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Ny Contest in Shore's Huco.
l ast Ki iday Ti ensurer .1. lt. kay with
drew his protest against tho conduct ol'
tho recent primary election at several
prco?nct?. His action is commended
generally hy his friends, wlm felt thal
the protest, no matter what thy real or
ihiagihod grounds for il might bo, was
a mistake. Mr. Kay's withdrawal will
rel m vc thc cornily executive e. un mi lice ot
a great deal of wot risomo ami thankless
work, and will he the means ?d' avoiding
mm h Unpleasantness and division. There
is lio,??uostioh, how? vm, thal lin- rules
li?yornfti? thc party primaries should U?
lone message ftoni (.'oillily Chairman
nb|Hig announces thal Mr. Harm-it has
io withdrawn his protest. ?Thei'e will,
ori ni', li?' no mooting ol the County
ci i nit yo i 'oiiiiiiUtee on the 1th instant.
If troubled willi a weak dig?sj?jo?i try
i imhei Iain's Stomach and Liver Tah
S? They will ?lo von gOodi I'm sido
I. W. Kell, Walhalla : W. .1. Lunney
?1 Seneca l'ha? macy, Seneca.
Andotson at Seneca.
buskin Anderson, of Seneca, has an
iinnounconienl on thc f oort lt page of '('ho
Cornier this week thai will interest you.
Ile has ;i large lin'd varied stock, from
which he will be pleased lo serve you.
(.'alt and examine his goblin when in
Seneca. Ile cai rios everythinp. thal is in
oludi d ina lanie stock of general mer
chandise. Ile will be pleased to have
you call on him at any lime. He's there
lo serve you.
Mr. Noms Holums lo Sc?tliOniih
Greenwood Nows ami View s : lb I!.
Norris is again with tho Seaboard Air
Lineas agent at this place. Thc people
?-l ibis city w ill l.e glati bj know tiiat Mr.
Nm ris amtin has charge ol' the Seaboard
herc, as he is a popular mau and a good
a.ront. Tho Seaboard authorities made a
mistake in i hoir, effort to cut down o.v
pohso.s and not fm u bilung nullleieiit facili
ties Icjr the. proper disposition of tho
road's increasim; business herc, thereby
causing the resignation ot one ?if thc
ainsi .?tlicienl and imist highly esteemed
men thc .Seaboard has over hail employed
at I I l een wood.
I nany * health ls ?lear to you.
'hen Iel me tell vdu what t.?i do,
?re pain has lucked its lender fiann
list let '"I ceduna" eas?1 tin? sam?'.
"Trotbinn'' allays irritation, aid
? ii imii ovori. nines and ciuiniornet
.000 lor Injuries.
supo)tutendem; through .some deice
bc fell lioni a tall derrick and was liadh
im; itself (brough thc ooitrt.s. Ile has
e?ovejri'il I'l'Oii? tb?' immediate effects <>|
lis injuries, hut his i?ousiitiltion was
?ci maneiiily injured, and bc iain never
? t over the results of thc iniiirv alto
Cjfi?linliorl?li? s Coilijli HeniCdy.
4 S.? mic w ho is acquainted with its ?ood
"finalj*.?es mill lie surprised at thc groat
pojml.'ti ?ly -.f < liamberlain'a Cough
I ich? edy'. lt not only cures cohls and
grip ellertnaliy and permanently, hut
pi events these diseases from resulting
in pneumonia. lt is also a certain cure
for croup. Wb..o'j-!!ii;it!''Uftli is not dan
herons when this remedy is giyou. li
. oiil.nie no epiiim m ?iflici hal mini sub
stance ami mav bc given as Confidently
lo a baby as an .phill.; ll is also pleasant
lo lake. When al! of these facts Iii 0
ttl kc it into eotisidejii.t'oii it- is liol surpris
Tit, that people in foreign ladds, as well
as af hoirie, esteem this remedy very
Unclaimed Leiters.
Kooowin!' is a list of unclaimed iel (ors
. cimiinin?: in thc Walhalla post ellice tor
the w cel. einliic October' I, I'.i0-?,' Miss
'iossii- Clarke,ls. Mrs. A, M. I.vans, Mrs.
i harit v Karkol. Mrs, Nancy Teague,
Kev. IO-.'.IVTi Persons cullin*; tor any of
t ho above w ill idease say thal they are
advertised. .1. M. Men iel;, 1 '. M.
A tani nf lli.tiiks.
Messrs. Kditors: Klcase allow us space
n youl Imper to express mir thank's lo
nu neighbors and friends lor their kind
leas and sympathy shown us during tim
io.kiicsK, death and burial of our dear
idle babe. May (bul bless and save
Nows dom Richland.
Kioldand, October fl, - W. ll 11 uglies
:in<l his daughter, Miss Amy, ?mil his
son, Master Henry, kponl two days last
week with Mrs. I.. !.. Hair in ? > leen ville.
Mr. ami Mis. .1. I . I.dy ami their
two little sons, lifter spending a week
among relatives her'e, have gone to visit
the family ol .1. lt, limns, at Anderson.
The many fi ?ends ot .1. U. Hui ns, who
J?lH 'leen I.ed riddell fi r eight months,
will learn with soi row ilia! his eotiiiitiiiii
d Imildi
mou, w
Mis. .len Cowers, ol' Ninety Six
paying ti visit to her .sister, Mis. M.
on business.
Mr, ll< Hand, salesman tm Hunter,
Dendy A CO.. was tho gu esl oj Lddii
Foster .Sunday.
St rs. .Hichard New, ol' Savannah, who
Spell I some time with her anni, Mis.
.!. li, shanklin, has gone to Anderson to
visit roi ti t| vos.
Mrs. s. N. Hughes and her little son
ar. \ ?siting at Seneca.
Mrs. I.. \V. Vernor and family, of
Seneea, weieat Ide home ot K, IO. Vor
nm Sunday,
Miss Amy Hughes re-Qutors tho Wal
halla (.!ratted Sehools this moilun!.'.
If roil. Ooo made a business ti ip lo
A I hens last week.
We beg to corroe! a roc? ul correspond
ont from Kichlaml by saving thal Miss
Marian Coo is attending brenan College.
al (iainesville instead of Asheville, and
that Misses lainieo and Lalla Kulleiiger
(tie students at Cinema College instead
of Greenville Female College.
The Hicliland school e\|.ts soon to
be in possession of one ol tho rural
libraries provided by tho Legislature
and they w ill bo groat ful to all friends
ol I he school for subscript ?ons or dona
tions ol books, thornby improving and
enlarging their library.
Lev. .1. S. Carlilegc. of Anderson, will
boh! a meeting ?ii (lie Kichlaml Presbyte
rian church, o?gliiulng O?tobor If!, and
COtitiuiuiig I brough the following Sun
'j'he quai lui ly meeting for the West
minster circuit will lie held at Lock
Springs church next Satarday; Kider
Child is expected lo preach on Saturday
morning and Sunday afiet noon.
Miss Pearle Veiner luis been quite ill
disposed tor il week. Miss I'eatlc in
tends re! utvii IP.; to ( oin in bia lo attend
school and study music, ibid her friends
ti usi khe min hoi long L- d?h.ybd ?tv iU
physii ians ami tried ail -.ort . ot mi ?ii
. .ines, hut gof no relief, 'Plum' I began
the use ot Lied ac Hitlers ami teel thal
I alli now i med ol a di-eise thal had me
III its giilsp f"i twelve \eai-. ' if yob
wain a rell.abl'? medicine foi liver and
kidney trouble, stomach disonloi or!
geiiiiial debility, get Lb ettie I ; i 11 ? . i s. lt's
gum indeed by all di uggisi s. Only ;'.(>e
I lu' Mc t> ii flin Monument.
A s
or\ ot Lev. A. W. MeCuilin. We nice
i hat ?-ont t ibm ions be made 'and sent in
liol Intel- 11) an Novemboi as ihc com
mittee wishes lo pince the monument on
\o\embei I'.Mh. We tb.ink tho people
ami the i burches for t heir eoet i ihullons.
Ile!ween if ?ll and vin have been mise,!.
VS li want ai least *,',">. The brethren ivjj'l
hj^so give Hus subject, their attention.
A hove I.eitel.
Would not utterest von it you're look
?hg for a guaranteed salve for sores,
burns ot piles, (Hto Dodd, of Louder,
Mo., wt iles: .'! s u tie roi I with an ugly
sole foi a yeal, but a box of ItucktOn-S
Arnica salve cured me. H's Hie best
salve on cart li." '..'.">,' al all drug simes.
Wot otile. Crinio b) Negri) Hi ute.
Lying in a briar patch beside Ibo rail- J
road truck, gagged and with lah' innis'
and limbs'securely lashed with straps,
which all hut eui (brough tho tendei i
skin, Chita Tippen, a little nine year-old ;
he ?rb girl, wlio ines at ii?t.j Wnllaeei
stied, w as accidentally discovered liv au !
unknown pei sou walking along thc track ;
in IliO lear ri i the girl's h..nie, 1'hmsday ,
morning. Almost lifeless Hom c.v. huns
lion ami hight the girl could hardly I
speak when released. Her story, when;
ii ipi! ly told in In (ken sent em is, ?as un
speakably hoil ible, Overtake!! by a m . j
gio mali, she w as beulen into s ulm ii ss i on, j
Outraged and then tied to the track
by Hm fiend, who evidently thought
timi thc oncoming traill would bide tl|o,
signs of b is awful i i i nie. After leaving ?
his idol j ni tm a few minnies Hie demon !
lelmned for some unknown reason- pei
haps \?H nerve tailed lian - ;iml cutting'
(li? straps-which held the chili) to the;
rails he hurled ltd hedy in the neat by j
thicket. The mallei ha, ins! been re- 1
polled to the police and deled i ves aie
now at work upon thecjiso. The victim
lies al bet borne in a precarious, childi
lion and her ret?o vet y is doubtful.--At
lanta .Journal, .September :',n,
rho Coll?n Plant Sohl.
Thc Progressive Kariner, published al
Haleigh, N. c., announce.^ tipil it has
purchased flin subscription lis! and good
will <>i the i 'otton Plaut, lately published
at (Loenville, this Slate. Thu Cotton
{'lan! bas been hi existence foi about,
twenty years. During I lie height of Hie
Alliance movement il was the oigan of
thal oigaiii/ation.
If Ap' rf%
sir ? els i If ?i I
S lilli
Are i n. New Y ork and othor Eastern markets Uni
i ? ). ? t li o i i4 M a i o ino t li S t < > c k. of Fall ?ii< I VV Lil t ? i ' C\ i ) o ( ) s
They will i ?f ? rm the publie when they return ami |
get their goods in. Look ont fer Bargains
Hu1 Presbytery ol South Carolina,
Tho Presbytery of South Carolina ii?.''
ai Johnston, Kdgoliohl eoun.ty, South ; j1
Carotina; Septoinboi ??;?d, "ddt, at iv'.Q
o'clock j>. ni., an?l was opened l?y a ser
mon. ls' .lohn, l;?(>, hy Hov. \V. J. Wyly,
now ot" llonoa l'ath, Anderson county,
formerly an Goonoo hoy.
1'icshytcry was called to oilier hy Kev.
\V. ,1. \Vyly, rctiiino moderator. Kev.
I'. \V. ! ' ,.e:;. of I'emlletoii, was chosen
niodointor; stated Clerk Kev. II. K,
Miitchisun in thc clerk's chair; also,
Ibiv. \V. .1. Wvlv was chosen assistant!''
Tin->.<. was presold, only ono delegate
front O.r.ouftOi thc nmlcisiotieil presbyter.
mic candidate for ordination j !.. \V.
li row rt. presented himself lot examina
tion, ami al'tcr thc nstial searching ipics.
(ions wei. tired and satisfactorily au
swi ie?!, a commission was appointed ip
install him pastor ot a jfrotip pf churches.
,1. !.. Ward, foi morly principal of Se
nea Hedi Sd.i. was examined ?ts a
boeill mle. AV,?ii need nip s.ty his e\;ur.i
linallie eon i ni 11
Tiir ostini ci
potts, whir!-, s
. pea! to I'reshvierv in
.ri Collete ni a.'rotinvi
supplied willi preachitiv Ky I '< ch yt et y i j
op Sahl.alli. Sept emiter '.''ah. The sacia \ '
nient ol' Lord's S\i pper was ohset ved inj j
the .Itiliiistop l'resliyterian i.dmich after
ri seimon hy Kev. li. lt, Murchison, 1
Til.?.thir<l dav's session \\ ?ts convened {
on Munday Seid om ber lilith. and the *>
inaiiiiiii; niuinishod Imsiness of lite; cs <
sion concluded.
Tin; iiexi tnectimrof Kreshvlei v will '
he helli with Mt. Carmel church ?" Ah- i *
linville riiuiii y.
Ihcslivtorv adjourned to n.t in clin- j -
lon chinch,' Laurens county, dorine, the .
Session ,-f Svhoil, iii t ho cab ot' Hm mode- "
mar, Ike most notable colmen man hi] j
this sei'tion and builder of ri Indf do/en j
I'lillmi mills, died hero hist. nij>ht. I'.omaC I
had srivod over twenty thousand dollars 1 ,
IK- fotiill the Spartan nolls, anion;! iii..,
largest ai t hr Stat e. .
mildred mitt twoilty KAudonts have ma
i mutated np to .?alf. 'VMU is tin1 largest
11 elidan?o in ( 'Icin.M'ii'.s history, aiul is
11 ? i > 1 ? : 11 > 1 >? (lui largest enrollment any out
c-re iii South (jarotiiili luis ov?i had. A
cw valiancies lia vc lu cn caused |>y tho
iii lit rb, for our reason or another, ot
br (iii h applicants lo claim Ol' keep theil
daces and <>nonj>h others on the waitui!;
ist have hbot) notified to rep?ljt;
I'ivc men. supposed to have heep
ramps, were struck hy il hain nu the
;. ,v<?. railroad it Catootop, Md., last
Miorsdav nci niii::. and loni ot' them
i ere lulled. Thc l?t h. u ho is now at a
ilia) hospital, is nol ovperted lo live.
j? T 1\ virs <:[ a y a n cl
? V rid ay,
OU 1
A. MD ?
we will show you
ft our stocK of Kal), $
I and Winter Mil - |
I Sinei*;?' an ci Mil- &
Ii tie ry Novelties; $
We li ave with us u
this season an ex- K
periexiced trim? vit
P x n e r ? w h o, w e fe el M
^ S vi ire, will please %
y o vi ? Y nus* i n s p e e .? *I
ti o n is cordially fa
invited on above "||
d a t e s. ^
Now i? ti\e time for you to hof?'in to
l? ? H iffier your F"a?l 5'hoes. .?> We Have
them in all styles*, prices and <ii.uvlities~?
the best that can !be had, A? If you w?mt
to save money on you r ?hoe bil! if. win
|)?\y yon io <Y{?ure with Us.
Out* store is li ea dei uart cr.s for rcer
chan di sc ov/' all Hinds.
H r \ *.'t i? i.% s y o u r p r o cl ia c e,
Are just as pretty as any in the
world, and lhere is nothing too good
for thom. So our buyers, while in
New York, spared neither pains nor
money in selecting the most up-to
date goods for ( hem.
We are displaying the greatest line
lof Fine Dress doods ever seen here,
We have had nothing to eompare with
this line before.
Yoong lady, we can fix you up -
make you look like a dream. All the
newest novelties in Silks and Plaids?
Buy one and get married;
i Anything in man Tailored. Skirts
f rom $ I 5 down.
? v e ry th ing i n O leak s a nd Ja e k e ts
of the latest cu.tri.
W e cia r i1 y e v e r y t hing f rom the b e s t
Prints at 5c. to the FINEST SILKS.
M AN ! MAN ! MAN !
We have anything you want, from
the cheapest to the finest Suit !
The Furniture Store of
the South,
'! h i tip in mild tollover llvo I?:*los. 'I'lcM u
I1,1 "'. lilli length. With 1.kies attached, fi.Mil
'' 's' !p>it hp-thirty tn thc build lo. Wfl : ? M : 11
'I'yi .-wi it?rs, .-fu ?nj! ?Sfuhlii.iti'vt, Ulina! onl'ec th tn ile go'O.il any detects ami ?oil
l?-.MIVCIS and r.ii-yclcs cleaned and at prices' thal an? bourn! lo attract close
j icpai) cd, iii-? II (m .ho,, notice and 'o V, -
VV , ' ' t-i H. I! TIONA i .Mit;, ii?,,
I t < > < > ? v : i iSi/kcs Kidneys arli madder Hlnht

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