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By Jayne?, Shelor, Smith & Steck.
New Series No. 503-Volume LVIII.-No. 50?
on Stars,
so Can You,
Maybe you have been wearing Shoes that hurt,
burned and blistered your feet. There is no occasion
for you to do that now, for we have shoes made for your
feet that will be a comfort at all times. These shoes
are " STAR BRAND," made in St. Louis by ROB
Company owns and operates ten big specialty fac
tories that have a daily capacity of 52,000
pairs of good shoes. Think of it-ten big fac
tories. More people are "Walking on Stars" every
day, that is why the demand increases so rapidly. The
sooner you get these Shoes, the sooner you will know
New Fall Stock!
Broad Cloths, Silks, Panamas, Voiles, ropllnettes, tirst-clnss line of
Shirt Waists, Under Skirts, Corset Covors, Gowns, eto.
Best lino of MEN'S CLOTHING I havo ever carried. Also, BOYS'
SUITS, Men's and Boys' Odd Pant?,
SHOES-Men's, Ladies' and Children's
, ? Nothing eq?Als our "Ladios' Soft Shoos for Tender Kjet." Ono
" ' pair will convlnco you. . . .
OF NOTIONS, and nuoh Artiolos as are
usually kopt in a first-class Dry Goods Store.
< - i -
CW. Pitchi ordCo.,
If you want to hold your Cotton, why not Insure
it? I am now -prepared to Insure your Cotton at your
home or anywhere in the county at a low rate.
^ Walhalla, S. 0.
^ft)fnoe in People's Bank._Houses for Rent.
Youths' Suits,
Children's Suits,
Men** Overcoats?
Young lien's Overcoats?
Pants? Cravinet Rain Coats?
Men's Shoes, Boys* Shoes,
Ladies' Shoes,
Fine Dress Goods? CloaKs? Etc.
1 C. HUFF,
*s SENECA, S. C. Jr
Miss Dickson Given Linen Shower
Locals Around Town.
Seneca, December 9.-Special: A
card from The Courier office says:
"Rush in your communication Tues
day a. m.," which will account for
any shortcomings in this. We are
accustomed to taking our pillow on
the subject every Monday night and
habit is strong with us, for haven't
we been taking this Monday night
pillow for on to a half dozen years?
Gold and gold-filled bracelets at
J. A. Brock's, Seneca, S. V.
Seneca is aglow with bright an
ticipatlojis this week. The DIckBon
Adams wedding and the entertain
ments incident thereto, bring to
gether the bon-ton and with that tho
happiest experiences of many friends
and well-wishers. MIBS Carrie Hun
ter's linen shower, given on Friday
afternoon for the bride-to-be, was a
distinctly recherche affair, In which
the Gossipers and some invited
friends participated. In the parlor
the bridal white and green wore ef
fectively used, while in the dining
room adjoining, red and white, the
club colors, were found in striking,
but beautiful, contrast. Red lights
wore used, rude daylight having been
shut out for the time being. The
long table, with covers for twenty,
extended across the largo room, and
was a picture .with its Immaculate
damask, the handsome center of re
naissance holding a splendid begonia,
and tall glass vases of red and white
carnations at either end. Heart
shaped place cardB, tied with red,
contained verses suited to each guest,
which were read aloud. A delightful
salad course was served, followed
by a sweet course and coffee, after
which the guests repaired to the par
lor to the strains of Mendelssohn's.
The guest of honor was escorted by
the president of the Gossipers,..Miss
Mary Cherry, and found herself sta
tioned under the chandelier, where
had been previously suspended a
basket containing the dainty glftB of
many friends. This, at a given word,
was capsized, and literally showered
the bride-elect with its contents. Af
ter the opening of the packages, the
hostess passed cards with red pencils
attached requesting the guests to
draw a picture of the groom-elect.
The Very jolliest time followed, the
prize, a silver shoe hook, goirtg to
Miss Mary Cherry. Another Inter
esting feature of the evening's en
tertainment was the bride's b>bk, In
which were recorded the wishes of
the guests.
Cake plates and salad bowls, in
fancy china, hand painted, at J. A.
Brock's, Seneca.
The Dickson-Adams wedding will
occur at tho Presbyterian church
Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.
Already friends from a distance are
arriving, who will be present -at the
interesting nuptials.
Mrs. II. J. Glgnilllat ia, spending
some days visiting friends tn Seneca.
Mr. Glgnilllat came up for Sunday,
whose friends were pleased to see
him looking well after a recent sick
Mr. and Mrs: J. P. Stribling at
tended services at the Presbyterian
church last Sabbath.
A nice assortment of thin glass at
J. A. Brock's, Seneca.
Miss Ellita Cary, of Greenville, is
visiting her grandmother', Mrs. C. K.
Livingston, whose friends aro pained
to know of her indisposition.
mrs. E. t?. and Charles Verner, of
Richland, spent last Friday in Sen
The family of Mr. and Mrs. F. L.
Sitton are expected to move into
Seneca this week. They will occupy
the Hopkins rooms on Main street.
We welcome these good people to
our town.
Miss McCaslan, of Laurens, is tho
guest of Mrs. T. E. Dickson.
-Community silverware at J. A.
Brock's, Seneca. Guaranteed for 25
years. Ask to see lt.
Prof. II. P. Boggs returned to Sen
eca last week from Winston, N. C.,
where *he had been called upon the
sad mission of attending his bro
ther's funeral, who was recently
murdered In Mexico. We extend
sympathies to the distressed family.
A congregational meeting is called
at the Presbyterian church next Sab
bath for the purpose of considering
the question of calling the pastor,
Rev. M. R. Kirkpatrick, for all his
time. .
Seneca never had a fuller or hand
somer supply of Xmas goods .than
now. Those of our morcrfants who
make a specialty < f these are The
Seneca Pharmacy, Luther A. Moore,
J. A. Brock, tr, o. Mattison and O.
F. Bacon. Everything can bo found
to Bult the taste of wife, husband,
sister, brother, sweetheart, and
everybody. It is a good ide*a to
shop early and savo tho merchants
and clerks the rush which generally
precedes Xmas.
-You can'^nd anything you want
for OhrlstmW at J. A. Brock's, Sen
eca. Call at his place.
Mrs. Archer, of Anderson, has been
visiting the family of her brother,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patterson.
Miss Minnis Kirkpatrick is at homo
on account of an attack of grip. For
this reason the .th and 8th grades
of the public school are without a
teacher for a few days, the principal
thinking it best to dismiss the classes
for a few days than to inltlnto a new
teacher. Miss Kirkpatrick ls better
and will bo at her post In a day or
Miss Mattie Hoke, the librarian,
is absent for a few weeks, and the
library will, therefore, bo cloaod ex
cept for two hours In the forenoon
of Tuesdays and Fridays.
The Once-a-Week Club will meet
with Mrs. J. W. Todd this week.
Inasmuch as we are reveling In
the possession of a splendid new cut
glass bowl, we are fortified against
any shortcomings on the part ot
Santa Clans, and In the language of
der captain, "he can out his patch
In,." But we begin to Shudder at
the demands made on the poor old
saint year by year. There was a
time when, in the language of James
Bacon, we could make a five-dollar
bill cover the world, but lt ain't now.
Children who were ouce content with
a toy pistol, a horn, a make-believe
steam engine, etc., but not now!
No, no, they, turn up their little
noses at anything but the real thing,
and Santa Claus must hustle to keep
the peace. But what would .this
world be without a real, genuine
bone and flesh Santa? Dear children
who are now watching and walting
for the annual visit of tho Jolly old
saint, dont listen to folks who would
tell you there's none such personage.
There ls. just .as sure na there's a
world, and he wiil be on hand
promptly to fill your stockings, so
send in your letters to"hlm early.
Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. D. Hunt,
on December 4th, a daughter.
. V. s.
Will be Held in Columbia on Morn
lng of December 18th, 1007.
..To the Members of the Farmers'
Educational and Co-operative Unioil
of America, riouth Carolina Dlvlslon/?
Whereas, a large majority of thy
county unions of the b. E. and C. UT
of A., South Carolina Division, have
unanimously passed a resolution call
ing for a State Convention to meet in
the nlty of Columbia, S. C., on the
18th day of December, 1907; and,
whereas, most of the counties have
already elected delegates to repre
sent them In said convention; now,
therefore, you are hereby notified
that a State Convention of tho F. E.
and C. U. of A., South Carolina Di
vision, will be held in the City Hall
of Columbia, S. C., beginning at ll
a. m., December 18th, 1907, for the
purpose of adopting a State consti
tution nnd- transacting Buch other
business as may 'come before the
meeting, and you are hereby notified
that In case you have not already
elected delegates to said convention,
that you meet at the earliest possible
day, to wit: December .4th, 1907,
at your usual place of meeting for
your county union, and elect dele
gates to the said convention.
The basis of repres' ntation is one
delegate at large for each one hun
dred members or a majority fraction
Done this the 9*h day of Decem
ber, iu07, at the principal place of
business of the F. E. and C. U. of A.,
In South Carolina, at the City of An
B. F. Earle,
Secy.-Treas, and State Agent.
T. T. Wakefield,
Vice President.
W. L. Anderson,
Secretary Executive Committee.
Badly Mixed Up.
Abraham Brown, of Winterton, N.
Y.,had a very remarkable experience.
He says: "Doctors got badly mixed
up over me. One said heart disease;
two called it kidney trouble; the
fourth blood poison, and the fifth
stomach and liver trouble; but none
of them helped me; so my wife ad
vised trying Electric Bitters, which
aro restoring me to perfect' health.
Ono bottle did me m <re good than
all the five doctors prescribed." Guar
anteed to cure blood poison, weak
ness and all stomach, liver and kid
ney complaints, hy all druggists. 50c.
Fire in Anderson.
The Anderson Mail says: The sta
ble building on West Benson street,
owned by John E. Peoples, and val
ued at S3.00J), occupied by R. B.
Finley and J. L. McGee, each with at
least $2,000 feed stuff, also used as
a repository by Davis Brothers, was
totally destroyed by fire Saturday
night, A he total loss by fire amount
ed to about $13,000, with approxi
mately $5,000 insurance.
A Dnngerous Deadlock,
that sometimes terminates fatally, is
the stoppage of liver and bowel func
tions. To quickly end this condi
tion without disagreeable sensations,
Dr. King's Now Life Pills should al
ways be your remedy. Guaranteed
absolutely satisfactory in every case
or monoy back, at all druggists. 25c.
Sweden's King is Dead.
Stockholm, Dec. 8.-Oscar II, king
of Sweden, died at 9.10 o'clock this
morning. Tho death of the venera
ble monarch occurred in tho royal
apartment of tho palace, where,
surrounded by the members of his
family, including the aged Queen
Sophia, and the crown prince, Oscar
Gustave, and high ministers of State,
the inevitable end had been awaited,
while outside the palace great
crowds stood with bowed hoads and
tearful oyes long after the announce
ment came of tho death of their well
loved sovereign.
When the flag on the palace was
dipped to half mast thero was a
moan of anguish from the assemblod
multitude, and many of them cried:
I "Our dear old king ls dead."
Pleasant and Profitable Mooting A
Missionary Unions-Local News.
Fair Play, Dec. 9.-8peclal: The!
Woman's Mission Society of the Bea
verdam Baptist church- met at' the
hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
L. Dobbs ott last, Saturday afternoon
from 2 to 5 o'clock, for the purpose
of packing a Christmas box for the
children of Connie Maxwell Orphan
About twenty-five ladies as
sembled In the parlor, which had
been decorated with Christmas bells
and various ferns and pot plants, the
effect being most pl?aslng and ar
tistic. The exercises were opened
with a song, "Nearer My God to
Thee," after which the president,
Mrs. Dobbs, read the 26th chapter of
Matthew, dwelling at length on tho
latter clause of verse 40, "Inasmuch
as ye have done lt unto the least of
these," etc. The roll was then called
by the secretary, Miss Dora Glymph,
each member rosponding with a
verse containing the word "Give."
A motion was made and adopted to
observe Saturday before the second
Sunday in January as "Rally Day,"
the exercises to be held at the church.
After a liberal collection of $1.85,
Mrs. Dobbs invited the ladles into
the living room, where, before a
glowing log fire, and in the center of
tho lloor stood a large empty box,
just ready to be packed with quilts,
pillow cases, sheets, towels, blaukets,
and oh! so many nice things these
good women had brought tp make
glad the little hearts of .these orphan
children: A committee was appoint
ed to value each article, which
amounted to $30. Spaco forbids us
mentioning all the nice gifts'that
were sent in this box, but we feel
very proud of our work, and r there
ls as much joy in receiving it as
there was in giving it, we will all
feel amply rewarded for undertaking
to do something for God's little ones,
believing it was all done "in His
name, and for Him who gave to us
the most precious gift the world has
ever known-Jesus Christ. This
happy gathering together of 25
ladies did not close with the pack
ing of the box. The dining room,
which had been darkened for this oc
casion, was transformed into a 6cene
of typical Southern beauty. On the
table was arranged any quantity of
after-dinner coffee and chocolate
cups, in the center of which was a
lovely pot plant of pink oxalls,
around which dainty centerpieces of
many designs were laid, on which
were placed candelabra holding
white candles with pink shades, mak
ing the entire scene a marvel of ar
tistic taste and beauty. Delicious
hQ\ coffee and chocolate, with whip
pewLcream and cakes, were daintily
seriad. Fruits and Howers were
everywhere lu profusion. Through
out the1 house the color scheme of
pink and green were the elaborate
decorations. Mrs. Dobbs spared no
pains to make this occasion a grand
success. Her entire time and talent
seem to be given to working for the
Mastor, and to her, as president of
our society, we extend thanks for
elegant manner in which she enter
tained its members. After sweet mu
sic on the graphophone, appropriate
to the occasion, the guests departed,
thur closing one of>Uie most delight
ful events of the yeaTO.907.
Miss Ola Callahan, of Cross Roads,
is on a visit to the family ot Eugene
Miss Emily Compton, who is
teaching school at Return, was with
homefolks Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Emily is leader of thc Sunbeam
Band, and is arranging to have a
short exercise at the church Thurs
day afternoon during Christmas
week. The ooltec'tfd'D for that day
will be sent to China.*
We are glad to welcome back to
Fair Play the family of Mrs. D. V.
Mrs. Dr. 3. it. Heller and children
are on a v'.sit to her parents at Boun
ty Land.
Christmas is almost here, and the
children naturally are anticipating a
happy time. We arc sorry that the
holidays are so often spent In dissi
pation and other follies, which
should not be so. Let us all turn
ovef new leaves and make tho Now
Year one of pleasure, profit and
poace. **
A Real Wonderland.'
South Dakota, with Its rich silver
mines, bonanza farms, wide ranges
and strange natural formations, 1B a
veritable wonderland. At Mound
City, in the home of Mrs. A. D. Clapp,
a wonderful case of healing: nas late
ly occurred. Her son seemed near
death with lung and throat trouble.
"Exhausting coughing spells occur
red every five minutes," writes Mrs.
Clapp, "when I began ftiviag Dr.
King's Nev/ Discovery, the great med
icine that saved his life and com
pletely cured him." guaranteed for
coughs and colds, throat and lung
troubles by all druggists. 50c. and
$1. Trial bottle free.
A Card from Rev. Rhett R. Doyle.
On next Sunday, December 15,
will fill the regular appointments on
the Westminster circuit. I appreci
ate the appointment to P^rve a peo
ple so zoalous and loyal. Lets de
termine to make this one ot tho ver;
best years In the history of the West
minster circuit. It is my desire to
servo you Jn every way possible, to
strengthen thu churches and advance
?ho kingdom ot hrist. Pray for
your pastor that he may be fetrong in
tho Lord. May the Lord bless oui
?labors this year and give us success.
I Your pastor, Rhett R. Poylo.
M.P. Singleton Champion Hog Raiser
-Locals About Town. 1
Westminster, Dec. 10.-Special:
Married, at the home ot the bride's!
father, W. H. Moore, on Sunday, De
cember 8, at 3 p. m., Miss Luna
Moore and Amos Julian, Rev. J. H.1
Stone officiating. .
J. H. Carter returned 'from Green
ville to-day, and will remain here
until after the holidays.
John Q. Couch has sold his farm,
consisting of 113 acres, to Clem Wat
B. M. England returned last week
from a business trip to Lynchburg,
The year 1908 will be a leapyear
and will have 53 Wednesdays. That
means 53 Issues of the Keowee Cou
rier. Now is the time to subscribe
for one of the best weeklies in the
M. P. Singleton, ode of Oeoneo's
progressive farmers, killed two hogs
last week seventeen months /Old that
netted t>au md 54 2 pounds respect
ively. Mr. Singleton never fails to
raise plenty of hog and hominy.
Editor H. P. .""oggs, of.the Seneca
Journal, was here last Thursday af
Ten bales of cotton belonging to
C. C. Simpson caught on Are during
a puff o? wind last tuesday after
noon. The cotton was lying in Mr.
Simpson's front yard. Neighbors re
sponded,and kept the flames subdued
as best they could until the cotton
could be taken to a branch and the
Are extinguished. It was so badly
burned that it had to bo taken to
the gin and repacked. .
One of the most delightful meet
ings the Young Matrons have ever
had was held last Thursday after
noon with MrB. J. S. Carter. This
kind hostess had quite a feast of
good things for all to eat, and the
old .time candy pulling was greatly
enjoyed. Those enjoying this meet- '
lng were Mesdames Geo. Harmon,
Wilton Mason, Hugh Biq>, Will Car
ter," Carl Smith, Clarence Gray, Ira
Pitts and Jesae Carter.
Mrs. W. J. Strlbllng, Misses Gussie
Harper, Anna B. Rushton, Maude
Strlbllng, Dolla Johnson, Augusta
Smithson and Merl Pitts spent last
Saturday week at Clemson College.
Mrs. ?vate Harrison, of I avonlu.
Ga., ls on a visit to William .Bbb.
. John Higgins, of Easley, is spend
ing a tew days with his brot ier-in
law, Miles P. Singleton, near 1 ibor.
J. Wade Dickson visited h s bro
ther, E. H. Dickson, at Newry, this
A. R. Dorroh, of Atlanta, was hore
last Monday.
Cotton ls bringing 11 V? this morn
ing. A. L. GoBsett.
One Failed in Kansas City, and Ano?
thor in i'ittshurg.
Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 6.-The Fort
Pitt National Bank failed to open its
doors to-day, and ls now in charge
of Bank Examiner Cunningham. It
has a capital of V 1,000,000, and de
posits approximating $4,000.000.
Kansas City, Dec. u.-Tho Nation
al Bank of Commerce, the largest
financial institution in the Missouri,
river valley, failed to open Its doors
this morning. The bank's statemen,
published to-day, in answer to Comp
trollor Ridgely's call, shows that the
deposita last August, when the pre
vious call was made, were thirty-five
millions, and yesterday they were six
teen millions.
Wrecked by Night Riders.
Hopkinsville, Ky., Dec. 7.-Five
hundred night riders destroyed
$200,000 worth of property early
this morning. Hundreds of shots
were fired and several persons were
badly Injured. A posse followed the
night riders out of town and opened
fire upon them, which the latter re
turned. Tho posse escaped Injury,
and it is believed none of the riders
were hurt. The night riders soon
outdistanced the posse, which re
turned here.
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 9.-Two of
tho members of the night riders who
terrorized Hopkinsville, applying the
torch to property were killed by
onie,TS early this morning. Soldiers
are guarding the city and a search
of the entire region ls being made for
the marauders.
Hero's Good Advice.
O. S. Woolever, one of the best
known merchants of LeRaysvllle, N.
,Y., says: "If you are ever troubled
with piles, apply Bucklen's Arnica
Salve. It cured me of them for ,.<? od
twenty years ago." Cures evjry,
sore, wound, burn or abrasion. 25c.
at all druggists.
Killed Wife; Then Self.
Norfolk, Neb., Dec. 7.-Before a
passenger coach full of passengers,
V. B. Nethaway, a noted tup-shoot
er, shot and killed his wife on an
out-going train. He thon sprang
from the train, hurried to a local
grain office, and with a revolver*
kept a crowd at bay until he tele
phoned to his mother, telling ber
what ho had done, and that he wa?
going to kill himself. "I only regret
that I did not kill Senator Allen." he
said, referring to Bx-Unlted States
Senator Allen, ot Nebraska. Thon
going Into the elevator ho sent a bul
let through the brain, Ex-Senator
Allen was tho atttorne7 for Mrs.
Nethaway In divorce proceedings
against her husband.

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