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add the charm to an
exquisite toilette
To the American woman ?3 conceded first
place in the matter of beauty and taste in
dress - to her discrimination also is due
the fact that of all women's shoes in the
world by far the largest sale i3 c.joycd by
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" <Zus1om ?ra.de '
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is health's boat insurauco. It is
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New York and
^ Major J. F. Hart Dead.
Yorkvillo, April 2!.-Major James F.
Hart, a prominent lawyer, tho gallant
commander of tho famous "Hart's Bat
tery" during tho war botwoon tho States,
a loader in tho Hampton movomont of
1870 and a highly cRtoomod Christian
gontlomnn of Yorkvillo, diod at bis resi
dence at 3.:10 o'clock yesterday aftornoou.
Major Hart had been a groat sulfurer
for somo months with cancer of the
Mamadi, which caused his death. All
tho best medical skill and attention of
loving rotativos and friends could do for
this fearless Confodorato soldior was of
no avail.
Major Hart graduated from tho ('ita
(lol with distinction, fought with markod
gallantry through tho war botwoon tho
Boctions and was sovorolv wounded, be
ing crippled through after life, having
lost a leg.
Ho was ono of tho most successful
lawyers of tho upper part of tho State
and bad a largo practice. Ho is sur
vived by tho widow of his second mar
riage, by th reo sons and two daughters.
Ho was a member of tho Presbyterian
? im i eh and had boon an oidor for many
yoars. _
Frightful Suffering Relieved.
Suffering frightfully from the virulent
poisons of undigested food, C. O. Cray
son, if Lula, Miss., took Dr. King's New
Life Pills, "with tho result," ho writes,
"that I was oured." All stomach and j
bowel disorders givo way tothoir tonio, I
laxativo propertios. 25c. at all druggists. ]
? ? ?
tho blood that carries tho lifo-giving
body. If it is impuro it needs no
ipringtitno is tho season of blood dis
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headaches and that "all gone" feel
ividonoes of blood impurity. These
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emedy. It purifies and builds up tho
brings back hoalth and energy.
London Drug Co.
Sully May Be Solvent.
Now York, April 24.-MacGrano Coxo,
rofereo in bankruptcy in tho Sully caso,
has sont to Judge Holt, of the United
States Court, an opinion, which, if ap
proved by tho court, will reopen tho
Sully caso and bring up for ndjudioatiou
many important points. The quostions
raised aro whether the ono million dol
lars paid Saturday, March 18, 100-1, was
prcforonco, and if BO, was it illegal;
second, whothor Friday's prices or
Saturday's prices should dotormino tho
amount tho Sully estate owes; third)
whether tho transaction on tho Cotton
Exohnngo aro gambling. If it is do
cidod that exchange transactions aro
gambling, Sully will bo solvont and will
not owe a cont.
Acquittal of Assault by Jury ol White Men.
Jackson, Miss., April 22.-For tho first
timo in tho history of Mississippi a negro
chargod with assault has boon acquitted
by a jury of white mon. Stewart John
son, a negro, was yesterday tried on tho
charge of assaulting Miss Mamie Marsh,
a young white woman, in tho heart of
Jackson two months ago, and although
Jake Turnbull, another negro, sworo that
ho saw Johnson commit tho deed, tho
jury did not beliovo him and at midnight
returnod a vordiot of acquittal. Judgo
Miller was called up, disohargod the pris
oner With the m juuet iou to got out of
town, which ho did, on tho ilrst train.
Eternal Sleep lor Joe Jefferson.
West Palm Beach, Fla., April 28.
Joseph Jefforson died at his home, "The
Roofs," at Palm Beach, Fla., at 0.15 J
o'clock this evening. Tho end came
after a day of unconsciousness and aftor j
a heroic struggle of days which had ex
hausted his vitality. At his deathbed j
were bis wife, bis sons, Charles B. and
Frank Jelferson; his nurse, Miss Mabel
Bingham; Dr. R. B. Potter aud his faith
ful old servant, Carl Kottlor.
Tho ond was not a surprise to his
family. Ever since bis last sinking spell
whioh came after a rally on Thursday
morning and whioh was followed by an
apparent improvement until Friday, the
family has boen waiting for the end.
The sickness of Mr. Jefferson, which
ended in bis death, was contracted, it is
believed, while on a recent visit to his
son, Charles B. Jefferson, at I lobe Sound,
a few miles abovo Palm Boaoh, where he
wont to meet his friend, former Presi
dent Cleveland. It is believed that from
a slight indiscretion in his eatiug he suf
fered an attack of indigestion.
Since his return to his homo his condi
tion grew steadily worse, with slight
rallies until the end.
The body of Mr. Jeffersou will bo
taken to Buzzard's Bay on a special
train leaving hero to-morrow ovoning,
accompanied by all the members of his
family who are here, lt will reach New
York Wednesday and the family hope to
reach Buzzard's Bay tho evening of that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the Best and
Most Popular.
"Mothers buy it for croupy children,
railroad men buy it for severe coughs
and eldorly people buy it for la grippe,"
say Moore Bros., Eldon, Iowa. "Wo sell
more of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
than any other kind. It scorns to have
taken tho lead ovor sovoral other good
brands." Tliore is no question but this
medicino is tho best that can bo procured
for coughs and colds, whether it be a
child or an adult that is aflliotod. It al
ways euros and cures quickly. Sold by
?J. W. Boll, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
.. - -.?? -
The Pruitts Acquitted.
Greenville, April 22.-The jury in the
Pruitt peonage caso from Anderson
county this morning returned a verdict
of not guilty as to all the defondanta
it. W. PfU?tt, Forrest Pruitt and John
Noose. The verdict was not unexpected ;
in fact the attorneys for tho prosecution
bad abandoned hope of securing a con
viction beforo tho caso went to tho jury.
The case was given to the jury at 12.20
and the jury deliberated not moro than
ten minutes.
Poorest College? Will Get ?2&0,000.
chicago, April 21.-Gifts amounting in
all to $21)0,000 will bo made this year to
small colleges in the rural distriots of
Tennessee, Kentucky. North Carolina
and West Virginia b> \. D. K. Pearsons,
retired capitalist and benefactor of many
small colleges ?0 thc C oiled .Slates.
\V<\si minster. April ?O,-Mr. and Mrs.
M. ii. Garrison loft on Thursday of last
week for Atlanta. During their stay iu
Westminster of about eighteen months
they made many warm frieuds who
deeply regret tboir departure. Mrs.
Garrison's health has been failing for
some months past aud they are contem
plating a trip to New Mexico with, the
hope that the climate will be beneficial
to ber.
Mis? Beulah Poore returned home
Wedresday from a week's visit to Easley
and Piokens. i
Misses Ila and Cordelia Dearden, the
accomplished daughters of J. W. Bear
don, of Oak way, boarded No. 30 one day
last week for a month's visit with frieuds
in Texas.
To look in the garden at the Methodist
parsonage one would think that the
prospects for Uro. Spinks to get fat are
good. Be is up-to-date on gardening.
The Westminster Graded School closes
on May 10.
Oar "city fathers" have recently done
some good work on the sidewalks and
Mrs. J. C. Bearden, of Atlanta, is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mc
Lfn, of West End.
Mrs. Thomas ClinkBcales, of Atlanta,
arrived Saturday to spend some time
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Julius Martin, of the Southern Rail
way, spent Sunday in Westminster. He
is now agent at Helton, Ga.
Hugh Bibb, of Atlanta, was hore
J. J. Pickons informs us that his son,
Coke, will got married to-day. Mr.
Pickons has boen in Pennsylvania some
time working for tho Long DistaucoTi le
phone Co.
Mrs. M. s. Stribling and children and
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Marett visited rela
tives in Fair Play Sunday and attended
tho dodicatory services hold in the Pres
byterian church.
Boforo arriving at Westminster on
last Monday the whistle of the on
gino (pulling No. 80 became unmanage
able aud blow continuously for sovoral
miles up the. road. The iron monster
rolled into tho station while the shrill
noiso was at its highest.
J, G. Brenzoalc was re-olectod int eml
en! on April 24. nc has for his board of
wardoUs T. D. Poore, W. C. Poden, L. G.
Gaston and Ira S. Pitts. With tho ex
ception of ono warden all the former
councilmen were re-elected. The elec
tion passed off quiotly with the strength
of 18 voters.
Your correspondent took a trip in the
Fair Play section Saturday and spent the
night at thc home of J. D. Sheldon,
member of the Legislature from Oconoe.
Mr. Sheldon owns some of tho best
farming land iu the county and has built
a handsome residence about two miles
from Fair Play. Mr. Sheldon and family
are clever and hospitable and it is
certainly a pleasure to bo entertained in
their home. Wo were favorably im
pressed with the Fair Play and South Un
ion neighborhood. It is a most prosperous
seotion, filled with loyal, progressive
What about closing tho stores at 7 p.
ra. until September 1 with tho exception
of Saturdays and pay days? AU tho
clerks and most of the merchants
we think would like the change during
the long days if they would give it a fair
Easter services wore conducted in tho
Presbyterian church on Sunday. Rev. J.
J. Ilarull, tho pastor, dolivored an ablo
discourso appropriate to tho occasion.
At the evening servico the church was
tilled almost to its seating capacity and
tho congregation had tho pleasure of
listening to a sermon by Rev. S. L. Mor
ris, of Atlanta, the secretary of homo
missions. His sermon was vory impros
dvo, basing his remarks on Paul's last
words, "I havo fought a good fight; I
liavo finished my course," etc Twonty
flvo years ago Dr. Morris was pastor of
Walhalla and Richland churches and
while serving these churches ho preached
in Westminster on the fifth Sabbaths.
As thoro was no Presbyterian church
hero at that timo tho services woro hold
in the Vf : h od ist. church. Dr. Morris rc
lurncd to Atlanta Monday afternoon.
J. H. Ligon received on the 10th in
stant tho check for $185 in payment of
Maim for a horse captured by the Union
troops at tho close of the Civil War.
Prof. J. A.V.Durham went to Honea
Path last Wednesday.
Rov. J. J. Harrell will preach at Tuga
loo noxt Sabbath, April 80th, at ll a. m.
?nd at Oak Grovo at 4 p. m. He will not
preach at tho| ?latter church on thc first
Sabbath in May, as announcod at his last
ippoint ment.
Tho Cboswell Cotton Mill Company
havo just fitted up a commodious build
lug for religions sorvioes in the mill vil
lage. One of the cottages has been over
hauled, repainted and convortod into a
?ha pel. Thoy have a flourishing Sabbath
?bhool and proaohing servioos twico a
month conducted by Rov. A. P. Marett.
Good J
to i
Children especiall)
and the housekeeper
to their food.
As good cake can
good eggs, so aiso a
fui as well as dainty
a pure and perfect t
Royal Baking Poi
in the preparation ol
of food. It imparts
ness, sweetness and
finest cake, biscuit, d<
and what is more in
food wholesome anc
and old.
Floyd VVatnou and L. L. Jarrard, of
Fair Play, were in town Monday.
Mrs. T. Y. Hunnicutt and Katio Abbott
visited tbe Misses Moore on Saturday.
The new Presbyterian churoh at Fair
Play was formally dedicated on last Sab
bath, April 23. ThiB ohuroh was organ
ized in 1903 with twenty merabors. They
have recently completed u beautiful edi
fice costing about $1,000. lev. T. C.
Ligon, of Townvillo, isserving tho church
as stated supply. The ruling elders are:
3. P. Stripling, J. D. Sheldon and A. T.
Thompson; deaoons: J. T. Crumpton
and T. K. Harris. The dedicatory ser
mon proaohed by Hov. S. L. Morris, t f
Atlanta, was very inspiring and edifying.
The Presbyterians around Fair Play have
pushed forward the work and their pretty
ohuroh is quite an ornament to tho town.
They havo much to feel thankful for.
There were sevoral egg bunts in town
Saturday afternoon.
Tho Westminster Oil aud Fertilizer
Company closed their ginnery for the
season on last Saturday. They have
ginned over 2,000 bales since September.
Rev. J. J. Harrell returned from South
Carolina Presbytery on April 18. Before
delivering bis sormon on Sunday he gave
an account of the proceedings of Presby
tery. A. L. GOSSKTT.
About Rheumatism.
There are few disease*, that inflict more
torture than rheumatism and there is
probably no disease for which suoh a
varied and useless lot of remodies have
been suggested. To say that it oan be
?aired is, therefore, a bold statement to
make, but Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
which enjoys an extensive sale, has met
tvith great success in the treatment of
bis disease. Ono application of Pain
r.alin will relieve the pain, and hundreds
>f NUtici ei s havo testified to permanent
Mires by its use. Why MI Uer w lien Pain
Balm alfords suoh quick relief and costs
>nt a trille? For salo by J. W. Bell,
Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, Soneoa.
News from South Union.
South Uniou, April 24.-Rov. S. A.
HcDaniol filled his regular appointment
it this place Sunday.
Dook P. Isbell, of Fair Play, and Miss
hie I Halie lie Isbell, of I bis Keel iou, were
mppily married last Sunday, April 23.
[). V. Wright performed the coremony.
I'bis young couple havo hundreds of
fiends who join us in wielling them a
ifo of happiness.
M ess is. Whit mi ie mid Barron, of
Seneca, visited friends here Sunday.
Miss Climelia Richey, of Fair Play,
ipent Sunday with Miss Annie. Lee.
Marshall Wiloy and Mr. Ballenger, of
s'ewry, visited homo-folks here recently.
Mr. and Mrs. claude Burriss visited in
[Meilland Sunday.
Misses Janie Crawford and Kate Har
isa were guests of tho Misses Reeder
nm night last week.
Rev. C. Wardlaw, of Sonece, visitod
friends hore last Sunday.
Claude Marott spent the latter part of
be week in Seneca.
Our assistant teaoher, Miss Rena Hun
ilngor, has returned to her home at
Quito a numbor of our young people
kttendod tho Kastor egg hunt givon by
Viiss Maude Marett, of Fair Play, Satur
lay afternoon. z i.
r are fond of dainties,
? must look carefully
i be made only with
cake that is health
must be raised with
taking powder.
,vder is indispensable
[ the highest quality
; that peculiar light
flavor noticed in the
sughnuts, crusts, etc.,
iportant, renders the
I agreeable to young
Notos trom Speed's Creek.
Speed's Creek, April 2.'!.-Tho school
at this place closed last Friday. Tho
children made speeches and had dia
logues and songs. Owing to tho busy
time not mnuy of tho patrons woro
present. The teacher, Mrs. S. L, Iii own,
returned to hor borne Friday. 11 er mnuy
friends here wish for her a happy vaca
Mrs. W. T. Mel.ees returned to her
home last Sunday, after sponditig somo
limo with her daughter, Mrs. Jumes E.
Ewing, of Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs, W. D. Hopkins spent
Saturday and Sunday with the latter's
?onsm, Mrs. Walter Sanders, of Tokeena.
Miss Mittie Vaughn, of Felicity, Ala.,
has beeu spending the past month with
relatives in this community.
Andy Cox visited near New Hope re
Miss Lillie Campbell, of Townviilo, is
lt the home of E. E. Sheriff, teaching
Mrs. H. E. Cox and two daughters,
Misses Willio and Sue, visited tho
former's brother, K. A. McLecs, of Wal
lalla, last week.
Warren Kilpatrick has the finest field
?f wheat in this section.
The farmors aro about done planting
heir cotton around hero, tho acreage of
which has boon considerably reduced
rom that of last year. o. A.
Townvllle Locals.
Townviilo, April 24.-Mrs. Margaret
['ribble is recovering from a severe al
ack of rheumatism.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Felton, of Monea
'.uh, visited the latter's parents, Mr.
md Mrs. J. C. Speares, last week.
A number of the Presbyterians of
fownville attended tho dodioatory* sor
dees of the uow Presbyterian oburoh at
<"air |Play yesterday, April 23. Kev. S.
j. Morris, D. D., preaohod an ablo and
difying sormon appropriate to tho occa
ion to a delighted audience
Kev. U. C. Lig?n, of Nowborry, is vis
ting his lo ot her, Rev. T. C. lagon.
H. W. Speares is clerking for J. W.
Mi. and Mrs. Spearman Dobbins ave vis
ting rolativcB at Double Springs, Ander
on county. '
The farmers have their lands nlooly
Mepaied for planting and all have dc
ided to reduco the cotton acreage.
Dr. W. K. Sharp, of Pendleton, wss in
own last week.
The Townvllle Oil Mill olosod last
voek after a vovy prosperous soason.
Annlo G. Dickson.
At the Farm.
The late frost was a sot-back to tho
arly crops that had bogan to show up.
lome of the corn had to bo replanted.
Messrs. Cobb and Kelley have tho
arm in fine shape.
Tho whooplngcough has made its ap
?earanco in this section.
A Sunday sohool has boon organized at
Preaching at Pleasant Hill on the first
iundny in May. B.

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