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w vi HA I, IA, *< UIH CAROLINA, OCT. 18, H?Of>
NKW ME1UK8, NO. 391.-VOL?J1WJK JLV.-KO. 4?.
SHOES ?re our hobb,- SHOES
We sell the famous Crossett Shoe for men, the Shoe that makes life's
walk easy. Queen Quality Shoes ibr women, the most popular woman
Shoe in Am?rica to-day. A Shoe with plenty of roc u for five toes and
that fits the heel perfectly and around the instept like > glove. With all
the character, snap and elegance that can be put into a S* oe.
We also have Battle Axe Shoes for everybody.
We also handle a full line of Diamond Brand and Red Staj. Shoes. (Red
Star Shoes are better J
Ask to see our good line of Hunting Boots and all kinds of ? ^avy sole
water proof Shoes. These two last-mentioned lines of Shoe arc WEST
ERN Made and are made as good and honest as Shoes can be made, bat may
be with not quite as much snap and style as the YANKEE Made Shoes.
If you don't feel as well af? you should, and yet aro in doubt
as to th? causo, tho chances aro it's your liver. Wbcu the liver
is torpid you are bound to feel dull and lazy. You are apt to
have a coated tongue, bad breath, headache or constipation.
Lunney's 8-Hour Liver Regulator
never fails to increaso activity of tho liver, auls digestion and
gives tone to tho entire system.
Price, 20c.
LUNNEY, Stte Druggist.
Yellow Front.
$ i.iiiiii nm
Located ono and two milos from Railroad Station (Harbins)
and well watered and improved. Four milos South of West
minster, Oconoo county. Must sell quick for CASH or BANK
AHLE PAPER. Full particulars by addressing
Lock Box 23, Candor, N. C.
Westminster, October 10.-The fourth
quarterly couferouce for the Westminster
?lunge Will convene at Center on next
friday, October 20, at ll a. m. Presiding
jlder Jones, of Andersou, is expected to
be present.
Mrs. Amanda Colo, of North Carolina,
is visiting relatives and friends in this
As it is important that every lover of
temp?rance, law, order and prosperity do
di in their power to shut up the dram
diops, wo wish to remind tho voters of
Dconeo that on noxt Tuesday we will
lave an opportunity of dethroning tho
Jispensnry. lt is a Christian duty and
privilege to do away willi tho whiskey
business entirely. Gentlemen, bo "ou
iuty" next Tuesday.
C. J. Mulkoy is attending the Uuitod
states Court at Greenville.
Henry M. Shumate, of Greenville, was
lier? this week.
Marriod, by S. H. Johns. Esq., on Sun
lay, October 15, HM).*), H. E. Tench and
Miss N. B. Wilson.
Capt. W. E. < 'boswell is having tho
Westminster hotel recovered with cy
press shingles.
J. A. Zimmerman has returned to At
lanta to resume his studies in tho medi
cal college.
The lirst candy pulling of tho season
was given at tho home of ll. E. Norris on
Inst Friday evening. About thirty guostf
were proBont and greatly enjoyed pulling
\ud eating candy.
Mrs. Peden Anderson is visiting hoi
parents in Alabama
Hov. J. .J. Harrell left on last Fridaj
to attend tho South Carolina Synod ai
Kock Hill. Ho will be absent two weeks
?pending a while at his former homo ii
S?rth Carolina
On Friday evening, October 18, Hr. an?
Mrs. .1. II. Stoneoyplier entertained veri
ieiightfully several iuvited friends
Those present were Misses Mabel Wham
Irene Miller, Sallie Dickson, Gussi?
Sprott, Jessie StribUng, Nannie Terrell
Moses Torreil, S. C. Moon, C. II. Stone
cypher, A. M. Norris and Prof. M. E
Lirookman. Refresh monta were served
Rolfe Hunt, formerly of Westminster
mt now of Elberton, (ia., was in towt
Rev. J. I. Spinks, of tho M. E. church
Aili preach in tho Presbyterian churcl
m noxt Sunday night. A collection wil
?o taken for foreign missions. So far a
i i
! The Grandest Show of Fair Week !
An array of Stylish Dress Material,
Silks, Tailored Garments and Milli
nery grander and more complete than you have ever seen before in this State. A show of Fashion you
should come to see even though you don't buy anything. You will buy because the prices
are lower than you can find elsewhere in the South.
FAIR WEEK. You'll Save Money Here.
Stylish Silks.
"If it's Silk, and it's Stylish, Tapp bas it."
Tapp's Silk Department is known far and wide. It is known to be complete in tho full sense of tho word.
Styles always ready. Not just, a few pieces, but complete collections of every Stylish ('olor.
Some of the grandest values over olTorod in Silks are ready for you during our Special Sales for Fair Week.
Dress Materials.
New Lino of the best and most popular Dress Materials. All weights, nowest designs and host colors.
Tho Latest KlTeoia in Blacks. Tho Black that stay black for always.
Don't fail to soo tho Special Lino of Haudsomo Mohairs, Broadcloths and Henrietta?.
U?e Millinery Department.
?no of tho interesting features of tho (?rootor Columbia is tho Millinory De
partment a Tapp's.
Madamo Stodman, our artist designor, is leading tho Stylos of tho Carolinas
with hor beautiful creations.
A special lino of Haudsomo Hats, Dross and Stroot Woar, $5.
Also a spocial line of Stroot hats, very stylish, $2 60.
Titoso two lines aro special for Fair Wook.
Tailored Suit Department.
Newest Stylos in (Jreatost Assortment. Tailorod Suits, Cloaks, WrapH.
Evening Wrnps and Silk Kimonas, Extra Skirts and Shirt Waists, all made by
Tailors, who know how to make thom properly. Bost values you can get any
whore in tho South. Como soo tho quality. Try thom on mid noto the tine
Spocial Lino of Tailorod Suite. Long Coats, $0.50.
Fair Week Extra Value-Black, Groy or Oreen, Long Coat, $12 50.
Magnlfioiont Lino at Spocial Prices-#20. (26 and up to $10
Spocial Lino of Water Proof (Tavouetto Rain Coats, (Ladies'), $1(1 up.
Order by Mail-Wo prepay Mail,
BxpreM or I night on all Purchases
of $5 or over within (MK) miles of Co
Carpets and Rug's.
Complote Lino of Carpots, Bugs and Curtains. Pays you to buy here be
causo prices aro lower and wo propny charges to any point within (WO milos of
Columbia on purchases of $5 or over.
Art Squares, $12.60, $25 and $!5f>.
Velvet Hugs, Special, $1.40.
Special Sales of Blankets and Comforts.
1642, 1644, ??4? MAIN STREET,
known at the time of this writing the
tegular forenoon services on that day
will be omitted owing to the absence of
tho pastor.
Miss Harrison and brother, of Lavnuia,
were the guests uf friends here sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. /immerman returned
Mmiday from a visit to Atlanta.
Kev. .lohn K. Moore preached a strong
temperance sermon Sunday bight.
There will be a meeting of the citizens
of the town in the cruded school build
ing on next Tbursda.* evening October
I 10, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of mak
. ing an appeal to our people to stand to
! gelber in voting out the dispensary,
j Temp?ranos addresses will bo mado by
j several prominent speakers. Hov. Co
i lumbus Ward law, of Seneca, is expected
i to bo present and deliver a timely ad
dress. Everybody invited.
S. C. Monti, who hus been clerking for
! tho Stoueoypber Drug Company for
1 some time, is now ono of tho proprietors,
having recently associated himself with
tho Urra. A. L. QoBselt.
Plans to (Jct Men
Aro often frustrated by suddon break
down, duo to dyspepsia or constipation.
Hrace up and take Dr. King's Now Lifo
Pills They take out the materials
which are ologging your energies, and
give you a uew start. Cure headache
and dizziness, too. At all drug stores;
25c, guaranteed.
Seneca, October 17.-Wo rogrot that
an important section of our last week's
letter was delayed in transmission, mak
ing this issue a batch of stale items.
The Greenville Convocation, a full pro
gram of which was given in our last let
ter, was a most delightful feast of good
things. A number of distinguished
ministers, iuoluding Uithop Capers, were
in attendance, making a splendid impres
sion on our people.
The Farm and Factory of last wook
contained the following item: "Hishop
Capers, of Greenville, is conducting a
serios of meetings at tho Presbyterial]
On last Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock
Miss Eleanor Hichardson tendered a
handkerchief shower to tho brido-elect,
Miss Eleanor Wardlaw, who to-morrow
will ho led to Hymen's altar, at high
noon. The number of dainty handker
chiefs, all of them the handiwork of
loving friends, bespoke the tender, affec
tionate regard which is lavished on the
fair recipient by these devoted friends.
Delicious hot chocolate accompanied an
elaborate salad course which refreshed
j the company. Tho guest, of honor wore
a pretty and most becoming costumo of
greou silk. M. V. a.
Delayed Seneca Locals.
Seneca, October ll -The town council
at a luto mooting passed a very impor
tant ordinance and ooo that naturally
provokes a deal of discussion pro and
con, and natur.illy, ton, there is moro or
loss kicking. Tho ordinance, as wo un
derstand it, prohibits bitching of teams,
etc., on tho publio squaro. Wo bear that
for many years that this waa not only a
just solution, but that tho old measure
soiiously rotarded tho growth of tho
town. The idea prevailed ovorywhoro
that tho shop or store off the square was
in a manner a dead concern and it was a
hard matter to rent store-rooms on the
sido streets. Property owners felt a de
cided and unjust disadvantage aud now
that all business concerns ore on an
equal footing, we may expect the town
to spread. Our sister city, Anderson,
was at a dead standstill until hitching on
the square was prohibited, and so it was
with other towns wo could uamo. Hui*
rah for tho council.
John C. Carey, of Lockhart, is ro
ported hero as seriously ill. Tho last re
port is that ho is butter.
Home Made
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis
cuit home-made. They will be fresher?
cleaner, more tasty and wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder helps the house
wife to produce at home, quickly and eco
nomically, fine and tasty cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
muffins, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare.
Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps?
Our Bick are all improving.
A wedding which interests scores of
friends here and elsewhere will occur
here at the homo of the bride-to-be on
next Wednesday at high uoon, when
Miss Eleanor St. Clair Wardlaw and
Hov. Logau W. Wheatley, of Bisboe,
Arizona, will be married. While
it, saddens tho hearts of ber friends
here to kuow that the separation
will he so wide, still, hearty and sincere
good wishes are felt and expressed for
the happy couple, while tho groom elect
is to be soundly congratulated upon wiu
uing the heart of so rare a prize.
Prof. Houston, of Clemson College, is
teaching a vocal class hore, beginning on
Monday last. Any who wish to avail
themselves of a raro opportunity for ex
cellent training will do well to soe the
professor, who cuinos over ou Moudays
aud Thursdays.
The family of Dr. W. T. Pahier re
turned to New Orleans last week, after
spending the summer bore. Their mun- j
eiCUB friends bete will regret t > learn of '
the serious illness of tbn you:.ger daugh
ter, Janie, since their ret urn
It is a pity about these poor down
trodden women. We said to "der cap
tain" tho other morning, after giving
him a good breakfast (an opportune
time for a pood stroke) that we were '
go nj to take singing lessons! Man
liku, ho wauled to kuow why wo didn't
pick something wu both could take.
Woman-like, wo didu't reply. A moro
hint was dru ?ped that as t here iiad been
a m i no pol y in tho tobacco business
iu tho family tor sixteen years, that it
was no moro th.m fair to square up with
a few m lisie lessons at only $1 a lesson !
Wo leave it to a charitable public to de
cide what we did for him.
Littlo Miss Jeanette Grant entertained
a number ot her ti ici <ls at a birthday
party last Sa urday. Games wore played
and delicious refroshmonts added greatly
to tho pleasuro of tho occasion. Tho
many pretty gifts attested tho popularity
Of tho little lady. M. V. s.
Death ol Samuel A. Bellotto.
On the night of October 12th, 1005, at
10.20 o'clock, tho soul of Samuel A.
Bellotto winged its Hight back to God
who gave it, back to the Father whom he
loved and served. His death was not
unexpected, for be bad boon a helpless
invalid about twelve years, being para
lyzed, not able to leavo bia chair with
out assistance, but ever cheerful and un
complaining, always ready to gieet bia
friends and loved ones with a kind worri
and a smile; but tho timo carnear Inst
when loving hearts and hands could bold,
him to earth no longer; bis work was
finished, his race was run and bo was
gono. Ile was unconscious for soveral
hours before be died, but Ids last
word that could be understood was to
call Tom, the faithful son, who bad
stood by him all tbeso years to ministor
to his overy want.
Mr. Bollotte bad almost reached his
(list year, being born in January, 1844;
had boon a member of the Presbyterian
church for about fourteen years? being a
deacon at Keoweo Chapel until Ins ro
moval to near Walhalla in 1807, when ho
moved his membership to that church.
On July 12th, 18(10, be was happily
married to Miss Sallie Tillingbast, who
survives him. There were ton children
of this union, otto dying in infancy. The
children aro Tiieo. Rollotto, of Brook
wood. Ala., John Bollotte of the South
Brn Railway, Joe Bollotte of Koowoe,
Mrs. Henry Barrow of Spartanburg,
Mrs. S. M. Bibb of Westminster, Mrs.
DOBS Hopkins of Sumter, Tom, Misses
Ellie and Idilio of West Union.
Tho sympathy of a host of friends in
this Stato and elsewhere goes out to them
in their bereavement. The Lord gave
and the Lord has taken away, blessed bo
tho name of tho Lord. N. II. H.
J. E. Bpeegte, ex-supervisor of Greenville
county, died in Greenville yesterday.

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