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Aiken Replies to MaUcious Attack
Made by Saturday Evening; Post.
Abbeville, S. C., Nov. 30.-Editor
j of the Saturday Evening Post: In
? an editorial that has own extensive
ly quoted and commented on by the
papers of the Congressional District
that I have the honor to represent,
you said:
"We must depend principally
upon cotton, which Europe will
buy in great .qutntities, and
which runa into money very :
fast, to o> sr tu rn this menace
and turn the tide our way.
That, In view of such public
need, planters sh JU Ul hold cot
( ton for mere personal gain is
tak truly reprehensible. We read
? that the banks generally will
^ keep, them In the path of duty
by refusing to extend loans on
stored cotton."
It would be a waste of time to
reply to such an abeurd statomcnt,
if absurdity was Its greatest objec
tion. The editorial ia gratuitously
impertinent, as it is maliciously
Living, aa I do, In the midst of
the cotton belt, and being fully con
versant with the Ills that the cot
. ton farmer has suffered, by reason
of' the manipulation of his product
by Wall street gamblers, aided and
abetted by certain subsidised news
papers, I am propared to soy, God !
speed the day whon the Intrigue and
legalised theft of Wall street can be
balked by no more "reprehensible"
act on the part of the producer, than
simply holding his own property
until he sees flt to disposo of it.
Ami you say "the banks generally
will keep thern^ (the farmers) In the
path of duty by refusing to extend
loans on Btored cotton." Let me in
form you, and your kind, that, as a
rule, the class of men who now have
cotton Btored, do business on the
other side of the ledger, and if lt
were belloved that tho "banks gene
rally" hau enlisted in a dastardly
attempt to bully the farming class,
the banks, and not the farmers,
would be the Bufferers. The cotton
of the dependent class has generally
boeu put on the market, and if some
are weak, they will And ready help
jin their own ranks if local banks
should be fooled into such a short
sighted, suicidal policy.
Now, what are some of the facts
about this product of tho farm that
the Saturday Evening Post alleges
has so demoralized American fi
nance? The probability is, that the
crop will not far exceed twelve mil
lion bales. In an interviow in At
lanta some months ago the President
of the International Spinners' Asso
ciation, who was also President of
the largest mill interost In England,
admitted that English mills had sold
their output of cotton cloth on an
average of nine months or more, on
a basis of fifteen cents per pound for
cotton. This being the case, and
there is no reason to doubt the
statement, who is entitled to the
extra margin of Ave cents per pound,
between "recent prices, and the price
.at which mills have sold their 6ut
' put at a proAt. The cotton farmer
can pay the advanced price for cot
ton cloth, manufactured on a basis
of Afteen cents per pound, but If he
dares refuse to dump his cotton on
the market, at a loss of Ave cents
per pound of its ackno fledged
value, you brand his conduct as "rep
- And this you think has brought
American Anance to the brink of
A glance at tho figures will ?hpyv
the, absurdity of your stat.-.mont.' A
private crop estimate* circulated on
New York Cotton Exchange Novem
ber 29, placed the yield this year at
1 \388,000 bales. On the same date
we Liverpool Exchange estimated
the crop at 11,935,000 bales. If this
ls near the mark, and it is safe to
say that it is full, this crop is short
of last year's crop by more than
1,600,000 bales. Cotton brought in
to sight up to November 20, this
year, amounted to 4,300,000 bales,
against 5,700,000 same time hist
year. Allqwing for the shortness of
this year's crop, has not cotton been
marketed at about its normal rate?
The ono true thing that you did
say, by inforence, was that exported
cotton alone adds to the volume of
currency. Cotton sold and consum
ed In this country simply takes the
money out of ono man's pocket and
puts lt Into tho pocket of the other.
Now let U8 see how the exports
stand. The total exports from Sep
tember 1st to November 30th, this
year, amounted to 2,377,000 bales,
against 2,873,000 bales same period
/rtast year. There ls an approximate
fi Mfforence of half a million hales, or
^^my $25,000,000. Does anybody be
lieve that tho Ananclal baso of this
country could be shaken by a bal
ance of trade of $25,000,000 for or
against us, whon our export trade
runs up Into the billions? You have
no wprd of censure for the money
sharks who withdrew tholr money
from circulation, but the farmer who
will not sacrlflce his cotton, at less
than value, to coax this money from
. its hiding, is guilty of "reprehensi
ble" conduct.
If the planter, unlike other free
American citizens, as you say, must
eliminate "merely personal gain," in
Weak Women
To weak and allina women, thoro ls st loess ono
Way to help. But with that war. two tre-'.monta,
moat be combined. One ia local. u oonstitu?
i bott
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Night Cure
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It's a heavy a
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Some form of n
be easily taken u;
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greatest possible i
ment in easily dig*?
Mother and ba
helped by it* use.
dlBpSsfng Wills product, may he not
at leant look to tho greatest public
good? Since his in tore?is must be
secondary, would lt not be botter
for the public good for tue farmer to
hold the two-thirds of the crop until
foreign ?trade pays an additional
two or three cents per pound, that
1B Its roal value. This would really
add to the volume of currency, not
to mention the Incidental advantage
to farmers.
It ls not just possible, Mr. Editor,
that instead of depressed finances,
being due to concerted action by the
farmers, in holding back their cot
ton, depressed prices for cotton may
be due to concorted action by finan
ciers, in holding back their money?
Is it not possible that this panic,
coming just at this time,'ivas started
with this purpose, and that it has
gotten beyond the control of its pro
But we will not be drawn further
into justifytr g the conduct of our
people,'in a'matter that neither you
nor your Wall street friends have
the slightest right to dictate, or even'
I suggest; a matter that as free Amer
ican citizens we can dispose of iii
our own way, at our own good plea
sure. Like Frederick, the Great,
by our reverses we have learned the
arts of war, anl neither the bully
ing nor flattering of Wall street gam
blers and their sattelites will wrest
from us the triumph of right. We,
are capable of attending to our own
affairs, and we have heard of many
who have gotten rich by this simple
process. Wyatt Aiken.
Orino Laxative Fruit 'Syrup, the
new laxative, stimulates, but does
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Drowned on a-Hunting Trip.
Colebrook, N. H., Dec. 2.-Chas.
P. Heath, son of a physician residing
at Wakefield, Mass., and Miss Lydia
E. Hatch, daughter of a Wilton (N.
H.) physician, were drowned In the
Big Diamond pond, ten miles from
here yesterday, according to a re
port brought here from Houston's
camp, on the shores of the pond.
Heath, who was 24, and Miss
Hatch, 26, started on a hunting trip
Age No Bar.
EverylHxly in South Carolina is Eligi
Old people stooped with suffering,
Middle age, courageously fighting,
Youth protesting impatiently;
Children, unable to explain;
All (ti misery from their kidneys.
Only a little backache first.
Comos when you catch a cold.
Or when you strain the back.
Many complications follow.
Urinary disorders, diabetes, Bright's
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Cure every form of kidney ills.
J. W. Powell, proprietor of a gene
ral store and coal and wood and Ice
dealer of Waverly, living at 2010
Blandlng street, Columbia, S. C.,
says; "My son has been afflicted with
kidney and urinary trouble from
childhood, being unable to control
the secretions, especially when asleep.
Since using Doan's Kidney Pills he
has entirely recovered."
For salo by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name-Doan's
and take no other.
Marriage of Mr. Thompson.
(Farm and Factory, December 3.)
Joseph Thompson, formerly of Se
neca, but now of Charlotte, N. C.,
was married In that city Tuesday of
last week to one of its most popular
young ladies. The bride and groom
came over Wednesday to spend
Thanksgiving with his father. Col. A.
W.Thompson, returning to Charlotte,
their future homo, Friday night. Mr.
Thompson was reared in Seneca and
has a host of friends who extend to
him and his bride their heartiest con
gratulations, and wish for them a
bright and prosperous marriage ca
"I trust this may be read by many
sufferers from kidnap and bladder
trouble," writes Mrs. Joo King, of
Woodland, Texas, "i suffered four
years and could find nothing to give
eve.? temporary relief. Our druggist
at last induced mo to try your 30
dAys' treatment of Plneules for $1.
This ono bottle has cured me and
money could not buy tho value Is has
boon (o me." Guaranteed. Sold hy J.
W. Bell, Walhalla, and W.'J. Lunney,
a?n on mother,
died upon to ?vpply
tourishment that will
by mother's system
ttsion contains the
amount of nourish
ted form.
by are wonderfully
STSt BC?. AND $140
$10,000 Worth Said to Have Been
Stolen from a Chemical Expert.
Richmond, Va., Dec. 3.-Ten thou
sand dollars worth of Jewelry la said
to have been stolen from the wife of
Dr. Edward Bribourg, of Paris, on a
train leaving Jersey City at 10 p. m.
The robbery was discovered thia
morning when the passengers awoke
and while the train was between
Predericksburg and Richmond. The
bag containing the jewels had been
opened and relo kod after the ab
straction of the Jewelry. Dr. Bri
bourg ls a chemical expert in the
service of the government.
When winds shriek high in fiendish
And enters winter with his key
Protect youraelf, from disease be
Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea. -J. W. Bell.
Young Woman Assaulted.
Hopkinsvllle, Ky., Dec. 3.-Miss
Ella Banks, aged nineteen, was
caught yesterday afternoon by an
unknown white man, pulled into a
barn and ravished. She made a des
perate fight, but was finally over
come. Two men have beon arrested
on suspicion. Feeling is high and
lynching ls likely,
To stop that pain in thc back, that
stiffness of joints and nv.; clos, take
Pineules. They are guaranteed. Do
not suffer from rheumatism, back
ache, Kidney trouble, when you get
30 days' treatment for $1. A single
dose at bedtime proves their merit.
Get them to-day. Sold by J. W.Bell,
Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, Seneca.
Stubbed Hog; Killed Negro.
Cairo, Ga., Dec. 6.-E. E. Prince,
a farmer living about tJiree miles
north of town, while killing hogs
Monday, assisted by Jim Lewis, a
negro, accidentally stabbed Lewis.
They had hit a hog in the head and
both men caught the animal to stab
him, Mr. Price holding the knife.
Just ns he stabbed the hog, which
was a Very large one, the hog made
a lunge backwards, throwing Mr.
Prince, who held the knife in his
hand, back on the negro. As he
fell the knife struck the negro Just
over the heart and penetrated it.
Medical assistance was summoned,
but before lt arrived the negro was
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
'Bears the
Signatura of
With thc Colored Methodists.
At the recent session of the Metho
dist Conference of South Carolina,
colored, held in Camden, the follow
ing appointments were made for the
Greenville district:
J. F. Page Presiding Elder.
Abbeville-I. B. Taylor.
Anderson-C. C. Scott.
Belton-W. F. Smith.
Central-T. M. McFarland.
Easley-L. G. Glegg.
Greenville-Bethel, J. I. Miller;
[John Wesiay, R. L. i.iuckson; Mls
|ston, S. M. Brown.
Liberty-C. L. Logan.
Lowndesville-D. P. Murphy.
Marietta-D. F. Tillman.
North Greenville-W. G. Deas.
Olio-T. J. Robertson.
Pendleton-W. B. Bowers.
Plckens-J. C. Gibbes.
Mick Milla-Y. Goodlett.
Seneca-R. A. Coningham.
South Greenville-T. C. Fraaier.
St. Mark's-J. C. Martin.
Townville-J. C. Armstrong.
Walhalla-G. W. Beckham.
Westminster-William David.
Moses Mason, formerly located at
Walhalla, ls now presiding elder of
Orangeburg District.
A Ring's Dyspepsia Tablet after
each meal overcomes indigeation.dys
pep8la and other stomach illa. Two
days' trial free. Ask our dealers-J.
W. Bell, Wft?uillift; W. J. L?nne.,,
Col. William Elliott Dead.
Columbia, Dec. 5.-Col. William
{Elliott, for aeveral terms Congress
man from the Beaufort District, and
!a few years ago appointed Commis
sioner to marl: the g?uves ot the
Confederates dying In Federal pris
ons, died suddenly last night on Buz
zard's Island, near Beaufort, where
ho had gone on a hunt. Col Elliott
was a candidate for the United States
Senate against Senator Latlmqr five
years ago.
Geronimo, Apache Chiof, Issues a
Thanksgiving Message.
(Ardmore, Okla.. Dome--rai.)
The Apache chief, Geronimo, feel
ing that the great chief of the nation
and tho two great chtefs of Okla
homa, had sent forth tLeir manifesta
tions in Thanksgiving proclamations,
has deemed it wise and proper in
him to issue one in behalf of his peo
Hence, the savage sage, Geronimo,
sends forth his greeting in the fol
lowing enunciate:
It has long been a custrm of the
people pf the United States and of
Texas and Oklahoma on a day of
each year, specially set apart .'or that
purpose by the chief, to acknowledge
the goodness and mercy of the Great
Spirit, and the genoral cussedness of
the rustler, and to Invoke continued
care nial protection. In the observ
ance or such custom, I, Geronimo,
formerly of Mexico, mighty chief of
the Apaches, say unto the people of
the forest that November 28 shall be
set apart for prayer with cranberry
sauce and celory. On that day let
every Redskin forego his accustom
ed orgie and assemble in his cus
tomary place of worship to return
thanks to the Great Father for the
avalanche of happiness .with which
he continues to snow us under.
Great Manitou, the heart ot the
red man Is bursting with tnankful
nes'g for the myrIM o? blessings
showered upon him by the bounte
ous hand of the Mighty Ruler.
The red man ls no monopolist, he
knows when he has enough. He has
been chased from piller to post, by
the cowboy rustler and government
agent, and treed on the mountain
side, where he sleeps with one eye
open, lest he should lose his grip and
fall out of his homestead.
We wish to return thanks to the
pale face pioneer. He drove our buf
falo into the happy hunting ground
and left us the jack rabbit and the
tenderfoot for condolence.
In the past with us it has been
here to-day and to-morrow a conun
drum. We are now here to stay. In
other words, we ate put and must
stay put, whether we wish to or not.
And we are not so sure since we have j
statehood and may soon have our J
rights with other American citizens,
but it is for the best.
But seriously: We thank thee, O.
Manitou, for tho many delightful vis
itations made upon us by the Salva
tion Army of the Rough and Ready
West. They have done a great deal
to elevate our people. The telegraph
poles of this enlightened nineteenth
century bear unmistakable evidences
of their handiwork.
Poor Lo never had much school
advantages but he had much dignity.
The Government age. t tried to rob
him of that. Thanks, awfully, we
stlllhave our dignity-somewhat dis
flgured by civilization, but still In
the ring.
We are thankful that we have no
ropes to pull on our professional
liars. Thankful for small favors
larger ones in proportion.
We are thankful that we are alive
as we go Journeying to the tomb
through this vaie of i^ars, with our
bosoms ladened with emotion nd
stuffed turkey and gravy.
The tomahawk has been buried for
the winter-and the noble red man
is smoking a long, last smoke for the
pipe of pence. We deserve a pension
-but we may not get lt-we should
be thankful whether we get that or
a winding sheet and a patent adjust
able epitaph.
We are thankful, O, Manitou! for
the fat meals we are getting and
the comfortable quarters we have
thankful for almost everything worth
We are thankful although ve de
plore the absence of our Hiawatha
and firewater.
In witness whereof I have here
unto set my X mark, and caused the
seal of the Dominion of Texas to be
affixed. Done at the tepee, on
grounds of Fort Sill, this first moon
of November in this year of reign of
Great Chief Teddy, 1907, and of
statehood. GERONIMO.
There ls more catarrh In this sec
tion of the country than all other
diseases put together, and until the
last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years
doctors pronounced lt a local dis
ease and prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly falling to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it
incurable. Science has proven ca
tarrh to be a constitutional disease,
and, therefore, requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
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rectly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails
to cure. Send for circulars and testi
monials. Address
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
General Thomas Dead.
Waveland, .Miss., Dec. 3.-General
Allen Thomas, the United States
minister to Venezuela during the
second administration ot Grover
Cleveland, died here to-day, aged 77.
He held a commission as brigadier
genoral during the civil war in the
Confederate army. All his lifo he
ran a Biigar plantation in Florida
and Louisiana.
Never can tell when you'll mash a
finger or suffer a cut, bruise, burp or
scald. Be prepared. Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil instantly relieves the
pain-quickly cures the wound.
The turkey and 'he ballot box
both got stuffed in November.
An improvement o
system of g cold by
satisfaction or morie
Sold by DR, J. W. BELL,
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slmUatlng rticFoodandRc^uta
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nessandRest.Contairts neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
?Ix. Seit/** ?
A perfect Remedy for (ons li pa
lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoeal
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish^
ness and LoS9 OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
Alb 11 io 11 ll? -, <> 1 tl
Dosi s - j i rs.i s (ft
We are offering, for a limited time,
2-acre lot; dwelling, outbuildings;
Midway; a bargain, at low price.
124 acres, near Walhalla, for
48?^ acres, near Walhalla, for
72 acres, near Walhalla, for
64 acres, 2% miles west of Wal
halla, for $1,000.
4 acre lot, West End, Walhalla, to
be sold in lots to suit purchaser.
These are some special bargains
we are offering.
If you have anything you want to
sell, or lr you want to buy, it will be
money in your pocket to see us.
A. G. BURTON and
Dr. King's
New Discovery
WEDDING and other Invitations,
Announcements, etc., either printed
or engraved, as your taste may re
quire. Only first-class work; any
style; best stock. Call or write
Walhalla, S. C.
TvTf^^ CopvniQHTa Ac.
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quickly ascertain our opinion fra? whether aa
Invention ls probably patenUhle. Communica
tion* strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patent*
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Scientific American.
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year ; four month*, |U Bold by ?Ul newsdealers.
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Branch Offloe, OX F BU Washington. D. C.
Offered by the
Division Passenger Agent,
vcr many Cough, Luntf and Broneli
.ct I riff . cathartic on th? bowel
V refunded. Prepared by PINEULE ]
WalhaUa. m?m W. J
For Infanta and Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bough!
Bears the
of IP
For Over
Thirty Years
Correspondence Solicited.
(Oakway.) R. P. D. No. 8,
62* Westminster, S. C.
W. J. CARTER, M. D.,
Office two doors above the Bank, ia
Carter's Pharmacy,
Seneca, South Carolina.
Office over J. W^ Byrd & Co.
Walhalla, South Carolina.
[Office over CW. Pitchford Co's Store
Phone No. 30.
Seneca, South Carolina.
"'Office over Nimmons' Store,
Doyle Building.
Office Hour?:-9 A. M. to 1 P. M.
2 P. M. to 6 P. M.
Manager. Attorney.
Special attention given' to collei- ?
tions in the county. Try us. Ad
dress all communications to
B. A. BENTLEY, Manager,
Walhalla, S. C.
Walhalla, South Carolina.
PHONE No. 61.
J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor,
Plckens, S. C. Walhalla, S. C.
W. C. Hughs, Walhalla.
CAREY, MM HM Mt & 111 Ol. ,
Attorneys and Counsellors,
Walhalla, S. C.
Practice in State and Federal Courts.
A ttorney-at-Law,
Walhalla, South Carolina.
Practice in State and Federal Courts.
Bell Phone No. 20.
B. um. mn, s.e.
lal Remedies, because lt rid? ttl?
No opiates. Guaranteed to tfivn
. LUNNEY, Seneca.

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