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Why not gpt your "Money's Worth" when you buy Fertilizers ? .
People luck about the price of Corn-struggle for reduction in tho price of Flour and grow* ex
erted over the way they think that they are being robbed for these necessities. Yot some of them go right
ahead paying two or three dollars per ton more for their Fertilizers than the actual analysis of the
goods will warrant. v
\ Too many of us struggle for reductions that are hard to secure, and often ignore the economies
and better values that are open to every Farmer wtyo will use good common sense and discretion in buying
Fertilizers. You can surely save a considerable percentage of your money, and you can secure much
^rabr? satisfaction in your farm work if you will only buy your Fertilizers right.
Take our celebrated G-. W. G. SOLUBLE GUANO for example. It measures right up on ac
tual analysis with Guano sold by OUT competitors at much higher prices-so it ia with all our brands,
extra vi ?es ere obtained in each without extra cost to the Farmer.
Come and talk over FERTILIZERS with.TTS. If you have any trade in you we can moro
than give you your MONEY'S WORTH.
G. W. Gignilliat,
General Manager.
Published Every Wednesday Morning.
Jaynes, Shelor, Smith & Steele.
Subscription, $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices and tributes of
re?y?ot, of not over one minored
words, will be printed free of charge.
All over that number must be paid
for at the rate of one cent a word.
Cash to accompany manuscript.
WEDNESDAY, DEC. ll, 1907.
Officials of Farmers Union Hit on
Solution of Money Question.
Birmingham. Ala.. p?c. 4.-A
practical method of relieving the fi
nancial stringency existing in Bir
mingham, Jefferson county, and this
section, has been devised by local
officials of the Farmers' Union, and
will be put Into practice at once. The
plan ls for the farmers who desire to
??o'rrow money on their cotton with
out relinquishing the title to it to
place the staple in tho local ware
house as collateral, on which tho
warehouse will issue notes of hand,
or what is popularly termed "scrip,"
td the extent of 7 cents per pound.
Practice,ly "ll the movchants do
ing business in the city have agreed
to accept the scrip at face value, and
>several of the banks havT agreed to
take it as payment for notes held
against merchants.
The nc- plan has the entire ap
proval o. v fflcials of Jhrt,-* Farmers'
Union of Ab^^z^r.. -
. . ' No need to fear coughs and colds
* this year as you can obtain Bee's Lax
ative Cough Syrup now from your
dealer. This is good news to mothers
who fear croup and whooping-cough.
It is a gentle laxative that expels the
poison from the system in that natu
ral way. Cuts the phlegm and clears
the bead. Guaranteed. Sold by J.
W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
? --????
A boy's first love and his pipe are
apt lo make him sick.
Bad Symptoms.
The woman who has periodical head
aches, backache, scoa Imaginary dark
spots or specks floating or dancing before
her eyes, ha&^gnawlng distress or heavy
full feeling 16 Itomach, faint spells, drag'
ging'dowiyiSellng in lower abdominal or
pelvic repton, easily startled or excited,
Irregukrfor painful periods, with or with
out relvlc catarrh, ls suffering from
wpaknJwsps andyflorangemcnts that should
have ett/iy attention. Not all of above
symptotM ann likely to be present In any
case at o/o/lme.
Neglected or badly treated and such
casesyCfWen run into maladies which do
man/ Ufe surgeon's knife if they do not
ifmjpKfr nf S3DBS5 ?nn.tirpf?yT?liAl CHS
Ut? UP i ft, Ui The very best mg red I eros
known to medical science for tho cure ci
woman's peculiar ailments enter Into its
composition. No alcohol, harmful, or
habit-forming drug ls to bo found In tho
list of its Ingredients printed on each
bottlo-wrapper and attested under oath.
In any condition of the female system,
Dr. Plorco's Favorito Prescription can do
only good-novor harm. Its whole affect
ls to strengthen, invigorate and regulato
the whole fomalo system and especially
tho pelvic organs. Whon those are do
ranged In function or affocted by disease,
the stomach and other organs of digestion
becorno sympathetically deranged, the
nerves aro woakonod, and a long list of
bad, unpleasant symptoms follow. Too
much must not bo expocted of this "Fa
vorito Prescription." It will not porform
miracles: will not cure tumors-no med
icino will. lt will often prevent them, if
taken In tim?., and thus the operating
tablo and tho surgeon's knife may be
Women suffering from diseases of long
standing, aro Invited to consult Doctor
Pierce by lotter, free. All correspondence
ls held as strictly private and sacredly
Smfldontlal. Address Dr. R. V. Plorce.
uffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Plorce's Medical Advisor (1000 pages)
ts sent free on receipt ot ?l one-ceni
stamp? for paper-covered, or 31 stamps
for cloth-bound copy. Address as above.
Preparo it at Home by Shaking In
gradients Well in a Bottle.
What will appear very interesting
to many people here is the article
taken from a New York d?ily paper,
giving a simple prescription, as for
mulated by a noted authority, who
claims that he has found a positive
remedy to cure almost any case of
backache or kidney or bladder de
rangement, In the following simple
prescription, if taken before the
stage of Bright's disease.
Fluid Extract Dandelion, nnc-imif
ounce; Compound Kargon, one
ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla
three ounces. Shake Well in a bot
tle and take in teaspoonful doses af
ter each meal and again at bedtime.
A well-known druggist here at
home, when asked regarding this
prescription, stated that the Ingredi
ents are all harmless and can be
obtained at a very small cost from
any good prescription poarmacy, or
the mixture would be put up If ask
ed to do so. He further stated that
while this prescription is often pre
scribed in rheumatic afflictions with
splendid results, he could see no rea
son why it would not be a splendid
remedy for kidney and urinary trou
bles and backache, as it has a pe
culiar action upon the kidney struc
ture, cloanslng these' most important
organs and helping them to sift and
filter from the blood the foul acids
and waste matter which cause sick
ness and suffering. Those of our
readers who suffer can make no mis
take in giving lt a trial.
Southern Educator Dead.
Winchester, Va., Dec. 5.-James
B. Lovett, principal of the Shenan
doah Valley Military Academy, and
one of the best known educators in
the South, died last night MUT a
brief Illness of pneumonia.
Public Speaker Interrupted.
Public speakers are frequently in
terrupted by people coughing. This
would not happen if Foley's Honey
and Tar were taken, as it cures
coughs and colds and prevents pneu
monia and consumption. The genu
ine contains no opiates and is in a
yellow package. All Druggists.
Noted Actress Ends Her Life.
Baltimore, D-c. 5.-Mrs. Clara
Bloodgood, the actress, committed
suicide by shooting in her room at
the Hotel Stafford hero this evening.
Mrs. Bloodgood's body was found
lying on th? bed with a bullet hole
through the roof of her mouth.
Nearby lay a book entitled "How to
Shoot Straight," and a 38-callbre
She attended a matinee performance
at Albaugh'8 theater this afternoon
revolver, with three chambers empty,
and returned to hor hotel about 4
o'clock, seemingly In the best of
Pinesalvo Carbollzed acts like a
poultice, draws out inflammation and
poison. Antiseptic, healing. For
chapped hands, lips, cuts, burns. Sold
by J. W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lun
ney, Seneca.
Suicide In Graveyard.
Worcester, Mass., Dec. 5.-The
body of Edward J. McCann, 36 years
old, was found this morning in St.
John's cemetery. A bottle contain
ing cyanide of potassium was found
In his pocket. MoQann had dressed
himself in his best clothes. Hi?
body was lying between two burial
loka. He had been dead several)
Aocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicino for Busy People.
Bringt Golden Health and Renewed Vigor,
A Bpeolfio for Const!patton. Indigestion, 1/vcr
and Kldnoy troubles. Pimples, Kczoraa, Impure
lilood. Bad Breath. Sluggish Bowels, Meadaoho
and Back n oho. Its Kooky Mountain Tea in tab
let form, 8& cents a box. Genuine made by
HOIXIBTBH J >imu COUPANT, Madison, Wis.
Laurens Gets Next Conference.
Tho next session of the South Ca
lina Conference (Methodist) will be
held In Laurens. Tho body met In
that city thirteen years ago.
Write at once and learn why we secure best
positions, ?nd beat salaries for our graduates.
>w _EUOKNB A-HMCRgQW, Pre?._
ti y ?s
Husband Gets.Life Term-All for ; ?o
Murder of Emma Levin.
Monte Carlo, Dec. 6.-Vere St
Leger Goold and his wife, Marie, who
have been on trial before the Supe
rior ."<. irt of Monaco, charged with
the li iirder of Emma Levin, at Monte
Carlo, last sumemr, were yesterday
found guilty. Mrs. Goold was sen
tenced to death and her busband to
imprisonment for life. ,1
Goold and his wife left Monte
Carlo early last August, going to
Marseilles. A hotel porter in that
city noticed blood oozing from a j
trunk which the two had brought
with them, and when they drove off
with the trunk he notified the police
and their arrest followed. The trunk
was found to contain amma Levin's
Statements as to the facts in the
case were at great variance. Goold
himself confessed that he committed
the murder, and that his wife had
nothing to do with it. The police
did not put much faith in his story,
and as the case was presented to the
court his wife was shown to be the
real Instigator.
The evidence went to show that
Emma Levin, who was possessed of
considerable jewelry and some money
had been invited to visit the Goolds,
who were in needy circumstances.
There she was killed, and later a
quantity of her jewelry was found
In the possession of Goold and his
wife. Her body was dismembered
and packed in a trunk and valise,
which the murderers were trying to
dispose of when the crime was dis
It will be vanecessary for you to
go through a painful, expensive ope
ration for piles if you use ManZan.
Put. up in collapsible tubes with noz
zle, ready to apply to the soreness
and Inflammation. For any form of
plies. Price 50c. Guaranteed. Sold
by J. W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lun
ney, Seneca.
Little Girl Kculdcd in Tub.
Columbus, Ga., Dec. 3.-Stella,
the two-year-old daughter of John
Sherman, met a horrible death at
the family residence, near Crawford,
Her father was preparing to kill a
hog and had Ailed a tub with bolling
water, the tub being in a hole on a
.level with the ground. A light quilt
was spread over it to keep down the
The little child had been accus
tomed to lying on pallets, and seeing
the quilt In the yard, lay down on
lt. She sank to the bottom of tne
scalding hot. water before she could
be rescued and suffered agonies until
death came a few hours afterward.
You know ns well as any one when
you need something to regulate your
system. If your bowels are sluggish,
your food distresses you, your kid
neys pain, take Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea. It always relieves.
35 cents-Tea or Tablets. J.W.Bell.
Big Sugar Man Dead.
Now York, Dec. 4.-Henry Os
borne Havemeyer, president of the
American Sugar Refining Company,
died to-day at his country home,
vler-lvale stock farm, at Commaek,
of '.eart failure. Mrs. Havemeyer,
her son, Horace, and her daughter,
Electra, and Dr. L. C. Frlsbell were
at the bedside.
Constipation causes headache, nau
sea, dizziness, languor, heart palpita
tion. Drastic physics gripe, sicken,
weaken the bowels and don't cure.
Doan's Reg?lete act gently and cure
constipation. 26 cents. Ask your
Tho lila peculiar to worji?
Somo ladies suffer, eve?]
feeling. Others suffer agonic
Whatever tho symptoms
act on tho causo of their tro?
Mw M_ (X A2??S, Cf SS
of female disease, but otto? u
Trying to Collect Taxes Which Fede?
ral Government Collected.
(Columbia Record.)
Now that Congress has opened, In
terest Is revived In the efforts of
Oen. M. C. Butler and his associates
to have refunded to the people of
the Southern States the back tax
collected on cotton during the years
from 1862 to 1868, Inclusive.
T'nere was collected from South
ern people during this period $68,
000,000, of which about $10,000,
000 was taken from South Carolina
and about $11,000,000 from Geor
gia. The Legislatures of all the
States affected have endorsed the ef
forts being made to have this tax
refunded and the Senators and Con
gressmen have been urged, to push
the pasasge of the bill introduced by
Congressman Thomas Heflin, of Ala
bama, for this purpose. This money
if refunded, will be turned Into the
several State treasuries, and thence
distributed to the parties from whom
it was collected, or to their heirs. It
is alleged that the collection of the
tax was in violation of the Federal
constitution. The refund will be
conducted as that was of the direct
tax, which was paid back in 1892.
The receipts given for the cotton
money would easily identify those
from whom the tax was collected.
Millions of bottles of Foley's Honey
and Tar have been sold without any
person ever having experienced a y
other than beneficial results from its
use for coughs, colds and lung trou
bles. This is because the genuine
Foley's Honey and Tar in the yellow
package contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs. Guard your health
by refusing any but the genuine.
All Druggists.
Six IVrlsli in New York Flames.
New York, Dec. 6.-Six men were
burned to death and fourteen others
were seriously, If not fatally, hurt
In a disastrous fire which penned
them lu the bore of the new Penn
sylvania tunnel, which runs between
Homestead, N. J., and West Ho
The man who Insures hts life ls
wise for bis family.
The man who Insures his health
ls wise both for his family and
You may Insure health by guard'
?.?K ???. ?i ia won h guarding.
Af. the first attack of disease,
which generally approacher
th ough the LIVER and mani
fest* Itself In Innumerable ways
Tull's Pills
And save your health.
Lawrence Scott, a Lancaster coun
ty farmer, who went to St. Louis,
where lt was roported he . commit
ted suicide, has turned up in Lancas
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom
ach, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to talla
sn, t?ko different forros.
7 rnonth, from dark rings round their eyes, blotches on their akin and tired
o of palo, that words can hardly express.
* remember there ls one medicine that will go beyond metro symptoms, and
Uss, the wakened womanly organs.
te of Cardui
t^mph'S, Tenn., ?r?tSSi ? Or ?Ivo \3/ jfwa ? "su??orc? wiih every nyiiipioin
iing th? velKWam Cardui Homo Treatment, I waa entirely well."
Five Killed In Wreck.
Baltimore, Dec. 4.-Five are dead
and twenty-five lnjure-t as the result
of a wreck in a rear-end collison, be
tween two passenger trains on the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad, twelve
miles wost of here this morning.
Four of the dead are negroes.
Members of the Farmers' Union In
Plckens county are talking about
building a large cotton mill in the
town of Plckens.
Don't let the baby suffer from ec
zema, sores or any itching of the
skin. Donn's Ointment gives Instant
relief, cures quickly. Perfectly safe
for children. . All druggists sell it.
Wowing Heat
From Every Ounce of Fuel.
When the mercury drops out of sight, andi
you just can't keep the house warm, you'll
find it wonderfully convenient to use a
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
li's very light-carry il aboul-heat any cold
room. Turn thc wick high or low-no
danger-no smoke--no smell. Easily cared
ior and gives nine hours of
cozy comfort at one filling of
brass font. Finished in
nickel and japan. Every
heater warranted.
with hf flood ol lindy,
brilliant light U ideal br
the long winter evening?
by it won't Ur? your eye?. Latest improved central
drat) burner. Maia ol btu. nickel plated. Every lamp warranted
il your dealer cannot supply the Raye Lamp or Perfection 0
Heater, write our nearest agency ior a descriptive cir? lar.
Ring's Little Liver Pills wake up
lazy livo.'s, cleun the system and
clear the skin. Try thom for bilious
ness and sick headache. Price 25c.
Sold by J. W. Bell. ?Valhalla; W. J.
Lunney, Seneca.
D. D. Davenport, of Greer, has
filed a claim with the Board of Com
missioners of Greenville county for
$37,000, which sum is said to be
due him for building bridges that
were washed away in 1903.
for this community. Come
on and get your teams.
Hauling Teams,
Single and Double Buggy
Teams and Saddle Horses,
Always on hand.
Prompt and polite servioe at reasona
ble prices. Teams sent out at any hour,
day or night. Phone 10 or ll for qnlok
teams. C. B* H0UCHIN8.
_Walhalla, S. O.
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
axative Fruit Syrup pfa? m Wotcb

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