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Dry Goods,
You Should Call and Se
_^Maklng Yoi
My Lawns, XWhite and
Percales and P. F
C. G. J /
Dealer in General Merchandise
Buggies, Wagons, Har
-"Bloom Bolls it for loss."
-Fnlmostook's dontnl room, Walhalla,
opon ovory Tuesday and Wodnosday.
-Wo aro glad to noto that Mrs. Mary
B. Abernethy, of Washington, I). C., is
-Mason's fruit jars and extra rubbers.
John F. (haig.
-Miss Bollo Sponcor, of Fort Madison,
is itt Walhalla attending tho summer
school for teacbors.
-Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Johnson, of
Andorson, passed through Walhalla last
wcok on route to Sapphiro, N. C.
-Misses Emma and Chrissio Schaidt,
of Cumberland, Md., aro visiting tboir
cousin, Bov. J. 0, Sobald, and family.
-Mr. Thoa. Bibb and daughter, Miss
Emma, spent Saturday and Sunday in
Walhalla visiting the family of Mr. W.
H. Barron.
-Co to Cathorino Park to-morrow
afternoon and spend an hour or two
pleasantly, and lot tho K. W. M. B. servo
you to leo oroam.
-Mrs. J. I. Langston, of Claytou, Ga.,
is visiting hor daughter, Mrs, C. E.
Grant, who is convalescing from an at
tack of typhoid fovor.
-Ladies, call on Miss B. Philips, at So
neca, and soo her summer salo of organ
dies and lawns.
- Mr. John ll. S. Dondy is in Green
ville for a month. Ho will attend tho
summer law school conducted in that
city under tho auspices of Fm man Uni
-Mr. Karlo Bnrbor, of Hartwell, Ga.,
reached Walhalla Monday. His father,
Mr. W. I/. Barber, will bo in Walhalla
noxt week to take charge of his building
-Saturday, Juno 22d, I will sell all my
ribbons, laces, fans and Howers at cost.
No. (50 taffeta ribbon at 20 cents per yard.
Mrs. W. V. Nash.
-Mrs. Geo. W. Maxwell returned Sun
day to her homo in Columbia, after
spending a week visiting ber mother,
Mrs. J. S. Hutchison, and other relatives
in Walhalla.
-Messrs. (?neon and Garrison, con
tractors, arrived in Walhalla Monday
with a forco of hands and commenced
work on tboir building contracts Tues
day morning.
-Ladies: beginning July 1st, and con
tinuing through August, you will lind
lawns and organdies at greatly reduced
prices by calling ou M irs B. Phillips, Se
neca, S. C.
-Mrs. B. Ilorndon returned to Wal
halla Monday evening from Columbia,
wboro she has spent several weeks visit
ing tho families of her son, Mr. S. A. G.
Ilorndon, and daughter, Mrs. Walter T.
-Mr. and Mrs. D. G. McAlistor, of
Columbia, arrived in Walhalla Saturday
ovoning and aro stopping at Mrs. E, A.
Bell's. Mr. McAlistor has been ?mito
unwell, and will spend some time in
Walhalla to recuperate.
- Young pooplo, mothers, children,
babies-all-aro itivited to unite in a
lawn party at Catherine Park Thursday
(to-morrow) afternoon from 1 to S o'clock,
leo cream will bc served by the King's
Wards Mission Maud at fi and IO couts per
t -Flowers and ch i lions mus', go. See
clearaneo sale July and August. Miss lt.
Phillips, Seneca, S. C.
-Tho first work on tho three now
stores on Main street was begun Tues
day morning. They will bo pushed
through to completion as rapidly as pos
sible. Work was also begun on tho re
modeling of Mr. C. W. Pltchford's resi
dence yesterday morning.
-Mrs. C. M. Nield ami children, of
Bessemer, Ala , will arrivo in Walhalla
this ovoning, They will spend the sum
mer at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. (!. K. Maxwell. Mrs. Nield will bo
accompanied by her sister, Miss Julia
Maxwell, who lias spout several months
visiting at Bessemer.
-At tho close of the .1. S. (.reen Cob
lego, Demoresl, (hi., last week a class of
sixteen was graduated, and we are
pleased to note among them the name of
ono young lady from Oconoo, Miss
Nannie Walker. She is a (laughter of
Mr. O. I. Walker, of Fort Madison, and
has taken a high stand at the College
-Some now hats actually below first
cost, but cannot carry them over. See
July and August clearance salo. Miss \i.
Philips, Seneca, S. C.
-Wo are in receipt of au invitation to
the commencement, exercises and reunion
of the Converso Commercial School,
Sparlanhurg, Thu day, June 27th. Mr.
Harry M. Pickett, Of Oconoo, a son of
Mr. John B. Pickett, stands first on the
list of graduates, numbering forty-four.
Oconoo is well represented in various
gi admiting classes this year.
- Kx-Governor John C. Sheppard is
known as a devoted adherent and dis
tinguished representative of tho Knights
of Honor, with which ho has been promi
nently iden ti fled for a number of years.
Ho was in attendance upon the Supreme
Lodge, which met last week in M il wau
kie, Wisconsin, and was chosen as the
Vice Dictator of thc. Supremo Lodge,
which is next to the highest ollice in the
- In Spring every one should lesson the
extra woik forced upon their system hy
taking some reliable blood purl flor.
Sickness does not need to be already
present, Von should purify your blood
every spring to get tho excess matter
(occasioned hy the heavy diet of winter)
out of your system. Try Lunacy's Com
pound Kxtractof Sarsaparilla. There is
nothing better. ?1.<><) per bottle at Lilli
noy's Drug Store, Seneca, S. 0,
- Mr. S. K. Moore, manager of tho cir
culation d?partniont Of the Jacksonville
(Kia.) Daily Metropolis, is visiting the
family of his brother-in-law, Mr. V. L.
Norman. This is Mr. Moore's first visit
to South Carolina, ami bo is very much
pleased with our State, especially this
magnificent Piedmont section. The
"Over Hills of Ottoray" are ?puto a nov
elty to him, as lie has spent i.ii, whole
lifo among tho flat lands of hi? nativo
e My Dry Goods Before
ir Purchases**
Colored), and Organdies,
C's will Suit You.
, Furniture and Baby Carriages,
ness, and Feed Stuffs.
-I soil "Lone Jaok Shoes."
John F. Craig.
-All parties indebted to Mrs. W. P.
Nash aro requested to como and settle up.
-Miss Carrio Sholor, of Sonooa, spent
several days last week in Walhalla visit
ing Miss Lidio Keith.
-Mrs. Jamos Hill, of Abbovillo, ls
spending tho summer at tho homo of Mr.
aud Mrs. John W. Rose.
-All who waut anything in tho milli
nery lino will bo wiso to call and soe
Mrs. W. P, Nash.
- Miss Lula Karie, who has spout tho
winter visiting in Savannah and Spring
Placo, Ga., will rotura to Walha.la this
- A t teni ion is called to tho advertise
ment of tho salo of tho Blue Ridge Rail
road, which will bo sold at Anderson on
Monday, July 15th.
-Uov. John G. Law ocouplod tho pul
pit of tho Methodist church last Sunday
and preached two edifying sormons to
large congregations.
-Seo our now lot of corsots. For stylo
ami comfort they aro unexcelled. Miss
lt. Phillips, Seneca, S. C.
-Mr. David Strother, of Wofford Col
lege, and Miss Nannie Strother, of Con
verse Collogo, Spartanburg, aro at homo
for tho sum mor vacation.
-Mr. John G, Law, Jr., loft Monday
morning for Atlanta, where bo will spond
some timo attending' tho Southern Short
hand and Business University.
-Mr. A. Rao Dendy, of Charlotte, N.
C., representing tho S. li. Alexander
Electrical Supply Company, of that city,
spout Monday in Walhalla with homo
-Tho Clemson and Anderson baso ball
teams will play at Clemson to-morrow,
(Thursday) Juno 20th, at 5 o'olook. A
groat gamo is oxpoctod. McMakiu will
pitch for Clomson.
-Dr. John Wicklift'o, ono of tho phy
sicians at tho Ward's Island Hospital,
Now York, is visiting bis paronts, Judge
and Mrs. Isaac Wickliffe, in West Union. ''
lie bas boon quito sick for somo timo, '
but is much improved now.
-Tho Clerk of Court has rocoivod in
structions from tho Secretary of State
that all Township Commissioners must
have a commission from thatoflico which
will bc issued upon tho recoipt of a cer
tificate from tho Clerk of Court that tho
Commissioner has filed bis oath in tho
Clerk's oflicc.
-Hov. Arthur Crane bas resigned tho
pastorship of tho First Baptist church of
Charleston, on account of tho inadequacy
of tho salary for tho support of himself
and family. Bov. T. M. Johnson bas
been called to tho pastorate of tho
church on probation. Mr. Grane will
again devoto his services to tho evan
gelistic work, with headquarters in
-Anderson Daily Mail, Juno 18th :
"To-morrow morning at S o'clock a quiet
home wedding will bo celebrated at tho
residence of Mrs. Bessie Taylor in this
city between Miss Lucia Taylor and
Capt. W. A. Hudgons, of Honoa Path, ,
and immediately after tho marriage they
will take tho morning train for Walhalla
to spend their honeymoon among tho
-Mr. Bon j. F. O'Kelley, a gontlcman
well known to tho people of Oconoo
county, reached his 7i)th birthday on
Juno 10th, 11)1)1. Ho was born near
M id li ns ford, on Tugaloo river, on
June 10th, 1S22. Ho is woll preserved '
for a man of his ago and bids fair to
live several years longer. For a man of ,
bis opportunities ho is woll postod
in the history of his country and talks
glibly of past and current events.
- Mrs. Alfred Ernest, In Midway, our
neighbor, will accept tho kindest thanks
oi tho "oldest man" in Tho Courier
ellice and his family for a dish of tho
nicest and most delicious raspberries wo
every remember to havo eaton. Thoy '
were of thc red variety and wero nearly
or quite as large as strawberries. Wo
consider them tho equal if not superior
to any berry grown in this latitude. Mrs.
Kniest has a large patch of this delicious
Clemson's Commencement.
The lilih annual commencement of
Clomson Collogo will bo held from Juno
2lst to 23d. Tho invitations sont out by
thc faculty and senior class aro noat and
attractive and rellect great credit upon
tho institution.
The following is tho program of tho
oxcroises :
Friday, .lune 21st.-Il a. m. address to
graduating class, Senator B. It. Tillman;
8.80 p. m., alumni address, II. B. Dodd.
Saturday, .Inno 22d. - ll a. m. com
mencement exercises and delivory of
diplomas; 8.30 p. m. gleo club entertain
Sunday, .lune 2?Jd. - ll a. m., bacca
laureate sermon, Rev. I). N. McLauch
lin; 8.?10 p. m., farewell exercises, V. M.
C. A.
Frce Scholarships for Club Women.
lt is gratifying to noto tho numbor of
free scholarships the various educational
institutions of the State have placed at
tho disposal of tho Federation of Women's
Clubs. These scholarships will ho
awarded July 12, 11)01, by competitivo
examination, and it is highly desirable
that all be filled. The scholarships aro
as follows:
Forty-two of free tuition at Convorso
College, Spartanburg, ono for each county
in the. ! ito.
Ono ii free tuition at Winthrop Col
lege, Rock Hill, open to tho State at largo.
One of free tuition at the Presbyterian
College for Women, Columbia, opon to
the State at largo.
Ono of free tuition at Mrs. I, A. Smith's
School for Young Ladies, (.'ballest?n,
open to tho State at largo.
One of free tuition at Miss Ida McCul
lough's School for Girls, Walhalla, opon
to tho St ato at largo.
One of free tuition at tho Alumna;
Club School of Domestic Scionco, Louis
ville, Ky., open to the State at largo.
Further information as to any of those
scholarships will be gladly furnished to
(dub women on application, boforo July
1st, to Miss Christie IL Popponhoim, 31
Meeting street, Charleston, S. C.
A Good Game of Base Ball.
For tho second timo this Reason Seneca
defeated the Westminster base ball team
last Monday afternoon, on tho grounds
of tho former, in one of the prettiest,
fastest and most excltibg games ever
played in this part of the State. Seneca
"shut out" the visitors. Following is
the score by Innings:
Seneoa.0 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 *-o
Westminster.0 0000000 0-0
Di at!-, o? Dr. Georg? B. McNeill.
The account of the tragic death of Dr.
Goorgo R. McNeill was read with doep
regret by the oitlzens of Walhalla and
th? teachers of Ooonee county. He was
well known hero, having spent a month
In Walhalla two years ago, when ho and
Prof. E. L. Hughes, of Groonvillo, con
ducted tho Toaohors' Instituto. Ho was
a cultured, scholarly gentleman, and ono
of tho loading oduontors of tho South.
Wo unite with hosts of friends in many
States in extending Bim oro condolonoo
to tho stricken family in their sudden
--? . fr
Beal Estate Transfers.
The following transfors of real estate
have hoon recorded on the books in tho
Auditor's oflloo since May 21, 1901:
Tugaloo Township-W. C. Mason to
C. C. Simpson, 12 80/100 aoros, $300; G.
C. Maroeugllo to W. C. Mason, 00 sores,
Center Township - J. J. Sitton to Mrs.
C. E. M. Durham, 3 aoros, $45; John W.
Sho'or to W. L. Thomas, 55 9/10 aoros,
$559; A. G. Walto to W. L. Thomas, 52
acres, $520.
Wagoner Township-T. A. Norton and
others to Hobt. A. Thompson and Samuel
H. Keith, executors, 224 aoros, $5; Robt.
A. Thompson and Samuel R. Keith, ex
ecutors, to S. P. Dendy, 08 ncros, $413.15;
S. P. Doudy to H. H. J. W. Sohrodor,
03 aeres, $550; R. T. Jaynos to W. W.
Burloy and W. M. Cobb, trustees, 4 aero,
$10; J. D. Vernor, triiBtoo, to Frank
Wright, 28 aoroB, $33.00; Tho Stato of
South Carolina to M. C. Wondelkiu, 28
aoros, $8-1.
Koowoo Township-James Phiunoy to
E. Luther Rogors, 27 acres, $150; W. P.
Cook aud o thors to E. A. Porry, 350 nerea,
$713; R. E. Norman, coronor, acting
shoriff, to Wm. F. Ervin, 200 acres, $100;
John J. A. Sharp to Wm. F. Ervin, ono
half interest iu 202 acres, $100.
Souooa Township-W. A. Browor to
John W. Snndors, 0? acros, $78; Wm. E.
ChoBwoll to R. M. Richardson, 130 aoros,
$900; Mrs. E. F. Hughs to Wm. F. Ervin,
2 lots, $50.
Chattooga Township-S. G. Conloy to
G. H. Conloy 2 0/10 ncros, $260.
Whitewater Township-Wm. J. Duffle
to Wm. F. Ervin, 213 acroB, $300; Wm. J.
Dufllo to Wm. F. Ervin, 14) acros, $120.87;
Wm. J. Dufllo to Wm. F. Ervin, 3 acros,
*3; Wm. J. Dufllo to Wm. F. Erviu, 12
acres, $50; W. J. Duflio to Wm. F. Erviu,
1100 acres, $50.
Stepped into Li TO Coals.
"When a child I burned my foot fright
fully," writos W. II. Bads, of Jonesville,
Va., "which caused horrible log soros
for 30 years, but Rucklon's Arnica Salvo
wholly cured mo aftor everything olso
failed." Infallible for burns, scalds,
cuts, sores, bruises and piles. Sold by
all druggists in tho county at 25 cents.
Townvillo Topics.
Townvillo, Juno 17.-Mr. II. C. Routh,
of Cherry, visitod rolativos and friends
at Broyles Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. D. A. Ledbottor, of Anderson, of
whoso riso in tho business world tho
folks hero at tho old homo aro proud,
was among us last wook.
Cadot Earlo, of donison, was at homo
at Tortia Sunday.
Miss Clara Hunt, who has boen attend
ing Winthrop Collego, is at homo for
Major W. M. Gantt and sistor, Mrs.
Hrtzborgor, of nart county, Georgia, vis
itod their brother, Mr. J. A. Gantt, Sr.,
Iioro last wook.
Mr. J. R. Bruco, now of Andorson, but
for a long timo a resident of this placo,
was all around and through hore last
wook, enlivening things with his old
timo laugh tor.
There was no preaching in the Baptist
church Sunday, the congregation having
?iven their pastor, Rov. R. J. Williams,
af Groonvillo, a Sunday off.
Messrs. Gainos, Shirloy & Co. have
bought, an entirely now threshing outfit,
including n traction engine. They pro
poso to thresh out tho wholo oountry,
Tito rains, bosidos washing tho lands
badly and damaging tho grain in tho
Holds to some extent, have gotten tho
nvorago farmor pretty badly in tho
f?ras8. . A. o. ii.
Five Negroes Hanged from Ono Gallows.
At Sylvania, Ga., last Friday at 12.20
o'clock in tho aftornoon, Shoriff Thomp
son, of that placo, pulled tho triggor
heneat h tho platform upon which stood
Arnold Augustus, Andrew Davis, Rich
ard Sanders, William Hudson and Sam
Baldwin, tho fivo mon who murdered
Fillmoro Herrington and Milton Mears.
Tho fivo bodies shot downward six foot
or moro. It was a gruoBomo sight (says
a dispatch from Sylvania) to soo fivo
strong mon in tho full enjoyment of
health launched thus into otornity, but
they soomod reconciled to tho end and
mot doath stoically and without tremor.
They mado no confession of tlioir crimo,
either at the jail or upon the gallows.
Tlioy talked only of tito futuro lifo.
Features You Will
Recognize !
In the first place my Photographs aro
correct likenesses. But they aro moro
than that. Tho retouching and li Dishing
({Ivo thom an art value which you cnn
appreciate. My work is finished on tho
bent material and will not fado.
At Mr. G. W. Eaton's Gallery,
And would respectfully solicit the
patronage of all who wish to have line
Photos tnkon.
Andorson, S. C.
Nowt from T twnvlllo
Townvlllo, Juno 18.-Wo have bad
plenty of rain for the past week. Some
.mall g raia bas been damaged to an ex
tent on acoouut of BO much rain.
Dr. W. K. Sharp bas been doiog some
nico work In the harvest field with bia
new "Ideal binder/' and bis neighbors
seem to be well pleased with the work.
Mr. H. K. Jbhusou attended Court at
Anderson last week.
Miss Clara Hunt baa returned home
from Rook Hill, to the delight of her
many friends.
Mr. W. J. MoLeskoy, ono of Tokeona's
hustling young Bports, was down In
town reoontly looking aftor some of our
fair sex.
Mr. P. S. Mahafloy will loave in a few
days for a trip to Wnnhington sud Now
York, no will also visit tho Pan Ameri
can Exposition at Buffalo bofore he re
Miss Lizzie Bruoo loft Monday for
Spartauburg, whoro she will attend tho
Normal Institute two mouthe.
Mr. W. E. Gilos has roturnod homo,
aftor spoin!ing last wook with frlouds in
Greenville and Piedmont.
Mr. J. W. Shirley has boon on tho sick
list for sovoral days, but glad to say ho
ls a groat doal bettor.
Mr. David Jones has boon confined to
his room for sovoral days.
The mail from boro to Anderson has
boon cut off for sovoral days on account
of high water. .
Prof. J. W. Gaines, of Hartsvillo, S. C.,
is spondiug sovoral days boro with his
parent?, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gainos.
John is ono of our old homo hoys, and
his many friends aro glad to soo him.
Rov. S. M. Jonos preached a very in
structivo sermon to a largo congregation
at tho Presbyterian church Sunday morn
Miss Gurdio Mahaffoy has roturnod
homo from the Groonvillo Female Col
logo, to tho delight of her many friends.
Walking Stick.
and with much pleasure WO recommend
to our renders Pain-Killor. We speak
from experience when wo Bay that it
removes pain an if by magic, and is ono
of tho best medicines in uso for diarrhoea.
It is applied both internally and exter
nally, and nono who have used it would
willingly bo without it in their homos.
Avoid substitutos. There is but ono
Paiu-Killor, Perry Davis'. Prico25conts
aud 50 couts.
Prof. McNeill Spent a Month In Walhall
Two Years Ago, was Admired by i
of His Tragic Death was Reco!vt
Do than, Ala., Juno 17.-Prof. W.
A. Rankin this morning shot Dr.
George R. McNeill to death and then
committed suicide. Dr. McNeill was
president of the Dot han city schools
and was re-elected Saturday night to
tho samo position for tho next scho
lastic torm. Rankin had boon a
teacher in tho samo school, but
failed of re-election and blamed Mc
Neill with his defeat, which stunned
to worry bim a great doab
McNeill wont ovor to tho college
building this morning just boforo 8
o'clock. Rankin was already there,
and a few moments after McNeill's
arrival firing was hoard. Partios
rushing over to tho building found
McNoill in tho ball, down on tho
lioor, his life's blood Rowing from
sovoral wounds ho had rocoivod at
tho hands of Rankin. Tho shooting
occurred in Rankin's room in tho
building, but in some manner Mc
Noill had gotton out of tho room
and was found in tho hall. Ho was
assisted to a litter to bo carriod to
his resilience, but expired boforo
roaching there, no stated boforo ho
became unconscious that Rankin had
dono all tho shooting. Tho romains
will bo buried in tho city cemetery
nt this placo to-morrow morning at
10 o'clock.
Rankin was found in his room,
whoro tho shooting occurred, in a
pool of blood from n wound in his
head, dead. His mother was noti
fied of bis death, aud at hor roquost
tho remains woro shipped to his for
mer homo at Bell Ruckle, Tonn.
Aftor presumably emptying his
From Mr. John R. Keith, a Walhalla Boy, who
is a Soldier In the Philippines.
Manila, P. I., May 8, 1001.
Mr. Josse R. Maxwoll, Walhalla, S. C.
-Dear Old Paid: I guess you think I
never intend to write to you again, but
I am going to fool you.
Woll, .Jesse, I am in tho army now, so
don't guess I will got to soo you for
three years. I enlisted January 24th in
Denver, Colo. I would not havo enlist ed,
but I could not got a job, and would not
writo homo for monoy, so I had to do
something, and doclded tho army was
tho easiest placo to live. It is not snob a
nico place as I thought it would bo.
Wc got to Honolulu March 20th and
drilled over tho principal parts of tho
city. I think it is tho prottiost placo I
havo ovor soon. Wo loft San Francisco
March 18th and did not got to Manila
until April 17tk.
Jesse, do you romotnbor Harry Wallor,
son of tho lato P. V. Wallor, of Walhalla?
Woll, bo is in my troop. Ho is vory
much liku Will, and a mighty lino follow,
Wo havo boon on tho wator 54 days
to-day. Woll, JOHHO, my name was just
called to go ashore, so will havo to close.
Writo soon and toll all tho nows.
Your old friend,
John It, Keith.,
Troop A, 16th Cavalry.
A Poor Millionaire
Lately starved in London because bo
could not digest his food. Karly uso of
Dr. King's Now Lifo Pills would havo
saved bim. They strengthen the sto
mach, aid digestion, promote assimila
tion, improve appetite Frico 25 couts.
Monoy baok if not satisfied. Sold by ali
druggists in tho county.
A Pastor's Work.
Oak Grovo, Oconoo County, Juno 18.
Rov, Nowton Smith, foruiorly pastor of
tho presbyterian church at Westminster,
but now pastor of tho Presbyterian
-burch of floodwater, Ala., has preached
301 sormon's, mada ovor 2,000 visits, bap
tized 88 persons, rocoivod 80 into tho
church on profession of faith and travolcd
moro than 12,000 milos, preached 40 fun
orals and married 20 couples. Is not this
man giving ovory Hying minuto some
thing to koop in atoro. Well dono, thou
good and faithful servant.
Mrs. A. P. Cox, of Westminster, who
lins boon sulfuring sometime from a fall,
is much improved. li, (',
Local and Personal Newt-The Long Dis
tance Telephone Company.
Westminster, June 18.-Dr. S. Y. Jame
son, of Atlanta, was in town Friday.
Prot J. W. Qalnea, of the Welsh Neck
High School, at Hartsvtlle, paid us a
short visit this week.
Dr. J, Y. Jones, of tho Savannah Hos
pital, ?as h??? a few hourn Friday.
Mr. Julian Neville, of Atlanta, hos
been visiting his sister, Mrs. Joe Mc Jun
kin, of South Union. His father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. Joo Neville, ac
companied him and will romain a month.
Mr. Edwin Mason is homo from tho
Business College iu Atlanta.
Mr. J. Y. Jonei, of Betroat, was visit
ing friends here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Martin and family
havo roturuod to their homo in Westmin
ster, after spending tho winter noar Co
lumbia, whoro Mr. Martin was engaged
in a proiltablo saw mill buslnosB.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Cartor havo shown
thoir sympathy for tho helpless in a
praotioal way by inviting two llttlo girls
of the Connio Maxwell Orphnnago to
spend tho mouth of July with thom.
Mrs. Dr. Brown, of Bolton, visitod hor
sister, Mrs. O. K. Broazoalo, last wook.
A party of young pooplo aro picnicing
at tho Tunnel to-day.
Tho LongDiBtnnooTolophono Company
is working with system and dispatch.
Tho posts aro in plnco in our town, ready
for tho wires. A.
X Raging, Roaring Flood
Washed down a tolograph lino which
Chas. C. KU is, of Lisbon, In., had to ro
Eair. ''Standing waist doop in icy water,"
0 writes, "gave mo a terrible cold and
cough. It grow woiso daily. Finally
tho best doctors in Oakland, Nob., Sioux
City aud Omaha Bald 1 had consumption
and could not live. Thou I bogan using
Dr. King's Now Discovory and was
wholly curod by six bottles." Positively
guaranteed for coughs, colds and all
throat and luug troubles by all druggists
In tho couuty. Price 50c.
An Incendiary Lynchod.
Athens, Ala., Juuo 10.-Joo Harris, a
nogro, was hanged by a mob in tho north
ern part of this, Limostono county, last
night. Harris was suspected of burning
tho barn of tho farmers for whom ho
worked, his grievance hoing against a fol
low farm band who had stock housed in
tho barn destroyed.
la as a Teacher In the Summer School
all who Knew Him, and the News
-ul Here with Genuine Sorrow.
pistol Bankin reloaded it and shot
himself in the hoad, just back of tho
right tomplo, tho ball going clear
through, death hoing instantaneous.
McNoill was about fifty yoars of
ago, and loaves a wifo and tinco chil
dren. Ho oamo boro last year from
Lafayotto, Ala., whoro ho had boon
president, of tho collogo for a number
of yoars. During Ids limo boro ho
made mauy friends by Iiis strict at
tention to his duties and by his Chris
tian manner, he hoing a loading mom
hor of tho Presbyterian church.
Bankin carno boro from- Boll
Buckle, Tonn,, and was a young man
about twonty-ftvo years of ago and
unmarried. Ho had a number of
warm friouds boro. His father died
only a few months ago. Ho loft a
long statemont in regard to tho affair,
but it has not bcon given out. Ho
bad an insurance policy on ins lifo for
$2,500, but allowed his payment s to
lapso. Bo was engaged to bo mar
ried to ono of I tot han's most popu
lar young ladios.
Undor tho bylaws of tho board of
education atDothan, McNeill had tho
nomination of tho faculty. The
board could onlyafllrm or roject. in
making bis nomiuatmns this year
McNioll loft out Rankin, who had
ohargo of tho eighth and ninth grades
during tho past sossiou. Tho objec
tion of Bankin was that ito was dis
posed to run Iiis department inde
pendently of Iiis superiors. Tho
board confirmod all of McNoill's
nominations and did it unanimously.
Rankin spout yostorday in trying to
got tho caso reopened and failed.
Llttlo River Items.
Littlo Rivor, Juno 17.-Thc cotton crop
is vory poor this year-a poor stand and
tho plant small. If it pays for guano and
taxes it will do well. Tho corn crop is
looking woll. In soino places tho bud
worms aro playing havoc with tho lato
planted crops. Wo will not havo over a
half crop of poaches, I think. Apples
aro scarco, but lo, tho blackberries! A
full crop of thom is assured.
Mrs. Sarah Wilson was visiting tho
family of J. S. Holden last wook.
Mr. J. W. Corbin, of Fort Hill, was
circulating among his friends Saturday
and Sunday.
Mr. D. S. Roborlson lost a lino milch
cow somo days ago. Slio foll in tho
crcok and broko hor nock.
Mr. W. H. Talloy'B lino sow has niuo
moro pigs. Tiloso make twenty-nine sho
has, and she is loss than two yoars old.
Tho roads in this section aro in a bad
condition. Thoro has not boon a road
workod in Whitowator township above
Choohoo, so far as wo know, si nco last
August. Tho ditches have gravitated to
the middle of tho road. Near Mr. J. R.
Alexander's mill tho road is bad, and
noar tho pino hollow it is almost impass
able. Wo had occasion recently to travol
tlio Sapphiro road, and it is in bad shape.
If thoro has boon nu overseer appointed
for this section undor Supervisor Pool's
administration wo have uuvei heard of
it. Supervisor Pool, whoro art thou?
Como up and havo our roads worked out
Borne timo during your term of ollico,
or if you can't como yourself, send Satu
rnio Snead or Willio Cox to look after our
roads for you. If tlioy aro not worked
noon wo will have to stay at homo. So
como on. They aro workod from Choo
hoo to Walhalla. Wo Baw in The Courier
that Supervisor Pool was to sell out tho
bridgo over Whitowator river at Jesso
('ox's. Wo soo no necessity for a bridgo
at that placo, unless it is for Mr. Cox to
cross tito rivor to his work, for tho road
on the North Carolina side has been dis
continued for sovoral years, tho travel
nil hoing on tho Sapphiro road. Wo don't
need the bridgo. Rut have our roads
worked. Tho Sapphiro road, tho Smolt
7.or road and tho road by Alexander's
mill aro all in bad shapo. J. h. T.
- --^. ?
Picnic at Roodor's Ford Postponed.
Oakway, Juno 18.-Editors Courier:
Pleaso announce this week that tho picnic
announced to bo hold at Boeder's Ford
on Juno 22(1 has boon postponed, owing
to tho excessive amount of rain. %<
Two hundred bushels of po
tatoes remove eighty pounds
of "actual''Potash from the
soil. Unless this quantity
is returned to the soil,
the following crop will
materially decrease.
Wc have beelu uUlbg about
Composition, use and value of
let 'mrs for various crops,
i tey aro sent free.
93 Nassau St.,
New York.
A prominont taxpayer ap
Macadam proaohod Tho Kioker re
Sidewalks, contly aud bogged him to
koop up his crusado in
avor of mnendamizod sidewalks, lio
avors tho plan suggested by Tho Kickor
orno timo ago - that of taking two
?locks, or ns many as City Council
ools ablo to lay ouch yoar. Would
t not bo woll to begin ou thu south sido
miks of tho two blocks botwoon Catho
ino and John streets? Those aro used
ty moro pouplo during tho course of a
oar than ony other. City Council, tho
yos of Walhalla aro on you, and If you
login this work your praises will bo sung
ty an indulgent public, who rail-fonco it
rom ono side of tho sidewalk to tho
thor to escape tho beautiful (?) mud
hat a heavy or protracted raiu produces
U our present streets.
What about tho public library
Public for our town? A popular
Library, society man requested Tho
Kickor to touch up this mat
er again. Ho said that tho Mountain
'ity Club bas boon such a success-ospo
ially that feature which pertains to fur
ishing its members with good reading
natter-that ho boliovcs a public library
an bo made as maguiflcontly successful.
Valhalla abounds iu culturod pooplo who
ro fond of reading, but they aro not
bio to purchaso all tho latost works aa
hoy aro published, and often bavo to
tony themselves on that account. Hy all
neans lot us have tho library.
Whilo wo will not bo ou
New torta i ned this s U m m o r
Hui ldings. with "music by tho band"
tho music of tho saw,
lammer and trow ol will koop tho old
own jingling, lt is estimated that at
oast $20,000 will bo spent boro this sum
ner in new buildings. Thoro is a verita
ble boom on and our out-of-town cousins
AW soon not rooogulzo us. They will bo
noro proud than over of thoir county
oat. Koop your oyo on Walhalla. If
ou bavo a littlo monoy to invest put it
nto town lots, and if tboy do not increase
n valuo call Tho Kickor any old thing
ou want to.
Seven Years in Bcd.
"Will wonders over COOBO?" inquire
bo friends of Mrs. L. Poaso, of Law
once, Kans. Tboy know abo bad boon
mablo to leavo ber bod in seven years
n account of kidney and livor trouble,
lorvous prostration and gonoral dobility;
tut, "throe bottles of Elootrio Bittern
nabled mo to walk," sbo writes, "and
u tinco months I felt like anew person."
Vomon suffering from headache, back
bite, nervousness, sleeplessness, meian
holy, fainting and dizzy spoils will find
t a priceless blessing. Try it. Satisfac
ion is guaranteed by all druggists in tho
OUllty. Only f>()c.
Items from Shiloh.
Shiloh, .hmo 17.-As our communica
ion of .limo4th failed to roach tho wasto
tasked, wo will try again.
Kain, rain, rain, lt scorns like tho sky
ms turned to water. Tho farmors aro
letting behind with thoir work owing to
ho wet weather.
Fruit is vory picul ifni in this section
bis season. Karly poaches aro begui
ling to ripon.
Miss Fannie Harbin, who bas been suf
ering for scvoral days with measles, was
bio to bo out Sunday.
Tho singing conducted by Profs. Ab
lott and Wimcs, was vory much onjoyod
ty all who attended.
Littlo Miss Carrie Griffin has returned
0 hor homo in Greonvillo, after spending
evoral day with hor sister, Mrs. Nannie
Mrs. J. A. Saudors visited Mrs. J. A
[arbill Sunday.
Mr. Sam Morgan has been working for
evoral days at tho Souocn Cotton Mill.
Hov. E. A. Durham Ulled his regular
ppointment boro yesterday, and con
lucted tho fiuioral sorviccs of Mrs. Sarah
hincan. A largo number of rotativos
nd friends wcro prosont. Mack Joo.
"Tho doctors told mo my cough was in
Urabio. Ono Minuto Cough Curo made
io a well man."-Norris Silvor, North
1 tratford, N. IL Booause you'vo not
OUtld relief from n stubborn cough,
ou't despair. Ono Minuto Cough Curo
as cured thousands and it will euro you.
afc and sure .J. W. Holl.
-. . -
Salem Items.
Salem, .lune IS.-Crops aro improving
villi tho frequent rains. Smalt grain is
cady for harvesting. Tho bud worms
com to bo moro destructivo than usual
Iiis year.
There is a good deal of sickness in
his community, but nothing serious.
Mr. lt. Ti Wbitmiro's and Mr. Thomas
. rant's children, who bavo boon quito
lok, aro improving.
Mr. .lohn Wenda's family aro all hotter,
xcopt a littlo fivo-yoar-old boy, who ls
Cly ill at present. Ho has boen speech
ess for several days. Ho is sn Oering
kith pneumonia,
Mr. Alexander's littlo daughter, Dolla,
as been quito sick for nomo timo.
Messrs. .lohn lioso and F, F. Moldau
.?oro hero last weok on business.
Jccasseo correspondents, did yon over
loop when all was confusion, thou have
o awako up? You seo wo did got awako.
Vo hear a good deal of comment on our
ist item. They say it was protty
tralghtand all right. You soo tho rum
ullors have boon awako so long tboy
ad things thoir way. Wo havo slopt
bout long enough. Now Salom ls awako
nih a straight lim: of tin ty before bor and
loans to koop awako. With moro help
JO can have straight work and a olean
iig up. Who is rOftdy to stand for tho
ight? Hatchot.
" The Popular Price Store,"
Always Something Nice to Eat.
Green Peas and Beans Every Day.
Cabbage, Onions, Beets, Bananas,
June Peaches and Lemons.
Evaporated Pears, por pound.10 cents.
Evaporated Applos, por pound. 6 cents.
Dried Applos, por pound. 4 cents.
Dried Poaohos, por pound.6 oonts.
Large Prunes 2 pounds for.15 oonts.
3-ponud oans Desert Poars, 2 for.25 oents.
3-pound cans Desert Poaohos, 2 for.25 cents.
3-pound oaus Pio Poaohos, 3 for.25 oents.
3-pound oans TomatooB, 3 for.26 cents.
2-pound cans Okra aud TomatooB, 2 for.1ft cents.
1-pound cans Little. Nock Clams, 2 for.25 cents.
Good Coffoo from 8 to 15 couts por pound.
Good Flour from 45 couts por sack up,
Good Carolina Rico 15 pounds for #1.
We buy Chicle?os, Eggs, Beeswax, Vegetables, Star Grass, Grub Root, Ao.
Bo B?ro to phono or call at
Do You
the Crowd ?
If you follow tho crowd when you aro in
Sonoca, you'll follow thom to Coleman's.
cuow thoro thoy'll Hud what they want. Thoy kuow t here thoy'11 find gooda of
ligh quality and at right prices. "COMPLETENESS" is tho ono word that de
icribos our stuck. Noto these
June Prices of Wash Goods:
Wo have this in heavy or narrow cord.
Thoso arc tho very best colors.
rVASH SILKS-Somo Elegant patterns that woro uovor
cut for loss than 75 couta. Wo will closo tho lino at.
-R St Qr
Every woman knows what tho R ?fe G
Corset is. lt is tho corset of comfort
with tho essence of style, lt is the only
corset that will not, cannot, and docs
not stretch. If you buy an R & G Cor
sot that does stretch, or provos unsat
isfactory in any way, bring it back to
us and wo will givo you a now one.
Wo havo in stock tho fnmouB No.
!107, moderately straight front, whioh
is popular with most womon who do
not demand an extromo straight front.
Thoso who do will lind it in tho now
straight front shown in our illustra
Wo sell No. 307 for $1.00.
Our Corset stock is largo and woll
We have just received a beautiful assortment of
I2T, 20 and 25c. the Yard.
{ring us tho sizo of your room and wo
viii cheerfully estimate tho cost of
ovoring it, and givo you any othor In
ormation desired. Nothing is cooler
nd moro cheerful in your rooms in
ummor than Matting.
L,000 JWCa-tclieH foi- Ci contn. Tho "biggest" box of tho
ontury-PARAFFINE DIPPED. Thoy burn Uko a oandlo, and aro tho only
natches that burns standing up. Got several hoxos before thoy aro all sold.
Thoso aro our specialties and wo aro "at homo" when you touch us on articlos
.among thoso linos.
V. L. Norman,
This world belongs to tho onorgetio.

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