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To the America]
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@|t?-s of His Visit to the Confederate Soldiers'
Homo and Other Places of Interest.
Editors Koo wen Courier: In addition
to what I have already written
of our recent trip to Richmond, Ya.,
in brief would say, passing over the part
of the trip from Walhalla to Columbia:
On March !50 at 6.80 a. m. wo boarded a
Soaboard Air Lino train for Richmond.
Tho Seaboard is ono of tho best equipped
railroads in tho South. Tho road-hod is
firm and tho track is of tho henvist
standard rails. Tho engines aro of tho
largest and up-to-date in build with all the
modorn improvements, equipped with
oUu ti io, headlights, and the coaches aro of
tho very latest and most up-to-date style,
being built with a view to comfort. The
train in ohargo of Conductor Gibson was
made up of day coaches, Pullman
sleepers, dining cafe and parlor cars, bo
sides the usual baggage, express and
mall cars, making ten or eloven cars in
the traio, and it is certainly a pleasure to
travel on this magnificent road, wboro
everything is done that can be done for
tho comfort of tho traveling public. We
.arrived in Ki eh mond at 4.56 p. m. on timo,
'f making the run of 300 miles in ten hours
and twenty-five minutes. It is well-known
that a wreck or serious accident is of
rare ooourrenoe on the Seaboard system.
During our stay in Riohmond we spent
an afternoon in a drive about the oity,
visiting many important localities, no
i-- !
I tably, "the old camping ground," known
to old soldiers as Camp Lee; then an old
j field, or fields, of considerable extent, |
well known as Leo District, and is being
j rapidly built up with splendid residences,
besides schools, colleges and various
j other institutions too numerous to men
; tion. Among the pinces visited was the
Confederate Soldiers' nomo, located on
^ a somewhat elevated plat of ground.
The homo is composed of a number of
neat cc ?age buildings, in which were to
bo seen a number of old Confederates,
neatly dressed in Confederate gray, and
seemed bo perfectly happy and content.
In tho renter is a building presided over
by an old Cotifedoiato, an everlasting
talkor and absolutely "unreconstructed,"
but quito gentlemanly, and taking great
delight in showing un ovor tho building,
which is used mainly as a kind of a
museum, containing quito a numbor of
war relies, tho most noted being tho
horse on which Gen. Jackson wac killod,
and which was kept at the homo until
his death about two years ago, and was
then embalmed by a taxidermist, and
now stands In a glass case. Out in tho
grovo noarby stand a numbor of cannons,
old-time field pieces. After registering
our names we bid tho kind old "rob"
good-bye and drove away for moro sight
sooing. Rospeotfully,
* H. A. H. Gibson.
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The State Medical Association.
[Mountaineer, April 15th.]
This body has been in session in Green
ville, beginning Wednesday morning,
The attendance of members is sta ted to
have been very large, representing every
county in tho State.
Papers read and generally discussed :
Should the Radical Curo for Hernia be
attempted by Median Abdominal Section
-R. S. Cathcart, Charleston.
Pediatries, Past, ProBeut and Future
E. A. Hines, Seneca.
' Clinioal Presentation: A ease of Com
ploto Double Congenital Cataract, Ao
oepted aa incurable at the State Institu
Lion for Deaf, Dumb and Blind, at Cedar
Springs, S. C., operated upon at twelve
years of ago with most gratifying results
-J. W. Jervey, Greenville.
Gastrostomy for Strioture of the Eso
phagus, with Illustrative Case-M. Si
mons, Charleston.
Gall Stones-A. B. Knowlton, Colum
Aneurism of the Groin; Report of a
Case-A. J. Buist, Charleston.
Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen-W.
C. Blaok, Greenville.
The Association entered into an elec
tion for officers for the coming ? ear, with
the annexed result:
President-Dr. Davis Furman, Green
1st Vioe President-Dr. S. W. Pryor,
2d Vioo President-Dr. Crown Tor
rence, Union.
8d Vice President-Dr. D. D. Frontis,
Secrotary-Dr. T. P. Wbaloy, George
Treaauror-C. P. Aimar, Charleston.
Councillors - F.dward F. Parker,
Charleston, first district; T. G. Croft,
Aiken, second district; O. ll. Mayor,
Newberry, third district; J. W. Jervey,
Groonvillo, fourth district; R. A. H rat
ton, Yorkville, fifth district; F. H. Mc
Lood, Floronco, sixth district, and W. P.
Mooi er, Georgetown, suvonth district
The session was ,well attended, the
mombors oviucing much interest in tho
proceedings. Tho Iplnco chosen for tho
session next year is Columbia.
Marlon Parr Pays Penalty.
Columbia, April 14.-Marion Parr, tho
cotton mill operative murderer of the
boy, Claronce Shealoy, whom he killed in
a most brutal manner by slipping up be
hind him, apparently in a drunken frenzy
?nd cleaving bia skull with a hoc, paid
the doath penalty on tho gallows here to
day with a smile on his faoe and without
a tremor. Under the influence of spirit
ual advisors, who have constantly beon
with him, ho was keyed up with a iel i gi
nns fervor which sustained him to the
last. Ho was pronounced dead in lJ min
utes, bis neck having been broken by the
fall. The coarseness of his featuros was
even more pronounced in death than in
Seneca, April 18.-Mrs. C. K. Living
ston is visiting her sister, Mr'. Lee, io
Summerville, where the latter is spend
ing a season- on account of the health of
her son.
Mrs. D. O. Rogers, who spent a week
with ber sister, Mrs. L. J. Colboro, has
returned to ber home in Selma, Ala.
John Jordan was over from Wofford
on Sunday to be with his aunt, Mrs. E.
M. Brooks, who has boen spending some
time with her friends here.
Carl B. Smith wa? with his frleuds
here last Sabbath.
Thc marriage on last Sabbath of Mr.
P. J. Hopkins, of this place, to Miss
Anna Blackman, of Tignall, Ga., was a
pleasant surprise to their friends here.
Miss Elouise Hamilton will have with
her tor Easter ber friend, Miss Eliza
Slater, of Converse College.
Rev. K. A. Child and little daughter
spent a few hour? in Seneca last Friday.
A big change in business ci roles here is
the sale of the G. W. Gignilliat dry goods
establishment, whioh occurred last week.
A.P.Brown, of Heath Springs, bought the
stock, and conneoted with the business
will be W. M. Probst, also of Heath
Springs. This will bring two estimable
famides to our town. This firm is one
of the oldest and most substantial busi
ness concerns here. Mr. Gignilliat will
devote bis attention to other business
interests here.
Winter wraps are much in evidence on
account of the oold snap whioh has been
with ns since Saturday last.
The dedication servioes of Mi. new
Presbyterian church at Fair Play next
Sabbath will be attended by a number of
Seneca people.
Easter services will be observed in
both the Methodist and Baptist churches
here. Attractive music programs are
being prepared.
Notwithstanding the very unpleasant
weather last Sabbath a good congrega
tion assembled at the Baptist church
and beard a fine sermon from the pastor.
The following program of music was
rendered: Voluntary, "Holy is the
Lord;" quartette; offertory, "God is
Love;" soprano and tenor solo, Mrs. T.
E. Stribling and G. C. Benediot.
The strawberry and ice cream festival,
given by tho ladies of the Methodist
church last Fric* ly ( .cuing, was a big
BUCCOBS, the ladies clearing a neat sum
for their treasury.
Opera chairs have boen ordered for the
hall, whioh will be in perfect keeping
with tho other furnishing of the room.
Mrs. Kittio Harper has been quite sick,
but is improving.
Miss Hattie Shelor, of Walhalla, spent
a few days with relatives here last weok
and was accompanied home by Miss
Emma Stribling.
W. K. Livingston attended the meet
ing of the T. P. A. in Spartanburg last
week, at which he waa elected one of
the vice presidents.
Miss Sallie McCutchou is confined to
ber room, her position in the school
room being filled by Mrs. Elias Earle.
Miss Willie Cherry left last Friday for
Birmingham, where she will remain for
? month or six wooks.
We call the attention of our honorable
town council to the fact that its ordi
Dance in regard to trespassing on the re
served grass plot on the square, was
grossly and wantonly violated last week.
No names are given, but even if condi
tions and circumstances are palliating, a
iense of duty forces us to the front in so
?rave (?) a matter.
Charles Harper bad the misfortune to
{et ono of his lower limbs broken last
creek while engaged in tho game of hall
let ween Seneca and Bounty Land. We
nope ho will soon bo able to be back at
lis post again.
Miss Dora Dumas loft on last Satin day
'or Charleston whore she will tako a
business course. Her friends boro regret
sxceedingly to give her np, but hopo for
lier unbounded success.
Let tho children romcmber the Kaster
Bgg hunt next Pnlm day afternoon at tho
i '.pi-copal ohurch yards.
Miss Lillian Caldwell will entertain her
Sunday school class at an Easter ogg
mnt next Friday afternoon. This ?B a
nippy thought whioh will mako many
ittlo hearts glad.
In tho languago of tho sage of Long's
Hill, spring chickens are beginning to
jot ripe.
Thoro will be appropriate Easter Bor
dees in the Methodist church noxt Sun
lay morning at il o'clock. A special
nusioal program has been arranged and
.viii bo beautifully and sweotly reudered.
Tho publio is cordially invited. The
jiaBtor, Rev. E. S. Jones, will preaoh on
;ho "Ascendod Saviour."
Komember the mid-week prayer ser
vices Wednesday evoning at the Baptist
..burch and Thursday ovening at the
Presbyterian. Those always prove do
ightful meetings and aro generally well
Miss Mamie MoWhorter, of Pendleton,
idsited Mrs. Strickland last week.
Mrs. J. E. James, neo Miss Emily Ver
ier, of Anderson, spent last Friday with
relatives here. M.V.S.
Westminster, April 19.-Miss Jessie
Stribling returned to Belton Monday
after spending a jouple of days with
Rev. J. I. Spinks delivered the Odd
Fellows' annivereary .mon to one of
the largest oongregat * ever assembled
in the Methodist oh last Sunday
evening. His discourse very inter
esting and was listened to with rapt at
tention by the immense audience. Golden
Link Lodge has eighty odd members.
Fifty-two marched from the ball to the
oburoh Sunday dressed in their regalia.
Sam Coen, of Columbus, Ohio, spent
from Saturday until Monday in West
minster. He sells the Toledo Comput
ing scales.
Sam Moon is at Comer, Ga., this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mulkey went *o
Basley Monday to attend the burial of
their nephew, Orestes Mulkey, who died
at St. Barnard, New Mexico, on April 7.
Young Mulkey was a son of D. A. Mul
key, who rosided in Walhalla some
twenty years ago.
T. W. Ballenger was in Anderson last
Telegraph offloes will be opened at
Riohland and Harbin's in the near fu
Miss Mary Messer and Mrs. J. J. Har
rell ?pent last Wednesday afternoon in
Mrs. E. J. King is visiting relatives in
Mrs. J. W. Dickson ia spending a few
days with relatives at Liberty.
B. B. Garrison has resigned as agent
for the Suuthern railway and will give
up bis duties at the depot in a few days.
C. H. Rippy, of Mount Airy, is the new
agent. We are sorry indeed to lose Mr.
Tho Woman's Missionary Society of
Old Westminster Baptist oburoh will
meet at 10.60 o'olook a. m. Sunday, April
23d. . Everybody who is interested in the
good work of saving souls, who resides
near enough to the ohuroh, is invited to
bo present. Mrs. W. J. Stribling will
load the services. Officers: Mrs. Joe
Carr, president; Mrs. B. Smith, vice
President; Mrs. J. A. Watkins, secretary
and treasurer. Now members added to
the roll: Mrs. Annie Mitchell, Mrs. Min
nie Davis, Mrs. Mollie Clarke, Mrs. Har
riot Sutherland, Misses Emma and Janio
Hil), Miss Emmie Putnam.
Wm. J. Stribling will represent the
Westminster Lodge Knights of Honor in
the Grand Lodge at Columbia this week.
Mr. Stribling is one of the n.ost faithful
workors for tho Knights of Honor aud
de sei-ves the honor of representing the
work here.
We understand the Western Union
Telegraph Company will open twenty
new offices between Greenville aud At
lanta and will employ thirty-nine addi
tional telegraphers.
Another cold wave struck us Sunday.
C. L. O' Kelley was in Seneca Saturday
S. M. Smith visited Anderson, Pelzer
and Honea Path this week.
Newton A. Doylo returned Saturday
from Raleigh, N. C., where he has been
attending a medical college the past two
years. Doyle is a prominent colored
oitizen of this section and bas bright
prospects for the future.
The Southern Railway Company have
a force of hands engaged in grading a
new side traok here. A. L. Gossett.
News from Con rm ross.
Conneross, April 17.-Wo have a good
Sunday school under the control of Prof.
N. W. Macaulay.
.Some of our young people aro con
templating going to the singing conven
tion at Return tho second Sunday in
L. IL Hoops has returned from the
Indian Territory. Ho could not stand
tho I lillians, hut ho likod tho gold.
Adger Alexander, of Westminster,
visited home folks Sunday.
S. F. Johnson visited in tho Return
settlement recently.
Clifton Hunnisutt was among friends
here recently. I. o.
-If you aro looking for harness horses
with plenty of style and speed, combina
tion horses, common souse business
horses and mares, at reasonable prices,
visit my stables and you will find them.
Ti M. Lowery-, Seneca, S. C.
Flat Shoals Items.
Walhalla, R. F. D. No. 2, April 17.-We
havo had some more cold weathor for the
last fow days.
Mrs. J. E. Kelley is on the sick list.
Mibs Emma Sloan is sick at this writ
Tho other night J. B. Satterfleld's
house accidentally oaught fire, doing a
little damage before he waked. He
moved aron ni like a man and extin
guished the dames.
The people of Flat shoals started %
Sunday school last Sunday, with S. A.
Tow aa superintendent. *?*
Ss the
The manufacturers of Royal
Baking Powder have had 40
years of scientific experience.
Every method ot bread-and
cake raising has been exhaus
tively studied in this country and
The result is a perfect prod
uct in Royal Baking Powder.
There is no. substitute for it.
The purity and efficiency of
Royal Baking Powder have
been commended by the highest
authorities of the world.
These facts mean two impor
tant things to all housekeepers :
First t that Royal Baking
Powder ls beautiful and
makes wholesome food.
Second : that Royal Bak
ing Powder makes food
good to taste.
Townvllle News.
Townvllle, April H.-Mrs. Bob Price
and Miss Alice Smith spent Sunday at
st eve Smith's, near Fair Play.
Miss Mattie Bruce has returned from
Neville, whore abo bas been teaching the
past winter.
Mrs. J. A. Wootton and daughter, Miss
Dora, were in Senora 'Monday.
Miss Janie Qaines, who has boon visit
ing relativos at Honea Path aud Bolton,
has returned borne.
'-of. John Graham vacated his school
Cross Hoads Friday.
Judson Barton, from near Fair
Play, is practicing medicino with Dr. W.
T. Hunt.
Prof. and Mrs. J. B. Felton, of Iva,
spent several days with J. C. Speares last
Mrs. Sam Brown, who has boen teach
ing at Speed's Creek, has returned homo.
Miss Hattie Woolbrighthad a birthday
dinner Tuesday.
Mrs. H. D. Grant and Miss Lily Camp
bell were io Anderson shopping Thurs
G. N. C. Boleroan and wife visited J.
D. Babb recently. i* n. o.
The News from Tokeena.
Tokoona, April 17.-Our school olosod
Friday under the successful management
of Prof. J. G. Graham and Miss Annie
McWhorter. The sohool had a pionio
Saturday, which was well attended, al
though tho day was very unfavorable. A
tablo was mado in one room and an ex
cellent dinner was sproad, which was
tho main foaturo of tbe day. lu 'tho af
ternoon Mrs. C. T. Phillips invited tho
young peoplo out to her homo, whore
they enjoyed themselves dancing. We
always kuow a good timo awaits us when
wo aro invited to hor hospitable homo.
Miss Annio McWbortor lcavos to-day
for hor homo at Duo Wost. She mado
many friends during her stay hore.
Tom Steveuson and brother spent
Saturday night with the family of K. A.
Misses Dohnia Myors and Daisy Mooro,
of Oak way, were tbe guests of Misa
/ila Prichard Friday night.
The road machine has passed through
our community aud hasgroatly improved
the roads.
The Sunday school hero has been reor
ganized. It is in a flourishing condition.
Ve will havo preaching at the next
regular appointment by Rev. C. Ward
A singing was given at tho home of
Mrs. Meredith Sunday afternoon which
was a pleasant event. '
Sam Ables spent Sunday with home
folks. %.
, , M* ?S^ I ? ??-- -
No Gloss Carriage Paint Made
will wear as long as Devoe's. No other?
are as heavy bodied, beoause Devoe's
woighs 3 to 8 ounces more to the pint.
Sold by J. W. Bell.

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