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" $2.60
Is the Best on the M
for the Money.
It is made in the largest shoe factory
the daily production of whioh is 10,000 fini
enormous production so reduces the cost of
they are enabled to use in its oonstructioj
better than used in any other woman's sho?
C. W. <a J. E. BAUH
Styles Now
mur S*?* ~2*SAMWS
$3.00 C
Stock Ills Overcome.
Yellow Front.
OU appreciate tho monoy ualue of your own health :
tho health of your Btock is a matter of prollt alBo. Jost
now tho health of stock should bo closely looked after;
it will moan dollars for you later. Tho uso of a good
Stock Food yields large returns on the investment every
Blue Grass Condition Powder.
You oan dopend upon it; no other so prompt in results,
and no other worthy powder that costs less. Equally
good for horses, oattle, sheep or hogs.
LUNNEY, The Druggist,
Jules Verne is Dead in France.
Amiens, Franco, March 24.-Jules
Verne, tho oelobratod novolist died at his
hone hero to-day. Ho had boon subjoot
to diabetes, out the disease did not as
sume a crit?cal form until Maroh 10.
Sinco then he had gradually failod and
the end was hastened by a stroke of
paralysis, covoring ids right side until
his tongue, was affected. The siok man
retained consciousness until shortly be
fore death. Ile calmly foresaw death
and called his family to his bodside and
discussod the approaching end.
J tiles Verne, the Fronoh novolist, was
boru at Nantes, February 8, 1828. Ho
studied law, and in 1850 attempted to
show hi? morit on tho stago, but re
peated failures orowned his efforts. Of
his numerous works, most of which are
available in fair translations, the more
readablo are "Twenty Thousand Loaguos
Under the Sea," "The Mysterious Island,"
"Around the World in Eighty Days,"
"Michael Strogoff," "Tho Green Ray,"
"Christopher Columbus," and "The
Southern Star." Several of his tales
have been dramatized, and "Le Dootonr
Ox" has been turnod into an opora. The
interest of his stories depends solely on
inoident, aa all of them lack character
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to euro. E. W. Grove's signature is tn
each box. Boo.
Flat Shoals Items.
Flat Shoals, Maroh 27.-Quito a number
of young people onjoyed a candy draw
ing at J. B< Sattoi Hold's tho other night.
Miss Elioa Rankin has boou confined
to her bod for some time, but is bettor
at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wilson aro quito
sick with grip.
It is Will Sloan that has tho big smilo
-a girl.
S. S. Parks, of Greensboro, N. C., aud
T. E. Alexander, of Walhalla, woro in
our neighborhood on business the other
J. B. Satter?eld killod a coaoh-whip
snake last week that was oight feet long.
Miss Minnio Vaughn, of West minuter,
is spending awhilo with hor grandfathor,
Mason Duncan. 8. C. .
C*M!s Jett (liven New Trial.
Frankfort, Ky., Maroh 25.-Anew trial
for Curtis Jott, under sentence to hang
for tho assassination of J. B. Marcum in
Breathott court, was ordered to-day by
tho Court of Appeals. The oaso came
up from tho Harrison Cirouit Court, and
is ono of the feud murdors in oonneotiou
with whioh Judge Dargie, Senator liar
gis, Elbert Hargis and Sheriff Ed Calla
han aro now held at Lexington.
A fourth trial of Caleb Powers for the
assassination of Governor Goobel will
begin in a short time, the Court of Ap
peals having overruled tho petition of
thc commonwealth for a rehearing.
resigns in all
nd Leathers
r in the world,
Lshedpair. This
i materials far
) of like price.
Half Million Lives Lost in Russia.
St. Petersburg. March 28.-Stung by
the wholesale criticism latoly heaped
upon the war office for it? unprepared
ness and incapacity in providiug the
Manchurian army with men, guns and
munitions, the army organ to-day lays
bare what hos been done since the open
ing of hostilities giving tho exact figures.
From these it appears that up to March
12 thofjwar office tins despatched 13,087
officers, 701,407 men, 110,408 horses, 1,521
>ims and 710,321 tons of munitions and
supplies to tho front, declaring tho
transportations strained tho Siberian
railroad to its utmost capacity.
The army orean admits that the army
in tho far east, when the war opened, 1
tva? hardly worth the name (no figures
being given, but it is known that the
troops did not exceed 00,000 men) defend
ing (this on the ground that Emperor
Vich?las desired to avoid war and there
Tore refrained from sending reinforce
ments which surely would have pro
voked it.
'The Colonel's Waterloo
Col. Jolm M. Fuller, of I louey Grove, i
Texas, nearly mot Iiis Waterloo from .
liver and kidney trouble. In a recent
letter ho says: "I was nearly dead of
these complaints, and, although I tried
my family dootor, he did me no good; so i
[ got a 50c bottle of your great Eleotrio
Bitters, wbioh cured me. I consider
them .the best medicine on earth, and
thank God who gave you tho knowledge
to mnke thom." Sold and guaranteed
to c.ur?! dyspepsia, biliousness and kid
ney disease by all druggists' at 50 conts a
Japanese Loan Taken in This Country.
New York, March 28.-Negotiations
Tor a Japanese government loan for
M50,000,000 have boen successfully con
iludod in Loudon. Kuhn, Loeb & Co.,
>f tliis city, who will sharo in tho loan,
nado tho announcement to-day. Tho
oan will boar iutorost at 4} poncent and
viii bo secured by a first mortgage on
ho tobacoo monoply. Ono half of thu
mt ire loan will he taken in this country.
Cohn, Loeb & Co. will managoan Ameri
tan syndicate with the assistance of tho
National City Bank and tho National
lank of Commerco. Tho terms and
naturity of the new loan has not yet
teen disclosed nor has tho subscription
.rico, but it is understood that Japan
.as been given better terms than in tho
irovious two loans.
Philadelphia, March 24.-John Hill, a
egro pugilist, died to-day as the result
f a six-round bout last night with "Kid"
lorsey, oolored, at the Broadway Ath
atlo Club. In the sixth round Hill was
.nocked unoonsoious. After fourteen
ours' troatment he was still uncon
oious. The proprietor of the club and
he seeonds of both men wero arrested,
lill died at ll o'clock. Ho remained
inoonsoious until death. Dorsey was
Iso arrested.
Killed In Prize Ring.
The Election ol Town Offioert-Communion
Services at the Methodist Church.
Seneca, Maroh 28.-Soneca'8 municipal
election yesterday passed off quietly.
The following names, composing the
ticket, were elected: Mayor, F. M. Cary;
Aldermen. J. T. Lawrence, W. J. Lun
ney, T. M. Lowery, Whltner Livingston.
A better selection could not have been
made, and our citizens are congratulated
upon the wise choice mado. In view of
the fact that the retiring oounoil has left
notable and substantial monument? to
its administration, it is up to tho counoll
eleot to keep the ball moving, which, in
the minds of a livo citizenship, is a fore
gone conclusion.
Yesterday, at the Sonooa Cotton Mills,
Luther Hyde died from the effects of a
wound made by George Thompson, of
Newry, in an altercation wbioh occurred
between these parties at the Seneca Cot
ton Mill on Saturday, the 18tb instant.
The Coroner held an inquest yesterday,,
the verdict of the jury being in accord
with tho above facts, Thompson gave
up and is in jail.
II. M. Richardson is building n large
cistern in tho rear of the lot on which
the Palmetto House is located, which
will be used for sanitary purposes by the
hotel. The larg? well supplies water for
other purposes.
It has been said that the traveling mon
are "complaining that the hotel business
is overdone-here." It occurs to us that
they (tho traveling men) are the last mon
on earth to discourage enterprises of
this nature, knowing that in this, as well
as other trades, competition truly is the
life of trade 1 And as long as no kiok
comes from the competitors we advise
thom, m the language of brer rabbit, to
"lay low and say notbin'.M
Others say that business in other lines
is over-done in Seneca. As long as there
aro no failures and everybody seems to
be making a comfortable living, we
fail to see how business can bo ovor-done.
OD last Sabbath exorcises were hold iu
tho Presbyterian church by tho Snnr'ay
Behool, tho program of which was jup
pliod by tho Home Miasiou hoard.
Services will be held as usual next
Sabbath at tho Presbyterian -mureil,
morning and evening. At the morning
service tho following program of music
will bo used: Voluntary, Deal Gontly;
Quartette, Thompson; Offertory,' Not
Ashamed of Christ, Soprano Solo.
Communion was celebrated at tho
Methodist church last Sabbath, and a
delightful program of music was ren
dered. The mnlo quartette sang as vol
untary, O, Silvery Waves, aud Mrs.
Benedict roudered as offertory, Redemp
tion by sholls, During communion the
quartette saug, Morning, Noon and
On last Sabbath afternoon at tho Bap
tist church a Baptist Young People's
Union was organized. Following are
the names of officers elected: President,
J. G. Huff; Viee President, Leland Ma
rett; Recordine Secretary, Miss Maud
Hopkins; Corresponding Secretary, Miss
Eleanor Wardlaw ; Organist, Miss Fannie
Lowery. The delegates appointed to
Attend tho convention, to be held in
charleston, in April, aro J. G. Huff and
Miss Maud Hopkins.
The grading done on the street loading
to Walhalla, immediately in front of the
residences of W. S. Hunter and ll. F.
Alexander, is completed and has made a
leoldod improvement, both in thc at
tractiveness of these residences and tho
USO of tho street as a drive-way. Tho
jouucil lowered tho shade trees on the
ddewalks also, and torraoed the border
of tho yards, finishing tho entranco with
somonted steps. Wo hopo it will bo a
consolation to these good citizens to
enow that this street is now more city
liko in appearance than any in town.
?Vo hopo tho council will now turn its
it tent inn to other approaches to town.
Fairplay stroot, for instance.
To-night Russell's elect ric shows will
bo given at the school house, and will be
.epoated on Wednesday night.
S. K. Dendy is in Atlanta making final
o .rangements for tho opening ol tho mil
tatty department of the establishment
>f Hunter, Dendy & Co., which will oc
lur in tho near future. Tho datos of tho
oimal openings of our milliners is not
iel yot, but they promlso to be full,
rariod and more attraotivo than over. '
Last Saturday wns a groat day in busi
loss circles hero. On account of the
ains on Friday the farmers were hero in
mind numbers, and the morchants say
hat the business done was unprooo
A notable acquisition to tho Baptist
ihoir last Sabbath morning was the cor
?ot playing by Ben MoElratb, whoso do
ightful smooth handling of his instru
nent was much enjoyed by the congre
gation present
T. M. Lowery is in the mountains this
veek. *
Major W. J, Stibling waa in Seneca
There is a q^i
Baking Powd?
the food more
wholesome, T
of Royal has t
physicians, anc
ingly endorse
rr\f***rl tir
x u.
Min. W. S. Ilunier has had as her
guests, the past week Misses Anim
Hunter and Nina Dickerson, of Town<
ville and Abbeville respectively, and
Miss Rona Farmor, a duo ming young
lady of Anderson.
Arrangement? aro being'made for the
opening performance in tho new ball,
the dato of whioh ih not yet set. \ The
opening' of the handsome hall of itself
will draw a large crowd and no doubt
the entertainment will do high honor to
the oooasion.
The rose beds in the park, which have
been placed there by Mrs. M. W. Cole
man, have been turned over to private
parties who will attend thurn, Tho pub
lio will bear this faot in mind, reinem her
ing that tho rosos are not to bo cut or]
I'he bushes mutilated as in tho pa?'..
lt is rumored that a steam laundry is a
possibility boro in tho liuo of small in
dustries. Let this bo followed by others.
Miss Carrio Shelor, of Anderson, spent
last Sabbath with friends hero. <|tV
Mrs. M. W. Coleman, of Atlanta, bas
boon boro for a week with friends, whd;
regret to know that she is moving hoi
housoh. >ld goods to Atlanta, whore she |
will resido permanently.
M i ss llessie McCarloy, who has boon
visiting bore, returned to Spartanburg
yesterday, where sho is taking a busi
ness course
The ladies of the Methodist church. I
will givo a strawberry and ice oroam fes-1
tival about April 14. M. V. f
A Chicago Alderman Owes His Election to J
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
"I oan heartily and conscientiously re
commend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for affeotions of the throat and lungs,'*
says Hon. John Sbeniok, 220 So. Peoria
St., Chicago. "Two years ago, during a
Colitical campaign, I caught oold after
oing overheated, whioh irritated my
throat and I was dually compelled to
stop, Os I could not speak aloud. In my
extremity a friend advised roe to UBO
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I took
two doses that afternoon and could not
believe my senses when I found tho next
morning tho inflammation had largely
subsided. I took several doses that day,
kept right on talking through the cam
paign, and 1 thank this medicine that I
won my seat in the council." Thia remedy
is for sale by J. \V. Hell, Walhalla, and
W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Mrs. Chadwick Gets Ten Years.
Cleveland, March 27.-Unless the
higbor court shall intervene, Mrs. Cassie j
L. Chadwick will opoud the greater part
of tho next ton years in the Ohio State ?
pi ison. This sentence was pronounced \
on her to-day by Judge Robert W. Tay- j
lor in tho United States District Court, j
after a busy day hearing arguments on a
motion for a now trial. Mrs,. Chadwick
was convicted on seven counts and was
M ni cured upon fix. Upon four she re
ceived two ycai ? each and upon two she
waa gi vi n one year oaoh.
Immediately her counsel took cep- i
lions, olaiming that tho court cannot
impose separate sentence for oaoh <
count; that the law applies to a general ]
nhargo instead of to particular charges.
The case will be taken to the United j
States Court of Appeals at Cincinnati1
?nd a stay of execution will be asked,
lt is understood that the. officials will
make no attempt to carry out the som
tonco until the defense has an opportun
ity to oarry the oaso to a higher court
?nd there obtain a suspension of sentence.
With a total for the last week of 2(1,000
?liens, and with the prospeots of at least ,
ooo more to oome In on the steamships !
?rriving this week, it is probable that all \
immigration figures will be broken be
foro tho spring ls ended. From all parts
of Burope aliens are booked to nrrivo
and the resources of the station at Ellis
Island, Now York, will be taxed to tho
ality in Royal
r which makes
digestible and
his peculiarity
>een noted by
1 they accord
ant recom
Westminster, Maroh 20.-Albert Flynn,
of Atlanta, visited the family of C. C.
.Simpson Inst. woo*.
Glenn Sheldon, of Liberty, visited tho
family of M. S. Stribling this week.
Tho?. Crompton, of Anderson, was iff -
town Saturday.
Ed stacey, the night operator, is spend
ing a few days athis home in Reldvillo,
?, C..
On Sunday, April 16, ut 8 p. m., Hov. J.
I. Spinks will deliver tho Odd Fellows'
anniversary sormon in tho Methodist
church. Tho members of the Qoldeu
Link Lodge, of Westminster, will attend
in a body drossod In their regalia. E-ory
body cordially invited.
Frank Zimmerman, whoso death wo
announced last week, was asphyxiated
by illuminating gas iu a hotel in New
York. The oause of his death waa not
known until a fow days-ago.
J. J. PiokoiiB and |Qeo. W. Spencer
havo completed the new bridge across
Chauga, near tho Bud Cobb saw mill
Frank Hoers, of New Jorsoy, who has
been hore the past two munt hs engaged
in erecting a fuel economizer at tho
Cheswoll Cotton Mills, has completod
the job and left this week for Knoxville,
whero he will do some work for tho
< ?reen Fuol 1' con om i/er Co., of M litten
wan, N. Y.
That wonderful impersonator, Gilbert
A. Eldredge, of Crawfords ville, Indiana,
rendered a delightful program at the
close of the lyceum oourse for tho sea
son Monday evening last. Nearly all
the seats in the auditorium were Ailed
tod everybody enjnyod tho entertain
ment whioh lasted for a couple of hours
or more. Mr. Eldredge could quickly
shange himself from the blushing maid
In graduating attire or the sohool boy
vearing knee panta to the lonely widow
Mid the feeble old man. Everybody
went home laughing aud expressing
themselves as highly pleased with what
they had seon nnd heard.
Miss Hen lah I'on re is visiting relut i ves
in Royston, Ga.- A. L. Gossett.
Ebenezer Items.
Ebenezor, Maroh 28.-Had colds aro a
icourge in thia section. -
W. M. Galloway is visiting homo-folka
?his week at Hrovard, N. C.
Miss Zella Whitmire entertained quito
I channing crowd at her homo some
imo ago with music and also a pound
[?arty. Evorybody seemed to enjoy a
Ino time.
Miss Ellie and Lillie Bellotto enter
ained a nu inlier of people at their homo
Thursday night, whioh all onjoyed.
The wedding bolls seem to keep on
Mrs. Maudo Galloway is on the sick
ist at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lawrouco, of
'Houison, visited their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Jones, Saturday and Sunday.
Hugh Harkins IB wearing a smile-it's
I fine boy.
J. P. Jones has been very sick, but ia
tome better at this writing.
W. M. Galloway and wife aro going to
nake their homo^with Mt. and Mrs.
P. Jonas, near West Union, this year
Spring has opened up now and
me will feel better. w.
If it is a bilious attack take Oj
alo's stomach and Liver Table/
Snick OUre is certain. Kui sale/
loll, Walhalla: W. J. Luuney/
The agreement for a
??i national loan of 200,(
ias been signod. The !"
it 06 and will he redeem)

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