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Anderson--!, oe.
Fair Play, September 28.-On the even
ing of September 2lst, at 7.30 o'clock,
quite a number of friends and relatives
gathered at the hospitable home of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas H. Harris, near Fair
Play, to witness tho marriage of their
sister, Miss Hattie Ruyuolds Lee, to
Joseph P. Andorson, of Roberts, Ander
son county. Tho beautiful und impres
sive ceremony was performed by Rev. J.
F. Auderson, brother of the groom, as
sisted by Hov. T. C. Ligon, of tho Pres
byterian church. The brido was most |
becomingly attired ir ,n exquisite gown
of dark blue crepe/ .?th, with trimmings
of oom laco aud white chiffon. In her
hand sho carried a lovely bouquot of
carnations. The handsome groom wore
the customary full dress suit. The par
lor, witb its festoons ot trailiug ivy and
other pot pl..nts, presented a scene of
rare beauty tu.j coloraoueme hoing white
aud green.'
And now our peu almost fails us when
we attempt to desoribe the dining hall,
with its tablo laden with tho most lus
cious 'fruits of almost ovory variety, to
gether witb overy delioacy that could
torapt the oyo and please tho appetite of j
an epicurean. Tho room was tastefully
decora tod with American beauty rosos
and carnations, tho color soborno being
white mid piuk.
Tho bride was tho recipient of many
useful and valuable presents. Prominout
among these was an elegant case of
solid silvor knives, forks and spoons, a
prosont from her brother, conductor J.
S. Leo, of Kit mingham, Ala. .
Wo wish to congratulad tho young
ladies present, Misses Hortic Smith, of
Hounty Land, and Hattie Wright and
Holen Thompson, of Fair Play, for thoir
nntiriug energy and excellent taste ill
arranging tho decorations for this happy
occasion; also, Mr. and Mrs. Harris for
their unbounded hospitality iu tho enter
tainment of their guests. This is an
idoal home indeed.
Mrs. Anderson is the daughtor of our |
esteemed friend, J. J. Lee, Sr., of this
place, and is ono o/ Oconoo's mostotool
lont young ladies, possessing all those
graces of mind and heart that tend to
noble womanhood. Mr. Anderson is one
of our neighbor county's roost prosper
ous farmers, aud is indeed fortunato in
bis select ion of a life com panion. OcO
noe's loss is ANDKUSON'S gain. May tho
.jhoicest of heaven's blessings bo theirs,
and may thero be just enough clouds to |
causo a glorious sunset. A Guest.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely dorango tho
whole system when entering it through
tho mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never bo used except on proscrip
tions fron? reputable physicians, as tho
damage they will do is ten fold to tho
good y?TiW* possibly derive from thom.
Hall's CatArrfaHtjgfai JP!Wf""h!rnfl by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, ()., con
tains no morourv, ?ind is taken internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and mu
cous surfaces of tho system. In buying j
Hall's Catarrh Curo bo sure you get tue
genuine. It is takon internally, and
made in Toledo, Ohio, hy F. J. Chenoy it
Co. Testimonials free. Sold by drug
gists, prico 7?C por bottle.
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Prominent Men Fight in Georgia.
Way cross, Ga., optombor 24.-Hon.
J. M. Spence, Peprosouativo of Waro
county, and ex-Representative Robort
McDonald, had a dlfliculty yestorday
about noon at tho homo of Mr. McDonald,
oight miles west of Wayoross, and Mc
Donald sci i mi.sl y slabbed Spence and cut
him with a knife in four places.
Mr. spence bas a stab behind tho loft
.shoulder blade which reaches to tho hol
low, a out on II?H left breast, ono under
his right arm and fourth in his leg.
The stab behind his shoulder is serious
and should pnoumonia sot in, may termi
nate his lifo. Tho other wounds aro not
The cause of tho difficulty is said to bo
tho result of a publication which Mc
Donald had propared to circulnte con
cerning Spence, and tho primary elect ion.
Sinco the publication has not appeared,
it is not known what tho import is.
The difficulty bas oreatod intonso ex
citement throughout tho county and it is
feared that some of the families of tho
respective sidoj^nay take up tho trouble.
Abram Vaneant, who lives noar Ward's,
.Saluda county, fell and broko bis leg
recently while going to tho dining room
for supper. Ho is now in his 00th year
and is by a dozen years tho oldest man
in Saluda county. Ho was born on Hol
low crook, in Lexington county, in 1808,
and moved to whero he now ?ives in
* C^lwl IPO ftlS ?/V A
ROBTtfT A. CAMPBELL; M. D., ?ritt?
Afier many oib?r foods had failed S?nbrighis
med our bahy. I hive utcd it many time?
with uniform tbccest at an infant food, alto
in Typhoid and other fevers. I can recom
mend II wah full confidence thai ii will give
univerttl tatiafaction, and agree with more
babiet than any other food on thc marker.
SOt. 75*. $1.25. $3.00 Sr .es.
Sunbriflhu California Food Co.,
Lot Angeles, Cal.
Lottor to C. R. Houchlns.
Dear Sir: j A gallon saved is f l or $5
Two gallons saved is $8 or $10 earned.
Tbreo gallons saved is $12 or $15
Pour gallons saved is $10 or $20earned.
Five gallons saved is $20 or $20 earned.
It costs $8 or $4 a gallon to paiut, be
sides the paint; as much to brush-on a
gallon of worthless paint as Devoe.
Ezra Kat li mell, Williamspcrt, Pa., al
ways usod ll gall?os of mixed paint for
his house; Dovoo took 0.
Yours truly,
48 . F. W. Devoe & Co.
P. S. -G. W. Gignilliat sells our paint.
Gathered Here, There and Everywhere-News
Notes and Miscellsnecu? Paragraphs.
The first of the now rice crops was re
ceived in Charleston Monday.
The Pacific Improvement Company
and tho Guatemala Central Company
have begun tho building of a railroad
270 miles long, through Guatamala, from
oooau to oooan.
A French steamer loaded with a mil
lion dollars worth of co .'co from Brazil
arrived, in Now Orleans last Thursday.
This is tho largest cargo of coffee over
brooght to tho Uniti d stat c.s.
Arrangements ar? perfected for work
to begin on tho Greenville and Knoxville
railroad within thh-y days. II. II.
Prince, general managor, gave assuranees
Monday morning of tho absoluto cer
tainty of tho project. Tito road will
open up a fine mountain section now un
tapped. Patterson, of Atlauta, and
Prince, of Gio?)ville, aro financiering
tue construction.
Sam Slator, a negro who has boon in
tho employ of R. E. Dean, of Darlington,
for ton or twelve years, took odvantago
of his employer's confidonco a few days
ago and relieved him of $300. On leaving
the depot on an oxoursion train for
Augusta, Mr. Dean, baudod him the
monoy, telling him to carry it to a Mr.
Wilkes. Sam strayod around town all
day and, it is said, spont money freely.
Tho next day bo went on an excursion,
too, and since then notbiug has been
beard of Iiis whereabouts.
Tho Domocratic nominen for Lieuten
ant Governor of Now York, is Congress
man Burton Harrison, who is quito a
young man. His father. Col. Franois
Burton Harrison, was private socretnry
to .letters,m Davis, and Ins mother is a
well known authoress. What achango
in forty years! Tho father private
secretary to tho President of tho Con
federate States of Amorioa and tho son
named for Lieutenant Governor of the
greatest State of the United States of
America! This is vorging towards tho
nomination for President a sou of a Con
federate soldier.
Matthew O. Carter, of Hatson, S. 0 ,
was granted a patent on a cotton chopper
and cultivator. Mr. Carter claims that
bis invention will do away with tho
uecessity of thinning cotton after it
springs up, which is now done with a
line. At tho samo time tho instrument,
is thinning thc cotton thoro aro two
shovols plowing tho ground and cultivat
ing tho yoong plants. Tho chopper is
made of two cutting disks. Those disks
aro so formed as to rotate, and as they
move along they cut tho cotton. The
disks aro so arranged as to bo stopped at
di I ermined intervals, so as to permit the
cotton to stand at tho proper distance.
Tho roster of Piokons county officers
now stands: C. IL Carpenter, Senator;
Laban Mauldin and T. J. Mauldin, Rep
resentatives; A. John Hoggs, Clerk of
Court; R. T. Halium, County Superin
tendent of Education; J. C. Jennings,
Shoriff; J, B. Newberry, Judge of Pro
bate; Henry W. Farr, Treasurer; E. Pos
tor Keith, Auditor; G. M. Lyneh, Super?
visor; A. B. Talley and John P. Smith,
County Commissioners; I). A. Parrot t,
Coroner. Piokons county bas a consci
entious set of mon for officers, and with
tho assistance of the people at largo will
R? vo satisfactory sor vico as public ser
vants.- Piokons-Sentinol Journal.
Rronchitis (or Twenty Years.
Mrs. Minerva Smith, of Danville, III.,
wjites: "I had bronchitis for twenty
years and nover got relief until I used
Foloy's Honey and Tar which is a sure
cure." Sold by J. W. Bell, Walhalla;
W. J. Lunnoy, Seneca.
Oakway Dots.
Oakway, September 2(5.-Rev. R. M.
DuRose Oiled his regular appointment
Rev. I. O. Gray and wife returned
homo last wook from a month's visit in
North Carolina.
Mrs. T. J.-Moredith is on tho sick list
at this writing.
Mrs. Will Lesley, of Greenville, visited
lior brother, J. 1'. Carroll, last wook.
Mr. and Mrs L. H. V. Hobson visited
N. N. Reardon Sunday.
Rov. John T. Cary visited L. A. Ed
wards last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Meredith visited his
parents Sunday. Rluo Eye
o^Brrozii a.,
Bea? the J* NW Kind You llavi. .ways Bought
Volcano Vesuvius Very Vicious.
Rome, September 25.-Tho eruption of
Mount VeSU vi Ut) continues to-day, though
tho explosions tuc not as fr?quentas Fri
day. Tho (low of lava has boon increased
and tho funicular railroad, which is used
for tho transportation of passengers up
tho mountain sido, is still in danger of
hoing destroyed. Tho vinoyards on tho
slopo of tho mountain aro ruined. A
number of villagors about tho base of
tho mountain have fled to NaplcB.
Niehodomus Brownfield was shot and
killed in tho door of his shoe shop in
Greenville on last Saturday night, Sep
tember 24th, by another negro namod
Holmes. A woman is said to havo boon
the oauso of tho difficulty. A shotgun
was usod and llrownilold's hoad was ter
ribly diBtigured. Holmes was arrested
aud lodged in jail.
Sleeplessness Is a
Sign of Nerve Trou
ble, and Should
Be Looked To.
Thcro aro throo different manifesta
tions of sleeplessness.
First, hardly to sleep a wink all night,
second, to lie awake a long- timo before
fulling: asleep; third, to fall usleep soon.
Waking up after several bours und then "
ibid it hard to sleep again.
They mean that Bomowhere In tho
nervo fibres, somcwhero In the broln
ii cells, somewhere In the blood vesselsi
that carry blood to tho brain, something
is radically wrong, and must be righted,
or tho end may be worse than death.
To right it, take Dr. Miles' Nervine.
Some other symptoms of nerve trou
ble are: Dizziness, Headache, Back
ache, Worry, Fretfulness, Irritability,
Melancholy, Lack of Ambition.
They indicate diseases which may lead
to Kpllepsy, Fits, St. Vitus' Dance,
Nervous Prostration, Paralysis, Insanity.
Nothing will give such quick and lout
ing relief as Dr, Miles' Nervine.
"My husband had been sick for weeks,
could not sit up to have his bcd made.
With all tbo medical help wo could get
ho continued to grow worse. Ho could
neither sleep or eat. Our baby girl was
sent away, nod nil callers barred, be
cause ho could not stund a bit of talk
ing. I rend of a cn.se of nervous pros
tration cured by pr. M:les' Restorative
Nervine. We began giving lt to him,
?ind In a few days he was able to bo
dressed. From tbat time he stendlly
Improved. Nervine saved bis life."
MUS. A. G. HASK:N, Frecvillc. N. Y. .
TIT?TIT"1 Write to us for Free Trial
J XVXiJ.i package of Dr. Miles' Anti
Pain Rills, tbo New Scientlllc Remedy
for Pain. Also Symptom Plank. Our .
Kpeclnllsl will diagnose your caso, tell
you what is wron,;, and how to rlyht it.
Played Cards for His Life.
Sednlia, Mo., September 22.-Charles
Iv lil i ss staked his lifo last night ou n
Kamo of cards and lost. Ho paid tho
bot a few minutes later1 by committing
suicide, miss, who Was 20 years old,
carno from Peru, Iud . Ho was the son
of a preacher.
Shortly beforo midnight Bliss called
on a woman with whom ho had become
infatuated and sho challenged him to
play a game of Pitch. They sat down,
and when tho woman asked. "What will
we play for?" Hliss replied, 'T will
stako my lifo against yours." Sho ac
cepted the challenge and the cards woro
dealt. In a lew minnies I'liss had lost
tho game.
Ile put on his hat and, with a cheerful
gond-by, left the woman's apartments,
going direct to a drug store, whore ho
purchased and drank a quantity of car
bolic acid. Ile refused to the last to
take au antidote. His body will bo sent
to Peru for burial.
li. W. McDaniel, once eouvioted
of murder and sentenced to life im
prisonment, and whose ease has been
before the Supreme Court twice, is
now a free man. The jory in Lem
ington brought in a verdiot about I
o'clock Friday morning, September
20d, after being out several hours.
The case has been fought for seve
ral days and a large number of wit
nesses were put up by the defense,
everal new points being brought
out. Tho defense put up accidental
shooting ns the cause of the death of
J. L. Kn ecce, tho town marshal who
was killed by McDaniel, and also put
up a number of witnesses alleging
that Kneeee was n bad obaraoter "ana
drank heavily, being drunk on the
day of the shooting.
Watch the Kidneys.
"When '.hey aro affected, lifo is in
danger," says Dr. Abernethy, tho great
English physician. Foley's Kidnoy (Uno
makes sound kidneys. Sold hy J, W.
Bell, Walhalla; W. J, Lunney, Seneca.
United States Marshals J. T. Mc
Kinney and George Chapman, and
Constables E, P. MeCravy and P. P.
McDaniel made a big haul on a still
a few miles north of Picken? on Sep
tember 23. The still was on the
place of J. L, Stansell, about 90
yards from his home. Two 75 gal
lon stills were captured, 5 quarts of
whiskey confiscated, and GOO gallons
of beer were destroyed. No arrests
were made, though the fire steamed
under one of the stills.
s cents
Eight cents a pound is
what a young woman paid for
twelve pounds of flesh.
She was thin and weak and
paid one dollar for a bottle of
Scott's Emulsion, and by tak
ing regular doses had gained
twelve pounds in weight before
the bottle was finished.
Eight cents a pound 's
cheap for such valuable ma
terial. Some pay more, some
less, some get nothing for
their money. You get your
money's worth when you buy
Scott's Emulsion.
We will send you a little
409 Pearl Street, New York.
50c. and $1.00 ; all druggists.
The Event of tho Year-Hints to Pros
IMotive Exhibitors-A Groat CJatiier
ng of ProsiK>roiiK Carolinians.
The first Cheater South Carolina
State Fair will be h<dd on the new
grounds recently purchased by the
state Agricultural ni,cl" Mechanical
Society, and which hov.; been fitted up
with all modern Improvements for the
comfort and convenience of both ex
hibitors and visitors. This will bo the
thirty-sixth Fair since the reorganiza
tion of the Society after the civil war,
and will be held the Inst week in Oc
tober, from the morning of the 26th
to the evening of the 28th.
Every county in the State should be
represented In the exhibits, foi* there is
no doubt but what great good result?
to all the exhibitors at every Fair, tho
premiums being only a small part of
the benefits. A great many farmers
nnd stock breeders count only what
prizes are won, but this should not be
the case, because the grentest benefits
are obtained lu advertising what you
have for sale und In meeting with tho
progressive mon from other section--'!
of the State and obtaining their Ideas
and seeing the results of their
methods. The management of the Fair
ls makin? every effort to secure new
exhibitors. Arrangements have- been
made by which freight charges are
paid on all exhibits from this State,
free stalls aro provided for stock, and
free bedrooms are furnished all ex
hibitors who are willing to stay on the
grounds all tho time. Numerous res
taurants on the grounds furnish meals
at all hours of the day or night at
reasonable price?, and feed for stock
ls delivered light at tho stalls nt the
regular market prices, and besides,
there are officers who look after al!
exhibitors amt see that every one is
satisfactorily located. All exhibits
may bo shipped directly to tho
ground??, for there is ample side track
provision for all tho car?. Solid cars
should be billed "Secretary Siai.
Fair, Columbia, S. C., care Fair
Ground Tracks." and they will be
rushed right through to destination.
Some exhibitors may think they can
not make their entries properly, but
Secretary Love will take pleasure In
giving all necessary aid. provided ap
plication ls made to him prior to 10
o'clock Tuesday morning, as tho Fair
opens at that hour and no entries can
be made later. All exhibitors of live
stock should arrive on the grounds not
later than Friday or Saturday before
the Fair, so as to get the stock ?inlet
after shipping and get them to eating
well before being put Into the show
The premium list is very liberal this
year, and lt ls to be hoped that the
management will meet with success
In inducing a very large number of
new exhibitors to attend the Fair,
so that the Fair will become repre
sentative of every sei t I on of the State
and of all the resources of Carolina.
Information and premium lists will be
cheerfully supplied upon application
In person or by letter to Secretary
Love at Columbia. Lot all who arc
thinking of exhibiting, or who have
line products or stock, make up their
minds right now to exhibit, write for
a premium list and then make tho!'
entries at once. Join the processiot
that lawmaking this State one of tb.
best in the country.
WORD that word is
i( refers to Dr. Tutt's Liver Pills .ind
Arc you constipated?
Troubled with indigestion?
' Sick headache?
Insomnia? ,
ANY of these symptoms and ninny other.-}
Indicate Inaction of the I IV|3R mm
You 1ST o o cl
Tutt's Pills
Take No Substitute.
Thinks ho has Found Missing Link.
Amsterdam, September '21.-Professor
Van Sickle, who for some months has
been making geological charts of tho
Northern pnrt o? 'ava, cables tho
Academy of Science in this city that ho
fools certain that ho has discovered thc;
long-looked-for missing link. Ho (hos
not claim tho honor of tho discovery
himself, but says Mint some weeks ngo
ho wns informed by n Dutch morchnnt,
Van Honran, that ho lind discovered a
now species of monkeys in a denso forest
in which ho hnd lost his way.
Tho professor started out to look into
tho discovery of tho merchant and while
watching for tho animals to appear ho
hoard a peculiar half human voico.
Looking up he saw an enormous nest and
two apo-liko animals looking down upon
Tho natives of that pnrt of tho island
have long known tho presence ;;f these
apes, which they call "Ash l'erri/.i." Un
like any other npes, they bntho fre
quently and tho females wear strango
nocklnces of twigs and red berries and
nurse thoir young sieging half-articulated
words. They havo, in fact, a langunge,
but it consists of very few words.
A Dozen Timos a Night.
Owen Dunn, of Henton Ferry, W. Va.,
writes: "i have had kidney and bladder
tronolo for years, nnd it becamo so bad
that I wns obliged to got up at least a
dozen times a night. 1 never received
any permanent benefit from any medi
cino until I tried Foley's Kidney (Juro.
After using two bottles, I am cured." J\
W. Holl, Walhalla; W. J. Lnnney.?onocn.
Democrats Must Voto.
Gon. Wilie Jones, tho Stnto Demo
cratic Chairman, is now working on an
address to bo givon out to tho Demo
crats of the State urging thom to vote in
tho gonoral olection. The addross will
not bo issued until just a few days beforo
tho election and will bo sont cut all ovor
the State. In tho meantime tho Repub
licans Of tho Seven! h district have not
boen idlo. Tho sovoral candidates men
tioned a few days ago are grooming
themselves for nomination at the district
convention to be hold in a fow days, and
an addicss will bo issued urging them to
stand by tho nominees.
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and Milich has boca
in uso ibr over 30 years, has horne th? signature of
^*j?? - and has been made under his per
^JrL s,J?/-7^/7-/~\jtz\ ". sonal supervision since ita infancy?
ymtftiTZTK /-GCC?JI?4<? Allow no ono to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" tire but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment*
Casioria is a harmless substituto for Castor Oil, Pare .
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomaeh and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep?
Tho Children's Panacea-Tho Mother's Friend*
Bears the Signature of
Tte KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Win or Lose; Must Not Roturn.
Clio Foo, September 24.-Tho Japanese
consul admitted to-day that tho Bpiea in
Port Arthur reported that General Stoes
8oll had received orders to send tho rem
nant of the once splendid Port Arthur
squadron out to battlo as quickly as
preparations will permit.
Tho imperative command of the Czar
is that Admiral Wierenus, who succeeded
Prill00 Oukhtomsky when he makes this
desperate sortie, must not return to tho
The ships of the Russians face tho al
ternative of victory, destruction or pos
sible escape. lu tho latter case the
Czar's vessels nm to make a junction
with tho Vladivostock squadron at a
secret rendezvous at sea agreed upon at j
tho time the previous attempt was made
winch resulted in smashing defeat, tho
destruction of the Novick, and tho loss
for tho rest of tho war of the battleship
Czarevitch, thc croisera Pallada and
Diana and several destroyers. These
ships sought asylum iu neutral ports
and were forced to disarm by main force.
) "I find Thedford's niack-Dranght
ft good medicino for liver disease.
It cured my .-on after he tiad np nt
f 100 with doctors. It is ?ll tho med
icine I take."-MUS. CAROLINE
MARTIN, Parkersburg, W. V?.
If your liver does not act reg
ularly go to your druggist and
secure a package of Thedford's
Black-Drauyht and take a dose
tonight. This great family
medicino/frees the constipated
bowels, stirs un the torpid liver
and causes a healthy secretion
of bile.
Thedford's Black . Draught
will cleanse the bowels of im
purities and strengthen the kid
neys. A torpid liver invites
colds, biliousness, chills and
fever and all manner of sick
ness and contagion. Weak kid
neys result in Bright's disease
which claims as many victims
as consumption. A 2">-cent
package of Thedford's Black
Draught should always be kept
in the house.
"I used Thedf^r l's W?ck
Draught for li or nun Kidney com
plaints and found nothing to excel
bichead, Ul.
Livery, Feed, Sale Stable.
Good l earns, Careful Drivels.
A. P. HOLDEN,Walhalla.
Send you
tionory an
ter to Th
Tho 13e*t is Alwi
Progross oi tho Boll Woovil.
Estimates of the da tn age done to
the Texas cotton crop by tho boll
weevil Btnee August 1st range frosi
(ive hundred thousand to a million
bales. The scientists with all the??*
book learning and the fanners with
all their practical experience havo
been unable to cheek the spread of
the pest, and it is now proposed as a
heroic remedy that the cotton fields
should he burned. That is not likely '
to he done on any extensive scale.
As it appears sure to cover
all the cotton belt in a few
years the people of the older States
should begin to prepare for its com
ing. If the insect eating birds of
Texas had not been so generally
killed the progress of the weevil
would not have buen so rapid, and
the legion ought not to bo lost on tho
Eastern cotton States. The weovil
will make its first appearance in
Miiall numbers, and if tito birds aro
spared will either entirely destroy
tlie immigrants or binder their work
of destruction. And it shouldn't he
'left for the newspapers alone to give
such advice The preachers and
school teachers can do moro good,
than the (juill drivers.
Kingstrcc Suffers from Bold Robbers.
Kiugstreo, Septombor 22.- Expert safo
crackers entered the postoffloe at Ki lifts
treo Wednesday night and after a short
session with blacksmith tools, stolen
from-a nearby shop, extracted a packtigu
of : I.IIIM addressed to tho Hank of
Kiugstreo, ?f'l?O in postoilico funds, about
$100 worth of stamps, and jowelry be
longing to Postmaster Jacobs, valued ut
$f>00. The burglars then departed, leav
ing iio clue. Tlie money for tho bank
had hoon sent from Charleston on a wiro
ordor and it was supposed no one know
of tho cider exeopt tho bank officers and
the telegraph operator. Tho loss was
discovered this morning. As tho money
had been insured tho bank will not lose
Time Table No. 1. In Kfioct Nov. 29, 11)03.
EASTBOUND- I 12 j 10 j 6 | 8 j M
Lv West Union.
Ar Seneca.
Lv Munbinia .(unction
Lv . A il.i tn-,.
Lv 'Cherry.
Lv Pendleton.
Lv ?Antun.
Lv . Denver.
Lv ?West Anderson -
Ar Andel son - I'assDep
Lv Anderson-I'/wsDop
Lv 'Anderson- KrtDop
Ar Belton.
* V p.:*.. :
8 3fi|
8 40?
8 ft?
9 00
0 ll
0 17
0 2ft
9 32
2 00
2 03
2 10
2 2(1
2 81
0 39 2 4n'.If?
9 ftft
10 00
i? ?8
10 2ft
?Anderson-Kr't Do
Anderson- Pass Do
A ndcrnon -TUSH DO
.West Anderson.. .
. Adams.
?Jordania .innetlou.
West Union.
3 50
4 13
i IO
4 20
?I 33
4 40|ll
2 lu
2 .">:>
3 001
3 10
3 12
3 3ft
3 10
3 12
3 3A|7
7 50
7 62
8 20
4 47
4 54
4 57
5 12
6 15
5 31
5 49
I ft 55
10 45.
11 Oft
ll 07
ll ll
ll 21 10
ll 26 10
12?ll 32110
an 11 :?i II
12 ll 12 ll
Mill 64 ll
67 ll ft7ill
.. i 1 Oft 1
.. 1 20 1
... 1 2?| 1
9 16
9 40
9 42
. Klag stations.
Will also stop at tho following stations to take
on ami let oft* passengers: l'hlnncy's, James's and.
Sandy Springs.
Nos. ll and 12, (W.-i class passenger, dally ; Nos,
9 and 10, il.uiv except Sunday; Nos. 5 ami 0,
Sunday only; Nos. 4 and 7, second (das?, mixed,
dally except Sunday; Nos. 3 and 8, second das i,
mixed, dally.
H. C. MK ATTI K, President.
J. R. ANDKKSON, Superlntomlont.
r orders for Sta
id Advertising Mat
e Courier and get
lyn the (?icnpcwl.

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