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NEW SERIES, NO. 109.-VOLUME Lil,-NO. 20,
and CUFFS. Our :
of Underwear as cs
and Shoes. In fae
Boforo tho Graduating Class ot Groonvlllo
Flowers and music, smiles and
cheers make happy and bright this
last night of the academic year 1900
The session work is over ; tho col
lego boll will not ring to-morrow ;
within a few hours smiles and tears
will bring April weather to your
faces, smiles for tho home-going and
parents' kisses, tears for partings
But if it be any comfort to yon, I
might suggest that you will not, all
alone, bear tho sorrow of parting.
While a Southern Railway engine,
with relentless power, is drawing a
train towards Columbia to-morrow')
some stalwart Furman boy, gloomy
of brow ami with trembling lips, will
whistle, low and sadly, "The Girl I
Left Behind Me,"
Far bo it from mo to intimate that
while the Coast Line train Hies away
from thc Mountain City, a tender
maiden, "all for love," will softly
whisper, "Good-bye, My Lover,
In the closing moments of this
evening, permit mo to offor a few
words of counsel : First, let me urgo
you to love, to cherish, and to sup
port the Greenville Female College.
Amid tho toil and thc lesson-learn
ing of the session now at its end, you
may not have realized the advant
ages of college lifo and of the studios
that may have tried your patience.
Tho course may have seemed bard
and fruitless. But li f teen years
from to-night you will rejoice that
you were students of G. F. C.
Then you will have seen that the
stern disciplino of the class room
prepared you for tho duties and
responsibilities bf lifo. .Thon you
will havo felt that every hour of
thought and of study was equipment
for service in thc home, in thc school
room, in society, in thc church.
Then you will have known that,
tn the old college days, you were
planting seed, whose harvest is tho
ripened grain of a kindlier courtesy,
of higher thought, of broad or sympa
thy, of nol>ler aspirations, of far
grander results.
Then you will have seen that math
ematical problems evolved power of
thought and promoted readiness of
action ; that hours spent on Latin
not only admitted you to the com
panionship of the master spirits of
the olden time, but developed reason
ing faculties; that music not only
gives you power to sing with melt
ing sweetness "Lorena," and "The
Old Kolks at Home," and "Annie
Laurie," and (hus lo summon forth
from the shadows of tho past half
forgotten memories and "recollec
tions of scenes that have as happy
been" in the days of "Auld Lang
Sync," but that it also sets tho
pulses into ry th m ic beat with
thoughts as high and dreams as pure
as ever stirred tho human heart;
that art not only linds beauty in tho
little waj side (lower, grand uer in
the rolling waves of the ocean and
sublimity in thc snow-clad peaks of
Hookies ami Himalayas, but that it
also ('?ills forth from thc soul of the
true artist faith in Him that made
Mower and sea and tho everlasting
hills ; that history not In vain taught
you her solemn lessens, showing now
tho evils Of unbridled passion, then
tho glory of sacrifice and honor and
Then love and support this col
lege ; tell ils worth; send others to
drink of this fountain of knowledge,
of which, drinking, you have become
wiser and botter, to the end that
with you they may stand forth as
exponents of developed Christian
Speak kindly and proudly of your
teachers. Do not wait until they
have passed away to utter word of
praise and commendation.
I despise the cold and tupul
policy that speaks no word of praise
of the living, hut which, v? irmod
into a som bl apeo of lifo when they
are dead, emits gushing panegyric
over their graves.
Female Col leno.
loods !
Neckwear is strictly
in be found in any i
t, we have almost
W. & J. E.
Tell your friends in tho Stato at
largo of tho faithful, chivalrous
Christian gentleman who during
this session has given you noblor
thoughts and higher ideals, who,
loavlng us, will carry with him tho
respect and the affection of all who
know him ; tell thom of thc other
teachers who have given you their
host, and trained you for truer,
stronger womanhood ; tell them of
tl?e new president who will bring to
his position broad culture, the spirit
of progress, and a bravo Christian
womanhood. Tell them of tho wise,
unselfish.nnd splendid service of Dr.
C.' S. (Jardner, a service which will
cause his name to be honored wher
ever Christian education is recog
nized as a mighty force in the church
ami in the State ; toll them that the
Greenville Female College, without
vain boasting and silly claims of
superiority and childish bluster, is
fast forging to tho front, and that we
all arc working to thc end that this
old college shall be, at no distant
day, the Vassar of the South.
In the second place, take your
stand firmly and resolutely on tho
side of true and full development.
Partial development is but partial
We learn that, in ancient times,
Milo of Crotona bogan in early lifo
to lift and to carry a calf a certain
?1 ?stance every day ; every day thc
animal grew, but equally the power
of thc athlete was devolopod. At
last, so tradition says, Milo carried
upon Iiis shoulders around the
stadium at Olympia an ox four years
old, then killed it with one blow of
his fist. Hero was development of
tile body, of muscle, of brawn. In
our schools and colleges wo now
and then find a boy, called by cour
tesy a student, who is an unconscious
disciple of Milo rather than Cicero:
to whom the dynamics of arms and
legs are far more than the dynamics
of the brain.
Far up in the scale of develop
ment) far above thc cultivation of
the physical, wc lind tho develop
ment of the intellectual, tho evolu
tion of mind. In this development
of growth, in processes and results,
grand as many of them aro, far
reaching and even splendid, evoking
the wonder of the untaught and the
admiration of thc learned, are
danger-signals; and among these aro
the exaltation of self, the reason,
and tho blasphemous complacency
that says, "Here arc my works.
Where are God's."
In this development of moro intel
lect is the tendency to apply to every
sentiment of the human heart, to
every aspiration of thc soul, tho
stilted formula of a cold philosophy,
of reason, which would overthrow
the republic of brotherhood, of ten
der sympathy, of a world-embracing
love, of a luminous faith, and erect
in its stead the despotism of a frigid,
soulless mentality.
In this exaltation of mere mind is
the hypothesis of innumerable atoms
blending to form a cosmos, and
blending by chanco or by natural
alli II? t y, not by (rod's command.
In this worship of man, and not
i man's Maker, is the doctrine of sea
sons recurring, of sunrise and sunset,
of ?tars dwelling in space by nature's
law, and not directed by thc Supreme
i {tiler.
In it, too, is the dreary answer
"yes" to thc question, "Does death
end all?" In it, therefore, is the
denial of immortality, with its
blessed hopes and its precious prom
In the evolution of thc intellect
alone philosophers of old built sys
tems that, resting upon errors and
misconceptions, fell, as fall houses
whose; foundations arc on shifting
sands, when by storms beset; in this,
stoicism, depending upon mind,
defied the pains of life and reckoned
not of a hereafter ; in this, epicure
anism "enjoyed thc pleasuros of sin
for a season," and shut its oyes to
the gloom of tho grave ; in this,
Voltaire built monumonts to his
own genius, laughed at virtue and
died, hopeless and wrotched.
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Mon and women of our tiiuo,
glorying in mind alone, developing
only tho eold intellect, may fashion
systems of reasoniug that have out
ward symmetry and bounty ; may
send forth contributions to literature
that evoke tho applauso of a day, of
a year ; may utter upon tho plat?
form or publish in papers dainty
thoughts or keen epigrams that
seem bright and clever ; but, when
the story is told, does all this bring
recompense ? Does it pay us to
spenk our lives in championing a
theory that would give the lie to the
Bible, and at the end to find that we
must return to dust, while tho old
book lives, as live it must, through
time and into eternity ? Docs it pay
us, intoxicated as it were, with suc
cess of the intellect, to destroy tho
faith of many and to give them, in
place of lost hopes, tho desolation of
despair? DOCB it pay a man to
accomplish wonders in science, to
reach tho heights of reason and
philosophy, in short, "to gain the
whole world," and deifying mind
and self, "to lose his own soul?"
The greatest human intellect, if it
denies God and rejects the spiritual,
if it embraces materialism, after all
confesses itself the slave of matter.
Then where is the boasted triumph
of mind ?
The tendency, then, to develop
along purely intellectual lines is to
eradicate the omotional, to subject
sentiment, even the best and truest,
to cold analysis, to eliminate the
divine and the spiritual, and to place
in thc vacancy, thus philosophically
assumed, nature, and self, as nature's
prime factor.
Highest in the scale of develop
ment is the growth of tho spiritual,
of that which, in man, should domi
nate the physical and direct the
mental. This element, rightly devel
oped, recognizes itself as the best
gift of God to mat) ; and rejoicing
in tho kinship of Deity, humbly con
secrates itself to thc service of God.
Seeing, too, in the physical and in
the intellectual the Divine hand, it
appreciates both and wisely presides
over the development of body and of
Hero then we have true educa
tion : the body obeying the rules of
health, having proper exercise and
development ; the mind, trained,
active, eager for knowledge and for
research, eager to achieve success
and to win victories ; and both body
and mind in obedience to thc will of
tho soul, which, in turn, is in willing
subjection to tho purposes of God.
This, ns I regard it, is Christian edu
cation. This is the training that
fits you for thc duties of life, whether
those duties call you to the high ser
vice of home-life, to the desk of the
doesn't collie by Accident. A
fertile soil and cartful cultiva
tion fire necessary to produce
the towering steins and heavy
Yet the farmer who under
stand? that he can't have a
health-/ corn crop without
fenn.,g and weeding, seems
to think that he can have a
healthy body without either
care or culture. Hut the body
1? built up Juat aa the corn la,
by the Assimilation of the
several chemical elementa on
which vitality depends, And
what weeds are to the com.
diseases of the stomach and
nutritive ayatema are to the
body ; they divert thc neces
sary food supply from the
proper channela, and the
body broomed lean, sickly
and Ill-nourished.
Thc proper digestion and
assimilation of food is A pri
mary essential of health. Hy
healing diseases of the ?tom
ach Ana organs of digestion and
nutrition, Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery increases
the digestive and assimilative
powers, stimulates the fiction
of the blood making glands,
and sends to every organ (if the
body the rich red corpuscled
blond on which physical vigor
and vitality depend,
"t tunk (wo bottles of Doc toi
Pierce'? Golden Medical Discov
ery, for stomach trouble," writes
Clsrence Carnes, Itsq,, of Taylors
town, Loudoun Co., Va. "It nhl
me flo much good that I didn't
lake any more. I cnn cat most
anything now. I am so well
pleased with lt I hardly know how
to thank you for your kind infor
mation. I tried a whole lot of
thing* l>eforc I wrote to you
There was a gentleman told mc
alHMit your medicine, how it had
cured hi? wife. I thought I would
try a bottle of ll. Am now glad
that I ?lld, for I don '. know what
I would h?"e done If il had not
beeu for Dr. Pierce's ('.olden Med
ical Discovery."
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regulate the bowels and cure
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showing a nice line
WAISTS. They are
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>rice. We always
tings in COLLARS
carry as nice a line
e our Men's Hose
teacher, into tho field of journalism
and authorship, into tho avonucB of
business whioh evory day aro offer
ing for women, or to far distant
InndB to give knowledge of "the Tree
of Life, whoso lonvos are for healing
of tho nations."
This education has prepared you
for the kingdom of this world and
for tho City of God ; it puts you
into touch with tho best thought of
tho world, into sympathy with truth
and with the concrete forras of truth,
true men and true women. Such
education produces in the young
high ideals ; it also equips them to
march towards those ideals. It
generates thc force that carries you
on to successful effort ; it likewise
shows you that worldly success is
not tho final aim of mankind. Such
training reads aright thc lessons of
centuries gone by ; studying the
signs of the times and tho needs of
thc hour it adjusts you to your envi
ronment and gives you power to
elevate environment ; wisely utiliz
ing the host of the paBt and the
best of thu present, it makes you
ready for days whose suns have not
yet risen, ready to take your placea
in tho "far-flung batttle-line" ol
Christian soldiers, which one great
Commander is leading for tho con
quest of the world, ready at last to
stand in thc presence of the King
and to cry, "Ky amazing grace re
deemed, 0 God, wc come, wo coifie.'
Such is tho education which th(
Greenville Female College has giver
you. Then, as worthy daughters ol
thc institution, stund for thc educa
lion which you have received.
When yon go forth with th?
stamp of fehis refining, elevating
culture upon you, in every service o
life show tho power of tho training
JiCt the world see, every day, even
hour, that you aro loyal to tin
principles, to tho teachings, tha
have evolved in you tho forces o
the mind and the mightier forces o
the soul.
May your future bo bright wit!
hope, and brighter yet in tho frui
tion of things hoped for. May yoi
join the noble army of women whos
faith and courago and good work
are adding glory and honor to th
State and nation. Should som
"coming days be cold and dark,
should adversity bo to you th
opportunity of courage, put you
trust in Him who said, "1 will neve
leave you nor forsnko you," an
recall thc words of thc glorious ol
battle-hymn of the church militant:
"How firm (i foundation, yo saints of th
ls fixed for yoifr faith in His oxcolloi
word :
What moro can Ho say than to you II
hath said,
To you who for ref ugo to .Jesus liai
Fear not, 1 am with thoo, ho not di
mayeiI ;
For I am thy God and will still givo till
aid ;
I'll strengthen thoo, help thoo, and cam
thoo to stand,
Uphold hy my righteous, omnipotei
And when, with long lives of us
fulness ended, you shall have "rn
with patience the race set befo?
you, muy il bo said of ouch one <
you, as so beautifully was said i
another, an elect lady, when, '
lone, bright star, she had sunk I
her last eclipse,"
"When life's evening shadows had ero
With light in hor oyo, a smile ou h
Descending the slope, she mot the de
bord lu tho twilight gray,
A lid li? lori linr utnnt; JJ; IJ;;; CllOBCU Wfl
To tho largor hope."
in the third and last place, lo<
your country. Study its histo
from tho earliest settlement to tl
present day. Head the lives of t
men through whose patriotism ni
courage freedom came to bloss t
American colonies; through who
wisdom constitutional govcrnme
was established and maintains
through whoso valor and sacrili
tho Sch) th becamo tho homo of hoi
ism ; of men who sleep in tho gra\
of heroes whero tho Uappahaiinu
glides on its way to tho soa, uni:
the sentinel oaks of Chancellorsville,
under tho shadows ,of Lookout
Mountain and Missionary Ridge, of
mon so many that tho pinions of
Famo grow weary as she boro them
to tho stars.
Thou road tho history of our ro
unitod country ; read tho story of
oommoroial activity and industrial
development, of educational expan
sion and religious growth.
Looking haok upon tho years that
aro gone, beholding tho opportuni
ties of our timo, seeing by faith tho
dawn of a grandor to-morrow, rojoico
that every ono of you oau say "1 am
an American woman."
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euro piles. DoWitt'j Witch Hazel Salvo
snvos all that expenso and novor fails.
Beware of countorfoits. J. W. Hell.
McLaurin Talks of His Trip to Washington.
Iiennottsvillc, Juno 19.-Senator
John L. McLaurin returned homo
last night from Washington, Phila
delphia and Now York, whore lie
had been for ton days. Ile was look
ing well and in a moat agreeable
framo of mind.
The Senator was shown a clipping
from the Atlanta Constitution of
June 17, winch was a special from
Columbia, giving an account of the
proposed attempt to read the Senator
out of the Democratic primaay in
this State, lie was asked what lie
had to say in reference to the matter.
He replied he had been absent from
tho State for several days and had
not seen tho State papers, but laugh
ingly remarked that it looked like
thc boys were getting very uneasy
and would say nothing further on the
subject at present. Ho evidently
treated the whole affair as n huge
The Senator was asked if he had
anything lu say as to the purpose of
his visit North, and replied that he
had secured thc Government exhibit
for tlie Charleston ICxposition, pro
vided Charleston would erect a suita
ble building, and that when Congress
assembled he Imped an appropriation
could bo obtained for the Exposition,
and ho thought it could be done if
everybody interested would act wisely
and judiciously.
Mr. McLaurin was asked as to his
futuro speech making in this State.
"Yes," said he, "1 will speak in
Spartanburg on July I and at several
other places soon thereafter."
Ile showed three invitations to
speak in this State, which ho found
awaiting his return home.
They were from Leesville, Oak way
and a place in Kershaw county. Thc
invitation from Leesville was accom
panied by the names of quite a num
ber of influential citizens. At least
five hundred letters had accumulated
during his absence, which were sys
tematically arranged in his private
secretary's oflice.
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What Tillman Sccs.
The Hamburg Herald draws the
following conclusions from Tillman's
effort to bring on a contest with Mc
Laurin this summer :
1. That the so-called "McLaurin
movement" is very strong all over
thc State. Hen Tillman doesn't fight
2. That Tillman thinks he is the
strongest man in the State, and tho
oidy one that can beat McLaurin.
8. That tho idea of a primary this
year is to prevent as far as possible
the dissemination among the people
of tho views held hy McLaurin.
4, Tillman sees ahead the downfall
of himself unless he can kill this
movement in its infancy, and that is
why ho lias thrown himself into the
6, That Tillman and other old-time
politicians helievo tho only way to
defeat McLaurin is to havo tho fight
on him made this year, and that they
actually want the extra primary.
That is about the summary that
will bo reached by most careful ob
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Interesting Incident at the Recent Industrial
Convention at Philadelphia.
Charleston was pleasantly brought
to tho front in tho Southern Indus
trial Convention when Gen. W. W.
II. Davis, of Doylestown, Pa., pre
sented to tho old City by tho Sea,
through hor dologation there, a relio
of tho lato unpleasantness. Gen.
Davis, formerly Col. Davis, was in
command of tho Federal forceB on
Morris Island during 1804, and while
thoro ono of tho signal flags of tho
Coufcdcralo ram Chicora foll into
his hands. To-night that flag was
restored to tho metropolis of South
Carolina. In presenting tho Hag,
which he has cherished as one of his
most priceless relics of his war ox
porionce, Geu. Davis said :
"Tho duty devolving on mo, in
connection with the evening function,
is of the most pleasiug character, and
tho pleasure ?B enhanced by discharg
ing it in this presenoe. I am hero to
entrust to our Sonthern guests a relio
of tho war bctweon tho States, and
to deputo ono of their members to
return it to the City of Charleston,
S. C., where it properly bolongs.
When Charleston fell into tho hands
of the Federal forces on February 18,
1805, among the spoils of war was tho
signal Hag of the Confo/lorate ram
Chicora. lt was taken from tho
locker of tho VCSBCI by Lieut. Wm. H.
Elliott, formerly of my command,
and subsequently presented to mo.
In the meantime I determined to re
turn it to the rightful owner could ho
be found, but it was never done. Mr.
Elliott suggested wo take advantage
of tho meeting of the Southern In
dustrial Convention in this city to
discharge this duty. Thia met my
views and I am here to-night for that
purpose. To you, Dr. Kollock, I
commit this symbol of thu nation's
quarrel, and ask you to givo it to tho
Mayor ol Charleston to make such
disposition as may seem proper, and
I hope the flag may bo cared for in a
manner commensurate with tho cour
age that defended it in tho strife of
battle. Happily and wonderfully
for both sides that war has passed
into history, and our bruised arms
are hung up for monuments, and thc
courage and forbearance, and forti
tude, the Buffering and tho tears that
marked its progress have cryslalized
the nation into a moro perfect Union.
Thc Union based on affection, re
spect and mutual good will, and tho
Southern Industrial Convention as
sembled here, givo ovidonco that
belli the North and tho South fully
realize that 'peace hath her victories
no less renowned than war.' If moro
were wanting, let us one and all in
this City of Brotherly Love, founded
in deeds of peace by William 1'onn,
wherein thc immortal Declaration of
Independence was mado and pro
mulgated and the Constitution
adopted, swear to retain our allegi
ance to the Union."
In accepting tho Hag for Charles
ton Dr. Kolloksaid : "It would stem
moro fitting that some battle-scarred
veteran, some man who had borne it
in retreat, some one who had heard
thc booming of thc cannon and burst
ing of shell, some one who had shed
his blood in defence of the cause for
which so many gave their lives, should
receive this most precious relic from
its generous and chivalrous eaptor.
Hut then these men aro rapidly
marching away never to return, and
already many havo crossed over tho
river and arc resting in tho shade of
thc trees, l?pon us, their sons, de
volves the duty to preservo theso
relics of a cause they hold so doar
and to keep bright in our memories
and those of o,ur children their glori
ous deeds. Aye, gentlemen, of tho
North and South, it is such doods as
these that tend to soften tho feelings
of the past and help to cement again
the affections of these brothers who
differed, quarrelled and fought-as
only the brave fight-to tho bitter
end. What memories this flag calls
up from thc past, and what has be
come of the brave hands that boro it
'mid shot and shell to victory and
defeat?' Moth inks I can seo through
smoke ami Uro those bravo mon in
grey Crouching behind their works
of sand and logs, while from tho
front in continuous stream como tho
shot and shell from tho Federal fleet,
and again as they land, the boys in
thc blue, charge bravely across tho
sands only to bo mowed down by tho
ruthless lire of the besieged, and thus
the battle wages. Now for tho groy
and now for tho blue, until like tho
mist before the rising sun tho groy
line fades gradually away and is soon
no more. Thank God, gentlemen,
that these days aro past, and lot us
pray that never again shall thoso
brothers raino their hands in anger
against one another, but that year by
yoar and day by day they shall moot
as they do to-day, for tho best inter
ests of this groat country aud its
"Furl tho bannor, furl it sadly,
Oooo tou thousand bailod it gladly,
Aud ton thousand wildly, madly,
Sworo it should forovor wavo.
Swore that foomau's sword should no vor
Heart? Uko thoirs ontwinod dissovor,
Till that flag should lloat forovor
O'or tholr froodom or tholr gravo.
"Furl it, for tho band that grasped it,
And tho honrts that proudly clasped it,
Cold and doad aro lying low ;
Aud that bannor, it is trailing,
While arouud it sounds tho wailing
Of its pooplo in their woo.
"For, though conquered, tlioy adoro it,
Love tho cold, doad hands that boro lt,
Woop for thom) who foll boforo it,
Pardon thoso who trailod and toro it,
Hut, O! wildly thoy doploro lt
Who furl aud fold it so.
"Furl that bannor, truo 'tis gory,
Yot 'tis wroathod arouud with glory,
And 'twill livo in song and story,
Though Ita folds aro in tho dust;
For its form on brightest pagoB,
Penned by poets and by sagos,
Shall go sounding down tho ages,
Furl its folds though now wo must,.
"Furl that banner, softly, slowly,
Troat it gontly-it is holy,
For it droops abovo tho doad.
Touch it not, unfold it never,
Lot it droop there furled forovor,
For ita pooplo'a hopos aro doad."
Dr. Kollock's responso evoked
great applause and this incident was
admittedly thc raoul interesting that
thus far has marked tho Convention.
How's Tills ?
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for any caso of catarrh that cannot ho |
cured by Hall's Catarrh Curo.
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ness transactions and llnancially able to
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--4 + - -
Two Hundred Baptizod in 57 Minutos.
Anniston, Ala., Juno 20.-Kev
John E Barnard, pastor of tho First
Baptist church, in this city, baptizod
at his church in West Anniston ?Sun
day afternoon, ?00 candidates foi
immersion, baptizing them at th
rate of seven every two minutes
Tho large church was lilied with
people from Anniston and tho sur
rounding country, and on the out
sido of tho building hundreds stood
at tho windows and in tho immedi
ate vicinity of the church. All
were anxious to witness thc largest
baptismal service ever to take place
in this section. Mr. Barnard in
tended to baptizo 300 converts, but
a large number wero prevented by
illness and other causes from attend
ing. This meeting Sunday after
noon closed a wonderful revival in
Anniston, a revival which has lasted
for thirty-nix dayH, and in which
ovor 500 wore converted, and which
resulted in 300 additions to the First
Baptist church. Mr. Barnard came
to this city two ycara ago, when the
church ho took charge of had but
180 mcmbors. To-day it has a
membership greater than any other
Baptist church in Alabama, 825
members being on tho roll. Since
Mr. Barnard carno here 732 members
havo boen added, of which 300 joined
under tho last revival. Tho church
a few days since presented their pas
tor with $000. In tho last two years
Mr. Barnard has preached 890 sci
mons in Anniston, besides a number
at other places. He says that ho is
not yet fatigued from thc work, and
ho is a man of great physical end ur
South Carolina Toachor Sont to Jail.
Hughes, the principal of a school
in Laurens county, has been sen
tenced to tho chain gang for thirty
days for cruelty, in thc whipping of
Miss Borths Finch.
Tho young woman has been con
fined to her bed for a month as the
result of tho whipping received from
her school master.
Tho ends of two big switches were
shown in court as evidences of the
whipping the girl received.
Sho had been stripped from her
shoulders to her knees.
Tho skin was bruised and broken
.on her back and legs. Thc girl, who
is fifteen yoarsold, is pretty and well
developed for her ago.
Tho jury found thc school master
guilty on tho first voto.
Mr. .iames brown, ot Pittsmouth, Ya.,
over 00 years of ago, suffered for years
with il bad BOrO on his face Physicians
could notholphlm. DoWitt's Witch Hazol
Salvo cured him permanently. J. W. Holl.
A Now Rival for tho Two Old Political Or?
ganizations-Bryan Not In lt.
Kansas City, Mo., June 19.-The
Allied Third party movement, whioh
its promoters hope will result before
1001 in a uational organization
strong enough to l?ame a Presiden
tial nominee, was lauuched hore this
afternoon. It was tho outcome of a
conference of roforiners from tho
ranks of the old parties, and its
principles are said by some to havo
boon adopted with a view to Utting
tho views of William J. Bryan. The
conforonco was called by Loo Meri
wether, of St. Louis, who, with
twenty-two other St. Louis loaders
in tho Public Ownership party of
that city, oame to Kansas City yes
terday from a visit with Mr. Bryan,
at Lincoln, whore tho intentions of
the delegation had been laid before .
tho Nohraska statesman. Mr. Bryan,
it was stated, had oxpressed sympa
thy with the movement, if ho had
not gone as far as to support it. At
tho conforonco there wore repre
sented Populists of all persuasions.
Public ownorship was advocated
and Free Silver Republicans, Social
ists, Single Taxers and Bryan Demo
crats were in attendance. It was
stated that it was proposed to form a
third party in Missouri, which would
finally be taken up by the dissatisfiod
in the old parties from other States.
A committee on organization was
appointed and instructed to report
to-day. The committee, which rep
resented each element present, sub
mitted the following as tho new
party's principles and they wore
adopted :
Public ownership of all public
utilities, as railroads, telegraphs, etc.
While awaiting tho legislation
necessary to secure public ownership,
rigid control of freight and passenger
rates and severe penalties for rebates
and other discriminations by rail
Taxation of railroads and other
public utility corporations in tho
same proportion as the value of farm
and oilier property.
Direct legislation hy the initiative
and referendum to tho end that tho
people may initiate good legislation
and veto bad legislation.
Graduated income tax to tho ond
that wealth, which receives govern
ment protection, shall bear its just
share of the cost of tho government.
That whatever is used as money
shall bo full legal tender, issued by
the general government in sufliciont
volume for business purposes, and
that volume fixed in proportion to
Just election laws throughout tho
Home rule for cities and abolition
of tho present system of using tho
police as a standing army to carry
primary elections in the interest of
dishonest politicians representing
still more dishonest special privilege
Election of United ?tates Sena
tors by popular vote.
The meeting was organized by
electing J. II. Cook, Fusion Popu
list, chairman ; J. II. Dillis, Middle
of-the-road Populist, vice president,
and V. S. Kowaski, Publi? Owner
ship member, secretary.
The committee, besides deciding
on the new name for tho movement,
will call a State Convention for some
time next fall. In the meantime tho
members will prepare an address to
the people of the State.
Headquarters will be established
both at Carthage and St. Louis and
the committee will appoint a chair
man of each county in tho State,
whose duty it will bo to enlist mem
bers and organize them into county
The time for holding the conven
tion will bo fixed later.
Mr. Merriwothor this afternoon,
at the conclusion of the conference,
was asked :
"Will not your s movement only
result in turning the State over to
the Republicans?"
"I (lo not know, but I would a lit
tle rather the Republicans should
win than tho present organization of
Democrats. As Mr. lilyan said to
me last Monday : 'I like an enemy
under his own colors better than ono
who steals my colors.' "
nu VAN is NOT IN rr.
Atlanta, Gn.j .lune li).-Tho At
lanta Constitution to-night, in re
sponso to a telegram of inquiry, re
ceived a dispatch from William J.
I b yan denying that he was affiliated
with the Third party movement. Mr.
Bryan's telegram reads :
"Iowa City, Iowa, Juno 10.-Telo
gram received. No truth in report.
"W. J. Bryan."
-???I --
Ke/.enm, saltrhoum, tetter, chafing, ivy
poisoning and all ?kin tortures roo quickly
cured hy DoWitt'S Witch Mazol Salvo.
The certain pilo euro. J. W. Holl.

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