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Cfrc jileo lu ec dEoui iei.
- BY
H. T. JATNKH, I - .,"", 1 I). A. HMITH
4. W. sn KI.nu. i Kl>A- 1 1 1 B8, I J. A. HTKCK
?'*7 " Communications of a personal
oharaoter charged for as advertisement*.
By Obituary notices aud tributos of
respect, of not over one hundred words,
will be ju i nt cd free of charge. All over
that number must be paid for at the rate
Of one cent a word. Cash to acoompany
How a Night Oporator Taught an Insect Dots
and Dashes-Prevented a Wreck.
I ( lias. C. lloyd, in Columbia Stato.]
"I note with unfeigned pleasure
that ono of the groat railways of the
country has recently dived far down
into it? overalls and fished out tho
price of a college diploma as reward
for a North Carolina maiden who
some lime ago stood on thc bank of
a swollen mountain stream over
which tile bridge had been swept
away by the maddened torrent, nod
saved a passenger train loaded with
human freight, from dashing into tho
yawning gap by waving a red petti
coat high above her bared hoad-a
signal that caught the watchful engi
neer's eye and caused tho driver of
the iron horse to slap on the air and
bring his charge to a dead Btop on
tho brink of what must have been a
watery grave for many score of trav
elers," said Chester Rockhill, i mi
ning his nervouB digits through his
disheveled bush.
"Of course, this magnanimous act
on tlie part of tho mushy-hearted
corporation naturally evokes gushing
words of approval," continued the
speaker, crossing Iiis legs and gazing
intently into the anxious physiog
niony of his auditor, "but the lynx
eyed management of tim arrow?
pierced monogram hasn't always
coughed up kopeks to preventers of
wrecks on its line. Hut theo, I'm
not throwing any kicks, for the caso
I have in mind just now bas never
been piped to the men behind tho
jingle tank-hence no shafts of criti
cism eau justly be burled at the in
nocent heads of the unknowing high
ups. They can't be blamed because
the savior ol' a hundred lives eon
signed to their keeping went to his
death uncrowned and sleeps in a spot
unmarked by marble slab; for bis
identity bas never been reveal.-I.
True, a university education wool !
have been about as useless to him an
knives and forks are to native born
Chinamen ; still had ho been known
at tho time bis cunning averted a
frightful catastrophe, tho deafening,
generous plaudits of a charitable and
semi-appreciative public would have
. lone the ding-dong in bis ears, jarred
his supersensitive nerves and has
tened tho coming of his mundane
"What was bis patronymic?"
asked the listener.
"Didn't have any."
"What ! Such a hero without a
"Oh, yes ; he had a single name,
all right, all right."
"What was it?"
".loe ! Was that all ?"
?Yes ; .loe-ll.at was all."
"( hld name for a man "
"Ile wasn't a tuan."
"Ah, I see ; a mere boy."
"No, be wasn't a bb)
"A woman, lin n ?"
"No, lu? wasn't a woman."
".Must have been a girl, eh ?"
"No, bo wasn't a yiri, either."
"Well, what was he ?"
"A cricket."
"A cricket !"
"Yes, sir; just a poor, little, inof
fensive South Carolina cricket.''
"An ordinary hearthstone cricket ?"
"A hearthstone cricket, yes ; but
not an ordinary one-no, not by
several 'centimetres."
"And pray tell me how a cricket
ever prevented a railroad wreck and
saved a hundred lives?"
.?Well, it was in this way," ie
turned Rook hill, refilling h is clay
pulfer and throwing his trotters
across the OXOhange table that stood ?
between os :
"FifteOn years ago I was night'
telegraph operator at Winnsboro,
S. C., for the Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta railroad, now an im
portant division of the Southern
system. Tho telegraph office was in
the passenger station, which was
located in an otlicc building in tho
heart of the business section of thc
town. Tho ticket room, express
room, baggage room, waiting room,
telegraph room and mail room were
all in one. A large tireplaco fur
nished heat in the winter for tho
whole layout.
"There was but little doing aftor
dark in the Fairfield county metropo
lis, and after the day ticket agent,
telegraph operator, baggage agent,
express agent, intelligence bureau,
etc., a courteous gentleman named
Skinner, left the place at dusk, thc
clock hands moved as slow as a
United States Senate committee in
vestigating tho caso of a Mormon
member of the upper branch of thc
National Congress. Barring an oc
casional visit from tho lone police
man, Gilbert, who guarded the slum
bering little city, 1 had but few be
tween-suns callers, and the pages of
my nootuary were filled mostly with
anecdotes related by the puritanical
"Ono night, while I was alone and
all was quiet as a cemetery, save the
ticking of the big time-piece that
hung on tho wall, and tho every
nowland*then clicking of the tele
graph instruments, when some ope
rator along the lino reported the
arrival or departure of a train to the
dispatcher at Columbia, I wa? at
tracted by what seemed at the timo
to bo the jumbled echo of Morse
telegraph characters emanating from
the vicinity of tho fireplace. This
kept up for several nights, and to
give tho acoustics a fair test, 1 would
open the telegraph key on one of
the wires and make a lot of letters
and then listen for tho echo. Not
all of the characters resounded at
first, the letter 'e' being the only one
that came distinct-that letter being
the shortest one in the Morse alpha
bet. After a week's time I was able
to get tho echo from such letters as
4g' and H' and 'h.' Thou I com
menced on tho tWO-lottor system. I
would make the combination ?Ja1 a
dozen times, and the hearthstone
would answer 'Ja.' But when I
went near the fireplace to investigate,
a mausoleum stillness would creep
over the room. 1 was puzzled, and
laid thc ease before Policeman (fil
bert and his brother officer, McMas
ter, to ferret out, but after a week of
study and watching the minions
threw up their bands and said they
were slumped.
"Finally I observed that frequent
chirruping under the hearth when
tho telegraph instruments were not
busy, bad the same tone as tho echo
of the Morse signals. This goaded
my thinkery, and I nursed a notion
in my noodle that all the noise was
being made by a cricket, ami this
conception was confirmed before
many more nights went by.
"Having noted that the grylua was
already possessed of a rudimentary
smattering of telegraphy as a result
of bis place of abode in the dark re
cesses of the hearthstone, where ho
could hear the sounders clicking day
and night, and believing be had a
thirst to know things, 1 determined
to teach him the entire alphabet, and
found in him an apt student. In a
few weeks the little, black orthop
tcran had thoroughly mastered every
detail. Ile had learned all the let
ters and ligures and punctuation
marks, so that when 1 would talk to
him on tho instrument ho would re
peat back in inimitable .Morse, every
character by rubbing tho basal parts
of the veins of his Iront wings to
gether. Later, tho cricket grow
tame and would venture from bis
habitation and come over and stay
Oil my table or sit for many hours tit
a lime on a plug in the switchboard.
I gave him -ligar and tender, young
mosquitoes to eat and christened him
"Ofttimes, during the dead hours,
doe would wait until I had finished
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system, and produces
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheu
matism, Sollow Skin and Piles.
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common diseases than DR. TUTT'S
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Take No Substitute.
I Sending bim several soutenues before
he began repeating, ami then the
dots and dashes eame with auch rap
idity as to severely tax my brain to
translate and follow him ; but this
was tho exception rather than the
rule, for he generally repented the
words at the same speed as they
were transmitted to him. Ile soon
reached that stage of proficiency
where he could repeat train orders
i and seemed to appreciate fully thoir
I importance, being always particular
! not to omit a letter or a figure that
I the dispatcher had sent.
"Of course, Cricket Joe couldn't
j manipulate the telegraph key. He
! had to rest content to listen at what
. was made by the operators on the
1 wire and then, by creating a friction
! between his front wings, disseminate
I the stored-up letters and words, imi
tating the sounder with ?nicety only
1 approached by the most expert
: telegrapher.
j "I used to send entire chapters out
?of the Bible to Cricket Joe for our!
' mutual delectation and be repeated
, the Scripture with evident and un
mistakable pious regard. He was
passionately fond of the Holy Writ,
and seemed particularly impressed
with proverbs, delighting lo repeat!
at odd moments from that book, bis!
favorite quotations being 8-88, 9-11 j
'and 10-SLD.
"One morning I left my office
earlier than usual and went to my
room in tho Duval Hotel to go to
bcd. I hadn't been asleep half an
hour when I was awakened by hear
ing my office telegraph call-'Wu.'
This was repeated probably a hun
dred times in quick succession and
was followed with the numbers '81*
the train order wiro signal. The
office call and the train order signal
were supplemented with the plead
ing 'For God's sake answer." I
located the clicking at my chamber
window and made answer by striking
the iron couch with a twenty-dollar
gold piece, and thu next instant I
heard the request: "Stop No. 78.'
"At that my blood almost froze in
the veins. I knew that No. 73 was
tho Florida Limited, and growing
apprehensive of impending disaster,
j I threw on ray clothes and dashed,
barefoot, across the street to the pas
senger depot, reaching the telegraph
office just in tim? to drop the sema
phore ann to red and stop No. 73,
winch was then in sight, coming
down the track at a speed of 50 miles
I an hour. The conductor hadn't got
on the ground to inquire what was
wrong before the headlight of a
northbound special showed up in tho
yard a quarter of a mile away. The
special was fairly scorching thc
i wind, but the read light spelt danger,
[ and the engineer succeeded in bring
ing his train to a standstill with the
nose of the locomotive's cowcatcher
rubbing against that of the south
I bound limited.
"The dispatcher bad been calling
me all this time for dear life and
: Cricket Joe's wings were work
ing overtime. The crews came in
thc office, got clearance cards and
ten seconds after were hurrying to
their destinations. The passengers
were not awakened and never knew
what a (dose call they had had, they
1 never knew that they had been saved
from terrible death by a Palmetto
Slate cricket; they never knew that
the operator at Ridgeway went to
sleep and failed to Hag down the
northbound special and give it a new
meet order, while tho operator at
Blaokstock was wide awake and de
livered a duplicate order to the
Florida limited to go on to (lockton
-a point between Winnsboro and
I?idgewav - where it would pass the
special, instead of meeting it at
Winnsboro, as previous!) ordered to
When the man ai Ridgeway woko
up he told tho dispatcher that the
special had gotten by without the
mr s. The dispatcher knew now
that there v>- but one way to pre
vent a death harvest through a head
cm collision bet ween the two last
trains-and that was to get Winns
boro to slop the licet limited. The
dispatcher called and called and
called, but there was no response,
for I was in bed fast asleep. But
('ricket doe was roosting on tho re
lay spring and beard tho train order
signal. He heard the dispatcher at
Columbia say, for God's sake, an
swer,' and 'Stop No. 7:;.' Ho planted
all of it in bis trusty wings and
squeezing himself through the sta
tion door keyhole, made his way to
my window, where he woko mo with
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the office call and repeated all he had
"Next day I carried Joe lots of
nice things to eat for his dejeuner
and we oontinned fast friends until
the minute of his sad and untimely
"How did he meet his end?"
"Ho was sitting one cloudy night)
on the topmost cross-arm of the
office telegraph pole, watching for an
extra freight train for which I had
orders, when a pitiless holt of light
ning struck the wires nearby and a
hugo globo of green fire, seeking the
ground through the Winnsboro
switchboard, struck Joe as it passed
into the station und killed him."
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