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~- BY
?^J^-I Vvm' [ J.' A.' STOCK.'
jjy- Communications of a personal
oliaraotor charged for as advertisements.
ijcif" Obituary notices and tributes of
respect, of not over ono hundred words,
will bo printed freo of ohargo. All ovor
that number must bo paid for at tho rato
of ono cont a word, (-'ash to accompany
WKUNKNnAV, .ll'Mi 'JO, tool.
Now Professors Elected-Room for 150 Moro
Studonts Next Yoar.
donison Ooliege, Juno 20.-Tho last
chanel assembly was hold this morning
Dr. Ifartzog roviowed tho year's work
stating that it had been marked by a
revolution in tho internal workings of
tho college for tho bottor-a rovolution
brought about by tho good sense of the
student body. Tho unanimous verdict
is that tho examination papers aro the
host that havo ovor boen handed in,
whilo tho failuros havo boon fowor and
IOBS disastrous. In a most appropriate
speech President Hertzog thanked the
studonts for their loyalty and gave thoth
some wholesome advice.
Tho addition to tho barracks makes
room for 150 moro boys. This increase
in tho number of studonts necessitated
an iuoroaso in the teaching force, and
tho trustees last night elected tho fol
lowing additional teachers: Mr. S. W.
"Hooves, of Marion, assistant professor of
mathematics; Mr. Arthur H. Uryau, of
llariiwoll, tutor in English; Mr. J. K.
Hunter, of Newberry, tutor; Mr. Mark
Hradloy, of Abbovlllo, tutor.
Mr. Hooves is a graduate of tho Citadel,
of tho ?lliv?rsity of North Carolina and
of Cornell. Ho has been teaching in
M iel ligan and is said to be ono of the
brightest mathematicians of tho.South.
Mr. bryan is a graduate of Clemson
and of Peabody Normal. Ho took spe
cial work iii Knglish at the latter place
and is prepared for his work hore.
Mr. Hunter is another donison gradu
ate who made a (Ino record while here,
and has kept up Hie same nineo bc left.
Mr. Hradloy isa graduate of Krskine
College. He was a bright student while
in college and lias been a successful
teacher since graduation. Kvorybody is
delighted nt tho selection made by the
trustees, and these new professors will
(hui a warm welcome awaiting them.
We are sorry to lose two of our pro
fessors. Dr. A. V. Anderson has been
elootod curator of the Herbarium ol
Columbian University, New York city.
Ills work will be treating tho advanced
and posl graduate work in the university,
willoh work is done at (he botanical gar
dens of tho idly. 'I'llroo years ago tho
city bought, for a quarter of a million
dollars bronx Park, twelve miles out
from the cent re of the eily, for a botani
cal garden and for a collodion of all
plant specimens, experiments in forestry,
otc. Thei(> are over fourteen laborato
ries for investigation ami sciontilio re
search along botanical lines.
Dr. Anderson's ability has thus been
(1 ttl ugly recognized, as true worth always
is, sooner or later. That be is a man of
unusual ability all admit, and all who
know bim respect, and love bini for his
modesty and kindness.
The board of trustees of the li ll ive rsl ty
is composed of such men as Pierpont
Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Chauncey
Depew, otc,
Dr. Anderson was also ol?ercd a posi
tion at Auburn, Ala. Clemson bas other
able, modest men who aro better known
abroad than they are in South Carolina.
Prof. Wm. II. boehm, who has been
at tho bead of thc Mechanical Depart
ment of Clemson for three years, and
who bas done much valuable work here,
was also called lo New York to take a
position with the Fidelity (accident) In
surance Company at a salary of $?1,000.
His ofllcCS will be in New York city and
tho position is that of general superin
tendent of inspection. Ho will have
nuder his direct ion quite a l umber of
men, who will inspect machinery and
make reports lo bim, then he passes on
tho advisability of laking tho risk. Prof.
Boob ni is essentially qualified for this
important work and the company is to
be congratulated on securing his services.
Mr. booina isa man of unusually pleas
ing address and will make friends for
his company.
(expressions of regret are beard on all
sides because of the departure of these
Quito a number of Clemson graduates
aro at the various universities of thc
Country taking post graduate work. Dr.
Hertzog advised tho graduating class
this morning to continue their studies
elsewhere if possible, ll speaks well foi'
tho college that so many of ils graduates
have distilled in them a desire for more
Work closes today and many a sigh of
relief will be drawn to night by teachers
and students. Some will be sad, too,
because there are always a few unfortu
nates who fall short of the goal. The
majority of those who fail here usually
have grit enough to take the work over.
The winde year's work lias been charac
terized by more than ordinary determi
nation on the part of students as well as
of toachGI'8. The vacation this year is a
we'd earned one, ami it is earnestiy hoped
thal it. may be enjoyed by every one.
Prof. W. M. Piggs has been made bead
Of tho Mechanical Departmental Clem
son. This is one of the most, important
positions here. The promotion is a
deserved recognition of Prof. biggs'S
ability, Whtoh is well known by all who
know bim and especially by Die board of
h?tateos. Ile bas been in the service ol
the college for a number of years. Ile
was not an applicant for (bc position,
and lils olootioli is therefore all thc more
Complimentary, The department under
bis direction will be wisely managed, for
he is thoroughly in love with bis work.
Ile is a man of much personal magne
tism ami good common sense in addi
tion io his excellent training,
Tillman Delivers thc Commencement Address.
Clemson College, .lune 21,- Senator
Tillman faced a large and Cultured lindi'
Otico to day and delivered a inagniliccnl
speech. Nothing could hlivo'benn marc
appropriate than thal he who has done
so much for education in South Carolina
in general and foi Clemson in len ticular
should make thc literary addi ess lo the
students of Clemson College in the
Opening Of the new century. Certainly
.?yffi?'-'* '' " ? i >>
bo Sonator's boort must bavo bcon flllod '
,vith prido to-day at tho rocoptlon gi von i
din. 1
President llart/.og said in introducing
Senator Tillman that bo could Hud no :
new adjectives iii tho English dictionary
because bo bad been talked about ?0
much in South Carolina. Ho waa the i
fouudor of Clemson and bas fought for !
hor good, ulways being ber unwavering i
friond. i
Senator Tillman was at bis best. Ho
said in part :
"Tho ovil which men do ll vos af tor
thom ; tho good is ofton interred with
their bones.'! Tboro has boon moro of
ovil in my lifo than good. If I havo
boon tho founder of donison it is a groat
honor. Dut 1 do not wisli to indulge in
any solf laudation. I havo no desire to
claim to bo tho foundor of donison, but '
I have given it from its foundation my
heartiest support. Wborovor I go I am
proud when I seo Olio of these cabs with
C. A. C. on lt. 1 fool that ho is closo up
to mo. Ho did claim to bo tho founder
of tho school foi our girls. This state
ment was mot with hearty approval. No
other State can comparo with South Ca
rolina in schools supported by tho Stato.
What doos commencement mean ? What
is it that is about to commence or who is
it ? These mou of tho senior class aro
tho contingent who aro about to com
mence. Von havo struggled for your
diplomas and thoy aro roauy for you and
say now 1 havo put away childish things.
I am a man.
Tho Senator spoke of ids mothod of
preparing speeches. If I havo ovor said
anything good 1 novor havo written it
beforo or aftor. Ho spoko of editing of
tho spoeobos of Congressmen, showing
how all their orrors woro corrected. Ho
illustrated by telling how tho vonorablo
Senator Pottus ouco said: "Whar do you
got any sicli authority?" I don't know
how to polish un "my sontoncos in a glit
tering way and 1 am glad 1'vo uovor
tried. If I am an orator I was born that
way and don't dosorvo a bit of credit for
it. 1 could preach around hore for a
week if a sinner liko mo should bo
allowed to preach:
1. What aro ;vo ?
2. What do wo know ?
ll, What can you do V
4. What aro you going to try to do ?
That is a subject broad enough. I am
going to put somo literary in it, but I
want to talk common sonso.
What aro you ? Wo all soon loam tho
beginning of lifo; wo soo its various
stages; but when wo ask whore aro wo
wo aro brought faco to faco with a mys
What aro wo ? Wo aro brought boro
without our consent. Wo aro carried
away without our consent.
What do wo know V You answor : All
that tho Professors at Clemson think I
ought to know to got a diploma. Dut
what do yon know ? Very littlo. You
don't know yourself yot. You may
mold clay into brick, but tho burning
must bo continued or it will turn to clay
Isaac Newton after unfolding many of
nature's mysteries felt that ho was but
as a child picking up pebbles along tho
shoro of knowledge. You havo had
"stickabilify" enough to got a diploma,
but you must continue or in ten years
you will not bo di li?rent from tho man
who dropped out from tho freshman
class, lt is well for ino to hold up tho
glass beforo you and lot you seo your
selves as others seo you. You must
investigate, solidify and harden tho
knowledge, you have tho tools now.
They aro bright and sharp. As soon as
you coase to uso them liko tho saw or
tho plano they will rust. Your brains
must bo used, lu order to writo and
speak d neut ly this grand old English
tongue you must begin a systematic
course of reading. You can't learn it
from studying dictionaries or books of
synonyms. You must read. It is a
great accomplishment to bo able to uso
tho right words in tho right placo, lt is
like "apples of gold in pictures of Bil vor."
I said you know very littlo and I ro
peat it, and if you don't continue to
study you will soon know less. You'll
go down to tho grave "unwept, unhon
ored and unsung." Shall wo go down
life's stream doing good or striving for
ignoble purposes i
You aro different from any other
graduates in South Carolina. While
your brain bas been trained your hands
hayo boon taught so that you can do
something, a thing that was ten years
ago thought unnecessary. I am proud
that (hero is a demand for Clemson
graduates. Every man from this institu
tion that I have helped to put on around
of the ladder bas bad tho grit to hold his
placo and climb up higher. Tho ninety
nine strive by fall means or foul to got
to tho top of tlo iddor where tho hun
dredth man stan
. What is success Is it tho acquisi
tion of these baubles of wealth or posi
tion, or is it tho life given to doing good,
devoted to tho welfare of State '.' If I,
looking back over my lifo, felt that I hail
over been bought, thal I had over been
gagged, I would not feel worthy to stand
before, you this morning.
True success lies in making tho best
uso of those faculties which (bid haw
given you and reaching that station in
life which true worth will givo. In a
moral sense it means to keep your soul
free from splotches, so that your con
science will not lash you as you toss on
your bed at night. And though you may
go through lifo without becoming a
multi-millionaire, robbing your fellow
man, according to all religious teachings,
your state will be better than that of tho
rich robber.
The. Hildo says that lt is not good for
man tr; be alone, way back when Adam
was a youngster. So he made woman.
If if were not for woman I would clear
out from this old world.
Some of yon say yon aro notable.
Adam and Hvo didn't wait to get ready.
They hitched up ami started out. Tho
woman is the. one to decide about that
question of ability. You want to have a
purpose in life. I don't mean making
money. That is easy. I'll givo you Ar
temus Ward's receipt. It never fails.
"Kiso early, work bard and lato, lavo
on what you can't soil. Then you'll die
rich and go to-." Ile a man; your
own owner, not afraid to stand out and
speak your thoughts.
Men who have grown wealthy havo
grown conservative. They loso tboir
manhood and lose their inllucnco for
good. We aro in danger of a central
ized government at Washington run in
the interests of the classes. I know how
tho wheels run and wboro thoy have
been grossed with bribery. I baveboast
ingly said before all kinds of audiences
throughout the land that the South is
the only true American section of our
country and they have cheered mo to
thc echo although I was assuming a
superiority. Many of our best men are
I roigncrs, but there are thousands up
North who cannot spoak our language.
I have said enough to you, young mon,
lo keep you thinking a month, but you
are going to dance it all away Monday
lt is a shaine that we should take these
young men away from the relining infill'
enees of their hom-s, mothers and sisters
and placo them in barracks wboro they
never see a woman except at a distance
loo great, to toll whether sho is good
looking or not.
Here Senator Tillman mado a plea for
the bettering of tho social opportunities
of the young men here. He objected to
too much straight laced puritanism.
Tho speech was well received. Tho
Senator was often applauded.
The graduating c lass numbered thirty
"sWIN'd ( Ol: N KUS."
Senator Tillman said in bis speech Fri
day that they ought to "slick up" tho
floor last, night so as lo havo it in good
condition for tho commencement hop Oil
Monday night. And (hey did. The
Sonator was present last, night ami was
in ono of his happiest moods. Ho ob
jected to too much waltzing and wanted
an old-fashioned square dance, such as
lia used lo attend, where they danced all
night and wont home willi thc girls in
the morning. Tho young pooplo finally
agreed. Mis. Higgs went up to the
Senator and Bald, "Now since you insist
on the sonare dance, won't you honor
mc?" lu bis impulsive style ho Hung
bis bat under tho bench and said witli a
|ork of Uio Load aud a left handed
ming, "I won't bo baokod out.'l Aud
lio wouldu't.
Miss Lona Tillman oallod tho dauoo
at ilrat, but the Son a tor, not ac custom od
to follow BO much aa to load, soou took
tho word and oallod "awing cornerai"
and awing with a will they did. Tho
SOnator waa Boomi ugly tho happiest man
on the door, and if bo had ever plowed
any it surely must not have boen in a
"now ground," for ho was as graceful as
any junior or senior ou tho floor. f
Mr. W. S. Whedon, Cashier of tho First
National Bank of Wiutorsot, Iowa, in a
recout lotter gives some exp?rience with
a carpenter tu his employ, that will be of
value to ot hoi mechanics. Ho says: "I
had a carpenter working for me who was
obliged to stop work for several days on
account of being troubled with diarrloca.
I mentioned to him that I had boon simi
larly troubled and that Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhma Remedy
had cured mo. Ho bought a bottlo of it
from tho druggist boro aud informed mo
that ono dose cured him, and ho is again
at bis work." For salo by Dr. J. W.
Dell, Walhalla.
Murder Case En-'s In a Mistrial.
Abbovillo, S. C., Juno 22.-Judgo
Klugb is holding tho criminal court boro
this wook aud has already disposed of a
largo amount of business.
The most important caso boforo tho
court is that of Ibo Stato vs. Singleton
A. McIntosh, a white man s ell connected,
for murder.
Last Octobor ho killed George MoKin
uoy, a most respectable and worthy far
mer near bordeaux. Tho testimony
against tho defendant was damaging,
but bis sido made a good showing. Tho
jury bas boen out nearly twenty-four
hours and say they cannot ngroo.
A fow years ago McIntosh killed his
neighbor, Nowby, and was sontoncod to
hang, but tho Supreme Court granted
bim a new trial, and on tho next trial lie
?vas sontoncod ' to tho penitentiary for
five years. McIntosh and Senator Till
man aro closoly connected and tho lattor
while Covornor pardoned him.
A mistrial has just boon declared by
tho jury In tho Singleton murdor caso.
Information About tho Libraries at Tugaloo.
Mommingor Alumino Library of tho
Federation of Woman's Clubs of S. C.
Tra voling Library will bo opoucd ovory
day (oxcopt Sunday) at tho homo of Mr.
John W. Sliolor.
Tho White Kock library will bo opon
socoud and fourth Saturdays from throo
to fivo o'clock. A lady has givon a onso
for juvenilo books to tho library. Un
less fifty books aro collected by August
1st tho association will forfeit tho case.
A prisse will bo givon to tho poison who
collects tho most money or books for tho
library. Timo limited to August 1st.
Sorid gifts to Librarian, Whito Kock
Library, Tugaloo, S. C.
Tho bilious, tired, nervous man cannot
successfully com poto with his healthy
rival. Dewitt's lattlo Early Risers, tho
famous pills for constipation, will remove
tho cairne of your troubles. J. W. Boll.
Sontoncod for Ion Yoars.
Mrs. Lula Trinco Kennedy, whoso
trial in Kansas City on tho charge of
murdering her husband, Phillip II.
Kennedy, was concluded last week,
was found guilty of murder in tho
second degree and sontonccd te ton yoars
in tho penitentiary. Tho verdict, al
though apparently light, was somewhat
of a surprise to Mrs. Kennedy's friends,
although tho killing appeared deliberate
and cruet. The caso was ono of remarka
ble interest and attracted wido attention.
Mrs. Kennedy is a little woman only
nineteen yoars old and an attractive
blondo. Tho marriage occurred last
December and it was saul at tho time
that Kennedy was forced into tho cere
mony, and positively refused to live
with his w ife or contributo to her sup
On January 'Ith Kennedy died a peti
tion in tho circuit court, asking that tho
marriage be set aside, alleging that ho
had been coerced in going through tho
ceremony. Six days later his wife called
to seo him at his o 111 co, Ho carno out
into tho hall and tho two walked away
from tho door.
Mis. Kennedy stopped in the hall and
put the ittestion:
"Are you going to live with mo ns a
husband should?"
"1 am not," was tho answer.
Scarcely had tho words passed his lips
when Mrs. Kennedy drow a revolver from
tho folds of her dress and fired six shots
into Ibo body of her husband. Tho
reports came so quick in succession that
it was hard to distinguish between them.
Any ono of tho bullets would have caused
death. Kennedy was dead before his
body leached tho lloor.
Tho self-made widow looked con
temptuously at tho prostrate form. She
then walked lip to it and kicked tho face
several times. Wbon she had llnished
this pail of her work she said:
"You will never betray another girl."
Thon sho coolly surrendered herself.
It is said that Kennedy's dying words
wore, "It wasn't her gun." Tho connec
tion of her brothers, if any, with tho
caso will 1)0 brought out in tho forth
coming trial.
A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's Cough
ltomody when druggists uso it in their
own families in preference to any other.
"I have sold Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy for tho past live years with completo
satisfaction to myself and customers,"
says Druggist J. Goldsmith, Van Etton,
N. Y. "I have always used it in my own
family, both for ordinary coughs and
colds and for tho cough following la
grippo, and find it very ellicacious."
For salo by Dr. J. W. Boll.
---M . -
Accident on the C. and W. C. Railroad.
Spartanburg, June 21.-This afternoon
tho passenger train from Augusta on the
Charleston and Western Carolina, Con
ductor Col cock, jumped tho track this
side tho trostlo over Tygcr river, two
miles from Roebuck, while turning a
sharp curvo at tho rato of about :i() miles
an hour. All tho cars save tho Pullman
coach were thrown nil tho track. Tho
locomotivo turned over and tho cars
tilted. There woro about 2?> passengers
on the train. Kngineer Henry Zoiglor
and Fireman lt. P. Turner, both of Au
gusta, were tho worst hurl, the former
having severe cuts in head and internal
injuries. His recovery is oxtromoly
doubtful. Fireman Turner's faco was
bruised, left arm and shoulder burned
and thighs badly injured. W. K. Schauo
folo, news boy, If) years old, had left leg
broken botweon ankle and knee; faco
slightly bruised. Wm. A. Wallace, of
Laurens, baggago master, was internally
injured, right foot bruised and face
scarred up. M. J. O'Connor, of Augusta,
a veteran express messengor, was bruised
on tho head. Bon Nance, colored postal
clerk, bruised somewhat. AU - tho
injured oxcept O'Connor, white, and
Nance, colorod, aro at tho Spartanburg
-4 ?te
O?lico of D. IL Hardy. Sec. of State, /
Austin, Texas, Nov. 21, l'.KM). \
I havo found Dr. Moffett's TKKTIMftA a
splendid remedy and aid for my teething
children. When my oldest hoy was a
teething child, ovory succeeding day
warned us that we would inevitably lose
him. 1 happened upon TKKTIIIKA, ami
began at once administering it to him,
and his improvement was marked in 21
hours, ami from that day oil he recuper
ated. I have constantly kept it and used
it, since with my children, and havo takon
groat pleasure in sounding its praises! to
all mothers of young children. I fourni
it i oval nable even after tho tee) hing
period was passed. Mrs. D. Ii. Hardy.
For salo by Dr. J. W. Boll.
Loss ol Life Estimated from Two to Five I
lluudred-Property Loss Heavy.
Bluoflold, W. Va., Juno 23.-This
outiro seotlon has just been vin'tod by a i
Hood, th? extent of wbiob in all proba* <
Milty will equal or exceed that of
Johnstown in 1830, so far as the loss of. i
property ls concerned. Karly yesterday :
morning, shortly after midnight, a heavy <
downpour of rain bogan, accompanied l
by a severe olootrio storm, wbiob steadily i
increased in violence until 10 o'clock in <
tho morning, thou ceasing for several
hours and beginning agaiu with renewed i
violonco. This continued throughout I
tho entire day and night, and at 10
o'clock this morning, wbilo tho storm '.
bad abated, tho lowoiiug clouds indi
cated another terrille downpour at any
moment. Many milos of tho Norfolk
and Wostorn railroad track, bridgos and
telegraph linos aro ontirely destroyed
and communication is out off west of
Klkborn, so that it is impossible to loam
tho full extent of the losB of lifo and
property, but ofllolals of the coal opera
tions looatod in tho stricken distriot
have sent out messengers to Klkborn,
tho terminus of both telegraphic and
railroad communication, and have re
ceived a report that a conservative esti
mate ns to tho loss of lifo will easily
roach two hundred. Sumo of the drownod
aro among tho most prominent citizens
of the ooal fields.
The Pocahontas coal bold is located in
a basin with high mountain ranges on
either side. Klkborn creek Hows through
tho contor of tho basin, which ranges
from one-fourth to ono milo in width.
From Kn ii is, W. Va., to Vivian Yard,
W. Va., a distance of ton milos, minors'
cabins, coal company commissaries and
coko plants lino this basin. Klkborn
crook, hoing fed by numerous small
streams coming from tho mountain
sides, risos very rapidly and this water
spout carno BO suddenly that tho en ti re
basin botweon tito two mountain rangos
was flooded, and boforo tho terror
stricken pooplo realized what was upon
thom thoy wuro carried down by tho
flood, which swept everything in its
At Koystouo tho water began to riso at
0 o'olook Sunday morning, and by ll
o'clock tho flood had spout its fury and
at least two-thirds of tho littlo city bad
boon washed away or demolished.
lt is known that sixteen residents of
thc north sido lost their lives, and at
least fifty of those living on tho south or
lower siilo wore drownod.
At Burko, a suburb of Koystouo, a num
ber aro missing and eight, aro reported
dead, lt is now certain that tho total
list of thc dead from ono end of the Klk
born valloy to tho other will roach two
hundred. Hundreds aro missing, having
taken refuge in tho mountains to escapo
tho fury of tho Hood.
At lonst three hundred mino mules
woro drowned, and as many as twenty
five could bo seen swimming about in
tho Hood and making an unusual tight
for lifo. But littlo damage is dono to
mino property, as tho drift mouths woro
high up tho mountain sides. Several
hundred aro reported Hooded, but it is
impossible to ascertain tho extent of tho
On tho North Fork branch of tho Nor
folk and Western, which is Hvo and one
half miles long, there was no loss of lifo
as far as known, but. hundreds were ren
dered homeless and are now camping in
thc mountains. Tho damage to property
on this branch is very heavy, only ono of
tho ten collieries located on it escaping,
it being located at the head of tho stream.
In tho Klkborn valley il is estimated
that tho loss to tho railroad ami coal in
terests will reach into millions. Out of
twelve miles of main double track only
ono milo remains, and all Ibo bridges are
gono. Some of thom wore of tho heaviest '
masonry and iron, but they could not
resist tho fqreo of tho Hood. Tho
Cozor Company, ono of tho largest in 1
operation, lost a thousand horse power
electric plant, many buildings and coko
ovens. Their loss is said to bo $50,000.
Tho Houston Company is damaged somo
$20,000. Tho Tierney interest, consist
ing of four collieries, will loso $75,000.
At Landgraf, tho beautiful homo of
General Manager Ord, is report od gone,
but his family is said to ho safo. Pas
sengor train No. -I, of thc Norfolk and
Western Railway, reached Vivian Yard,
tlio western terminus of tho coal Held,
about 8.30 a. m., met tho Hood and was
unable to proceed farther. Tho waters
readied such a depth that tho coaohes
had to bo abandoned, tho passengers
hoing rescued by means of ropes strung
from tho windows of coaches to tho tops
of remaining coko ovens somo distance
away. Between Klkborn and Vivian
Yard, a distance of ton miles, 100 cars
arc said to bo washed away from tho
hacks and many of them carried down
the streams.
A rough estimate places thc number
of bridges woshed away botweon Blue
Held and Vivian Yard, a distance of
twenty-eight miles, at from fifteen to
twenty, and from present indications it
will bo impossible to get trains through
to Vivian and points west of tboro undor
a week or ton days.
This will render it impossible to get
rolief into tho stricken district, and with
thoso who escaped with thoir lives,
homeless and without food, indescriba
ble Suffering is inevitable.
Owing to tho fact that tho telegraph
lines woro prostrated by tho storm tho
Norfolk and Western ofllcials detailed
messongors by foot to cover Ibo territory
n? bout they oouh!. They returned in a
short timo with reports of tho terrible
destruction which had been done in their
respectivo territory. One of thoso mes
sengers, in walking over tho devastated
district, carno back and reported having
seen thirty-eight doad bodies. Thoro aro
supposed to bo many who will never bo
accounted for. The loss of lifo will pro?
baldy reach COO or ono, ami possibly this
number will bo swelled when fullor details
aro obtainable.
Tho Norfolk and Western Railroad
officials in Ibis city admit that at least
200 lives have been lost, Koystouo wiped
out and millions of dollars' worth of
property destroyed.
('all at Dr. J. W. Bell's drug store and
get a fren sample of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets. They aro an olo
gani physio. They also improve the
appetite, strengthen the digestion and
regulate the liver and bowels. They aro
easy to take and pleasant in effect.
First Balo of 1901 Cotton.
Alice, Texas., June 20.-Tho first bale
of cotton of tho 1901 crop is being baled,
and leaves bord1 to-morrow by express,
consigned lo Houston, Texas, lt is
claimed this breaks tho world's record
for carly cotton by four days.
Does Not Think a Democrat will Object to the
Oath Required by Executive Committee.
Columbia, Juno 20.-A good dont ha?
recently buon said about tboStato Derao
oratio Executive Committoo rultug Sena
tor MoLaurin out of the primary, and in
the current week's issuo of Abbeville
Press and Bauner inquiry is made of
Col. Wilie Jones whether he hws any
thing to do with such au effort and cen
suring him if ho has, and oriticising such
Col. Wilie Jonos tliis morning said: Au
Dditorial in tho Press ami Banner scorns
to demand that I make somo reply in
justification of tho State Democratic
Kxecutivo Committee and myself.
Tho .State Democratic, Executive Com
mittee is com ?ioscd of forty-one mon,
including Senator Tillman, and is ono of
tho fairest and squarest bodies of mon I
havo ovor had tho pleasure of hoing con
nected with. I do not boliovo there is a
mau on tho committee who would bc
unfair to any Democrat in the State in
any manner, and each ouo of thom will
do tho utmost to do absolute justice to
ovory Democrat. 1 havo boon associated
with theso gentlemen for yours, first as
a mombor of tho committee, and now ns
chairman of tho com mittoo, and tho com
mittee has never dono a singlo thing t hat
liad tho slightest tingo of injustice. I
know of no reason now why tho com
mittee should bo called togothor until
uoxt May, when tho committee will moot
to oall tho Stato Convention.
Personally 1 have frequently said I
was absolutely opposed to ruling Sena
tor MoLaurin out of tho Democratio
party and primary, and that hoing my
position 1 do not soo how 1 could bo in
any way hold responsible for any effort or
suggestion to rulo Senator MoLaurin out
of tbo primary. I do not, however,
speak for tho committee, but, paren
thetically, I may remark, without any
breach of confidence, that Senator Till
man also is now opposed to ruling Sena
tor McLauriu out of tho primary, as ho
as woll as I think tho pooplo can at al)
timos bo trusted and cnn tako caro of
themselves and their interests.
As to tho oath to bo prescribed for
Democratic candidates, that in a matter
for tho convention Itself, but if thoy do
not prescribe a form then it will bo tho
duty of tho next commit ice to proscribe
the form of tho oath. I am satisfied
that no Democrat will object to sub
scribo to an oath propared by tho con
vention or Executive Committee of Iiis
own party.
You may as well expect to run a steam
ongino without, water as to find an active
onorgotic man with a torpid liver and you
may know that his liver is torpid when
ho docs not relish his food, or feels dull
and languid after eating, often bas head
ache and sometimes dizziness. A few
doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Livor Tablets will restore his livor to its
normal functions, ronow his vitality, im
prove his digestion and make him feel
like a now man. Price 25 con bs. Sam
ples freo at Dr. J, W. Dell's drug store.
- ?
Death of the Rev. Dr. Korfoot.
Atlanta, Ca., .Juno 2:J.-Dr. Franklin
II. Korfoot, corresponding secretary of
tho Baptist Homo Mission Hoard, died
last Friday night at 8 o'clock of acute
rheumatism and ur om io poisoning. Dr.
Korfoot bad been ill for several mouthe.
Ho went to tho baptist Convention at
Now Orleans against tho wishes of Iiis
physicians. The duties attendant Upon
bis position and tho additional work
incident to tho convention told heavily
on bis strength, and bo returned in au
exhausted condition, taking lo lus bod
almost immediately.
Dr. Korfoot bas lived in Atlanta two
years. Ho carno boro from Louisville,
whore ho was for a number of years
uocrotary of tho Southern Baptist Thoo*
logical Seminary. Prior to bis connec
tion witli the Louisville Seminary be
was pastor of Strong Place Baptist
church, Brooklyn, and later of lin taw
Place Baptist church, Baltimore. Ile was
in bis Mt.h year.
Dr. Korfoot's romains wore laid to rest
Monday morning at Sholbyvillo, Ky.,
whore Dr, Korfoot's life-long friend, Dr.
Henry McDonald, dolivered the funeral
"Tho doctors told mo my cough was in
curable. One Minuto Cough Cure mado
mo a well man."-Norris Silver, North
Stratford, N. II. Because you'vo not
found relief from a stubborn cough,
tloii't despair. One Minute Cough Cure
has cured thousands and it will euro yon.
Safe and sure. J, W. Bell.
Illicit Love Lcd to Death.
Fort Worth, Texas, .lune 22. - Henry
Moore, a foreman in the s'.iops of Hie
Fort Worth and Denver Railroad, shot
and killed Ids wife and H. H. Bussell in
a wino room in tins city to night. Mooro
suspected bis wjfo's infidelity and
watched lier. He traced ber to a .saloon
and there found her with Bussell. He
heat them frightfully willi tho butt of
his pistol, after willoh ho began shoot
ing. His wife was dead when found and
Bussell died in a short limo. Moore was
Negro Lynched.
New Orleans, Juno 20,-Alexander or
Abraham Barrett, colored, was lynched
to-day at Nugent station, Miss., on tho
Coif and Ship Island Bailroad, a few
miles from O ul f port. Barrett a week
ago attempted criminal assault on Anna
Laudier, of Hancock county. While ott
lier way to school slio was attacked by
tho negro and hit ovor do head with an
axo handle. Ho was carrying her into
a oanobroak when tho school teacher
uaw him and rescued tho child. lie was
captured this morning and shot to (loath,
"Something New Under thc Sun."
All doctors havo tried to cure Catarrh
hy the use of powders, acid gases, inhal
ers and drugs in paste form. Their pow
dors dry up the mucous membranes, caus
ing thom to crack opon and bleed. The
powerful acids used in tho inhalers have
entirely oaten away tho same membranes
that their makers have aimed to cure,
while, pastes and ointments cannot roach
Ibo disease. An old and experienced
practitioner, who has for many years
made a close study and specialty of the
( realmenl of Catarrh, bas?t last perfected
a treatment which, when faithfully used,
not only relieves at onco, but permanent ly
cures Catarrh, by removing the cause,
stopping tho discharges and curing all
inflammation, lt is tho only remedy
known to science that actually reaches
thc aillictcd parts. This wonderful rem
edy is known as "SNUFFLES, the Guar
autoed Catarrh Cure," and is sold at the
extremely low prico of one dollar, each
package containing internal and external
medicino suflleion? for a full month's
treatment and everything necessary to
its perfect use.
"SNUFFI.KS" is tho only perfect Ca
tarrh (biro ever made and is now recog
nized as Hie only safe and positive cure
for that annoying and disgusting disease.
lt cures all inflammation quickly and per
manently, and is also wonderfully quick
to relieve Hay Fever or ('old in the Head.
Catarrh when neglected often leads to
Consumption-"SNU FFLFS" will save
you if you use it once. lt. is no ordinary
remedy, lint a complete treatment which
is positively guaranteed to euro Catarrh
in any form or stage if used according to
tho directions which accompany each
package. Don't delay, but semi for ital
once, and write full particulars as to your
condition, mid yon will receive special
rtdvico from tho discoverer of. this won
derful remedy regarding your casu with*
[>ut cost to yon beyond the regular price
af "SNUFFLES," tho Guaranteed Ca
tarrh Cure." Sent prepaid to any ad?
ilross in H. S. or Canada on receipt of
fine dollar. Address Dept C KIO, rfd Wi?
B. Giles ,v Company. 2380 and2 882 Mar
ket Street, Philadelphia.
In every town
and village
may be t?xd;
that makes your
horses glad.
Dr. Samuel J. Kennedy, who lins boon
tried tinco tiinoB on tho charge of mur
dering ..Dollie-" Konnedy in a Now York
hotel, was released from custody last
wook (tudor a $10,000 bond.
Kodol Dyspepsia Curo
Digests what you eat*
College of Charleston,
Charleston, So. Ca.
STRONG FACULTY: well equippod
Chemical, Physical and Biological
Laboratorios; Observatory; Library of
14,000 volumes, and tho linest Mnsoum of
Natural History in tho South, li. A
H. S. and M. A. courses Oiforod.
Tuition: $10, payable in two instal
ments. Hoard in Collogo Dormitory can
bo obtained at $10 a month. <)ne scholar
ship giving free tuition is assigned to
each county of South Carolina, tho holder
to be appointed hy tho Judge of Probate
and tho County Superintendent of Ed ll
cation. All candidates for admission aro
permitted to contpoto for vacant Royce
Scholarships, which pay $150 a year.
Knt rance examinations will bo hold in
Walhalla on July 12, 1001, by tho County
Superintendent and Judgo of Prohato.
Next session opone September :50th, 11)01.
For catalogue address
26-28 President,
University Building, Adjoining Equitable,
Edgewood Avenue,
Atlanta, . . . Georgia.
??Th? I undine Onliness Training Institu
te lion ol' thu South.
S,000 (oiiiliiiili'H ill I'oaitiollH. ^
?; Hook-Keeping. Shorthand, Typewriting,
:( l'ciutinuslilp, Arithmetic, itrniuiiinr,
? Spelling, Corrcspoiitloiino, Com
merelnl Law, Kio., lite.
"<??'. A. ti lt IM? o i:, IMoNideni, or
? I.. W. AUNOI.I), Vic? I'ICMI.,
I :?:O Al I un tn, ?Sn.
&0ii???&1l?S GUARANTEED
$5,000 DEPOSIT
200 FREE
Scholarships offered.
Write i)ulck to
Summer is Here
See our bargains in Straw lints,
Negligee Shirts, Ladies' LTndorvosts,
Undershirts, Ladies' and Men's Low
Q tl arter Shoes, anti everything for
hot weather.
Dean & Earle,
O, L. Hold's Old Stand.
P. S.-Grain Cradles for the fino
grain crop.
All kinds o? Machine Needles, New
Tin, Glass and Crockery, at
Teachers' Examination.
rilli KKK will bo an examination for
I Teachers' Cci'tillcatos on Saturday,
July 0, 1001, at tho Court House, begin
ning at 0 o'clock a. m. All persons tie
siring to be examined will appear before
the Hoard on that day. Applicants aro
OX pee tod to furnish their own paper, pen
anti ink. C. L. OK A IO,
County Superintendent Education,
.lune 12, 1001. 2<l-2fl
lt. T. J A Y NHS. I .J. W. SUKLOP.
PROMPT attontion givtm to all busi<
I ness committed lo their caro.
has been the leading
for 15 years, too well known to
need description hero.
Send for illus tra" tod catalogue of
Kngines, Threshing Machinery, Saw
Mills ami Agricultural Implements,
mailed free
York, Penna.
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examinations.
riT II l?, examin?t ions for tho awai ti of
JL vacant scholarships in Winthrop
College and for the admission of new
Students will ht; hold at the County
Court House tm FRIDAY, JULY 12th,
at o a. UL
Applicants must not be less than fif
teen years of age. When scholarships
are vacated aftor July 12th they will bo
awarded to those making tho highest,
average at this examination.
The cost of attendance, including
board, furnished ronni, heat, light anti
washing, is $0 per month.
Kor furl bei informal ion anti a cata
logue, address
D. li. JOHNSON. President,
22-27* Rock Ill?l, S. 0.
Be sure to see me before you bu
I>.ynii,mite A^l\
. I am prepared ai
Monuments, Tombs, 5
and Headstones.^ ?fr
Having designe?
ener Monument
Executive Corni
mental work in
can satisfy all w
Decree for Sale.
Forum OiHOUlT.-Ix EoUITY,
?HKDKUICK M. COLSTON, Complainant,
against Columbia and Grocnvillo Rail
road Company, Defendant.
In tho Mutter of
BESTED IN ME, under tho terms ot a
lecrcc in tho ahovo stated cause, signed
?y His Honor Nathan Golf, .Indue of the
Jircuit Court of tho United States, on
holst day of Julio, 1001, I, as Special
Master, will sell
ALL TH IC PHOriSUTY, roal and per
sonal, rights of property, franchises and
ntcrests of tho Dino "Ridge Railroad
Company of South Carolina and of the
Columbia and Grcenvillo Railroad Com
pany in thc liluo Ridge Railroad, and
properly hereinafter described, at pub
ic outcry, in front of the door of tho
Doun ty Court House, at Anderson, South
karolina, within Ibo legal hours of sale,
m MONDAY, JULY l?th, 1001, upon
he following terms, to wit:
FOR CASH: Provided, that no bid for
less than $100,000 shall be accepted.
All that property known as the Hine
Ridge Railroad in South ('andina, iii
duding the roadbed, the track, thc iron
.ails, right of way, superstructure, tito
lido-tracks or turnouts, including tho
ron superstructure and roadbed of said
rack and side-tracks, turntables, the
icveral bridges, viaducts, culverts, cattle
{narda, fences, dopot buildings, machine
)i other shops, sheds, wood bouses,
itono houses, waler tanks, station bouses,
md such other buildings of the several
(iuds as belonged to said Hine Ridge
tailroad Company in South Carolina,
.villi tho land upon which the same
i toed, or may stand, or has been or may
)0 constructed, tho engines, tenders,
sara, tools, materials, machinery, and
mob and every real and personal pro
lerty appertaining to or connected with
>r forming part of said Hine Ridge Hail
oad in South Carolina.
Also, all tlioso certain franchises,
ights and privileges of, in, lo or con
iomillg thc said Hine Ridge Railroad
'ompany in South Carolina, lhere being
ibout thirty-three miles of railroad com
pleted as a railroad, and also all the pro?
icrty of the Hine Ridge Railroad Oom
?any in Georgia, including all the right
if way and lands occupied by and be
onging to said Company, together with
ho superstructure thereon, consisting of
he partially constructed works of said
Railroad, to-wit : ICxcavations, ombiink
nents, viaducts, culverts, bridges, ab Ut
non t? and tunnels, and all other works
?f every description constructed for the
ise and purposes of the said Hine Kidge
Railroad Company ; said railroad lying,
ixtending and being between the
mundary lino of tho State of Georgia
md South Carolina and thc boundary
ines of the States of Georgia and North
karolina, there being about seventeen
'17) miles thereof. Also all the property
<f the Tennessee River Railroad Company
in North Carolina, including all (lie
iglits of way and lands occupied by and
belonging to said (.'ompany, and all fian?
diisos, rights and privileges of, in, to
jr concerning tho said Railroad Com
pany, said line ol railroad and right of
way lying, extending and being between
:ho boundary lines between the Slates of
?eorgia and North Carolina and the
mundary lines botwoOll the ?States of
North Carolina and Tennessee, there
icing about seventy-four miles thereof.
\nd also personal property, to wit: Six
eon hundred and fifty shares of the
lapital stock of tho Pendleton Railroad
Jotnpany; live thousand, four hundred
ind ninety shares of the capital stock ol'
ho Rino Ridge Railroad Company in the
stale of Goorala; and four thousand,
four hundred snares of the capital stock
if tho Tennessee River Railroad Com
?any in North Carolina, the same being
i majority of tho capital stock of each of
aid two last mentioned companies,
laid stock being all thc stock owned in
icveral companies, by the Hine Ridge
tailroad Company in South Carolina.
VISO tho following described lands and
lorsonal property or so much thereof as
s not included in tho foregoing dosorip
ion to wit:
1st. All that tract of land, situate,
ying and being in tho Slate of South
,'arolina and County of Oconee (formerly
Mckons) on tho Stomp House Mountain,
idjoihing ianda of Edward llorndon, J.
Coward Calhoun and ot Inns, composed
if tho following pieces, parcels or tracts,
'\Y, : Ono tract originally surveyed by
I. C. Kilpatrick for Thomas Stribling,
OUtailiing live hundred acres, moro or
ess, and ono other tract, adjoining the
.recoding tract, surveyed by .1. L. KU?
latriek for Jesse Stribling, containg live
Hind red acres, niOVO or less. The entiro
rads herein convoyed having such
linpo, marks, buttings and bounds as
TO represented by a jdat. of re-survey
nado by Robert KuMeiton, I). S., bearing
lato the first day of March, A. 1). lsi:>,
o which reference can he had, being the
anio lands conveyed by M. L. Keilli and
iamuel Reid by deed bearing date
wontioth day of August, A. 1). (85il, to?
[Other with all and singular the rights,
iieinheis, hereditaments and appin te
ianc.es lo tho said premises belonging or
II anywise incident or appertaining, Hut i
aid premises being tho sanio convoyed '
Livery, Feed and Sale
. . Stable, . .
I have the best manufactured
goods on the market, and sell
more than any man In town.
iy.Phone No. ll.
ypiym on Hand.
I Designing:!
t all times to fill orders for
d and executed theiWag
; for the Semi-Centennial
iiittee, and other monu
this section, I feel that I
ho wish work in this line.
YHEW walhalla?8< ?
to tho Uluo Kidgo Railroad Company in
South Carolina by James E. Calhoun by
deed duly rocordod in Mcsno Convoy
ance Ollicu l'ickons County, Hook II,
Pago 14.
2d. All that tract, parcol or lot of land
situated near and adjoining tho villago
of Pendleton, containing fivo aoros, ono
rod, sixteen rods, bo tho sanio moro or
loss, beginning at tho northwest cornor
of a post in tho fenco running south ?ti
degrees, cast 710 foot by Mary stroct to a
post in fonco, tlienco south 10 degrees, 30
minutes, wost 408 foot by land ownod by
Duke & Sitton tostako and stono, thonco
north 72 degrees, west 740 foot by land
owned tty Sittons and Jenkins to post in
fonce, thenco north 5 degrees, east 227
feet to placo of beginning, containing
(ive acres, ono rod, Bixtoon rods together
with all and singular tho rights, mem
bers, hereditaments and appurtenances
to tho promisos bolongiug or in anywiso
incident or appertaining to tho said
promises, being tho Baino convoyed to
Henry Coordino, President of tho Ditto
Ridgo Railroad Company, by W. P. Pat
ton by deed dated July 4th, 1854.
.'Jd. All that parcel of land situato in
tho State of South Carolina, Andorson
county, near tho town of Anderson, con
taining fifty-throo acres, commencing at
a rod oak cornor, thonco north 14J de
grees, cast 400 to a stono cornor, thonco
north 2?J dogreos, wost 20.45 to a stono
corner, thonco south 51)<} (legr?os, wost
14.75 to a post oak cornor, thonco south
12 degrees oast 27.25 to a stono cornor,
thonco north 711 degrees east 17 SS-UK) to
tho beginning coiner, with tho stroot as
represented by plat annexed to tiio deed
conveying said premises, together with
all and singular tho rights, moinbors,
hereditaments and appurtenances to tho
premises belonging or otherwise incident
or appertaining to said premisos, hoing
tho samo convoyed to said Bluo Kidgo
Haiiroad Company hy John T. Sloan by
deed duly recorded i fi Kogistor of Mosno
Convoyauco (Milco, Anderson County,
Hook C. C., pages 841 and 842,
4th. All that piece and parcel of land,
situato in tho County of Anderson and
State aforesaid, on Six and Twenty Milo
Crook, on west sido of tho lino of tho
Hine Kidgo Railroad, containing thirteen
and three-fourths acros, moro or loss,
together with all and singular tho rights,
members, hereditaments and appurte
nances lo tho promisos belonging or in
anywiso incident or appertaining to tho
saiil promises, being tho same convoyod
to tho said Hine Ridge Railroad Company
by (/liarles K. Davis and William H.
Davis by deed duly recorded in tho Reg
ister of Moana Conveyance Ollico, Ander
son County, in Hook I). 1)., pago 070.
5th. All that picco and parcel of land,
situato in tho County of Andorson, in
tho corporate limits of tho town of
Andorson, on tho wost side, lying on
both sides of tho lino of tho road laid off
and constructed by said company, con
taining thirteen and one-half acres, and
having such- shape, marks, huttings and
boundings as represented by a plat mad O
by .James (Mimer, I). S., on tho 18th day
ol Juno, A. 1). IS55, (a copy of said plat
being annexed to tho deed convoy
ing said land,) together with all and
singular tho rights, members, here
ditaments and appurtenances to tho
promisos belonging or in anywiso inci
dent or appertaining, said promises ho
ing the same convoyod to tho said Rino
Ridge Railroad Company by John P.
Henson by deed duly recorded in tho
Register of Mosno Conveyance Ollico,
Anderson County, Honk C, O, Pagos 114
and 115. Also, all thoir rights, title and
interest in and to the Knoxville and
Charleston Railroad, its right of way,
lands and other property, real and per
sonal, and rights, privileges and fran
chises. And, also, all and singular tho
right, title, claim, interest and ostato of
all or either bf tho said corporations
known and designated as tho Rino Ridge
Railroad Company in South Carolina, tho
Pendleton Railroad Company, tho Rino
Ridgo Railroad, tho Knoxvillo and Char
leston Railroad, and tho Tennessee River
Railroad of. in and to all or any
of tho property abovo mentioned and
described. And in all proporty
wheresoever situato, lying or being,
including al) tho rights of way and lands
occupied by or belonging to thom and
oiich of them respectively, togothor with
thc several superstructures and tracks
thereon, and all rails and other materials
used in each of them, or procured for
thc use and construction of either, inclu
sivo of tho iron rails purchased or paid
for with money obtained for tho above
described bonds, and all and singular
tho several bridges, viaducts, oulvorts,
fences, depot grounds, and buildings
thereon, station houses of all kinds ami
grounds, engines, tenders, cars, tools,
inatei ?als, machinery and all othor per
sonal property appertaining to, or in any
manner connected with, or forming part
of either or any of tho abovo named
roads, together with tho tolls, rents or
incomes to ho had or levied therofrom,
and all franchises, rights, and privileges
of each and every of tho said corpora
tions, bf, in, to ur concerning tho same.
T. P. ("OTU RAN,
25-28 Special Master.
Master's Sale.
County of Oconoo. \
In tho Court of Common Pions.
J. J. Ooforth, Plaintiff,
C. C. Simpson, Defendant.
I)l'RSUANT to a Decree, signed by
JL His Honor J. C. Klugli, Jndgo of
the Eighth Judicial Circuit, on Juno 7th,
1001, I will sell, at public auction, to tho
highest bidder, in front of tho (Joint
House, at Walhalla, S. C., on MONDAY,
the first day of JULY next, within tho
legal hours of sale, tho poisonal prop
erty below described, ro-wit:
Ono 20-horse power steam engino and
Ono saw mill.
.Ono pair of mules.
One wagon.
Two yokes of ox on,
Tit roo carts.
Ono dray.
Terms: One-half eash on day of sale,
balance on a credit of sixty days, with
leave to tho piirehasor to anticipate pay
ment. Credit portion to bo secured by
bond of the purchaser and mortgage df
the properly.
Master for Oeonoc County.
Juno lath, 1001. 25-20

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