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Keowee courier. (Pickens Court House, S.C.) 1849-current, October 05, 1904, Image 4

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Hali tho Colton Has Boon Picked.
I hillas, Texas, September 28. -Thc
<'alveston-1 hillas News will lo-?ior
royv publish reports ?rdu? .'?oil corre
spondents :tt i'?iji'cHcntativc cotton
points in Tovas, hiu'-an Ton itorv ?><<?}
Oklahoma. Those indicate tho fol
lowing :
yiuld iii Te> as poi acm ;">.'J poi'
coin smaller than last year; Indian I
Territory 17 phf cont larger ; Okla-I
lloma HP. per cent larger.
Indicated production''': Texas and
I ipi ?ti li Ten ?lory !}j008,02 I hales;,
( >klidioin:i i?l?-S, i(>k
l'..\ce|?t in the most lioril?iriv pbl> j
(ions practically ail the Texas erop |
Iii onou. Picking has heirn oom holed i
itt tho sbtitjHu'h?iost, counties.
onie (li-M I'.et - iii \ Weather |??OV?llt<'ll
eifert |'| nil in;.;, e.v.i-opt in tho most
orthorly distiici-j wli?i'e Ihn I'ro'sj is
ostponcd unusually hui:?.
\lue!li "I tin open cotton is ol' Iho
arly aiauiring varieties. Kearn aro
ntertainc.l thal it will he lost should
ail weather entnc Indore pickers
each it, However, conditions tor
itckllig generally continue favorable,
iearcitv of labor is uniloiitilv rc
Ncijroos Ordered lo Leave.
1 larrodsburj;, K y., September 2S.
. Kighty negroes, thirty ol thom
Womel), linve arriV: <l here from South
hork, Ind., from which place, they
were ordered by the whiles to leave,
because one of the negroes slabbed
:i fanner's wife, ll is icpdl'ted thc
white woman is dead. Tin negro
in eu were working on the railroad
near South bork, t )ne of the women
at the railroad camp wem to a latin
hoii^e and demanded lunch. This
was given, and while the hostess'
hn.o.k w.s turned the negro woman
'( itched sonn.' clot hes and ran away.
( ie lannor's wife pur; ned ami
toll I her, hut was slabbed by i he
oyes?. In a short lillie a posse ot
O white lin n Innl driven all the
groes from the vicinity. The
m ks will nol bi; permitted to io
ain in I lam.-Isbnrg.
* :o_ T. .
il Voil Uv.'! iM.iay"; Bp'JijIii
Hosohilions ol Respect.
Whereas, ii liaih pleased tho Groat
Ai'ohitoot of (ho Kniverso in His in
linite wisdom, goodness, love ami
inoro y u> remove (rom our midst ?uni
Iiis labor libre below, hy dotti h, our
esteemed brother, Vi ol) ti S. Dickson,
ti? a sphere ol' higher usefulness ahd
en joy mehi in tin- eeles tia I 1 * ?< I ?. * m :
Ililli, i h ero foro h? it i'csolved
I. That nliiiioory has lust a true
lijid joy Hi ti i < * nt t >< *r, and wo, \Y esl
iniiisl? ?" Lodge, Xu. .'^o, A. I'. M.,
un earnest broil ir ami en-worker. i
That thc tnenipi'^ "? his sitie.oi'O
("lu isl i;m characcr shall remind us i
ol' Otu' iluly io (?od and 'mr fellow,
Timi wc ext omi ID his l?ne?ived
wile ?mr sympathy in lips sad hour
ol' her lici'cavcuiciit .
I. That a sj:-<aal prto,, ol' the
minutes ol our lodge bli dedj?iiied lo
his memory ami a copy ni' these resolu
tions he soul In his wile aid t<> each
ol' tho county papers.
II. I). Cheek,
I. S. Tilts.
( '..mmittee.
Whereas, it hath pleased the i ?real
Architect <<i the Universe in His in
I i I li 1. ? - wisdom, goodness, love mid
mt rey, to remove ffoin mir midst ?md
his labors lieiii below, by death, our
esteemed brother, ,1. K?mest Kay, lo
a sphere ol higli?i; usefulness and
enjoyment in the celestial lodge on
high : therefore he it resolved
I. Thal .Masoiiiv has lost a true
ami loyal member, ami we. Westmin
ster liddgo, No. ii (JO, A. I'. M., a
faithful ami earnest brother and co
That, tlin loWl) ol' Westminster
has Inst a worthy ami progressive
youno- citizen ami his family a ?le
voled ami loving husband ami father.
:i. That wo extend to his heu-uved
family our sympathy in ihis sad hour
ol' t.heii' bereavement.
I. That " page of thc minutes of
our lodge be dedicated lo biri memory,
and copies of these resolutions be
sent lo his family and l<> each of the
Motility papers.
C. K. <.ray,
II. H. Cheeki
I. S. Kitts,
( iommit tee.
For Infanta ami Children.
The Kind You Haye Always Bough!
Colored Preacher Nominated (or Congress.
Sumter, September .'lo.?..?Thc Ko
|>i?l?lican Seventh I)istr.t?l Conven
l i ? m met lure this week. li. II.
I{iel ardson. ?d' Slimier, wa- elected
chairman, and Jamill Mooro, of
Ql'ftUgobill'g, sod clary. On l'ord
h.'tinV motion nominations ol ? amii
datos l'or Conoress Wore taken np al \
once. .A. !?. Ihip'.zlui., ni ()nuigo-:
Imrg, tin- standing candidate, wits
Humiliated li rsl, ami then tho hVv. I
C. C. Jacobs, -d' Sumter. Was named. ;
A vic was taken and Jacobs ic \
ceived Hi ami Dantzler io voles. < In j
million ol' .\, I ). Wehst.M. i;.f < )ran;..'c
?Mli'li, thc only white man pre.Seht, ino 1
m uni i m < mn Ol' .lac.de. was made I
unanimous. A resolution calline, on !
thc Itopuhliriins ,>| this DiKiri?i to |
make ti detci'ihihed ami vigorous
Imbi Ki elect .laci.s um adopted. j
' Tim Kev. C. C. .lacie- ).> a preside ?
mo elder ..I' tho African Myth m li si j
C'hliirlii .ami has lived in S!uinl( r fol' ?
a number of years. I le is int elliocul |
am! wcli clucaied ami rojiri'si'iits lim]
host type ol' tile liOUrOis. Hildo- j
lure his name has m-t Inion pi'Ojiii
noully mentioned in political circles
ami iiis noiniualion is taken iv indi
cate a dot ermin at ion on ihc part of '
llic I{i ptililieans lo break away from
the professional politicians in their
So damier ot consumption il you usc
Foley's Honey ami Tar lu cure thal stale
horn' coim.li. .Sold hy .1. W. Hell, Will
halla: W. .1. Lunney, Seneca.
Cotuluclor is a Maniac.
C'ohiiti?lOi' Caldwell, who was in
eimroc of train Nu. K>, nf tho Smith,
ern L'ailwuv which crashed into train
Nu. lt! near Newmarket, Tenn.. ph
thc Sum hern I {ail way Saturday
inurnino, Sent omi...? ' i t ?\t i>. :i raving
maniac. That in tho startling infor
mation \vhicll minies <>vcr thc wires
fruin Knoxville
The must sensational denouement
of the liaoedy is thal Conductor
('aid well, who received thc (tain
Hiders, which would have saved the
collision, neglected tu vive them tu
Kliginoor Kane. Kane was killed
and Caldwell (.'.scaped. Those orders
slated that llpi two trains were tu
?..ass at Newmarket. bul they were
m>t uheved, ami it is said now that
Caldwell allowed them tu slip his
inemui'y. I o -(Ulli' Ol' thc earlier rc
putts ;t, was said til it tho fault was
due lu I '.noineei K ano, all hough tho
-latciiient show- that Caldwell was
IO I.lame, and a-rn,... under (ho
tlndioln ul' his fi it;hlfn! error h.- 'mis
lust his mimi.
I have ['our car loads of Btiggies and Wa-on s
that must b? sold at once. Soo mo ii yon want to
save $10 to $25 on a ?u^gy or Carrido, $5 to
$7.50 on a Wagon, and if you. want TIME "you can
get it. Everything niust prove tb be as rppr?
son tod. Call and soo (ne.
Wei H t t o E xe Ii a ti ire V e h i c?e s f o r
. Horses, .Moles and Cattle.
. I 1. Lowery,Seneca,hoC
Big Still DoslroyeiJ
Constables I toward and Hoy
soi wal rt hi;; still rin Ol assy mountain,
in Spai'tjtiilhiru; county, on Monday
ol' ?asl week, tin still heit)!.'; known
as a ''black snobe," among the moon
shiners. lt was a woollen still willi
a cop J icc bottom, ha vi nu; rt capacity
ol' lilli gallons. The eoiistables dos
troy cd ll,OOH grtllob.H ol' beor in "jo
I'ot'inentors scattered about the
place. This seizure is one ot tim
largest ever made in those parts.
No arrests wen- made mi (?Sassy
mountain that night, as there was tm
Moshy's Campaign Hat.
At'tci Iia\ in- lain I'or 1" yeats in a
Sunt lin ii boiboi tj\e ?ainjuvign hat.
worn bj ( K; ,I innes Mosby, I lu- ( lon
foilhralt! cavalryman, ;uul lost by billi
wh?h liv was shot by i wo ot' tho ihii
lo?nili Nv'w York cit val ry, in Vir
ginia, in N ovoiiiber, I S<> i, is about, l o
bc roiiinioil lo its original owner.
Kor immy voilirf il has been, in lin*
l?o:>M.-ss'?..t .1 winna?i living in New
\ ork 'i'.'.. l??oohily she cotnihtitti
l ato?! '.viii, tine l>f . Col, Mosby's rom?
I. loigtcit?o MisutHlorslodtl.
As >S(,Miiit'?i Nowlainls, ol' Novailu,
was ?lolmlinn; his ro?i>liil?(>?H t<> illino*
('nba, ho exclaimed dr umaiioall v :
"'This argument lui undies ovo lr y
kimi MT (?lol thal clotiUlMU'O knows.
ib- suiil 'town [(.ii' a transcript ol
Iiis spooch, says lim I Ins! un I'ost.
'('ho young woman typewriter, who
took tho dietat.ion ol' lim stenogra
pher 1*i 11 nt '.ho j iii. II 11 >I? r.? I ?li, hail
Mimic il :
"This ai'Oinmnt furnishes every
kihi) ni food illili . elephants neil."
" I ilouiii," saul Sob alor Uah-,
winn he hiciVil it, "H 11 elephants
tar ctiUdn:ni taft; torc, tip Op Uti 4/?
I fl?illil
1 N i I i 11
i i i il 11 s 1
1J li ll m
i J V i" v 1 lilli ir 1 ?
Mi i
Ifi? fl ?
I, ll
Cl L 9 Wt-Cli fl 'iii i 8 HC?, i 15
.? ri f fi c II o i'll ?^ ?.
li I li Pi
j re i
<:v fi
Ladies' and Misses' J ackets.
Ladies' and Misses' Trimmed Hats.
Ladies' and Misses* Un der vests and Pant
Shoes tor men, women and. children.
tm uren
Hosiery for men. women an
?niants' Caps and Sacks
Uhdorv?sts iii tel Drawers, wool and oottoii
men and bo Vi?
ii* ni i > 11 i '
Ti'ouspirs, Overcoats. Litt ts ail d O ap i
anet vTi'ooe
S . J. .V L; i I: :, m
Ri) I I ) jR"IKj.
Bidel)d? rd
Bool; Cas.
SS ? ?
HB Eal
$1 r .*<
1 1
m ^{gk ?$& ?ffo
P fl
a es?

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