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NI1W 8 Kit I WK, NO. .Mi.-VO'.l'JWtr UV.-NO. 4?.
Wo bave just oponed our Queeu Quality Shoes for
Fall ami Wiutor.
Ask to seo tho now creations ?ti Queen Quality
shot's for tho coining season. You know Queen Quality
shot's have Individuality and obaraotur peculiar only t<?
Queen Quality Shoes, as to their 'it, stylt-, ii nish, ami as
to their holding their shape.
Quoon Quality People are Past Masters lu tho art
of making shoes to hold their shape.
If you don't woai Qoeon Quality shoes, try ono
pair for the Coming season. lt will sure make us close
friends ie. the shoe business.
t <"
C. W. J. E. Baukni?ht, WalKalla.
Soap Caution
// is needless, perhaps, to caution people
against using impure Toilet and Bath Soaps.
No one uses harmful soups willingly, lui I
many usc them unwittingly' Von arc most
upi to 'Jd right sou ps ul u reliable drug store
.foi* instance, you never in your life sun- u
bit of genuine ('us! Hr soap sold anywhere bul
u I (Irug si orrs.
I um something of u crank in this mut'
ter of purity, and guarantee the, (ptalily of.
every soup I sell. The prier you will jind]
right, loo. .
LUNNEY, Tlie Druggist
The Yellow Front.
Carvalho Charo.es No Fee.
Angus! Kolin. tho well known Columbia eor
11-pondi nt ni thc News anil 'Nun UT, II I II la-r il,tte
ni Oetohor Id, ?ritos.
lt win be .'( Interes! .uni only n matter ol jus
HCo to cay Hint in thc Hoyt 11 nyes once th?
printed testimony was hist Bent to Mr. Cnrvniho
anti ho expressed himself ns holl?n inucli Inter
.sti'il nn?l otit-roil tn make tin- simly anil report
upon the case to the Governor personally with- '
out cost to tho State, in- wrote timi tho caso i
Interested him ninl that In- would like tn stotly ,
tho linntlwriting simply to co-<ipernto In neebie '
illa) justice WM (lillie (?nvi-rnor 11 <.> willi en '
loree Into correspondence with Slr. Cnrvniho of
his own Volition ?uni tn assist him in arriving at
what he hoped would tn-a just conclusion, lt I i
is far easier in al) ouch eases tn timi faull than I ;
lt ls to net upon one's own responsibility with I .
an absolute sense ul justice ?uni mercy. j
Aid Asked tor Mr. Marett.
Pair Play, October 15.-On the morn
ing of Ootobor 7. about 3 o'clock, David
H. Marett liad the misfortune <>f losing
his barn, cotton house, smoke house,
three or four hales sued cotton, t.iHHi
bundles fodder. two-horse loads hay,
all farming tools, 1". bushels wheat ami
many other articles of value by fire. 'The
loss was or fl,OOO. This is a
heavy loss on Mr. Millett, who is Striving
hard to pay for his home, ami the cotton
bumed Wa8 what be bad reserved to
make a payment with. Before the lire
bad ceased to burn in the dobris bis
neighbors went to bis relief, and have
rebuilt a substantial barn and stables,
and I write to I sk the neighbors of South
inion. Oak way and Pair Play lo Join
their hands and hearts and restore to
Mr Marett patt of bis loss hy Betiding
him a load of bay or a hundred blindies
>f fodder. This. I am sure, will be
done and God will bless each ami every
one for any assistance tba' mav bo gi veil.
Mr. Marett bas a lame family ami he
?Uro needs help, ile is the worthy tiler
Of Kair Play Lodge No. 1:VJ A. F. M.. and
resides at the 1). il. Glenn old hollie
place, between Sent h UnioU and Fair
Flay. The cause of the tire is unknown.
!.. I.. Jerrard.
Better Than Pills.
Tho question has boen asked, le what
way are Chamberlain's Stoma.di ami
Liver Tablets superior to the ordinary
cathartic and liver pills? Our answer is.
they are easier and more pleasant t<?
take ami their effect is so gentle and 80
agreeable that one hardly realizos thal it
is produced by a medicine. Then they
not only move the bowels, but improve
the appetite and aids the digestion. For
sale at L'-'I cents per bottle by .'. W. bell,
W alhalla; Seneca Pharmacy and W. J.
' .unney, Seneca.
The War Department on last Monday
reoeived a cablegram from Maior-Geue
ial Wade, commanding the Phillipines
Division, dated Manila, October 17. say
ing that Second Lieut. Wm. 1). Pritchard,
iluring an attack id insanity, shot and
killed 2d Lieut. Fred !.. Doon and then
killed himself. Lieut. Pritchard was a
jon of Judge Pritchard of the United
states Circuit i ?.Mi t of Virginia, North
md South Carolina.
Peter Sells, the well known show Ullin, (llCtl al
ii- home III Columbus, Ohio, hist Weilnesitay of
ipejiiexy. aged .'>.'> years, ile, with his bret hore
Vpurnim, Alien am: bowls, established the Sells
Si UtllOl s' shew in 187?.
W4?iK^**K# AAA* AA/?> A4- -HrNf^^^r?.? AA AA <? * * A+AA.4sAi <> ,4-A4- A4-A4- ^/?^.-?^?^-??.'?i???^ Jg
Store for
are Best.
(io best assortment o? Woolen (>o..<!s in I. :s mai kct.
oadololhs. Kreuch Flannels, Sorgos, llonriottun in
latest altados- Drown, oto.
,(K)0 yards Standard Prints at "??. JUT yard.
2,000 yards ?IO inch good quality Shoot tug at 5c.
I, idirs' Jackets, all brand nrw from tho manufactu
rer, l?rico $1.60, $2.50, $11.60, $5, s',- ">n and .sin.
Ladles' Skirts, -L $1.60 up t<> $7.50 radi.
Lad i rs' and Childron's Underwear, in all wrights.
Wooloo and ( lot toil,
all tho
I'.rsi line of Ililli grado Clothing i ver hought.
Men's complote Suits >._', $2.50, ?? 1,50, $5, :-"?.">n, $10,
$12.60 up to >-'."..
A j di lot of Suits, strictly flrst-olass in quality hut a
little Of] In style, worth $10, t<> nloso al $0,
Joh lol of Panis, nut old Stock, hui newest and best
styles; hough! for half price oi account of pisces all
small-running as bi<rb as :*,lx'.I. (Vorth ri."'1'. $6 and JO,
to close al $-1 and $.1,50. Tbc s:.?'> if tn dc to close at $2.60,
Shoes in all kinds of styles and prices to suit 'lie
If in need of a pair of Shoes try i pair of our Sham
Poi k or Ked Kover. Kvery pair absolutely guaranteed Ul
give perfect, satisfaction.
A job lot of IhlttOn Shoes to close cheap. All ?
$2,26 and $2.50 Shoes to close at $1.50 and $1,25,
Heavy Kangaroo, all solid, to close at 8?C.
One solid car load of Doors, Sash, blinds, fan make
ydu a price 10 to 20 por Cont cheap i than yon can buy
from the factory.
Ton pounds of Croon Coffoo, $lj eight pounds of
package I ?offoo, $ i.
Ked, ItuSt Proof, Winter Turf and White Seed (?ats.
At this store yon can always timi a complete stock
of fresh < ?r?cenos.
W. L\
With every bill of
amounting t< $io.
w. i\
Says Lula Hayes Wrolc Inc All-important Note.
Brid Resume ot the Case Hayes
Begins His Long Term.
[Tho Stttto, < lotobor 15. |
Hoyt Hayos will uot bo hanged. Gov.
lloywai'il hus commuted bis soutouoo to
life im) i isoiimont in tho State peniten
tiary, 'I iis notion was based principally
mi tho dm isuin of an export OXlliniuor of i
questioned handwriting. Hayos had
boon cc uvicted of having killed his wife,
and the evidence was purely circumstan
tial, with nothing to show motive, and
i for that reason it appealed to the Qover
. nor that ''?ere might bo cause for doubt;
thc stat n ant ot the expert increases
that foch.lg of doubt to s loh an extent
that Gov. U ey ward is unwilling to soe
the man suffer tho death penalty. On
the other hand he does not grant an un
conditional pardon for tho reason that
1 there are so many circumstances unfa
vorable to the acoUSed thal n commuta
tion of sentence seems to he thc only al
i ternativo.
In making the announcement last
I night Governor Hoy ward saul: "The
papers in this case were submitted to mo
, about three weeks ago ami following my
usual custom I referred them to the trial
judge and solicitor in order to get their
aid in passing upon the petition.
"Solicitor Hoggs said : 'Defendant sun
! tonccil to 1)0 hanged on October l l. I'.'ul.
I concur with the Circuit and Supreme
( om ls.
"Judge Dautsdor made the following
report: 'The testimony in this ease hav
ing been printed ami pr08011ted to your
Excellency foi consideration, i respect
fully nc urn petitions without expressing
an opinion or making a recommendation,
leaving it to your Excellency to reach a
just conclusion from the consid?rai ion
of such testimony.1
"I thou carefully read the testimony '
and examined the written exhibits used
on trial. Tho evidence was entirely cir
cumstaiit ial, the d?tendant and his wife
being alone at the time of her death.
"Thc State failed to show any motive 1
i foi the crime. Tho defense robed upon
the t?o ny that the deceased committed
suicide and a note was produced, claimed
by the defense to bc tn her handwriting.
. This note leads as follows:
" '1 am treated well by Hoyt, but 1 had
rather die than to have the pain and sick
ness of motherhood, therefore I write to
let you know 1 did it."
" The State claims that this note was a
forgery by defendant, produced by him
in order to furnish the foundation of a
"Tho question thou,who wrote this note,
was a must material circumstance to he
considered in this case. Testimony of
local exports was bad ai the trial, tho
prOpoildornUCO Of .-neb evidence being in
favor of thc genuineness ot the paper.
Realizing tho <. tu- a most material point
m Hie case I Sollt all thc Wl'ittOU exhibits
?used on trial to David N. Carvalho, ot
' New York, the most prominent expert
?examiner ot questioned handwriting,
! inks and paper in America, with a re
quest timi he runder an opinion. After
kec|iing t he pa pei s several days ho re
turned them with bis report.
"Mr. Carvallio is cut ii ely disinterested
and while bis opinion was not tested by
examination m court, it shows that the
j State may bavo cried in (dunging tue de
fendant with forgery, in order to concede
his crime. 'Phis presents a ease whore
there is a strong possibility thal the
circumstances now showing the de
(( 'ont tu ned on Page 5. )
Saves 3
The use of R?r al ]
essential to the he;
family food.
Yeast ferments thc I
Alum baking powd<
Royal Baking Pow
Seneoa, Ootobor 18.--Preaching al tho
Presbyterian eli ure li uoxt Sunday morn
ing by Rev. M. lt, Kirkpatrick, ol black
Prayer meeting at the baptist ohuroh
to-morrow o ve u lng; Thursday at tin?
Presbyterian oliurcli. Everybody invited
te attend.
Preaohiug nt tho baptist ohureit next
Sunday morning amt evening by tho pas
tor, Uov. C. \\ ardlaw.
1{(!V. li. A. Child, Presiding Kldor, <>f
A mb ] son, preached at the Methodist
i bmcli Sunday ovouing.
Misses Melia Falls ami Hertha Law
ronco spent a few ?lays with friends at
Ku bland last week.
Mr. amt Mrs. Louis Jordan, of Union,
are hore for a few days, the guests of
Mrs. L. VV. .budan.
Mrs H. F. Moan spent several days in
Greenville last week with roi ntl i .
Mrs. \V. J. Heard, of Wal* ilia, was
shopping here on saturday.
. las. P. Carey spent a few hours here;
Saturday OU business.
Dr. J. H. burgess will be absent from
town foi" a few days in attendance upon
Synod, which is in session at ('linton.
Kev. W. S. Haunter bas been called to
sor ve ns pastor of Good Hope Presbyte
rian ohuroh, in Anderson county. The
tva correspondent 01 the Stat?' stiys he
has accepted the call and will move his
family there on or about January 1st.
The many fri.ls of George Holland
will tie pleased to loam that he is able ,
to tie up, and in cours?' of a lew days
will bc on thc Streets again.
Capt. L. W. .lardan is spending a few '
days with his mother. His many friends
are glad to see him looking so well,
w. N. Jackson, representing Laraboe
A- Co., of New York, spent a few days
hore this w?'?-k on business.
The post office hits leen moved flinn
New.spa per bow to the brick building at
thereat' of the Harper, lloyd .V Hunt
store. The ??.lie?! is now on a back street,
bul at a more desirable location.
Mary, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. W. M.
Neill, died Friday at 1 p. m., alter an ill
ness of onlj a few days. Sh?; was a very
bright child and was gre it ly admired by
all w ho had the pleasure ol knowing her.
Her remains were laid to r?-st in the
cemetery saturday morning af ter appro
priate funeral services, conducted by
Itev. W. F. Strickland. Tim sorrowing
parents havo tho sympathy of the Com
munity in their hour of bereavement.
John C. ( arv, of Lockhart, is here for
a few days. I? it. e.
if AL
Bilking Powder is
althfulness of the
?rs are injurious.
der saves health.
Westminster, Ootober IO. -Tho ann mi
meeting of tlio Woman's Foreign Ni is
sionary Society of thc Greenville dis
ti iel will bo helli in the Westminster
Methodist chinch on next. Friday, Satur
day and Sunday. Mooting will convene
ut S p. m. on Friday, bach missionary
und juvenile society in the district is
entitled to send one delegate. Miss
Clara OsborUO ls tho secretary. Mrs. .).
W. Humbert, the conf?rence correspond
ing soo rotary, is expected to bo present
Publie cordially invited to attend the
Mrs. J, Wade Dickson is visiting af
Charlotte, Greenville and Spartnuburg,
Mrs. Dr, 0. M. Walker is visiting the
family of her father. W. W. Turner, of
A t hens. I to.
ll. ll. Divver ? f tho Greenville News
was in town last Friday.
(?en. W. Pitts, of Tocooa, was in town
this week.
S. B, Freeman and little laughter.
Nora Kli/.abelh, of Atlanta, spent last
Sunday with his mother, Mis l.i/zie
Freeman, Ho is connected with tho
Trio Steam I.aumlry.
Kev. J, F. Mason will preach her i Mil
urday and Sunday, October 22 ami 23, in
the M ab ry old store house.
The new school hell has ai rived Tho
first one purchased has never given satis
.lohn ll. Sitten, who lias h ?en the mas
tm mechanic at thc Chesw di Cotton
Mills for the pa.-t six months, is spend
ing a few days with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. 1,. Sitton, near Seneca, Mr. Sit
ton expects to leave the latter part of
this week for Huntsville, Ala., where be
wu', work m a machine shop.
Dr. H. F. bosser is overhauling his
dwelling house. He bas recently bought
the bouse formerly owned by Miss Kinma
This has bc .MI a busy season with Hie
cotton gi miers. The Westminster Oil
ami Fertilizer Company control two gin
neries and have boen unable to koop up
with the cotton as last as it conies in.
They ginned more than forty bales per
day last week. Cotton is openimr rapidly
and it looks like all w ill soon be gat bured
from t be fields.
John Hopkins, of Anderson, atoppod
nvor in Westminster a while this week
as he was returning from a trip to At
We had plenty of frost three mornings
this week.
H. H. /.immerman and daughter, Miss
Hat tie, have returned from a two weeks'
visit to the World's Fair.
Westminster (lom Mil'inery Company
is tho style of anew millinery linn in
this pince, They ari' in ( upi. w . F.
(/boswell's residence and had their infor
mal opening on Oct.?bei 12 and
Th OS. Stoddaid and W. W. Koardoil
have the contract to build thc West
minster Knitting Mills. Work will begin
light away.
A youngman by the name ot Whitfield,
who lives on the Georgia side, wa.-, badly
rut about the face and mouth by a man
named Holmes in the bong ( reek sec.
lion Sunday night. Whitfield Was in re
Monday for the purpose of having bis
injin ies dressed, lbs llppot lip was cu'
som plot cly in two.
A new roof is being put on the store o?
the M at boson Hardware Co.
Haled ('aitm, soo of T. \. Carter, ls
ittonding school at llinwassen, Gs
Hov. .1. J. Harrell, pastor of the Cn s
tiyterlan church, is at Clinton attending
he meeting of the South Carolin." Synod,
A. I,. Cosset I.
,t ll AU INT III? ?I lt I I'll lt IM I. KM
Itching, blind, bleeding oi protruding
fiilcs, Druggists refund money (f l'A'/.<>
U VI M FAT (ails to ci ie am ca-, , 00
matter ot bow long standing, in tj io | :
lays. First application gises i ?.: <
est. ftOo. If your druggist hasn't :
-end .",o<-. in stamps ami it will lu- for
warded post paul by I'.uis Medicine Co.,
St. Louis. Mo.
Eastern War News.
'Ibo latest news from the Knsl is that
he center of the C/ai s army has i.
teated in great disorder and that tho
Whole Russian llrtO has been captured bj
he.laps. The Hessians say thc wai di?u-.u\
ms not been decided, ami that they an
noying hundreds Of Hu- Japanese ?vory
lay. Field Marshal nyama ( lap.) has.
taked for 70,000 reinforcements. Tho
Hessians have captured a numboi <>f
; ii UH and Mambos.
Flection advertisements are published
his week. Head thom.
' ' ' . ' : '* ? 1 ' .v!: . I

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