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NEW HBUIHH, NO. 841.-VOM/WK ?,IV.-NO. 41.
We have just opened our Queen Quality Shoes for
Fall and Winter.
Auk to see the now creations in Queen Quality
Shoes for the conting season. You know Queen Quality
Shoes havo individuality and character poculiar only to
Queen Quality Shoes, as to their flt, -tylo, finish, and as
co their holding their shape.
Quoou Quality Pooplo aro Past M astern in the art
of making simes to hold theil- shape.
If you don't wear Queen Quality Shoes, try ono
pair for tho comiug season, lt will sure mako us close
friends ill tho shoe business.
C. W. J. E. Bauknight, Walhalla
Soap Caution.
It is needless, perhaps, to caution people
against using impure Toilet and Bath Soaps.
No one uses harmful soaps willingly, but
many use them unwittingly. You are most
apt to get right soaps at a, reliable drug store
---for instance, you never in you?* life saw ay
bit of genuine Castile soap sold an y where but
at drag stores.
I am something of a, crank in this mat
ter of purity, and guarantee the quality of
every soap I sell. The price you will find
right, too.
LUNNEY, Tte Druggist,
The Yellow Front.
Oortelyou will succeed Mr. Payne as
Postmaster G?n?ral.
Robbers dynamited tho bank at Free- !
land, Ind., early last Saturday morning,
and secured $20,000. The safe was blown ,
opon and looted and the entire sido of.
the. hank building blown out.
Tho State Association of Rural Free
Delivery Carriers, formed in Columbia
several months aun, will bold another
meeting in the State House about the
last week in November. Officers for the
ensuing year will he el00tod and then;
will he addresses made by several post
Bounty Land Locals.
Bounty Land, October io.-Miss ida
Dendy, after spending, two wooks with
relativos, has returned to Whitewater,
whoro she is teaching tho Hoar Pen
Miss Juli? Davis has gone to Anderson,
whore she has accepted a position in
Lesser'ts store.
Miss Cornelia Pickett is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Milan?, of Sandy Springs.
D. A. Perritt is buying cotton in Wost
Union this fall.
J. J. Davis has recently lengthened
and broadened his piazza and is painting
his house, and will ah o add other im
C. D. Corbin, of Whitewater, visited
friends in the community on his way to
W. A. Stephens, of Williamston, some
times visits a friend in tho community.
Jasper Doyle has made somo needed
improvements on his dwelling.
Mr. and Mis. W. N. Woolbright, of
Townville, are visiting the family of H.
Tho new school building hero is com
pleted except the painting, which will be
done soon. Nf.. desks havo also boon
Grover Davis has gono to Anderson to
work in tho machine shops.
H. P. Alexander has purchased Mr.
Elrod's farm near Bounty Land school
I house. Xi, o. P.
Many Mothers ol a Like Opinion.
Mrs. Pilmer, of Cordova, Iowa, says:
"Ono of my children was subject to
croup of a severe type, and tho giving of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy *. toruptly
always brought rolief. Many mothers in
tins neighborhood think the same as 1
do about this remedy and want no other
kind for their children." For salo by J,
W. Bell. Walhalla; W. J. Lunney and
Seneca Pharmacy, Seneca.
For the lirst time since tho war a negro
has been put up as a Congressional can
didate in the Augusta, Ga., district, op
posing Tom Hardwick.
Store for
are Best.
'flin ben.t assortment Wooloo Goods in this market.
Broadcloths, Frouoh Flannels, Serges, Henriettas) in
all tho latest shades-Brown, oto.
._',<X>(> yards Standard Prints Rt 5o. per yard.
2,000 yards lit inch good quality Sheeting at ~>c.
Ladies' JaoketS, all brand new from the manufactu
rer. Price $1.50, $2.50, *:;..><>, $5, s7..'<u and $10.
Ladles' Skirts, $1, $1.50 up to $7.60each.
Ladies' and Children's Underwear, in all weights.
Woolen and Cotton.
Pest line of high grade Clothing ever bought.
Men's complote Suits $2, $2.50, >.:.">i>( $.*>, $7.50,
$12.50 up to $25.
A job lot,of Snits, strictly first-class in quality hut a
little off lt) style, worth 0, to close at $0.
Joh lot of Pants, .ld 8took, hut newest and host
styles; bought for I. . price OM account of sizes-all
small-running as high as 84x84, worth $4.50, $."> and $0,
to close at $:! and $:'...",(). The r-l.?o grade to close at $2.50.
Shoos in all kinds of stylos and prices to suit
If in need of a pair of Shoos try a pair of our Sham
bock or bod Hover. Kvory pair ahsolutoly guaranteed to
givo porfoct satisfaction.
A job lot of button Shoes to closo ohoap. All $2,
$2.25 and $2.50 Shoes to closo at $1.50 and $1.25.
Heavy Kangaroo, all solid, to oloso at 85c.
Ono solid car load of Doors, Sash, blinds. Can make
von a price 10 to 20 por cont cheaper than you can buy
from tho factory.
Ton pounds of Oreen Coffee, $1 ; oight pounds of
packago Coffee, $1.
Ked. bust Proof, Wintor Turf and White Seed Oat?.
At this storo you can always lind a complete stock
of frosh Groceries.
W. P.
With every bill of
. amounting to $10.
W. P.
Soncca, October ll.-There will be
".roaching at thc Prosbyterian cliurob
iovt Sunday morning!'.
Prayer meeting this evening at the
Uaptist church; tomorrow (Thursday)
woning at tho Presbyterian church.
Everybody invited.
Misses Grace and Ethel Beato>, two
it 11 active young ladies of Hartwell, Ga.,
?vero thc guests of Mrs. J. II. Adams the
irst of this wook.
Miss Sarah Livingston spent uovoral
laya in Anderson last week.
Mrs. W. &, Hunter spent several days
n A.rtderCOQ with relaiivcs last. week.
Miss Carrie She'.or, of Charlotte, s/?ont
loverai days herc last week with relatives.
Miss Talsio Holland, of Westminster,
?pent Saturday and Sunday here with
Mrs. Hugh and Nan Torroll, of West
minster, wero shopping here Monday.
Uov. 0. Wardlaw and family arrived
last week from Salford, Arizona. Mr.
Wardlaw comes to Seneca to accept tho
call as pastor of tho baptist church hore.
Mr. Wardlaw and family have numerous
friends throughout the county who will
bo pleased lo learn that they have re
turned to Seneca to make their future
T. J. Hopkins spent Sunday hore with
his parents, returning to Greenville in
the evoning.
Eugene Lewis, of Union, was hore Sun
day with relatives and frionds.
II. L. Clayton, of Liberty, was hore
Harry Poe, of Greenville, spent uovoral
days boro last week with relatives and
Leland Marett, Lawronce Nimmons
aud Glenn Shirley spent last Sabbatli in
Col. Henry T. Thompson, of Columbia,
is here on business for a few days.
In tho course of a few weeks tho foun
dation will bo laid for tho new bank
building. Tho foreman, of Atlauta, is
boro to superintend the work. Most c.'
the material is in readiness, awaiting tb.)
romoval of the remaining rubbish and
Will Lewis is spending a fow days in
tho city with relatives and friends.
Wanted-The name of every visitor in
Seneca ovory Tuesday morning. It will
bo highly appreciated if you will kindly
'phono No. 38 any local news that occurs
each week. Tho correspondent will bo
very grateful for any assistance that can
be rendered?
Mrs. Mary Bl rod, wife of A. W. Elrod,
died at their home, near Soneca, on Mon
day morning, October Sd, aftor an illness
of only two weoks, of pneumonia. Sho
lcavos a number of relatives in tho
county and scores of friends in tho com
munity who mourn her death. She is
Bur Vi ved by tho following children: Mrs.
J, A. brock, Mrs. Ida Timms, Mrs. Eva
Hopkins and W. C. Elrod.
Marshall .Ionian left Monday evening
for Union, where he goes to be present
at Mic Poster-Jordan nuptials which oc
curs on Wednesday, the Pith.
J. M. Phillips, e I tor and publisher of
Farm and Paotory, h.*s just installed lu
his office a new press and gasoline en
gine. Ho says that in a few nay, he
will get out a sheet, that will be a credit
to the town and county amt upper South
Carolina. The paper will bc inci cased
Mottet t's "Teetbina" (teet hing powders)
will he sent without charge to any
mother writing Dr, C. J. Mullett, St.
Louis, Mo., giving tho name of her drug
gist not keeping it. "Teetbina" aids di
gestion, regulates the bowels, overcomes
and counteracts the effects of summers
heat, and makes teething/asy.
David Marett Loses hy Fire.
South Union, October ll. - Last I'ri
rlay morning David Marett lost his barn
mid cotton house and their contents hy
Uro, which was discovered botwecu ~
md ? ', o'clock hy an aged colored man
who happened to be sleeping in the cot
ton house about 40 feet from the barn.
The alarm was pro' illy given ami Mr.
Mai ott barely had wino to get out his
mises and cattle, and in doing this was
blistered about bis hands and nook,
It will bo remembered that tho wind
was high, and everything being so dry it
ivas with difficulty that his dwelling WUK
caved, it having caught repeatedly, ami,
acing to the wind ward, it s escape is con
lidorod almost miraculous. Tho woods,
perhaps ".ino yards beyond the house,
took lire and were extinguished with
. Mr. Marett, a year ago, purchased the
>ld I). IL Glenn homestead, the dwell
ing of which was burned several yea.s
igo, tho barn, an excellent building,
erected by S. S. MoJunkin in 1870, escap
ing to mark tho spot and remind frionas
:>f former days that hore tho happy
[Jlenn family-father and son-wore
mee domiciled. Rut Friday morning's
conflagration bas wiped out the last
anilina i h. Verifying tho sen' i men I of
Indy writ, tho places that now know UR
will soon know us no moro forever.
Mr. Maros? A es tho sympathy of
lils friondV s is the following:
150 im- bo seed, 10 bushels
wheat, BO A ip, G hushols cane
iced, $50 Ilk nols, 5,700 pounds
?oed cottonl iles foddor, 13,000
pounds hay} 'ldings, 30 gallons
canned fruit1, Uro unknown.
Neill Macaulay.
A Matter
of Health
There is a quality in Royai
Baking Powder which makes
the food more digestible and
wholesome, This peculiarity
of Royal has been noted by
physicians, and they accord
ingly endorse and recom
mend it.
Westminster, October 12.-Miss Sallie
Morodith, of Hartwell, was visiting in
Westminster this week as tho guest of
M ins Ada Marett and others.
J, II. Barnett was in Anderson ono day
last WOOk on luisincs
Miss Iroue Miller has returned from a
pleasant visit to hor relatives near Jar
rott'8 bridge.
Tho following is tho honor roll of tho
Westminster Graded School for tho
month of September:
Eighth Grado-Daisy Foster, Sar h
Anderson, Mayotto Uro v Maudo Simp
son, Mary Carter, Lucille Zimmerman.
Seventh Grade-Edward Pike, Lila
Reeder, Willie Dickson, Mary Reeder.
Sixth Grade-Rona Harroll, Frank An
derson, Klotnor Tannery, Hcssio Simpson.
Fifth Grade-Ada simpson, Augusta
Third Grade-William Anderson, Pres
ton Rarron, Carrie Hull, Coleman Moore,
Robbie Simpson, Alico Stribling.
Second Grado-Lillie Parker, Cora Leo
Davis, blondo Loathers, Howley Mitchell.
First Grado-Rortha Waldrip, Norm.ir.
DuRose, Mario Lesley, Cora Holmes, Ida
Phillips, Agnes Orr, Hus Smithson,
Robert DuRose.
Prof. David Conger, of Carnesville,
Ga., was in town this week.
Mrs. Sloan and Miss Annie Sloan, of
Pendloton, visited Mrs. Dr. Hurt Mit
chell last week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Harton, of Fair
Play, were in Westminster last Sunday.
The relatives and acquaintances of Ira
McLin were grieved to learn of his death,
which occurred at tho .lobes-Hopkins
Hospital in Baltimore, on last Saturday.
II<i had boen there simm last April for
treatment. Mr. McLin was a son of J. L.
McLin, of Oakway, and was lunn in the
section of Anderson county known as the
Dark Corner, about 38 years ago. He
lived on tho Island of Jamaica for some
eight or ten years and was superinten
dent of a large orange and fruit packing
industry with headquarters at Kingston.
Mr. MoL'.u visited his honmfolks in 1002.
He was then in poor health. Soon after
his return to his adopted loom' he grow
worse and finally returned to tho States
and put himself under tho caro of tho
most skilled physicians in the Johns
Hopkins Hospita), besides his father,
ho leaves ono brother, C. L. McLin, of
New Orleans, and one sistei, Mrs. J. C.
Boardon, of Oakway. Two of his aunts.
Mesdames E. A. Norris and IL H. Zim
merman, and one uncle, David Mid,in,
reside in Westminster. The remains
will be brought hack to South Carolina
and buried in her soil. They will reach
Westminster on No. 30 this afternoon
and his body will be interred in the town
cemetery immediately after its arrival.
Services will bo conducted at tho grave
hy Rev. J. J. LI ar roll. Claronoo L. Mc
Lin, of New Orleans, a brother of tho
deceased, arrived yesterday to attend
tho burial.
A. L. Dillard arrested a negro hy tho
name of Jeff Kecso, or Kcosier, on Tuga
loo river last Sunday. On Saturday
night Town Marshal Cox attempted to
arrest tho negro for disorderly conduct
and tho negro struck him on Hie hoad
twice with what was supposed to be a
pair of knocks, and thou mado his
OBoapo in tho dark. Mr. Dillard has
proven to bo a good oflicor in locating
and capturing ovil-doors.
Paul and Monroo Karlo, colored, pickod
4.11 and 100 pounds of cotton respec
tively for William Bibb ono day last
weok. Wo havo no need of tho cotton
picking machino those record-breaking
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Simpson aro spend
ing a few days at Piodmont this week.
Dr. and Mis. F. F. Collina aud Mr. and
I Mr?. F. II. Carter, of Walhalla, wore
hero last Sunday.
Last Monday evening a good-sizod
audience ^rooted tho Walter Kontloy
Hall A Co., tho fi int attraction of tho
Westminster Lyceum Club. Tho pro
gram of music, Honga and recitations was
carried out with pleasing effect. Walter
Hcntley liai), tho baritone, hna attended
tho heat munie schools in Cincinnati,
Boston and Now York. Hallam Hick
man, as a violinist, haa fow equals. Tho
selections hy Miss Beulah Timbi lo woro
much enjoyed, especially tho "Scono
from Herod" and "Tho Widow." Sho
was groatly applauded.
Hov. C. D. Mann, of Wost Union, occu
pied tho pulpit at tho Methodist church
last Sunday and proached an ablo and
edifying sermon. Mr. Mann was pastor
of this church some twenty-odd yoars
ago and it was a great privilege to sorno
to hear him again. He chose for bis
subject Sunday, "Saul on Iiis way to
Misa I rem; Miller has accepted a posi
tion with Mrs. Nannie Barron.
Cotton has gone beyond 10 cents again.
Hov. Columbus Wardlaw, of Seneca,
was in town Tuesday to tho delight of
his many friends. Hov. Wardlaw bas
recently returned from Arizona to tako
charge of tho Baptist church at Seneca..
His many friends are glad to soo him
looking so woll.
Misses Pearle ami Annie Marett, of
Fair Play, visited thc family of Kev. A.
P. Marett this week and attended tho
entertainment Monday evening.
Misses Mariah, Sue and Emily Dendy,
of Richland, were here on Monday shop
(> ny Simpson, who works in tho cloth
room at tin; cotton mill, accidentally cut.
a deep gash in his arm while using ii
knife on Monday. Dr. II. K. Bosser wan
called immediately and dressed tho
wound, lt will take several days for tho '
wound to heal siiUicienfy for Mr. Simp
son to resumo work.
Kev. M. B. Kelley, of Anderson, was
the guest of Kev. K. M. Du Bose last week.
Mrs. Vannie Barron has realized good
sales of her pattern and ready to wear
hats, ribbons, etc., this season. White
in Atlanta sho purchased a full line of
all kinds of millinery.
The ChOSWOll Cotton Mill Co. is en
gaged in filling an ordel of 2,600 bales o*'
.cloth for the export trade, fl will be
shipped to China.
MIK. M. K. Puckett is still in fccblo
J, II. Barnett has a few acres of cotton
Of tho "Pcelici" variety which he thinks
will yield a 600-pOUtld hale per ..ero.
This cotton has a long lint and a small,
light seed. At one time when other
grades of cotton were quotod al s cent-,
this variety sold at lf> cents.
Wo are having beautiful indian Suif
mor weather.
J. L. Jennings, of Glendalo, visited his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. IL Jennings,
last wt ck. A. L. Qossott.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its good
ipial i ties can bo surprised at Hie
popularity of Chamberlain's Cowtgh
Komedy. It not only cures cold? und
grip effectually and permanently? but
prevents those diseases from resulting
in pneumonia. It is also a certain <:uve.
for oroup. Whoopingcough is uofc dan
gerous whon this remedy is given. It
contains no opium or other harmful sub
stance and may bo given as confidently
to a baby as an adult. It is also pleasant,
to take. When all of these fact? ?rr?
taken into consideration it is not surpris -
ing that peoplo in foreign lands, as w?M
as at home, esteem this remedy very
highly and vory few are willing to take>
any other after having once used it. For
salo by J. W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Luo
ney and Seneca Pharmacy, Saneoa.

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