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i i ... i ? H j II ? H ??' .
We have a Oar of 8
This Ship 3tufF is m
of the Corn after using
the Heart of the Wheal
the richest and most nu
We can sell this Fee
guaranteed to be cheap?
C. W. &
Moders PH?
?H practiced by us iu every way.
in the last tow years in tho makin
The preparations you take
more palatable, and, while milder
old nostrums that were actually n
We have kept step with tho
chaso of us will bo found of super
Fair Play Locals.
"air Play, Octobor 0.-School began
this place Monda>, tho instructors be
Pruf. Hou rn. <>t Michigan, principal,
Miss Maggie Thompson, of Town
;, assistant.
jv.l). A.Lowis preached ipi ito an inter
pg sermon to a largo and attentive
Ie many fiiendsof Sam Holoman ro
to learn that, ho now has fever. Wo
roly wish him a speedy recovery.
1larson Cromer, of Alpiuo, visited
ls at this place Sunday,
t. Howou visited Walhalla Saturday.
(ar Mays and Bennie d ubbs visited
B and "loved ones" in Georgia
\Howio and sister, Miss Sarah, of
visited boro Sunday. ,
ion Moore, of Oakway, paid our
">vu a most welcome and highly
(aten visit Saturday.
?r Holler at tended a danco nt tho
f his father Thursday evening,
honor of his cousin. Miss Subry,
Harton left Sunday for Fort
where he rostimos Ins work
ns principal of tho school at
McCloan, of Lavonia, passed
ibis place Friday on route to
ILand visited tho homo of H.
Saturday and Sunday,
atson and brother, of South
ositod tho family of .1. E.
thel Marett and brother, C. I).,
itives at Townvillo Saturday
[rs. Connie Calaham visited
Clarence Calaham recontly.
jott is now erecting a snug
at tho Old homestead.
imlier enjoyed a singing at j
Sunday, conducted hy Mr,
tho young mon of this
3d a danco given at Mr.
.oss Hoads, Monday night,
of tho J. G. C. has been
tho residence of Mrs. E.
tho Academy and will
iesda>s and Fridays. Miss
tho librarian. .1. Q, c.
('ure for Caucer.
lucers aro now known to
Hucklon's Arnica Salvo,
lof Duffield, Va., writes :
f,? ron my lip for years, that
ile till Hucklen's Arnica
land now it is perfectly
?cd eme, for cuts and
ll drug atoros.
ts, Bran and H
Ihip Stun0. The finest Hog I
ade ont of the Heart of the <
all the hard parts of the G-ri
; with the Brand all ground
tritious feed obtainable,
d very cheap; only $1.40 pe
er to teed than Com at 60 C?
There have been great improvements
g of medicines.
to-day are more elegant in looks,
in action, aro just as effectivo as the
times and tho medicines yon pnr
ior quality, as they aro scientifically
Tile JL>rug-grist,
Due to an Engineer's Grit.
Columbia, October 7.-Tho Seaboard's j
through South-bound passenger train
No. -I, duo boro at 10 16 a. m., on tho
way from tho North to Florida, had a
thrilling escapo this morning from du
struotion, through a hurtling bridge,
spanning Jumping Gulley, ?() foot high
j and 2lX) foot long, between Lugo IT ami
Blaney Station, near Camdon.
Tho only warning tho engineer and
crow had was tho smoke and llamo they
Bighted 200 yarda away, as tho train was
rounding a curve, running forty-llvo
miles an hour. The engine was reversed
and tho^morgoncy brakes wore applied.
Thu engineer got his machine under con
trol within a car length of tho north sido
of tho bridge, whore tho Ure was coticen j
troted and wlicro twenty feet had been
hmncd out. There was joy iu that
crowd of passengers, numbering about
lift y, and they aro eloquent in their
praiso of tho splendid work of Engineor ,
1). K. Wright, and Conductor Walter
Gibson und others.
Whilo tho conductor walked back fivo
j miles to got a telegraph station, tho
crow and tho passengers got out nud
quickly organised a tiro brigade, w hich
fought tho flames on tho bridge with
great energy and finally succeeded in
extinguishing thom.
Among tho best fighters were a coach
full of Italian cigarmakors and their
families, bound for Ybor City, Florida.
Tho passengers passed resolutions
commending tho enginoer and crow.
Tho train was running an hour lato, and
and was tied up at tho hridgo over six
hours. It was finally brought on over
tho bridge, which a wrecking crow
patched up. Tho train was made up of .
n mail car, ox prosa car, diner, Bleeper '
and two day coaches.
-?..?- -
Plans to Gat Rich
Aro often frustrated by sudden break
down, duo to dyspepsia or constipation.
Uraco up and take Dr. King's Now Lifo
Pills They tako out tho mnterials !
which aro clogging your onergioB, and
givo you a now start, ('uro headache
and dizziness, too. At all drug storos;
?'.>c, guaranteed.
Still More Grafting.
Columbia, Octobor tl.-Governor Iloy
wa.d to-day suspended another County
Treasurer for grafting, the guilty man
this timo being J. M. Whotsoll, who, as
troasuror of Dorchester county, is ovor
$2,(XM) short on account of apparent ficti
tious entries as cr?dita, "Ilocauso ho
paid claims bofore warrants wore
issued," and because his "books aro full
of errors and omissions."
^eed to be had.
Corn, that which is left
Etin for Pearl G-rits, and
together, which makes
ir 100 pounds, which is
News (rom Clemson College.
Clemson, October 7. -The first number I
of tho lyceum course this year will be
Riven October 18, at 8 p. m., by Mba
Lena Duthie, of New York, assisted by
Miss Mai garet Daniel, and will consist
largely of familiar Scotch and Irish
songs and melodics. .
The com se for the year is about com
pleted and is as follows: Miss Duthie
?nd Miss Daniel, October 13; Schubert
String Quartet, November 24; Dr. George
K. Vincent, University of Chicago, Do
iember8; Katherine Ridgeway Concert
Co., January 13; Congressman David Do
Ai mond, February ; Dr. Penniman,
ioan of the faculty of the University of
Pennsylvania, March; Miss Mamie Hai
rison, Richmond, date not fixed; Maro,
the magician, date not fixed; the Templo
Quartet, Eli Perkins, and Thomas E.
Watson moy be added to the list.
There is much anxiety over tho ap
proaching football game hore next Sat
urday, the 14th, with the team from tito
University of Tennessee. The weather
was so hot and the athletic Held so dusty
all this week that little real work could
be done. This week has seen strenuous
work and much impiovemout, but thore
have been discouragements. J. C.
Koesch, who waa one of the most prom
ising men in tho field, had his foot
broken|m a scrimmage Tuesday and will
not be in a game this year. He was a
strong player. Met 'own, the big guard
of MOS, has returned to College, but lie
has been sick with chills ever since he
came, nearly, ami he has been granted
and honorable discharge, lils going is a
loss to the team. Manager Cad Coles, of
Columbia, has completed bis schedule
aud feels sure of a long list of victories.
W. D. Weatherford, oollege Y. M. C.
A. secretary of the Southern colleges
and universities, held a series of meet
ings In re Inst week which resulted in
much good. Sunday night a canvass
was made for new members and scores
of names were added to tho list. Tho
young men hope soon to have their hall
neatly fitted up on the third floor ot tho
main building.
Sick headache is caused by a disordered
condition of (he stomach and is quickly
cured by Chamberlain's Stomach and
Li vcr 1 ablets. For sale by J. W. Kell,
Walhalla, and W. J. Lonny, Seneca.
M il likens Win in Laurens Case.
Ashovillo, N. C., October 7.-Judge
Pritchard to-day granted an injunction
in tho case of S. M. Milliken and others
vs. W. E. Lucas and others, restraining
the defendants from proceeding against
tho complainants further in the Stato
courte of South Carolina and from inter
foring otherwise with tho complainants.
The practical effect of the ordor, it is
said, will bo to givo Milliken control of
tho I.am ens cotton mills, for which bo
and Lucas have been contending, since
under it Millikon gnins control of a ma
jority of tho stock, a largo block of
which has been in dispute
Georgia Negro Lynched by Negroes.
Bainbridge, October S.-Nows has just
roached Rainbridge of tho lynching of a
nc i o to-day, eight milos wost of boro
by a mob of his own raco. Tho nogro
had criminally assaulted a nogro girl and
had attempted to assault another who
out him in tho breast. Ho was arrested
by De 11 m ics James I voy and Mm leerson,
who were bringing him to Kainbridgo,
when they wore stopped by a mob of ne
groes who said they must have tho no
gro. They got him and forced tho
deputies to go away on nnothor road.
Tho negro was strung up to a t ree and
riddled with bullots. The victim wa? an
Record for Ealing.
Congaroo, October 7.-A colorod man
by tho namo of July Richardson ono
night this week ate 18 oana of sardines,
two boxes of potted ham in tho ocurso
of one hour, which beats tho record for
quiok and heavy eating.
Seneca, October 10 -W. P. Nimmon*
loat bi* burn ?lid contents lust night by
fire between 10 and ll o'clock. Two
boree? also perished in the Manies,
When tbe al mm WHH given the lire al
ready appeared to be well uuderway and
tba attention vf the citizens, who arrived
promptly, was turned to tbe residence.
Heroic work was dune with buokets. He
gtet at the horrible death of tbe faithful
family bureos, who. in the excitement re
fused to come from their stables, ia
heard un every ?ido. Thu origin of the
fire ia unknown.
Thia pupulitr company is ahowing
bore, and at tho opening play last uigbt
A flue house grcott'd tho performers. Tho
play, "A Carolina Girl", with tho star,
Miss Dorothy Wallace, was woU sup>
poltod. Thc sim lal I les Slid music aro
good, and it WIIB A groat disappointment
to the andienen that tho ahum of lire
interfered with tho performance in the
third act. To-night the sensational
comedy, "A Man cl Donor," will be pre
sented, and Wednesday afternoon at 3.80
p.m.,a matinee performance will be given,
affording tho children aud mothers an
opportunity to go. "Baby Dope" made
a great hit, beiug a beautiful child of
about 0 years sud well trained. The
Winter Stuck Company will continuo
ahowing hers through Wednesday night,
giving a line opportunity tu theatro
goers to see a number of their best
The Greenville Convocation mot last
evening at the Church of tho Ascension
boro, at 7.30 u'eluck. A splendid sermon
waa preached by Ur. H. C. .Jeter, of An- j
dei son. Tho following program will
show tho line of business and devotional
exorcises for the eulire session, which
our peuple will enjoy from day to day.
A special feature of Weducsday even
ing's service will bo tho singing of Prof.
Houston, who is teacbing a class hero in
vocal lessons. Doubtless a delighted
audience will hear tho distinguished
ll a. m.-Muming prayer, celebration
Of holy communion sud sci mon by the
Hov. W. B. Sama, uf (?roen ville.
4 p. m.-Organization and business
7.30 p. m.-Evening prayer and ser
mon by the Hov. J. M. Magruder, of
10.30 a. m.-Morning prayer and ser
mon by the Kev. H. M.Marshall, of Hock
Immediately after the service there
will be a discussion of tho subject: "Tho
1 m poi tance of Church Work in the Bural
Districts." Leader, Hov. O. T. Porcher,
ol Greenwood; alternates, Hcv. H. G.
Sliuniionhouso, of Union, and V. K. Mar
tin, of Walhalla.
4 p. m.-Business session and reports
of missionaries.
7.30 p. m.-Evening prayer, and sermon
by Ht. Hov. Kllisun Capers, 1). I).
10.30 a. m.-Morning prayer and ser
mon by the Hov. H. C. Joter, of Ander
Immediately after tho sermon thoro
will bo a discussion uf the subject: "Our
Iodation to Other Christian Budies."
Loader, Hov. J, M. Magruder, of Spar
tanburg; alternates Rev. lt. Q, .leter, of
Anderson, and P. T. Kayne, of Green
4 p. m.-Children's service with ad
dresses by Bishop Capers and Hov. A. H.
Mitchell, of Greenville. Tho children of
all sunday schools are invited tu at tend
this service.
7.30 p. m.-Missionary service with
addreasea by Hov. T. T. Walsh, of
Oi a i ige burg, on Crucial Missions, and
Hov. A. H. Mitchell, un Diuccsati Mis
10.30 a. m.-Litany and sermon by
Hov. H. G. Shannonhou8o, of Union.
11.30 a. m.-Business session.
7.30 p. m.-Kvoning prayor and ser
mon by Hev. A. H. Mitchell, of Oroon
villo. M. v. s.
Townville News.
Townvillo, October 0.-M?SB Vanna
Smith has been visiting in Anderson.
Miss l.tliel Marett, of Fair Play, was
tho guest of Miss Ktta (tiles last week.
Mrs. B. I). Campbell is quite sick at
tho prosent writing.
Miss Alice Smith has returned from an
oxtondod visit to relatives at Starr and
at Klbei ton. Ga.
Bascom Scares has i et m uni to Ander
son, after spending a few days bore.
<L I). (KU bas guno to Atlanta to spend
a fow weokB and take in tho fair.
Miss Amanda Heodor, from South
Union, ha? boon spending awbilo at W.
T. Hunt's.
Jack Harris, of Pendleton, attended
sorvices at tho Presbyterian ohurcb Sun
Mrs. Mary Johnson, of Greenville,
spent Sunday with relatives hore.
Arthur Prathor, of Slabtown, visited
his uncle, J. C. Bogga, last week.
J. H. Brno? spent Sunday with W. N.
Bruco at Oak way, r"n.o.
Westminster, October 10.-Mi?? Ber
tha Kubank*," on? pf Oakway'a accom
plished young ladlee, is attending the
Greenville Female College.
M. S. Stribling delivered an ad?reos
for the "Children'? Day" exercises in
the Townvllle Presbyterian church on
last Sabbath.
Very few wagon load? of cotton are
?eon on the street? ?ince the market
went below 10 cents.
Born, unto Mr. and Mr?. W. R. Beasley
on October 4, a*?on.
Mnrried, by S. II? .lohn?, Esq , on Sun
day, October 8, Miss Bva Brook and Lovi
Moore. Also M?SB Lou Smith and Doss
At the re-organi?atlon of tho Agatheri
dan Litorary Society on last Friday
evening the following officers wero
elected: A. M. Norris, president; Prof.
M. E. Brockman, vico president; Miss
Bertha C. Davis, secretary; Miss Maude
st i i bli nu', treasurer; Mis? Katie E. Harris,
critio; Miss Sarah Anderson, accompa
nist. Executive committee: Prof. Brook
man, Misses ('lardy, Wham, Sprott and
Jessie Stribling.
Mrs. D. W. Hiott, of Dickens, visited
hor daughter, Mrs. John A, Terrell, re
Ira Wilson, Misses Julia Leo and Leila
Hardy returned to Cedar Springs Insti
tute on October S.
Claude N. Dillard went to Atlanta
Monday to soe tho Georgia State Fair.
Married, at the residence of tho
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs E. W. Bur
dett, on Ootober 3, Miss Lillie Buidett
to Oscar Mauldiu, S. II. Julius, Esq.,
Mesdames J. P. McDonald and G. W.
Traylor attended the Woman's Foreign
Missionary Society at Greers last week.
They ret urned home Mouday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Hannon Durham, of
Peleor, have boon visiting his mother
and family, of Westminster.
Lester Munson, of New York, and
Jesse Munson, of Charlotte, visited
their father, Robert Munson, last week.
There will be a congregational meet
ing at tho Old Westminster Baptist
church on Saturday before the fourth
Sabbath in this month at 3 p. m. for the
purpose of oalling a pastor for the year
1000. All members are requested to be
Rev. J. J. Darrel will preach at Tu
galoo church on tho fifth Sabbath, Octo
ber 20, at ll a. m. and at Oak Grove at 4
p. m. Rev. Harrell had previously an
nounced bis appointment at Tugaloo for
the third Sabbath. The congregation
will please note i he change to the fifth
Sabbath. A. L. Gossott.
Some Seasonable, Advice.
It may be a piece of suporlluous ad
vice to urge people nt this season of tho
year to lay in a supply of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It is almost sure to bo
needed before winter is over, and much
moro prompt and satisfactory results aro
obtained when takon as soon as a cold is
contracted and boforo it has beoomo set
tled in the system, which can only be
donn by keeping thu remedy at band.
This remedy is so widely known and so
altogether good that no ono should hesi
tate ahout buving it in preference to nuy
other. It i? for sale by J. W. Bell, Wal
halla, W. J. I,un icy, Seueoa.
News Irom New Hope.
Now Hopo, October 0.-Our regular
pastor, Kov. W. C. Seaborn, assisted by
Rev. Atkorson, of Bickens, administered
the Lord's supper Sunday to a large and
interested crowd. Mr. Seaborn wan
duly olected to supply our church for
anot her yef.r.
Rev. M. G. Holland, of Pickot Post,
attended services hen Sunday.
Tho many friendnol Mrs. Will Alexan
der are glad to learn t Mat sho is much
bettor, aftor a long and serious illness.
Norman Morgan, of Seneca, visited at
tho homo of Mrs. C. A. Morgan Satur
day and Sunday.
Misses Sallie and Lucy Mooro, of
Shiloh, visited relativos boro during part
of last week.
Sam Stribling, aftor spending tho sum
mer months with'rolativcs and friends in
this section, has mt urned to bis homo in
Tampa, Fla.
Miss Karlie Kolloy, of Jocassoo, was at
homo Saturday and Sunday to tho delight
of hor many friends.
Roid Robinson has gone to Kasloy to
cuter business. His many friends wish
him much success.
Mrs. Sallie Dobbins, of Anderson,
visited hrr father, J. C. Aloxandor. s o.
A Judicious Inquiry.
A well ktlOV/n li ?aveline man who visits
tho drug t rude says he ba? often heard
druggists inquire of customers who
asked for a cough medicino, whethor it
was wanted for a child or for an adult,
and if for a child they almost invari
ably recommend Chamberlain's Cough
Romedy. Tho reason for this is that
they know there is no danger from it and
that it always euros. There is not the
least danger in giving it, and foi toughs,
colds ano croup it is unsurpassed. For
salo by J. W. Boll, Walhalla, and W. J.
Lunney, Soneoa.
Chinese Suffer Terribly .by Typhoon Many
Islands Cleared pl Their Inhabitants.
Viotoria, B. C., October S.-Tbe?
steamer Tartar, which arrived last night
from the Orient, brought the new? iron?
.Shanghai that tbe lons of life of th?
natives of the inland st the mouth of the
Yang-Tse river, aa a result of a typhoon
at the beudunlug of September, was tre
The North Cbiua Daily News, ol
Shanghai, says:
"To tbe east of Tamagming, - two?
islands, ouo called Yaowsbwa, the other
Shihiousha, distant about 20 milos fi ont
WooBung, have suffered much from tho
typhoon, Dearly all tho inhabitants hav
ing heeu swept away.
"Tho Ulanda nave only been inhab
ited for a short time, as they aro of re
cent formation, and are not much above*
high water mark. It is reported that
nearly 10,000 people have boon drowned
ou these two islands and the smaller
island* adjacent. Tamagmiug itself baa
uot suffered much, beiug well above the>
high water mark.'1
Tbe Shanghai papers say that thc
damage to the Canadian Pacific railroad
liner, KmpreBB of Japan, by the typhoon
will necessitate the expenditure of $100,
000 for repairs. During the storm the
steamer Peobili, formerly tho Kio Orando
du Sol, foundered near the mouth of the
Her crew of fifty-four was saved by tho
Gorman Bteamer, Alonga, whose officer?
and crew did heroic work, but the Chi
nese were drowned.
How to Cure Corns and Bunions.
First, soak the corn or buuion in warm
water to soften it; then pare it down as
closely as possible without drawing
blood sud apply Chamberlain's Pain
Palm twice daily", rubbing vigorously for
ti vc minute* at each application. A corn
plaster should be worn a fow days to
protect it from the shoo. As a general
liniment for sprains, bruises, lameness
and rheumatism, Pain Kalin is un
equaled. For sale by J. W. Hell,- Wal
halla, and W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Young Boy Kills Another.
Sumter, Octo0*?v 7.-Herbert Vaughau,
aged fourteen shot and killed Har
grave Frierson, aged thirteen on
the coca-cola platform to-night at ??
o'clock. The bullet entered the right
temple and came out back of the left ear.
Death was instantaneous.
Frierson is the son of A. M. Friorsonr
D. I)., president of Kendall institute. It
is said that tbe killing was accidental,
Vaughan claiming that ho did not know
the pistol was loaded. Vaughau has run
away and the police aro looking for him.
Frierson was an intelligent, popular boy.
Edgefield County Treasurer Reinstated.
Columbia, October 7.-After a confer
enco with Clerk of Court Cogburn, of
F.dgefleld, tonight, Governor Hoy ward
reinstated Treasurer J. T. Patterson,
whom ho removed a few days ago for
being short because of confusion in his
accounts. Mr. Patterson had made a
deposit to fully cover his shortage,
which ho claims is duo to a difference
between him and tho Farmers' Hank.
Thero was no charge of criminality
against Mr. Patterson, and the legisla
tive delegation and his bondsmen unani
mously recommended his reinstatement,
expressing implicit confidence in his in
tegrity and honesty.
Japan's Big Debt.
Tokio, October 7.-Count Okuma, for
merly prime minister, in an adorers yes
terday before the Associated Chambers
of Commerce made a lengthy reference
to tho financial situation. He said that
when the army is disbanded Japan's
debt will ho $1,260,000,000. The interest
on this debt will ho about $75,000,000
annually, or nearly twico the rovonues
of the government ten years ago.
Prior to the outbreak of bostilitios the
por capita tax was *2. The cost of tho
war caused it to bo raised, and at tho
present timo it is $0. Tho por capita
share in tho national debt is uow $25,
whereas before tho war it was only $0.
Dispensary School Money.
Columbia, October 7.-The Comp
troller General is receiving frequent re
quests for dispensary school money. Ho
e innot send it, because ho cannot get tho
money, and has none on hand. Tho dis
pensary authorities promised to turn tho
school profits for this year ovor tho lat
ter part of September or tho first of
Ootobor, but it has not yet boen turned
over to bim, and he wishes tho school
authorities to understand that tho fail
ure to send the money out is duo entirely
to the fact that it has not been turned
over to him. The dispensary has not
turned over a cent of this year's profits
from tho dispensary for the uso of the

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