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News from Ebenezer.
Ebenezer, Ootober 12. - Pioking
cotton and pulling corn is the order
of the day.
There is a good deal of sickness in
this community.
Lee Porter, of Greenville, is stay
ing with his uncle, Clayton Smith,
and working at tho oil mill in West
Some of the young people of this
place attended a cundy pulling at
E. M. DuProe's, above Walhalla, lust
Saturday night and enjoyed it
T S. A. Hellotto is still coufined to
his room.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith gave a re
ception last Wednesday night to
their son, Sam Smith, and his bride.
Quite a number of people wore pres
ent, all of whom partook of a deli
cious supper and enjoyed musio and
dancing. All reported a delightful
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bcllotte, of
Welford, S. C., came over last Sun
day to see the former's pareuts, Mr.
and Mrs. S. A. Bcllotte. Mr. Bal
lotte returned Sunday afternoon, but
Mrs. Bellotto will spend several
weeks here.
Mrs. Ben O'Kolley had the misfor
tune to get terribly scalded one day
last week. Her recovery is doubtful.
She is under the care of Dr. Wick
The infant son of Mrs. John Wald
has been very sick.
J. C. Chandler's residence is near
ing completion.
Mrs. P. N. J. Burton has been
very sick, but is improving now.
The many friends of Miss May
Snead will be glad to learn that she
is able to be out again.
Don't forget there is always
preaching at Ebenezer every third
Sunday afternoon. T. M. N.
Makes Homely Women Pretty.
No woman, no matter how regular her
features may bo, can bo called pretty if
ber complexion is bad. Orino Laxative
Fruit syrup aids digestion and clems sal
low blotsbed complexions by stimulai ing
the liver and bowels. Orino Laxative
Fruit .Syrup does not nauseate or gripo
and is mild and pleasant to tako. Ko
momber tho name Orino and refuso to
accept any substitute. .J. \V. Bell, Wal
Program of Union Meeting.
The upper division of the Beaver
dam Association will convene at
Poplar Springs church October 28th
and 20lh, 1905. Devotional exer
cises at 10 o'clock Saturday, con
ducted by Bro. S. F. Johnson.
1. What k the sin against the
Holy Ghost? Discussed by Kev. C.
Wardlaw, Bev. W. T. McAlister and
Bro. J. E. Crosby.
2. Does music bear any part in the
dissemination of the Gospel, if so,
how best used 1 Discussed by S. C.
Smith, Bev. J. II. Clark and others.
8, How cnn we best interest church
members in prayer meeting s vices ?
Discussed by Bev. J. M. Sanders, E.
P. Wood, H. F. Sayer and W. H.
4. What is lost or gained by not
attending Sunday school ? Discussed
byT. M. Elrod, C. H. D. Burns,
P. M. Cary and Rev. M. G. Holland.
5. Is the union meeting any bene
fit to the churches, if so, what? Dis
cussed by Lawrence Boggs, James
Seaborn and Noah Tollison.
Missionary sermon Sunday at ll
o'olock by Columbus Wardlaw.
J. H. Stone,
J. P. Morton,
W. O. Alexander,
Doctors Said He Would Not Live.
Peter Fry, Woodruff, Fa., writes: "After
dootoring for two yoars with tho boat
physicians in Waynesburg, and still get
ting worse, tho doctors advised mo if I
bad any business to attond to 1 had bettor
attend to it at onco, as I could not possi
bly live anothor month as tboro was no
cure fur mo. Foloy's Kidney Caro was
rocommonded to mo by a friend, and I
imroodiatoly sont my son to the store for
it, and after taking throe bottles I bogan
to get bettor and continued to improve
until I wns ontiroly woll." J. W. Bell,
Jury Excuses Editor A. B. Williams.
In the case of Alfred B. Williams,
editor of tho Bichmond Nows Leader,
who was oharged with violating the
election law in the recent Democratic
State primary, the jury returned a
verdict of guilty and fixed the
amount of the fine at *100. At the
same time the jury expressed the be
lief that Mr. Williams had violated
the law unintentionally and recom
mended that the fino bo remitted.
Chamberlain's Diarrhoea ty.
Never fails. Buy it now. It moy ; fe.
Tabor items.
Taber, October 10.-Crop gather
ing is progressing nicely in our vi
oinity. In fact, colton is most all
cut. The corn on the bottom lands
was mostly destroyed by the over
flows in tho summer. ob our crops
are generally short.
Tho farmers of this seotion have
organised a cotton association at Ta
ber and have passed resolutions to
hohl their cotton for ll cents, ex
cept where forced to sell. Wo would
be glad to hear of the farmers organ
izing in every school district in the
State. This would belo to unite
the farmers and bring them in closer
touch with each other and help them
to work more systematically in con
trolling the price of their produce.
Many farmers in iho rural districts
do not seem to realize what has been
done for them in the way of keeping
the price of cotton np to where it
should be. While perhaps thc cot
ton association has not accomplished
every thing it intended lo it has done
wonderfully well and it ?K the duty
of every farmer to join hands and
help to carry out all plans and reso
lutions adopted by the association.
We arc glad to learn that our trus
tees have employed John O. Hicks
to teach our winter tenn of school
Wo have an up-to-date school
house, nu 11 |ilied with an organ and
patent desks. We feel sure of a
successful school. Farmer.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the /^-jj$TE2~
Signature of CJUK//ZT4U?JUU
Three Years lor Murray.
Columbia, October 14. - George
Washington Murray, colored, former
Congressman from this State in radi
cal days and reported to be wealthy
as result thereof, will servo a sen
tence of three years in tho peniten
tiary on the charge of forging a con
tract of another negro to sell lands
to him. The Supreme Court has af
firmed the verdict Of I be lower court,
which gave tho above sentence and
there is now no way out of it unless
Murray skips out. It is reported
that Murray is out on bond and he is
likely lo skip. Ile is quite rich in
lands in Straiter couuty. It seems
that. Murray was charged specifically
with forging lease contracts, some
times signed by ignorant negroes,
whereby the latter practically gave
up all rights to their little tracts of
Don't Be Imposed Upon.
Foley A (!o., Chicago, originated Honey
aud Tar as a throat and linc; remedy,
and on account of the KI eat merit and
popularity of Foley's Honey and Tar
many imitations arc offered for the gerin,
ino. These worthless imitations have
similar pounding mimes. Hewaro of
them. The genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar is in a yellow package. Ask for it
and refuse any substitute. It is thc best
remody for coughs and colds. J. VV. Hell,
Fred-Oh, mamma, the druggist
at the corner gives away birds with
each glass of soda water!
Mamma-What kind of birds.
Reward will be paid to any
person who can find one atom
of opium, chloral, morphine,
cocaine, ether or chloroform
in any form in any of Dr.
Miles' Remedies.
This reward is offered because
certain unscrupulous persons
make false statements about
these remedies. It is under
stood that this reward applies
only to goods purchased in the
open market, which have not
been tampered With in any way.
Dr. Miles' remedies cure by
their soothing, nourishing,
strengthening and invigorat
ing effects upon the nervous
system, and not by paralyzing
and weakening the nerves as
would be the case if these drugs
were used.
For this reason Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills are universally
considered the best pain remedy
"I have Buffered for 26 years with
severe pitlns In my head, heart and
back, and have trice' everything* I
could set and could not find any relier
until I Rot a box of Dr. Miles' Antl
Paln Pills. I suffered as long aa ll
hours at a time with such severe
pains that I feared I would lose my
mind. Tho Anti-Pain Pill? gave me
relief In from 10 to 20 minutes. I do
not have to use Morphine any more.
I wish you would publish this so that
other sufforor* may find relief."
lt. V. D. No. ?. Salem, Ind.
Dr. Miles' Antl-Patn Pills are sold by
?our druggist, who will guarantee that
he first package will Benefit. If lt
falls he will return your money.
25 doses, 25 cants. Nevar sold In bull;.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Short Nows Items Gathered (rom Dally Papers
Ol the Patt Week.
Luther Billings, a negso, 27 years
oki, was hanged by a mob at Bruns
wick, Tenn., October 10th. He had
attempted to assault a white woman.
Supervisor Walker, of Greenville,
baa called an election to be hold
under thc Brice bill proviaionS for
November l-l. An anti-dispensary
victory is assured.
The Supervisor ot Fairfield county
has ordered an election upon the
question of the removal of the dis
pensary out of the county to be held
on Doocraber 12th.
The dispensary at Marion closed
last Saturday, October 7th, and the
stock on hand was shipped to the
Floreuce dispensary. However, it is
said that there was very little to bo
shipped, and the institution seemed
to gain in popularity after the elec
Full roturns of the dispensary
election in Darlington county, held
on last Tuesday, October 10th, have
been received from all the precincts.
The total vote cast was 959, of which
083 were for no dispensary and 275
for dispensary, giving prohibition a
majority of 407.
James Bridgeman, a young white
man, was decapitated by a passeuger
train on the Seaboard Air Line last
Wednesday night, 11th inbtant. He
had purchased a quart of cheap corn
whiskey at the Cberaw dispensary a
few hours previous and was probably
asleep on the traok.
Shortly ' after midnight, October
12tb, a mob of about 100 men, sup
posed to be from Trenton, N. J.,
took Frank Leavell, a one-legged
negro, from jail at Elkton, N. J.,
and lynched him in the woods near
by. Leavell was arrested on the
charge of attempting to enter the
room of a young lady at Trenton
Saturday night. He confessed.
Thc Supreme Court of South Ca
rolina has decided that John Wal
drop must serve life-sentenco iu the
penitentiary. Waldrop was con
victed in Greenville county of the
murder of S. J. Maddox and recom
mended to tho mercy of tho court,
lie was given a life-term and the ap
peal has been turned down by the
Supreme Court.
The finding of a man's head in the
front of 015 East Eighteenth streut,
New York, led to the discovery of
the murder, on Ootober 12th. The
head waa wrapped in a white and
blue Blurt and the Sunday supple
ment of a German newspaper. Soon
after the head was found a man told
the police he believed the murder
had been committed at 149 Third
avenue, and that the body had been
cut up. A search of the houso re
sulted in the discovery of the arms
and legs of a man in a suit case and
the trunk of the body was found iu
the oloset.
Thc law, which was allowed to
take its course in the Jim Padgett
oase, has been vindicated. About
two months ago the negro so con
ducted himself towards a respectable
little girl at Johnston that a lynch
ing was avoided by sending Padgett
to the penitentiary for safe-keeping.
He was brought to Edgefield court
house from the penitentiary and
placed upon trial for assault with in
tent to rape. He is a mulatto, S3
years of age, and his intended vic
tim is a white girl, 13 years of age.
She gave her testimony against him
in a modest way. The jury retired
to their room only long enough to
write the verdict of guilty. Judge
Gago sentenced Padgett to twelve
years' confinement in the peniten
tiary on October lilli.
CA.? .ac o? x ?. X .A. .
Bean tho J? 1 he Kind V?u Hate always Bought
Low Rates to State Fair.
') ho Southern Kail way will sell oxour
sion tickote to Columbia and return from
all pointa within the Stato of South Caro
lina and from Charlotte, Asheville, Wil
mington, Augusta, Savannah and inter
mediate points, on account of tho State
AIM ?cultural and Meobanical Fair, Ooto
ber 24-27. Tickets on sale daily frum Ooto
ber 22 to 20, i ucl uni vc, and for morning
trains scheduled to arrive in Columbia
before noon Ootober 27, at rate of one
first-class fare plus25 cents, plus60conto
for tho round trip, the 50 cents covering
ono admission to fair grounds. For mili
tary companios and brass hands in uni
form, 20 or more on one ticket, one oent
per mile traveled in each direotion plus
arbitrarios per capita. Dates of uah? sanio
as for civilians as shown abovo. Final
limit of ..ll tickets Ootobor 20. For
further info raation, apply to any ticket
agent, or write li. W. Hunt, Division
Passenger Agent , Charleston, S. C.
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom
ach, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to take
Very Low Rates Via Southern Railway.
To Washington, D. C., and return.
Account American Bankers' Association,
October 10 18, 1005. Ono faro plus 25
cent? for tho rouud trip. Tiokots on salo
Octobor 8th and Otb; liunl limit, Ootobrr
15th, with privilogo of extonsiou for an
additionalten days on deposit of ticket)
and payment of feo of 50 couts.
To Chicago, 111., and return. Account)
National Baptist Convention, Colored,
Octobor 25-31, 1005. One faro plus 501
cents for the rouud trip. Tickets on sale |
October 23d and 24th, limited to returu
leaving Chicago not later than November
5th, 1905.
For furthor Information as to ratos,
schedules, etc., call on any agent of
Southern Railway, or address
Brooks Morgau, A. G. P. A.,
Atlanta, Ga.
R. W. Hunt, D. P. A..
Charleston, s. C.
By a clubbing arrangement with tho
Charleston Semi-Weekly Nows aud Cou
rior we are offering that paper and The
Keowoo Courior for $1.50 per year. Tho
Keowoo Courior is recognized not only
as tho bost paper in Ocoueo county, but
it is rated among tho best county papers
in South Carolina. Tho Somi-Woekly
News and Courier is an excellent jour
nal, published on Wednesdays and Satur-1
days, gives the detailed nows of South
Carolina as a speoial feature, and oarriea
the full Associated Press dispatches
from all over the world. The combina
tion of the two papers at $1.50 gives our
present readers, aa well as new sub
scribers, an opportunity to seoure two of
the best papers in the State (three papers
a week) for 50 cents more than the regu
lar prioe of either. Let us send you two of
the very best papers in South Carolina
for almost the price of one.
Farm Lands
for Sale.
if it is a Farm you want, why
not como and look over my list
and soo what I havo to olTor?
Thousands of investors aro
making mouoy every day on
Real Estate - why not you?
Farm Lauds aro advancing so
rapidly that it takes but a cas
ual glance backward a fow years
for a business man to soo tho
advisability of placing bis cash
in good Land Titles. I have
hero some choice solootions of
both-The Home-Seeker and
Tho l?vostor-to offer on roa
sonable terms.
J.H. Darby,
Real Estate Broker.
Office : People's Bank.
Office of County Supervisor of Oconee
WHEREAS, on the 12th day of Sep
tember, A. D. 1005, a petition was
flied with the undersigned, L. H. V.
Hobson, as County Supervisor for Oconee
Comity, South Carolina, by and on be
half of Rev. C. Wardlaw and others, as
qualified electors of said County aud
State, praying that an eleotion in said
County and State be ordered upon the
question of the removal of the Dispensa
ries now located in Oconee County; and,
Whereas, it appears by the records of
tho Board of Supervisor of Registration
of Fleet hum in and for Oconoe County,
in said State, that tho qualified electors
of said County and State, ou tho 12th
day of Soptembor, 1905, aggregato 3,582;
Wboroas, it appears upon tho petition
praying said election that moro than one
fourth of tho qualified electors of Oco
ueo County aforesaid have signed tho
same (to-wit, 1,020); and,
Whereas, it appears that petitioners
hayo complied with tho statutory ro
quiromonts for ordering such special
election :
Now.thoreforo, i* is horoby ordered that
a speoial election bo held in Ocoueo Coun
ty, In said State, on TUESDAY, the 24th
day of Ootobor, 1005, at which elect iou
shall be submitted tho question of "Dis
pensary" or "No Dispensary" to th?
qualified voters of sain County of Oco
nee, in said State, which elootion shall
be conducted as other special elections.
It is furthor ordorod that those elco
tors in favor of the location of Dispensa
ries in said County and State shall vote a
ticket of tho usual statutory size, on
wbioh shall bo printed or written the
word "Dispensary", and thone electors
opposed thereto shall vote a ticket of
the usual statutory size, on which shall
bo printed or written tho words "No
To Cu
Toke Laxative Broi
Seven Minion boxes sold In post 12 r
axative Fruit Syrrj]
For Sale by J. W. Bell.
Lot ft copy of thiB ordor bo forthwith J
served on tho three Commissioners of |
Election for State and County Officers in
Oootieo County, in said Stato. ?
Givn under inv hand and oHicial sea'.,
this bbb day of September, A. D. IDO?.
County Suporvisor in and for Oconco
County, South Carolina.
Notice of Special Election on the
(?nest iou of "Dispensary" or "No
Dispensary" lu the County of
Ocouee, South Carolina.
State of South Carolina, I
\ County of Ocouee. J
PURSUANT to tho abovo ordor of L.
II. V. Hobson, Supervisor ol Ocouee
County, South Carolina,
Notico is hereby t>l\*en that a special
eleotion will be held at tho sevoral pro
ducts established by law in Oconoe
1005, on tho question of "Dispensary" or
"No Dispensary" for said County.
Polls at each voting placo will bo
opened at soven o'clock a. m. aud olosed
at four o'clook p. m.
Tho following named persons have
boon appointod Managers of Special
Eleotion for "Dispousary" or "No Dis
pensary, to-wit:
Fair Play-L. L. Jarrard, A. P. Hunt,
F. M. Davis. >
South Union-Thomas Wiloy, W. L.
Thomas, John B. Harris.
Earle's-J. \V. Ablos, L. O. Bruoo, P.
A. Grant.
Tokeeua at Cross Roads-C. T. Phillips,
Robert Moore, W. S. Prichard.
Oakway-W. M. Brown, J. W. Bearden,
P. H Gambrell.
Friendship-J. O. Campbell, L. O.
Phillips, W. A. Bowen.
Seneca-.1. A. Harbin, H. M. Tribble,
John Myers.
Riohland-R. M. Davis, J. P. Strlhiing,
M. B. Dendy.
Westminster-Earle Diokson, J. R.
Orr, W. L. England.
Fort Madison-J. D. Hull, J. F. Stew
art, J. R. Cleland.
Tugaloo Aoademy-J. P. Powell, J. M.
Taylor, R. B. Collins.
Holly Springs-J. W. Hare, 8. M.
Chambers, R. J. Vinson.
Tabor-H. C. Singleton, Ely Tannery,
J. A. Knox.
Damascus-I). F. Carter, M. H. Leo, F.
D. Rothell.
Double Springs-L. A. King, W. H.
Mongold, E. M. Uamby.
Cherry Hill-Wm. Hunter, H. B. Har
ris, W. II. Aloxandor.
Littlo River-D. O. Sheppard, L. A. P.
Nicholson, J. B. Alexander.
Tamossco-J. D. Littleton, M. C. Todd,
J. J. Rankin.
Jocassoe-James Burgess, R. A. Talley,
W. M. Brown.
Salom-W. B. Guinn, E. A. Perry, W.
IL Whitmiro.
High Falls-W. E. Bowers, J. B. Hill,
J. 1). Hand.
Wost Union-A. H. Ellison, J. D. Perry,
J. A. Ivester.
Walhalla-C. A. Burton, IL C. Busch,
J. I). Ul,ell.
Newry-R. L. Bogga, T. D. Whitmiro,
J. R. McClellan.
Clemson College-J. J. Mooro, John S.
Goodman, H. A. Stephens.
Long Crook-J. H. Cannon, W. H.
Thrift, David Karney.
On the day of eleotion tho Managers
must orgauizo by tlie election of a Chair
man. The Chairman elected is empow
ered to administer oaths.
The Managers have the powor to till
any vacancy, nnd if none of the Mana
gers attend, the citizens can appoint
from among thu qunliiiod voters tho
Managers, who, after hoing sworn, can
conduct thc election.
At tho close of tho oloction the Mana
gers must proceed publicly to open tho
ballot boxes and count the ballots therein
and continue without adjournment until
tho same is completed, ami make a state
ment of tho result and sign the samo.
Within tbreo dnys thereafter, tho
Chairman of tho Board, or some ono
designated by tho Board, must deliver
to tho ( 'ommissioners of Election -ho
poll list, tho boxes containing the ballots
and writ ten statements of l ue result, of
the election.
One of the above-named Managers for
each precinot must call upon tho Board
of Commissioners at the Court House,
Saturday, October -? i st, 1006, to receive
ballot boxes, poll lists and instructions,
and to qualify. J. A. STECK,
Commissioners State and County Elec
September ?0, iuo5. 38-41
J. H. MOORE, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon.
Calls left at residence or J. H. Darby's
Drug Store will receive prompt attention,
rhones : Residence 08, Drug Store 18.
Typewriters, Sowing Machines, Guns.
Revolvers and Bicycles oleauod and
All work dono on short notioe and
13. S. LOOK.
ire a Cold in On
no Quinine Tablets,
nonth?. This signature,
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples and blotches.
It is guaranteed
WM. .1. STRIOUNG. r .{ E. ft. HKHNDON.
? I aim arv ii, 1898.
J. P. Corey,
Pickous, S. C.
J. W. Shelor,
Wal llalla, S. C.
Attorneys and Counsellors,
Wallinna, S. C.
Will practice io the stat.- and United
States Coutts.
Ku ni ness entrusted to our oare will re
ooive prompt ?nd careful attention.
R. T. jTr?EST
Bel Phone No. 20.
Practico in State and Fodornl Courts.
Business cul rusted to my care receives
prompt attention. , n 1-05
Office two doors aborto the flank, in
Carter's Pharmacy.
Westminster, S. C.
Dr. G. C. Probst,
Walhalla, S. C.
Office Over C. W. Pitchford Co.'s
; : : Store, : : :
Hour.8 : 8.30 A. M. TO 1 p. u. ANO 2 TO 6
r. M.
S KN EC A, 8. C.
Ofiico Hours: il A. M. to 1 i\ M.
" 2 P, M. to 0 p, M.
April 20, 1U 4. 10-tf
Dr. W.F.Austin,
Office Oner J. W. ltyrd <fc Co.
Tiiuo Tnblo No. 9.-In Effect May 2S. 1905.
Lv Walhalla.
Lv West Union.
Ar Hence,. .
Lv Seneca.
j Lv* Jordan I a Junction
ILv *Adams.
Lv ?Cherry.
Lv Pendleton.
Lv 'A ut un.
Lv ?Denver.
Lv ?West Anderson....
Ar Auderson-PanaDep
Lv Anderson-PassDep
Lv ?Anderson-PrtDep
Ar Holton.
8 35
8 40
8 &S
9 00
9 14
9 17
9 26
9 32
9 39
9 66
10 00
10 08
10 26
2 00
2 03
2 10
2 Itt
2 26
2 S3
2 40
2 63
3 00
3 10
3 12
3 10
3 12
3 86 l l 36
8 00
8 OB
3 a.
4 121
4 10
4 31
4 36
4 46
6 12
6 27
6 43
6 45
6 10
8 18
8 20
8 40
Lv Belton.
Lv ?Anderson-Fr't De
Ar Anderson-Pass De
Lv Anderson-Pans De
Lv ?'.Test Andersen....
Lv ?Denver.
Lv ?Autun.
Lv Pendleton.
Lv ?Cherry.
Lv ?Adams.
Lv 'Jordania Junction,
Ar Seneca.
Lv Seneca.
Lv West Union.
Ar Walhalla.
3 66
4 -M
4 27
.I w
4 17
4 BS
i BS
6 18
5 21
5 39
6 44
10 60
11 10
ll 12
ll 16
ll 26
ll 31
111 37
ll 44
ll 47
11 5tt
12 02
1 05
1 20
1 25
8 30
8 86
8 61
0 00
9 85
9 39
9 57
10 00
1 05
1 35
1 40
6 80
6 60
6 67
. Klag stations.
Will also stop at the following stations to take
on and lot off i e-inpi, l'liiunoy's, James's and
Handy Springs and Toxaway.
Nos. Il and ?2,first uiass passenger,daily; Nos.
9 and 10, dally except Sunday; Nos. 5 and 6,
Sunday only; Non. 4 And 7, second clan?, mixed,
daily except Sunday; Nus. 3 and 8, second class,
mixed, daily.
A. B. ANDKKWS, President.
J. R. ANDKRHON. Superintendent.
Unexcellod Dining Car Sorvioe.
Through Pullman Sleeping Cars on all
Through Trains.
Convenient Schedules on all Local Trains.
For full information as to rates, routos,
etc., consult nearest Southern Railway
Ticket Agent, or
Division Passenger Agent,
Charleston, S. C.
ie Day
Cares Of?
in Two Dayl?
on every
Lox. 25c*

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