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Keowee courier. (Pickens Court House, S.C.) 1849-current, October 05, 1904, Image 9

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ni'ir.r airs or HASI?KN WAH NFWS.
JapancM' Ht)|)tllsi!ll ??ltd Di ?V?M. I
\>i"l Adlai' LOM- 1.300 Mi
I T.W.Wood
$ ra rivi auci
Wi) Oil
Won Fortune In When.
(}hii,v?ig<>. ?>i'.pto|ubi!r 'Jv - (Menriii'.;
. \Nlinn.nun "..ni,iM..t In
:il wheat denis, wlin li lii-oiin last
. liiu ny nml closed viii!, lins iiiont.li,
itili' iiiu I In I ii .il'ri i vy will <irt with
11 eva.- "hiv a h w iv- rks MM! I! ?lil*
- ? . . 11 . I In" ? . : 11 ii J ? :. i ' ; 11 u ;i> itu. From
a lilli oj! insii sl.l op u t. .>, I ...di-fern
?Iii mort' bushels. Th. ii ra.nv si virios
ami j 11 tr Vt 1 tli'resjmr r-o was ?ri the
Si.iilliwvist. ?.nna A in.'.isl. I Sop;.
( ''ni In.'r iv lina i wont tV> :?{.[,. At
tin- piiii.t liii'hstiirii itVil 'iidnd his
Snb'jeefod t" w ha' "i
? .i illillinna! strain'
. i i H
iiin'il.y 1111 M h i i *. ! ! wein ii mid
inn hut h ini'iipilly and ph vsi
i.:; .!,CH iii'fvos badh and
i M i M;* i ii:; ?MI ?livor
wil h I Ile a' lelld.ll
IjlSS ot appetite,
stipat mn.
it v and di sp'iiidimcy. Th?y e.inntd, as a
i nh\ (pit tad rn' Mrs "enidpi?al strain,"
htll they ''ail remedy M.-, he,ti l lt desi my
ile; rite, ts hy taluiti,' ifroVjIK'tii d.'Si's ."if
tlieeii -. Audits', I h.vsei. lt '.mes np lite
li'.ei sf i ?ndales Hie kidneys, iit'slliM
h'st'.thv bodily t mitt imis. ..i ves v int ami
sp I lit lo olin's >.\ hide !. et in,:, ind ai'voil lil
duty aud iDilo
I lie eolntir.ssi.
s'-N'i l'iii' i noli .<
r i ?pi ni . kl 1 lil.'
lei "Hilt V ni eil lier iii
i- i diann's. A loalillt;
Will Probably l'nvor ?rice Hill.
('QIIUI?IH?I, September J!? Those
\vlio I iii vi.! I ;ik i; n lin.- trouble to noiko
? 11 . 111 i i* y insist Illili ii majority of both
thc Senat i . ami Mouse I'ayol' tito pas
sai',*' Ol' the orioimtl I {('icu hill. ll
will lil! reinembored thal this lllt'.l
suro, xv h iel) i'i'rmil-, lin- indi viilitul
|!()U.i)iio.'i lo excommunicate, s<> to
speak, dispensaries IIHIII jhO oOuilty,
vi a., an i:--ue in very mans ol i ho
eouhtii * in thc recent jiriih'ti'V'.
Tho-e Wlio have heel, intcrolo-l il.
;.?t? ?j ami i latin timi tin: Nen He will
lhere M (11,1M
!,'?>. 1 sfssiol
?em,irv Sys
Stil ti! ai!.iii.
I'OUUt Y eon'
will lire..nie
t Wi j, "I lau
.? rms to he
lt is stated Unit
ll nil.roilui'.'d .a tho
'kiii<^ to conni y <lis
iiislenl ol' a -rai
i> <r'cn?M-ally foll . a ai
cumin:;, whet I rr it
aw within a year or
uncertain, hut shell
an-, the most fatal of ail dis
;V$C? KIDNEY emu: (ia
1 y LL li ? Giiiuan?Ovd tacity
or motley refunded. Contains
.remedies recelai zed by emi
nent physicians as thc best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles,
PRICK 50c. A od >1.00.
"''"r" J.W.Bell,Walhaall.
I l'ai ai|ia|ihs I f o ID Parker's Letter.
Ail 'riv thr national i;<> vern men I
has 1>.conn rent.rali/.eil hoi omi any
munt i oiitem|i?a(rd or imai'inrd by
tim ;
\ ev'i:;a! ion of i In iso depart .rm ni of
the oovonuiimtl in which dismmcsiv
Ira-; oem, ivimiitiv disclosed
i'll, upon political (iln.mt
w ill '
Ii is es; i m vt ?M t that Mn- CMiie.'ijjo
strike ?tost i iii rttf;ij>ors A..,niHI,tHlo
ftVill the packets <7,t><?. >,??O'?. The
Washington 1'iist suggests illili thu
packers will look upon their share
>- i M i f J I \ as a hiiih t" th" iDiisuiner
and wil1 oct t li nek wi'h interest.
The iiltSllliiei is alreailv nil vino;
them blink ? hut llie strikers' |i<.rlii>n
ot the In.ss is |?l>tic luri'Ver.
I I Oil
r/Si) >
jj! i!3 your1 friend to remember y
lon vcr: If v>a? ilu, maU*l
V |<>r (ici" a present of a
fl AU
Prieta $1.60 t?. :?to. Let ns
puk enc aside for yon. These
arc tho mas you see udvei Used
in the maquines. We warrant
them as wdl as thc maker.
WA til A
.u Ju t II;.;,
Ohl Stand.
C. C. MLY33RS,
Suv vo vor.
Sm veyim.' i|..ne ni any pai l ol the
COU ll ty. IMats. tlt-iais ami all papers
neatly executed, I ?-i i e.-,pomicncc so
liiited. Ter ms i eai.ii I? ahlo. Address
jil Hf c. i, MY l.KS, i ?ak way. s. C.
J. H. MOORE, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon.
i'alls let'! ai i e.siil.'iioe or ll. Darby's
Di ne .Stoic will reiVivo prompt attention,
DAN Ol! s n; HT.
I'lmnes : Iteshleiii.'O tl.'ii Driu; More ld.
? > Iv'NT IS?T,
A.. S. C
n l'.:.\T I ST,
Walhalla, S. C.
DIL J, I!. \\\
D e n t i s t
>i:o.Ml'T attention R{>%'M ?o ail hiisi
M.' ss .om mi 11 ed lu t i Uli I caro.
iillING &
IT A'lir.NIION (ilVlvN i'O ALI.
Siiss KN'riit'S'i'Ki) in Tin.it.
M l CHINK UV. S lt I NCI t AN,) I ? t ll
M ."VG ll IN I H Y. COHN Vie '.,
n(nr.K M?K',.|I M.ua|iM
t flY, K, fl o ? to Lt nt u
t iiliiinl.il, V C.
i <>MI 11 ll lolM'VilMS \ SCI (IM IY.
<llViK"f [:.^-"""
"s A^?TT'^-.1 ^Triimpb
%, T 'v
re a Cold in O?
.M> QtU?niwe Tablets. W )
tooths, This signature, *
1 V'OU .\ \ K i 11 KAI". (ii ve easy
i erins.
Soute l?;ii i us in town properly in
lt sou {nive ally reiil estate lei sell Kee
.Si'.NKC V. s. c.
August :;, I Hi) I,
!CJ^ !Ei, ^L<) ? v,. ! '
I,c .tlicr. T in j
ince |.rices
< Sir ri: shoe
. iic. Uiliij?m?
!,'lc. Cihhun.s;
I |?i 'I'll Is... ! I \ |\. y < J J 1 A 4 I )
AMI ma (.<>. '?is V M Vi . V l ,
Cupos Uolilb; Proy?hls Pneumonia
/ ll'PATION NITPICK. I'm. Sr \ n Oi'
V Sot Til I \ li? ".I S A , ( ol s l \ ul ( It o
NI.I.. --IIN j III: ??OlM?'i Ol' Piton \ I l;.) - l!\
I ?. A. Smith, Iv ip, PrObale .) min?'.
Whereas, .laines I). Snitill?y has tundo
^nil io inc to fiant hun Letters
ul Administration ol ?lu- estate and
clients ol Pennie K. Smailes, deceased
These ail! thclclorc to cite ami admon
ish .ill :ttit) singular the kindred and
creditors oi the s;iid Pennie I?'. Smalley.
iiTi'Msnl, thal they li?) :i 11 . I appear
bet'oi'e me, in the Cunt ot Piobalc, to lt?.'
held al Walhalla, S. C.. on Kinlay,
Uctohoi l l, (POI; alter publica! ion heie
ot. at ll o'clock in thc loretioon, to show
oans?i it' : 111 > (Jiey have, \Vljy 'lie said ad
ministration should not he ?r.oiled.
linen under my hand and seal this
\'7t h day ot" Sept einher, Anuo Domini Mini.
/ 1). A. SM I TU, .Indee ol Pro
hale. ( ?con
County, s. < I
Published (in the ..'Mil day ot Septem
her, I OOP, in The Keuweo Courier. 'Ml IO.]
S LI ni m ons for Relief.
('.UNIV ol I >i oM I.. \
( our! ol ( 'ommon Pleas.
Mary Meliullin. Isahella .laylies, Wilburn
P." Md i ullin and Ktpe ,|. Kiiiu, Plain
d li
i w.r I he C.OUI j.ht iii I ill
ut au.-.wci liV-.I He said complaint Oil
. un her.- at th.'i ollleej on the
I . : .. ? . j ; i ; i : ? ., , 11 Walhalla Couti House,
nth Canillita, within r wents days after
kuiPll)? P
I (illili li.il
.1 A "i NKS .\ S|l Kl.I Hi.
PltHiif?t?.s' Attorneys. I
Po I he ijHsl.ul 1 lef?u'daiitS. 1 lorilee i i.
M. < i ullin and ll. line M.I. ullin :
lal;. Notice: That l,Ht' summons anil;
.uinplaint in the above .ml itled action I
VVelO lil' (j ill illO ollice of lill' Clclk of
i imil ot ( ..mnioii Pleas for I leoi'ic'e !
in? til y, South i 'a roi i lia, on thc ??i'll h day j
iii :-.-|.icinhci, il'dl ; thai Ult: purpose Ol'
lin.': action ls the pm i it mn of tHivroal
estate of the late John ll. M. C ullin, de-i
e.-used, desei ihed ill the complaint union!.' ;
the p.nltcs toihis action acci.rdinv. IO I
i heir i csp.-ct ?ve leyal rights. I
Sc.ptc'tuHoT -.ai. iliflii
,1 A V S I' S iv S|| Kl,? Hi.
S LI m m ons for Relief.
The Stati- Ol South ( 'andina, /
Count;, ol' i leonee. j
( 'our! of <.' Amnion I'leas.
John I ?. Vet net, Plaint ill.
S a. a IO. -lolhiand, Mts. Harcourt Pul),
Mi>. I.. M. Moeher, Mrs. < ici I rude S.
(iih.son, I icfeiidauis. (Summons foi'
Keliet.- ( umplainl Served. )
To the I ).'fendants ?dioso named:
V' ni' are hereby sumiiioiied and ie
J .pined lo answer the complaint in
tliis action, of which a copy is herewith
serVod Upon you, and to serve a
copy of vi.ur answer lo the said coin
plaint on I lu- KU I .se 11 h ci a, al their ollice,
on thu public sipiaie, at Walhalla ('onii
House, South Carolina, within Iwcnts
days after tim service hereof, exclusive
ol Hie day of .-.nell service; and if you
fail to answer thc complaint within the
Mme aforesaid, Hie Piaiutit! in this action
will apply to Hie Couti lor the relict
demand, d in : h.- complaint.
Hated September u?o|H, A. I>. Ililli.
i .. ii : ?. pjikvs, <;:. c. p. iseai. j
J \ v N KS A SH i;i,( M;.
I Mai II I ill's Altin neys,
Tn Hie 1 let clidatits above named .
Please take notice thal thc Summons
tind'Complain! in the above entitled ac
lion were hied in Hie ollice of the Clerk
ol the ('oui t ot Common Pleas of OcoiHtej
County, .South Carolina, on the ?bili day
ol' .September, p.oi- :hat (He pitrpo?iii of
this action is Hu- lorcclosure ot a moil
'-'.ai'c ?'?ven to the plaint ill hy ('.-rios J.
Stolhniml on the 1st dav of Slay, PISO.
.' A VN KS .V SIIKlJil;.
I Main I i ii'ii Alto, tieys,
Walhalla. S. C.
8 pay u:Zo2
Oyj ?Pp 01> every
Lovell Advertisements
,1,111 S li XT KN AMINATloX Kop
I '('UAC'llKHS Will bo hold in Ibo
i .Mut lo..PHI, .ii \\ illialla, S. ? '., on
I KID.\ Y. <>ot..lier .Mst, I HO I. Tho law
reo,uires all teachers, who want theil
( 'c 11 i lira t rohiiwod, ionttoud tho Slim
mo I Schoo' fortohohbis and aol (Killy (lo
ibo work prescribed, Sonic lin yo at
(outbid whose work was not saiisiaetmy,
and will ilier?f?rb have to stand tho , x
IauHlia.th.'', Tho (ixiiininiilion will hejjiu
promptly al I' 0*i)l>iek a. m . ami no one
will bo allowed lo enter later than I"
o'clock a. m. ?'. L ?'KAKI,
('.milty Siiperintoiidotil ol' Ivlneaiioti.
September L's, I|, :\\\ |_'
T A X N O T I O E .
Th.. I>.s un tin' collection ul Stat.'
and count V I il NOS Will I"' Open from Or
lober ir-, ' loo I. to I >."..'iiil.m Iii. lin?.
Hmso'vj ho pieter l,o .lo s i nm pay ir.
January. l.t'Co, with I |kT?boltI?'dilIt h in a i!
(hose who prijfo.i payim; io I'ohrnuiy,
I'm',, ?.,m do so w itli "J per cont addii ional ;
tlioso who prefer to pay in Milich, It'll"-,
tollu' l-'il h ol said mouth, can do so hy
paving an additional ot ", per cent. Alter
said date thc hooks will close.
Tax payers owning property or payim;
taxes tor others will please asl: f ir a tax
receipt in c.'.eh township m special school
district iii which ho or they may own
piopcrty. This is y pi V important, a>
t hei c arc so many special se hool'dis I ric ts.
Please do liol send mo cash without.
registei lpg same as it 1 uah
if sent otherwise it ih'p ho
i isk.
State tax.
Ordinal y county tii.x.
Special comity tax.
Hoad tax .
lui. ami sinking fund tor bo
Constitutional school thx.'v;
lo he h
sc lid el
Total levy.
SP pc IA I. SCH'Ob li TAX
School District No..
School District. No. ......
School District No. 0,
School Disti iel No. lt?.. .
School District No. IV .
School District No. Sit). . .
School District No. . .
School District No. .'.il...
School District No. 7.">.. .
Poll Tax s I.on. livery
from '.!l lo (li) veins is liahh
federate soldiers, who do
.xccpl Con
t pay after
Ht years and those excused bv law.
Hesper t l ull v,
' J. ll, KAY,
Treasurer ? id?neo County, S. ('
0 ll
A IO >l.I NA.
0(joNi:i:, S
on Pleas.
P.laeU. Norn Kay .'.dm A. black, W.
C. l'.laek, Kli/iihcili Killitc'sworlh. \V.
t ll ? ?lu}. s. ? s, \ oin ?.. Nimii, I li. Youie:,
Adaline K vii tis, .lo.,ti I'.la. k, ( albot?n
jlknilt, Pickeiis Ilia, !.. VVashiinitnn
i'.hutk, \\ Inn ton Di ck sc II black.
Kauisay "Halie, 1 .cn n'a ft hike, .lohn K.
iilake, (.ic.Ol'ti'c H? Prince, ll. M. Prince,
Martha Kieliardj>0n, Ljhi S'nin, Cassim
dia (?iVibbre.l. .'uiia !'. (domen!,
Ida Mai.im. .Ld.-i ',. . ' : : n ;,SO;, les. Kilon
? i ? 111
I'd;.< k, ,I.dm black, I'. \\ ain u Illari;,
M. M. II.MUS. ... p. black, Mary H.
Coiiiwell, Marv black, Carob (thick,
Attstlil black, .los..ph A. Pdack, Mar
tha Wallace, Sumac' U. Pdack, Mossie
K. lilac!:. .Icniinia Illach. .1. Kossen
Iliad;, Jr., Hohe? ea . ll?pp?lj, Mary H.
Moss, A ! i isl M. il! mk. Ku e. on i a black,
Sallie M. A. \>\,u-h. Pi anees \Y. Clink
scales, Adams Davies, dames Davies,
Illach, .lame- \y-| Pdack. Sil) I In
Wins.mailt. Matti? A . Hardin, .1. I.,
lilac).. Mary K .iaekiiis, Kchccca A.
Portel . thc heirs at-law ol Sarah A.
Haskell, deceased, to-wit: A. Potter
Haskell amt Alexander < 'heves'11 askell ;
thc heil.- at-la? ..! Matilda ll. Shirley,
deceased, li?mes, .c:cs, I esidcliccs and
iniuilier nnknov. a . t lie heirs it-law ot
V>iirah K. l.nbhook; deroasod. ages,
naip?.s, number ami resilience mi
known; I he heil s-a I -la w ol . I oh n 'l'.laek,
deceased, naines, UgilH, pli lu bet ami
residence unknown, thc heirs at law
ol C'nirie Mack Ahrains, dcueat??d,
unities, number, ages ami residence un
kliowii; the heirs iii-huv ol' Marv P.
l'.laek'. deceased, ages, names, number
and iesidemc unknown; thu hoirs-ut
law of .lames ( ide, deceased, naines,
UgoH, number and residence unknown;
the heits-uClaw of Mary Chiikscales,
deceased, names, noes, number and
r?sidence unknown: tho h ci rs at law
ol Sai.ah .1, lingers, deceased, names,
aj.',es, number and r?sidence unknown.
1 he heirs at iaw ol ?turbara A. (dement,
deceased j names, agi s, number and
i csiilenee unknown, thc. hcirx-at law
ol Virginia P. bal inoro, deceased,
? c.cs, names, number and residence
unknown: Kiighnju Kay and Hoi ry
Kay, William M. dahl, .lames P..
Phillips, Janies Kee, J,ooo IvotilCft,
Norton I luidhi .inks, ami t he Chattu>;a
Paver Development Company, Defend
To Die Defendants above named.
Voil are hei oby summoned and roi
.inned to answer thc complaint in this
action, which said summons is herewith
sci veil upon yon, und lo' soi ve a copy nf
ybi'ir auswet to thc said complaint on thc
subseiiheisal their ollico, al Walhalla,
Soul h Carolina, s? ithin t w en I y days af let
I he sci vice hereof, exclusive of thc day
of such sci vice ; and, il y ou fail to an
svvei the saul complaint within the time
aforesaid, lia- plaintiffs in this action
will apply lo the ( our! for thc. reli.-l .!>.
mandel in t he com pla int.
ST, W, ll A 1< DI N ,
Plaintilla' Allot amys,
[Seal, I c. K. D. P.cKIN'S, c. c. P. A a. s.
Walhalla, S. C., .September :;l, HM)J';
The Summons ami Complaint in this
action were tiled in thc nilled of the (Murk
of the Court of Common Pleas for Oco
nee County on (lie .'1st day of .September,
I'.'tl. 'Clio object m this action is !..
make p:it'titio|l ol" the real eslale of
Joseph P.la< I;. Seliioi , deceased, Koheit
I'', black, decea.-rd, and. of dailies Cole
I!( ?P>T. A. Tlld.MP.si )N,
N. W. HA Ul)IN,
i ; i'lainitlls' AI toi noys.
Walhalla, S, C,, Septeinher :!I, Il'lMi

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