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U..claimed Loiters.
Following is a list of unclaimed letters
remaining in the Walhalla post office for
the week ending April 8,1905: Mrs. Mary
."cities, Mrs. Belie Howland, Rev. A. L.
Clark, Rey. Jas. Hutson, J. Keith, N. W.
Washington. Persons oalling for above
will please say they are advertised.
J. M. Merrick, P. M.
Money tor Ooonee School Fund.
Last Friday Treasurer W. J. Sohroder
received a cheek from the State Trea
surer for $2,700.03 to be placed to the
oredit of the Ooonee school funds. The
amount was made up as follows:
On enrollment.$2,118 87
Account dc li ci on cy. 682 10
Total.$2,790 03
Clubbing Offer- Four Papors a Week.
On April 1st the Atlanta Constitution
began the publication of A tri-weekly
edition-Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
day?. We have made arrangements
whereby we can furnish our readers The
Koowoo Courier and the tri-weekly edi
tion of the Constitution-four papers a
week-for $1.76 per year. We are now
able to furnish the Weekly Constitution
and The Keowee Courier at $1.40 per
year. Subscription to both papers to be
Meteorological Mailors.
The following is the record of tem
perature and rainfall as recorded at ths
U. 8. Station, at J. D. Isbell's, near Wal
halla, for week ending April 7th, as
recorded by Miss Laura Isbell, observer:
Month and
Condition of
tho Weather.
April l.
April 2.
April 3.
April 4.
April 5.
April 6.
April 7.
Illy cloudy.
Pt ly cloudy..
Tax Executions Now In Hands of Sheriff.
Sheriff W. M. Kay has received from
County Treasurer Schroder tho execu
tions for delinquent taxes for tbe year
1904, and he would be glad if any one,
knowing that his tax CK have not been
paid, will call at tho Sheriffs offloe and
settle the samo within tho next few
days. It will save tue Sherill's mileage
costs. Ho will not start out to colloot
before the middle of next week.
Keop your bowels regular by the uso
of Chnmborhiin's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. There is nothing better. For
Hale by J. W. Roll, Walhalla; W. J. Lun
ney, .Seneca.
Roath ol Mrs. S. C. Zettner.
[Gillespie County News, Frndoricksburg,
Texas, April 1.]
After a lingering illness of over a year,
Mrs. Katie Zettner, wife of Rev. S. C.
Zettner, pastor of the Evangelical church
of Fredoricksburg, died at her homo on
Wednesday morning of this week nt tho
age of 57 years, one month and 24 days.
Deceased was a nativo of Uersfeld,
Germany, and carno to America when 13
years of ago. Hbo was married in 1870,
at Baltimore, Md., to Rev. S. G. Zettner,
at which place they resided for several
years. Rev. Zottnor. with his family,
carno to Texas in 1891, locating at. Bren
nan). About a year ago Rov. Zettner ac
cepted tho pastorate of the Evangelical
church in Krcdorickshurg, and located
with hiB family boro permanently. Mrs.
Zettner was in very feeble health when
she came boro, but it was hoped that tho
chango would bo beneficial and restoro
ier health. After a year, during which
primo sho made many friends by hor
quiot and amiable disposition, death
claimed hor for that other world, where
all is sunshine and happiness.
Mrs. Zottnor was tho mother of six
children, four of whom survivo her,
namely: Misses Mamie, Emilio and Hen
rietta, of Frederioksburg, and Mrs. Anda
Zuroher, of Rronham, all of whom wore
present at tho timo of hor deoth.
Tho funeral took place on Friday
morning, tho sorvicos being held in tho
Evangelical church by Rov. < ?lat /.lo, of
Frederioksburg, who was assisted by
ev. Z'ocho of Mason, Rov. Mu rd tor and
lev. I un nig of Comfort, Rov. Hoimich
of Albor*, and Rov. Ermisoh of Cave
Crook. The sorvicos woro most impres
sive, and aftor tho choir had finished tho
sweot songs, tlioro was scarcely anyone
of the largo congregation that did not
?hod tears ns tho corpse was carried
f rom tho church. Tho body was laid to
rest in tho town cemetory, tho grnvo
hoing covered with beautiful flowors.
Wo extend our sympathy to tho bo
reaved relativos, in this, their sad hour
of misfortune.
Rev. S. 0. Zottnor was at ono timo pas
tor of St, .John's Lutheran church, Wal
halla, and during tho residence hero of
ids family Mrs. Zottnor endeared herself
t?> tho people of Walhalla in a marked
manner. She was an oxcollent Christian
woman, and tho nows of hor death will
bo rocoived with sorrow by tho many
friends of tho bereaved family.
Chamberlain's Cough Romedy the Best and
Most Popular.
"Mothers buy it for oroupy ohildron,
railroad mon buy it for sovore coughs
and elderly people buy it for la grippe,"
say Mooro Bros., Eldon, Iowa. "Wo soil
more of Chamberlain's Cough Romedy
than any other kind. It sooms to bavo
taken tho load over sovoral other good
brands." Thoro is no question but this
ruedioine is the bostthatcan be procured
for coughs and colds, whether it be a
child or an adult that is afHiotod. It al
ways oures and ouros quickly. Sold by
J. W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
.Sou oca.
Sensational Evidence Brought Out In Trial.
Schern? Equal to Mott Approved F leliyn.
[Charleston News and Courier, 8th.]
A story that oauses the operations of
Hallies, "The Gentleman Burglar," to ap
pear tame and suitable for the nursery;
a story that made the Nick Carter and
Diamond Dick series to pale into insigni
Hoanoe; a talo that held the throng of
?pectatora breathless with attention, was
told in tho. United States Circuit Court,
Judge Brtnrloy . ^siding, yesterday af
ternoon, when John F. MoCarthy, alias
John O. Dandrell, now serving a son tonco
in Vermont State prison, was put on the
stand to testify in the Latta post offloe
robbery oase.
When District Attorney Capers asked
McCarthy if he knew John King
and Edward Horgan, alias Murphy, he
replied: "Oh, yes, I know them. I co
operated with them in the robbery of the
post offle at Latta on February 25, 1004."
On further examination MoCarthy
gave a full account of the movements .of
tho gang which infested this State some
two years ago.
In part MoCarthy said: "I met the
the two Habens, Rudolph and Chris, in
Charleston in 1003, and saw King and
Morgan at the house of Habens fre
When asked to give an account of the
robbery at Latta MoCarthy, in part,
said: "Well, after a conference with
several members of the gang it was de
cided to have a try at the post offloe or
bank at Latta. Two of us went up there
to look over tho ground, and then the
rest of us followed-Morgan, King, my
self and one other. We went to Dillon
and got breakfast in a house in the fac
tory district. Morgan and Shorty, who
had boen over to Latta, came up to us
and reported that lt looked good. We
oooked dinner and supper in the woods,
hear the track, between Dillon and
Latta, and after dark set out for Latta,
halting on the edge of the town until
midnight, when we entered. We broke
open a carpenter's chest in an unfinished
house, endeavoring to find the neoessary
tools; we Anally went to a blacksmith's
shop and got a sledge hammer, orowbar,
chisel, brace and other instruments. We
went into the bank, and King and myself
kept watch, while the two others did
the work. The bank, which was in the
same building with the post office, was
blown all right, but the force of tho ex
plosion jammed the door and there was
nothing doing in tho swag lino; so we
triod tho post office safe. Morgan and
Shorty wore inside, and pretty soon I
hoard two explosions, following closely
upon each other. The stamps, money
and lottors wero put iu a saok and tho
two carno out.
fixed for Bloodhounds.
"After coming from tho building we
all fixed for bloodhounds-that is wo tied
a string or cloth to the 'lapels' of our
shoos and sprinkled it woll with mustard
-a dog cannot follow such a track. Wo
wont down by tho depot and across tho
country to a branch track and when
about four miles from Latta weet into
tho woods and divided the swag. We
had about $180 in money, alargo number
of stamps, two pocket-hooks and a lot of
letters. I lost ono lettor from Winnie
Lewis and toro up another lotter."
Inspootor Gregory thou produced two
letters, ono of thom int ad and the other
put together on a pano of glass. Mc
Carthy identified both as tho ones loftfin
tho woods.
Buried the Pennies.
"Wo buried about, two hundred pon
idos, as thoy wero two heavy to carry,
and then wont down the track about two
miles, '.looping undor tho cover of tho
woods constantly. Wo skirted Dillon
and thou tho gang separated. I wont on
to Fayetteville, N. C., with Shorty. We
Btoppod at tho Davis IIouso and tho
next morning Morgan and King showod
up at tho breakfast fabio. Wo thon wont
ovor to Hamlot tho noxt morning, which
was Sunday, and King hid tho stan; ps
tinder a froight shod."
Going back a bit, McCarthy said, "I
first mot tho two Habens in tho fall of
1008 at tho Star Thoatro. Shorty was
with thom and I mot Gus Do Ford cit bet
at tho thoatro or at Habons's house. De
Ford brought dynamite to tho city and
tho glycerine was extracted, so that tho
puro glycerine might bo obtained. The
operation was carried on in Habons's
house. Shortly afterwards Shorty, Mor
gan, Do Ford and myself bogan discuss
ing a good job, and wo dooidod on Den
mark. An investigating committee was
sont out and it report cd that Donmark
was all right. Wo workod it safely and
oamo back to Charleston, taking the
money to Habons's house. Wo had about
$S0O between tho four of us. Wo all
counted out our part, and Habens went
out and had it changed into papor. I
spent most of mino nt tho Star Thoatro.
"Wo thought wo'd try Mould. Olivo,
N. C., next. Wo got tho tools from
Habons's house and started out. Didn't
know oxaotly whero wo wero going, but
woro going up against tho first thing wo
enmo across. Wo blowed a bank, but
tho inner doors jammed and then wc
wont, into tho post offico and got about
$600 in cash, bosidos stamps. I came
back to charleston with tho stamps and
saw Habens the next morning and de
livered to him the stamps, which ho put
in a safe in his store. The money in
stamps amounted to about $365. I
plantod our tools lu Habons's back yard.
Good Haul at Seneca.
"Morgan had loft mo and I had instruc
tions to oome whenevor I rocoived a tolo
gram to that effect. Shortly after I had
returned from Mt. Olive, Chris HabenB
received a telegram from M- rgau, whioh
We have just
ings, etc. Also a
There are stil
ing out at low eas
Having decide
now have at low
Also a full lil
prompt delivery.
* i
I March 22, 1905.
he gave to me. In o ff oct it was: 'Send
Johnny to Greenwood.'
"I dug up the tools in Rudolph Ra
bona'*) yard and after securing some fuse
from Rabeos, went to Greenwood, where
I was met by Horgan and Shorty. We
went over to Seneca and robbed the
Courtenay bank, securing some $0,000 or
$8,000; we got about $500 worth of dia
monds in the haul. We hid about $2,000
in silver in the ground and put the paper
money in a satchell. I oame on to
Charleston and was met at the dept by
Rabona and another man. We went to
Chris Rabens's store, and I gave him all
the money burnt and torn by the explo
sion. I told Rabens all about the rob
bery, and he and I went baok after the
buried silver, but it oould not be found.
Rabens and myself then went up to Bal
timore to got Shorty, and he oame baok
with us and the silver was located. It
was shipped to Charleston in a dress
suit caso and a trunk.
Burned it Fast.
"Ono night after we came back with
tho silver, I went over to the Star Thea
tre and burned about $50 for obampaign.
Then I went up to a jewelry storo and
bought annie diamond gartors, diamond
earrings, several diamond pins, a watch
und chain. Thon we all wont over to a
clothing storo on King and Hasel streets
and wo all dressed up. I gavo tho dia
mond gai tors and earrings to -.
"Rabens said 1 had botter let him have
some of tho money as Detectives li re li
lian and Hogan had boon about tho thoa
tro, and it would not bo well for me to
bo caught with much money on my per
"I went up to Baltimoro from boro,
taking tho stamps which lind boon
placid in Rahons's charge with mo. I
wont broke nud telegraphed for $50 from
Rabens; Nod Morgan was broko, too,
and I wired for $75 for him. Both of
the tolograms brought quick rosponsos
and I and Morgan carno down to Charles
ton and went to Rabens's house. We had
a conference at Rahons's houso, and de
cided to soo how things stood at St.
George's. Tho members of tho gang
that wont up to look over tho situation
reported favorably, and wo started to St.
George's. Shorty and King won', on tho
train. Morgan and myself woro driven
out to tho Sovou-milo Run by Rabona.
Wo broke up so as not to attract atten
tion, though wo woro all togcthor on tho
train. Up about Preguall's a truck
broko or something happened to tho
train, and wo woro dolayed about nn
hour. Whoo wo got to St. Goorgo's n
posse got aftm- us, and many shots wore
llrod. Wo separated and Hod to the
woods. I started to board the train and
como back to Charleston, but noticed
that tho samo conductor which had taken
us up to St. Goorgo's, was on the train,
and ns I understood that ho had given
us away and caused tho formation of the
posso which chased us out of town. I
didn't got on tho train. I carno back to
Charleston lator and put tho tools in a
bureau drawer in Rabens's house. Tho
ot hers of tho gang carno back lator, and
wo all mot at Rahons's storo. Wo dis
cussed Johnston's and Monk's Corner,
but Morgan said that Latta lookod good
to him."
While tho District Attornoy still had a
few quest ions to put to tho wit ness, and
so stated to tho Court, tho witness was
turned ovor to tho cross-examination.
Ho said ho had hoon sentenced to sixteen
years in North Carolina for burglary,
but ho had escaped after sixtoon months
in jail. He i's now sorving a sontonoo in
Vormont for robbing a post oflico, and
was brought from the State prison to
this State, and yostorday faced his al
leged old comrades and gavo tho abovo
testimony. Of course bo was often in
terrupted, and many objootions woro
mado to questions by tho defendant's at
torneys, but tho story as givon abovo is
substantially tho most interesting parts
of his narrative.
McCarthy told Ids story in a quiet,
listloss fashion, displaying no omotion,
and with a half smile playing about his
lips most of tho timo. He looknd once
or twice at King and Murphy, but for
the most part kept his eyoB on tho Dis
ttiot Attorney.
Sale Blowers Quilty.
Charleston, April 10.-In tho case
against a number of men who havo beon
received our new
beautiful line of I
1 many odds and ei
sh prices.
>d to quit handling
prices for cash.
ie of HIGH GRi
Call and get price
OD trial io the United States Circuit
Court here, charged with oonspiraoy to
rob and the robbery of the post office at
Latta, S. C., the jury this afternoon
brought in a verdict of guilty on all
three count? of the indictments against
John King, James Johnson and Rudolph
Rabens. The case was laid at the door
of a gang of bank and post office rob
bers. Oue of the men originally in
dicted and brought here from Vermont,
turned Skates evidenoe and told the
story of a series of robberies in South
Carolina that had set the authorities
guessing. Tho case against MoCarthy,
who told tho story, was nolprossed and
his testimony was corroborated by
dozens of witnesses whose names he
mentioned aud by the record of the tele
graph oompanies and post offices. An
appeal will be taken in the oaseof Rabens
and pobpibly others. Chris Rabens was
found "not guilty."
About Rheumatism.
Thero aro few diseases that iniliot moro
torture tbau rheumatism and thero is
probably no disease for which such a
varied and useless lot of remedies have
boon suggested. To say that lt can be
cured is, therefore, a bold statement to
make, but Chamberlain's Pain Hahn,
whioii enjoys au extensive sale, has met
with great success in the treatmont of
this disease One application of Pain
Balm will rolievo tho pain, aud hundreds
of sn li ere is have testified to permanent
cures by its uso. Why suttor when Pain
I '.al m affords such quick relict and costs
but a trille? For salo by J. W. Boll,
Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, Sonoca.
Items from Bear Swamp.
Bear Swamp, April IL-Miss Mary E.
Ansel, of Walhalla, olosod her school at
this place last Friday. This makes tho
third term Miss Ansol has taught here
and she is universally liked.
L. II. Rimrodt and W. W. Burley spent
Saturday in Se noca.
Mrs. R. H. Dllworth, of Walhalla, was
a visitor hero Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt and little
son, Loudoway, visited relatives in West
Union Sunday.
Miss Rosa Richie, of noar Walhalla,
visited Miss Gertrude Rimrodt Sunday.
Miss Halite Frasier, of Walhalla, was
tho guest of Miss Maggie Ked Sunday.
Tho neighbors of Mrs. Moon Brandt
regret that she luis moved her place of
residence to Walhalla. Sho carries with
her tho host wishes of many friends.
Duncan Wright, of Poplar, was in thc
Swamp on business Monday.
Mrs. Lilah Abbott llunnicutt, ol
Tampa, Fla., is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Abbott.
Broadna Bagwell and Lowell Smith, oj
Bounty Land, woro among tho visitor?
hero Sunday.
Mrs. Wado Alexander and son, Keith,
visited relatives boro Saturday night.
Wm. Olivor and little nephow, Richard
Mooro, visitod rotatives at Richland Sun
Fulton llunnicutt, of High Falls, spent
Sunday with M. Abbott and family.
II. Rochester visited friends in un
known parts Sunday. it.
Itching, blind, blooding or protruding
piles. Druggists refund money if PAZC
OINTMENT fails to cure any case, nc
matter < f bow long standing, in 0 to 14
day.', hirst application gives ease and
rest. ..ie. If your druggist hasn't it
send SOO. in stamps and it will bo for
warded post-paid by Paris Medicine Co.,
St. Louis, Mo.
Nows from Poplar.
Poplar, S. C., April ll.-Tho farmer*
aro very busy planting cotton and corn.
They aro just as anxious to plant cotton
as if it was 16 couta por pound.
Tho hean h of our community is very
good with the exception of Rov. J, M.
Sanders. Ile is in declining health and
has boon for some time. Wo hopo tc
soo him at his post nf duty again vary
Tho Oconeo County Semi-Annual Sing
ing Convention will meot with Roturn
Baptist church on tho second Sunday in
May, 1?05. Como ono, como all, and lot
us have a good timo singing thoso sweet
old songs together with the good people
around Return. J. F. Morton.
WAFTED.-J. J. ?ft J. E. Maddox,
of Atlanta, Oa., want to buy live
and dressed turkeys, hens, fries, (lucks,
Soeso and cooks. Write them if you
ave anything to offer. They will paj
cash. 0-16
line of Spring Dress Goods, Waist
jadies' Shoes.
Lds in various lines that we are clos
Buggies, we will close out what we
V.DE FERTILIZERS now ready for
At the regular monthly meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, held
on Friday, April 7,1905, the following olatras were passed upon:
In Whose Favor and Nature
of the Claim.
a y
I ll
W J Sohroder, Treasurer, Court expenses, Nov term, 1004.$720 80 $729 80
Dr D L Smith, autopsy over unknown body.,. IO 00 10 00
B C Corbiu, fees as constable. 280 280
J K Jones, work ou road near Madison. 0 00 0 00
M M Morris, taking tlmbor out of road in Dist 20. 1 50 1 60
J L Mosor, removing timber and repairing bridge. 125 125
W N D Rholetter, services on Board of Assessors. 200 200
Geo Matheson, services on Board of Assessors. 2 00 2 00
S C Smith, services on Board of Assessors. 200 200
J A Knox, services on Board of Assessors. 200 200
J W Byrd, services on Board of Assessors. 200 200
T S Stribling, services on Board of Assessors. 200 200
W S Haley, services on Board of Assessors. 2 00 2 00
J M Barron, services on Board of Assessors. 200 200
I S Pitts, services on Board of Assessors. 2 00 2 00
J J Cromer, services on Hoard of Assessors. 200 200
W H Hunt, services on Board of Assessors. 2 00 2 00
T A ( i rant, services on Board of Assessors. 409 400
R B Keese, services on Board of Assessors. 4 00 400
W L Thomas, services ou Board of Assessors. 400 400
W A Strother, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization... 4 00 4 00
A L Whit mire, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalisation.. 0 00 0 00
W L England, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization.. 4 00 4 00
A Zimmerman, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization.. 4 00 4 00
C A Burton, services on Board of Assessors. 000 000
D E Nicholson, servicos on Boai >J of Assessors. 800 800
I) F Carter, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization. 4 00 4 00
Ed Qautt, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization. 0 00 0 00
W M Campboll, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization. 4 00 4 00
W S Prichard, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization.. 0 00 0 00
W H Mongold, servicos on Bd Assessors aud Bd Equalization.. 4 00 4 00
T M Lowery, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalizatiou... . 4 00 4 00
S N Pitchford, services on Bd Assessors and Bd Equalization.. 0 00 0 00
J P Kees.', Auditor, salary March and ooutingont expenses.... 41 42 41 42
W K Cobb, Steward, salary firstquarter, contingent expenses.. 79 20 79 20
Jacob liothe.il, right of way for road, froo of gates. ?10 00 30 00
J S Smith, ropairiug bridge noni- Fair Play. 1 00 1 00
Dock Dills, taking timber out of road in Dist 54. 1 80 1 80
.1 \V Keaton, work on road and cutting out drift, Dist 27. 10 00 10 00
W C Rogors, takiug timber out of road, Drst 48. 1 00 1 00
'olin O'Leary, work on road and bridge, Dist 48 . 6 95 5 95
John W Sholor, work on bridges near Tugaloo. ll 90 ll 90
D H Rowland, lumber for roads and bridges . 15 55 15 55
Cus C Arve, repairing bridge near Kong Creek. 2 00 2 00
S L Crow, taking timber out of road near Jocassoo. 50 60
J A Hicks, work on road in Dist47. 2 00 .
0 M Ridley, Sr, taking timber out of road in Dist 40 . 0 00|
J R Suttles, taking timber out of mad in Tugaloo township
M \V Carter, wood for Court IIouso and jail.
W M Perry, takiug timber out of road in Dist 43.
1) E Nicholson, taking timber out of road in Dist 48.
E M DnPro, repairing Suttles mill bridge.
C W Wickliffe, aid to soldiers, pons and ink for Clerk of Court
C II Mayhew, cement for watering pool.
G R Carter, takiug timber ont of Highlands road.
Wm .1 Stribling, mulo for poor farm.
L O Russell, foes as constable.;..
W M Kay, Sheriff, salary March and contingent expenses
W M Kay, Sheriff, dieting prisoners, March.
W H F ("orbin, foos as constable.
J N Fitzgerald, feos as constable.
A P Crisp, Magistrate, salary and jury.
A P Crisp, aid to soldiers.
J S Colley, Supt of Ed, salary and postago, March.
.las 0 Seaborn, work on couuty wator works.
1 I llushy, hui ld i m.' watering pool.
F A II Schroder, Clork, salary and contingent expenses.
C W & J E Ka.iknight, supplies-poor farm, road hands, soldiers
Dr J S Stribling, lunacy examination..
Dr W R Doyle, post mortem, lunacy examination.
M M Donald, i inning ferry, March.
K S Herring, blacksmithing for road bands.
D D Alexander, Magistrate, salary and jury.
J B Grant, Magistrate, salary first quarter.
\V A Strother, brick for watering pool.
Hand & White, stenographer's note books.,
W J Schroder, Treasurer, salary and stamps, Man i..,
W K Sharp, lumber for bridge .
J S Abbott, work on roads in 1904, Dist 21.
B C Duncan, repairing Martin's creek bridgo.
J R Zachary, Jr, et al, work on roads with maobino.
T E Stribling, Magistrate, salary and jury.
J N Hopkins, foos as oonstablo.
J R Mahoney, foes us constable.
Dr E A Hines, post mortom and lunacy examination.
H E I. Bell ot al, work on roads with machino.
S I. Richardson, work on rond machine, ropniring road....
0 R D Burns, O C P & G S, salary and contingent expenses
K S Dodd, work on jail barn. .
170? D A Smith, Judgo of Probato, lunacy proceedings.
1.1 Keowoo Courior, advertising and stationery.
A P Holden, lumbor and set of barnoss.
Il A Adams, work on roads in Dist 15.
ThoB Lumkin, work on roads in Dist 20.
W T Dickson, work on roads in Dist ll.
Il li Reardon, foes as constable.
W M IiOmmons, supplies to road hands.
C K Hobson, hauling and work on bridges.
Ii II V Hobson, Supervisor, salary and froight on inpairs. .
180' S W Dickson, right of way for road.
181 J W Rankin, work on road in Dist 73 .
182 W M Cole, blacksmithing for road hands.
183 W S Haley, mattresses for jail.
184 J R Zachary, Co Com, salary March, and stamps.
185 N Phillips, Co Com, salary March, and stamps.
l ''- J I. Mosor, sm vices on Board of Assessors.
M M H Phillips, building bridge and removing timbor
1881 John K Mooro, work on road in Dist 58.
189' Barr Hardware Co, ram, pipo and dz tums for jail water works
1 76
7 50
1 50
2 35
9 50
2 00
2 00'
IM) 00!
21 06
SO 78
44 40!
8 00
41 70
33 75!
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Where thero is a missing olaim samo was sent ovor for investigation.
L. H. V. HOBSON, Supervisor.
F. A. H. SCHRODER, Clork of Board.
Anderson, S. C., April 8.-Tho town
guard house at Lowndosvlllo was burned
early this morning, supposodly by an in
cendiary, and John Martin, a negro pi is
onor, perished in the flames. Tho guard
house contained an offloe and cells, and
the Are started in tho offlco and.
Andrew Hibbitt und Jame? Soudder,
negroes, wore hangod togethor in Nash
ville last Wednesday. Scudder murdered
his threo-yoar-old crippled son and Hlb
bott killod his motherin law. Both
mon sang "Old Time Religion" just be
fore the drop fell. Neither made any
statement on the gallows.

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