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Unclaimed Letter?.
Following is a li?t of unclaimed letters
remaining in tbe Walhalla post office for
the week ending Ootober 14, 1?0?:
Miss Lidy A m i.urns, C. Adams, A. S.
'.loren, Frauk Prathy, Collin Whitten.
Persons calling for any of tbe nbovo
will plcaso say th>\t they are advertised.
J. M. Merrick, P. M.
All druggists refund the money if it fails j
to cure. E. W. Grove's siguature is on '
each box. 25c.
Card ot Thanks.
We wish to thank our friends for tho
sympathy aud kinduess shown us during
tue last illness aud death of our dear
j]unbuild and father. May heaveu's rlota*
JBH blessiugs bo showered upon you all
??mi earnest prayer.
Mrs. S. E. Bellotto and Children.
A Bull Fight in Oconee Next Tuesday.
"If an ox gore a man or woman to
death, then thu ox shall be surely stoned,
and his Bosh shall not bo eaton; but tho !
owner of the ox shall he quit. But if tho ]
ox wore wont to push with bis horns in
time past, and it bath boon testified to
his owner, mid ho hath not kept him in,
but that he hath killod a mau or a wo
man, the ox shall be stoned, aud bis
owner also shall bo put to doatb." Exo
dus 21:28.
The liquor trnfflo is tho ox. It has
gorod its hundreds to death. It was
wout to goro iu timo past. Its owners
kuow that it is a goror, and pusheth with
its born. Thou the duty is plain-stone
this ox uext Tuosday. Koop him in that
he gore not. It will bo uoticod that tho
ox is to bo stoned in every instance. Tbe
ballots aro stones. Noxt Tuesday which
way will you thiow these Btonos, at the
ox of the liquor traffic, tho dispensaries,
or at tho poor, uufortuuato women aud
.children? C. Wardlaw.
Insomnia and Indigestion Cured.
"Last year I had a vory severe attack
of indigestion. I could not sloop at
night and snttorod most excruciating
pains for three hours after each meal. I
?was troubled this way for about three
months, when 1 used Chamberlain's
Stomaob and Liver Tablets, and received
immediate roliof," says John Dixon, Tul
lamore, Ontario, ('amula. For salo hy J.
"W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, .Seneca.
A Card of Thanks.
We wo wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to neighbors, friends and good
-colored people for kindness shown us in
tho death of our tat her, Elias Crooks.
May God reward thom with Ids richest [
blessings. His Children.
Sermon on Odd Fellowship.
Un tho flftil Suuday in this month, at
ll o'clock, Kev. S. A. McDaniel will
preach a sermon on Odd Fellowship at
South Union. All Odd Fellows aro in
vited to attend. 8. L. H.
^Sick headache is caused by a disordered
condition of the Btomaoh and is quickly
cured by Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. For sale by J. W. Bell,
Walhalla, and W. J. Lonny, Seneca.
The Good-Ernest Marriage.
Tho homo of John L Smith, in Wal
halla, was the scone of a beautiful mar
liage last Sunday night, October 15, at 8]
p. m., when John H. Ernest, brother-in
law of Mr. Smith, and Miss Filio Good,
3 0ungest daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. I.
Good, of Walhalla, were united in the
holy bonds of wedlock. The ceremony
vas performed by Kev J. A. White, pas
tor of tho Wesleyan Methodist ohurob.
Tho ritual ot that church was used,
.which was short, hut which was very
impressively rendered. Miss Good has
icsided hore with her parents about ten
years, they having como to this county
(rom Indiana. She has many friends in
Walhalla and vicinity who wish for her
a long and happy lifo. Mr. Ernest is a
son of Hov. ard Mrs. A. Kniest, who
have resided in and near town for aniim
. her of years, but aro natives of Indiana.
^?'e was* for a number of years an om
7>loyoo of the Kooweo Courier and is
well and favorably known throughout
the country. This union will provo a j
valuable acquisition to our community,
i * which thoy expect to mako their ?
home. Congratulations!
A ?VARAIVTEKD ? I tit FOR I'll I s
Itching, blind, blooding or protruding
pilos. Druggists rofund money if PAZO
OINTMENT fails to euro any case, no
matter of how long standing, in 0 to 14
days. First application givos easo and
rost. 50c. If your druggist hasn't it
send .Mic. in stamps and it will bo for
warded post-paid by Paris Medicino Co.,
St. Louis, Mo.
3^ Death of Rev. John R. Riley.
The Kev. John K. Riley, a venerable
minister of tho Presbyterian church,
who lived for several years In Walhalla,
and. wa? a Professor in Adgor Collote, at
this place, diction li ono ay, Ootober 0, at
Brovard, North Condina, at tho ago of
7<> years. The funeral and interment
took placo in Brovard on Tuesday follow
ing his death.
Graduating in I860 from tho .South Ca
rolina College, Mr. Kiley murriod Mes
Anna Donnolly, of Greenwood, She
died about two years ?go. Most of bis
ministerial cartier of lorty years ?as
spent as pastor of tho First Presbyterian
church of Laurens, and ho also tlitl gootl
work in the ?et vice tit tho oltl Laurens
ville Herald. His children aro Mrs. A.
E. Brown, of Creon ville, A. B. Kiloy anti
Misses Lila anti Francos Kiley, of Croon
Mr. Kiley was greatly lovetl and hon
ored by all who know him. A good man
has gone to bis reward. Many potqdo in
Walhalla and community will join us in
extending condolunco to tho bereaved
Some Seasonable Advice.
It may bo a piece of superfluous ad
Vlco to lirgO people, at this season of tho
yoar to lay in a supply of Chamberlain's
Cough Komedy. lt is almost suro tobo
noetlod before winter is tiver, and mnoh
moro prompt anti satisfactory results aro
obtained wlion takon as soon as a coltl is
contracted and boforo it has bocomo set
tled ill tho System, which can only bo
dono by kooping tho romedy at band.
This romody is so widoly known and so
altogether good that no one should hesi
tate about buying it in proforonoo to any
other. It is for salo by J. W. Bell, Wal
halla, W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
At 10.30 this (Wednesday) rooming
local cotton was selling as follows:
Walhalla. 0|
Seneca, 0 0-10.
Westminster, iH to '.'.. -
Wost Union, Of
Death ot Elias Crooks.
After a week of severe sffering, the
immortal spirit of Elias Crooks passed
luto the "great unknown" at 1.36 p. m.
ou October ll, 1005. He was in his 00th
year, having beeu born February 3, 1830.
He was one of Oconee's most respected
citizens, and v.Ms loved and appreciated
by all who know him. All that loving
hearts and willing bands could do was
done to stay tho monster, death, but
wheu Qod calls wo must go.
He was a member of Friendship
ohurch. He was a loving father, an
honest and upright citizen, a gund neigh
bor and sympathetic friend. After ap
propriate funeral services, conduotod by
Hov. M. lt. Kirkpatrick, his remains
woro laid to rest in Friendship cemetery.
The last home tie is severed,
And another vaoaut ohair;
Tho dear voico is stillod forover,
Aud our father is no moro there.
L. o. c.
Don't Morrow Trouble.
It is a bad habit to borrow auything,
but tho worst thing you can possibly
borrow is trouble When sick, sore,
heavy, weary aud worn-out by tho paius
and poisons of dyspepsia, billiousnoss,
Bright's disease, and similar internal
disorders, dou't sit down and brood over
your symptoms, but Hy for robot to
Electric Bitters. lloro you will ibid sure
aud permanent forgetfulness of all your
troubles, and your body will not bo bui
deued by a load of debt disease. At all
drug stores. Price 50c. Guaranteed.
Meteorological Matters.
Tho following is the record of tem
perature and rainfall as recorded al tho
U. S. Station, at J. I). Isbell's. near Wal
halla, for week muling October 13th, as
recorded hy Miss Laura Ishell, ohsorvor:
October 7.
October s.
october o.
October ld
October ii
October 12
j ruy oloudy....
1 Cloudy.
I I'tly cloudy.. .
October 13. ..I Clear.I ?u | 37
Death ot Mrs. Jas. Lee, Sr.
Died, on Saturday nicht, October 14,1908, after
a protracted illness, from the infirmities of old
age, Mrs. Janies Lee, Sr. lier inuiden name
was Calhoun, a sister of the late .1. M. Calhoun.
The deceased wa? about 70 years of age and was
a woman uf excellent character and many vir
tues and numbered her friends by the score.
She leaves a husband and one son to mourn her
death. Uer body was hurled at Pleasant itidge
li.* pt i M cemetery on Monday, Rev. M. G. Hol
land conducting the funeral services. Peace to
her ashes.
How to Cure Corns and Bunions.
First, SORI: the corn or bunion in warm
water to sutton it ; thou pare it down HS
closely as possible without drawing
blood and apply Chamberlain's Pain
Halm twice daily, rubbing vigorously for
live minutes at each application. A corn
plaster should ho worn a few d.tys to
protect it from tho shoo. As a gonoial
liniment for : mains, bruises, lameness
and rheumatism, Pain Halm is un
equaled. For salo by J. W. Boll, Wal
halla, and \V. J. Lunney, Seneca.
The Good Time Club.
On Friday, October 13th, tho G. T. C.
Diet with Miss Bertha Schumacher. !
After a short business meeting, in which
tho club decided to meet with Misses
Sallio and Anna Stribling next Friday,
tho social part of tho evening was taken
up. Ked and white, tho colors of tho
evening, were beautifully carried out. '
Each nioniber was provided with a card
and penoil and was told to draw a cer
tain animal and when all had finished it
waa very interesting to guess what tho
different drawings represented. A good
many cut for tho prize, Miss Gortrndo
Hiomann, tho fortuuo-favored ono, win
ning a beautiful euko plate. After this
Miss Katie Schumacher rendered some
beautiful music on the piano. Delicious
refreshments of cake, chocolate anil
fruit were daintily served by Misses Her
tha and Kat ie Schumacher.
New Cure for Caucer.
All surface cancers aro now known to
bo curable by Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
Jas. Walters, of Dufliold, Va., writes:
"I had a cancer on my lip for years, that
seemed incurable till Bucklen's Arnica
Salvo healed it, and now it is porfoctly
well." Guarantoed cure for cuts and
burns. 25c at all drug stores.
Doath of a Good Woman.
Mrs. Caroline H. Stucko died at her
residence, near West Union, on Satur
day, October 14, 11)05, aged 05 years, (i
months and 2 days. Mrs. Stucko was
born in llanover, Germany, and carno to
this country in her youth. Sho was
twice married, her first husband being
Carl Linstodt. of this union ono son sur
v ves. Her second husband was Henr\
btuoke, who precoded her by death
el eh teen yearn. To thom wero horn f ..?
sons and throe dnugbtors, of whom
i,*/o sons aud two Outfitters ...
living She was a devoted arid
consistent member of tho Evan
gelical Lutheran church from . n
fancy until death. Her funoral services
woro conducted on Sunday at 4 p. tu. in
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran church,
ny hor pastor, Hov. ll. C. Grossman,
Hov. E. S. Jones offering prayor, in tho
presence Of a colicoli r.sn that filled tho
spacious church. Bosidcs tho children
many relatives and a largo circlo of
friends mouin the death of this devoted
lady, ono sister from Charleston hoing
present. The largo throng of pooj ld
present to pay their I Hinto of respect to
tho memory of this faithful woman is tho
highost oulogy that can bo paid to a lilo
consecrated to faithful and loving minis
trations, whoso socrot power was her
f iii b in God and that Divine lifo in the
soul ilmt carried her through all her
troubles and sufforings, fruitful in all
gOOd wot ks, to lier eternal lest. Host ill
Lost! Lost!
You have lost many a golden opportunity and will
lose another if you do not see our stock of General
Merchandise before buying your Fall Goods.
We are receiving daily from Northern and Eastern Markets the nicest Line of Dry Goods, Notions,
Shoes, Hats and Clothing ever brought to Ooonee County.
We also carry a Line of Furniture, Hardware, Harness, Bridles and Saddles.
Our Line of Staple and Family Groceries is complete and our prices are right.
Make our store headquarters when in town. We
will take pleasure in showing and pricing you.
Yours for business,
Walhalla, 5. C. CARTER & CO., Walhalla, S. C.
Wo carry this most popular and economical Fencing in stock, and can furnish stone in heights suited for
hog, sheep and cattlo pasturage. More ocouomical than any (enco made. Get our prices.
We are the undisputed Stovo Houso of Oconee county-carry a largor stock and a moro varied lino, and
soil moro. Wo can furnish any kind of Coal or Wood Heater or Grato and iu any size. Also a full Hue of Buck's
Cooking Stoves and Ranges-money back if you want it.
s. C.
k Great Stool in Quantity.
A Great Stock Raup ii Prices.
? Great Stock in Quality.
From Front Door to Warehoose.
Every Department full, up-to
date and alive with
Bought with an eye Bingle to
tho two indispeuBiblos-Quality
and Low Prices, and when those
moot the Goods move.
We mako the broad assertion
this Store contains more Specials,
that is Goods undor the market in
Price, than ?ny other in upper
Almost every Storo has some
s ] iee i als; sometimes resorting to
soiling a well-known article under
cost to attract trade, taking the
chances on evening up profit?.
This Store will not do that kind
of business.
When we buy an article at
a low price we give our
trade the benefit of our
Why buy Special Order Suits
and Trousers when you can como
to our Storo and have yoursolf ,
ilttod in Goods that FIT WELL
and WEAK WELL, made on same
models as 'tailor-Made Goods,
With tho u ul ?rea li al i le t routs and
now shoulder pads.
A Look Will Convincer
Won't You Look?
Bring your Boys along as we
make a specialty of Children's
and Youths' Clothing.
$5.ooo to select from?
I'Ydeastlcrs', Heist tn,"ii, Morris
A CO.'B,Milos', Risers', and Car
roll A Adams. Many styles at
about merchant's cash price.
Come See ; You'll Buy.
All pm chases amounting to ti?
and over delivered to nearest ex
press oiiice in two hundred miles
of our Store. Sond us your mail
Follow the Crowd and you.
will land at the Store of
The Seneca
Department Storekeeper.
Worth Your While
To Visit Our Exhibit at
Wo will bave iu operation on tho ;
grounds a numhcr of machines and
engines, each representing tho best
and most modorn of its kind. Com
petent mon will ho in charge of tho
exhibit, and they will ho glad to
demonstrate any machine, givo full
information aud quoto prices.
:}04 Gervais St., Columbia, S. C.
Oealh ol Miss Lucile Earle.
Tho many friends in Walhalla of Miss
1 airelle Earlo will regret exceedingly to
loam of her untimely doath, which oc
curred at the homo of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. li. F. Earle, in the city ot An
derson, last Saturday night. A fow
months ago she spent several days hero
as the guest of hor cousin, Miss Lula
Kolo, and becamo quite popular with
our young pooplo. She was a member of
tho First Baptist church of Audorson
and lived a beautiful Christian lifo. Tho
bereaved parents have tho sympathy of
many friends in tho sorrow caused hy
tho cutting oil of this promising young
lifo of only KS years.
Why Refer
to Doctors
Because we make medicines
for them. We give them the
formula for Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, and they prescribe it
for coughs, colds, bronchitis,
consumption. They trust it.
Then you can afford to trust
it. Sold .'or over 60 years.
"Ayer's Cherry Pectoral tun remedy that
should he In every home. I Imva med a great
deal of lt for hard coughs and colds, and I
know what a splendid medicine lt I?. I can
not recommend lt too highly."- MAHK K.
COHEN, Hyde Park, Mais.
Mad? by J. O. Ayer Co., Lowell, Moss.
Alto manufacturera of
f IZ>f*0 PILLS.
Ayer's Pills greatly aid the Cherry
Pectoral in breaking up a cold.
At the regular monthly meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, hold
on Friday, October 0, 1006, the following claims wore passed upon:
Io Whose Favor and Nature
of the Claim.
(KV) W A Singleton, fees as constable.$
OOO Westminster Knitting Mills, cement for pool at Court House.;
(1(17 A L Whitmire, work on roads in District 41.
008 S M Hutt, fees as constable .j
000 .1 P Pow?ll, work on roads in District 13.!
(170 .1 R Suttles, work on roads in Tugaloo township.!
U71 Conley A Henry, corn for road mules.
072 .lohn T Dyar, work on roads in District 81.
678 .1 A Harbin, work on roads in District 80.
(?71 W O Duke, work on roads in District 12.
076 L W (Haut, fees as constable.!
(>7< .1 N Hopkins, fees as constable .j
(?77 W ll Talley, foes as constable .|
078 O L Thrasher, work on ro.ids in District (IS .
070i .1 II Dendy, work on roads in District 10 .
CSO Jacob K?thel!, building bridge in Pulaski township. ..
681 David Karney, building bridgo in District 60.
(182 W T Chambers, foes as constable.
, ??s:t M M Donald, running ferry-Septombor.
1 0S4, W T Hunt, work ou roads in District 1.
085| J T Ratney, work on roads in District 52.
I 080| A M Brown, food for road mules and supplies to hands
I 087
i 0?8
0 W Wickliffe, aid to soldiers and ink.
J B Tompkins, work on roads in District 71.
W J Sohroder, Treasurer, salary tor Sopt and paid for window sbados.
COOl W R Cobb, Steward, salary aud* paid for work.
001 J N Nicholson, work on roads in District 45.
61)2 J B Blackwell, corn for road mules and work.
003 Seneca Mercantile Co, supplies for road hands and mules, cement, otc
004 F A II Schroder, Clerk, salary third quarter and paid freight.
i ?'.Ci Indiana Koad Machino Co, road machine supplies .
Julius Thompson, work on road in District HO-1903.
II .1 Myers, work on roads in District. 5.
Seneca Hardware Co, bridgo bolts, etc.
0W| B F Sloan, M D, luuacy examination and contingent.
700| J N Fitzgerald, feos as constable.
7011 A P Crisp, Balary as magistrate and jury.
7()2i E C Corbin, work on roads in District 26.
7(Kt| Whit Knox, paid hands for work on roads in District 65.
704'W'S Orabl, making bridge bolt?. .
7t>5' W M Kay, Sheriff, dieting prisoners-Septombor.
7(MI W M Kay, Sheriff, salary for September.
7i>7 .1 S Colley, Supt of Ed, salary for Sept, and paid express.
70S M I. Phillips, work on road and bridge In District 54 .
70i> J P Keesc, Auditor, salary for September.
710 C M Shelton, aid to soldier.
711 Henry McMahon, building Alexander bridgo in District 34. .
712; F I. Moody, work on ro.ids in District 44 .
713 M ii llunnicutt, work on roads in District 81.
714 S 0 Smith, work on road and bridge in District 15.
715 S I. Brown, work on road in District 1 .
710 (' M Summeroll, building bridge in Seneca township.
717 WC Pike, work on road in District 22
7IS Strother A Phinney, supplies to poor farm and road bands.
720| C K Hobson, work on roads and bridges
721 F T Jenkins, building now road in District 10.
7221 A Cobb, making fill at Cobb bridgo.
7_':? J II Ramsey, work on Horseshoe bridgo.
724, D A Dickson, building now road in District 15
725| W M Colo, blacksmithing.
720: W M Lemmons, fees as constable.
All claims wore allowed for amount claimed, and, for this reason, the column
"Amount claimed" is omitted. Whoro thoro is a missing claim same was laid ovor
for investigation. L, H. V. HOBSON, Supervisor.
F. A. H. Sohroder, Clerk of Board.
West Disinfecting Co, disinfectant for jail.
L II V Hobson, Supervisor, salary for Soptember.
N Phillips, County Commissioner, salary for Soptember...
J K Zachary, County Commissioner, salary for September.
H T Sited, vegetables for road hands.
E M Shottlor, blacksmithing.
W C Kolloy ot al, work on roads with machino.
0 W I.ylcs, lumbei for bridges.
R H Prico, building bridge o vc ''onnorosB in District 1...
M H Fondloy, work on roads In V it 'ct 42 .
T N Hall, lumber for bridges.
J R Zachary, Jr, ot al, work on roads with machino.,
S Ii Richardson, shooing mules, blacksmithing, otc.
2 00
7 00
26 00
8 00
1 00
1 50
6 80
0 00
8 40
7 20
0 65
8 00 I
(1 20
3 25 '
0 30
10 00
0 00
11 40'
ll 00,
23 03 !
0 00
1? 75 :
11 50 '
6 80 !
28 75 I
78 50;
8 70!
12 30
171 90
33 41
284 58 I
12 80 i
101 70
0 00 I
100 05
33 75
0 10
9 50
45 (10
02 50
42 21
7 38
25 OO
1 00
00 25
22 10
17 20
12 00
ll 50
1 00
23 66
8 17
28 50
10 00
10 00
83 26
1 80
2 50
00 50
41 00
20 83
20 83
2 35
2 85
107 38
08 00
141 53
13 07
02 05
138 65
38 45

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