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By Jaynes, Shelor, Smith & Stock.
Star Brand Shoes.
The^ shades of night were falling fast,
Aa through an Alpine Village passed,
A youth who bore, 'mid snow and ice,
A banner with this known device:
His brow was glad, his eye beneath,
Flashed like a falci?n from its sheath,
And like a silver olaf lon rung,
The accents of that well known
In happy homes he saw the light,
Of household fires gleam warm and
Above the spectral glaciers high,
And from his lips escaped a cry,
. TER.':
"Try not the pass," the old man said;
"Hark lowers the tempest overhead,
The roaring torrent ls deep and wide"
And loud that clarion voice replied,
"Oh stay," the malden said, "and rest
Thy weary head upon this breast!"
In his. bright blue eye there stood a
tear, ~
.But still he answered, with a cheer,
"Beware the pine trees withered
Beware the awful avalanche,!'
This was tho peasant's last good
A voice replied, far up the height,
At break of day as heavenward,
The pious monks of Saint Bernard,
Uttered the oft-repeated prayer,
A voice cried through the startled air,
And onward climbed with head up
Unto the top this sturdy Knight,
His tread was sure, his feet were dry
And loudly rung his battle cry.
C, i & J, E. BA?KNPT.
New Fall Stock ! J J
Broad Cloths, Bilks, Panamas, Voilos, Porfuinettes, nrst-claes Une pf
WAI8T GOODS, etc. / I
Shirt Willst?, Under Skirts, Corbet Covers, Qowcs, |to.
Best Uno of M KN \s ci.o'/?t INO I have ever carried. ?IBO, Bofo'
SUITS, Men's and Bova^Md Panta. / y^p*\
SHOES-Men's, Ladies* and Children's-^ W .
Not hi' ig equal?-'our "Ladlee'Soft Shoes for Tender Toot.'
pair viii convince you.
/, OF NOTIONS, and such Artioles as are
usually kept in a flrst-olaao Dry Gooda Store.
If yon want to hold your Cotton, why not Insure
it? I am now nrepared to Unsure your Cotton at your
home or anywhere in the county at a low rate.
Walhalla, S. G.
loe in People's Bank._ _Houses for Kent.
Big Display of
Xmas Goods.
our lino before buying your bill for the little ones.
Us from 5c. to $1.50.
?es from 10c. to $2.tho pair,
rot Sewing Machines (a real Sewing Machine)
[little ladies, only $2.50.
rackorsj Salutes, Roman Cannons, Sky Rockets,
?8, Paper Balloons, etc.
[mas Tree Ornaments of every description,
hing for everybody.
Interdenominational Association will
Meet Here Jar dary 8-0.
Seneca, Dec. 21.-To the Pastor,
Superintendent and Secretary of
every Church and Sabbath School in
Oconee County: As announced in
our paper last week, our first annual
copvention will b? hold lp the Baptist
church, Walhalla, S. C., on January
8 and 9, 1908. I beg that each pas
tor, superintendent and secretary will
consider this a personal letter, carry
ing with lt a request that you give
us your hearty support, making your
self a pushing, energetic factor in the
great wr.rk of the Sunday school. As
I we are even now celebrating the birth
of the babe In Bethlehem, our Lord
and Saviour, let us remember how
he said, "Suffer the little chi'iren to
come unto me, and forbid them not,
for of such ls the kingdom of heaven."
Then let us not only 3uffer them to
come, but help to bring them to JeT
sus by our dally walk and conversa
tion, by our prayers, by our example
in the Sunday school. Eaoh Sunday
school is urged to elect one, two or
more delegates, then write the coun
ty secretary and to Jas. M. Moss,
Walhalla, giving your name and say
ing you will attend. On arrival in
Walhalla report to Mr. Moss, who
will have you assigned to a home.
Below is a full program for the con
vention. A number of these will be
sent out to pastors and superintend
ents for distribution.
With merry Christmas greetings,
and hoping to meet you in Walhalla,
I um, yours In the work,
Dr. J. H. Burgess,
County Secretary,
. The Program.
Wednesday Morning, January 8.
10.30-Devotional exercises by
Rev. J. C. Yongue, Walhalla.
10.45-Organization, Why? When?
How?-J. M. Way, State Secretary,
Pelze r
11.00-Possibilities-Rev. J. J.
Harrell, Westminster.
11.15-Enrollment of delegates.
11,30-Appointment of commit
11.40-Sunday Schools as Mission
ary Agency-Rev. J. C. Yongue.
?2.00-Blackboard Work. Lesson
Illustrated-By County S. S. Worker.
?2.20-Acquaintance Meeting and
Assignment of Homes.
K Wednesday Afternoon.
MtO-Primary Work-Miss Grace
W. ' \ndiver, Spartanburg.
ito';;nd Table-Primary Work.
Oren discussion.
/?.30-Organized Class Work-r-J.
ty. Way.
V Wednesday Night,
i "LBO-Song service.
\ OO-Adult Bible Class Movement
y-Rew. P. W. Gregg, Abbeville.
\ Open discussion. ,
\8.ti-Secrotary'8 Work-By Coun
ty S. S. Worker.
NyThursday Morning, January 9th.
K v'A.SO1^-Devotional exercises by J.
9.45-Promise Meeting-Prof. T.
Wi Keltt, Clemson College.
10.00-Teaching and Teachers
E.rf,. Hughs, Greenville.
11.00-Round Table-Rev. ?. S.
Blackburn, Seneca.
Thursday Afternoon.
2.30-Election of officers.
2.45-Home Department-J. M.
3.30-Temperance in Sunday
School-C. R. D. Burns.
Thursday Night.
7.30-Song servite.
8.00-Report of committees.
8.30-Our Finances-J. M. Way.
9.00-Home Again, What?-By
everybody present.
Good Cough Medicine for Children
The season for coughs and colds
is now at hand and too much care
cannot be used to protect the chil
dren. A child ls much more likely
to contract diphtheriaorscarletfever
when he has a cold. The quicker you
cure his cold the less the risk. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy ls the sole
reliance of mauy mothers, and few
of those who have tried it are will
ing to use any other. Mrs. F.* ?r.
Starcher, of Ripley, W. Va., says: "I
have never used anything other than
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
my children and it has always given
good satisfaction." This remedy
contains no opium or other narcotic
and may be given as confidently to a
child as to an adult. For sale by J.
W. Bell, Walhalla; W. J. Lunney,
Missourian Calls Mississippi Minority
Leader a '.tar.
Washington, Dec. 19.-The Till
man McLaurln episode was repeated
in the House cloak room to-day by
Minority Leader John Sharp Wil
liams, of Mississippi, and Representa^
tive DeArmond, of Missouri. They
engaged, in a wrangle over the ap
pointment of a Missourian to a com
mittee, when DeArmond callod Wil
liams a Uar.
Wi'llams Immediately retaliated
by striking DeArmond full in the
face. DeArmond replied with .
glancing blow on the cheek, whlc ?
broke the skin on William's face.
The two were separated by friends
and led from the cloak room through
different doors.
Bean tb? T& Kind You Haw Always BoujW
mm m imm ??IB ' i
S?neca, Dec. 24.
" 'Twas the night before Christmas,
Wh?n all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse!"
The mothers who haven't this
should secure it for their children.
Ito. fact many newspapers and maga
zines have reproduced it, giving an
opportunity to those who haven't lt
to read it to the children ' at this
Seneca's school boys and girls are
at home for the holidays. Among
them are: Wales Lowry, Thomas
Harper, George Tribble, Claude
Gaines, Tom Anderson; Misses Sue
and Norma Gignilllat, Ivor Brown,
Bertha Lee Cox and Mary Earle. W-?x
extend a hearty welcome home and
compliments of the season.
Miss Bessie L. Peatross, who is
pleasantly remembered here, is
spending Christmas With Mrs. Wm.
Miss Edith Morgan's friends are
pleased to know thnt she will remain
over for the holidays. She is with.
Mrs W. P. Nimmons.
Mi*s. C. V. McCarey entertained a
number.of her friends to dinner yes
The K. of P. banquet is pronounced
a big success, reflecting credit upon
the order and also Luther A. Mooro,
the caterer. Tho speakers were Hon
J. E. Boggs, Rev. J. C. Yongue, P. P.
Clin];;,eales and H. P. Boggs. Dr.
E. C. Doyle acted us toastmaster.
Miss Miller, of Chlcora, is spend
ing the holidays with Mrs. T. M. Mc
A pleasant meeting of the Once-a
Week Club was held with Mrs. Lloyd
Trlmmier last week. A delglhtfui
menu was served, and arrangements
perfected for tho Christmas social
meeting, which will be held with Mrs.
L. W, Vernor. /
The spelling bee and oyster s?p
per, which was given for the benefit
of the library, at the residence of
Mrs. W. A. Lowry, last week, proved
a most pleasant and profitable occa
sion. In the spelling contest Mrs.
L. W. Vernor won the prize.
Seneca presents a very business
like appearance, the square being
packed with holiday shoppers. The
merchants report fine Bales.
Mies Annie Vernor received the
watch offered by the Empire Stock
Company for the most popular young'
lady in Seneca. A beautiful compli
ment, worthily bestowed.
Hon. K. E. Mason, of Charlotte,
visited Seneca last week.
M78. J. W. Byrd compliments her
Sum. iv school class with a party on
Thursdny evenln'g of this week.
While your correspondent hasn't
heard of many social affairs for the
holidays, there will be the usual
number of family dinings, and these,
with the l.ome-coming of loved ones,
will constitute the ideal Christmas.
The Baptist prayer meering will be
held on Friday afternoon instead of
Rev. J. A. Campbell will lecture in
the opera house on Friday night next
on his travels through Italy.
The closing exercises at the school
were most Interesting, the 1st, 2d, 3d,
4th, 6th,and 6th grades having pre
pared appropriate programs for the
occasion. '
Everywhere we turn is found mys
terious looking packages, which tell
the charming and delightful tale of
the close approach of Santa's visit.
It is useless to tell the big boys to
remember their best girl, but while
you are doing this, dear boys, how
many will remember mother, who
will appreciate the thought, not the
money invested, and who spends ev
ery moment of her life, unselfishly,
for those about her. And lastly,
husbands remember your wives! The
same ?entiment applies in this case,
and the consideration shown, whe
ther in the shape of a paper of pins,
or a brass fire set, will not fall of
proper appreciation, and the invest
ment will prove a safe one. With
additional hearty good wishes to
every reudur of this, with
"A merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night."
Liquor-Seeks to Prevent Interstate
Trafilo in Prohibition Territory.
Washington, Dec. 17.-In pursu
ance with lils announce! purpose
last summer in the SounL Carolina
campaign, that if the dispensary was
not purged and cleansed ho would
champion the cause of prohibition
outright, Senator Tillman to-day in
troduced the following resolution?,
in the Senate.
"Resolved, That the committee on
finance bo instructed to consider and
report whether it is practicable or
desirable for the national govern
ment to discontinue permits to retail
liquor dealers in States or counties
and municipalities, where local op
tion prevails, prohibiting the sale of
"Resolved, That the committee on
interstate commerce be instructor
to consider and report, by bill or
otherwise, what legislation ls desir
able or necessary to enable the
States, in the exercise of the police
powers, to control the commerce in
liquors and all alcoholic beverages,
so as to aid the cause of temperance
and prevent tho encouragement by
the ,Tnlted States government or Il
licit dealing in the same.
I rp ffr jg^ gp wflL~?*~~
>Tha Kind Ycu Have Always Boaflt
New Berle?
Col. striming Give? His Views In Re.
gard to Farmers' Union.
? (Greenville News.)
So far little or nothing has been
heard from President Goodwin nn'd
his friends in the Farmers' Union
quarrel, which, according to a card
from Col. J. C. Strlbllng, has r?Bured
in the State charter being suspended.
Colt Strlbllng, who is one of the best
known farmers of Anderson county,
writes as follows:
"The action of the National Presi
dent in suspending the charter and
calling a State meeting himself to
convene in Columbia on the 22d of
January next, will he commended by
all loyal union men.
"This action of the National Presi
dent puts every State officiai down
and out of business, and carrieu with
it tho union buBiness, whioh, ot
course, is a relief from an arduous
duty imposed upon this editor. The
meeting at Columbia was, as might
have been anticipated, very harmo
nious, as only one faction of the un
ion was represented there, and as this
editor had been called upon to criti
cize the leaders in this movement it
was human nature for them to slap
back at the bureau, which now evens
up matters all round, and we look
forward to the meeting of January
22, SB a truly harmonious meeting
from both factions, and we trust
that renewal of zeal in the organiza
tion will prevail.
"Tho county organizations will now
be amenable only to '? the National
President or his appointed State
agent until after the organization at
the call of the National President. I
expect to keep up my correspondence
to the farmers' organizations as usu
al, but of course on my individual re
sponsibility, and only at such times
as suits my convenience to do so.
"Yours to command,
"J. C. Striming."
Founder of Mothers' Congress Died
After an Illness of Two Montlis.
Washington, Dec. 21.-Mrs. Alice
McClellan Birney, 49 years old, foun
der and president for five years of
the National Congress of Mothers,
died yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
at her home at Chevy Chase, after a
two months' illness.
Mrs. Birney was born in Atlanta,
6a., her maiden name being McClel
lan. At an early age she married a
Mr. White, who died. Thrown upon
her own resources, Mrs. White de
veloped business ability, and for sev
eral years gained a comfortable in
come by advancing the business in
terests of other women. In 1892
Mrs. White married Theodore Wil
liam B. Birney, of Atlanta. With
her .husband, Mrs. Birney came to
Washington, later removing to Chevy
Chase,, where Mr. Birney died.
Four years after her arrival here
Mrs; Birney conceived the idea of
brlnglhg,;/the mothers of the country
into conference for the ??oibraon good.
She called together a number of
prominent women, who met in this
city in February, A897, and organ
ized tne National Congress of Moth
ers. Mr0. Birney was the flr-?t ??resi
dent of that organization, and was
re-eleoted until she refused longer
to oce.upv the position. , Then Mrs
Birney was unanimously designated
Badly Mixed Up.
Abraham Brown, of Winterton, N.
Y.,had a very remarkable experience,
He says: "Doctors got badly mixed
up over me. One said heart disease;
two called lt kidney trouble; the
fourth blood poison, and the fifth
stomach and liver trouble; but none
of them helped me; so my wife ad
vised trying Electric Bitters, which
are restoring me to perfect health.
One bottle did me m re good than
all the five doctors prescribed." Guar
anteed to cure blood poison, weak
ness and all stomach, liver and kid
ney complaints, by all druggists. 50c.
300 Cigarettes a Day.
New York, Dec. 18.-Practically a
wreck from the excessive use of ci
garettes and liquor and with the grip
of consumption on him, Dr. William
Baker Turner, aged 36, shot and
killed himself this morning in his
apartment on Eighth avenue. He
left the following letter to his wife:
"I have decided that it ls best I
should leave you. I love only one
other beside you-my son. I have
been only a drag and hindrance to
you, and it is for your good I do
tbi?f^I am glad I havo done this,
with undying love, Your husband,
"William B. Turner."
He was a victim of cigarette smok
ing, using as many as 300 a day.
For that Dull Feeling After Eating.
I have used Chamberlain's Stomach
?.?Mi Liver Tablets for some time, and
. *n testify that they have done me
more good than any tablets I have
ever used. My trouble w?s a heavy,
dull feeling after eating.-David
Freeman, Kempt, Nova Scotia. These
tablets strengthen the stomach and
improve the digestion. They also
regulato the liver and bowels. They
are far superior to pills, but cost no
more. Get a free sample nt J. W.
Bell's, .Walhalla, or W. J. Lunney's,
Seneca, and see what A splendid med
icine it is.
ManXan Pile Remedy
No. 605.--Volume i-Viii_No. 52.
Westminster. Dec, 23.-Special:
The home of Mr, and Mrs. J. L.
Phillips was made sad on Friday by
the. death of their six-year-old son?
Paul. He had been sick for som?
time, bu his death was rather unex
pected. It is thought that his death
was due to Injuries received by. fall
ing from a tree three months ago.
The body was interred In the town
cemetery at 2 o'clock Saturday af
ternoon. To the grlef-strlcken fam
ily ls extended what consolation
there is in the sympathies of our
An election was held Friday to?
determine whether or not the town,
of Westminster should surrender its
present charter. The vote was 43
to 10 in favor of the surrender.
Rov. J. J. Harrell will preach at
Fair Play on the first Sunday In
January, Instead of at Retreat.
A great many pupils from the va
rious schools have returned home
for Christmas fcveek. Anions: the?
number, we note tho following:
Misses Lucile Zimmerman and An
nie Miller, Lander College; Miss;
] lassie Thomas, Chlcora Colleger
Misses Ada and Pearl Marett, Green
ville Female College; Misses Maude?
Simpson and Margie Strlbllng, Col
lege for Women, Columbia.
We are In receipt of an invitation
to the marriage of Miss Cora. Mc
clintock Duffle and Thomas Hilton,
which Interesting event will occnr at
the home of .the bride's parents, Rev.
and Mrs. R. L. Duffle, on Thursday
evening, December 26, at 6 p. m.,
Lancaster, S. C.
The Woman'B Missionary Unto?
Auxiliary to Beaverdam Association
will hold a rally nt Beaverdam
church. Fair Play, Saturday, January
ll, 1908. Program will be publish
ed later. Let every society be rep
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hamilton, of
Seneca, were here last Thursday af
W. D. Lesly has returned homo.
He ls a traveling salesman, and has
been In North Carolina and Virginia
since lasi May.
Misses Mary and Louise Sheldon
and Helen Thompson, of Fair Play,
were shopping In Westminster . Sat
Saturday. Miss Louise,, who has
been In school in Columbia, was -
among the home-coming student?
.Misses Gussie Harper and Anna
B. Rushton left Friday for their re-*
spectlve homes at Due West and
Johnston for the holidays.
Misses Rosa find ?ulah McDonald,
who hav.? leen teaching at Denver,
have returned home for tho holidays.
Miss Jessie Strlbllng, who has
been teaching at Tnwnvillo, is at
home for the holidays.
Prof. and Mrs. M. C. Barton and
two children and Miss Allie Strlbllng
arrived Friday from Piedmont.
G. M. and W. D. Barnett, Roy A.
Strlbllng, and two sons of J. A.
Knox, who are students at Clemson
College, came home Friday for the
holiday season. "
The Graded School closed Friday,
and will reopen on January 1. frof.
and . Mrs. Brockman hav<a gone to?.
Greenville and Reldsville' to spend
Christmas with their parents.
Capt. W. E. Cheswell returned last
week from a business trip to New
York and the New England States.
We learn that there will be a
Christmas tree at tht Old Westmin
ster Baptist church on Wednesday.
J. A. Collins has opened, up a line
of fancy groceries and Christmas
goods in the store In the rear of the
millinery store, near the depot.
Mrs. W. W. Turnor, who has been
spending some months with her
daughter, Mrs. *JT. C. M. Walker,
returned to Athens, Ga., one day last
Miss Wlngo. of Spartnnburg, ls
visiting Miss Mayetto Brown.
L. L. Jarrard, ot Seneca, was In
town Saturday.
Hon. T. D. Long went to Green
ville last Tuesday.
Misses Hattie and Mayette Brown
entertained very Informally at their
home, The Maples, last Friday even
ing in honor of a friend, Miss Wingo,
of Spartanburg. The evening was a
perfect success, ,those present ex
pressing themselves as having a de
lightful time. Mrs. John Keese as
sisted in entertaining.
Miss Lila Reeder ls expected homo
to-morrow from Perry Business Col
lege, at Greenville. Mr. and Mrs.
P. J. Olin will accompany her home.
J. A. Zimmerman, a student, of tho
Atlanta Medical CoHepj, is among
tho home-comers for Christmas.
Our letter for th;a iss-ie was writ
ten at 5 o'clock Monday morning and
lt ls not at all likely that we have
treated all the current events and tho
ebb and flow of the human tide at
this Christmas season. Anything ot
a news nature that any one feels like
calling our ' attention to for next
week will be appreciated.
I cw ai e of Frequent Colds.
A succession of colds or a protract
ed cold is almost certain to end in
chronic catarrh, from which few per
sons ever wholly recover. Give eve
ry cold the attention it deserves and
you may avoid this disagreeable dis
ease. How can you cure a cold?
Why not try Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy? It ls highly recommended.
Mrs. M. White, ot Butler, Tenn.,
says: "Several years ago I waa both
ered with my throat and lungs.
Some one told me of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. I began using it
and it relieved me' at once. Now my,
throat and lungs are sound and
well." For sale by Dr. J. W. Bell,
Walhalla; W. J. Lunney, Seneca.

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