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We will havo our Millii
We iiivite all the Ladies
days and inspect our showing.
C . G . J i
Capitola Flour.
ti ,
Its result moans happi
ness or misery to hundreds
of mothers, wives and little
oues in Ocouee. He sure to
go to tho polls and vote for
Mother, Homo and Heaven.
Yours truly,
Wm. Pt Anderson, Pres.
#ocal aub personal.
-You can get everything at Norman's, j
-Clifton Adams and J. M. Durham, of ,
Westminster, were in town yesterday.
-Hig lino of perfumea and talcum I
powders at tho Walhalla Drug Co.'s.
- He sure your ticket has written or
printed on it thc words "No Dispen
-See tho International Harvesting
Co.'s all stool hay press. For salo by j
Seneca Hardware Co.
-For Sale-A corn mill in completo
order. F.snpus stones. Mrs. J. 1). Shank
lin, Westminster, R. F. I). No. 4.
- Look up your registration certificate
and tax receipt, so you can vote next
-Standard granulated sugar, twenty
pounds, only $1.
Craig*Verner Mercantile Co.
-Married. October 12, WOT), by Kev.
D. T. Hayes, George Fowler and Miss
Josephine M. .liddell, both of Oconeo.
-Seo our buggies, wagons, harness,
mowers and rakes if you want bargains.
J. A- .1. S. Carte:, Westminster, S. C.*
-Next Tuesday is tho day on which
tho dispensaries arc to ho voted out of
Oconeo county.
- Kev. J. W. Head will preach at
Checheo Baptist church on next Sunday
morning al 11 o'clock.
-Shoes, shoes! shoes!!-anything in
Shoes--cheaper at Norman's store.
- Mrs. J, P, Keese lett Monday for
Atlanta, Ga., where she will Spend a
week visiting her brother, W. J, Ucedcr,
and other l elat i ves.
- An all steel hay press at a low price,
thal will pack commercial hales, is tho
latest thing ai tho Seneca Hardware Co.'s
Vast hardware emporium.
- Buggies, harness, While Hickory
wagons. T. K. Alexander. Walhalla.
--Oconeo county's tax hooks were
opened hud Monday morning. W. J.
bclirod ir, treasurer, informs us that his
collections up to this morning amount to
about $200.
- Wanted -Lady or gentleman of fair
education to travel for firm of $250,000
capital. Salary $1,072 per year, payable
weekly. Kxpenscs advanced. Address
Geo. <i. ( lows, Walhalla, 8. C.
- Hon. Martin F Ansel, of Greenville,
was circulating among his many friends
Mi Ocouee county at court at Walhalla
last Friday. Ile is the hame pleasant,
jolly good fellow as in the days of yore,
When ho was the, able prosecuting at toi
ney for H State.
Presents for t
If you want a Present
Holiday or " Any Other Ol
place and we can fit yon \rj
"Only the Best."
fiery Opening, FRIDAY and
, and 7th, 1005.
to visit our Store these two
-Seed wheat) rye, barley, at Norman's, i
-.loin? KOBO loaves this afternoon for
Kusley, Ala.
-German services and tho Lord's sup
per in the L?thorst) church next Suuday.
-Second hand school books at greatly
reduced prices. Walhalla Drug Ce.
?.">(? ooo saved to tho people of Oconee
county next year, by voting the dispensa
ries out, means that much property.
-Tho best line of cough and cold
preparations to bo bad at the Walhalla
Drug Co.'s.
-Attention is directed to the advor
tisomeut of Campbell Courtney, of
Newry, in this issue. He is offoriug for
salo a sbinglo mill and boiler and engine
at a bargain.
- Lost-Bay horse mule, about 10 yeara
old. Got away at Kavenell'a bridge, on
Oconee side. Return T. M. Lowery,
Seneca; W. M. Drown, JocaBsee, or G.
T. Keid, Calhoun, and rocoivo reward.
-Mrs. Kate MOSB, tho qualified ad
ministratrix Of tho estale of L. A. B.
MOBS, publishes an important notice this
week to debtors and creditors in said
estate. Head and hoed.
-Wo have to arrive in a few days ono
car load of salt in 100 pound cotton
sacks. For next l? days only 50 cents
per sack.
Craig-Verner Mercantile Co.
-Harper, Hoyd & Hunt, of Seneca,
announces a number of specials in dry
goods and notions thia week. They aro
recognized as "top Hoteliers" in their
lines and have always something to inter
ost and attract the public. Kcad their
advertisement and Itu sure to call on
- Miss Annie Henrietta Biemann luis
issued invitations to tho marriage of ber
sister, Miss Katharine Anna Biemann, to
Sidney Adams, tho marri ago to tako
place at bor homo on Faculty Hill,
Walhalla, S. C., on Wednesday evening,
October :51st, 1005, at 8.80 o'clock. Tho
marriage of this popular young conplo
will ho tho most brilliant ?.ociety event
I of tho season.
-Somothing new at the Walhalla Drug
Co.'s-Cherry Phosphate Punch. i
-Dr. J. K. McWhorter, of Calhoun,
S. C., has recently gone to Washington,
1). C., where he will continue tho prac-1
tico of his profession. He will resido
with Iiis son, Dr. A. W. McWhorter, who
bas boon elected to tho ('hair of Latin
and Greek in tho George Washington
University, formally tho Columbia Uni
versity, Washington, I). C. Congress
changed the name about a year ago.
- The Seneca Hardware Co. aro olTor
ing for sale tho only successful low
priced, nil steel hay pi ess oversold in
this county.
-Buskin Anderson, of Seneca, S. C.,
spreads ' is sails to tho tune of a two
page adv? itisementthis wook. Itspeaks
for itself in largo type and in a convinc
ing manner. Mr Anderson studies to
i>iea.-.e and win oustomer? by presenting
an ondless array of values in every de
partment ?if his immense business. Ilia
liill of fare is really tempting this wook.
Bead it and then go and purchase Homo
of his choice bargains.
-Norman's bargain store is tho most
popular store for anything necessary.
-Special attention is directed to tho I
advertisement of Th?! James L. Tapp Co.,
Columbia, S. C. These gentlemen aro
offering great, bargains in everything
carried in their immense emporium of
fashion. Those of our people who at-,
tend tho State Fair should pay this
popular dry goods establishment a visit
and get some of the nico and valuable
articles th ore to be found at prices in '
competition with any city or town in the
-A largo assortment of souvenir
post cards at bell's drug Storo.
-We are indebted to A. W. Love,
Seoretary of the State Agricultural and
Mechanical Society of South Carolins for
a copy ?if the premium list of thc thirty- ,
BO von th annual fair, to he held at Colom
bia, beginning Tuesday morning, Octo
ber 24th, and ending Friday evening, Oo
toher 27th. Groat preparations are ho-,
lng made to make this ?me of the best
fairs for many years. The railroads aro
ottering cheap oxourslon rates and the
entertainment of th?! crowds of visitors
is being carefully looked after. Lot
evorybody go who can and enjoy tim
annual gathering of our Agricultural
.i" Occasions.
for a Wedding, Birthday,
cl Day" just cometo our
3 with the "Swellest" Line
?TS in Oconee County.
-Mrs. J. P. MoCarey is now clerking
?or C. W. Pltohford Co.
-In Greenville yesterday J. H. Earle,
Esq., of Walhalla, WSB admitted to prue
tice in the Federal Courts.
-Largest and prettiest variety uf lamps
and ehiuaware, oheap at Norman's.
-Haven't you a frleud whom you
would like to help by putting temptation
out of bis way ? If so, voie "No Dis
-Wo are in a position to save you
KO me money on your hardware.
Craig-Veruer Meie.mule Co.
-Prayer meeting at tho Walhalla
Methodist oburob this (Wednesday)
eveuing at 71 o'clock. The public is cor
dially invited lo be present.
-Miss Carrie "erry, who has spent B?X
weeks with relatives aud ti tends at
Spartauburg aud Asheville, ruturuud to
Walhalla last Monday.
-The women aud children of this
couuty expect every mau to do his duty
OU UOXt Tuesday lu voling a ticket with
the words "No Dispensary" on it.
-Tho three little Misses Motz gavo a
very interesting performance last Kinlay
evening at Hell's Hall. lt was veiy
good and the crowd present enjoyed the
ouioilaintnont very much.
-J. C. Wallas?., of Philadelphia, Pa.,
is expeoted to arrive tu Walluilla tili?
afternoon, to bettie guest of .judge i). A,
Smith and tami y. Tins is Mr. Wallaxz'f
ll rat visit to booth Caroliua and wu hopi
ll will hu a (lelighttul one.
-The Walhalla Ladies' .Missionary
Society and the Parsonage Aid Society
will incut at the. residence ot Mrs. 1). A
Smith to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon
ut-I o'clock. A full attendance of tin
ladies ol these societies earnestly desired.
-Preaching at the Setieoa Method's
church next Sunday morning and night
at the usual hm H, hy the pastor, Kev.
K. S. Jones.
-Dynamite only 10 ceuta per stick.
L!ratg<Veruer Mercantile Co.
-J K. I lu i iisiilc. of New York, after
speuding four years in the United Stat"**
Navy, is vlsitiug relatives and frieuds tn
-J. E. Knox and family have moved
to Seneca. Wo regret to lose this family
from our community, hut wish thom
much success in tboir new home.
- Mis. K. L. Rogers and children re
turned last week from Fountain Inn,
where they had boen visiting Mr. and
Mrs. R. W. Rogers. Mrs. Rogers h s
recently purchased Dr. G. C. Probst's
residence ou Faculty 'Hill. She will
occupy it after November 1st.
- An event of more than usual inter!
est in local social oirolos will occur to1
day at Inch noon, when Chas. W. Bauk
nigbt and Miss Lillian Vertier will be
uuited iu marriage at the home of the
bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. John D.
Vernor. Wo oxtend in advance oui
hean y congratulations to the groom and
best wishes to the happy young couple,
-James T. Wilson bas recently made
a sale of all bis real estate on Main si 1 eel
in Walhalla to W. M. Drown, of .looassee
the price paid being $1,7<X). Mr. Wilson
it is said, will go to Pell City, Ala., on r
visit to bis son, and from thoro to bis ole
home in Charleston, wbero bo will tak<
up his r?sidence again in tho City by th?
Sea after an absence of several years
We regret to loose Mr. Wilson and hu
good wife from our town, but wish fo
them much happiness wherever their lo
may be cast.
Lowest Prices
Best Goods
Below we give you a few prices
taken here and there from
our Mammoth Stock of Fall
Merchandise. This week we
shall receive our last cases
of Clothing, Shoes, etc., which
will make our Stock complete
and one of the largest in
Broadcloths, Chiffon finish, in 6feen, Hine, Ked, Black and Cray,
would not bo too high at $1.26, our price 05c. per yard
Watorpioof (Ladies' Cloth), 5(1 inchon wide, (treen, (?ray, Blue,
Black ami Browu, 48c. per yd.
Habit Cloth, answers well for Broadcloth, .VI inches wido, tireen,
Black, Hine, Ked and Cray, very pretty for uico skirts, only 75c. yd.
Pretty Cray Suitings, ??0. to $1 per yd.
All Calicoes, superior figures, Ked and Blue, 5c. per yd.
Best Outing, last year's price, 0o., at 7$c.
Soo our Sheeting, .'lit In, wide, fine as Bleaching and good heavy
weight, worth 8|0., at ?He.
School Boy Jeans at only 10c. por yd.
Cotton Flannels, 5c. to 12|o. per yd.
Children's Jackets, DOc. to $4. Ladies' Jackets, (1.26 to $0.
Wo aro always in tho lead on Shoes. If you want a pair for any
member of your family como to us and you will buy.
50 doz. Mon's Underwear, worth 60o., atS&O. the garment.
Biggest line of Men's Hats ever shown in this part of tho State. If
you want tho latest styles at moderate cost come and soo them.
Kelt Hats, $1 to $2.60.
Men's Suits $4 to $12.50. :H> pairs all-wool, hair lino, dark Wor
sted pants, $3.60 values, at only $2.60. Boy's Suits, newest styles,
$1 to $4.
Everything cheaper than is us
ually found. Buy for cash
and save money.
Harper, Boyd & Hunt,
rFlie I3igr <UO.N1I Store.
lt Cos?s You Nothing!
Wo take great pleasure in showing you our stock. In these modern times it will pay you to compare
gooda and prices. Don't take just anybody's advice about buying goods from cash bargain stores. Busi
ness is business. If we oan save you money on your purchases, it stands you in hand to trade with us. If
we can't save you some money we don't want to sell you. The reason wo can sell you goods for less
money is because we pay cash for every dollar's worth we buy. Wo get the cash for every dollar'? worth
wc sell. Having two advantages, we save in Inlying and wo save in selling. When you trade with us
you pay only your own bills. When you trade with the credit merchants you have to pay tho advance.
Some one bas to pay for the losses. It might be you.
Wo have on route a lot of Fine Whits Salt, as clean as a pin,
which wo will otter, when it arrives, at only ROO. per sack.
Three ears of Flour, to arrive in a few days, at only f"> per bar
rel. Every barrel guaranteed.
Granulated Sugar, 20 pounds for $1.
Wo have many other bargains which will interest you.
The special pricos on Flour and Salt will last oidy ten days after
goods arrive. If you want a bargain don't bo too lato.
Wo aro in tho markot for a lot of Country Produce, Chickens,
Kggs, Butter, Syrup, Peas, Cano Hoed, F.tc.
If you havo anything to sell ho sure to seo us.
toi / 95;
Craig'Verner Mercantile Co
Not to Cut Prices on Things
Yon Kno w and Raise Them
Where Yon Don't Know,
but We are Ready to Sell
You Your Fall Bill as Cheap
as it can be Done and Make a Living Profit.
Blankets .50 cents to H4.5U per pair.
Shoes.25 ceuts to (3.60 per pair.
Dress Goods. 5 cents to $1.00 per yard.
Silks. . 50 cents and $1 per yard.
Hats.25 cc'ts to *2 00 each.
Underwear. 20oents to tl porgt rment.
Groceries, Hardware. Tin Waro, Crockery, Dynamite, GUUB. Blasting and
Rifl?? Powder Loaded Shells, Shot, Trunk?, Snit. Casen, Kto., all at Popular Prices.
Come and See What We Have, and Hear Prices
While Looking at the Article. s I
We Appreciate Your Trade. V I
Yours truly,
jr. w. BirK? ?fe co.
Important Notice to
I will ho ut Oak way, Ooonee County,
South Carolina, on October 25th to 28th,
instant inclusive, for tho purpose of
closing out ull lands optioned to mc, ?is
well us tho lauds 1 havo bought in that
These lauds are well improved farms,
comparatively lovel, and tho most of
them have now houses, barns, etc.
I will pay all ozpensos while I am
there, of bona fide bomoseekors, who
purchase lands from me, including all
railroad fare from all points in Green
ville, Piokens and Oconee Counties, pro
vided you notify mo in time to provide
proper accommodations for you.
I oxpect to have twenty to forty de
sirable tracts of laud to offer, all of
which aro to ho closed out at private
sale and at the right kind of prices.
October ll, 1005.
Parties who want mt: lo offer their
bonis at this sale must stud mo full
descriptions of samo at once, ?o I car?
havo them examined, and know ttint tho
prices aro right, before offering them to?
buy ors,
I shall reject all lands in this salo that
are optioned to me at a price ahovo that
prevailing for like quality of lauds in
tho locatiou whore they are oiTered.
TERMS : One-third cash. Balauce ia
throe equal annual installments, with
interest at eight per cent per armuna,
with mortgage on premises to secure
balance of purchase money.
Now if yon moan business this is your
chanco to socuro a homo in thc best
country on earth.
Address me at Anderson, S. C.
lt's a
to pay too littlo for Clothes-it's a bigger mistake
to pay too much-why mako either? Clothes that
bear tho " S. M. * S." label aro tho " hapr)*^?*
dium"-they aro " MADE RIGHT AT\ HE
RIGHT PRICK"-in fact, they are right all
Thoy retain their shape-givo satisfactory wear
-embody style-are moderately priced.
Como in and let us show you.
Seneca, S. C.

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