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?MU.rr-,,- gag m T I
-BY --
R. T. J A. VN KS, I "' . """_ ( D. A. SMITH,
J. W.8JBKLOR, J hU8- I PuB8,1 J. A. 8TKCK.
SOT" Communications of a porsonal
olraraotor charged for as advertisements.
fty* Obituary notlcos awl tributos of
rosnoct, of not ovor ono hundred words,
will be printed froo of charge All ovor
that number must bo paid for at tho rato
of ouo cont a word. Cash to accompany
How Texas Appears to a Former Oconeoan.
Wo aro permitted to print tho follow
ing privato lottor from tho Hov. M. F.
Whltakor, a formor citizen of Oconeo
couuty, but now of Texas, to Clerk of
Court, C. lt. D. Burns. Wo fool sure it
will bo road with interest by bis many
friends throughout this county :
Duncauvillo, Texas, Juno 8, IDOL-Mr.
C. lt. I). Hums, Walhalla, S. C.-My Old
Friend and Brother : You doubtless will
bo surprised to got a letter from me,
though thc unexpected is what happens
frequently. I havo a fow days that 1 can
sparc in this busy world to read and
think, and taking up my old friond, Tho
Koowoo Courier, and reading so many
items of interest that call to mind the
days of yoro, that I am almost forced to
write to you to know what is tho matter
with tho political world in tho old homo
I watch with interest tho over changing
phases of politics. Especially do 1 fool
au interest in tho muddlo into which
Tillman nndMcLaurin havo placed them
selves by tho resignation of their scats
in tho United States Senate. I will bo
gland to know thc inwardness of the
matter from ono who is immediately on
tho ground, and knowing thal you keep
abreast with tllOSO things you can givo
mo tho information that 1 want.
I am sorry to seo so many names that
I formerly esteemed so highly numbered
with those that havo passed over tho
river. Tho names of J. J. Keith and N.
A. Hurley, together with J. H. Sanders,
and last, but not least, Oliver Martin, of
Richland, havo all gono ovor tho turbid
stream since we left tho old loved State,
and wo trust aro resting beneath the
shadoof tho tree of lifo. 1 myself havo
recently passed tho fiftieth mile stone in
tho journey of life and so far away from
tho friends who have stood by mo in
sumo of tho struggles of life, that some
times I feel lonely, but then I think of
tho many kind hearted people with whom
I am associated that I take courage and
start afresh in thc race of life.
Hut I must stop this rumination and
write more of something that will inte
rest you. Probably you want to know
what I am doing in and for tho Lone
Star Stato and what 1 think of this
almost boundless expanse of rich vales
and hills beyond the Mississippi. As lo
what I am doing : I am still preaching
and farming. Am living in a pleasant
little town in Dallas county (Duncanville).
Havo one church here and one in Cle
burne, another little city of ten or twelve
thousand inhabitants, and ono in Hood
county, soventy miles away. Wo have
bought a farm in Hood county, in the
far famed valley of tho H ra/.os river, 240
acres, rich and fertile. Wo expect to
move to tho farm this fall.
I will say here that tho natural advan
tages of this country are untold. Of
courso many obstacles will havo to bo
overcome beforo tills country will reach
tho zenith of its glory; but such rapid
progress as it is making makes one's head
grow dizzy. The wonderful discovery of
oil at Corsicana and Beaumont is far
famed, and especially at Beaumont beg
gars description.
But the agricultural possibilities of
this country far surpass any other source
of wealth, and to me is of more interest
to tho common pooplo. Sometimos a
crop of ono kind is an entire failure, but
this is hardly felt by tho farmers. For
instance, tho wheat and oat crop was
eaten up by a strange i ascot, but the
land was planted in corn and cotton and
tho prospeot is fine. A man to know
Texas must live here several years. I Im
possibilities cannot he understood by the
passing traveler.
Yes, I am well satisfied with my move
and expect to make my homo here tho
balance of my days.
I forgot to state what this country ex
ports-cattle, hogs, horses and mules;
cotton, oafs, wheat and corn almost
every year. The imports are few indeed
c nipared to many other parts of tho
I hopo to be able in a few years to visit
the home State and see and talk with old
fi ionds.
1 am pleased to learn of your success
in tho late elections and trust yon will
write me a long letter, giving me an idea
of what is tho political trouble and out
look, (.ive my love to all friends and
Inquirers and reserve a large portion for
yourself. Yours ever and truly,
M. F. Whitaker.
"A few months ago, food which I ate
for breakfast would not remain on my
stomach for half an hour. I used one
bottle of your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and
can now eat my breakfast and other
meals with a relish ami my food is thor
oughly digested. Nothing equals Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure for stomach troubles."
Ji. ?S. Pitts, Arlington, Texas. Kodol
Dyspepsia Curo.digesls what you eat.
J. W. Bell, Walhalla.
Sues for Risc In Price of Cotton.
The Pol ZO r Manufacturing Company
yesterday filed snit for $12,000 against
H. 0. I'oullain, of Harmony drove, (ia.,
in the United States Circuit Court, lt is
alleged in tho declaration that Poullaill,
who is a cotton buyer, contracted to de
liver lo the Beizer Mills in October, No
vember and December of last year about
I, '.?nil bales of cotton at what was then
tho market prico, between H\ and SJ
cents. Before the cotton was delivered
the price went up to OJ cents, and Poul
lain refused to deliver. Tho company
claims to bo damaged in tho sum of
$12,000, tho difference between the mar
ket juice when tho contract was drawn
up and the price on December .'Mst. Tho
Polzer Company is represented by Smyth,
Leo ? Frost, and hy Bonham A Watkins,
of Anderson, S. C.-Atlanta News, j und
Henry Hayer ?te Son, wholesale
fruit dealers of Charleston, have ap
plied for voluntary bankruptcy.
They nut their assets at $01,000,
much (if which is uucollccfahlc, and
thoir liabilities at *07,000.
Tho State and the Exposition.
Columbia, Juno 0.- Tho Board of Di
rectors of tho imposition bad a long
mooting to-day. There woro present at
tho mooting Governor McSwoonoy, Col.
Thomas Wilson, Col. John B. Cleveland
and ?Senator Louis Appolt.
Mr. John IL Averill, Director General
of tho Exposition Company, was present
nt tho mooting in bohalf of the exposi
tion. Tho commission wont over tho
ground thoroughly and dooidod to ask
tho ox position cl i ree tors to aot as tho
agents for the South Carolina com mis
Tho Charleston management has a fully
organized force and all machinery in ope
ration for quick work and getting tho
maximum results. Tho commission in
dicated tho manner in which it desires to
have tito fund expended and tho distribu
tion suggested by tho commission was
outiroly accoptablo tho Col. Avorill, rop
resenting tho exposition management.
lt may bo noted among othor things
that throe prizes woro provldod for tho
three counties having tho best county
exhibits. Tho first prize is to bo of
$1,000, tho second of $500 and tho third
$250. Tho prize money is to bo used as
tho County Commissioners of tho vari
ous counties doom host aud propor.
Mr. A. W. Love, who is tho ablo super
intendent of tho State Fair, was oleotod
as superintendent for the South Caro
lina commission. Ho will visit all of tho
counties and givo personal attention to
the collection of tho best possible exhibit
of the resources of tho State. Ho will
push tho work and koop on until tho
best results aro obtained. Ho will have
chargo of tho Stato building when it is
completed under tho direction of tho
exposition management.
lt was provided that a reasonable
amount of iloor space would bo providod
freo of cost to all partios oxhibiting tho
resources of tho Stato in any department.
This is to apply only to South Carolina
crudo or manufactured products, and no
execssivo amount of spaco is to bo al
lowed any ono oxhibitor froo.
Clemson Collcgo aud tho South Caro
lina College, each having made appropri
ations from their funds for au exhibit at
Charleston, woro voted $500 each, on
condition that thoy oxpeud that much or
more, and $250 was voted for a supple
mentary fund for tho Citadel Academy
Tho sum of $1,000 was sot asido for tho
preparation of an exhibit of tho mineral
resources and forestry of tho Stato. This
department is to bo in chargo of Stato
(ieologist Karlo Sloan, who is to work in
t his matter in co-operation with thc ex
position management.
Tho contract for tho Stato building, as
made by a sub committee, was ratified
and provision made for othor expend?
turcs in connection with tho Stato build
ing not provided for in tho original con
Provision was made for tho installation
and care of thc exhibits while in Charles
ton, for co-oporatiou in securing tho ox
hi bi ts from all parts of tho Stato, for tho
transportation of all exhibits to and from
the exposition and for such othor matters
as ci mid bo provided for.
Tho State of South Carolina has rich
possibilities in tho fish industry, and
great many millions aro madooutof ilah
oysters and tho li ko in neighboring
States, and tho commission hopod by
making a first-class exhibit to excite an
interest in this department which would
result in tho development of this indus
try. An appropriation of $1,000 was
made for a fishery exhibit.
The commission, after remaining
session for nearly four hours, adjourned
to meet at the call of the chairman. Mr,
Love, the superintendent, will got into
tho (?old at onco to obtain exhibits.
Col. Averill is much pleased with tho
disposition of tho ?State commission and
is satisfied that thc Stato will have
creditable exhibit at tho great cxposi
Appropriations woro made to tho in
stitute for .In: Deaf and Blind and the
State Hospital for tho Insane to mako
displays of their industrial depart ninds
an'd tho work they are doing.
rilli.AM'.I.Pill A WIM. RB 'Ul Kit I-:,
Philadelphia, Juno (5.-Tho Select
Councils adopted a joint resolution ap
propriating $35,000 IO bo expended for a
proper representation of tho city of
Philadelphia at the Charleston Imposi
If you haven't n roifiilar, healthy mov? mont of th?
bowell every ilay, ynu'ro ill or will bo. Keep youl
howoltiopen,IWMIbo weil. r*orc6, tri tho .'.-.in-nf vio
lent physio or trill nolaon,la ?iiiiif.'ro' i. Tim ?.iii
est, easiest, mont porf oct way of KI uping tho bowell
Clear mid clean lulu tudu
Pleasant. Palatable, 1'otoht. Tanto Uoml, i>o flood
Novor Sicken, Weaken, or urlpc, io. 2.'., ?ml fro conti
orr box. Write for froo numpfi-, ami booklet on
lii-alt h. AihliiiHS 433
Tho Chinese business has wound
up on a basis different from what
usually obtains in business circles.
The creditor does not usually lend
his debtor the money with which to
pay, hut that is what thc allied pow
ors have done. They have exacted
a huge indemnity from China and
then turn round and propose to en
dorse a note for lier at the bank.
lion. William N. Graydon, of Ab
beville, will he a candidate for Con
gress next year and there is not tho
slightest doubt but that he will make
it very interesting for thoso who op
post! him. Mr. Graydon is a good
lawyer, a politician with honest me
thods and honorable experience, and
is now a valuable representative of
old Abbeville county in the State
Senate.-(treenwood .Iounial.
-+ . ---
The following allegation in a hill
for divorce against a wife was held
by tho Supreme Court of Washing
ton not to state any legal ground for
divorce : "She was quarrelsome, vi
oioufl in disposition, murderous in
throats against tho plaintiff and his
parents, hysterical and ungovernable
in temper, Crazy in her notions, and
by her causeless and unprovoked
boisterousness, screaming, hallooing
and other wild conduct by day and
night, an intolerable nuisance to all
her neighhors."
A dollin- in tho hoad ia worth two
in a well.
A truo fish story is stranger than
a fictitious one.
Women's thoughts of mon are
mostly afterwards.
A wifo is either a man's best pos
session or his worst.
Tho coat that isn't paid for is a
bad habit to got into.
Firm laughing is used in a conver
sation between partners.
When mirth comes in between tho
slats melancholy flics thc crop.
India rubber is almost as elastic as
tho consoienoo of a politician.
Rhode Island tums out about one
divorco to every eight marriages.
Thc iirst thing necessary to onablo
a girl to marry is an opportunity.
A few drinks of tanglefoot, Uko
pride, very often goes before a fall.
The area of winter wheat is '2,000,
000 aeres larger than it was last win
Many a man conducts his brido to
thc altar and then resigns the leader
Several millions of young shad arc
being put into tho rivers in tho lower
part of this State.
China agrees to pay $315,000,000
in 3? per cent bonds on account of
tho Boxer outrages.
Gov. McSwconey has mado l?en
Tillman's pitchfork look like a feather
duster.-Washington Post.
Some Maine men have recently
seen a sorpent '200 feet in length.
It would seem that Maine's prohibi
tion laws do not always prohibit.
Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never sold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"something just as good."
Commissioner Vance says the
phosphate business is brighter and
more men are now employed at the
mines. Freight rates have also im
An aero of ground sold tho other
day at Beaumont, Texas, for $40,000
that six months ago could have been
bought for less than f?40. The oil
lind did it.
The salaries of 1,800 postmasters
in tho United States havo been
raised, which entails an additional
expense of nearly a quarter of a mil
lion dollars.
Near Hanover, Pa., there died the
other day, at the age of 90, a woman
who had never seen tho inside of a
church, never heard a band play and
never seen a railroad train.
William Bowen and Flanders
l?ostick, an old man eighty years
Did, both of Marion county, got into
i quarrel last week when Bowen
?truck the old man with a hoe and
killed him.
All thc dispensaries in Charleston,
which have been closed for some
time on account of complications
irising out of a legal technicality,
iro now open and doing business at
the same old stands.
A rico kitchen will bo operated by
Lite Southern rico growers at tho
Charleston Kxposition. It is in
tended to demonstrate the food val
le of rico and will bo in charge of
ric i I lcd Southern cooks.
-auno A13imOS8V
.sasBosip pojpui^ pire JOAR
p!(j40J 'DDipunt?f 'UOI4T?C?I4SUO:
'BUgreiu 'ssotisnoinq 'msdocIsXp
}U3Aaid RlAV 9 Uli) Ul US^T?J
Jl jnq '9JUD ?[UO 4OU RIM. SR!f|
JDAJ^ s444i\L 'OJUD ump jonaq
-4 . fr- - -.
Railroad Commissioner Rogers, of
North Carolina, tolls of a walnut tree
jut in that State which when cut into
vencoring renlizcd $00,000. Tho
)wncr got $l,f)00 for it and thc man
who cut it $3,000 put on thc cars.
It was curled walnut.
Tho coldest June weather for a
>eriod of twenty years has been re
corded in Oregon. Mercury fell six
logrees below tho freezing point.
\11 fruit and vegetables have been
lestroyed. So far ns known grow
ng grain was not seriously injured.
There has been such an epidemic
?f suicides in liinporia, Kansas, that
he board of health and city authori
ies havo ordered a suppression of
he publication of tho details. It is
bought a morbid desiro for noto
iety has had much to do with tho
E BY - - - DR. J. W.
Thoro aro fewer contested seats in
tho fifty-seventh Congress than in
any previous ouo for many yoars.
There aro practically no contests in
tho Senate, though tho session will
opon in December with Delaware,
ono of tho original States, with no
Dr. Jas. II. Carlisle has consented
to remain President of Wofford Col
lege for another year, at the urgent
solicitation of tho Hoard of Trustees.
Tho Doctor has been connected with
tho collego since ilB foundation in
1854, and for tho last 20 years as
President. Ile is now 70.
I J SvJ> i^? I ?nd .SMOKE
IS ? * Youi Llfeawayl
You can be cured of any form of tobacco us)
easily, bc made well, strong, magnetic, full ol
new life and vigor by taking NO-TO-DAG,
that makes weak men strong Many gala
ten pounds in ten days. Over SOO .OOO
cv red. AU druggists. Cure guaranteed, nook
let and advice l'RK?, Address 8TKRLINQ
W'.MKUY CO., Chicago or New York. v 437
George VV. Syfan, the oldest loco
motivo engineer in tho State, died at
his residence in Abbeville on Sunday,
June 9th, aged 80 years. Ile hauled
tho iron and laid tho track of tho
Abbeville branch and ran as engineer
on tho road until a few years ago,
when ho retired on a pension from
the Southern.
Tho Auditor of tho War Depart
ment has prepared a statement show
ing tho amount claimed by each
Stato and Territory for fitting the
volunteer troops for the Spanish war.
Tho total is nearly *0,000,000.
Threo and a quarter millions have
been allowed and paid. Texas is the
only Stato whose claim was allowed
and paid in full.
The Texas oil field is a large one.
A strong "gusher" has been opened
at Sour Lake, 20 miles from Beau
mont. It sends forth 15,000 barrels
a day. It is believed that several
counties in Texas and some of tho
districts of Mexico will furnish oil.
Portions of Alabama and Mississippi
belong to the same formation and oil
may be found in those States.
Educate Tour Bowels With Cimonrotf.
Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forever.
10c, 26c. If C. O. C. inti, druggists rotund monoy.
A tobacco company contributed
for the comfort of the Confederate
veterans during their recent reunion
at Memphis, Tenn., 2,000 pounds of
smoking tobacco, 10,000 pipes and
10,000 boxes of matches. Tho to
bacco alone was worth 00 cents a
pound, jobbing rates. The 2,000
pounds was divided into 10,000 ra
tions. Another company gave thc
veterans 14,000 rations of chewing
Capt. J. A. Mooney, of Greenville,
and ex-Solicitor O. L. Sch um port, of
Newberry, have been retained to aid
the Solicitor of Richland county in
prosecuting Major B. li. Evans,
charged with the killing of Capt. J.
J. Griffin in Columbia. The trial
cannot take place before the fall
term. Ile will bo defended by Col.
George .Johnstone, of Newberry, and
Maj. VV. T. Gary, of Augusta, tia.
Judge Watts will sit in the caso.
Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk
ards aro being Cured Daily in Spite of
Themselves-No Noxious Doses-No
Weakening of tho Nerves-A Pleasant
and Positive Curo for Liquor Habit.
It is now generally known and under
stood that drunkenness is a disease and
not weakness. A body lilied with poison
and nerves completely shattered by peri
odical or constant uso of intoxicating
liquors, requires au antidoto capable of
neutralizing and eradicating this poison
and destroying tho craving for intoxi
cants. Saliereis may now Otiro them
selves at home without publicity or loss
of time from business by tho wonderful
"Home Cold ('mo," which has been per
fected after many yoars of closo study
and treatment of inebriates. The faith
ful use, according to directions, of this
wonderful discovery is positively guar
anteed to euro tho most obstinate case,
no matter how lund a drinker. Our rec
ords show tho marvelous transformation
of thousands of drunkards into sober,
industrious and upright men.
Wives, euro your husbands! Children,
euro your fathers! Tho remedy is in no
sense a nostrum, but is a spool (ic for this
disenso only, and is so skilfully devised
and prepared that it is thoroughly solu
ble and pleasant to tho tasto, so that it
can bo given in a cup of toa or coffee
without tho knowledge of tho person lak
ing it. Thousands of drunkards have
enroll themselves with this priceless rem
edy, and as many moro have been cured
mid made tomporato mon by having the
"Cure" administered by loving friends
mid relatives without their knowledge in
toa or coffee, and believe, to-day that they
discontinued drinking of their own free
will. Do not wait. Do not bo deluded
by apparent and misleading "improve
ment. Drivo out the disenso at once
md for all timo. The "Homo Cold Curo"
is ?old at tho ext re m el y low price of ono
[loller, thus placing within roach of every
body a treatment moro effectual than
Ubers costing $'2f> to $r,0. Pull directions
iccomphny each package. Special advice
>y skilled physicians whou roquestcd,
Without extra charge. Sent prepaid to
my part of tho world on receipt of ono
loller. Address Dopt. 0 400, Edwin I),
liles St- Company, 2880 and '?'M'? Markot
itrcot, Philadelphia.
Correspondence strictly confidential.
Fourth* of July Excursions.-Southon)
[{?iii way announces a rato of ono and one
third first-class fares for tho round trip
from all points on its lines to all points
snst of tho Mississippi river and south of
tho Ohio and Potomac rivers, account
Koli ri h of July excursions. Dil (es of
salo July 2, .'1 and 4, good to roturn until
July 8th, 11)01.
Parlor and Cafo Dining Cars on Day
Trains between Atlanta and Memphis,
ria Birmingham.-Southern Railway, in
jonneotion with tho K. C., M. & li. R. lt.,
via Birmingham, has established on day
'rains leaving Atlanta U a. m., arriving
M em pr. is 8.05 p. m., and leaving Mora
;ihis 8.15 a. m., arriving Atlanta 10.15 p.
m., magnificent observation cafo cars,
rheso cars aro of tho latest improved
plan and afford most comfortable accom
modations and excellent meals. The
tncals on these cars will bo served on A
a Carte pla)) from an elaborate bill of
faro. Tho roar portion of tho cars form
m observation smoking room, supplied
with tho latest papers and periodicals,
which can bo occupied at a moderato
jost. This through Borvico is in addi
tion to tho Pullman sleeping cars between
Atlanta and Memphis leaving Atlanta
1.15 p. m. and arriving Atlanta 11.30a, m.
Washington and South western Limited.
-Southern Railway "(Jentlonion's Club
[Jars" aro now run on this great train
iel ween Atlanta and Washington in ad
dition to tho following equipment: Doli
do drawing room sleeping cars, Now
Orleans to Now York; drawing room
inil?ot Blooping cars, .Memphis to New
York; ladies' observation car. Macon to
How York. Dining cars sorvo nil meals
ju route With tho inauguration of
'Ocntlonion's Club Cars," tho Washing
ton and .Southwestern Limited is now
tho most complete and high class pas
senger sorvico in tho world? Only pas
sengers holding first-class tickets and
['ullman car accommodations will bc
jarriod on this train between Atlanta
ind Washington. Tho Atlanta and Now
York Express, im mediately following
the Washington and Southwestern Lim
ited, northbound, and precoding tho
Limited, southbound, is provided with
JOOOh accommodations for first and
second class passengers not desiring to
use Pullman cars. i
"Land of tho Sky" Conveniently
Reached.-Tho Southern Railway has in
ungurntod a Blooping oar lino from Mont
gomery, Ala., to Asheville, N. C.. in con
nection with tlio Western Railway of
Alabama, and tho Atlanta & Wost Point
railroad, leaving Montgomery 0.10 p. m.,
Atlanta 11.50 p. m., arriving Asheville
10.05 a. m. Pullman bullet parlor car
lino leaves Charleston 7 a. m., arrives
Ashevillo 7.15 p. m. Pullman sleeping
jar lino K?lves Charleston at ll p. ni.,
in ives Asheville 2.55 p. m. next day. It
.sill bo soon from tho foregoing that tho
summer sorvico to tho "Lund of tho Sky"
s tho best that has yet been ottered -
Summer tourist tickets aro now on salo
to Asheville and Western North Carolina
mountain resorts.
On account of International Conven
tion H. V. P. U. of America, Chicago,
111., July 25-28, Southern Railway will
sell round trip tickets to Chicago and
rotiirn, from ?ill points on its lines, at
rate of ono first-class standard faro for
tho round trip. DntOS of salo July 22,
>3 and 24, final limit July lil, 1001. Ry
lepositing tickets (in person) with Mr
l<\ C. Donald, Joint Agent, at Chicrfgo,
jotween July 25 and July 80 inclusive,
md on payment of foo of fifty cents af
timo of deposit, an extension of tho final
Imit to August 24 will be granted. The
Joint Agents' offices will he located in
ho main terminal depots at Chicago at
which passengers arrive
Account Annual Meeting Grand Lodge
ll. P. O. Elks, Milwaukeo, Wis., July
?8-25, 1001, Southern Railway will sell
'OUnd trip tickets to Milwaukee and ro
nin, from all points on its line, at rate
if ono regular first class faro for tho
ound trip, plus $2. I hites of salo July
10, 21 and 22, final limit July 28, 1001. ?
?o of fifty cents will bo charged by
Runt Agent at Milwaukeo for validation
if return portion of tickets.
Pan-A mor lean Exposition. - Effcotivo
Hay 1st tho Southern Kai I way announces
'onnd trip rates to Buffalo, N. Y., and
oturn, account of the Pan-Amoricnn Ex
losition. dioico of routes via Washing
on, I). C., or via Cincinnati, Ohio. For
ates call on or address tho nearest agent
if the Southern Railway.
To Cincinnati, Ohio, and return, nc
lOUIlt International Christian Endeavor
toll von ti on, July 0 to 10. Kate of one
I rat-class furo for round trip from all
Southern Railway points. Tickets to be
old July 4, 5 and 0, final limit .July 14.
Extension of ticket to September 1st can
io had by depositing ticket in poison
irittl joint agent at Cincinnati and pay
ne feo of fifty couts.
To Detroit, Mich., ?md return, account
National Educational Association, July
to 12. Ono first-class faro for round
rip, plus $2 membership fee, from all
.oints ?m lines of Southern Railway.
[Mokota to bo sold July 5, (I and 7, lina!
imit July iO. Ry depositing tickets in
?Orson with joint agent at Detroit Oil or
loforo .July 12, and payment, of foo of 50
outs at tho time of deposit, extension
>f final limit until September 1 will bo
Cheap Summer Trips to Southern and
florida Coast Kosoris.-Southern Rail
vay announces summer tourist rates to
lou thorn coast resorts-Islo of Palms,
l. C., St. Simons and Cumberland Island,
la., Pablo Roach, Fla., Morehead City,
*. C., otc. Tickets now on salo.
Pleasant Summer Places Roached via
lOUthom Railway. - Hundreds of most
olightfitl summer resorts and summer
Klines on tho lino of the Southern Rail?
wy quickly and comfortably reached:
isheville, I lot Springs, Tryon, Hender
onville, Warm Springs, Lilhiii Springs,
sie of Palms, Cumberland Island, Old
'oint Comfort, Virginia Resell, Buffalo
?ithin Springs, Virginia Hot Springs,
milito Sulphur and Lookout Mountain,
The Land of the Sky," "Tho Sapphire
legion" and many other near-by and
?slant mountain retreat H. Southern
lal 1 way also oilers superior service and
ccommodations to reach tho Groat
.?ike region, the Alleghany and Ad iron
ack mountains. Low round trip rates.
Km'I. make a selection for a placo to
pend the boated season until you write
Ito undersigned for descriptivo liters
ne ot any resort place in America and
summer homes folder.
For detailed information as to rates,
jsorvations, schedules, otc, call on or
ildress any agont of tho Southern Rail
ay or connections.
W. If. Tayloe, A. 0, I?. A.,
Atlanta, (ia.
- .
It lias been officially announced,
DOOrding to tho Columbia State,
nit Mr. M. lt. Cooper will bo aoon?
?date next year forGovornor on tho
latform of a rigid enforcement of
io dispensary law.
ipr? 50
I Lix, CENTS i
.LA, S. C._
Tho Sunday School Convention
Of tho Beavordam Association will
moot with tho chine.h at CrosB Hoads on
.Saturday before tho fifth Sunday in
Juno, 1?01, and will continuo through
Sunday. Tho following programmo will
bo observed :
Saturday, 10 a. m.-1st. Sermon by
Kev. J. IC. M c. M an aw ay.
2d. Organization at 11.80 a. m.
Afternoon soBsion.-lat. What is tho
duty of Sunday school superintendents
in regard to tho lessons? Spoakora Hon.
J. W. Sbolor, Kev. J. M. Sanders and
Hov. J. M. McGuire
2d. Relation of our Sunday schools to
our Orphanage and practical plans for
raising funds for samo. Spoakors: Prof.
M. C. Harton, James Seaborn and L. C.
Sunday, 1) a. m.-1st. Devotional exor
cises conducted by Bro. J. W. McGee.
2d. Essay by Mrs. O. K. Hroazoalo.
Subject: "Tho responsibility resting
upon parents in tho training of their
Sd. Doos carly training In tho Sunday
school load to tho conversion of children
in early lifo? Spoakors: Hovs. 1). W.
II lott, A. Vi Marott and S. C. Smith.
Afternoon Bession.-1st. Importance
of benevolent training of children in
Sunday schools. Speakers: Hovs. J. II.
Stone, P. J. Vorniillion and H. W. Nelson.
2d. Honcflts of good music in Sunday
schools. Speakers: Col. H. E. Mason,
C. H. I). Hums and John Singlotou.
All Sunday Bchools in tho association
aro requested to send totters to tho con
vention containing:
1st. Names of (lolcgatos.
2d. No. of oflicors.
Sd. No. of tcachors.
4th. No. of pupils.
nth. Amount of contributions during
tho conventional year and for what ob
ject intended.
Hasis of representation-Ono dolegato
for every twonty-ilvo pupils or frac
tional part thoreof ovor ton; provided
every school shall bo entitled to at loast
two delegates.
This convention to tako tho place of
all union mcotings for tho Gth Sunday in
Juno. Gi Wardlaw, President.
T. M. El rod, Secrotary.
Eczoma, saltrhoum, totter, chafing, ivy
poisoning and all skin tortures aro quickly
cured by DoWitt'8 Witch Hazel Salvo.
The certain pilo euro. J. W. Hell.
A traveling man claims to havo
hoard two girls on our stroots con
doming a friend for tho use of slang!
"I think it is shameful how she uses
slang. Great sakes alive, if 1 twirled
my talker tho way she does, my
bloom in' old dad would tan my duds
till the dust would fly every which
way." 41 You bet," said tho other, "my
paw and maw are sunflowers of the
name hue, and if I should make a
raw crack in my gab they'd thrash
my anatomy till there'd bo nothing
left of me but spots."-Stockdalo
BCodol Dyspepsia Guv?
Digests what you eat.
Some men are twins in fate, whe
ther twins by birth or not. There
is an illustration in tho caso of An
drew Frum and Alexander Summers,
wealthy cattle dealers in West Vir
ginia, who died recently on tho same
day, aged 84 years. They were born
on the same day, married sisters on
thc same day, lived on adjoining
farms all their lives, and died of the
same disease at the same hour.
Mr. James Brown, of l'utsmouth, Va.,
over 00 yoars of ago, suffered for years
with a bad sore on Iiis faco. Physicians
could not help bim. Do Wi tt's Witch Ilazol
Salve cured him permanently. J. W. Boll.
Mrs. Nancy B. Irving, a publisher
in Chicago, is, like Diogenes, hunting
for a just man. She otters to do
posit $1,000, to bo given to thc first
business or professional man, who
cnn conclusively provo that he has
carried on his work for a month with
out lying.
DR. T. M.
. . Dentist, . .
Westminster- 8. C.
Phono 10. 2-2*
Dr. G. G. Probst,
fi ES iv rr x ? T ,
Walhalla, S. C.
Of?lco two Doors East of Bank,
Second Floor.
Hotma : 8.:io A. M. TO 1 p. M. AND 2 TO 0
r. M.
March 24, 1808.
Dr. W. F. Austin,
January 15, lOOt.
NO &
Attorneys-At Law,
January 0, 1808.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digest? what you eat.
Condensed Oohodult of PMHn|?r Tr*h>
InBffoot Jan. ar th, wi.
If orthbouud.
Bp^buri? .
King'? Mt..
O antonin.. .
9 00*]
13 Bpaj
13 69 p
1 48 p
4 47p
. 15 p
6 40p
0 40 p
? 66 V
4 Up
i liv
8 16p
10 47 p
At. Durham.
Ar. Haleigh..
i 80?
a sr?
. Hp
Ar. Danville.
ll 2?p
ll 68p
13 Ol?
1 Mp
Ar. Norfolk ...
8 00 n
8 80a
8 00?
Ar. Rlohmond
0 00 o
? 00a
0 00a
0 35p
Ar. Whinston
H' i nor o P. R
Now York
fl 42 a
8 00a
10 16 a
12 43m
9 Wa
ll 86?
3 00p
8 00 n
U ?op
? efl?
0 83?
Fat Ma
No. as,
No. 37.
No. ll
Ex pr.
No. 88.
LT. N.y.,P?.R
" Ph'delphl?
" Baltimore
" Wash'ton
18 16?
8 60?
0 23?!
ll 16?
4 80p
6 66p
9 30p
10 46 p
Lr. Richmond.
13 01 n
ll 00 p
Lv. Norfolk...
0 86?
7 40p
I.v. Danville...
S 48p
6 60?
.v. Raloigh..
JV. Durham.
8 60 p
4 48 p
1 00 a
3 80a
King's Mt
Mt. Airy.
7 10 p
0 46 p
10 42 p
11 02 p
ll 26p
11 42p
12 20?
1 80?
7 05a
0 26 a
U 63 a
4 18a
4 Wa
6 03 ?
6 25 a
0 10 al
6 10 a
10 45 a
10 68 a
11 84 a
12 00 p
1 80 pl
8 16i
ll 00 p
7 40 p
6 10 a
1 00 ?,
3 80 a
0 00a
8 80 p/.
7 87 a
13 05m
I 13p
1 88p
2 00p
3 24p
8 15 p
4 80p
? 40 p
0 01p
0 29 p
7 08 p
8 Ovp
8 14 p
8 88p
4 66p
8 65p
8 25 p
0 06p
8 v/p
0 65p
ll 00p
4 08a
1 00?
3 80 ?
6 48?
8 05?
8 61 ?
9 19 a
0 80 a
0 48 ?
10 30?
11 16 a
13 10 p
13 80 p
13 43 f>
7 80p
7 40p
8 10p
8 P2M
9 00 i
0 Hi p
10 np
9 16p
0 00 ?
? 20p
3 45 p
8 17 p
8 Vip
8 H
Botween Lula and Athena.
r?o. ll.
e i6p
8 61 p
9 ll p
No. 18.
ll 06 a
ll 41 a
18 Olm
Lv. ..Lui? . .Ar
" Mayurillo "
" Harmony "
Ar. A thorin .Lv
No. 13.
10 60 a
10 14 a
9 64 a
9 06a
7 85p
6 69 p
0 20 p
J? 00 Pl 12 60 p| A.r. Athon* .LTI 9 06a| 6 ?J p
Note dose oonnootion mad* at Lula with
main Uno trains.
"A" a. m. "P" p. m. "M" noon. "N" night.
Chesapeake Line Steamers In daily aorrioa
botween Norfolk and Iialttmoro.
No?. 87 and 08-"Washington ?nd Southwest
.rn Limited." Solid Pulman train, hoing oom.
posed exclusively of finest Pullman equipment
of l?test doslgn, through between Now York
ar.it Atlant?. Through Pullman sleeping oar*
betwoen Now York and Now Orleans, v'a
Washington, Atlanta ?ud Montgomery and al
so botweon Now York and Memphis, via Wash
ington, Atlant* and Birmingham. Elegant
Pullman Library observation oars botweon Ma
con and New York. Dining oars servo all
meals onrouto. Pullman aleoplng oars between
Greensboro and Raleigh. No ooaoh, sorvloo on
this train. These train? will atop at Gaines
ville, Lula, Tocooa. Sonso?, Gaffney and Bl ?oks
burg only to take on and let off passengers for
and from Washington and beyond and for and
from Greonvlllo-Columbla *nd Spartauburg
Columbia lines,
Noa. 33 and 84-"Atlanta and New York Ex
Iirosa." Now train botwoon Atlanta and Obar
otte, oonnocting at Charlotte with trains of
?nine numbors for and from Washington. New
York and tho east, carrying through Pullman
.looping ears between OnarTotte and New York,
Charlotta and Rlohmond and Norfolk, Leav*
lng Washington Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays a touribt alneplng oar will 1M> operatod
on this train through from Washington to San
Francisco without chango, Oonnootion at
Graou-iboro with sleepers for Raloigh. No
Pullman ears on this train botweon Atlant*
?nd Charlotte. Ample first and socond elass
ooaoh accommadation for looal and through
Nos. 86 and 8?-"United States Fast MalP'runs
solid between Washington and New Orleans.
Tia Sonthern Railway, A. St W. P. R. R. and
L. ?V N. R. R., being composed of coaches,
through without chango for passengers of all
classes. Pullman drawing-room sleeping carl
between New York and Now Orleans, ria At
lanta and Montgomery aud botweon Bir
mingham and Richmond. Dining cars nerve
.ll meals en route.
Nos. ll and 12-Solid local train between
Richmond and Atlanta. Close connection nt
Norfolk for Oi.n POINT OoMroirr.
Especial attention is called to above sohodule.
particularly tho inauguration of trains Nos. 88
*nd 84, also that Nos. 87 and 88 are made an er.
elusivo Pullman train, without coach service.
Third V. P. & Gon. Mgr. G. Pass. Agent.
A. G. P. A., Atlant?.
D. P. A., Atlanta
Condensed SohoduloIn Kflfoot
Jnn. 17th, 1001.
i&rleston ...
>rangopurg .
Lv. Savannah....
" Barn well.
" BlaokTf?l?.
Lr. Columbio.
" Prosperity ...
" Nowborry,...
" ?hiotySfx..
" Greenwood.
Ar. Hodges,
?vT? ii V>ovT?l o.
Ar. Relton'
Lv. Xndorson . "TT.
Ar. ?rconvlUo..
A r ? ? < 1 '?Vt a ."(Con .yt i u ?)
- Wllliaineton
ndorflon ...
f"vTT~enoii .
Ar. Donalds....._.
Ar* Ablievfifo....
Ar. Greoiiwood..
" Ninety Six..
M Nowborry...
M Prosperity...
" Columbia .
''? iinrnwoll....
" Savannah.
Cvr*K*ingvi???.. rr
" Omngoburg.
" lira n oh vii lo.
" Summerville
Ar. Charleston
" No. 18.
7 41 a
I Mn
110 16 a
No. 15
11 po n
12 00 n't
2 00 a nt
2 45 a m
_ U? A ??
12 80 a m
4 18 a m
4 28 a m
7 00 a m
H 14 a in
8 80 a m
0 30 a m
0 50 a m
10 16 ft tit
"*"0 "ST a m
TtTTft in
1? 46 a m
if w P m
ll ji m
N o IO.
6 30 p in' 10 16* ? m
0 00 p ml 10 40 a m
ft 22 p mi 10 65 a Ma
iU pm jj:40 . m
?HTp in I l l 15 "a m
7 15 p ml ll 40 a m
? io v
~?'57 p ???
7 65 p ni
8 83 p ni
0 80 p m
f? 45 p ra
ll 00jt in
2'67 A'rn
8 12 a ra
5 00 a m
1 82 ? iii
8 45 a m
4 26 a
6 67 a
0 16 p m
, 7 8? p in
o^^.^..J_7 00 a ml 8 16 p m
\i 2& p m
?T 66 a ni
12 20 p in
12 66 {> in
1 00 p m
2 14 p Qt
3 30 p ni
' g ?fa ht
8 13 a m
6 00 a^jn
4 48 pm
6 83 pm
1! !0n
12 20 p
1 mp
2 00 p
2 22p
3 87 p
8 IDp
8 40 p
7 16 p
" Suinmorvlllo "
" .Branchville. "
" Ornngob<l r g "
" . Kingville ^
IJV. .Savaniinfi Ar
" ..Barnwell .. "
" ..Blnckvillo.. "
" .. Columbia .. "
JJ ....Alston.... "
" ... Saut tic.. "
" .Union. "
" ..Jonesville.. "
" ....Pacolet .... "
ArSpar^nnjmrg I.v
Ar." '
lurtanburK Ar
b isp
7 ni p
fl 15 p
6 113 p
4 43 p
? 20 p
2 HO pi 8 60 a
1 28 0 7 4ilp
12 15 p 7 10 p
12 25 p 0 53 p
12 Up A 42 p
ll 45a fl 15p
ll 22a .1 00p
8 (?a1 0 05p
"P" p. m. "A" n. m, "N" night.
Pullman palace sleeping cars on Ti nlus85niid
BC, 87 and 38, on A. and(!. division. Dinlngciirs
on tbe-te tro'i's servo all meals OUroillO,
Trains leave Spartnnburg, A. ? C. division,
m >i i ilium ml. 7:03 a. m., 8:87 p.m., 8:1(1 p, m.,
[VOatlmUe Limited) and 7KI7 p. ht.I south
hound 12:2(1 n. m.. 8:15 p. m., 11:84 n. m., (Vesli
bule Limited), and 10:20 n. m.
Trains loavo Greenville, A. and <!. division,
northbotutd.0:02 a. m., 2:81 p. m. mid 5:22 p. m.,
[Vestibule Limited), and Dut p. nt,! Routh'
bound, 1:80 a. m., 4 :?0 p, m., 12:80 p. m. (Vest?
bulo Lil) '.od), hud ii'io a. m.
Tr?irv 16 and lfl- Pullman Sleeping Oars
botWod J t'harloHton and Oolutnbla ; ready for
sooupftnoy at lnith pointu at 0:80p. m.
Elegant Pullman Drawliig Rnom Sleeping
?ai ? MtWOOn Havaimnh and Ashovlllo enroute
ally botwoon JAokaonvlUO and Cineinnntl.
Third V-P. St Gon. Mgr., ?en. Pas. Agont,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D, C.
3m?? ?a
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all ot the
digestants and digests al] kinds of
food. It gives Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to'eat all
tho food you want. Tho most sensitive
stomachs eau tako it. By its uso many
thousands of dyspeptics haye been
cured after everything elso failed. It
Is unequalled for all stomaoh troubles.
lt oan't help
but da you good
Prepared only by E. O. DBWITT & Co.. Oblcago
Tfieil.bottlocontaln88H timon tboWc. alxe.
. . . tl? . . .
in Good Style
Sond to
The Keoi ee Courier,
I Anrono Bonding n skotoh mid description may
bulckly ascortnln our opinion froo whotlior au
Invontlon Is probably patontablo. Corumunica
lions strictly oonlldontful. Handbook ou l'atout*
sont froo. Oldest ngonoy for scouring patonts.
I'ntout* takon through Munn & Co. rocolvo
?pretal tiofl??, without ohorgo, lu tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllaitratod weokly. Largest ?lr
? cu Int lon of any solonllllo Journal. Terms $3 tx
jronr: four months, *L Sold by all nowsdoalors.
MUNNS Co?e'BT<*?* New York
nranoh Ornoo. 626 F BU Washington, D.O.
Blue Ridge R. R.
EiToctivo G.00 A. M., Fob. 0, 1001,
1st Class.
No. No. 12.
84 ?Walhalla. . .Lv.. 0 10 am
32 *\V??L Union. 0 10 am
25 j *Soneca.| 0 40 am
24 IJordania Junet.. 0 42 am
18 tAdams. 0 48 am
17 t Cherry. 0 03 nra
13 . j Pondloton.10 01 am
10 tAiitun.10 09 am
7 tDenver.10 18 am
2 tWest Anderson. .10 SO am
0 * Andorson... Ai.. 10 40 am
1st Class.
No. ll.
8 '10 pm
3 45 pm
2d Clans.
Dally ex.
No. 0.
2 10 nm
'.' IG pm
2 40 pm
3 10 pm
3 13 pm
3 83 pm
3 37 pin
3 60 pm
4 11 pm
4 21 pm
4 31 pm
4 47 pm
4 51 pm
2d Class.
Dally ox.
No. 5.
0 90 am
0 07 am
9 24 ara
9 35 ara
10 10 ara
10 20 ara
10 44 nm
4 41 pm i 10 47 am
5 05 pm j 12 65 pm
0 'Anderson. . .Lv
2 tWest Anderson
7 tDonvor. 3 67 pm
10 tAutun. 4 04 pm
18 .Pondloton. 4 ll pm j ^ JJ J???
17 tOhorry. 4 20 pm
18 tAdaniH. 4 25 pm
24 tJordania Junet.. 4 39pm
? i i S S ?S{ ii
32 ?West Union. 6 21 pm 1 25 pm
34 ?Walhalla .. ..Ar.. 6 25 pm 1 30 pm
(*) Regular stop; (t) Flag station.
Will nlso stop at the following otations
to tako on or lot off pasBongors: Phin
noy'B, James and Kandy Springs.
No. 12 eonnects with Southern Railway
No. 0 at Anderson.
No. ll connects with Southorn Railway
No. 34 nt Seneca.
No. (I connects witli Southern Railway
No. 58 at Anderson.
No. 5 connects with .Southern Railway
Nos. 12 aud 33 at Sonoca.
J. R. ANDKHSON, Suporintondont.
Pickens R. R. Co.
J. K. tuttHiH, l'rcaldcnl.
No. 10. Dally Except Sunday. No. 0.
Road Down. Mixed Train. Read ni).
10 40 a in.I.v l'iekeim Ar.2 66 p ni
10 45 a in.I.V e'ergUHOIt'H Ar.2 45 \> III
10 66 a in.I.v 1 "iiisun's Ar.2 30 p ni
11 00 a Hi.I.v A ri ni'H Ar.2 25 J? lil
ll 05 a ni.I.v Matiuiln'H Ar.2 20 p tn
ll 16 a in.Ar Kind ey Lv.2 16 p in
No. 12. Daily Except Sunday. No. ll.
Road Down. Mixed Train. Road Up.
4 00 |i in.I.v 1'lckoiiH Ar.0 40 p in
4 05 p in.I.v Ferguson's Ar.0 30 p in
4 16 p in.I.v l'a i .urn's Ar.0 16 p in
I 20 p in.I.v Arial'H Ar.6 10 p in
4 25 p ni.I.v Mauldln's Ar.tt 05 p in
4 40 p in .Ar KaHley Ly.0 00 p in
No. 10 connects with Southern Railway No. 33.
No. 0 connects with Southern Railway No. 12.
No. 12 connects with .Southern Hallway No. ll.
No. ll conneclH with Southern Railway No. 34.
Koranv information apply to
J. T. TAYLOR, General Manager.
Passenger Department,
Wilmington, N. C., February 21, 1897.
Fast Liino Between Charleston
and Columbia ami Upper South
Carolina and North Carolina.
In oiToct Fnbruary 24th, 1807.
.No. 62.
liOavo Charleston. 7 00am
'? l?anos. 8 20 "
" Sumtor. 9 36 41
Arrivo Columbia.10 66 **
" Prosperity.ll 68 p m
" Nowborry.12 10 **
44 Clinton.12 50 '*
44 Laurens. 1 15 ??
41 Groonvillo. 8 00 44
44 Spartanburg. 8 00 44
14 WiniiBboro. 0 16 b m
44 Charlotto. 8 20 44
44 Hondorsonvillo. 0 03 44
44 Ashovillo. 7 00 44
.No. M.
[joavo Ashovillo. 8 20 a m
44 Hondorsonvillo. 0 16 44
44 Spartanburg.ll 46 44
44 Groonvillo.ll 60 44
44 Laurons. 1 45 .?
44 Clinton. 2 10 44
,4 Nowborry. 2 67 44
44 Prosperity. 8 13 ?.
44 Columbia. 6 16 44
Vn'lvo Sumter. ? 35 .<
44 Lanos. 7 .jg 44
44 Charleston.0 25 44
. Daily.
Nos. 52 and 63 Solid Trains between
Dharloston and Columbia. S. C.
Gon'l Passongor Agont,
General Manager.
Trafilo Manager,

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