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The most healthy
practice is that i
bank often to do\
It helps the mi
makes the prosp?
brighter. Try it
improvement it mt
Treasurer' P.chroder Will be Kept
*'u.sy Receiving Tax?e.
Only 983 out of 7,0 00 tax receipts
have been Issued to date by County'
Treasurer W. J. Schroder.
The time for paying taxes opened
on October 16 and will close on De
cember 31st. Mr. Schroder antici
pates the usual rush which 1B always
incident to the expiration ot the
time. Between now and the end of
this month the county treasurer's
office will be a busy place.
The penalty on ?delinquent tax-pay
??B commences on January 1st, and
during that month is only one per
cent., Commencing on February lBt,
the penalty 1B increased to two per
cent, and from March 1st to March
'15th the penalty is 7 per cent, after
which time executions will be is
Muscular Fains Cured.
"Puring the summer of 1903 I was
troubled with muscular pains in the
luBtep of my foot, ' says S. Pedlar,
of Toronto, Ont. "At times it was
SO painful I could hardly walk.
Chamberlain's Pain BRIDI VB.1? recom
mended to me, so I tried it and was
completely cured by one small bot
tle. I have since recommended it to
^several of my friends, all of whom
speak highly of it." For sale by J.
W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
Heptasoph Officers.
? At the regular meeting of Oconee
Conclave, I. O. H., held last Thurs
day night, Ihe following officers were
elected for 1908:
s Archon-B. A. Smith.
Provost-John A. Ansel.
Prelate-Dr. F. F. Collins.
Secretary-F. A. H. Schroder.
Treasurer-H. C. Busch.
Financier-G. A. Norman.
Inspector-J. D. Hays.
Warder--J. H. Garrison.
Sentinel-F. J. Russen.
Organist-R. W. Grubbs.
Trustees-T. J. Todd, R. F. Kauf
man, Jas. Russell. .
The. officers will be installed on
'the third Thursday night In January.
' exorcise one caa
of coming to this
)oeit their savings.
nd and body and
sets of .the future
and see what an
fa. ?.0. ' || '
. ' Death pf ? Fornte? .O?oneean.
On November 29ih a dispatch w.as
received by Newton Crenshaw noti
fying him of the critical illness of
his brother-in-law, W. A. Soiakey,
who was .suffering from injuries
eau Hod by a gas explosion on No
vember 14 at a coal mine in Alumuna
while attending to his duties as over
seer, i _ wj
William Augustus Seiskey was
born at Strausburg, Germany, and
came to America when quite young.
He left Walhalla thirty years ago
for Blocton, Ala., where he has B.'nce
made bis home, being continually
engaged in the coal mining industry.
Mr. Seiskey passed ' away on No
vember 29, 1907, In the 48th year
of his age. The remains were laid
to rest in the cemetery of Blocton,
after appropriate funeral services,
conducted by his pastor.
The deceased was a prominent
secret order man. and a consistent
member of the Presbyterian church,
and died in the triumphant faith of
a blissful immortality.
He leaves a wife and seven chil
dren, a number of many relative?,
and many friends, who deeply mourn
Good Cough Medicine for children.
The season for coughs and colds
is now at hand and too much care
cannot be used to protect the chil
dren. A child is much more likely
to contract dlphtherlaorscarletfever
when he has a cold. The quicker you
cure bis cold the less the risk. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is the sole
reliance of many mothers, and few
of those who have tried it are will
ing to use any other. Mr?. F. F.
Starcher, of Ripley, W. Va., says: "I
have never used anything other than
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
my children and it has always given
good satisfaction." This remedy
contains no opium or other narcotic
and may be given aa confidently to a
child as to an adult. For sale by J.
W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
The city of Charleston will issue
127,000 thirty-year 4 per cent bonds.
"Sniggles Family" Entertained.
On last Thursday evening Miss
Mary Ansel charmingly entertained
the cast in the "Sniggles Family" ut
an in for mal supper at her home on
Main atreet. Miss Ansel was the
originator and HUCCM? fal directer of
the recent plays given hy local tal
ent. The Sniggles family were de
lighted at this opportunity of ia
"joiiy-high-faiutin' '* reunion, and
individual charms along. "Ma" was
there in aH her gHry, as wore hoi*
eight enraptured daughter?; chafe
ting away as if their world-wide rep
utation* were at stake.
The contest ot the evening, a pro
gressive "Peanut Harpooning," ho
ing exceedingly well adapted to the
spi.it and genius of this great fam
ily, waa eagerly undertaken. Un
daunted hy Jemima's giggling a
few?v and the chronic sneezing ot
the "blessed afflicted Jerushy, the
punnut sticking proceeded with much
laughter and commotion. By his
diligence and perseverance,. the
"least, but not issi," was found to
have accumulated the most peanuts,
while the adorable Regina Angelica
Utophia, "rolling up her eyes and
looking wondrous wise," was loft far
behind tn thc c?ntest., A delicious
box, of homemade sweets was pre
sented' to Dresden Smith, the most
successful contestant, While Miss Sa
lina Yongue wan consoled with a pea
nut man from Chi ia.
J After the game Was over, an ap
petizing course supper was daintily
nor 'ed by Mesdames John A. and
George M. Ansel. .
Chicken Salad Butter Sandwich
Stuffed Olives Peanuts
Hot Chocolate ' ' Sweet Wafers
The .following guests' enjoyed Miss
Ansel's Rind hospitality: Misses Fan
nie Crisp, Mary Pitchford, Tommie
and Dora Pitchford, Laila Earle, Sa
lina Yongue; Mack Neville, Otto
Schumacher, Eugene Hutchison,
Claude Reid, Dresden Smi'.h, Sam
Beware of Frequent Colds.
A succession of colds or a protract
eu cold is almost certain to end in
chronic catarrh, from which few per
sons ever wholly recover. Give ejve
ry cold the attention it deserves and
you may avoid this disagreeable dis
ease. How can you cure a co!d?
Why not try Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy? It is highly recommended.
Mrs. M. White, of Butler, Tenn.,
says: "Several ye?rs ago I was both
ered with my throat and lungs.
Some one told me of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy* I began using lt
and lt relieved me at once. Now my
throat and lungs are sound and
well." For sale by Dr. J. W. Bell.
Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Unclaimed Letters.
Following is a list of unclaimed
letters remaining in the Walhalla
post office for the week ending Mon
day, December 9th:
. Mrs. Effie McCall.
Persons calling for the above will
please say they were advertised.
J. M. Merrick, P. M.
American Stoned to DeatR In Mexico
on Thanksgiving Day.
Mexico City, Dec. 4.-Details of the
murder of William R. Bogga, an
Amerkaa ninlnv man, near Tonia,
Mexico, have been received hero.
Owing tn <b.a<>eial stringency he
had not been able to pay the minora
in bis employ promptly. A mob of
them met elm ?>n fie road and stoned
him to death. His body lay on the
road for several hours.
Fifteen of the alleged murderers
have been arrested. Boggs was a
near relative of Gen. Boggs, of the
United states army. His home was
in li-'i'-'H county. North Carolina
The trageSy took place on Thanks-,
giving Bay.
(Mr. Beggs wa? a brother of Prof.
H. P. Bogtrs,' of Seneca. He return
ed from North Carolina last Wednes
day nlgnt, where h? attended the
funeral of his brother. He has the
sympathy of many friends In Oconee
on account of the untimely death of
his brother.)
Fpr Eczema, Tetter and Salt Rheum.
Tl|e Intenso '.tching characteristic
of these ailments is almost instantly
allayed by. Chamberlain'. Salve.
Many severe cases have been cured
by lt. For sale by J. W. Bell, Wal
halla; W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Just as We Predicted.
The Lavenia (Oa.) Standard Gauge
says: The election Monday for Com
missioner of Roads and Revenues
passed off very quietly, and resulted
in the t TOtlon of S. K. Cannon over
M. M. '? rdan by a majority of 71
votes. We are satlsflel that Mr. Can
non will discharge the duties of the
office to the satlof&eiion of the peo
Ask your doctor about these
throat coughs. He will tell
you how deceptive they are.
A tickling io the throat often
means serious trouble ahead.
Better explain your ca?.: care
fully to your doctor, and ack
him about your taking Ayer' ;
Cherry Pectoral.
[sh our formulas
Wo banish alcohol
from oar medlolnss
Wa urge you to
consult yo?'
doo tor
Who makes the best liver pills? The
J. C. Ayer Company,, of Lowell, Mas?.
They have been making Ayer's Pills for
over sixty years. If you have the slight
est doubt about usirp these pills, ask
your doctor. Do as he says, always.
-...'.tjide by ths J. C. Ayer Co., Lovell, JMsssv
5t OF ^
I will sell, at Public Auction, at my Residence, two miles
from Old Pickeus, ou Friday, December 27th, 1907, the, fol
lowing described property :
Oue Farm, 448 acres,' (guaranteed). Forty acres River
Bottom ; 10 acres Creek Bottom ; 60 acres Upland in Bermuda
grass ; 75 acres Upland in reasonable state of, cultivation ; bal
ance in Original Forest. Farm has one 8-room Dwelling, two
large Barns and all other necessary Outbuildings, *foiir Tenant
Houses, line Orchard. Said Farm sold for partition. * Terms :
One-third Cash, balance one and two years, with interest at 8
per cent. Purchaser to secure payment with mor(tgago of the
Promises. !'
Also, at same time and place : One set Blacksmith Tools,
15 head of Cattle, 3 Milch Cows, 20 Sheep, lot of ,Hogs and
Pigs, one lot Fodder, one lot Corn, 1 Weeder, one-half interest
in Shredding Machine, 2 Buggies, 4 two-horse Wagons, 5 head
of Mules, and many other Farming Tools too numerous to men
tion. Terms on Personal Property : CASH on day of sale.
Be on hand and got your share of the barg?ins. F?r fur
ther information apply to John F. Craig, Walhalla, S. C. ;
E. H. Craig, Pickens, S. C., or T. E. Craig, Central,-S. C.,
R. F. D. No. 2. /
Central, S. C.
Route No. 2.
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes,
CrocKery, Hardware and Groceries,
and if not satisfied return the Machine
and get your money. .
On FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th, at 9 O'clocK, rain or shine, we are going to throw o vir entire stocK of $25,000]*worth?o.f A
dependable Merchandise upon the marKet at actual New YorK Cost, for IO DAYS ONLY. It will pay you to come {?fifty
miles to attend this gigantic sale of dependable merchandise. Every item in our entire line will be cut to New
YorK Cost. We are going to sell this entire stocK of Goods, regardless of cost within the next ten days. If
you have not bought all that you will need for the winter, it will pay you to visit this sale. Below we
give a few items and prices. We have thousands of other things too tedious to mention :
Mon's Gloves, 81c.
Ladies' Golf Gloves, 19c.
Ladies' Golf Gloves, Better, 39c.
Mon's Underwear, Shirts, 21c.
Men's Unborwear, Fleece-lined, 43c.
Men's Underwear, Wright's Health, 88c.
Ladies' Wool Vests, 68c.
Mon's Negligee Shirts, 43c. 4
Every article in the Notion Department going at
These GOODS must bo sold in tho TEN DAYS at
Dry Goods.
- 3,000 yards Broadcloth, assorted colors, 88c. yard.
5,000 yards Calico, only 6c. }Tard.
2,000 yards Waterproof, 43c. yard.
400 yards Outing only 9c. yard.
, 200 yards Jeans, assorted prices.
Flannellettes ; Table Damask, Red and White' ;
Sheetings, Lonsdale Cambric Bleaching, and many other
lines too numerous too list. Como in and ask for what
you want. i
General Merchandise.
Wc havo an immense stock*of General Merchan
dise. All good, reliable goods, amounting to more than
Twenty-five Thousand Dollars. And we must soil them
Men's Brogan Shoes, only 98c. pair.
Infants' Shoos 21c. pair.
Mon's Fine Shoes, $1.48, worth $2.50 o very whore.
We carry tho largost stock of Shoos in Walhalla^
and have all styles and prices.
Don't fail to soe our line of Shoes.
Crock )ry, Etc.
Wo havo a large stock of Crockery, Lamps, Lamp
Chimneys, Lanterns, Well Buckets, Wator Buckets,
House Furnishing Goods of every description.
Remember that this Sale starts Friday, December 13, at 9 o'clock, and closes on the 23d December.
Come early and get what'you want before they are picked over. Don't get left.
Craiff-Vcrner Mercantile Company,

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