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Bacterial Life Contains tho Secret ol Nitro
gen Production.
Nitrogen is to the soil in which our
plants grow much what the oxygen
of the air io to u? ; for without it thc
death of vegetation muat ultimately
ensue. For that reason we add the
necessary nitrogen to the tilted soil
in the form of fertilizers'/ lt happens,
however, that the supply of fertili
zers, whioh in turn is dependent
upon the supply of nitrates in the
world, is limited. Like the coal
fields of Pennsylvania, the nitrate
beds from whioh nitrogen compounds
aro obtained must ultimately be ex
hausted. And beoause the free ni
trogen of tho air in its elemental
state oannot be assimilated by vege
tation, it is no wonder that the agri
cultural chemist has taken it upon
himself to devise some means for re
storing to the earth the nitrogen
whioh it must give up to the growing
plant, and without which the plant
could not grow.
Just how tho nitrogen of the air
could be converted into nitrates
suitable for fertilization is a problem
that has been attacked time and time
again with scant success. Crookes
proposed a plan not without merit,
a plan by which tho nitrogen of the
air-was converted into nitric acid
through tho agency of the clectrio
For centuries farmers have known
that different crops should be grown
in the same field with each succeed
ing year. Some crops following
dover and other plants were found
to flourish admirably. Careful analy
ses by agricultural chemists have
shown that the benefits derived by
this rotation are due directly to the
increased stores of nitrogen placed
at the disposal of the benefited
plants. It would necessarily have
followed that plants of the clover
type were able to render available
nitrogen which would otherwise bo
unassimilatcd. Further investiga
tion showed that this nitrogen was
fixed in a manner entirely unsus
pected, and that we need have no
fear of the exhaustion of tho nitrate
beds which supply us with tho chief
ingredients of our fertilizers.
The Leguminosije family of plants,
among other distinctions, have well
defined nodules at their roots, highly
charged with nitrogen and consti
tuting the habitat of certain bacteria
indispensable in nitrogen assimila
tion. Elaborate experiments proved
that tho destruction of these bacte
ria was equivalent to the destruction
of tho plant life itself. Bacterial
lifo, then, and nothing else, contains
tho secret of nitrogen production. It
having been settled with reasonable
certainty that tho fixation of nitro
gen in the case of Leguminpsiae is
directly traceable to bacteria, the
next investigation to bc carried out
had for its determination tho lifo
process of these bacteria-the con
ditions under which they thrive, the
amount of light, heat, ami moisture
that they require, the manner in
which the plant appropriated tho ni
trogen brought to it from the air,
and finally, the possibility of artifi
cially stimulating plant life by inocu
lating soil with the bacteria. These
investigations have boen carried out
with striking success. At no very
distant day tho farmer will either in
ooolate his field with ? culture of
bacteria adapted to thc crop he
wishes to grow, or incorporate with
his soil oarth of a field where tho
crop has already been successful.
The uncertainty of a good crop will
then have vanished, and a farmer
will be assured of tho best obtaina
ble erops from the seed which he has
planted. Guesswork will have given
place to absolute certainty.-Scien
tific American.
Something that Everybody Knows.
Everybody knows that sick hondacho,
biliousness, sallowness and constipation
aro caused hy a disordered liver. But
everybody don't know that laziness, that
tired leoline, despondency, the hines, Ir
ritability and sleeplessness aro also duo
to the same cause. If your liver is acting
well, your akin will ho clear, eyes bright,
spirits buoyant, appetite good, health
good. Uydale's I.ivor Tablets will make
your liver act right and they will do it in
such a pleasant way that you will hardly
realize that you are taking medicine.
Bydalo's Liver Tat do ts aro guaranteed to
euro chronic constipation and all liver
diseases and disorders. Your money
refunded if theso tablets do not givo sat
isfaction. Walhalla Drug Co., Sonoca
A fanner, in experimenting with
Mexican labor has found that they
can pick nearly twice as much cot
ton in a day as the negro can.
W. B. Smith Whaley Makes Assignment.
_________ , <. ?
Boston, Mass., September 20.
Owing over a mill?n dollars and
with assets of $1,200, Wm. B. Smith
Wbaley, the financial supporter of
several ootton manufacturing enter
prises in the South, tiled a voluntary
petition in bankruptcy in the United
States District Court to-day. Mr.
Whaley was the senior me ?ber of
the Wm. B. Smith Whs loy company
of this city and is a resident of New
ton. For some time he bas been in
terested in raising funds for textile
industries in tho Southern States,
particularly in South Carolina, whioh
hiive not resulted favorably. Mr.
Whaley's total liabilities are $1,114,
125. The secured claims ?mount to
$1,087,951, and the unsecured to
How's This !
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of catarrh tha^.cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney A Co...Props., Tolodo, O.
Wc, the.undersigned, have known F.
J. Chouey for tho last 15 years, and be
liovo him porfectly honorable in all busi
ness transactions and financially ablo to
carry out any obligations made by bis
Wabling, Kinnan A Marvin, Whole
Bale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is takon inter
nally, acting directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. Price,
75o. per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Testimonials freo.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
Toomb's Oelense of a Slave.
Many incidents are related illus
trating tho mutual affection of mas
ter and slave in the South before tho
war. %
A negro man, strong and healthy,
but getting gray from years, was on
trial for murder. He had killed an
other negro and had been laying in
jail for some time awaiting his trial,
The testimony against him was
given by other negroes who witnessed
the killing. When the case WSE
callod for trial by tho presiding judg<
an old man rose and, in a voice deer,
and low, but full of marked gentle
ness, said :
"Will your honor please mark rae
for the defense ?"
It was Gon. Robert Too tn bs
His face was wrinkled with age, bul
it was large and strong, and lin
lines * of intellect made deopei
wrinkles than those of age. Hie
white hair rolled back in curls from J
splendid brow. His form waa largt
and tall and straight, although hil
movements were slow with the years
His eyes still flashed as when in tin
Senate Chamber at Washington.
The witnesses all seemed un
friendly toward the prisoner. In hi
own statement he claimed that th?
killing was in self-defense.
General Toomba analyzed tb
testimony of the eye-witnesses, anc
then concluded thus :
"Your honor, please, and gentle
men of tho jury : A few years agi
my only brother fell wounded on tb
battlefield of Gettysburg. He la;
there bleeding to death, with w
friendly hand to help him. Shot an<
shell were sweeping the earth al
about him. No friend could go t
him, no surgeon dared approach him
My brother had a body servant wb
waited on him in camp. Tho negri
saw his master's danger, and straigh
out into that sheet of battle an
flame and death he went. A pice
of sholl tore the llesh from his broasl
but on ho went, and, gathering m
brother in his arms, vhe blood of th
man mingling with thc blood of th
master, he bore him to safety and t
life. Jim, open your collar."
Tho prisoner roso and oponed h
shirt in tho front. On his breast th
jury saw the long jagged scars whet
the shell had torn its way.
"Jim's skin may be black," ?
General continued, "he may bo a n<
gro, but the man who would do wb
ho did has a soul too white over t
have killed a man except in dcfcni
of his own life."
The jury agreed with him ar
Jim was cleared.-Thc Classmate.
Mono; to Move Crops.
Washington, September 24.-Tl
transfers of money from the Nc
York subtreasury to New Orlear
Chicago and other points for cn
moving purposes continues, and
H. Roberts, United States Treasun
says that he has authorized the trar
fer of $300,000 to Now Orleans. I
stated that the transfers are not m
terially in excess of last yoar, but i
dioate that the crop-moving seas*
will require at least the usual amou
of money.
Biggest Line of*]
that have ei
Just til ink-uno soi iii oar iuad *
(|.luin ivml glass), Window Sash, Moul
Doors, any size; 500 pairs Sash. We <
Window; always sold heretofore at $1
Guns, Hunting Coats. Leggins,
Hopkin & Allen Single Barrel
been sold for $5. Double Barrel Oun
38 cents per box.
Shingle and Sa^
Tho Iroquois theater, in which
nearly 600 persons were burned to
death on December 80, 1903, was re
opened on the night of September 19
as a vaudeville play house. The
theater has been refitted at a cost of
nearly $100,000, and constructed so
as to meet every requirement of the
Carroll, the little son qi John W.
Hook, of Batesburg, was supposed
to have been bitten by a mad dog on
last Weduesday. The day following
Mr. Hook left with the boy for Pros
perity in search of a mad stone.
He was bitten in two places, on tho
hand and on the right side of the
abdomen, and from evidence to bu
adduced from the various rumors
the dog was certainly mad.
A Denver, Col., dispatch to the
New York Evening Telegram says :
It is reported that at least 100,000
women will vote at the coming
Presidential election in the States of
Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Wyom
ing. Politicians agree that in those
sections of the country the women's
vote practically holds the balance of
power, and they are using every
effort to gain the support of the
feminine contingent. Here it is ex
pected that tho labor question will
be the most important issue, while
in the other three States it is ex
pected that the campaign will be
conducted on thc Mormon question.
Columbia correspondence of the
News and Courier : Attorney Gene
ral U. X. Gunter has prepared at the
request of State Chairman Wilie
Jones, the tickets that are necessary
for the general election, HO that tho
voters of the State at thc Novem
ber election can say whethor thoy
want biennial- sessions or not, and
whethor they want an amendment
to tho constitution by which the
General Assembly can make separate
and distinct road laws for each and
every count;, in the State. Mr. Gun
ter has prepared the tickets so that
tho voters can express their views
upon the two constitutional amend
ments that are to bo submitted ta
the approaching general election.
Wheat is considerably over a dol
lar a bimbel in .Chicago, and sowing
time is close at hand.
ROBERT A. CAMPBELL-. M. [)., writ**
Afi?r many other foods hid failed Sunbrights
sived our hihy. I have med it tniny nmei
with uniform succ?s* i? tn infini food, ?Iso
in Typhoid ?nd other fever*. I ctn recom
mend it with full confidence thu ir will give
univertil stiiifiction, ind ?grtt with more
bibict thin ?ny other food on the mirKti.
50*. 75f. $1.2$. $3.00 Shes.
Sunbrightt Cilifornii Food Co,
Lo* Angel?!, Cil.
olid Car
Hardware and the ]
/er been offered to
>T Building Material, suoh aa Doom,
dinga, Blinds, MantelB, etc. Over 800
>ffer you 8x10 12-light Sash at 87o. per
, per Sash. Other ai zea aa cheap in
Reloading Seta, etc. ?
Ouna, $3.50 Thia Oun has alwaya
a $8.50 to $25. Loaded Sheila only
fr Mill Supplies, Belting, Ri
All our Custome]
Noah Waded in the Mud.
The Baltimore Sun says that at
Wesley Grove campmeeting last
month the subject of "eternal dam
nation" was introduced by one of a
party of ministers and laymen who
were lounging about in one of the
reception tents on Preachers' Row,
enjoying seoular relaxation and so
cial intercourse. One gentleman ad
dressed Bishop W. A. Candler, of
the Southern Methodist Episcopal
Church, and said :
"Bishop, surely you don't believe
that God would permit anybody to
be damned, do you ? Don't you
think God is too good for that ?"
To this tho Methodist Bishop with
Universalist predilections replied :
"I don't know about that. Bibli
cal history would seem to be to the
contrary. According to the theory
implied in what you say all the
wicked people who were drowned in
the Hood went straight to heaven
and to eternal rest, away from the
cares of this world, while the only
good man in the whole world at the
time was left wading around in tho
mud." ._
Avoid sorious results of kidnoy or
bladder disorder by taking Foley's Kid
ney Cnre. Sold by J. W. Boll, Walhalla;
W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Mob Shoots Innocent Negroes.
The negroes recently dismissed by
the Court at Talbotton, Ga., on the
charge of belonging to a "Beforeday"
club, were followed on their depart
ure by a hack carrying four or five
white 'men. About a mile from
town the hack party met a negro
boy named Jack Troy. In passing,
somo one in the hack shot bira,
wounding him so seriously that he is
not expected to live. Six miles
from town the hack party called Ed
Martin, a negro, on II. C. Truesal's
plantation, from his house and made
him get in the hack, when one of
the party shot the negro's eye out,
and bc is also expected not to live.
The negroes were not charged with
being members of a "Beforeday"
club. Sheriff Richards, with depu
ties and a posse, have gone to Pratts
burg to protect the negroes there.
There is no mob at Prattsburg and
no effort has been made to harm the
negroes who wore arrested and ac
quitted at Talbotton.
Intelligence of the Widow.
"The widow," said I. W. Read, of
Nashville, "furnishes tho most de
lightful study to tho observer of the
tricks and manners of human boings.
One summer," he continued in a
ruminating manner, "I was spending
some time nt White Sulphur Springs,
Va.,-I only tell this as an illustra
tion of the acumer and intelligence
of tho genus widow-and ono after
noon a handsome young woman and
her littlo 6-yoar-old son sat near me
on the voranda. The littlo follow
trotted up to me and I patted him ort*
the head. 'What's your name ?' he
asked. I told him. 'Is you mar
ried ?' he lisped. *No, I'm not,' I
replied. Then the child paused a
moment, and, turning to his mother,
said, tarnma, what else did you tell
me to ask him ?"
Lowest Prices now
the People of Ocoi
One solid oar Cooking Stoves, B
Cooking Stoves $7.50 and upwai
have the kind that niakos cooking a p
this is backed up by us. Heating Stoy
residences, $1.25 to $10. Sumo rare ba
.50 PEU KKfl BASE._.
Try an Avery Steel Plow if you
turo your laud.
We have the SyraeuBo Plows. M
If we haven't got in stook what
ibber Hos?, Piping, Injeoto:
rs are our Friends._
Transformation of Dowio.
Wearing a rich robe and mitre
modeled after those of an. snoient
Jewish high priest, John Alexander
Dowie has proclaimed himself "John
Alexander," first apostle of the
Christian Catholic churoh.
The announcement was made in
the tabernacle at Zion City, where
seven thousand people had assem
bled. Dowie referred to the robeB
in assuming the ?iiicc. After quot
ing Scripture in support of the olaim
he made to the title of Kirst Apostle,
he said :
"I did not create the ofiioe. It
was created|by the Lord. I did not
create it any more than I designed
these robes."
Dowie wore a long garment of
heavy, white satin, lined with white
silk. Over this was a. purple satin
robe, fringed with gilt, of knee
length. The "broidered coat," the
richest feature of the costume, was
of white satin, embroidered with
geometrical patterns in purple and
gold, the colors of the churoh.
Little Girl Assaulted.
In the Highland neighborhood of
Greenville county on September 21st,
the 13-year-old daughter of W. A.
Reid, a farmer, was criminally as
saulted by an unknown negro. Mr.
Reid was in Greenville, attending
Court, when the message oame.
With the sheriff he left for home at
midnight, and a posse is now search
ing for the fiend. If captured, the
assailant will be taken to Greenville
for immediate trial. This is prom
ised by the sheriff and judge.
Lightning Kills Six Men.
A dispatch from Port Arthur,
? Texas, last Wednesday says : During
an electrical storm this morning
.lightning struck an-oil tank of the
Texas Oil refinery, on whioh six men
were at work, shelling the roof. The
oil ignited, and in tho ox plosion
which followed five of the workmen
were instantly killed and the other
fatally injured.
Chinese Girl to Make Debut.
Tho daughter of Sir Chentung
Liang Cheng, Chinese Minister to
the United States, will make her
social debut in Washington ?orno
time this winter. She will be *\ho
first Chinese girl formally to enter
American society. She is 18 years
old and is accounted a decided
beauty, according to Oriental ideas,
though her feet aro not deformed.
Miss Cheng has not adopted Ameri
can dress. Her diamonds and pearls
rival in size and beauty the noted
gems of Mrs. Wu, wife of the former
Fire, whioh originated in thc
Piedmpnt Clothing Manufacturing
Company's plant at Charlotte last
Wednesday night, caused a loss esti
mated at $90,000; insurance about
Batt Cough Syrup. TMtes Good. Vam
In time. Sold br rtruggUU.
. . ..- | p
on these Goods
iee County.
langes and Heating Shoves,
rds, with full line of nice V?asela. We
ileasure. Tb ey are guaranteed, and
es for churches, sohool houses and
.rgafris in this Hue.
oannot get anything else that will
allory's Combination Plows, ote.
'you want, -we oan or thu- it.
rs, Valves, Etc
By a dubbing arrangement wi tb the
j Charleston 8emi-Weekly News and Cou
I rier we are offering that paper and The
Keowee Courier for $1.50 per year. The
Keowee Courier is recognised not only
as the best paper in Oconeo county, but
it is vated among the best county papers
in South Carolina. The Semi-weekly
Nows and Courier is an ozoellent jour
nal, published on Wednesdays and Satur
days, gives the detailed nows of South
Carolina as a special feature, and oarries
the full A. ,ocio ted Press dispatches
from all over the world. The' combina
tion of the two papers at $1.50 gives our
present readers, as well aa new sub
scribers, an opportunity to secure two of
the host papers in the State (three papers
a week) for 50 cents more than the regu
lar price of either. Let us send yon two of
the very best papers in South Carolina
for almost the prioe of one. \
-rn** -1- . N
Thomas and Chalmers White were
convicted at Salisbury, N. C., on
September 16, of, murder in the s^
ond degree for killing a young
named Russell Sherrill about a
ago. Sherill was aooused of
seduced a nieoe of the Whites.
Whites went to his house an^
him in the presence of his
while she was begging for mercy
and screaming for help. It was a
brutal assassination, and the jury so
deoided. The Whites weve sen
tenced to six years imprisonment in
the State penitentiary at Raleigh,
and the verdiot is generally upheld
by the people familiar with the facts, )
If the grand jury of Aiken oonnty
j does its full duty criminal proceed
ings will be instituted against t hre e
persons who have brought sb" .
I and disgrace upon the entire Second
1 Congressional Distriot by corrupting
the ballot box in the Horse Creek
valley during tho late elections.
Votes were openly bought, there
hoing not even a pretense at conceal
ment, so says an Aiken contempo
rary. Such methods of scouring
oilier, aro revolting to intelligont, self
respecting people.-Edgefiold Ad
Nine Lives Lost in Wreck.
At Melrose, Mass., on last Wednes
day night an outward-bound eleotrio
oar, containing 32 persons, _wa?
blown to pieces by striking^
pound box of dynamite' tht
fallen off an express wagon,
persons were killed outright ;
more died of their injuries within an
hour, and 19 others on the car were
taken to the two hospitals Buffering
from injuries. At least a score of
persons in the immediate vicinity of
the explosion were hurt by flying
glass and splinters.
Some are advising the farmers to
hold their cotton for higher prices.
We frankly say that we do not1
know what is best for the farmers at
large, but have no hesitancy in ad
vising those who owe money, and
are paying interest, to market their
cotton as rapidly as it pan be pioked.
With ootton/^lling above ten cents
the man who owes money oannot ot
ford to take chances. * Sixty days
from to-day it may be selling for
twelve cents or eight oents. Who
knows? Ten cents per pound in
a bank or on a mortgage *s far better
than fifteen oents in prospect.-Edge
field Advertiser.
The man who talks to himself
hears a lot of compliments.

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