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BtotDct Courier.
-?V -
R. T. JAYNK8, I . ,,,,". (O.A. SMITH
J. W. sn K.I.OH, J ":i>"- 1 1 VUB- j J. A. 8TKCK
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertisement?.
HP" Obituary noticos and tributes of
respect, of not over one hundred words,
will be printed freo of oharge. All over
that number must be paid for at the rate
of one cent a word. Cash to accompany
WBDNBNDAVi OCT. ll, 11? >,"?.
appeals to Citizens to do Their Duty and
Avoid Responsibility Seneca'? Experience.
Tuesday, October 24, is the day
on which every lover o? home, and
humanity, and purity is expected to
do his duty. Thc question has been
asked thc qualified electors of 'the
county, What will you do with the
dispensary ? The voter is given thc
opportunity to put himself on the
side of peace and order and sobriety,
and to wash hit? hands and con
science of the responsibility for tho
cri tue and suffering that may come
from the salo of liquor in the dis
pensarle <, should they bo continued.
And I appeal to ; nd urge each voter
bravely to do his duty. Help your
fallen brother to rise. Bear another's
burden by putting out of tho wt;y
temptation. Would Jesus vote for the
dispensary? If you think Ile would
not, then you, who arc His, dare not.
It is no sufficient excuse to vote for
the dispensary, saying that prohibi
tory laws aro violated. Has not the
dispensary law been the most vio
lated law of the State during thc
last decade, from the highest official
down to thc poorest citizen ? If one
opposes prohibition because it is
violated, surely the more should the
dispensary be Opposed Oil the same
ground. No one is foolish enough
to claim that voting tin- dispensaries
out will stop entirely tho drink habit.
Hut no fair minded man eau doubt
that it will greatly deoreaSe drinking.
In Seneca, during thc past three
weeks, with the local dispensary
closed, inti the Pendleton and Wal
halla dispensaries open on either side
of our town, there bas not been
more than one-tenth of the drinking
in Seneca. This is the opinion of the
Intendant of the town, the chief of
police and many citizens. During
these three weeks, so far as is known
to the writer, there has not been :i
drunken white man on the streets,
and only about three colored men,
two id' whom got the whiskey nt
VVulhallaJ^and one nt Pendleton.
Those who,have I'/.dod at Seneca
recently know that the closing of the
disponsnry has been n three weeks of
blessing to many, and bas given to
the town during that tune peace and
order ami ?[sobriety. Will you not
help us to continue this condition by
voting the dispensaries out?
Those who vote for the dispensary
are responsible for the crime and suf
fering that will result from its con- |
tinuanoe, should it be continued.
You would not commit murder, you
would not kill your lather, you would
not break your wife's heart, you
would not ourse God and then com
mit suicide ; but from the following
learn a lesson :
There is an old legend of a man
who sold his soul to Satan. The
conditions were : For a certain num
ber of years this man was lo have all
his desires gratified, at tito expira
tion of which his soul was forfeited.
When the time agreed upon had
expired, ibis man was unwilling to
fulfill his part of the contract, and
asked Satan Upon what terms he
might 1)0 released. The reply was:
"If you will curse God I will re
lease you."
...Yo," said tho mau, "I cannot
Curso tho lleing w hose nature is love.
Give me something less fearfully
"Then kill your father," replied
Satan, "and you go free."
"No," answered tho tuan, "that is
too horriblo to think of, I will not
commit such a crime. Are there no
other conditions ?"
"One more," said tho tempter,
"You must get drunk."
"That is a very easy thing to do,"
thc man answered, "and I accept
your proposition. I cannot kili my
father, I will tot curse my God, but
I oan get drunk, and when I become
gober all will he well."
Accordingly he got drunk, and
when in this condition he happened
to meet bia father, who upbraided
him, which HO excited the ire of the
drunken and half crazed man, that
he alcw his father, cursed his God,
then fe'! down dead, aud Satan bad
him without fail.
Only a legend, this particular case,
bul how true to the facts regarding
the liquor curse. As the friend of
the friendless, aud the helper of
those who cannot help themselves, I
am sincerely,
C. Wardlaw.
C5 fc? 'X? ?O XX X -A. .
Bu,, U>, j* The Kind Yos Hm Atwys Bought
"Pal" Crowe Caught in Montana.
Butte, Montana, October 6-Pat
Crowe, wanted by the Omaha police
for the kidnaping of the son of mil
lionaire packer Edward Cudahy in
1900, was arrested in this city lat??
last night. Crowe's identification
has been made complete through
photographs sent to the authorities
by thc Omaha officers. Crowe ac
knowledged he was tho fugitive, be
coming alarmed when he feared the
authorities were going to shoot him.
Captain of Police W. F. McGrat
and Detective Mcinerny made tho
arrest, placing the muzzles of their
revolvers against his stomach as he
emerged from a saloon in the tender
loin section of the city. Crowe de
clared tho would return to Omaha
without requisition papers.
He cursed bitterly at his arrest,
expressing chagrin at his apprehen
sion in a town the size of Hutte,
when he, as be said, had traveled the
world over and evaded capturo in all
thc largo cities. Crowo has two
brothers in Montana, one living at
Butte and the other at Great Falls.1
A friend of Crowe's informed the
local police of Crowe's presence in!
the city, and Ids arrest followed
After photographs of the fugitive had
been secured from Omaha,
Deafness Cannot bc Cured
by local Applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tho ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies
Deafness is caused hy an inllamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the eusta
chian tube. When this tube gets inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is tho result, and unless thc
inflammation can he taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will bc destroyed forever. Nine
cases out of ten are caused hy catarrh,
which is nothing hut an inllamed condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
We will give one hundred dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
that catipot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
( nie. Send for Circulars free.
F. J. CH KN FA' A- CO., Proprietors.
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 7">c. Hall's Family
i'ills are the best.
Dirty Postal Card Gels Him in Trouble.
Spartanburg, October f>.-Alt in
teresting case was thc lirst one to be
Investigated by the newly commis*
stoned United States Commissioner,
I. A. Phifer. It was the trial of a
young white man named George
McDowell, whose father is a promi
nent fanner of the county. McDow ell
was charged with sending a post
card through the mails to the daugh
ter of one of thu county's leading
oitizens, the postal car?! bore an en-,
graving of a giddy looking young
woman in abbreviated attire with
her skirts set to the wind, and in
another corner the picture of a man
with a spyfglasa ogling.
The testimony adduced seemed
sufficient to convince tho commis,
sioner that McDowell was guilty and
he was bound over to the next term
of United States Court in Greenville,
his father going on his bond. Post?
office Inspector Pulsifer, who worked
up the ease, was the prosecutor,
while ll. K. Carson appeared for the
defendant. The specific act Mc
Dowell violated wax Section 3898 of
the United States revised statutes.
Tuft's Pills
This popiilnr remedy never fails to
effect milly cure
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick
Headache, Biliousness
And Al.I. DISBASRS .irising from a
Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion
Thc natu,.il result ls good nppctlt
and solid flesh. Dose small; elegant
ly sugar coated nnd easy to swallow.
lake No Substitute..
Liquor ?nd Int Stat? tl Main?.
The liquor men, who never tire of
assort mg that there is more liquor
drank where there is prohibition
than where there is license, have
never ceased to labor for the over
throw of prohibition in Maine. They
succeeded in getting the question
submitted again by the Legislature
and at the last election they r ?re
confident thai prohibition would be
voted out. When lo! prohibition
was sustained by almost a unauimous
vote. This so stimulated the Legis
lature that a new bill, kuown as the
Sturgis bill, was quiokly adopted and
the Governor thereby given full
power to appoint a State "enforce
ment" commission, tho members of
which are clothed with all the rights
of sheriff and executive officers, so
far as the prohibitory law is con
cerned, and who aro authorized to
appoint an unlimited number of
deputies throughout the State to au
sist them.
This bas already gone into effect
and Maino has entered upon a new
period of law enforcement under the
provisions of the new Sturgis law.
Car-loads and boat-loads of poorly
disguised liquor of all sorts nearly
swamped express and freight traflio
lo Boston when it became known I
that the law had. really gone into
effoot. Portland and Bangor are
about the "dryest" points in the
whole State, despite the Anti Prohi
bition officers. These aro two cities
where heretofore the law had been j
winked at by the Republican of?i- i
ci?is who failed to enforce the law,1
merely arresting and fining each
liquor dealer once a year and allow
ing them thereafter to proceed with 1
their business for another year. This
is what enabled liquor men to crow,
"Prohibition don't prohibit," and,
"Prohibition in Maine is a failure."
Now a different chord is struck.
The Index.
Beare th? ??U Kind You Have Always Bought
Trains Now Run to Rabun Gap.
When up at Rabun Gnp last week
we observed work going on upon
the railroad. The train ran to
Rabun Gap OD the day of the school
meeting, bringing a large number of
passengers to within one-fourth mile
of the now school building. Hands
were at work putting in the masonry
at the Betty's Creek trestle, and a '
force of bands grading ?it Z. B. Dil- I
lard's for the depot to be established
there, and another force near A. G.
Dillard's mill. Surveyors were at
work in Smith's Bridge township cn
the North Carolina side.-Franklin
(N. C.) Press, October 4th.
Letter to Wm. Cobb, Walhalla.
Dear Sir: We know what tho paints
aro all made of, you know: wo have to. |
In Wilson, N. C., are two dealers. Ono1
of 'em thinks ho can't sell paint for
moro than $l agall?n; the other won't,
have such stuff in his store-soils Devoo 1
load-and-zino, of course
Tho $1 paint is adulterated 76%; Devoe
is all lead and /.ino aud linseed oil, with j
as little good dryer as possible. A gal |
bm Devoe has in it a little more paint
than four gallons of the other. A gallon
Devoe will cover as much as four of tho
other. Who wants to pay wages for
painting four gallons for one?
How much is Devoe lead-and-zinc
worth in that town?
Yours truly,
T.? P. W. Devoe & Company.
J, W. Bell, Walhalla; (?. W. Gignilliat,
Seneca; Matheson Hardware Co., West
minster, sell our paint.
Thc Saloons in Danville.
Danville, Ya., October 5.-On 1
Tuesday night the city council passed
sweeping restrictions on saloons,
which were recently voted back alter'
two years of local option reign.
Blinds, screens or obstructions of
any nature are prohibited, and the
opening and closing hours fixed at
G a. m. and 7 p. tn. No entrances lo
a saloon except the front door are
allowed, and no one is allowed in a
bar after closing hours. The right
of wife or mother to forbid a bar
keeper from selling her inebriate
husband or son intoxicants is recog
nized by the council. It is also
against the law to purchase intoxi
cants for inebriates or minors. Heavy
punishment and forfeiture of license
is fixed for any violation of these
ordinances, The majority of the
'council is composed of "dry" tuen,
and the "wets" claim the wishes of
I tho people as expressed at the polls
in favor of saloons 'nave not been
carried out.
C. W. Pitchford Cb
Our Buyers have returned from New York and our
Shelves and Counters are packed with Seasonable
We offer our Friends and Customers Che Nioeat Line of Goode ever brought to Goonoo County. Our Stock is com
plete in every Line and we will take pleasure iu showing you through, and will convince you tli.n.
we have the right Goods and the right Prices.
Wc have all Shade? and Widths in
Ladies1 Cloth, Sllka, Serges, Mohairs,
Cashmeres, Flannels, Ginghama,
Peaca's, Outings,
Calicos, Kto.
We sell the Celebrated Bay State Shoes for Men. This
ls the beat shoe on the Market.
In Ladies' shoos, wi guarantee to suit you, as we are
the sole agents for the Krippendortf Dut man shoos.
See our line of Misses', Boys' and Children's Shoes, all
Blankets from $1.50 to $10 00 per pair.
For every one-Slims and Stouts, Youths and Boys.
Ladies' Jackets in all the Now Shades and all the New
Wo bave a Nice Line of Misses' and Children's Jackets.
Don't forgot us when yon want any tiling in the Gro
cery Line.
We band to the best.
All Kinds of Rugs from 50 cents to $5.00.
C. W. Pitchford Company,
Legal Advertisements.
County Treasurer's Office, Walhalla,
S. C., September 23d, 1905.-Tho books
for the collection of STATE, COUNTY
and SPECIAL TAX KS for tho fiscal
voar 1005, from OCTOBER 15th, 1005. to
DECEMBER .ilst, 1005, without penalty,
after which day ONE PER CENT pen
alty will ho added on all payments rn ide
in the month of JANUARY, 1006, and
TWO PER CENT penalty on all pay
ments made in the month of FEBRU
ARY, and SEVEN PER CENT penalty
on all payments made from the 1ST DAV
OF MARCH until the 16TH DAV OF
MARCH, 1900. After that day all taxes
not paid will go into execution and ho ;
placet! in thc hands of thc Sheriff for
oolleotion. Taxpayers owning property
or paying taxoB for others will please
ask for a tax receipt in each township or
special school district, in which ho or
they may own property, This is very
important, ns there are so many special
school districts.
'1 ho tax levy is made upas follows: .
State tax. 5.50 mills. |
Ordinary County Tax. 2.00 mills, i
Special county purposes. 2.00 mills.
Public roads. 1.00 mill.
Interest and Sinking Fund on
Bonds. 1 20 mills. I
Constitutional School tax... 3.00 mills.
Total.14.70 mills, j
Special School Tax.
School District No. 3. 2 mills.
School District No. 5. 2 nulls, j
School District No. 0. ?1 mills.
Sohool District No. lt?. 2 mills. ;
School District No. 17. li mills. |
School District No. 10. 2 mills.
School District No. 20. 1 mill.
School District No. 85. 2 mills.
School District No. 80. 2 mills.
School District No. 08. 8 mills.
School District No. 75.- 2 mills.
Poll Tax, $1.00; Dog Tax, 50 cents.
Kvory male citizen from 21 to 60 years
is liable for poll tax, except Confederate i
Soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years,
ami those excused by law.
'AU Inquiries regarding taxes or
requests for receipts MUST BK ACCOM
Treasurer Oconoe County, S. C.
September 27, 1005. 80 42 i
a fourth mites from Walhalla Court
House, known as tho residence property
of tho late Col. H. W. Kuhtmann. de
ceased. Contains bil J acres. Embraces
upland chietlv, and some creek or branch
bottom. Suitable for crops of cotton,
corn and small grain. Well adapted for
trucking, lt is well wooded ami watered.
A 7 room dwelling, with good outbuild
Terms reasonable.
S. P. DENDY, Attornoy.
Walhalla, S. C.
April Ki, 1005. 88-40
Summons for Relief.
The State of booth Carolina, 1
County of Ooonoo. j
Court of Common Ploas.
Warren Dean, Willie Dean, H. F. Dean,
' luiilcs Denn, Elliot Dean and John
Dean, Plaintiffs,
Clara Cartor, Emma Bryson, Benjamin
Bryson, Simeon Bryson and Dora Bry
son, and Tho People's Bunk, Defend
ants.-Summons for ltelief.
To tho Defendants above named :
"V^OU are hereby summoned and re
X quired to answ r the complaint in
this act ion, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to nerve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint on
tho subscribers at their office, on tho
Public Square, at Walhalla Court House,
South Carolina, within thirty days after
tho service hereof, exclusive of tho day
of such service; and if you fail to an
swer tho complaint within tho time
aforesaid, the plaintiffs tn this action
will apply to tho Court lot' the relief de
manded in tho complaint.
Dated August 21st, 1005.
30-41 Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
tho undersigned oilers at privuto
Snow Crook, Oooneo County, Smith Ca
rolina, recently belonging to the estato
of John B, sitton, deceased, as follows:
Tract No, 7-112 acres.
Tract No S-1 Ml acres.
Tract No. 0-142 acres.
In separate tracts, or as .)!.'> acres all
together, in ono tract.
PHICE: $10.00 per aero, cash; orono
half cash, balance in twelve mouths,
with interest, secured by mortgage on
the laud.
As lhere are some minors, the title to
this property will have to he made
through court at the cost of the ow ners.
Ami also two tracts on Beavordam
Creek as follows :
Terms reasonable-One-half cash; bal
ance on time.
S. P. DENDY, Attorney.
August !?, 1005. 32 45
The Bout is Always the Cheapest.
30-Day Special.
For the next thirty ?lays wo will Hell our famous Pnri-tone
Catarrh Tonie- for 75c.
I.arm- H'7't! Celery Compound, 7f>c.
The largest bottle and l?est Sarsaparilla for 7f?e.
Our Dyspepsia Tablets, two kinds in a box, 2?C.
Syrup of Figs, 25c, per bottle.
Dr. Pitcher's Castor i a, 26o. per bottle.
All the above ?ire fully guaranteed to do what, they are ad
vertised to do or money back.
We Sell the Dings that Get Yon Well.

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