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Cb* Jt?0toeje (Courier.
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R. T. JAYNBS, i w.". . ?>"". ) l>- A. oma i n
J. W. SUKI,OU, | *o?' 1 *VM- [J, A. HTKCK
CommunioatiouB of a perHonal
character charged for aa advortiseniout?.
?B // Obituary aotioes and tributos ol
rospeot, of not over one huudrod words,
will be printed free of ohargo. AU over
that number must be paid for at the rato
of one oent a word. Cash to accompany
The publiontiou of tho statomont last
week of A. W. Brabham, of Hamborg, to
tho offoot that thero would not bo a re
duction of cotton acreage by tho farmers
of the South, brings forth a vory strong
and forceful statement by President
Smith, of tho Southern Cotton Growers'
Association, in which ho donios tho asser
tions of Mr. Brabham, and gives facts and
ligures to show that tho farmors are
standing lirm in thoir determination to
cut their cotton acreage and devote more
land to tho production of othoi orops.
On tho second pago of this issue of Tho
Courier will bo found Prosidout Smith's
statement and other artioles pertaining
to this subjoct, which moaus so muoh,
not alono to tho farmors, but to the
South asa whole, irrospoctivo of occupa
tion or profession.
There has boon muoh said of late in
regard to tho meaning of tho largo salo
of tax/fags to raauufaoturers of fortili
/ors, and in somo quarters it has booo
construed to iudicato a woakouing in the
ranks of tho farmers, and that they are
preparing for another mammoth orop of
cottou. Incorporated iu Prosidout
Smith's articlo there is a lotter from IL
M. Staokhouso, Bocrotary of tho fortilizor
dopartment, which goos to HIIOW that tho
salo of tax tags bas littlo bearing on the
situation as to tho actual movomont of
fertilizers. Wo quolo from this lottor:
"Tho amount, howovor, is not loss
than stated, and about the samo as last
year; we think at least $10,000 of this
comes from increased salos (of tax tags)
for cotton seed meal, which for 'atod?
food' pays tho tax this season for thu
first time. Thon the salesmen ami manu
facturers of fertilisers say that, antici
pating orders, they supply themselves
with tags, knowing that if not needed
they can lie redeemed, and they admit
aggregate sales to date considerably less
than last year. So you correctly say
I hose sales aro not reliable indication ot
tho amount of fertilisers really used."
So much for the salo of lax tags. It
indicates nothing definitely, for if the
tags are not used hy the manufacture!
they can lie redeemed. Thoroforo the
manufacturer does not buy what he actu
ally needs, hut in sufficient quantities tc
meet tho demands ou a basis of last
year's supply. Thou, too, tags aro re
quired this year for "stock food" foottotl
sued meal), ?md Secretary Staokhouse
estimates that fully fl 0,000 of the tag?
sohl this year have boon bought for tin
purpose of comply i Ug with the new tax
requirements as to cotton seed meal.
In regard to tho more important ques
tion- tho roduction Of acreage-Presi
dent Smith quotes extract? from lot tors
from various sections ot the .South, and
Oaoh giv68 stioug evidence that tho pro
posed 1 eduction ol' J? per cent, is being
adhered to hy tho planters, and in sonic
s?riions the reduction exceeds that
amount. Wc take lt that his information
is correct. Ile is in touch with thc
planters and has in his possession lim
figures and statements that show a con
dition just thc reverte of thc opinion
expressed hy Mf. Brabham. Certainly
he is in a helter position to arrive at a
correo) conclusion than Mr. Brabham;
vet. granting that ho has no advantage
lu this respect, ho has a far Woightio]
argument in his favor-tho fact that it is
a vital question with tho cotton pro
ducer, and that, were Mr. Brabham's
statement correct, it would mean that
the farmer is courting ruin for himself
in the fail of 1005. It is hardly probable
that such is the case. With much of
last year's crop of cottou still in thc
hands td tho producer and the prico
already down below the profit mark, it
would bethe height of folly to plant a
crop sufllolontly laige to keep the juice
In tho report of ex .senator John L.
McLauron's addi ess to tho farmers of
i? unter there .ire some wholesome bits
.if truth and advice, and we produce
rca few sontoncos to give them addi
tional prominonco. As words of warn
ing, sound advice and a stimulus to the
aimer t<i stand bis giound, we deem
I hem worthy ol reproduction here. H _>
.says in pa it :
" * * * It is a f^ood thing for a
man or people to look thu truth squarely
in tho face, to see things us they ?ne, not
as pictured by vanity, ambition or a dis
ordered Imagination. ? ? ? |jvo
in a day of combination and Organiza
tion. Faery business In tho I nned
St ites is organized except tho cotton
planter, and now, in self-defense, wo aro
'icing forced to act III conceit. ? ? *
Tho balance of Ibo world is a OOlisumoi
ot' our raw cotton, and is therefore com
bined to get our product as cheap as
possible. Von can only meet Organiza
tion with organization, All other in
dus tri OS through combinat ion lix the
pi-ice of thoir products. This coat that
I have on lay on the shelf of some mer?
chant's store until 1 paid his price for it.
Ho fixed tho price without consulting
mo. Tho beef trust fixed tho prico of
my moat, tho coal trust of my fuel, the
flour trust of my bread, the coffee trust
of my coffoo, and so on ol everything
that 1 uso. I may starve, 1 may frco/.o
ur go naked, but I pay their price or go
without. When I bring my produot
(cotton) into town to seil, I do not tell
tlio buyer what 1 will take as all these
othor luduetrios do me. I humbly ask,
'What will you give me for my cotton ?'
. . * Gentlemen, do what ali the
others do; put your eottou in a ware
house; don't ask anybody what they will
givo, but tell the world what you will
tako. lt is in your own hands. All you
have to do is to 'stand pat.' * . . Let
it be understood that from now, hence
forth and forever, we, the producers of
tho matorial that olothos the world, in
tend to have a voice lu fixing the prico
of tho products of our labor."
Within a few weeks tho ontire orop
will bo in the grouud, and tho fate of
the farmer hangs ou his acta from now
till the crop is pl.tuted. It stands to
reason that tho plauters, with the experi
ence of last year so frosh in their minds,
are not going to prepare for a flf teeu
million-bale orop and ruin, when an
eight-million-bale orop will bring thom
prosperity. It is a simple business pro
position that confront? the farmer, and
we are not prepared to believe him so
short-sighted as to fail at this critical
period to see his one means of salvation
and to accept it.
Stand to the roduotion agreement re
gardless of predictions of a large crop.
These prodlotions hurt nothing, but
should servo to strengthen the determi
nation of every fanner to show that
each can and will stand by the other and
win iu spite of tho cotton boars of Wall
Wo are informed tbat tho agreement
to reduce has been almost universally
signed by the Ooonee farmers, and that
tho roduotion iu this county will exoeod
25 por cent from last year's acreage.
IT. Halse IOBB ootton and more corn,
[train, hay, etc. Tho Southern farmer is
under no obligation to raise 5-cont ootton
and buy Western Hour, corn and hay.
Tho problem of prosperity for tho
Southern farmer is squarely up to tho
Southern farmer for solution. Ked net ion
and diversification mean prosperity;
over-production of cotton aud small
crops of corn mean stagnation and loss.
It is yours to choose Which will you
Spring Woathor was ai. est ed last Thurs
day for playing froozo-out. That's a
joke, and that's no joko; tho latter's
Aftor all, thoro's no placo like Wal
halla- she's tho boat ovor. Nothing
doing iu the way of putting on falso airs,
hut when it comes to a scientific analysis
of tho rejuvenating and oxhilerating
qualities that permeate tho gentle breezes
of famous health resorts, we've got tho
bulge on 'om. In othor words, Walhalla
is a great nll-tho-year-round health re
sort. Soe?
i Tho Anderson Mail, of last Thursday
copied our "local puff" about poor old
' Blind Bob, the livery horse, and honored
it with a double hoad. The Mail knows
i a good thing when itsoos it-and therein
i has an advantage over Ohl Bob. If hu
could hut see the many nice things thu
i two best papers in South Carolina wero
i saying about him wu would hoar once
i more the real thing in thu way of a
' horse laugh.
Medical science now tells us that to
cure tuberculosis the consumptive must
he . inoculated" with a tapeworm, lt is
I said tho germ of consumption cannot
exist where thine is a tapeworm, and it
would seem to us that human existence
; would, under these conditions, be a
? questionable pleasure, lt is best to look
; on tho bright side of things, hut really
this new discovery places the cnnstimp
: live "twixt the devil and tho deep blue
i sea."
For a Weak Digestion.
No medicine can replace food, but
I Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tub
, lets will lu lp you to digest your food, lt
' is not the quantity ol' food taken that
' gives Strength anil vigor to tho system,
i hu* the amount digested and assimilated.
I. trou',.'ed with a weak digestion, don't
fail to glvo these tablets a trial. Thous
1 ands h.. e been benefited hy their use.
Thov only cost a quarter. For salo by .1.
W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,Soueoa.
Libel Suit in Rabun County.
Clayton, Ga., April lo.-Senator K. E.
, A. Bamby has brought suit for $10,000
, damages against J, F. Karlo, a woll
I known business man. The chaige is libel
and is said to grow ont of a circular
alleged to have been sent out hy Earle
before tho late Democratic primary,
charging Mr. Uamby, as a former legis
! lator, with selling out tho interests of
Kahun county to railroads n i other cor
porations, and also controlling the vote
of Hon. .lohn II. Derrick, the present
momberoi the Legislature from Kahlin
county. Mr. Karlo was .sued for damages
on account of alleged libel hy Mr. Der
rick at. tho February term of Court. Tho
cases will be reached in regular order on
the court calendar. Mr. Uamby had benn
a motnbor of the lower house of the (fun
eral Assembly for six years prior to 1802,
?iud is a member of the present State
Senate. Mr. Karlo is a well-known citizen
of Kainui county. Mr. Dorrlok has been
a member of the Legislature sinco 1802,
and is a member of the prosont Hoiiso.
The suit was filed in Kabun Superior
Frightfni suffering Relieved*
Suffering frightfully from tho virulent
poisons nf undigested food, C. G. Gray?
son, of Lula, Miss., took Dr. King's Now
Lifo Pills, "with tho result," ho writes,
"that 1 wa? cured." All stomach and
bowel disorders give way to their tonic,
laxativo properties. 25c. at all druggists.
What do ^
Think Abo
About what? A
Range, ^.in't it a
give you the price.
We are headquaj
Wagon Material, I
Supplies, etc. Call
Carter Har
A. H. Ellison Replies to A. W. Brabham.
A. W. Brabham, of Oiar, Bamberg
county, says iu The State thnt the farm
eas will not roduce the ootton acreage.
A. H. Ellison, Secretary of the Oconee
County Southern Cotton Association,
says they will.
First, because between two and three
million of tho intelligent farmers have
joined this Association and signed tho
pledgo to reduce 25 per cent, and num
bers of others aro joining daily, and I
havo confldenoo enousrb in thane honest
farmers to beliovo thoy will stand to any
pledgo that thoy have or may sign, and
not only many other farmers who havo
not joinod that will roduoo their acreage
from 10 to 50 por cont.
Second, becauso ovory farmer in tho
South knows tho reduction of 25 per
cont means 10 cont cotton this fall, and
that moaus prosperity, as any other soc
tion might enjoy, besides ho feels it a
duty to his family, neighbors and coun
try. On tho other band ho knows that
an increase, or oven the samo number of
acres, moans 4 to 5 cont cotton, and that
would bo bankruptoy aud ruin to tho
Southern farmer. The farmers who
raised cotton at 4 and 5 couts some years
ago havo not forgotten the privations it
brought on tho country at that time,
when supplies and othor articles woro
equally low. What would it be to-day
with tho price of supplies, labor and
othor articles about double tho price
paid thou ? It would ho ten fold worse.
Mr. Brabham says the farmers aro told
that tho acreage r.nd fertilizers will be
reduced 125 per cont and the Southern
Cotton Association would forco cotton
up to IO cents by June 1st. That was
enough; overy farmer is increasing his
aoroage and phosphates, Now, I say it
will induce every intelligent farmer to
stand to his pledge, reduce his acreage
and carry out the plans of the Associa
tion and thereby reap tho benefit. I be
liovo they w ill do it.
Mr. Hrabham bases his calculations
greatly on tho amount of fertilizer sold.
I believe there will bo only a slight re
duction in tho uso of fertilizers, as there
will bo a groat deal more used for corn,
small grain and other crops, of which
there is from 20 to 26 ..er cent, moro be
ing planted this year than heretofore, to
.say nothing ol tho amount used under
sorghum, peas, potatoes, melons, gar
dens, forage, etc., but no moro under
cotton per acre than usual.
Mr. Brabham Bays this art ?(de sounds
very much like a circular letter from
Theodore Price, the great bear specula
tor of New York. We think had Mr.
Price had tho dictating of Mr. Brabham's
aitii le ho could not have worded it more
to suit him than ho did. However, he
says he does not claim to be a prophet
and only hopes that ho is mistaken, but
sccs in Bpitoof himself that the farmers
are making a great biTort to make a mon
ster orop of cotton, and that nothing but
tho Almighty can keep cotton above 5
cents by October 1st, 1005. Wo differ
with him. Tho .armers have it in their
power to raise too prico of cotton to 10
lents, and keep it at that prico, by hold
ing what thjy now have on band, and
reducing acreage 26 per cent as requested
hy the Association.
Ho says he fears the Association has
done more harm than, good by raising
tho juice of OOtton from 0 to 7} cents so
near plaiding time and will cause them
to plant :;.">,(M)0,(M)(> acres this season
Now when colton was 12 to 15 cents last
spring tho price did not induce them to
plant over 80,000,000 acres. Wo hardly
think 7A cents will cause them to increase
their acreage, but rather think it will In
duce them to reduce 25 per cent or moro,
and will raise more hog a ul hominy and
other supplies, and have plenty at home,
and sell their cotton for IO cents and
feel fully compensated for their work.
A. H. Ellison.
Walhalla, S. C., April ll, 1005.
Rheumatic Pains Quickly Rolicvcd.
Tlie excruciating pains characteristic
of rheumatism and eolation are. quickly
relieved by applying Chamberlain's Pain
Maim. The great pain relieving power
of t he liniment has been the surprise and
delight of thousands of sufferers. Tho
quick relief from pain which it affords
is alone worth many times ifs cost. For
sale by J. W. Boll, Walhalla; W. J. Lun
ney, Sonecn.
Notice lo Associates.
With tho closing of tho 1004 <>5 session
of school, tho Boar Swamp school li
brary will rosumo tho former days airtl
hours of opening-first and third Satur
day afternoons from 2 till 5 o'clock.
Don't forgot tho time.
Maude A. Hurley, Librarian.
bout that Princess
i beauty? Let us
rters for Buggy and
Mpe Fittings, Farm
dware Co.,
Teachers' Examination.
THE uoxt teachers' examination will
be beld in tho Walhalla Court House
Friday, May 10, 1005. The examination
will open nt 0 a. m. and olose at 4 p. m.
Applicants muBt prepare themselves
with all necessary stationery, pena and
ink. J. S. COLLEY,
Co. Supt. Education
April 12, 1905. 15-21
Notice to Teachers.
THERE will bo no County Summer
School at Walhalla tliis aummer, as
the State Summer Sohool will bo held at
Clemson College, beginning June 21 and
continuing for four weeks. As Ander
son, Picketts and Greenville counties will
not ask for any Couuty Summer Sohool
In their counties aud quito a number of
our teachers desire to attend the state
Munn.er School, wo, as a county board,
think it best for our county to co-operate
with tho above named counties to mako
tho State Summer School a porfeot suc
cess. Wo hopo our teachers will take
advantage of this opportunity and at
tend tho Summer School at Clomsou.
Co. Supt. Education.
April 12, 1905^_ _
Tho State of South Carolina, (
County of Oconno. J
In Court of Common Picas.
John D. Vernor, Plaintiff,
Vasa i?, Stoibrand, Mrs. Harcourt Hull,
Mrs. Ii. M. Stoebor, ??'-s. Gertrude Gib
son, Edward Htolbrasd aud Corita A.
Noppert Deft ndanls.
. AFORESAID COURT, in the caso
mentioned above, 1 will otter for sale,
to thc highest bidder, in front of tho
Court House, at Walhalla, S. C., on
MONDAY, tho FIRST day of MAY,
UH).*), between tho legal hours of salo, tho
tract of land below described :
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
conveyed hy Mary Holbrooks and Miles
N. Holbrooks OU the -day of October,
1882,to Carlos J. Stoibrand and by dood
from Lemuel I). Chambers to ('arlos J
St?lln and, dated 10th day of Novombot,
1832, the two tracts adjoining, being sit
uate and lying in Oenone couuty, South
Carolina, on both sides of < 'nanga creek,
waters of Tugaloo river, and hounded by
lands of W. J. DnfT.u, Jaoob H?tts and
others, containing three hundred and
eighty-six acres, more or less.
Terms of Sale-('ASH. That in event
of failure of tho purchaser or purchasers
to comply with the terms of side within
live days from day of sale tho Master do
readvertise and resell said premises on
tho following salosday, or some conven
ient salesday thereafter, at, the same
place and on the same terms as hereto
fore set out, at tho risk of former pur
chaser or purchasers, and t hat he do con
tinue so to do until he has lound a pur
chaser or purchasers who comply with
the terms of sale. Purchaser to pay
extra for papers.
W, 0. WHITE.
Master Oconeo County, S. C.
April ?, 1005 14-17
Typewriters, Sewing Machines, (inns,
Revolvers and Bicycles cloanod and
Ml work done on short notico and
Lisk Anti Rust Tin and Enamel Wan
Io? Cream Freezers,
Pooket Knives.
Cotton Hoes
Hurrel Churns.
Mail ISoxos.
JZ? TWO Cars E
Jocassoo Local?.
Jocasseo, April 10.-The people of this
unction ?re badly behind with thoir work.
M re. Annie Cobb, of Oregon, is visit
ing her Hinter, Mrs. W. M. Brown, for a
fow weeks.
Henry Olazener, of Old Plokons, passed
through our community last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Talloy havo been
sufforing with grip for some timo, but
aro improving.
If a flvo years' courtship is any elga of
a wedding tho bolls will ring very soon.
Will Crow is quito sick. Wo hope for
his speedy reoovory. Cricket.
Tho members of the Boaufort Lodgo,
No. 27, K. of P., are jubilant over the
fact that they have soourod through tho
courtesy of tho county offioials, members
of the local bar aud Judge K. W. Mom
minger tho uso of tho county court bouso
for the annual convention of tho Graud
Lodge, K. of P., wWIoh meets mere on
May 10 and 17- Tho committee is ar
ranging for a special schedule to and
from Boaufort.
TORS.-All persons indobtod to tho
estate of P. M. Prince, decoased,
aro horoby notified to make payment to
tho undersigned, and all porsons haviug
claims against said estate will present
tho same, duly attested, within tho time
prescribed by law, or bc barrod.
Qualified Administratrix of the Estato
of F. M. Bri ooo, doceasod.
April f>, UK).*). 14-17
ITORS.-All porsons indobtod to the
estato of JAMES H. ROBINS aro
hereby notiliud to rnako payment to thc
undersigned, anti ill persons having
olalms against said ostato will present
tho same, duly attested, within thu time
proscribed bv law, or bo barred.
L. N. ROBINS, Committee.
April 5, HH).j. 14-17
When your tongue gets coated and
stoniac.it rebels at food, when your li
constipated, when you havo sick hea<
up more tired than when yon wont ti
pimples and other eruptions-those
that your blood needs purifying.
Stribling's Extract Sar
Is the most ci?octive blood purifie
cleanses tho blood of all impurities,
the tongUO. Tones up stomach, li
healthy Oondition. Removes tho eau
Bloop sound and restful. Clears tin
"spring fever." Price 7">e. per bottli
T??K S 1? IV H O A
Phone No. 12.
Spring Clothin
Best and most
we have ever i
For ]
Latest Novelties in Dress Goods and
My line of Shoes and Oxfords is coi
.Just received a largo shipment of T
Low prices !
flail and ?usp
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are Headqua
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Tablo Cutlery.
Blue Flame Oil Stovos.
Plow Goods.
Cow Chains.
Corn Shollors.
larb Wire, Wire and
Charge Deaths to Operators.
Birmingham, Ala., April 10.-Tho
coroner's jury, which has been investi
gating the Virginia mine disaster, in
wino h 111 persons lost their UTOS, re
turned a verdict Friday afternoon which
oharges four mine operators with wilful
and criminal negligence.
The jury returned a separate verdict in
tho oase of each man killod in the mine,
whioh sots forth that the deceased came
to hie death hy oxplotlon !u lue Virginia
minen, Jefferson oounty, Ala., on the20th
day of February, 1005. Said explosion
was a dust explosion, oaused by the col
lection of duBt that was allowed to accu
mulate in said mines of Alabama Steel
and Wiro Con ?any and their agents, al
though tho State Mino Iuspootor and his
assistants had ropeatedly warned them
of tho dangorons condition of the miflJ?h
over a year prio? to the explosion, aud^*
that the said John Brown came to his
doath in an unlawful manner by the wil
ful and criminal negligence of Everett T.
Sch?ler, George H. Sch?ler, Amo? W.
Rood aud Sam Hardy, operators, mana
gers and mine foremen of said mine,
against tho poaoo and dignity of the State
of Alabama.
Struck by Kalling Limb and Instantly Killed.
Bowman, April 0.-About 12.80 o'clock
to-day Thoa. J. Jackson, son of J. F.
J ackson, a young man about 21 yoars
old, who lives about four miles from
hore, was driving a wagon of fertilizer
homo and when ho got about a milo from
town a limb of a falling troo struck him
on tho sido of tho head, causing instant
death. His doath caused a groat shock
to tho oom in uni ty, as ho was a young
man just starting out iu lifo and a rocont
graduate of Georgia-Alabama Husiness
College at Macon, Ga.
your appetite is i.cklc, when your
ver is sluggish and your bowels are
laches, when you can't sleep or got
) bed, when your face breaks out in
uro all signs of "spring fever" and
saparllla with Iodides
r that you can got anywhere It
Restores tho appetite and cleans
vor and bowels and puts thom in
HO of sick headaches. Makes your
i complexi?n. A positivo cure for
1* ll ARMA?Y.
New Motel Block.
varied line
Men, Youths and Boys?
! Notions.
nplete. Latost styles,
QtiicK sales ! 0f
oct our lino.
t I BLI N O,
?ter, S. C.
irters. ?
Screen Cloth.
Silver Plated Waro.
Calf Woanors.
Red Cedar Buckets.
I Cut Nails. j&
s. C.

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