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SDfee liento ce Chimer.
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H. T. J AYN KS, I "... , .",". I I?. A. SMITH.
jg?1-' CorumunicatioiiH of a personal
character charged for as advertisements.
Obituary notices and tributos of
respect, of not over one hundred words,
will be printed free of chargo. All over
that number must be paid fe at tho rate
Of one cont a word. Cash M accompany
jianunc ipt.
To Legalizo Lynching.
Chicago, october ".-A dispatch to tho \
Tribune from Houston, Tsxas, says:
A petition from a number of citizens,
loaded by G. W. Knight, of San Marcos,
has been presented to Ooveruor Lanham,
asking that tho State portnit mob pun
ishment ol negroes who assault white
Tho Governor is asked to endorse al
policy of absolute UUpl'OtCOtiOU to ne
groes entity of assault, ensuring that
they be givon 11?.tl ial by loglll inquiry ol
any kind, and that thoy may be hanged
instantly as soon as apprehended.
Governor Labham's response princi
pally is directed to the legal phase of tho
proposition. It is set forth that it is im
possible for him to countenance tho
policy in view of tho oath of oflioo and
tho State legislation, which ho is bound
to protect.
O uSL. JB* "X* O "fri. X JOL. m
BMM th? J* lhe K'"0" You Hara Alwajs Bought
Remarkable Surgical Operation.
Baltimore, October 7.-Each of 15 mon
to day contributed two pieces of tho skin
of his leg in a remarkable skin grafting
operation, performed at the Maryland
University hospital, which will, the phy
sicians say, save the life of .lames 1$.
Hughes, who seven weeks ago fell into a
tank of hot waler while at work in
Washington. The accident took every
vestigo of skin from one of Hughes1 legs
and the most leisistent efforts of tho
doctors since nave brought not tho
slightest Indications Of healing. As tho
only means of saving tho man's lifo skin
graf ting was resorted to and two pieces
of the outer skin, each piece one by six
inches, wore to-day transferred from
oach of fifteen of his friends to Hughes'
injured leg. Tho operation lasted an
hour and a half and nono of those who
contributed was nnestiiized. Each o? tho
fifteen men will be in tho hospital for tho
next 10 days.
Everyone is Going to Attond
the One Great State
Thc r?ny of Prosperity to hr Olrltrntctl.
Th* TiilliiKM I "rom ( olimililn lor (lie
i-'nir on October '? I io 27? Inrluulve.
Cltmp Itad-M.
With thc continued prosperity
that is now blessing this State there
is every indication that the State
Fair for 1905 will be more largely
attended than ever before in its his- 1
tory. Last year the South C arolina
State Agricultural and Mechanical
Society celebrated its annual bair
at its new home in the southern sn- 1
buib of Columbia. As is usually i
the case, there were some little de
tails that could not be finished for <
the holding of the last Fair, but ;
President littignard has had a full 1
year in which to have ali of these
rough spots smoothed out, and the !
outlook is that never before in its i
history will the State Pair haye a 1
more sticcccsful Fair than thal <
which is t?> bc held herc on < >ctobcr ;
24th. 25th, 26th, and 271h, inclusive. I
.Thc inquiry for space at lite ?
grounds, as well as from small ex
hibitors, indicate a v<. > .m un al ap 1
preciatioti of thc value of such ex t
IlibitS. A great ?leal ot itt test is
being shown in the mechanical dc <
vices for use in agricultural put 1
suits. From thc inquiries that h ive !
been received there wift bc quite a 1
number of labor-saving devices ex- t
flibited, and. of course, all tip-to- (
date farmers want to see these I
things. 1
There is, however, a far more i ti - \
teres ting phase of the State Fairs j
than the mere exhibits in the build*
fags on the ground, and that is thc t
opportunity for intercourse between t
thc people of the State that the s
State Fair offers. \
Deat Cough Syrup. Tasten ?......! URO '
In time. Sold hr druuKlMu.
Mistrial in Calewell Case. |
- ?
Knoxville, October 5.-A mistrial re
sulted to day iii tho caso churghg
..criminal negligence" against vv. lt.
Caldwell, who waa conductor on ono of
tho trains wrecked on thc Southern rail
road near Newmarket, Tenn., September
'?4, ISM?I. Caldwell wa? prosecuted hy
.Judge 0. W. Qeiakell, ol Memphis,
whoso son, Clayton lieiskell, was ono of
tho sixty-four poisons killed in the
wreck. The prosecution's chief witness
was S. K. (Menno, law agent of t;?o Routh*
om, who testified that Caldwell admitted
to him at tho scono of the wreck that tho
accident was caused by Caldwell forget
ting ordors.
Chamberlain' S Diarrhoea Remedy.
Never fails. Uuv it now. It may save life.
Society ol Polos to Settle in Aiken.
Columbia, October 0.-Tho ?leeds wero
recorded to-day for tho transfer of a
2,800 aero farming tract seven miles from
Aiken, from Coward Bros., to tho Agri
cultural society, composed o'' Poles and
Russians, and a colony ot a family
to every forty acres is to como down
from New York to colonize tho place as
soon as thc presen! crops aie gathered.
Thc pi ice paid was $7,OOO in round
numbers. President Charles Wolntraub, !
of tho society, who was here to d .v clos
ing up the doto ila with limn [ration
Commissioner Wntson, will superviso tho
bringing ol' thc colonists fro > New York,
while Morris I,att?nuai, icniains in
Aiken to take care of that, nd of tin
Thc new comers will do trucking, fruit
grow ing and poultryiug to supply tho |
Aiken and Augusta markets in the win
ter, and will ship north in tho spring.
A Card.
This is to certify that all druggists aro
authorized to refund your money if Fo
ley's Honey and Tar fails to euro your
cough or cold. It stops tho cough, boals
tho lungs and provouts serious results
from a cold. Cures la grippo cough and
prevents pneumonia and consumption.
Contains no opiates. Tho genuine is in
a yellow package. RofuBO substitutes.
J. W. Bell, Walhalla.
Standard Warehouse Company.
[The State, October 7. J
Tho Standard Warehouse Company of
South Carolina was organised last night.
Tho capitalization will bc $500,000. Tho
directors elected last night wore: Gov.
D. C. Heyward, E. A. Smyth, of Pelzer,
L. W. Parker and W. E. Beattie, of
Greonvtllo, lt. E. higou and J. A. Brook
of Anderson, J. K. Durst,of Greenwood,
15. \V. Kohertson and August Kobo, of
Columbia. The directors will meet in
Greenville next Wednesday to elect olli
cors. Tho headquarters will he in Co
lumbia and all reports will I ( sent
from tho other warehouses to tho head
This company has acquired tho Stand
ard warehouses at Greenville, Columbia,
Anderson and Greenwood, tho aggregate
capacity being 16,000 bales. There aro
half a dozen mill presidents on tho
board of directors. It is said to bo the
intention of tho company to establish
warehouses in other parts of tho state.
The railroad rates are always
cheaper for the State Fair than at
any other time, and more j>eople
cmiic to Columbia during Fair
W eek than (luting any other of the
fifty-two weeks of thc year. In fact,
pretty much everybody who is any
body ?ti Smith Carolina is herc chir
it1 Fair Week. Relatives, friends
and acquaintances from all parts
of thc State gather in Columbia to
talk about the joys and sorrows of
the year, and to join in thc festivi
ties, lt is the one week that is given
up almost entirely by the people of
the Slate towards having a good
time, and thc family gatherings and
reunions that have already been
planned for the coining Fair Week
all go to show that this custom at
each succeeding State Fair is being
more emphasized than ever.
( hie of the particular attractions
for a great many folks will be the
fa et that thc 650 cadets of Clemson
College will be encamped here dur
ing the entire Fair Week. They
?viii give dress parades and drills
.ach day while here, and will have
imple time in which to mingle with
heir friends.
A great many people in this
State now are taking a keen interest
n football. Tw . pf thc best games
^f the year are played here during
.ach Fair Week. In one of these
panics thc team of thc South ("aro
ma College participates, and in the
.thor Clemson College engages.
!'.'>th of these teams are strong and
nanly, and two exciting gaiu.es are
o he expected.
Tl southern territory is devel
jpmg a very strong norscracing
ield. .More and better hi u ses arc
iroughl here to participate in the
aves. ? he finest racetrack in this
erritory is at thc State Fair
grounds, and it has l>oen estab
lished at a considerable expense,
[."very comfort for the patrons as
voil as tor the fine racers has been
The city of Columbia, in addition
o extending a cordial welcome to
he visitors, has arranged for free
street attractions. Fven if there
vere no free street attractions, the
>eoplc of South Carolina ought not
o miss the chance of meeting their
riends from all parts of the State
n Columbia on October 24th, 25th,
'.(Ah, and 27th, inclusiv?.
President Smith Says Hold Cotton.
Tho fullov. ii)"; appeal to tho farmer**
merchants and bankers uf thu Statu is
made by the president of tho Suuthern
?'ol tun Assuciatiun, K. I). Smith:
Tu the Farmers, Merchants and Hankers
nf South Carolina:
In view of tho present decline in the
price of cotton 1 consider it my duty tn
make an appeal to thu farmers tu huh!
their cotton off the market. I ask that
the merchants and hankers assist them
in doing this. Tho merchants by not
pressing them, and the bankoss by lend
ing them sullicieut uionoy nu thoir cut
tun tu enable thom tu moot the obliga
tions that cannot bo defer; cd.
Tho price Axed hy the oxocutivo com
mittee at Asheville at ll cents may seem
tu sumo rather high, but when thu Now
Orleans ennvontiun fixed cotton at 10
cents tho difToronco between tho current
price at that time and 10 cents was very
much greater than tho current prico now
and ll cents. You will recall that cut
ton when tho Now Orleans convention
assembled was under sovon, about six
and a half. Hy standing together, hy
unity of action, by a little sacritico and
patriotism, tho Southern Cotton Asso
ciation forced the COOSUmei to pay to tho
producer more than 10 cents, flavo you
thought what that difToronco in prico
meant to thc individual and thu South?
The grower has a righi to lix the price Of
his product, and eau lix it if he will
stand by this association, which is mak
ing a gallant fight to keep tho specula
tors lunn getting cotton at their own
Let every farmer withdraw his cotton
from the market. This will cheek tho
receipts, and the mai kel will bo obliged
to advance. If you havo to sell try to
find sonic man who will buy it aud retire
it frum tho market. Thoro aro plenty uf
mon in each cuunty uf sufllciont moans
and patriotism to do this.
In spito of tho report circulated by tho
boars and their allied interests who are
tryiag to depress the prico of your cot
ton, wo aro reliably informed through
out the Southern States, through the in
fluence of tho Southern Cotton Associa
tion, that tho farmers aro holding their
cotton off the market. Let us stand by
our Southern brothers in this great fight.
It means the financial emancipation of
our beloved soot bland.
In a word tho situation resolves itsolf
into a clear, clean-cut battle betwixt tho
fanner and tho speculator. Had tho
government report been bullish and con
ditions reported such as to warrant an
advance in the future market, it would
have been claimed that conditions war
ranted or brought about tho minimum
price for which we are contending. As
ii is the government has brought out an
other ridiculous estimate as to condition,
and the bears aro confidently predicting
a largo crop; therefore if tho farmers
I and merchants will now hole1 nlT thoir
; i nt ton-absolutely hold it oft-tfie spin
ners must havo thoir supplies and com
ing into tho market will quickly raiso
j tho price to that of our minimum. This
seems almost another providential op
portunity like last year to test our
? ability to control the market. Let every
I mau see to it that he will absolutely
withhold his cotton for 80 days.
E. D. Smith, Presidont.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach tho diseased portion of the oar.
Thero is only ono way tu euro deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
ditton uf the mucous lining of tho eusta
chian tubo. When this tubo gets inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imporfect
hearing, and whon it is entirely closed
deafness is tho result, and unless the
inflammation can bo taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever. Nine
cases mit of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is not liing but an iutlamod condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
Wo will give one hundred dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Proprietors,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 75c. Hall's Family
Fills are the best.
Difference of Opinion.
Dallas, Texas, October 6.-Col. E. S.
Peters,! vice president of the Southern
Cotton Association, has issued a letter
to farmers advising them to sell their
cotton. This lotter is expected to arouse
criticism in the Southern Cotton Asso
ciation, as tho officer* of that organiza
tion, supported by tho Farmors' Union,
have advised farmers to hold their cot
ton for ll couts. Col. Peters says bo be
lieves that cotton will not KO any higher
and he predicts a big crop.
Atlanta, October 0.-President Harrie
Jordan, of the Southern Cotton Asso
ciation tu-day issued an open lotter to
tho farmers of tho South in which he
urges them to hold thoir cotton fur at
least two woekB. Ho slates that if the
farmers of tho South stand together fur
two weeks and hold their cutton thoy
will win the fight against those who aro
ondeavoring to depress tho price of tho
staple. In his lotter, President Jordan
refers to the advice of former Vice Presi
dent Poters, of Texas, to BOII cotton. Ho
reminds tho formers of the South of tho
faot that the resignation of Mr. Poters as
vico presidont of tho Southern Cotton
Association; was demanded by tho execu
tive committee September 6, contending
that Mr. Peters is no longer vico presi
dent of tho association, and has no right
to Bign himsolf as such.
Presidont Jordan closes his lottor to
tho farmors with a strung appeal to
"stand together and resist to tho last
overy attempt to break tho present or
ganized effort of tho producers to secure
lair prices for their staple."
. Pitchford Co
Our Buyers have returned from New York and our
Shelves and Counters are packed with Seasonable
Wo offer our Friends and Customers tho NiooBt Lino of Goods ovor brought to Ocouoo County. Our ?Stock is com
pleto in ovory Lino and wo will take pleasure ttl showing you through, and will couvinco yon that
wo liavo tho right Goods and tho right Prices.
Wo have all Shades and Widths in
Ladies' ('loth, Silks, Serges, Mohairs,
Cnshmcros, Flannels, Ginghams,
Peaoals, Outings,
Cali?os, Etc
Blankets from $1,00 to $10 00 por pair.
Wo soil tho Celebrated Lay Stato Shoos for Mon. This
is tho best Shoo on tho Market.
In Ladies' Shoes, wo guarantee to suit you, as wo aro
the Bulo agents for thu Krippeudortt Ditlmau Shoes.
Seo our line of Misses', Hoys' and Children's Shoes, all
For every one-Slims and Stouts, Youths and Hoys.
Ladies' Jackots in all tho Now Shades and al) tho Now
Wo havo a Nice Line of Misses' and Children's Jackots.
Don't forget us when you want anything in tho Cro
cory Lino.
Wo handle tho best.
All Rinds of RAI gs from 50 cents to $5.00.
Cf PitcMord Compnj
v?At. H ar* .n/uiii?iilUM?tti '-HiiWlnKftfcj , lin mfr., mn?mth* n?tiinV v^... ? ? . . wAtdw.ua.?.:. ^m. mr aVliffiTMtf
County Treasurer's Offlco, Walhalla,
S. C.. September 23d, 1905.-The books
for the collection of STATE, COUNTY
and SPECIAL TAXES for the fiscal
?ear 1905. from OCTOBER 16th, 1906, to
?ECEMBER 31st, 1906, without penalty,
after which day ONE PER CENT pen
alty will be added on all payments mado
in the month of JANUARY, 1906, and
TWO PER CENT penalty on all pay
ments made in the month of FEBRU
ARY, and SEVEN PER CENT penalty
on all payments made from the 1ST DAY
OF MARCH until the 15TH DAY OF
MARCH, 1900. After that day all taxes
not paid will go into exeoution and be
placed in tho hands of tho Sheriff for
colleotion. Taxpayers owning property
or paying taxes for others will please
ask for a tax receipt in each township or
npooial school district in which ho or
they may own property. This is very
important, as thero aro so many specinl
school district?.
Tho tax levy is made upas follows:
State tax. 5.50 mills.
Ordinary County Tax. 2.00 mills.
Special county purposos. 2.00 mills.
Public roads. LOO mill.
I Miriest and Sinking Fund on
Ponds. 1.20 mills.
Constitutional School tax... 3.00 mills.
Total.14.70 mills.
Special School Tax.
School District No. 3. 2 mills.
School District No. 5. 2 nolls.
School District No. 0.3 mills.
School District No. 10. 2 mills.
School District No. 17. 0 mills.
School District No. 19. 2 mills.
School District No. 20.1 mill.
School District No. 35. 2 mills.
School District No. 30.2 mills.
School District No. 03.3 mills.
School District No. 75. 2 mills.
Poll Tax, *1.00; Dog Tax, 50 cents.
Every malo citizen from 21 to 00 years
is liable for poll tax, oxcopt Confederate
soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years,
and those excused hy law.
EClfAll inquirios regarding taxes or
requests for receipts MUST HE ACCOM
Treasurer Oconeo County, S. 0.
Soptombor 27, 1905. 89-42
The Beut is Alway? the Cheapest.
I 30-Day Special.
For the next thirty (lays wo will Hell our famous Puri-tono
Catarrh Tonio for 7ftc.
Large size Celery Compound, Too.
Tho largest bottle and best Sarsaparilla for 7oo.
Our Dyspepsia Tablets, two kinds in a box, 26o?
Syrup of Figs, 2?0. per bottle.
Dr. Pitcher's Castorio, 25o. por bottle.
All the abovo aro fully guaranteed to do what they are ad
vertised to do or money back.
We Sell the Drugs that Get You Well.

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