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* * . MA * ? A?;>? tfr^ (JA KO I, INA, OCT. <f , lttOrt
Oats, Bran and Hay.
We have a Gav of Ship Stuff. The finest Hog Feed to be had.
This Ship Straff ;.d made oct of the Heart of the Corn, that which is left
of the Corn after rasing all the hard parts of the Grain for Pearl Grits, and
the Heart of the Wheat with the Brand all ground together, which makes
the richest and most nutritious feed obtainable. j
We can sell this Feed very cheap; only $1.40 per-100 pounds, which is
guaranteed to be cheaper to feed than Corn at 50 cents.
Moders Pharmacy
is practiced by us io every way. There have been rreat improvements
in the last few years in the making of medicines.
The preparations you take to-day aro moro elegant in looks,
more palatable, and, while milder iu action, are just aa effective as the
old nostrums that were actually nauseating.
We ha\ o kept step with tho times and the medicines you pur
chase of us will bo found of superior quality, as they are scientifically
LUNNEY, The Dm^ist,
Wo ?ii*o determined io make this tho greatest sale of Flard
warcevcr, hold in (hiscounty. Opportunities como to every ono
sonic time in lifo .ind next week ?in opportunity will como to
tlioso who want H ?rd w aro, Buggies, Surfies, wagons, Harness,
Saddles, Whips and Lap Robes, Stoves and Ranges, that may
never como ngain ;II tho money-saving prices.
Our store and warehouses aro full, and wo have goods
that wo haven't n place to put. If yon will look at tho prices
? in this ad. wo think yon will ho convinced that wo really intend
to get rid of some of our immense stock, hut remember that
these prices aro good for next week only.
Wo are very much over
stocked in this line and will of
fer you special low prices dur
ing this sale.
(iood Imitation Leather Top
and Trimmings, guaranteed for
one year, for $39.50.
(?ood Genuine Leather,quar
ter top, Loather Cushion and
Hack, only $44.50.
We also have a car load of
tho high grade Corbitt Buggies
which wo will oller special low
prices on during this sale.
Wagons and
We have just received a car
load of Wagons. Our prices
and terms aro right.
Wo aro headquarters for tho Iron
King Stove, which is tho prido of
roany a homo. Other kinds at right
pricos. Princess Steel Ranges-Wo
Lavo nny size you want and are pre
pared to namo very low prices.
WHIPS.-Wo have all kiuds of
Whips and will sell a 10-cout Whip
for f> cents during this salo. Less
than wholesale oost.
Surries and
Lap Robes.
SURRIES. - We have
some real bargains in this
line and will sell you a $75
Surrey, during this sale, for
only $60.
LAP ROBES.-Our fall
and winter stook of Lap Hohes
is a beaut}'. Tho prices would
not interest you so very much
unless you could see them.
Guns? Ammuntion, Etc.
Wo have just opened a large shipment of (inns and Rifles,
Double and Single Barrel, Hammer and Hammerless, and just
to show you we have the right prices in this line, we will soil
you a Single Barrel Hopkins & Allen for only $2.98.
AMMUNITION.-Loaded Shells 37i cents a box. Wo
have plenty of Rifle and Pistol Cartridges, Dynamite, Fuse,
Caps, Lead, Powder and Shot.
. Complete line of Builders' Hardware, Enamel Ware, Tin
ware, Agate Ware, and Galvanized Goods.
Harness & Saddles
HARNESS.-In this line wo
have a complete stock-Double
and Single. We have them for
hacks, wagons, buggies and
surries. We are going to sell
Single Buggy Harness, during
this sale, from ?j?? up. Others
at prices in proportion.
SADDLES.-We have just
got in a large shipment of Sad
dles, and our prices are from
$1.70 up. Come ami seo them.
Carter Hardware Co.. walhalla.
Seneca, October 4.-The Palmetto
House changed hands to-day and Mrs
Nannie Tombes, of Anderson, succeeded
T. ? Stribiing in the management. Mrs.
Tombes lias a splendid reputation as be
ing a woman of One business qualifica
tions and will doubtless make a big suc
cess of the bouse under lier management.
J. E. Zachary is retained as head clerk
and the traveling public is therefore as
sured of courteous attention. Mrs.
Tombes is a famously line caterer and
tho knight of the grip will fare sump
tuously at ber board.
Mrs. Ruskin Anderson entertained th?
members of this progressive club nt its
opeuiug meeting last Thursday afternoou
at 4 o'clock at ber home here. Every
thiug conspired to make it one of the
most delightful in tho history of the dut?,
including the weather which was ideal.
Tho hostess invited a few of ber friends
to meet the mc in hoi* of the club, the
meeting beiug mainly a sociul one. The
meeting was brought to order by thu
playing of a brilliant piano du?t by
Madames S. E. Dendy and Laura Hates,
after which the president, Mrs. J. H.
Adams, made some introductory rema k*
bearing upon extracts read from tho year
book of the State Federation of Clubs.
Tho hostess then took charge of thc ra et
big and a delightful musi? program fol
lowed. Among the instrumental num
bers were two charmiug selections by
Mrs. Bates and Miss Peat.ro?. Mrs.
Dendy rendered a vocal solo delightfully
and Mrs. T. E. Stribling sans two selec
tions. After the music program was dis
pensed witb, the hottest, passed from a
basket slips of paper containing uuflu
ished quotations from well-known poets
to which the guests were required to find
and attach the remainder of the quota
tions, which were femd pinned about
the room iii every com ' Wable place. A
merry time ensued autil tho hostess
called tho party to order and tho quota
tions were read. Many of thom were
lu min ami spicy, the most of them re
ferring to the important and nlways in
teresting thorne-woman. A delightful
salad course, consisting of chicken salad,
crockers, beaten biscuit, cheese straws
and stuffed tomatoes, was served, fol
lowed by iced tea and cbampaigu wafers.
Dainty souvenir cards, tied with club
colors, daintily done in water color by
one of the accomplished club members,
were presented by the gracious hostess.
Thus an altogether charming meeting
waa brought to a olose and many were
the expressions of appreciation from the
guests to the hostess, who had so delight,
fully planned and executed the attreotive
program of entertainment.
Services in the Methodist chu rc h next
Sunday morning at ll.lo o'clock.
Tho Winters Stock Co. begins a throe
nights* engagement at the opera house
Monday, October I), when "Tho Oirl from
TenueBBoe" will be presented, for tho
first time, in Seucca, with Joseph J.
Winters and Dorothy Wallace in the prill?
oipal roles. This attraction comes well
recommended, and as their repertoire is
now, no doubt crowded bouses will greet
their initial appearance here. Tho com
pany carries eighteen people, including
their own band and orohestia. Special
ties will bo introduced between tho acts
hy Baby Hope, Chas. Brewer ami Ruf
ami Kaynol. Mr. Brewer will bo remem
bered here by theater-goers, he having
played here the past summer with the
Wood Sisters. Popular prices will pre
vail during this engagement.
A desperately sick baby in the familv
makes us sad-.and we c?nnot write, so we'
close with the following which como?
from the hearts of a quiet, but happy
Iii tlc family to-night, "Be it ever so num
ble there's no place like home." M v.s.
BaKing* Powder
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable
to finest cookery and to the comfort
and convenience of modern housekeep
ing. Royal Baking Powder makes hot
breads, cakes and pastry wholesome.
Perfectly leavens without fermentation.
Qualities that are peculiar to it alone?
One Dispensary Closed Belora the Election.
Groonvfllo, October 2.-The local board
of control han decided to close ono of
tbreo dispensaries in Greenville because
of tho resignation of Dispenser Scruggs,
and an inspector is expected hero on
Monday morning to tako up and divide
tho stock between the romaiug whiskey
shops. Tho nctiou of the board is signi
ficant, in view of tho approaching elec
tion to decide between the dispensaries
and prohibition, lt is said that because
the bonrd realized that the dispensaries
had only two months moro to stay in the
county, it deemed it unwise, to elect a
successor to Scruggs for so short a time
ano closed the place instead.
-New and second-hand school books.
Walhalla Drug Co.
Choice Language This.
Hon. Benjamin Ryan Tillman ban ro
turned again to bis old delightful way of
speaking. At HateRburg the other day
while boosting the dispensary he said:
'.That hell bound in Columbia, who ia
editor of tho State, bas told enough lies
on nie to build a railroad of cross ties to
bell." Choice language DUH, but tho
boys do not take to such expressions aa
they did in the old days.-Darlington
Plans to ?et Rich
Aro often frustrated by sudden break
down, due to dyspepsia or constipation.
Brace up and take Dr. King's Now Lifo
Pills They take out the materials
which aro ologging your energies, and
give you a new start, Cure headache
and dizziness, too. At all drug stores;
25c, guaranteed.

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