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Entrance Closed nt Noon Last Mon
day-121 for Stato Oflieos.
The time for entering tho cam
paign of 1912 for State officers, Uni
ted States Senate and Congress, and
for Solicitor in tho various circuits,
expired last Monday at noon. At
that time pledges had been flied hy
the following, and entrance was
closed :
Governor-Ira B. Jones, Colo L.
Blease, J. T. Duncan.
Lieutenant Governor-C. A. Smith.
Secretary of State-R. M. McCown.
Comptroller General-A. W. Jones.
Attorney General-J. It. Earle,
Barney B. Evans, Thos. II. Peoples,
J, Fraser Lyon.
State Treasurer-S. T.. Carter. D.
W. McLaurin.
Superintendent of Education-J.
E. Swearlngen.
Adjutant General-W. W. Moore.
Commissioner of Agriculture-E.
J. Watson.
Railroad Commissioner--John G.
Richards, Jr., J. H. Wharton, Janies
United States Senate-B. R. Till
man, W. J. Talbert. N. ll. Dial.
First Dlstricl-Geo. S. Legare, H.
Leon Larisey.
Second District-J. F. Byrnes,
Harry D. Calhoun.
Third District-Wyatt Aiken, F.
S. Evans, M. C. Long.
Fourth District--Jos. T. Johnson.
Fifth District D. E. Finley, Glenn
W. Ragsdale, W. P. Pollock.
Sixth District-J. E. Ellorbe, J.
W. Ragsdale.
Seventh District-A. F. Lever.
First Circuit-P. T. Hildebrand.
Second Circuit-R. L. Gunter.
Third Circuit-Philip Stoll, Thos.
H. Tatum.
Fourth Circuit-J. Monroe Spears,
Geo. K. Laney, T. I. Rogers.
Fifth Circuit-W. Hampton Cobb.
Sixth Circuit-J. K. Henry, J.
Harry Foster.
Seventh Circuit-J. C. Otts, A. E.
Hill, I. C. Blackwood.
Eighth Circuit-R. A. Cooper.
Ninth Circuit-John H. Peurlfoy.
Tenth Circuit -Proctor A. Bon
ham, John M. Daniel.
Eleventh Circuit (leo. Bell Tim
Twelfth Circuit-Walter Wells. L.
M. Gnsquc.
There Were Some Surprises
in the entries, among the number be
ing the failure of T. S. Connor, of
Orangeburg, to enter the race for
Governor. He announced lils candi
dacy several weeks ago, hut his
pledge was not Hied. Another an
nounced candidate who failed to en
ter the race was H. ll. Evans, of
Newberry, who a good while ago an
nounced his candidacy for Attorney
General, and who made tho state
ment recently that ho would "run
against Fraser Lyon If ho had to run
from behind jail bars." In this race
an unannounced eui rani was Barney
B. Evans, of Columbia, who has
been in thc race for the ellice before.
lt is now well known thal not
more than ono case of rheumatism
In ten requires any internal treat
ment, whatever. All that is needed
ls a free application of Chamberlain's
Liniment und massaging the parts
at each, application, Try it and see
how quickly lt will relieve the pain
and soreness. Sold by all dealers.
Tho Baptist Laymen's Movement.
N. E. Wilkins, State secretary ol'
the Layman's Movement, will speak
at the Baptist church at Walhalla
next Sunday at ll o'clock, at Cono
ross at 3 p. m., and at West Union
at 8 p. m. The layman committee of
the Boaverdani Association is re
quested to meet him at Coneross.
Wo earnestly request all of tho com
mittee to he there and hope he will
have a full house at each appoint
ment. W. M. Lom mons,
for Committee.
m Seed Meal,
ts and Bran,
ick Feed.
you good prices
ll?, C. , *
j. fy fy fy fy fy fy fy
Som? Horrible Detalla Depicted by
Ono Witness.
Florence, June 15.-Tho jury in
tho case of Harry Md no ts)) and John
Williams, charged with tho murder
of little Andrew Jackson, brought in
a verdict of guilty at 11.30 o'clock
to day. The court room was filled
with people, a number of whom were
ladies who had sat throughout the
day listening to thc case. The argu
ments were completed at 10 o'clock,
the judge charged them at 10.30, and
the jury retired immediately, being
in tho room about forty minutes.
There was a slight demonstration
when the jury handed up their ver
dict, but Jude? Shin o nnnll?d-"!t. In ?
The usual motion for new trial was
A number of witnesses wore exam
ined, but perhaps the evidence most
damaging to the defendants was the
following statement of Freddie Uc
Intosh while in jail: j
I was standing on Evans streev j
near Mr. J? rdan's, where John anal
Harry pass d by in the hack, driving'
the gray mare, and saw 11 tl lo An
drew Ja kson jump up behind tho
hack, i saw Harry take bim by tho
arm and got him in tho hack. Harry
told John to drive fast, and they wont
on back to tho stable. I went on
back home and was standing at the
wood pile and I saw Harry hold An
drew and John hit him two hard
licks with a piece of Iron, once on
tho back and once on the side of the
head, and Andrew hollered, "Oh,
Lord, 1 am dead and can't seo my
mamma any moro; 1 would bnvo
been home If those boys had not held
me on that hack and brought, mo
here." This was under tho hack
shod. William Foxworth was there,
i too, and saw everything. He knows
I moro than I do abou' lt, for ho was
hack there with them.
When John hit he fell to tho
ground and Harry jumped on him
and choked him; they then put bim
in the long stable. This was be
tween 7 and 8 o'clock. He stayed
there until the boys came back from
the depot, that night, then John and
Harry brought him in the house and
put him in the colset, near the tele
phone, and covered him up. They
kept him in the closet until tho next
night about 10 o'clock. John and
Harry took him out, of tho closet and
put him in the hack; they were driv
ing "Big John," and carried bim off.
Tho next morning I hoard them talk
ing together at the depot, and they
said they had Andrew in a safe place;
that ho would soon rot in that car
box. When they took him out of the
house he was wrapped up in two or
throe of my mother's old skirts
ono black and ono yellow. They said
they was going off from here. I told
(hem If they did I would teil Mr.
Burch. They said I had hotter not
tell Mr. Burch nothing. On the
night of the killing my mother was
cooking supper when the boys car
ried him in the house and my sister,
Lucilo, was sick in bed, and my fa
ther was in Wilmington, \\ C., on
his run. Ile did not. como back un
! til the next night. I do not think my
I father and mother knowed anything
I about it, and William did not help
John and Harry, but he was there
and saw lt all.
, Freddie (hlsX mark) McIntosh.
Signed in tho prosence of Dr. E.
M. Mathews. H. M. lilli, TllOS. S.
Burch, at jail In Florence. Mav 23,
Reardon Reunion Juno ii?.
Oak way, June 17.-Special: There
will be a reunion of tho Dearden
family at thc late Buckie and Granny
Bennien old homo place on Friday,
.hine 28th. H is the wish of the un
dersigned thai ali Gio relatives and
I their friends come and bring well
filled baskets and help enjoy tho oc
casion. Mrs. F. s. Taylor.
Westminster. Heute 2.
Popular Young Couple Wedded I>U8t
Wednesday Evening.
An event about wbleh centered
more universal Interost than any
other of the present season was the
marriage, last Wednesday evening,
June 12th, at 8.30 o'clock, of Miss
Annie Henrietta Biemann and Wade
Coke Hughs, both being popular
young people of Walhalla. The Ble
ui anii reslednce on Faculty Hill was
made especially attractive for this
Interesting occasion, the hall and
rooms of the first door being taste
fully decorated.
The bridal party descended the
stairway and entered the parlor to
the strains of Mendelssohn's "Wed
ding March," the groom with his
best man, W. G. Martin, of Port Gib
son, Miss., coming Hist, followed hy
Dick Biemnnn and itleppe Mohrtens,
of Charleston, Misses Ida Riemann
?ind Pauline Hughs, littlo Misses
Katherine . Adams and Katherine
Howen as flower girls; Miss Ger
trude Biemann as maid of honor,
and the bride, leaning on the arm of
her brother, Rleppe Biemann. The
party paused just under the wedding
bell, where the ceremony was per-?
formet} by Rev. J. B. U ni berger, of
the Lutheran church, assisted by
Rev. G. M. Wilcox, of the Presbyte
rian church. The impressive ring
ceremony of the Lutheran church Was
used. ,
Tho home was beautifully deco
rated with many Howers and ferns
j and was brilliant with the lights of
I many pink and white candles. The
I parlor was in white and green, the
I mantels being banked with ferns and
white sweet peas. The dining room
was in pink, and the bride's table
was a dream of loveliness, with gar
lands of sweet peas festooned from
1 a large bell done in white and oink
! hung over the center of the table.
1 the garlands reaching to the four
', comers. Candelabra holding pink
! candles were placed at either end,
; and numerous others around the
! room shed a soft radiance over all.
I The bride was charming in an ex
quisite hand embroidered gown of
I silk marquisette, fastened at the
throat with a pearl brooch, the gift
! of the groom, and carried a shower
' bouquet of white roses and valley
; lilies. The maids wore white lingerie
; gowns with pink sashes and carried
: bouquets of pink "roses, while the
j tiny dower girls wore white and car
ried baskets of pink sweet peas.
Following the wedding service the
bride and groom received the hearty
congratulations and good wishes of
the large number of gtiests pros'eil I
at the ceremony, and from 8.HO until
11.30 o'clock the home was the
scene of much gayel y and pleasure
as friends came to greet the happy
, young couple.
\ Those In the receiving line wert;
, Nr. and Mrs. Sidney Adams, of Hordt
1'vll; Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Hughs
i ?ny M,-, and Mrs. J. A. Stock. As
sistvig in the dining room were
Hughes, Misses Daisy
Roxie Reid and Sue Maxwell.
- presiding over the punch
bowls WMe Misses Lillie Hughs, Her
tha Schumacher and Hattie Sholor.
Miss Alic* strong had charge of tho
bride's regier.
As the giLus left u,(> dining room
they were in,te(| bv Miases <]uHa
Maxwell and >,lnio Ueid jnto an ad_
joining room tv view tne numerous
and beautiful Prouts, which so fit
tingly attested f? wi(le popularity
of the young cou ph
The young ladles vho served were
Misses Irene WhltV Lula Busch,
Ruth Kay and Theo '\g)ls.
Mr. and Mrs. HugllSWj ' Walhalla
Friday morning for a Kpr? i?r|., ?o
points of interest among\tle resorts
in the mountains of thl8N?a(e all(j
North Carolina. They wft ,)0 ' nt
home to their friends afterVe 22d
of June. . \
There ls no more popular\oung
couple (ban Mr. and Mrs. Hughvamj
we join with hosts of other frL(is
In extending to them the heartlea^
good wishes for a long and plens\,
journey through life. \
Tollcross f/ocnl Notes. \
Cunero, s, June 17.-Special: Mr.
and Mrs. Ryland Cooper and family,
of New Mope, spent Saturday and
Sundav here with the family of J.
W. Walker.
Mrs. McLnill Rogers, of Clinton,
Oklahoma, nee Miss Bessie Alexan
der, spent several days of last week
here willi relatives. Her friends
were delighted with her visit, as it
bas been nine years since her last
visit lo this placo. She ls visiting at
Russell's, and will visit in Westmin
ster and Atlanta on her return home.
Mrs. Dora Archer was a welcome
guest nt the homes of T. L. Alexan
der and IO. M. Gumbrell last week.
Raul Barnett, a student of Clem
son, is at home near herc; for a vaca
Mrs. E. I'. Cox, of Westminster,
spent last week with ber parents,
Rev. and Mrs. W. Abholt, and fam
Paul Burdett, of Oak way, visited
his father, J. B. Burdett, and family
S. J. Barker, of Central, was a re
cent visitor to relatives here.
M. Abbott, and wife spent Satur
day and Sunday with W. W. Mitchell
anil family at Westminster. They
report their little grandson, Wal
lace Mitchell, quito sick. He ls suf
fering with measles.
Mr. Gibson and little son, of near
Westminster, spent some Hmo re
cently with the former's son, John
Gibson, at the home of Mrs. S. M.
?'??Mg ll!
MrsAj, ft,
StronV Rox
while Wes
lctc<? Personal Encounter Fniie<l
to Materially.^ Ht Sumter.
Jmtor, Juno 18.--Governor Cole
L, Blease and Judge Ira B. Jones,
candidates for Governor of South
Carolina, met here to-day upon the
same stump und there were no "dead
men In trenches" as had heen pre
dicted, '-even no personal encount
ers.V and hut little disorder. lt
should ho remarked, however, that
?pening meeting was used hy the
champions chiefly for sparring
mentngs, for taking each other's
(uro preparatory for the body
to he delivered later.
Ivernor Blense, who. spoke first,
read,: his entire speech from manu
script, and made no direct reference
to his opponent, devoting most of
his time to the defense of lils admin
istration and to outlining his present
Judge Jones followed, and also
read from- manuscript tho various
plunks i in.his platform, hut after fln
Is'Jiug '-Cue manuscript he foll upon
Governor Blease and hogan to score
his pardon record and for intimating
that the corporations were hack of
Jones. *
This aroused and stirred the
crowd,' both Jones and Blease sup
porters,* and lt was during this ar
raignment of the Governor that
Judge Jones was Interrupted four
or five times by cries of "Hurrah for
Mease," from several supporters
that stood directly in front of bim.
,. '?Could Baise tho Hoof."
"Just 'wo men hollered for
Blease," shouted Judge Jones defi
antly? "If 1 were to ask tho Jones
men to holler they would raise the
court' house roof. Something has
boen said about the corporations be
ing lined up behind me. If they are,
I don't know it."
"I do know that W. H. Andrews,
president of the Atlantic Coast Lum
ber Company, one of the largest cor
porations In the State, ls one of the
noisiest and most blatant supporters
of GoVernor Blease. lt was by a de
cision bf the Supreme Court that
.thousands of acres of timber were
releasoti from the grasp of his com
pany! to the people of South Caro
lina. .
1 ./Applause was Divided.
I ' Bouv iurige Jones and Governor
Blease received liberal demonstra
tions of applause, with the shade of
difference being In favor of Judge
Jones, but there seemed to bo no
great general outburst from the
crowd for either side. The crowd
gave the Impression of wanting to
hear and think.
Locals from Westminster.
Westminster, .lune IS.-Special:
.Miss Betsy Kenyon, Of Gainesville,
Ga., is visiting Dr. and Mrs. W. J.
Carter. Sho is on her way to her
home in Rhode Island.
Miss Florrie Carter silent the week
end with relatives here.
Miss Mildred Orr, of Greenville,
visited J. R. Orr and family last
Mr. Austin, of Atlanta, is visiting
his family here.
J. H. Carter, O. S. Marett and S.
L. Brownlee made a flying trip to
Lavonia, Ga., this week.
A large party of young people and
older ones went to Tallulah Falls on
the excursion Tuesday, among them
being Mrs. J. H. Carter, Misses Nell
Smith, Anna Marett, Caroline, Lil
lian, and Annie Ruth Carter, Sue
Haley, and Miss Berriman; T. N.
Carter, A. P, Marett, Aldine Bear
den, O. W. Ptts and Mruner Dantzlor.
We are sorry to miss seeing Clar
ence Carter on tim streets. He has
returned to his home in Danville,
Mr. Coleman, of Cowpens, S. C.,
visited friends here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Long, of Anderson,
visited A. M. Alexander this week.
A very attractive social event of
the week was the party given by Mr.
and Mrs. H. E. C. Wilson in honor
of Misses Maud White and Willie
Bay Wilson, of Georgia.
\ The Misses Bell, of Atlanta, silent
e week-end here with Miss Louie
G. Kubanks Ibid I y Hurt.
NAnderson Mall. 17th.)
A bribie accident befell G. G.
V, i',jo-day at tho Bregon Mill.
HIS hKiii mushed by a piece of
?y??; "VVjnorv.
_ r, ,'Siks was wailed on bv
nrs. "^"NAshmore and Young,
WhO. ?^OVK\hreo Pieces of tho
skull and t.\, ,rh0 ,
! Ln'A;?S?lr?7l condition, but may
ive ?\rough in cident. Ho has
been living In \dergon for 0,ght
????i ?b? ?.,n rXP?nt?* ?>y trade.
ft,??i \ Ji . V? accident was
with two other iv reniacin? R
top. Whllo they w ?
column the cap Ol \$$?*g u?
banks on the head wv (h() ?b
Withdraws from CoronV n^t.
Having made a change Iv
? ness which would make IfF
! bio for mo to serve should*1 "8hI"
fortunate as to he elected, 1 "*P
announce my wit lidi a wal fro ;,y
race for Coroner of Oconee ct,t,l?
I thank my friends for the eng
agement they have given me, and ~
to assure them of my sincere ap|V
elation, Andrew M. Norris.
Westminster, S. C.
Gentlemen W!u> Will Servo Court in
Trial of Civil Cases.
Yesterday morning the jurors for
the second week of Court were
drawn. The complete list for the
second week is as follows:
J. A. Ansel, Walhalla.
J. E. Bauknlght, Walhalla.
J, W. Baker, Westminster.
S. L. Crow, Keoweo Township.
P. A. Carrul!, Center Township.
J. H. Crumpton, Wagoner Tp.
W. L. Campbell, Seneca Tp.
F. W. Cannon, Westminster.
J. D .Dunlap, Tugaloo Tp.
W. 13. Edwards, Seneca Tp.
J. S. En trek in. Wagener Tp.
W. P. Woodman. Clemson College.
P. W. Harbort, Wagoner Tp,
J. D. Barklas. Keowee Tp.
W. J. Hu8kamp, Wagener Tp.
J. A. Hutchison. West. Union.
T. B. Hutchison. Walhalla.
?I, A. Johnson. Wagoner Tp.
J. U Lee, Wagener Tp.
J. M. Medlin, Wagoner Tp.
W. C. Moore. Center Tp.
J. T. Miller, Tugaloo Tp.
C. C. Miller. Center Tp.
W. J. Melvoskev, Westminster.
B. lt. Moss. Walhalla.
J. A. Mc.AUster, Center Tp.
Burl Mitchell, Jr.. Westminster.
J. I. Nix. Keowee Tp.
W. P. Nimmons, Seneca.
A. M. Norris. Westminster.
G. It. Pike. Salem.
G. W. Powell, Seneca Tp.
J. W. Bankin, Seneca Tp.
\V. A. Rankin, Seneca Tp.
Lewis Vollrath, We goner Tp.
John T. Whitworth, Center Tp.
Sunday's Record-Rock Hill Police*
man Slays Mill Operative.
Rock Hill. June 10.-Four killings
In York county In one day is a sad
record, but such ls that of this Sab
Early this morning Henry H. Put
nam, about 20 years old, an em
ployee of the Victoria Cotton Mill,
was shot and almost Instantly killed
by Policeman Eubanks, near the mill.
This afternoon, In a Black street
tenement, Elzle Brutton killed ano
ther negro, named John Campbell,dn
a row over a woman, lt ls said.
.. At Roddey's Station one negro-was
killed In a "crap" game by another,
and the fourth homicide reported was
from Fort Mill, a negro being tho vic
Coroner Lon th lan held the Inquest
to-day over the body of young Put
nam. The gist of the evidence
showed that Putnam, with three j
otln>r young fellows, was at the let
ter box in front of the mill, and that
Putnam swung on a passing freight
train and rode about the length of a
car box; thal Eubanks came oui
from the other side of the train when
lt passed and arrested Putnam. Af
ter they had gotten out of sight, com
ing towards the city, a shot was
heard and Putnam's companions and
Night. Watchman King, of the mill,
ran up to find Putnam had been shot.
He died In a few moments. No wit
nesses saw the shooting, so far as
luis appeared.
City Attorney Wilson, at the In
most, stated that Eubanks admitted
he shooting, but claimed self-de
The verdict was that Henry Put
lam came to his death hy a pistol
diot in the hands of Hus Kubanks,
while in discharge of his duty a? a
toliceman of the city of Rock lilli.
baines of Those Who Will Have
Charge of Work.
Greenville, June 17.-To the
Poachers of Oconee County: The
eachers' institute will open next
Monday morning at 9 o'clock in ibo
luditorlum of the Seneca High
School. There will be formal exer
dses, giving the teachers a hearty
volc?me to Seneca. I trust, that
.very teacher In the county who has
he time to spare will attend this in
dilute, for it will be worth your
.vhlle. Prof. H. T. Cox, Fur man
'Diversity; Prof. Sense, Chung?n
College; Miss Hattie Goldsmith,
Ireonville High School; Prof. Rad
ien, Clemson College, and myself
viii have charge of the institute.
Miss Hattie Goldsmith will have
marge of the primary instruction for
ho first two weeks, and for thc ad
vantage of showing the teachor-|>u
dls just how to manage a class of
ittlo folks. Miss Goldsmith has re
inested me to call upon the liaient.s
>f Seneca who have children for the
Irst grade to send them lo the
iChool for one hour every morning.
41 ss Goldsmith is considered one of
he best primary teachers in tho
Itate, for she has been leaching the
Irst grade lu tho Greenville City
Ichools for more than twenty years.
Understand that wo want bean
ie rs, and not those who have been
o school for a year. Teachers of
he county all understand the re
u I remen ts for the Institute, and the
iart of studies, and so it will he ox
ilalned In detail next Monday moril
We hope we will have the largest
ttendance ever recorded In thc
ounty. Moping to see many tench
rs on the opening day, I am,
Very truly, M. E. Brockman.
A sprained ankle may, as a rule,
o cured in from three to four days
y applying Chamberlain'o Liniment
nd observing tho directions with
ach bottlo. For sale by all dealers..
Heavy Property Damage Inflicted by<
Elementa in Missouri.
Kansas City, Mo., Juno 16.->
Twenty-six persons aro known to
have been killed and many Injured
by a storm that passed over Central
West Missouri late Saturday, demol
ishing buildings, tearing down, wires
and leaving tho smaller towns and
country homes completely wrecked.
Prom meager reports that have
been received lt ls believed that the
storm that Btruck Kansas City lato
yesterday, causing the death of two
persons and doing damage amount
ing to many thousands of dollars,
swept to the south through Bates
county, where lt. left a trail of death
and destruction. The path of tho
storm there was half a mile wide and
live miles long. Between Merwin
and Adrian nineteen persons woro
At Creighton, in Cass county, two
are known to be dead, while at Lee
ton, in Johnson comity, two are dead
and unverlfltcd reports say others
Imve been killed.
After striking Merwin, the storm
took a northwestward course, pass
ing Sedalia. where the wind did
much damage.
Two Killed During Worship,
Janesville, Ohio, June Hi.-Two
were killed and a score injured early
to-day when a cyclone struck hero,
toppling the steeple of St. Thomas'
Catholic church through tho roof, i
while services were being held.
Thomas Sklnlon's head was crush
ed by falling stone and he was In
stantly killed. John F. Dinna,
crushed, died two hours later in a
hospital. Father Roach was admin
istering the last sacrament to Skill
ion. The storm cut a path about a
block wide through the town. Moro
than 500 houses were badly dam
aged and fifty families were rendered
Two Killed.
Clareniore, Okla., June 1G.-Two
men were killed and buildings and
trees destroyed late last night by a
severe rain, wind and electrical
storm, which was general over tho
Root, (Taft's Man "Friday" v Chosen
( hail niau, .ViM to lS02.
Convention Hall, Chicago, Juno 18.
- Amidst the clamor of yells from ri
val factions, and the friendly shouts
of Slate delegations, the fifteenth
Republican National Convention be
gan its history-making course at
noon. There was none of the seri
ous disorder that had been feared.*
A row minutes alter tho gavel had
crashed its summons to the dele
gates, quiet had been obtained, and
Chaplain Callaghan repealed his
Immedlatoy after this expression of
reverence!, however, developments
came like shots from a rapid lire gun.
First Big Victory.
Taft men drew first hood In tho
convention when Chairman Rosewa
ter, after listening to arguments of
the Roosevelt and Taft forces, ruled
out of order the demand of tho
Roosevelt men that the temporary
roll be amended. By the proposed
amendment, contesting Roosevelt
delegates that were under contest
would have been substituted for
Taft delegates admitted by the na
tional committee. The action of
Chairman Rosewater prevented a
vote by the convention on tho Roose
velt proposition,
Root Elected.
In the contest for temporary chair
man of the convent ion tho squabble
for supremacy was heated and close
between tho two contestants, Killin
Root and McGovern, of Wisconsin.
The final vole stood Root 558, Mc
Govern 502. Mr. Root assumed the
duties of his olflco amid cheers from
some and loud cries of "Haw! haw!
baw!" and "Receiver of stolen
goods!" from lils opponents. Seve
ral rows were nipped In the bud by
squads of policemen hastened to va
rious parts ol' the hall.
Jilted Lover's Awful Deeds.
Salisbury,'N. C.. Juno 16.-Anger
ed, it is claimed, by a second rejec
tion Of his proposal of marriage, F.
I). Chimu, aged 2:5, shot and Instant
ly killed Miss Burnadoltu Rouocko,
figed 19, here to-night in the pres
ence of lier sister, and then commit
ted suicide. Both families are woll
known In this community.
The shooting occurred at the homo
>f the girl's unlco, where Chimu and
Miss Rouecke had stopped, together
with Miss 1 lor?ense Rouecke and
3har]os Cable, after attending
.burch services. Cable and the de
.eased girl's sister had gone for a
lrink of water, leaving Chtllin and
Miss Bnrnadotto on the front pondi.
When a few feet away 'hey heard re
solver shots. Rushing back they
were confronted by Chimu, who com
Tiandod them to "get back" and
ben placed the pistol against his
emple and tired. The dead body of
be girl wa'i found by his sido.
When your child has whooping
.ough bc careful to keep tho cough
oose and expectoration easy by giv
ng Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as
nay bo required. This remedy will
ilse liquify the tough mucus and
nako lt easier to expect?ralo, it han
>een used successfully In many epl
1 ernies and is safo and sure. For
mlo by all dealors.

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