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Yellow Front.
Makes Call on Farmers Not to Give an Inch
Until Fight Has Been Won.
Atlanta, Octohor 21.-A considerable
part of tho now crop found its way into
tho markets so long as prices remained
abovo lt) cents, but since tho drop holow
10 cents per pound, nearly three weok's
ago, the producers throughout tho entire
coil M heit have called a halt and wo
now find tho spot situation absolutely
tied up. Tho port receipts have boon
heavy during that timo, but this has
V, J'.-en duo to tho hurrying forward of
shipments that wore purchased >rior to
tho recent depression. Very littlo cot
ton is now hoing olYored for salo any- I
whoro, and what is being sold is cotton
that is largely in the hands of negro
tenants who pay but little attontion to |
tho prico or tho course of the market. !
Merchants, bankers, guano dealers and
others have joined with tho planters in
resisting a markot which nt tho present
timo is too low and which has boon do
piesse-! by manipulation in speculation.
There can bo but one mothod for ad
vancing tho spot mai kel, and that is for
ho producers to stand brm and refuse
to part with their cotton until prices do |
reach satisfactory ligures. Tho Southern
Cotton Association, through its general
executive committee, in session at Asho
villo, N. C., September (1. after a full aud
thorough investigation of tho situation
from ovory standpoint, decided that ll
cents por pound was a reasonable mini
mum prico for this crop.
This prico can bo secured by tho
farmors if thoy will stand firmly for it.
Tho market for tho next two months will
bo regulated according to tho extent of
tho cotton that is rushod upon thc buyors
by tho producors. It is now being urgod
from many sections that tho people who
aro ahlo to do so get together in each
county and raiso funds sufficient to buy
n all tho cotton that is forced to salo
nd stine it for higher prices. This is
lready boing dono in somo counties, and
f it should become gonornl it would
rovo an important factor in advancing
e prices.
We faco another criBis, ami tho farmors
ust moot tho emergency that confronts
em. Dry goods aro advancing in prico,
ilo tho prico of tho raw material is
liing. Mills have sold ahoad from six
ton month?, and thoy havo no surplus
fall bnck on, and must havo tho staple
o raw cotton is in tho hands of tho
(lucers, and all thoy havo to do to arl
ee prions is to sit steady in tho boat
a short timo.
xportors aro already getting uneasy.
rou should, and yet are in doubt
t's your livor. When tho livor
ull and lazy. 5 >u aro apt to
i, headache or constipation.
Liver Regulator
tho liver, aids digestion and
, 20c.
Xb'he Druggist,
Spinners aro beginning to llguro on tho
prosont action of the planters, and will
soon force tho hands of the buyers for
deliveries of the raw niatorial. A gen
eral tie-up cannot last long without forc
ing prices upward. Tho crop in many
States is almost gathered, lt is all open.
Many gins aro shutting down or running
on half lime. Why should tho pro
ducers allow a few speculators who aro
bearing tho market to frighten them into
Victory is already in sight. Tho
Farmers' Union and all other farmers'
organizations are agreed or. tho li con's
minimum. Stund linn yet awhile louger,
and yon will got it. Tay no attention to
tho big crop estimates. Pay no atten
tion to any advico to sell. Store your
cotton and keep it dry. If you need
money, your local banks will advauco
you eight cents a pound on your cotton.
Stand firm and don't give an inch until
tho light is won.
Yours truly,
Harvie Jordan, President.
Plans to l.'ct Kb h
Aro often frustrated by sudden break
down, due to dyspepsia or constipation.
Brace up and take Dr. King's Now Lifo
Pills They tako out tho materials
which aro clogging your onergios, and
give you a now start. Cure headache
and dizziness, too. At all drug stores;
260| guaranteed.
The Eclipse ol the Yeller Dog.
With tho yellow fovor in tho Wost, tho
yellow journals in tho North, tho yellow
peril iu tho East, and tho yollow metal
of all sections in tho pockets of gratters,
thu yellow dog of South Carolina has
lapsed into innocuous dosiiotudo.-Poo
Doo Advocate
Ben Bennett in Trouble Again.
Governor I loy ward has made requisi
tion on the Governor of Georgia for tho
extradition of Bon Bennett, who is an
oscapo from Hampton county mid a
prisoner of noto. Bennett was sont to
prison for lifo in 1806 for tho murdor of
John Lightsey. Governor Kllorbo was
asked to pardou tho convict and Gover
nor McSwoonoy was sont niuo potitious.
Burrell Thomas, also a convict, toBtillod
that ho and not Bennett had struck thc
fatal blow. A lotter from Bennett to
Governor McSwoonoy under dato of Oc
tobor 6, 18D1, said if pardonod ho would
tako his family from tho State nover to re
turn if this was desired,and an agreomont
was mado. Tho public is familiar with his
courso since ho was pardoned. Ho will
now havo to sorvo (Ivo yearB for killing
his wife at Hampton, and then go hack
OU his first sentence.
Richland News.
Richland, October 24.-"Jack" frost
boldly made his appearance Saturday
Misses Maria and Sue Dendy spent
Saturday in Westminster
J. S. Vernor, of Columbia, visited his
brother, ?. E. Vernor, last week.
W. J. Stribling, of Westminster, and
D. R. Shelor, of Tugaloo, wore visitors
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. li.
Wylie Sunday.
The many friends of Mrs. Wyley aro
pleased to see ber out again after some
weeks' illnesB.
Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Stribling, of Seneca,
spent a short while with the former's
sister, Mrs. T. li. Wyley, Friday.
W. II. Coe is numbered with tho sh.k.
Miss Amy Hughs is at homo after so mo
months study in shorthaud nt Picketts.
C. P. Rallonger spout Suuday witli bis
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ballengor.
Misses Mary and Gearldiue Hughs will
go Saturday to take charge of their re
spective schools, Cateecheo and Toxa
Mrs. R. L. Rogers, of Walhalla, is
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
J. Ballenger.
Those who attendod tho fair in At
lanta were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hughs
and sons, Janies and Wilkinson, Mrs. J.
P. Blackwell and Mrs. Will Foster.
M. T. Hughs ? pent last week with his
family. He returned to White, Ga.,
Tho Richland Presbyterian choir mot
at the homo of Mr. aud Mrs. T. B.
Wyley Sunday afternoon, where they on
joyod singing.
Ed. Foster, Jr., lenves this week for
Miss Henrietta Vernor delightfully en
tertained a few of ber friends on Wednes
day evening with a danoo.
On last evening Mr. and Mrs. 101.
Foster gave, at their borne, a most en
joyable pound party. Those present woro
Misses Henrietta and Pearle Vernor,
Ada, Janie and Cora Wyley, Marion Coo,
Lillie, Mary, C ci aid inn and Amy Hughs,
Maria and Sue Dendy, Cornelia Pickett,
?sallie, Julia and Myrtie Davis, Cornelia
Foster and Zola Hubbard; Charlie Vor
nor, Byrd, Stokes and Deo Wyley, Hay
den Coe, James, Henry and Harry Hughs,
Haskell Dendy, Paul bligh, .loo and Mon
roe McDonald, Doun Davis, Edgar Shank
lin, Ed. Foster, Jr., and Grove and Jesse
Hubbard. Numerous games wore played.
Great enthusiasm was aroused when
tickots were circulated for votes to bo
cast for tho most popular bollo aud
beau. Tho tickets woro counted in fa
vor of Miss Marion Coo and Harry
[Hughs. Kach received a valuable prize.
The less unpopular wore consoled at
the dining table. *
News from Mount Pleasant.
Mount Pleasant, Octobor 22.-Rev. W.
J. Spearman preached an Interesting
sermon at the arbor Sunday.
II. E. Morgan has gouo to Andorson to
moko it hia homo for the next few
Misses Evie and Ada Harbin, Mattio
Timos and Louise Land wero tho wol
conio guests of Miss Macio Lommons
last Sunday.
Ciando Hanvoy and wife wore tho
guests of Pot Bruco mid family Sunday.
Milton Harbin spent Mondny night
with his father-in-law, M. C. Lommons.
K. D. Bren/.oalo and wife, of Pleasant
Grove, visited tho family of Frank Mar
tin rccontly. M. M.
W??> - - --
Blows Off Top ol His Head.
Anderson, Ootobor 21.-A tlfteon-year
old boy, by tho namo of Redmond, killed
bimsolf accidentally this afternoon with
a shotgun, near the Riverside Mills, in
tho suburbs of this city. Redmond was
hunting with two smaller boys and bad
shot a bird, and while tho boys bad gono
a'U r it, his gun was discbargod, blowing
tho toil of Ids 1.ead Ott.
Westi taster, October 28.-Geo. C.
Brown i d Miss Ti md a Haley, both of
Hoystou, 4a., were married at the resi
dence of ?. S. Hniey, of Westminster,
on Octobot 19th nt 0 :U) p. m, Kev. J. I.
Spinks, pasU - of tbo Methodist church,
dabo Davis, K n of Mr. and Mrs. Duram
Davis, aged aim, * 14 years, died in the
Poe Mill village at Greenville on Satur
day. His body was 'Tougbt to West
minster Sunday on No. "*o and interred
in tho Davis burying grout. 1 on Monday.
Mr. Davis aud family bad bo?. ' living in
Greenville just two months prv lous to
the death of their sou.
L. L. Jarrnrd, Esq., of Fair Pla) ^ad
a narrow osuapo ou Saturday. Ho \ .8
riding to Westminster on a wagon loader
with cotton and when near tho residence
of M. N. Mitchell Mr. Jarrard was
thrown from tho vehiclo and one of tho
bales foll on him, crushing bis body to
tho earth. At first it was thought that
ho was seriously hurt, but on Monday
we learned ho waa resting easy. Mr.
Jarrard will be confined to hiB room
several days.
Ten cents per pound for cotton is too
tempting for the farmers to hold. Quite
a lot of it has boen unloaded during the
past woek.
Enoch Harris, a highly respected col
ored man, died at his home on C. E. O.
Mitchell's plantation, on Ootober 12,
aged about 45 years. He was a member
of the Baptist church. He was also a
Mason. The cause of his death was
fever. On Ootober 17, five days later,
Eva Harris, bis wife, diod with the samo
disease. They leave ten obildren. Tho
bodies of Harris and bis wife were in
terred in St. Matthew's cemetery, funeral
services hoing conducted by Hov. W. S.
The regular annual mooting of tho
stockholders of the Cheswell Cotton Mill
Company was bold at tho office of tho
company at Westminster on October
19tb. Nino hundred and seventy-two
shares of the total one thousand shares
were represented In person and by proxy.
The following board of directors wore
elected: W. E. Cheswell, II,C. Fleitman,
Campbell Courtenay, Richard J. White,
Henry R. Heist, C. B. Foreman and G.
W. Gigrdlliat. After the meeting of the
stockholders tho new board of directors
met and elected the following officers:
W. E. Cheswell, president and general
manager; Campbell Courtenay, trea
surer; M. P. Smitb, secretary. Tho
president's report to the stock holders
shows the affairs of the mill to be in a|
most satisfactory condition.
Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Mulkoy, Mrs. F. W.
Cannon, Misses Nannie Terrell, Sallio
Dickson, Eva Reeder, Clara Hunt, Lossie
Woolbrigbt; Andrew Norris and S. E.
Ervin wore among tho visitors to Atlanta
during last week.
J. H. Woolbrigbt, of Greenville, was
in Westminster Sunday and Monday.
Mr. Woolbrigbt works for Fabnostock
Ht os. A. !.. Cosset t.
Full of Tragic Meanlug
Aro these lines from J. H. Simmons, of
Casey, Ta. Think of what might have
resulted from his terrible cough if he
bad not taken the medicino about which
ho writes: "I bad a fearful cough that
disturbed my night's rest. I tried every
thing, but nothing would relieve it, until
I took Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, which
completely cured me." Instantly relieves
and permauontly cures all throat and
lung diseases; prevents grip and pneu
monia. At all drug stores; guaran
teed; 50c and $1. Trial bottle freo.
News (rom Townville.
Mrs. Hariet Eaves, of Nashville, after
an extended visit to friends and relatives,
has ret urned homo.
Misses Mamie and Lula Gantt, from
Hroyles, wore tho guests of Mrs. W. A.
Dickson Sunday.
Miss Varina Smith bas gone to At
lanta to spend a while.
Miss Doro Wootton is at homo again
after a pleasant visit to relativos in
J. W. McCarley and J. W. Dickson aro
entertaining little strangers at their
Cadets Scott and Bruce, from Clemson
College, spent Sunday with friends at
this placo.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. P. Woolbrigbt wont
to tho quartorly meeting at Mt. Olivo
Saturday and Sunday.
J. W. Shirley and family wont to At
lanta to tho fair last woek.
Tho quarterly conforenco was hold
with tho Methodist church Saturday and
Misses Willie May Bolt and Clara
Hunt visited relativos in Atlanta last
week and also tho fair and spent Satur
day with rolativos in Westminster.
Miss Lizzie Bruco bas gone to tako
charge of tho school at Neville.
Mr. Wright and Miss Hattio Wright,
from Fair Flay, attended services hero
Sunday. i,. n. 0,
A Cream of T;
free fro m ali
Seneca, October 24.-We wish to re
mind the theatre going public that ou
next Friday evening, the 27th instant,
thore will be given thom tho rarest op
portunity to see a really first class enter
tainment that has evor been afforded
boro, when "Human Hoarts" will be
presented. Tho very fact that it will bo
givon in Columbia Thursday night, tho
most popular night of fair wook, is sulti
eicnt proof of its excellence Our effi
cient mauager of tho opera house, 6. C.
liouedict, was enabled to secure tho
company by moro chanco, as it wore,
Friday hoing an uff night with it, as the
next presentation will bo in Birmingham
on Saturday night. We think inasmuch
as our people gouorally have vory limited
opportunity to soe really llrst-class
operas, that they will tako advantage of
this and seo "Human 1 lea ts." The Co
lumbia papers speak in the highest terms
of it, tho followiug hoing a clipping from
The State:
"Good plays, like good wine, improvo
with age. This is certainly truo of tbat
marvelously successful melodrama, "Hu
man Hearts," which Manager Xanker
ville offers for tho ten t h yoar. Tho com
pany to bo seen iu tho play this season
comprises nil of last year's favorites, and
wherever a part could bo improved upon
the change has boon made, and lt is
promised that never before has this beau
tiful play been so well prosontod. "Hu
man Hearts" giveB a pure, wholesome
lesson that touches tho benrt-strings in
tho pathetic ssenes nud excites the risi
bilities in tho humorous ones. The pa
thos and comedy aro so well blendod that
the audience is ill tears one moment
and convulsed with laughter the next.
Tho scouic equipment will be perfect in
ovory detail, so it is said, and tho man
agement has dono everything possible to
secure a llrst-class performauco.
Tile admission feo to "Human Hoarts"
will i an;'," from 25 couts to $1.
Tho Wild Wost Show is also booked
for Friday. Tho concern seems to bo
well advertised, and will be a tent per
formance. Tho small boy is happy over
tho coming of a show with tho Wild
West element, and no doubt a uumbor of
grown up small boys will bo induced by
"clash of band and din of drum" to j
patronize tho Wild West Show.
lt is said that before many moons
wedding hells will again ring in Seneca.
Tho Once-a-Week Club hold its last
meeting With Mrs. Luke Vernor. This
progressive club is doing splendid work
on the stanly of German litera'tue.
Broaching in the Mothodist churc'
next Sunday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Mis. T. E. Dickson, Miss lue?, and Mas
ter Ted, aro spouding the winter in Co
lumbia. Their many frionds boro regret
thoir temporary absence from Soneca,
but wish for them a pleasant stay in tho
Capital City.
Mrs. Buskin Andorsou's frionds rogrot
to know of hor indisposition tho past
wook, as also tho sickness of her baby
boy, Will. They aro hotter now.
J. G. Hoff's new residonco is going up
nicely, and, when finished, will boa most
attraotivo ono.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Holland aro also
erecting a new residonco in tho western
part of town. The stylo is cottage, but
is hoautifully and conveniently arranged,
and will bc an ornament to that portion
of town.
Bov. C. Wardlaw and family have
moved to thoir cottage home on Town
villo street.
J. S. Arrington is planning a pretty
and convenient home on Town ville st ree' ,
which makes the fourth rosidunco on
that block on this street.
Mrs. Clarkson's frionds aro glad to
know that sbo is bettor, after a painful
attack of neuralgia.
Mrs. H. J. Gignilliat is also numborod
among our sick, whoso frionds are
plonsed to know that sho is bottor.
Littlo Tom Burgess is not doing so
well as his frionds would wish, but his
physician thinks that his symptoms aro
hotter and that with tho cool weather be
will improvo.
J. A. Wilson will opon a harbor shop
in the Balmotto Houso.
Cotton has been literally pouring into
sly Pure
artar Powder
imor phos
town this week, giving a stirring busi
ness air to the square. v 4
We understand that the notion of the
town council a few weeks ago in regard
to extending tho park foneo through the
square and thereby cutting off the possi
bility of using the public reservation as
a wagou yard, is being severely criticised.
Wo, of course, expected this, but we
hopo the council will remember that the
st reniions kicks only prove moro effectu
ally tho very trouble that thoy (the
council) oro striving to remedy. Lot'B
have "Equal rights to all and special
privileges to none."
The family of H. L. Lowery bas re
turned to Mississippi, including their : t
tractive guests, Misses Ward and Stead
. Rev. M. R. Kirkpatrick is away in at
tendance upon Synod and other poi nt s.
Dr. and Mrs D. P. Thompson aro ho
ing congratulated upou tho advent of a
fine young son, who arrivod bore at the
homo of bis grandmother, Mrs. 0. K.
Livingston, last w*ek.
Our milliners displayed at their open
ing hist week beautiful and stylish lines
of millinery which were viewed by large
numbers of our town pooplo and friends
from the country. Styles and colorings
were nover prettier, and tho grade of
millinery here is far in advance of the
place, and our friends do not now feel
the necessity of patronizing larger towns
for this line of dress.
We are pleased to noto tho arrival of
au estimable cit i/.en of Spartanburg
comity, who comes to cast his lo with
us, Cuttiuo Smith, who is with J <hn L.
Mcwhoi ter for tho season.
I Miss May Cherry is on an oxtonded
visit to friends in Atlauta and Birming
Kev. C. Ward law preached a stirring
sermon last Sabbath at tho llaptist
chm ch. using as a subject for the dis
course the misuse of intoxicating drinks.
We wished that tho audience bad boen
many times over ita size, as the season
aud time for such a sermon wero most
opportune. M. v. s.
Fight Starts in Abbeville.
Tho McCormick Messenger says: A
petition, asking Supervisor Nickels to
order an election on tho question of
"Dispensary" or "No Dispensary" in
Abbeville county, wan circulated in Mc
Cormick last Monday, and all to whom it
wns presented signed it, with tho oxcop
tion of four or live who declined for vori
our reasons. Similar petitions will bo
gotten up at other places, and if tho
temperance sentiment is as strong
throughout tho county ns nt this pre
cinct nu election will bo ordered, and we
believe the dispensary will bo votod out
in Abbeville county.
Disastrous Wind Sweeps Great Lakes.
Chicago, October "20.-The storm which
last night ami to-day swept over Northern
Lake Michigan, Lako Huron and Lnko
Ki ie, was ono of the most sovore in re
cent years. As far as roturns are ob
tainable to-night 1U vessels havo boen
completely wrecked and 12 to 15 others
moro or less severely damaged. Twelve
lives are known to have boon lost, and as
tho galo on Southern Lake Huron and
Lake Krio is still blowing fiercely to
night it is feared that othor losses, both
of lifo and prope?i,y, will bo reported.
Lynching in Kentucky.
London, Ky., Octobor 23.-Virgil How
ers, a negro, WOB taken out of tho county
jail bore by n mob ono night last weok
and hanged to a tree on the road leading
to Karbourville. Howers shot aud killerl
(Joorgo Ferris, a prominent and wealthy
Knox county lumber d. aler, on tho night
of August 26. The mnrderor was tried
by a Kain el county jury oarly last wook,
but the jury disagrcod. A seoond trial
by a jury brought from Kock Castle ron
dered a verdict for a life sontonco, aftor
ton jurors had voted for hanging.

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