to lind a moro respecta
ble business to occupy his enorgios.
Anderson County Slavory Cases Up in Court.
Andorson, S. C., Juno 14.-Tho Ander
son county slavory cases woro disposed
of t?-dfty-all oxcopt that against J. S.
Fowlor, ono of tho largest planters in
tho county, who insista on going to trial
on tho eh argo of falso imprisonment to
establish his right to imprison a man if
that man is willing tobecomo a prisoner.
J. It. Miller, J. A. Emerson, W. E. Mc
Gco, W. Q, Hammond, W. C. Bailoy,
James Martin, Allon Martin, George
Thomas, James Cook aud Mike Robins
ploaded guilty to assault and battery
and wore fined $01) each and discharged.
Those men, together with Fowler, woro
indicted for false in.prisonmont, con
spiracy, assault and battery of a high
and aggravated nalino. Tho Solicitor
had many negro witnosscs to provo tho
charges as to assault and illegal impris
onment. They had been confined
stockades without having boon convicted
or tried for any ciimo, and had been
whipped. Tho defendants admitted tho
whipping. Solicitor Hoggs entertained
no hopo of getting tho potty jury to fol
low tho courso of tho grand jury and
find against theso planters, so ho took
tho plea they were willing to mnke.
Fowler claims tho right to look up hands
who hire themselves to him and has gone
to trial to settle that point. Later
Tho jury found Fowler not guilty.
Tho bilious, tired, nervous man cannot |
successfully competo with his healthy
rival. DoWitt'a Little Early Risers, tho
famous pills for constipation, will remove
tho cause of your troubles. J. W. Boll.
--4 ? f? -
Southern Industrial Convention.
Philadelphia, l'a., J une l?.-Tho South
ern Industrial Convention adjourned
this afternoon. Col. W. A. Hcmphill, of
Atlanta, was elected president, vico II.
H. Hargrove, resigned. Tho project of
constructing tho Nicaraguan canal was
heartily endorsed, and a committee of
ono United Slates .Senator from each
Southern Stato provided for, with Sona
tor Morgan, of Alabama, chairman, to
roport at tho next meeting in Memphis,
Tenn., in December. Liberal appropria
tions were recommended by tho river
and harbor committee. Tho appoint
ment of a committee to lako up tho sub
ject of tariff revision without present]
reforonco, but with only a view to its
commercial importance!, was endorsed.
Tho delegates to tho Southern Indus
trial Convention, meeting in this city
yostcrday, considered tho most Import
ant question which has vet coule before
them, that of waterways ami their rela
tions to tho improvement of tho coun
try's trade. Thcro was much discussion
on tho Isthmian canal, and tho general
consensus of opini?n was that thc pro
posed Nicaraguan canal would be tho
most economical and most desirable,
route botweon tho t wo oceans. Thc. de
bate on this subject was led by lion.
Sewell c. (Jobb, of Ponsacola, Kia. Tho
Mississippi river and ifs tributaries were
also discussed, all of tho speakers urg
ing that tho waterways of tho South
should he used fer motive power and
giving splendid reasons.
Call at Dr. J. W. Hell's drug store and
get a free sample of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Li ver Tablets. They are an ele
gant physic. Tlioy also improve tho
appetite, strengthen tho digestion and
regulato the Hver and bowels. Thoy are
easy m lake ano piensan I in effect.
Governor Samford Dead.
Montgomery, Ala., Juno IL -William
J. Samford, Governor of Alabama, died
to night at Tuscaloosa. Ala., whoro ho
has been ill for some time. Disenso of
tho heart was tho real cause of death.
Governor Samford has been in Tusca
loosa sovoral weeks, having gone there
to attend a mooting of tho trustees of
tho Stato University, ile had boon ill
since his inauguration as (?overnor, but
it was believed that immediate danger
of death was passed. While in Tusca
loosa, however, his illness returned with
renewed violenco and he became so
dangerously sick that tho physicians
feared to rOmOVO him IO Montgom
ery. Yesterday Oovornor Samford was
thought to bo improving, but grew
worse to day and succumbed lo night at
10.30 o'clock, (iovernor Samford was
about '>i'> years of ago and was a nativo
of Alabama. Ile bad served in the Slate
Se?alo and in Congress; was a member
of tho Constitutional Con von lion In 1876
and held other important public oflloos.
Ho was elected Governor in August of
last y oar and wa? Inaugurated December
1 last. Tho lion. W. I). Jolks, President
of tho Slate Senate, will succeed him ns
Two Hundred and Filly ol the Victorian
Mountod Hilles are Surprised.
Loudon, June H.-Lord Ki tchou or ha*
cabled from Pretoria, under to-day's
dato, as follows:
"Noar Wolman's Rust, twenty milos
South of Middelburg, 250 Viotorian
mountod riiloB from (len. Boas ton'B col
umn woro surprised lu camp at Stoou- | ]
koolnpruit by a superior force of Boors
at 7.30 p. m., Juno 12. Tho enemy crept
up to within short rango and poured a 11
doadly tiro Into tho camp, killing two
ofllcors aud sixteen mon and wounding
four ofllcors and t hi rty-eight mon, of | j
whom twenty - eight woro slightly
wounded. Only two ofllcors and fifty
mon escaped to (Jen. Boastou's camp. 11
Tho reniai nd er were taken prisoners J ]
and released. Two pomponiB woro cap
tin ed by tho enemy. Full details havo 11
not yot boon rocoivod."
First "Accident" of the Kind
Loudon, Juno 17.-Tho serious rovorso
which I,ord Kitchener report? is tho first
accident of tho kind that has happened
to tho Australian contingent, aud is sup
posed to bo duo to neglect of proper
picketing. Although it is oiTset hythe
dofoat ir.llictod upon Do Wot, tho loss of
the gnus is regarded ns a sei ions matter, | j
which will oncourago tho Poors to cou
tinuo tho struggle.
Moro or loss fanciful accounts aro pub
lished on tho Continent of alleged peace
negotiations, but there is nothing in thom
and nothing has como of tho interview be
tween Mrs. Botha aud Mr. Krugor beyond
revealing tho fact that Mr. Krugor will
liston to no proposals until thoy aro ac
companied with a guarantee of tho indc
pondonco of tho Republics
Tho Daily Mail's Capo Town corro
spondont says that Cocil lthodos, speak
mg at Bulawayo Saturday, predicted that
a federation of South African States
would como In tinco or four years, but
bo contended that to grant solf-govorn
mont to tho Republics before federation
would rondor federation impossible
Boor War Ruining England. 11
London, Juno 17.-Tho London Stock
Kxchango air ?B now cleared from tho of
fects of tho recent American crisis. But
business remains painfully dull. Hosi
taney provails boro and is largoly traooa
bio to a desire for debilite assurance of
tho tangible dovolopmonts in tho South
African war. Tho depression accom
panyiugtho declino iu guilt-odged socur
ties bas seriously hampored tho resources
of many of tho strongest mombors of tho
Stock Kxchango, wbilo it is whisporod
that some banks aro even so involved as
a result of tho assistance rondorod larg
operations that they aro now unablo to
press for a settlement lost thoy precipitate
a 0r?S?8 involving largo interests.
' ?
You may ss woll expect to run a steam 11
engino without water as to find an activo | *
energetic man with a torpid livor and you
may know that his livor is torpid whoa
bo does not relish his food, or fools dull
and languid after eating, ofton has bead
soho and somotimcs dizziness. A fow
doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets will rostoro bis liver to its
normal functions, renew bis vitality, im
provo his digestion and mako him feel
like a new man. Price 25 cents. Sam
ple? free at Dr. J. W. Bell's drug storo.
Col. J. L. Boyd Visits the Place of His Nativity.
Col. James L. Boyd, who is SI yoars of
ago, and lives six milos Northeast of
Seneca, and who has not visited his boy
hood lioiii j in Hf ty years, took a notion
on Juno 12th, 1001, that ho would wander
back to where his father's old house
used to stand. His father many yoars
ago owned what is now called tho
Major's placo and tho Nimrod T. Smith
placo and other lands adjoining. His
father lived and died on tho N. T. Smith
tract and now lies peacefully sleeping in
Old Lebanon (Baptist) comotory, about
tinco miles Kast of tho historic old town
of Pendleton.
Col. Boyd stopped at tho old church
yard on his way down. What a touching
scene as ho stood with bowed hoad and
toarful oyo, but could not, with any cer
tainty, locate bis fathor's gravo. Wo
imagino he brushed tho tears away and,
looking upward, said, oh yes, l know
whero ho is, for 1 know on whom bo bo
lioved, and I know full woll tho road to
I take to meet him there.
Ho journoyod on with bright anticipa
tion of Boeing my father, his boyhood
friend, and his children, but alas for hu
man hopes and human aims, for bo, too,
had gono to that happy land.
Ile arrived herc in tho afternoon and
Frank Sloan, his good colored friond and
driver, gave mo bis scat in tho buggy
and I with plcasuic drove him ovor tho
old happy hunting grounds of "Auld
Lang Sync," whero ho and my father
and other boys, long sinco crossed over
into tho Billah land, onco played leap
frog and walked on their hands with their
heels in the air and jump up and strike
thoir feet together four timos boforo
touching tho ground. Scorns to mo that
would lay our modern gymnastics in tho
Wo went to tho scene of his birth and
childhood, but bo could not rocogni/.o
tho spot whero tho old houso stood. It
was all grown np in stately oaks and
waving pines, which Boomed to bo stand
?ng sentinel over tho hallowed spot; bu
the hill by tho spring-oh yes, that was
familiar, and the spring itself under that
hill- -oh, yes, that was familiar, too, for
tho water still goes gushing and rushing
on as of old, until it reaches tho father
of waters and then i is lost in vastness
just as our lives, if wo go rushing on in
as much purity, and wo afford tho cup
of com water, wo shan soon bo inst
tho vastness of an otornity of joy, bliss
and lovo.
Wo soon carno back to tho old rosi
(1OUCO of my fathor, N.T. Smith, and I
showed him tho old joists and somo of
tho lumber which was taken from Col.
lloyd's fathor's old houso, about a quar
tcr of a mile from hero, and is perhaps
over ono hundred years old?
Col. Royd was a stranger whoa ho first
arrived, hut ho is no stranger now. Ho
is full of tho reminiscences of tho good
old times. Ho has inspired me with
heavenly thought? and wo fool that wo
have entertained an angel unawares,
Joseph N. Smith.
Auton, Anderson County, Si C., Juno
17th, 1001.
Mr. W. S. Whedon, Cashier of tho First
National Bank of Winterset, Iowa, in a
recent letter gives some oxporionco with
a carpenter in his employ, that will bo of
value to othor mechanics. Ho says: "I
had a carpenter working for mo who was
obliged to stn]) work for several days on
account of being troubled witli diarrhma.
I mentioned to him that I had been simi
larly troubled and that Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhma Remedy
had cured me. Ho bought a bottle of it
from the druggist hoto and informed mo
that ono dose cured him, and he itt ngain
at his work." For salo by Dr. J. W.
Boll, Walhalla.
Mclaurin Out ol tho Raco for the Senate by
a Now Party Oath.
Columbia, Juno 17.-Senator Tillman's
friends think he has quietly fixed the
jard s for Senator MoLaurin to draw a
blank next summer without even having
i chante to win.
Instead of ruling MoLaurin out of the
!>arty, a method that would raino a
rumpus in tho State, and might oauso
serious trouble, the junior Senator is to
l)o mudo to rule himself out.
Tillman was opposed to the exeoutlvo
somtnitteo ruling out MoLaurin, on tho
ground that lt would give him an advant
age before the peoplo.
Ho could dcolaro hlmsoif a Domoorat
md say Tillman wai afraid to let tho
pooplo hoar h yu ; afraid to allow thom
bo bo tho judgo. It has, thoroforo, boon
planuod to lot tho convention, that meets
noxt May to organizo party machinery,
niako a now primary oath that oan bo
takou by all tho candidates oxoopt Mo
Laurin. This oath, heretofore, has boon
loslgnod to oovor tho S ta to mattors only,
tho candidato plodging himself to abido
tho result of a primary and support the
low ones. For MoLauriu's bonoflt lt
will bo amended so as to pledge tho sup
port of tho national Democratic platform
in all its planks, acknowledging tho
platform ns tho mouthpiece of tho party
md pledging also to abido by ino caucus
MoLaurin having doolared so strongly
.Kainat both those. Tillman supporters
loolaro bo cannot take tho oath, and
unless ho does ho cannot participate in
tho primary or bo voted for oxcopt at a
gonoral election. Tho plau loakod out
\ftor Sonator Tillman and Col. Wilio
Iones, chairman of the State Kxocutivo
?ommittoo, spout a couple of days to
MoLauriu's course, under these cir
cumstances, has not yot boon defined, but
t is already takon by ins friends as ovi
lonco that tho organization is afraid of
MoLauriu's strength.
Governor M. li. McSwoouoy was asked
;o-day whether ho indorsod tlds scheme
>f ruling out MoLaurin. Ho would not
?emmit himself, saying thal ho was not
i member of tho committee and did not
:nro to got tangled up in tho matter. Ho
ifould say, howovor, that unless a man
would stand by tho platform and bo
;ovei ned by a caucus, bo could not claim
o bo in tho party.
State Chairman Jones said ho did not
bink tho present Kxocutivo Committee
.vould tako any action about MoLaurin.
Tho convention and now committee will
JO In control long boforo tho campaign
8 opened for next year.
"Nothing will bo dono now," ho said,
'unless MoLaurin goos to cutting up too
mich in tho Stato this summer. Thon
my (ive members of tho committee can
iavo it called togothor and tako what
\ction tlioy may soo flt."
-- ? ?
Pyny-IialBnui Kollo vc? Hight Awny
and makes a epeedy end of coughs and cold?.
The Destroying Angel.
f'F. M. C.," in Hartwoll (Ga.) Sun.]
Death has again visited our community
md claimod another victim. Mr. G. W.
?urns depart ed this lifo Juno 8th, 1001.
[Io had lived to a ripo old ago, being 70
,-ears and 0 months old. In 1851 ho was
narried to Miss Jano White. After hav
ng lived together lo ! thone fifty years,
dialing each othor's comforts and snotti
ng each othor's sorrows, she is loft to
nourn his absence, while ho is gonn to
ris roward. Eleven children wore born
into thom, ton of whom aro living, to
'Othor with a number of grandchildren
ind a host of friends, to cherish bis mom
His romains woro interred in tho ceme
tery at Townvillo, S. C., af tor appropri
ito services by Hov. F. M. Colo. Text:
\mos 4:12: "Proparo to moot thy God."
Tho discourse was an earnest appeal to
jotb young and old to proparo to moot
Jod in peace; that tho young may dio
md tho old must dio; that death is no
"ospector of persons.
"Unelo Wat," UB a groat many of us
<now him, lived near Townvillo, S. C.,
anti! a fow years ngo, whoa bo romovod
to near Fair Play, S. C. Throo years
igo ho bought tho placo of Uov. Ii. J.
McLcsky and removod to Georgia.
Unelo Wat had his failings liko all
ilber mon and mado mistakes. Ho
lovor joined tho church, but waa a lover
jf good mon. Tho writer was in conver
sation with him a short timo boforo his
loath, when lie spoko of tho docoaso of
Japt. Vandivor, Brethren Woolbrigbt,
Hunter, Dalrymple and others, mid
what groat loss Townvillo had sustained
thorohy. Unelo Wat confessed ho lind
not livod as ho should have, but said
that tho Lord had boon vory good to
lim; that ho liad boen a strong, hourly
man and had takon but ono doso of doc
tor's medicino in his lifo. Although ho
rad gono through tho civil war his
licalth did not bogin to fail him until
?bout four yoars ago. Ho had boon up
md going until a short timo ago, whon
it scorned that tho omi was drawing
'tear. His friends tried to persuade him
,o call a physician. Ho would heed
IOHO of our entreaties, and said it was
io uso-ho had lived out his days,
Whilo standing at Iiis bodsido a fow
lays boforo his death wo folt his pulso.
Looking up at mo ho said, "You aro tho
lOOOnd man that ovor folt my pulso, and
f I woro to livo to soo Octobor I would
bo eighty yoars old." I asked him if it
ivan tho Lord's will to toko him was ho
cady to go. Ho ropliod, yes; ho was
?list waiting. Tho only thing in his way
was leaving his family.
May tho good Lor'l bloss the bereaved
family mid verify His precious promiso
to he a husband to tho widow and a
fathor to tho children.
A Good Cough Medicino.
It speaks woll for Chamberlain's Cough
Komcdy when druggists uso it in their
)\vn families in preference to any othor.
"I have sold Chamberlain's Cough Hem
[)dy for tho jinst flvo yoars with complote
satisfaction to myself and customers,"
tays Druggist J. Goldsmith, Van litton,
M. Y. "I have always used it in my own
family, both for ordinary coughs and
mhls and for tho cough following la
?rippo, and lind it very efficacious."
for salo by Dr. J. W. Bell.
Wanted to Kill Ono Bcforo Ho Lett.
St. Matthows, S. C., Juno 15.-A most
istrocious murder was committed on tho
plantation of Mr. W. W. Wannamakor
Wednesday aftornoon. Hight negroes
Itara plowing in a Hold, whon a dispute
ivor tho trivial mattor of a fow quarts of
pits aroso, ami Jim Goodby sprang at
>lin Tro/.ovant and cut him to death,
i'ho latter was unarmed and begged lils
issailun' not to kill him. This was dono
ll tho immediate presence of seven other
logro mon and not a hand was raised to
irovont tho lionious mm der. Tho mur
lorcr, after declaring ho wanted to kill
mo of tho negroes on tho placo boforo
io loft, Hod, and not ono present
.(templed to detain him.
Services at the Baptist Church-Mr. J. H.
Bryan to Return to Oconet.
Seneca, Juno 18.-Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Bryan and their bright little sou, Master
Harry, spent last Sunday at the Oeonee
Inn. Mr. Bryan has accepted a position
with the Courtenay Manufacturing Com
pany and will shortly move his family
thoro. Many friends of both Mr. sud
Mrs. Bryan aro delighted to havo them
return to Ocouee.
Mrs. Myra Doyle and Miss Norris, of
Wostminstor, visited friends in Souoca
on Monday.
A series of mootings commenced in tho
Baptist Church on Monday ovoning.
Kev. D. W. Hlott, tho pastor of tho
ohuroh, is assisted by Dr. Chapman, of
Anderson. Dr. Chapman is tv gifted
spoakor and already has tnado a favora
ble impression upon our pooplo, aud a
successful mooting is prediotod as a
ronnit of his preaching.
Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Craig have tho sympa
thy of our community in tho doath of
thoir baby girl, whioh diod on last Satur
day night.
Mr. GoorgO Coleman arrived at homo
on Tuesday, having boou admitted to
tho bar recently in tho Stato of Florida.
Ho will romain in Sonoca during tho
Hummer months aud will roturo to
Florida in tho fall.
Mrs. Eugouo Clarkson and ohildron, of
Koowoo, havo boen in Souooa for sovoral
days. Mr. and Mrs, Clarkson had tho
misfortune to lose their dwelling by lire
last Thursday night.
Miss Mary Cherry will entertain a
house party at bor country homo at
Chor?y's tho lattor part of tho wook.
Tho guests will bo tho Misses Norris,
Misses Ethel Gibbs, Eunico Hill, Noll
Humphries and others.
Miss Mamie Swann is now iu Spartan
burg. Sho will attond tho summor
sohool at Converso College.
Mrs. W. A. Lowory and hor son, Mr.
Quincy Adams, aro in Baltimore for a
two wooka' visit.
Miss Willio Cherry entertained quito
a number of hor friends at a birthday
party laBt Friday ovoning from nine to
twolvo. Among tho visiting guest? woro
Messrs. Harry Poo, Charlie Gignilliat,
Marshall Jordan and Wm. Hagood, of
(denison College, Misses Lucy Mooro, of
Hampton, aud Mary Oldham, of Ala
Miss Sallie Livingston will attond tho
Toachors' Summor School at Spartan
burg. M?88 Livingston will teach tho
intermediate department of tho Seneca
school tho coming yoar.
Tho Oconoo Inn has had a very largo
crowd of guests for tho past fow months.
Tho machinery for tho cotton mill is
hoing placod roady for commoncing work
September 1st. Quito a number of ope
ratives aro already living in tho villago,
which is thought by many to bo tho
prettiest, mill village in thc Stato.
Dr. W. F. Austin bas as his guests his
tiro thor and family from Pino Bluff,
Tho now city council has made quito a
change in tho appearance of our st reids
and sidewalks. Tho road machino is
thought to bo tho best investment our
town has over made. *?*
--* . *
Medical Conspiracy Against Him.
Chicago, Juno 17.-Johu Alexander
Dowio announced at bis mooting nt Zion
Tabornnclo to-day that certain physi
cians of this city havo formed a plot to
kidnap him, lock him in tho dotontion
hospital and boat him on tho hoad and
back till ho should loso all his reasoning
powers and become really insano.
Ho said that tho kidnapping might tako
placo to-night and after bin sorvico ho
called a special private mooting of tho
malo members of Zion to tako stops to
help tho Zion guard in protecting him.
Ho also threatened tho physicians that bo
would do to thom as bo thought they
woro trying to do him until tboy shall lot
bim alono and stop calling him a para
With all this Dowio repeated contin
ually bis pr?t elisions to he Elijah reincar
nated, making way for tho end of tho
world, and ho incidentally laid claim to
immortality until such timo as bis work
was accomplished.
A Sprained Ankle Quickly Curod.
"At ono timo I suffered from a sovero
sprain of tho anklo," says Geo. E. Cary,
editor of tho Guido, Washington, Va.
"After using sovoral woll recommended
medicines without success, 1 tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and am pleased to
say that roliof carno as soon as I bogan
its uso and a complete euro speedily fol
lowed." Sold by Dr. J. W. Boll.
Repulsed Mob of Five Hundrod.
Last Friday a mob of 600 infuriated mon
stormed tho jail at Carrollton, Ga., with
tho intention of lynching Iko Wilhams,
a negro convicted of tho murder of Otis
Ward, a young wblto boy. Tho sheriff
with a posse resisted tho mob, and
Gcorgo W. Bonnott, tho leader of tho
mob, was shot dead and two others woro
wounded. Tho sheriff's posse consisted
of himself, his brother-in-law, L. J.
Fletcher, and Stato Sonator, W. 1). Ham
brick. Tho mob was repulsed and bold
at bay until Governor Candlor sent
troops to tho scene, and tho nogro was
taken to tho Towor in Atlanta for safo
keeping. J. L. Morrill, tho fearless
sheriff, is rocoiving much praiso for his
bravo defense of tho jail.
John G. Woolley to Make Long Trip.
Chicago, Juno 17.-John G. Woolloy,
prohibition candidato for Prosidont in
1000, started to-night on a trip around tho
world, for tho purposo of collecting data
on the liquor traine and conditions in Ibu
countries visited preparatory to issuing a
book on tho results of tho prohition
movement. Mr, Woolley will sail from
San Francisco on Juno 20th, At Hono
lulu Mr. Woolloy will endeavor to or
ganizo a party. Tho trip will occupy six
months, and Australia, England, Ireland.
Scotland and sovoral otbor counties will
bo visited.
Nogro Hanged for Killing a Conductor.
Brunswick, Ga., Juno M.-Fricoy Grif
fin, a negro, was banged boro to-day for
tho murder in Oetobor last of B. Marion
I J at ?mer. Latimer was a passenger con
ductor on t he Mont lun n Ballway. On tho
night thc murdor occurred Latimor was
informed, while bis train was running
between two stations in this part of tho
Stato, that somo ono was standing on tho
front stops of tho baggago car. Latimer
opened tho door and called to tho man to
como inside. Tho negro stopped to tho
door of tho car and shot tho conductor,
killing bim instantly.
A farmer of Dougherty county, Ga.,
trapped a big golden eagle a fow days
ago. It measured 7 foot from tip to tip
of wings and is ns big as a largo turkey.
It is now on exhibition at tho Grant
Park Zoo, Atlanta.
A Sad Death-General News r.'uies-Texas
Fever Appears ?gain. 11
Fair Play, June 18.--Mr. Larry Marett, 11
who has been attending the South (Jaro
lina Co-education al Institute at Edge- 1
?eld, is at home, to the delight of his <
many friends. '
Mr. Robt. Loathers has bcou vory siok i
for tho past two wooks, but is improving 1
slowly. 1
Mr. Holland and Miss Daisy Wright, 1
of Anderson, paid our town a flying visit
reooutly. 11
Misses Myrtie and Paulino Harton, of I <
tho Pork, visited rotativos and friends
boro last Thursday.
Mr. Riobard (hobbs and MISB Ada
King, who havo boon attending a normal
singing school at Dayton, Ya., returned
homo last Saturday. They aro two of I j
our model young pooplo and thoir many
friends aro glad to soo thoir cheerful
faces agaiu.
Mr. Thus. Smith is tho champion fish
erman of this section, having caught four
oarp rocontly that would averago ton
pounds oaob.
Mr. E. C. Marott has agaiu hoon trou
bled with tho Texas fover among his cat
tlo. This fever is prod need by ticks and
is vory fatal unless speedily romoved.
Those who havo pastures should watch
thoir cattlo and destroy tho ticks as fast |
as they appoar.
There has boon an unusual amount of I
sickness in our community, but most of
our sick aro improving.
The rust has injured tho wheat orop
materially. Tho continuod wot weather
has provontod harvesting, and it will bo
difllcult to save tho crop.
Mrs. Goorgo Marott and Miss Poarl
Whitworth, of Atlanta, aro visiting Mr.
Stopbon M0.vott's family.
Tho roads in this section aro much in
nood of repair. Wo would Uko to inform
some of our county ofllcials, who seemed
to bo so fond of chicken and pio last |
summer, that another orop is on hand
larger, richer and jucior than ovor. Early
apples, ponchos, plums and tho never
failing blackberry, aro now templing tho
oyo, and wo take this opportunity to
invito our County Supervisor and our |
two County.Commissioners to como down
and sbaro our hospitality. My friend
Smith will furnish tho fish. And thou if
wo don't havo bottor roads wo won't I
invito thom no mo' till next time.
Tho angel of death has again entered
our midst. On last Monday ovoning, ns
tho shadows of nightfall were length
ening, bo caine to tho homo of Mr. and
Mrs. A. R. Marott and took tho spirit of I
thoir youngest boy, Marcus, aged 181
months, to tho realms of eternal day.
Little Marcus bad been sick but a short
while and was thought to bo out of dan
ger, when death carno. Dis body was
laid to rost in tho Hcavordam cemotory,
after appropriate funeral services, con
ducted by Hov. Mr. McManaway, of
Westminster. Tho sympathy of friouds
and relatives go out to tho boroavod
family in this thoir first allliction. M.cn.
Columbus, Ga., August 24, 1872.
Dr. C. J. Monett-Dear Doctor: Wo
gavo your TKKT1UNA (Teething Powders)
to our little grandchild with the happiest |
results. Tho offects woro almost magi
cal, and certainly moro satisfactory than
from anything wo evor used.
Yours very truly,
Joseph S. Key,
Pastor of St. Paul Church.
(Now Bishop Southern MothodistChurch)
For salo by Dr. J. W. Holl.
Killing in Sumter.
In a shooting affray at Sumter, S. C.,
last Friday afternoon, betweon Frank K.
Winn aud E. A. Edwards, Winn was
killed and Charlie Smith, who jumped
botweon tho combatants as thoy drew
thoir pistols, was shot twico and seri
ously wounded. Winn rccoivod two
wounds, ono just ahovo tho rignt oyo
aud tho other in tho right sido. Edwards
escaped without a scratch oxcopta slight
bruise on tho chin, whoro Winn struck
him as they carno togothor. Edwards
llrod three shots and Winn two, and it is
said that Smith received both shots i
tended for Edwards. Smith was shot
through tho chin, Iiis jaw hoing broken,
tho othor ball making a glancing.wound
on his forehead. Tho difficulty grow
out of a lawsuit in a Magistrate's Court
at Providence, Winn gaining a verdict.
After tho caso bad boon disposed of in
Court Winn and Edwards had a row and
threats aro reported to have been made.
When tho shooting took placo Winn was 1
standing in tho door of a livery stable
and Edwards passed by. Thoy exchanged
a word or two and Winn Btl'lio!' Edwards.
Both drow pistols and began shooting,
witli tho result stated above. Edwards
surrendered to tho first policeman to
arrivo and dolivered him his pistol, which
had three empty chambers. Winn loll
almost in his tracks when shot and was
dead within a fow minutes. All parties
engaged in tho shooting aro white and
woll connected. Winn was tho oldest
son of D'. Josoph Winn, superintendent
of tho Sumter Cotton Mill, and was about |
2H yoars old. Edwards is a son of the
lato Hov. E. A. Edwards and a nephew
of Dr. John IL Furman, of this county.
Smith is 24 years old, a son of Mr. VV. i\
"Something New Under tho Sun."
All doctors havo tried to euro Catarrh
by tho uso of powders, acid gases, inhal
ers and drugs in paste form. Their pow
ders dry up the mucous membranes, caus
ing them to crack open and bleed. The
po we i ful acids used in tho inhalers have
ontiroly oaten away the samo membranes
that their makers have aimed to cure,
wliile, pastes and ointments cannot roach
tho dlsoaso. An old and experienced
practitioner, who has for many years
made a close study and Specialty of tho
treatment of Catarrh, hasat last porfentod
a treatment which, when faithfully used,
not only rolievos at onco, hut permanently
cures Catarrh, by removing tho cause,
stopping tho discharges and curing all
inflammation. It is the only remedy
known to scienco that actually reaches
tho afllictod parts. This wonderful rem
edy is known as "SNUFFLES, tho Guar
anteed Catarrh Cure," and is sold at tho
oxtremoly low pr i 00 of one dollar, oach
package containing internal and external
medicino sufficient for a full month's
treatment and everything necessary to
its perfect uso.
"SN UK KL KS" is tho only perfect Ca
tarrh Cure over mado and is now recog
nized as tho only safo and positivo cure
for that annoying and disgusting disease.
It cures all in Mammut hm quickly and per
manently, and is also wonderfully (puck
to roliovo Hay Kovor or Cold in tho Head.
Catarrh when neglected often loads to
Consumption-"SNUFFLES" will save
you if you uso it onco. It is no ordinary
rom ody. but a completo treat mont which
is positivoly guaranteed to cure Catarrh
in any form or stage if nsod according to
tho directions which accompany oach
package Don't delay, hut send for it at
once, and write full particulars as to your
condition, and you will rcceivo special
ad vico from the discoverer of this won
derful romody regarding your caso with
out cost to you beyond tho regular prico
of M?NU FFLES," the Guaranteed Ca
tarrh Curo." Sent prepaid to any ad
dress in IL S. or ('amula on receipt of
ono dollar. Address Dept 0 4(10, Edwin
H. Giles * Company, 2330 and2 882 Mar
kot street, Philadelphia.
Be sure to see me before you bu
Dynamite Alv
I am prepared at
Monuments, Tombs, 51
and Headstones.^ mt*
Having d?sign?e
ener Monument
Executive Comr
mental work in
can satisfy all w
*??RE?? C, H. MA
to tho Bluo Ridgo Railroad Company in
South Carolina by Jamos E. Calhoun by
dood duly rooordod in Mosno Couvoy
anoo Offico Pickons County, Hook II,
Pago 74.
2d. All that tract, parool or lot of laud
situated noar aud adjoiuing tho villago
of Pondloton, containing ilvo aoros, ono
rod, sixtoon rods, bo tho samo moro or
loss, boginning at Lao northwost coruor
of a post in tho fouco running south 80
dogrcos, oast 740 foot by Mary stroot to a
post iu fouco, tlionco south 10 dogroos, 80
minutos, wost 408 foot by land ownod by
Duko & Sitton tostako and stono, thonco
north 72 dogroos, wost 740 foot by land
ownod by Sittons and Joukins to post in
fouco, thonco north 5 dogroos, oast 227
foot to placo of beginning, containing
Ilvo acros, ono rod, sixtoon roda togotbor
with all aud singular tho rights, mem
bers, boroditamontB and appurtouaucoB
to tho promisoB bolonging or in anywiBO
incidont or apportaiuing to tho said
promises, hoing tho samo convoyed to
lloury Gourdlno, Prosidout of tho Bluo
Bidgo Railroad Company, by W. P. Pat
ton by dood datod July 4th, 1854.
3d. All that parcol of land situato in
tho Stato of South Carolina, Andorson
county, noar tho town of Andorson, con
taining flfty-tbroo acros, commencing at
a rod oak coruor, thonco north 14} do
groos, onst 400 to a stono coruor, thonco
north 28 dogroos, wost 20.45 to a Btono
cornor, thonco south 50} dogrooB, wost !
14.75 to a post oak cornor, thonco south
12 dogrecB oaBt 27.25 to a stono cornor,
thonco north 71} degrees oast 17 88-100 to
tho boginning corner, with tho stroot as
ropresontod by plat anuoxod to tho deed
convoying said promises, together with
all and singular tho rights, members,
boroditamontB and appurtenances to tho
premisos bolonging or othorwiso inoidont
or apportaiuing to said promisos, hoing
tho samo convoyed to said Bluo Ridge
Railroad Company by John T. Sloan by
dood duly recorded in Rogistorof Mosno
Con voy anco O Alco, Andorson Couuty,
Rook C. C., pagos 341 and 342.
4th. All that pioco and parcol of land,
situato in tho County of Andorson and
Stato aforesaid, on Six and Twenty Milo
Crook, ou wost sido of tho lino of tho
Bluo Ridgo Railroad, containing thirteen
and three-fourths aeres, moro or loss,
togotbor with all and singular tho rights,
members, hereditaments and appurte
nances to tho promisos boloiif.ing or in
anywiso incidont or apportaiuing to tho
said promises, hoing tho samo convoyod
to tho said Bluo Ridgo Railroad Company
by diarios P. Davis and William B.
Davis by dood duly recorded in tho Rog
istor of Mosno Convoyanco Oflico, Andor
son County, in Book D. D., pago 070.
5th. All that pioco and parcol of land,
situato in tho County of Anderson, in
tho corporato limits of tho town of
Andorson, on tho wost sido, lying on
both sides of tho lino of tho road laid oil
and const i neted by said company, con
taining thirteen and one-half acres, and
having such shape, marks, buttings and
bounding* as represent ed by a plat made
by .lames Gilmcr, D. S., on tho 18th day
of Juno, A. D. 1855, (a copy of saul plat |
hoing anuoxod to tho deed convoy
ing said land,) togotbor with all and
singular tho rights, members, here
ditaments and appurtenances to tho
promises bolonging or in anywiso inci
dont or appertaining, said promisos ho
ing tho samo convoyed to thc said Blue
Ridgo Railroad Company by John P.
Benson by deed duly rocoidod in tho
Register of Mosno Convoyanco Oflico,
Andorson County, Rook C, C, Pages 114
and 115. Also, all their rights, titlo and
interest in and to tho Knoxvillo and
Charleston Railroad, its right of way,
lands and othor proporty, real and per
sonal, and rights, privileges and fran
chises. .And, also, all and singular tho
right, title, claim, interest and ostato of
all or either of tho said corporations
known and designated as tho Bluo Ridgo
Railroad Company in South Carolina, tho
Pondloton Railroad Company, tho Rino
Ridge Railroad, tho Knoxvillo and Char
leston Railroad, and tho Tonnossoo Rivor
Railroad of, in and to all or any
of tho proporty abovo mentioned and
doscribod. And in all proporty
whoresoovor situate, lying or being,
including all tho lights of way and lands
occupied by or bolonging to thom and
each of them respectively, togotbor with
tho sovoral superstructures and tracks
thereon, and all rails and othor materials
used in each of thom, or procurod for
tho uso and construction of oitbor, inclu
sivo of tho iron rails purchasod or paid
for with monoy obtained for tho abovo
doscribod bonds, and all and singular '
tho several bridges, viaducts, culverts,
foncos, depot grounds, and buildings
theroon, station housoB of all kinds and
grounds, ongines, tondors, cars, tools,
materials, machinory and all othor por
sonal proporty appertaining to, or in any
manner connected with, or forming part
of oitlicr or any of tho abovo named
roads, togotbor with tho tolls, rout? or
Incomes to bo had or lovicd thorefrom,
and all franchises, rights, and privilogos
of each and ovory of tho said corpora
tions, of, in, to or concerning tho samo.
23 28 Spocial Master.
Master's Sale.
County of Oconoo. J
In tho Court of Common Ploas.
J. J. Goforth, Plaintiff,
C. C. Simpson, Defendant.
IPURSUANT to a Dooroo, signed by
His Honor J. C. Kltigh, Judge of
tho Eighth Judicial Circuit,on Juno7th,
1001, I will soil, at public auction, to tho
highest biddor, in front of tho Court
IIOUSO, at Walhalla, S. C., on MONDAY,
tho llrst day of JULY noxt, within tho
legal hours of salo, tho porsonal prop
orty below described, io-wil:
Ono 20-horso power stoam engine and
Ono saw mill.
Ono pair of mules.
Ono wagon.
Two yokos of oxon.
Th roo carts.
Ono dray.
Terms: Ono-half cash on day of salo,
balanco on a crodit of sixty days, with
leave to tho piirohasor to autioipate pay
mont. Credit portion to ho secured by
bond of tho purchaser and mortgago ot
tho proporty. W. 0, WHITE,
Master for Oconoe County.
Juno 18th, 1001. 25-20
Livery, Feed and Sale
. . Stable, . *
I have the best manufactured
goods on the market, and sell
more than any man In town.
y.Phone No. ll.
rcLy& on. Hand._
; all times to fill orders for
1 and executed the?Wa?
for the Semi-Centennial
nittee, and other monu
this section, 1 feel that I
ho wish work in this line.
YIHE^VVa walhalla? c?
Charge Reduced to Manslaughter.
Atlant?, Juuo 18.-Tho grand jury
yesterday iudictod G. B. Danton, yard
conductor of tho Southoru Railway Com
pauy, on tho chargo of involuntary tuau
slaughtor. Aftor a thorough Investiga
tion of tho oaso tho jurors dooidod that
Duuton's connootion with tho recent
fatal wreck did not warrant tho chargo
of murder, on which ho was bound ovor
in tho recorder's court.
Tho bill of indictmout contains two
counts, tho flrst ohargiug Duntou with
involuntary manslaghtor in tho commis
sion of au unlawful act, and tho second
charging him with involuntary mau
8laug)' Ser in tho commission of a lawful
act without duo caution and circumspec
tion. Tho first count is based on Uuu
ton hoing on tho fatal eugine without
having a propor kuowlodgo of ita opera
tion, and tho sooond on his hoing in tho
omploy of tho road and not having used
propor caro.
Tho flrst count ?B a folony and tho
ponalty is imprisonment in tho peniten
tiary for not loss than ono year and not
moro than three yoars. Tho second
count is a misdemeanor and tho penalty
is a Ano of $1,000 or twolvo months in
tho county chaingang, or six months in
jail, cither or all in tho discretion of tho
Kodol Dyspepsia Cura
Digest? whait you oat.
Summer is Here
Soo our bargains in Straw Hats,
Nogligco Shirts, Ladies' Undervcsts,
Undershirts, Ladies' and Mon's Low
Quarter Shoos, and everything for
hot weather.
Dean & Earle,
C. Ii. Reid's Old Stand.
P. S.-Grain Cradles for the fine
grain crop.
All kinds of Machino Noodles, Now
Tin, Glass and Crockery, at
Teachers' Examination.
Toachors' Certificates on Saturday,
JulyO, 1001, at the Court House, begin
ning at 0 o'clock a. m. All porsons do
siring to bo examined will appear before
tho Hoard on that day. Applicants aro
oxpectcd to furnish tboir own papor, pen
and ink. C. L. CRAIG,
County Superintendent Education.
Juno 12, 1001. 2-1-20
R. T. J A v N icu. I j. w. BIIKLOR.
PROMPT attontion given to all busi
noss committod to tboir caro.
has boon tho loading
for 46 yoars, too woll known to
nood description boro.
^ Sond for illustrated cataloguo of
Engines, Throshing Machinory, Saw
Mills and Agricultural Implomonts,
mailed freo.
York, Penna.
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examinations.
milli oxaminations for tho award of
X vacant scholarships in Winthrop
CpllogO and for tho admission of now
students will bo hold at tho County
Court IIouso on FRIDAY, JULY 12th,
at 0 a. m. '
Applicants must not bo loss than fif
teen years of ago. When scholarships
aro vacated aftor July I2tb thoy will bo
awardod to tboso making tho highest
avorago at this examination.
,CO?ti ,of, att?ndanco, including
board, furnished room, boat, light and
washing, is *0 por month. K
For further information and a cata
loguo. address
90 ow D* GUNSON, President,
?f -_P__Rock Hill, s. C.
$5,000 DEPOSIT
200 FREE
Scholarship* offered.
OA-ALA. ?UilMMtOOttlQB,Mftoon, QB,

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