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Young Woman ConUnod In a Cabin
Near Halifax, ... O.
Anbury Park, N. J., Dec. ll.
Policeman Thomas Broderick ?eft*
here for Halifax, N. C., under In
struction to gather a posse And at
tack a log cabin in which Miss Olga
SJostedt, a trained nurse, is alloged
to be held prisoner by one T. E.
Pender, into whose employment Miss
SJostedt went from Anbin y Park un
der the impression tbat he was a
Southern planter of gool connections.
Miss SJostedt lived here with Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Lange. Before
Thanksgiving Pender answered an
advertisement for a position and she
thought tho prospect so good that
t?he took the next train for Halifax.
She now says the "Plantation House"
turned out to be a log cabin, midway
between Weldon and Halifax, where
Pender ls her jailer. In a letter to
the Langes she said:
"If I do not get help to get away
from here before Sunday I will kill
myself, rather than be tortured to
death by this old Insane brute. For
God's sake do something. The first
night I fought for my life. . The win
dows are fastened with long, heavy
cross-bars. I am starving and freez
ing, all for nothtng. He will not pay
my fare back again, and ho will not
let me go. He has taken $10, which
I had to pay my way back again. In
the room I sleep In the rats and mice
run loose. He puts water In my milk.
He doesn't allow me to talk to any
The Langes say they got no re
plies from the Halifax chief of po
lice or Methodist mint-ito**, to whom
they appealed, so they consulted
Mayor Atkins, of AsDury Park, and
he dispatched Broderick.
Woman Released.
A Bpeclal from Wei con, N. C.,
says T. L. Pender, who wr.s alleged
to have held Iga SJostedt, of Asbury
Park, N. .1., In his mountain home
after Inducing her to come upon th.;
representation that he was a large
plantation owner and could give her
comfortable home, denies the sensa
lonal story.
He says he wroto the young wo
man before she came that he was a
bachelor. 70 years old, that he lived
out o.n a lonesome plantation and
everything was "very rough."
He says she said In the presence
of Chief of Police Harvey, of Hali
fax, who went to Investigate her con
"1 was a little lonesome when I
first got here, but I am all right
Oillcer Broderick, of Asbury Park,
took the young woman to Asbury
A- telegram to the Haleigh News
and Observer, signed by Chief of
Police J. Ii. Harvey, of Halifax, N.
C., says.
"Miss Olga SJostedt, the woman at
T. E. Render's, has been released by
taking her to the town of Halifax
and sending her to the city of As
bury Park, N. J, She was no doubt
badly treated by Pender. She was
accompanied from Fender's to Hali
fax by myself and Deputy Sheriff
Daniel and Chief of Police Broderick,
of Asbury Park, N. J."
It will be unnecessary for you to
go through a painful, expensive ope
ration for piles IC you uso ManZan.
Put up In collapsible tubes with noz
zle, ready to apply to the soreness
and Inflammation. For any form of
piles. Price 50c. Guaranteed. Sold
by J. W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lun
ney, Seneca.
Troops Guard Kentucky Town.
Hopkinsville, Ky., Dec. 12.-En
larged preparations were made here
last night following reports that the
night riders were mobilizing ten
mllon from this city, preparing to re
turn to Hopkinsville and burn the re
maining trust factories and avenge
the death of one of their numbe* re
cently killed by the sheriff's posse.
Two hundred citizens were sworn
in to guard the town, and Gcernor
Willson sent troops from Earlington
early this morning.
No attack on the city was made,
and the presence of additional troops
has materially relieved the tenci?n.
Constipation causes headache, nau
sea, dizziness, languor, heart palpita
tion. Drastic physics gripe, sicken,
weaken tho bowels and don't cure.
Doan's Regulets act gently and cure
constipation. 25 cents. Ask your
Anderson Negro Kills Another.
Anderson Mall of the 11th says:
Bunin Williams, colored, was shot
and instantly killed by Wayman Nor
ris, colored, on Mrs. Cora Harris's
place, near Starr, last night. Coro
ner Pruitt has gone to the scene of
the shooting to hold an inquest, and
tho particulars of the shooting are
not known, but lt is said thai several
negroes gathered In a house last
night, for a "hot supper." The Nor
ri:; negro went, out of the house and
shot at another negro, whose name
could not be learned. The bullet
missed its mark, but penetrated the
walls of the house and hit the Wil
liams negro, killing him instantly.
So far os can be learned, Wayman
Norris has not yet been arrested, hut
lt ls supposed that he will bo landed
behind the bars before nightfall.
A King's Dyspepsia Tablet after
each meal overcomes indigestion,dys
pepsia and other stomach lils. Two
days' trial free. s Ask our dealers-J.
W. Boll, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
Shoots Bride at Church.
Lisbon, Ohio, Dec. 10.-"Yo ?
choose between your religion and
me!" shouted 2 2-year-old Harry
Webber, of this place, at church as
ho confronted Iiis bride of four weeks
at the door of the Lisbon Disciples'
church. The young wife steeped
aside to enter the church, and Web
ber, drawing fl revolver, fired two
shots at her, th a put a bullet Into
his own brain. Wobber died in half
au hour. The little bride will not
live through the night. Webber was
the son of Georg? Webber, n mer
chant, and one ol (lie best-known
men In Lisbon.
220 Bodies of Coal Miners Recover*
ed-Expected Number May be OOO.
Monongah, W. Va., Dec. ll.
Steadily and almost uninterruptedly
Mines Nos. 6 and 8, of the Fairmont
Coal Company, are giving up the vic
tims of last Friday's explosion.
When to-night's force of rescuers
went on duty there had been a total
of 225 bodies taken out, most ot
which have been burled. O the rd
were brought out in groups of two
and" three at short Intervals.
A number of the bodies brought
out to-day did not bear the brass
checks used in the company's system
of records and accounts of a majority
of Its employees, thus substantiating
the statements o? ' Monday that a
large number of men and boys in
the mines were not included ii the
checking rolls, from which the Hst
of the dead were largely based. This
has also almost dispelled the hope
expressed by mining officials during
the past few days that the number
of dead had been over-estimated.
There ls reason to believe to-night
that the number will not fall far
short of five hundred.
A canvass of miners will be com
pleted to-morrow, and this, together
with a Hst of hundreds of unclaimed
letters In the post office, will furnish
data for a new and probably more
accurate estimate.
Conditions outside the mine to
night are much improved through
the freezing ot the mud, making the
work much easier.
An oponlng between the two mines
was completed to-night, and it is be
lieved that within 48 hours all the
bodies found will have oeen taken to
the morgue.
Over fifty funerals were held to
day. On each casket there was, a
bunch of American Beauty roses or
white carnations. The source of the
flowers remained a secret until late
In the day, when it was announced
that Miss Elizabeth, daughter of S.
L. Watson, the president of the coal
company, had ordered trem.
Leads most intelligent people to use only
mcdiiincA of Known composition. There
fore lt is thai Dr. Pierce's medicines, tho
makera^of walch print every Ingredient
enterlngmAo them upon tho bottlo wrap
pers and attest Its correctness under oath,
aro dally growing Sn favor. Tho com
position of DrlPlercc's medicines is open
to cvervbodyVDr. Pierce belntr deer ina^
of having the s?Vn-?i light pf
tlo? turned fully upon his formuhe, bcli?g
contldcnt that uic/bettcf the composition^
QI these medicines ls Known the moro*
will their great curative merits bc recog
nized^ Being wholly made ofThe active
medicinal principles extracted * from na
tivo forest roots, by exact processes
original with Dr. Plorco, and without tho
uso of a drop of alcohol, trlplo-rofined and
chemically puro glycerine being used In
stead In extracting and preserving tho
curative virtues residing In tho roots
employed, theso medicines aro entirely
freo from tho objection of doing harm
by creating an appetite for olther al
coholic beverages or habit - forming
drugs. Examino tho formula on their
bottlo wrappers--t' samo as sworn to by
Dr. Pierce, and you will lind that his
"Goldon Medical Discovery," tho groat,
blood-purl Uer, stomach tonic and bowel
regulator-tho medicine which, whilo not
recommended to cure consumption in Ita
advanced stage" (no mediclue will do that)
yot doc? cure all thoso catarrhul condi
tions of head and throat, weak stomach,
torpid liver and bronchial troubles, weak
lungs and hang-on-coughs, which, If neg
lected or badly troatod lend up to and
finally termlnato in consumption.
Tako tho "Uolden Medical Discovery"
in time and lt Is not likely to disappoint
you If only you givo It a thorough ar.d
fair trial. Don t expect miracles. It
won't do supernatural things. You must
exorcise your patienco and persevero in its
uso for a reasonablo longth of time to get
Its full benefits. Tho Ingredients of which
Dr. Pierce's medicines aro composed hnvo
tho unqualified endorsement of scores of
medical leaders-bettor than any amount
of lay, or non-professional, testimonials.
They aro not given away to bo experi
mented with but aro sold ny all doalors lu
medicines at reasonablo prices.
Shot by a Son of a Judge.
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. ll.-A dis
patch to the Banner from Hopkins
ville, Ky., says:
"Will Winfree shot and fatally
wounded Policeman Charles Herd
here at noon to-day. Karly this
morning Herd arrested Winfree and
a companion for drunkenness, and
persisted In taking them to the lock
up in the patrol wagon, instead of
allowing them to walk. Winfree was
afterwards released, and just after
noon met Herd near the Louisville
and Nashville station. He walked
up to the officer, and with the words,
'Charlie, you llftj",' fired three times.
One shot entered the leg and ano
ther went under the ?eft shoulder.
Herd's wounds are fatal. Winfree
is the son of Judge W. H. Winfree,
of th ? place, and !? a lawyer by pro
Tutrs Pills
This popular remedy never falls to
effectually cure
dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick
Headache, Biliousness
And ALL DISEASES prising from a
Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion
Thc natural result ls good appetite
and solid flesh. Dose small; elegant
ly sugar coated and easy to swallow.
Take No Substitute. -
Played with Dynamite-Four Killed.
Bristol, Tenn., Dec. ll.-Four per
sons were killed and cremated to-day
on the farm of John Duff, whose son,
William, was playing with a stick of
dynamite. Th?; dynamite exploded,
killing the boy and Mrs. Nathaniel
Harns, and .Mrs. Elijah Moody and
her child. The house caught flic and
cremated the bodies.
Ring's Lillie Liver rills wake \.p
lazy ll vers ; clean the system and
clear flu skin. Try thom for bilious
ness and sick headache. Price l?*><'.
Hold by J. W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J.
Lunney, Seneca.
Arrested on Charge of Stealing Gold
and Clothing form a Friend.
Atlanta, Dee. 13.-While Beated
before a parlor Are Weduesday night
talking with her fiance, just after
they had witnessed the performance
at the Bijou theater, Miss Myrtle
May Johnson, 23 years of age, a pret
ty young woman from Kansas City,
was arrested by Policemen Fincher
and Bailey and locked in the police
nt at lon. suspected of theft.
Miss Johnson has been In Atlanta
for the past two years, and has been
employed as waitress in several of
the down-town restaurants. She was
taken in custody at her hoarding
house, 178 South Forsyth street.
It ls stated that the young woman
ls engaged to be married shortly af
ter Christmas to the young man who
was with her at the time of the ar
rest . i
Miss Johnson is accused ot open
ing a trunk and taking two ten-dol
lar gold coins belonging to Mis* Ma
mie Wells, another young woman
boarder. She is also charged with
taking some laundry belonging io
Miss Wells.
Miss Johnson, who is a pretty bru
nette, denies she is guilty. She was
thoroughly searched after being tak
en to the station and placed in care
of Mrs. Bohnefleld, the matron, bu*
the missing money was not found.
The young woman states that her
father was J. J. Johnson, a police
man of Kansas City, who died some
time ago of heart failure while pa
troling his beat.
Public Speaker Interrupted.
Public speakers aro frequently In
terrupted by people coughing. This
would not happen If Foley's Honey
and Tar were taken, as lt cures
coughs and colds and presents pneu
monia and consumption. The genu
ine contains no opiates and is in a
yellow package. All Druggists.
Farmer Killed by Policeman.
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. ll.-H. B.
Barr, a farmer of Montgomery coun
ty, was shot and killed Monday- night
at 10 o'clock, by Policeman Searey, !
on Commerce street, a principal thor- j
oughfare of this city. i
It is said Barr had been drinking
and was firing bis revolver in the
streets, endangering the lives ot pe
destrians. When the policeman at
tempted to arrest him the man fired
two shots at the officer, one of the
bullets striking Richard Galatis, a
prominent young man, who was pass
ing at the time. The officer returned
the fire, killing Barr Instantly. The
young man sustained only a flesh
You know as well as any one when
you need something to regulate your
system. If your bowels are rlugglsh.
your food distresses you, your kid
neys pain, take Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea. It always relieves.
35 cents-Tea or Tablets. J.W.Bell
GeorgiJl Woman Commits Suicide.
Flowery Branch, Ga., Dec. 12.
Mrs. Colo .Mayfield, wife of a promi
nent farmer, living in Forsyth coun
ty, was found swinging from a limb
of a tree yesterday near the house.
The woman had gone to the spring
after a pail of water and was gone so
long that tho anxiety of the husband
led bim to go in search of her. Ar
riving at tho spring, he saw her
swaying body at the end of a rope.
The woman had evidently climbed
the tree, tied the rope to the limb
near the trunk and jumped. There
has been found no cause for the act.
"I trust this may be read by many
sufferers from kidney and bladder
trouble," writes Mrs. Joe King, of
Woodland, Texas. ' i suffered four
years and could find nothing to give
even temporary relief. Our druggist
lat last Inducad mo to try yr. 30
days' treatment of Plneules SI.
This one bottle has cured me and
money could not buy the value is has
be rn to me." Guaranteed. Sold by J.
W. Bell, Walhalla, and W. J. Lunney,
i Ol
I will sell, at Public Aucti?
from Old Pickons,. on Friday, .
lowing described property :
Ono Farm, 448 acres, (gi
Bottom ; 10 acres Creek Bottom
grass ; 75 acres Upland in roasc
anco in Original Forest. Farm
large Barns and all other ?ecos;
Houses, fino Orchard. Said Fa
One-third Cash, balanco ono an
por cent. Purchaser to secure
Also, at same time and pla?
15 head of Cattle, 3 Milch Cov
Pigs, ono lot Fodder, ono lot Cc
in Shredding Machine, 2 Buggic
of Mulos, and many other Farm
tion. Terms on Personal Proper
Bo on hand and get your si
thor information apply to Jobi
EB; H. Craig, Bickens, S. C., o?
Et. F. I). No. 2.
Don't neglect your
Statistics show the
alone over 200 people
And meet of these
be living now if they 1
warning cough.
You know ho*
) Emt* Lr ion enabU
f cough or cold.
Mix this Simple, Helpful Recipe at
Home and Try it. Anyway.
Qet from any prescription phar
macy the following:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, one
ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparil
la, three ounces.
Shake well in a bottle and take a
teaspoonful dose after each meal and
at bedtime.
The above is consldored by an em
inent authority, who writes in a
New York dally paper, as the finest
prescription ever written to relieve
backache, kidney trouble, weak
bladder end all forms of urinary
difficulties. This mixture acts very
promptly on the eliminative tissues
of tho kidneys, enabling them to
filter and strain the uric acid and
other waste matter from the blood
which causes rheumatism.
Some persons who suffer with the
alludions may not feel inclined to
place much confidence in this simple
mixture, yet those who have tried it
say tho results are simply surpris
ing, the relief being effected with
out the slightest injury to the sto
mach or other organs.
Mix some and give it a trial. It
certainly comes highly recommend
ed. It is the prescription of an emi
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tion, it ls said, was established by
A druggist here at home when
asked stated that he could either
supply the Ingredients or mix the
prescription for our readers, also
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Millions of bottles of Foley's Haney
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person ever having experienced any
other than beneficial results from its
uso for coughs, colds and lung trou
bles. This is because the genuine
Foley's Honey and Tar in tho yellow
package contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs. Guard your health
by refusing any but the genuine.
All Druggists.
Stenographer Gets $100,O0O.
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 13.
Yesterday, a stenographer at a small
salary, to-day heiress to one-tenth of
a million-dollar estate, is the story
of Stella Blethen, secretary to the
late George Francis Porter, a mil
lionaire, who died recently. By terms
of the millionaire's will, which has
just been probated, Miss Blethen
will receive $100,000 in stocks and
Miss Blethen ls noted for her
beauty, and for some time had been
book-keeper and confidential clerk to
Mr. Porter. As,Mrs. Patton, she was
defendant In a' sensational divorce
case a few years ago.
in, at my Residence, two milos
Docembor 27th, 1907, tho fol
ia ran teed) . Forty acres River
i ; 50 acres Upland in Bermuda
mable stato of cultivation ; bal
has ono 8-room Dwelling, two
nary Outbuildings, four Tenant
rm sold for partition. Terms:
d two years, with interest at 8
payment with mortgage of tho
30 : Ono sot Blacksmith Tools,
PS, 20 Sheep, lot of Hogs and
?rn, 1 Weeder, one-half interest
)s, 4 two-horso Wagons, 5 hoad
ing Tools too numerous to mon
ty : CASH on dav of sale,
laro of tho bargains. For fur
l P. Craig, Walhalla, S. C. ;
. T. E. Craig, Central, S. C.,
Central, S. C.
? Route No. 2.
t in New York City
> die every week from
* *
i consumptive* might J?
md not neglected the ?
r quickly Scotti
p you to t?ixMYv off a
ANO ?44)0. A
Farmers' Union Cotton Will be Sold
Direct to European Spinners,.
Greenville, Dec. 12.-W. C. Moore,
financial agent for the Farmers' Un
ion, returned to Greenville to-day
from a trip to Europe. Mr. Moore
went to England and Germany for
the purpose of conferring with the
spinners about making direct sales
of cotton. H? made a close study of
the situation, and, as a result, agen
cies have been established at Man
chester, England, and also in Ger
many, through which Farmers' Un
ion cotton will be sold direct to the
spinners. Mr., Moore is enthusiastic
over the plan and declaren it will
result in saving at least a dollar a
bale on cotton thus handled.
He predicts sensational prices lat
er in the season when the consumer
finally realizes the size of the crop
and the fact that; the farmer is not
willing to take less than 15 cents.
Bkoratic Folk
Aro You Sure Your Kidneys aro
Well ?
Many rheumatic attacks are due to
uric acid In the blood. But the duty
of the kidneys is to remove all uric
acid from the blood. Its presence
there shows the kidneys are Inactive.
Don't dally with "uric acid solvents."
You might go on until doomsday
with them, but until you cure the
kidneys you will nover get well.
Donn's Kidney Pills not only remove
urie, acid, but cure the kidneys and
then nil danger from uric acid is
Rupert B. Calvo, bookbinder, em
ployed at The State Publishing Co.,
official printers for the State of South
Carolina, living at 1010 Lumber St.,
Columbia, S. C., says: "I thought I
had rheumatism and was treated fof |
it on that belief. I usod all kinds of
liniments. Tho pain was in my baeV
and in my hips clear to the shout- |
deva. The liniments did no good,
and I took to blood medicines, but
they did not help me. I took a long
trip in hopes that the change of cli
mate might help me. I heard of
Doan's Kidney Pills and determined
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store. They completely removed the
pains out of my back, and I have not
felt a touch of the old trouble since I
used them."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name-Doan's
and take no other.
Potato Filled Half Bushel Mcusure.
Valdosta, Ga., Dec. 12.--The lar
gest sweet potato ever seen in South
Georgia was brought to the office of
the Valdosta Times by Frank Brad
ford, of Lake Park, lt almost filled
a half bushel measure, weighed 23 Va
pounds and measured 40 inches
Notice is hereby given that the
ANNUAL MEETING of the Board of
County Commissioners for Oconee
County will be held in their office on
the Public Square, at Walhalla, S. C.,
on FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1908, be
ginning at ll o'clock. All persons
having claims against the county for
work or material for year 1907 must
file the same, duly atteo'od, on the
day before the meeting or any time
during the month of December. All
1907 claims not filed before said
meeting will be barred. Claims may
be filed In person or by mall, ad
dressed "County Commissioners,"
Walhalla, S. C. All Interested will
please take duo notice and govern
themselves accordingly.
D. F. MCALISTER, Supervisor.
December 4, 1907. 49-52
1908, at my residence, near OAK
WAY, OCONEE COUNTY, I will of- i
fer for sale, at nuctlon, four fine
farms, situated In tho prosperous sec
tion of Oakway. The description fol
Three 40-acre tract3 of unlmprov-'
ed land; well timbored and well- |
Ono 55-acre tract, oi which ls one
good 5-room house (new), and all '
necessary outbuildings.
These tracts pro situated one-mile
and a half west of Oakway, known as
the Hamilton lands.
Also, two good 1100-pound mules.
Terms of Sale: One-third CASH;
balance In two and four yoars, with
interest from day of snlo nt 8 per
cont. Purchaser to pay for papers.
For further particulars call on or
address- W. H. COLE.
49-1 Westminster, S/C., R.F.D. 2 ,
MASTER'S SALES.-Tho State of
South Carolina, County of Oconee.
(In Court of Common Pleas.)-Pur
suant to decrees of the aforesaid
Court, lu the cases named below, \
will offer for sale, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, S. C., on Monday,
the 6th day of January, 1908, be
tween the legal hours of sale, tbe
tracts of land below described:
Annie Jones et al., Plaintiffs,
against Henriette Soloman et al.,
Defendants.-AU that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land, situate, lying
and being in the County of Oconee,
and State aforesaid, on Little River,
containing fifty-four acres, more or
less and known as a part of the Kyle
tract, being bounded by lands of the
W. C. Keith Estate. O. W. LeRoy
and others, and being the same tract
conveyed to Willis Soloman and
W. LeRoy by the 81nk Fund Corni
sion of South Carolina by deed dal
February 3d, 189^, 'J
Terms of Sale; Cash. Purchaser
to pay extra for papers.
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
December ll, 1907. 60-1
d GL
Moses L. Emerson and Wm. Knox,
Plaintiffs, against Puter O. Gilliam
et al.. Defendants.-All that piece,
parcel or tr*ct of land, situate, ly nu:
and being ;n the County of Oconee,
State of South Carolina, adjoining
lands of M. L. Emerson, Mrs. Von
Holland, Mrs. Hunnlcutt, Mrs. Knox
and others, on White's Creek, wa
ters of Little River, waters of Keo
wee River, and supposed to contain
ninety-eight acres, be the same more
or less. Terms of Sale: Cash on day
of sale. That In the event of the
failure of the purchaser, or purchas
ers, to comply with the terms of the
sale promptly on day of sale, that
the Master do resell the premises
bid off by such purchaser, or pur-,
chasers, so failing to cqmply wftM,
the terms of sale, on the same or\
some convenient salesday thereafter, '
at the same place, and on the same
terms ae hereinbefore set out, at the
risk of the purchaser of purchasers,
and that he continue to do so until
he has found a purchaser, or pur
chasers, who shall comply with the
terms of the sale. Sold at the risk
of the former purchaser, W. R. Knox.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers.
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
December ll, 1907.
W. L. England, Plaintiff, against
Lucy Gilbert et al.. Defendants.
One certain piece, or parcel of land,
situated, lying and being in Oconee
County, State of South Carolina, on
Chauga Creek, waters of Tugaloo
River, beginning at a beech tree on
Chauga Creek, and runs northwest to
rock corner, thence northeast to
spring, thence southwest to rock,
thence northwest to black oak,
thence northeast to rock, near John
Huchen's house,,, thence to a poplar
tree on Still House branch, thence to
another poplar tree on same brunch,
thence to a white oak tree on same
branch, thence to a beech tree ?n
Chauga Creek, thence alohg Chauga
Crefek to a beech tree near the Horse
shoe bridge, the beginning'corner,
and bounded on the east by'Chauga
Creek, on west and north by landi of
W. L. England, and said to contain
one hundred and five acres, more or
less, and known as part of the Eliza
beth Chambers place. Terms ofj
Sale: One hundred thirty-four 11-100
dollars and thirteen 41-100 dollars
and the cost of this action, CASH,
and for the sum of sixty dollars on
ist of January, ?908, and for the
sum of sixty dollars and t&ta&st^frO*
the first day of January, 1909, and
the sum of sixty dollars on tho drat
day of March, 1909, the credit por
tion to boar interest from day of sale
and be secured by a bond of the pur
chaser and a mortgage of the premi
ses sold. Purchaser to pay extra for
papers. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
December ll, 1907._
of South Carolina, County of Oconee,
In Court of Probate.-By C. R. D.
Burns, Clerk Circuit Court, Acting
Probate Judge.-Whereas, W. Orr
Hamilton has made suit to me
to grant him Letters of Administra
tion of the Estate of and Effects
George S. Hamilton, deceased
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and ere litors of the said George
S. Hamilton, deceased, that they
be and appear before me, In the
Court of Probate, to be held at Wal
halla, Court House. South Carolina,
on Friday, the 20th day ot Decem
ber, 1907, after publication hereof,
at ll o'clock in the forenoon to show
cause, If any they have, why tho said
administration should notbegran? \
Given under my hand and seal ?!/
7th day of December, A. D. 1907.
(Seal.) C. R..D. BURNo,
Clerk Circuit Court, Acting Judge of
Probate for Oconee County, S. C.
Published on the 11th and 18th
days of Decembor, 1907, in tho Keo
wee Courier, and on the Court Houso
door for the time required by law.
Docembor ll, 1907. 50-51
CITATION " NOTICE.-Tile "state
of South Carolina, County of Oconee.
in Court of Probate.-By C. R. D.
Burns, Clerk Circuit Court, Acting
Probate Judge.-Whereas, Salena
Williams has made suit to me to
Kraut her Letters of Administration
of the Estate of and offects of Rich
mond Williams, deceased
These .are, thereforo, to cite and
admonish all and singular tho kindred
and creditors bf the said Richmond
Williams, deceased, that h tey be and
appear before me, in the Court of
Probate, to bo held at Walhalla Court
House, South Carolina, on Friday,
the 20th day of December, 1907, af
ter publication hereof, at H o'clock
in tho forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why tho ca?d administra
tion should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
7th day ot December, A. D. 1907
(Heal.) C. R. D. BURNS,
Clork Circuit Court, Acting Judge of
Probate for Oconee County, S. C.
Published on tho 11th and 18th
days of December, 1907, in the Koo
wce Courier, and on the Court Houst
door for the time required by lnw
December ll, 1907. R?-6
stops ?Ixe cou?'h ?nd boals luntf.

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