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^^Vestminster, October 80. - Chea. J.
(??lkoy ia now ibo uight telegraph opera
^pr at this placo.
T. D. Poore visited Anderson Issn
Edgar Hiott, a postal dork running
between Atlanta and Greensboro, was in
town for a tew boors Monday.
Farmers in need of bluestraw seed
wheat, can be supplied by \V. M. Gossolt.
J. t). Wynn, of near Westminster,
visited relatives in Columbia last week
and intended the annual State fair.
Miss Addie 11 lott, of Pi-jkens, visited
relatives ami friends hero last week.
Rev. .1. I. Spinks preached at Kock 1
Springs last Sunday murnini? sud in thu
New Baptist elini ron at Westminster ou
Sunday night.
S. V. Bowell has associated himself
with A. Ii. Dillard in thu meat maikot.
Rov. A. P. Marett closed a good meet
ing at tho Old Westminster Baptist,
church hud Saturday. There were
twelve additions. The ordinance of bap
tism was administered to seven on sun
day morning. Mr. Marett did not havu
any assistance in these services.
The West minster Graded School Is
running mnputhly and a hiirb grade of
work io being insisted upon by 'all
teachers. Tho pupils aro gradually com
ing up to the requirements. In ordor to
be placed on the honor roll it requires a
general avorago of 05 per cent on all
jf, studios, including punctuality, attend
' ance and deportment. The requirement
is higher than any provious session. Be
low is tho honor roll for the month of
First Grade-Lillian Broazealc, Marion
Pitts, Nora Cox, Dora Freemau, Sam
Miss Katie E. Harris, Toaoher.
Second Grade-LUOIOIIB England, Gus
Smithson, Annie Bell Watkins, Cora
Holmes, Agnes Orr, Ila Wilson, Basie
Phillips, Andrey Holley, Emily Stab
ling, Hattie Simpson, Paul Ballongor,
Rosa Leo Wilson, Mario Losly, Julia
Dickerson, Paulino Miller. Paul Bal
lenger, Nora Barker, Fowler Spinks.
Third Grado-Emma Smith, Jessio Tau
nery, Alfred Dorn, Tera Bello Spinks,
Freoman Dearden, ('ara Marett.
Miss Annie Olardy, Toachor.
Fourth (Jrado-Alice St ri bl i mr, Robbie
Simpson, William Anderson. Fifth Grade
-Mary lian ell, Maida Watkins, Grace
Miss Bertha G. Davis, Teacher.
Sixth (irado-Eddie Piekons, Allen
Norris, Ada Simpson, Freddie Pickons,
Fred, /immerman, Augusta Smithson.
Sovnth (irado-Sno Perkins, Bena Har
roll, M ?tmit? Wynne, Bessie Simpsuu,
Myrtle Zimmer mun, Leila Martin, Mary
simpsou, Kleiner Tannery, Henry
Cowan, Walter Ballan ger. Frmk Atirier
s 'ii, Lee Sti ibling, Blanche Monea, Hugh
Misa Almurta Sprent. Teaohe?\
Eighth Gr-?le- Koa telle Thornt?m,
' PP R?; (Jussi.- Mat nu. 90. M J M ny Reeder.
? 00 3:5: Anni?? Miller, ?7 88; Laura Smith
I Hon, OD?ll; llorn-uso Jones. Od; Beaulali
McDonald. 96: ld ? Martin, Od; Ada Ma
I mit, 0?.44. Ninth Grade-Lucile Zim
merman, 00 88; Sarah Anderson, 00 KS;
Mandu Simpson, 00 88; .let Martin,
00.87. M. E. Bro n.
Superintendent HUI) . eher.
The enrollment has greatly increased
during the mont tl of October and Prof.
Brockman and his able assistants are do
ing a good work.
Miss Maude Stribling, who graduated
at Winthrop College in June, and there
fore has a life license to tench in any of
tho publie, schools in the Stat", bas be
gun the wi-ter scission ?if rho Hopewell
school. Tho trustees ha vu engaged a
competent teacher and with to continue,
their school until next May- So ttiat
tile children of their district will be as
rapidly advanced in their studies as any
iu the State.
J. M. Durham and sister, Miss Ada,
visited Greenville last. week.
Hov. J. J. Harrell has returned from a
visit, to North Carolina.
The members of the Old Westminster
Baptist church have called Rev. 8. A.
McDaniel to preach for ?hem lu 1000.
Tho following are buying cotton at
Westminster this season : W. S. Haley,
('haswell Cotton Mill, W. E. Mason, .1. &
J S Carter and Louis H Carey.
After a sojourn of several months in
the lower part of the State, Prof. J. A.
Durham returned homo last Friday. He
has boen teaching singing schools and
singing in revival meetings during the
summer months. A. L. Gossott.
Bilious Attack Quickly Cured.
A few weeks ago I had a bilious attack
that was so sovoro I was not able to go tc
tho ?frico for two days Failing to gol
relief from my family physician's treat
ment, I took throe of Chamberlain'!
Stomach and Live.- Tablets and the next
day I felt like a i?ow man.-IL C. Bailey
editor of the Nows, Chap?n, S. C. These
tablets are for sah? hy J. W. Bell, Wal
halla; W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Almost the entire population of Rle
Grande City, Texas, was poisoneel Ol
last Sunday hy eating "preserved" ??ya
tera. Forty persons were made seriously
ill. Ministers and city offloiills ur?
among the stricken.
Seneoa, Ootober 81.-T?e friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ashe are delighted
wilb tbe probability that they will locato
in Seneca permanently. Mr Asho is
witli tb? Seneca Pharmacy for tho pres
ent und their uumerolia ft hinds hopo
they may *sco their w.?y clear to reside
permanently h<-re
A tai ge lepiesetitativo audience wit
nessed a tine show, Human Hearts, at
thu opera house last Friday evening,
pi o vi ng conclusively the taste of the
community for first-class opera There
was a hit of risk on the part of tho man
agement on account the unusual price
ot thu affair ? hut it was gratify mir to see
the evident appreciation of the effort, by
tho public, there being counted in the
large lllplteuoe citiz-ns who have not
been seen in thu opera houso this season.
Thu malinger, (?. (.'. Benedict, ulllrms
that he intends maintaining a good repu
tation for thu houso, even at a ltsk of
losing money. Such a spirit deserves
and will doubtless receive thu support of
our theater-going people.
In striking contrast to Human Hearts
comes this week Tho Beggar Prince,
which is billed for Thursday night.
The engagement is the most notable om
it? comi? opera that has heou effected
thin season, the company requiring a
large guarantee for one performance.
Tho company is headed by Miss Ktta
Morris, soprano and comedienne, and
popularly known to patrons of light
opera. "Sammy Girls," "Tho Noble
Fireman," etc., will be presented during
the play, with thu latest lightning effects.
Catchy music pretty dances and amus
ing dialogue will no doubt delight a
largo audience.
To-night in the parlors of the Palmetto
House will be giveu a most delightful
affair by Gossippors' Club, tho invita
tions tO Which keenly suggest ghosts,
hobgoblins, etc. The large handsome
rooms will be decorated in lavish keep
ing with the hallowe'en season, and the
ret re>li men I s and gailles will partake of
tho same nature. Seneca society will be
out en musso, the fair contingent ap
Eearing on costume. Everything, the
ear fact iutleed that the affair is under
thc auspices of thu aforesaid manage
ment, hosp. iks a successful- and delight
ful occasioi
Dr. J. S. Stabling has bought tho
property ou Fair Play street known as
tho (Jamak lots. Ho will Improve the
proporty and reside thereupon.
We regret to chronicle the sickness of
master William Buggs, who has been ill
from an attack of croup. There havo
boon several cases of this dread disease
incident to babyhood.
The State Fair, the Piediuout Fair and
the Atlanta Fair have each attracted a
share of our fair-going peuple. A num
ber of (bern are planning to tah" io the
ti s ti vi ties at Greenville thia week.
Mri?. Luke W. Venter returned from
(?loenville last night, where ?ho baa
been with Mr. Veruer since bia accident
hiHt week. In riding <>ut .Buncombe
nt icel toward the lair grounds he was
run Into by the street ear and waa in
consequence considerably shaken up.
Ho is able now, however, to be out.
Some of our (lower gardons aro show
ing up beautifully now- with their wealth
of late roses and chrysanthemums.
Among our citizens who are showing
exquisite specimens of the latter we note
those of E P. Earle, M. Stokes Stabling
and Mts. ?I. G. Hull'
. Mis. IiHtira W. Bates, our capable
music, teacher, is arranging a recital by
her class,, which will be given to thu
public sometime in November. She will
be assisted by our talented elocution
teacher, Miss Willie ('berry, and her
class. The occasion will bring together
tho patrons and friends of these two
branches of high art and will doubtless
be a dolight/ul ono.
Mrs. Manigault, of Charleston, la tho
guest of ber sister, Miss May Thompson,
at thu Palmetto House. M. V. s.
Mail's Unreasonableness
Is often as great as woman's. But Thos.
S. Ansi in, manager of the "Republican,"
ot Leavenworth, Ind., was not unreason
able wbeu he refused to allow tho doc
tors to operate on his wife for female
trouble. '"Instead," he says, "we con
cluded to try Elootrio Bitters. My wife
was thou so sick she could hardly leave
her bed, and ti ve (f>) physicians bad failed
to relievo her. After taking Electrio
Bitters she was poi feet ly cured, and can
now perform all her household duties."
Guaranteed by all druggists, prico 50o.
Conneross News Gatherings.
Conneross, October 81.-School will
open at. Conneross on Monday, Novem
ber 18, Prof. N. W. Macaulay in charge.
M rs. Ettie Jatfersou is quito sick at bur
Mrs. Ethel Loathors is visiting at her
grandmother's, Mrs Adair.
Joe Dil worth entertained a number of
bis friends at ?1 birthday party recently.
The Sunbeam Club were marshaled
together and chaperoned by Mrs. Hess
recently and did excellent work in a sick
neighbor's cotton Held. The ohildron
only need some one to go bof tro and
they found it in Mrs. H. J. floss,
magnanimous act this. .M.
The Absolutely Pure
Baking Powder
Made of Tream of Tartar, and
Free From Ak m or Phosphatid Acid
Royal Baking Powder renders bread, biscuit, cake
and all flour foods finer and more healthful.
Baking powders made from alum, phosphates and other
harsh, caustic acids arc lower in price, but they are injurious to
the stomach.
" The injurious effect of alum on the mucous coat of the
stomach is positive and beyond dispute ; it is both an irritant
and an astringent. The use of alum in any article of food or
article used in the preparation of food should be prohibited.'*
JOHN C WISE, M.D.. Medical Inspector, U. S. Nary.
T. J. Gibson bas boon arrosted, accord-J
big to Columbia papers, on a warrant .
charging bim with disposing of certain
of tho $15,?)00 worth of State bonds, tho
scnsat H mal misappropriation of which
was recently discovorod and which lod to
tho arrest ol' li. Zimmerman. Mr. Gib
son is an agod broker, and ho claims that
in that capacity ho handles bonds of
all kinds and is thoroforo innocent of
any complicity in tho alleged fraudulent
transaction. Ho bas given bond.
Shoriff .Stegall, of Bainbridge, Ga.,
died Sunday morning, October 20th,
from wounds received from Gus Good
man, tho nogro. who bad killed a woman
and who shot tho sheriff while resisting
arrest. Goodman was subsequently
taken by a mob and banged to a polo for
tho murder of tho woman and tho sheriff.
rtlAmhprlnin'n Co,lc- Cholera ana
Vnamneriain S Diarrhoen Remedy.
Never fails. Buv H now. It may save life.
Magnificent Opportunity
On next MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 1905, immediately after the Public Sales, some of
Most Desirable Lots i ri Anderson, vS. C.
will be sold at Auction. This will give the young men of this and surrounding counties an opportunity to
make an absolutely safe investment, that is sure to rapidly enhance in value.
This same property Has increased in value
;ased in value
Over 500 per cent During the Last Twenty Years.
>rtunity to those who taite advantage of it. You cannot lose 1
This is a money-maRin? opportunity to those who taKe advantage of it. You cannot lose by purchasing a Lot at this sale. Real
Upstate is the safest investment, and Anderson is the safest place.
Young men can secure lots in the most prosperous and progressive city in the South without missing the money-the terms are
so favorable. It is better than putting your money in life insurance to be used in the interest of political parties.
V)he Wardiaw Property, on South Main street, has been subdivided into
^BSR?-^ Eighty-Seven Beautiful Building 1 /vfre -
All fronting on Desirable Residence Streets. Many of these lots front on the Electric Car Line.
Mr. J. H. Adams, of Seneca, saw the opportunity to buy this splendid property, and seized it, at a great bargain. He is now
able to offer young men
Save your money and make it bring you big returns by putting it into a lot in Anderson at this sale. ,
? ?
Next Monday, November 6th, Immediately After the Public Sales in Anderson, S. G
Gen. A. J. West, of Atlanta, Ga., has been engaged as Auctioneer. Those who cannot attend the sale should call on Mr.
Adams, at Seneca, and get a plat of these lots, and have some friend bid for them.
TITLES ARE PERFECT.^Terms : One-Third Cash ; balance in one and two years at 7 per cent interest.
This is a rare and absolutely safe chance to get

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