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The object of the International
promote, by questions, through tho
the teaching of Scripture In cornice
School Lessons.
(Copyright 1910 by Rev.
SUNDAY', JULY 7, 1012.
Subject: "Malignant Unbelief."
Mark 111:20-35.
(?olden Text: This is tile condem
nation, that light is come into the
world, ami men loved darkness ra
ther than light because their deeds
nero evil." John 111:19.
I. Verses 20-21-Why did tho rel
atives of Jesus think lie was beside
.2. Why does a state of intense re
ligious experience still impress the
average man as Insanity?
3. If the preachers who aro inflict
ed with empty pews would become
intensely spiritual what effect, If any,
would that have upon the size of their
4. Verse 2 2-Whore is the scene
of this lesson laid?
5. Are Christians who earn their
living by teaching religion liable to
backslide in their own souls? Give
your reasons.
0 What reason had these scribes
to ' Ink that Jesus was possessed
with i he devil and cast out devils by
his power?
7. What ls that dangerous and
subtle power In human nature which
enables a man to believe almost any
thing in the line of his interests or
S. Verses 23-2(5-Why may not
Satan cast out a small demon In or
der to make way for a bigger one?
fl. These scribes admitted the fact
of Christ's wonderful miracles; why,
therefore, and by what power were
they performed?
10. Why ls lt that so many men,
In spite of the fact that Christ's claim
is so well established, continue to
make such foolish attacks on Chris
II. How do you account for these
scribes making such u foolish state?
mont that Christ cast out devils hy
the power of Beelzebub? (This is
one of the questions which may be
answered in writing by members of
the club.)
Hadley Deserts Roosevelt.
Jefferson City, Mo., Juno 27.
Governor Hadley on his return from
the Chicago convention, reiterated
his determination not to join Roose
velt's third party movement.
"1 believe I tan render more use
ful public service as a member of the
Republican party titan hy joining In
the formation of a third party," he
"While I have in no way changed
my mind as to the correctness of that
for which I have contended, I under
take to say that no political party
ever did, or ever will, exist In which
at times men will not use authority
unfairly and to accomplish Improper
"In my opinion, the best way suc
cessfully to light such men and
methods, and also the best way in
which to light for correct principles
of government is within the party,
rather than by leaving it."
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port regularly of the satisfactory re
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ative qualities. Foley Kidney Pills
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backache, rheumatism, weak hack or
lumbago. J. W. Hell.
Candidates' Cards under this head
ing will be Inserted for the sum of
$3-strictly in advance. Pleaso do
not ask us to charge to an account.
I For a midnight suppe
other time, the very
thnt atove-arlists can clo-is n
It Burns Oil
-No Ashes
It Concen
trates Heat
~No Watte
It ls Handy
-No Dirt
It ls Ready
-No Dtlay
lt concenlratei
.nd where you ^
.taadier ana han
ITU New Ptd
lurquoiu-bliie cfiiir
la pick? I. with ci
rack*, tte. Mada
' All dealer* car
Fro* Cook-Book v,
ftvea to anyone tea<
Press Bible Question Club ls to
press, thought and investigation on
tlon with tho International Sunday
T. S. Liuscott, D. D.)
12. Verse 27-What does Christ
propose to do with the devil ("the
strong man") in so far as the Indi
vidual Christian is concerned?
13. Verses 28-30-In what respect
could this sin of the scribes be called
a sin against tho Holy Ghost?
14. If a man sins against light,
knowledge, and continues to reject
tho only way of salvation, why is it
impossible for him to be forgiven?
15. As it applies to sinners to
day, what would you say Is the sin
against the Holy Ghost which never
can ho forgiven?
10. Verses 31-35-What would
you think Christ's brethren and his
mother wanted of him?
17. If our most loved friends after
the Hosh want to keep us back from
intense spiritual work, what should
bo our attitude to them?
18. What relations aro the holler
and happier, and why, those after thc
llesh or those after tho Spirit?
Lesson tor Sunday, ?Inly 14, 1012;
"The Seed in tho Pour Kinds of Soil."
Mark IV: 1-20.
.J*?!??!??!??j?>|? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j?
fy - fy
fy I have read the Suggestive fy
fy Question^ on tho Sunday School fy
fy Lesson published lu fy
fy also Lesson lself for Sunday fy
fy July 7th, 11)12, fy
fy and Intend to read e series fy
fy of fifty-two. fy
fy *
fy Name .fy
fy fy
.??Address: .fy
fy Cut out and Send to this Office, fy
American Edcuation for Children.
New York, Juno 28.-Mrs. Grover
Cleveland, widow of the deceased ex
president, has brought her children
hack to this country to be educated
lu schools bore. While they have
been attending schools abroad lt was
only that they might learn languages.
In speaking of American schools Mrs.
Cleveland said: "Education In Amer
ica no longer means books entirely,
hut it means the drawing out ol' tho
best that is in a child from all points
of view. Through tho newer meth
ods of schooling children aro allowed
to develop as naturally as a rose un
folding its petals when growing in the
right soil and In the right surround
ings. That Is exactly the way edu
cation should affect the child."
Itching piles provoke profanity, but
profanity won't remove thom. Dean's
Ointment is recommended for Itch
ing, bleeding or protruding pi los. 50c.
at any drug store.
Joensscc Jottings.
' Jocassee, Juno 27.-Special: Miss
Lizzie ('row and Linie Galloway, of
North Carolina, were happily married
recently. The bride and groom loft
tho day after tho marriage for North
Carolina, whore they will make their
home. We extend congratulations
and best wishes.
Bains Burgess lost a fine horse a
few days a?'o. Tho loss falls very
heavily upon Mr. Burgess.
Canners aro badly in tho weeds
and grass on account of so much rain
Crops are very sorry.
The Latest
g in Stoves
r, as for any other meal et any
latest thing in stoves-the best
til Cook-stove
i tko heat when you want it
vant it. It U at quick a? OM,
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eclion 3tov? hw lon?, enameled,
i ive y*, lt it tandtomelr finuhod
ibinet Icc, ?op ?li?b<?. towel
mik 1, 2of 3bura*rt.
rr iha Nor Ptrfeetfc* S?AT?.
?k ev*** HOT*. Cook-Book a Wo .
die? 3 eatrft to cover raa?in? OH?. ,
In N?w Jera*y)
One-Year Agricultural Scholarships
und Course nt Clemson.
Beginning next session Clemson
College will give an intensive one
year agricultural course to young far
mers who desire to learn the Import
ant yet simple fundamental princi
ples which underdo successful agri
This course will begin October 1st
and close June 1st, and will be open
to young men eighteen years old and
over. The course Includes none of
tho usual acadomlc branches such as
mathematics! English, history, etc.,
but ls confined to a study of the
principles of crop production, horti
culture, animal husbandry, dairying,
etc. Agricultural arithmetic and
simple course in parliamentary prac
tice and public speaking will be
given, sufficient to enable the student
when he returns to his community
to preside at a public meeting or to
hold a farmers' institute.
The purpose of the course ls to
take young men IS years old or old
er, who know tho practical side of
farming and make of them better and
moro scientific farmers and commu
nity leaders and builders as well.
An elementary rural school educa
tion will be required of those who ap
ply for the course. Ability to read
and write intelligently, and a fair
knowledge of arithmetic constitute
the requirements. The cost of the
course, including fees, uniforms,
board, lodging, heat, light and laun
dry, will be $117.55. Those who are
able will pay $4 0 additional for tui
The Minis scholarship bill passed
at the 15)12 session of tho General
Assembly provides for scholarships
In the one-year course as follows:
One from each county, and seven
from the State at largo. Each schol
arship ls worth $100 and free tuition.
The trustees designate In each coun
ty the most representative organiza
tion of farmers. The executive com
mittee of this organization, on or be
fore July 1st, recommends to the
president of the college three or more
young mon over eighteen years old,
who have done worthy agricultural
work during the preceding year, or
in any previous year. These young
mon are notified of the recommenda
tion and go up for competitive exam
ination on July 12th at the county
court house. They stand their ex
aminations along with regular four
year scholarship applicants, but the
examination is different and covers
only the elementary common school
branches. In any county where there
is no organization of fanners, the di
rector of tho agricultural department
of Clemson College solicits opinions
from representative farmers of the
county, and their r commendations
are used as would be the recommen
dation of an executive committee.
Tlie seven State-at-large scholar
ships aro recommended 1? the same
way, except by tho executive commit
tee of the most representative State
organization of farmers. The young
mon recommended for scholarships
at largo stand their examinations at
their county seats.
Thc examination papers aro pre
pared ?and graded by the Clemson
faculty and the award announced hy
tho secretary of the State Board of
Education. ,
Only young men recommended
will be allowed to compete for the
one-year agricultural scholarships.
Tho board of trustees has desig
nated tho Canners' Union of Goonoo
county as the most representative or
ganization in this county, and that
organization will make recommen
dations from Oconee, For tho other
counties see Keov/ee Courier of Issue
ol' June 19th.
lt ls earnestly requested thal In
counties having an organlztaion, that
interested parties give to ibo mem
bers of thc executive committee of
tho organization names ol' desirable
applicants. In those counties having
no organization, tanners are ro
il nested lo write to Prof. J. N. Har
per, giving names of worthy young
men who would like to compete for
the scholarships. Recommendations
for the seven scholarships from the
Statc-at-large should he sent to E. W.
Dabbs, President of State Farmers'
Union, Mayesville, S. C.
If tho Farmers' Union designated
for any particular county is no tonger
active, names should he sent ' r Prof.
Harper, as in (be case of counties
having no organization,
The co-operation ol' our agricultu
ral people is earnestly requested in
order to got the now law Into effect,
and In order that no county shall
miss the opportunity of getting its
lt is expected that in addition to
the one-year agricultural scholarships
at least fifty others will take the one
year course. Applicants for admis
sion to this course may stand en
trance examinations along with thfe
scholarship applicants at the county
sea's, or at the college In October.
President Clemson College.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tho readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn thal there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In all its stages,
and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure ls tho only positive cure now
known to tho medical fraternity. Ca
tarrh, being a constitutional disease,
requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, neting directly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces of tho system,
thereby destroying the foundation of
tho disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up tho constitu
tion and assisting nature in doing its
Work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they
offer ono hundred dollars for any
ease that it falls to cure. Send for
list of testimonials. Address- -
F. J. CH IONIO Y & GO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
Trouble never attempts to dodgo
those-w-ho are looking fo??vR.
Tho guinea pig is fully grown
when only six wooka old.
" I had been troubled, a !
Mrs, L. Pincher, In a letter
not taken down, until March,
to have a doctor. He did all
better. 1 hurt all over, and I
Carditl, and soon I began tc
good health, and able to do
You may wonder why
other remedies have failed,
successful, because it is con
that act curatively on the wo
for women, and for women o
restores weak and ailing wc
If you suffer like Mrs.
will surely do for you, what
Write to: Ladles* Advisory Dopt. C
for Spatial Irutmctioru. and M-PM? book.
Meeting Executive Committee.
Tho executive committee of the
Democratic party of Oconco county
ls hereby called to meet, at Walhalla
Court House on Saturday, July 13th,
1912, at ll a. m., for the purpose of
fixing candidates' assessments and
arranging a schedule of county cam
paign dates, and transacting such
other business as may bo brought be
fore tho committee. It is hoped that
there will be a full meeting, livery
club ls urged to have Its committee
man present.
James M. Moss, Chairman.
C. R. D, Burns, Secretary.
(Tn Court of Common Pleas.)
Ada Rhodes, Plaintiff,
Will White, Defendant.
(Summons for Relief-(Complaint
not Served.)
To the Defendant Above Named:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in
this action, which was filed in tho
olllce of tho Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas for the said county, on
tho 20th day of June, 1012, and
to serve a copy of your answer to tho
sai<( complaint on the subscriber at
his office on tho Public Square, at
Walhalla Court House, South Caro
lina, within twenty days after tho
service hereof, exclusive of the day of
such service; and if you fail to an
swer the complaint within tho time
aforesaid, the Plaintiff in this action
will apply to tho Court for the relief
demanded In the complaint.
Dated this the 20th day of Juno
A. 1). 1012.
(Seal.) JOHN F. CRAIG, C. C. P.
It. T. J A YNES,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To Will White, Absent Defendant:
Take Notice, that the Summons
and Complaint in the above entitled
action wore filed in the office ol' tlu
Clerk of Court of Common Pleas of
Oconco County, Hoot h Carolina, on
thc 20th day of June. A. D. 1912
that the subject of this action is the
foreclosure of a lien of a certain
mortgage given by Mary Jane White
to Mrs. Ada Rhodes, on the 27th day
Of Juno, 1000, recorded in Clerk's
office, Oconee County, on July 17th,
100(5, In Hook "AA." page 120; that
tito said Mary Jane White departed
this life intestate on ibo 22d day of
November, 1911, leaving you as ber
sole heir-at-law; that the purpose ol'
this action is the foreclosure of the
lien of said mortgage deed, and no
personal claim ls made against you.
Plain tiff'ii Attorney.
Juno 20, 10 12. 26-31
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to a decree of tho afore
said Court, in the caso named below,
J will offer for salo, to tho highest
bidder, In front of tho Court House
door, at. Walhalla, S. C., on Monday,
tho 1st day Of JULY, 10 12, be
tween the legal hours of sale, tho
lot of land below described:
Victor L. Norman ot al., Plaintiffs,
Rosa Norman Callaway ot al., D?
All that parcel or lot of land, sit
uate, lying and being lu tho Town of
Walhalla, of tho County of Oconco, of
tho State of South Carolina, fronting
on \ho south side of Main street, ad
joining lots Of W. O. White, I). Ool
kers and J. D. Vernor, containing
one-third acre, moro or less, and be
ing tire same lot conveyed to Caro
lina W. N. Norman by 0, A. E.
Fischer by deed bearing date tho .'Ul
day of April. 1884, recorded in the
office of [Register ot Moshe Convey
ance of Oconee County, In Rook "I,"
pago 513\on tho 5th day of July,
1884. \
Terms of Sale: CASH. That In
event of tho failure of the purchaser
or pu rebase k to comply with the
terms of salA within five days from
tho day of sale the Master do re-ad
vertlse and nWll said premises on
tho following saleday, or some con
venient ealodan thereafter, at the
same place and \pn tho same terms
as heretofore se tum t, at tho risk of
former purehaserW purchasers, and
that he do continu* so to do until he
has found a purch?w or purchasers
who comply with th\ THIS of sale.
Purchaser to p y <\tra for papers
Master for Oconco County, S. C.
June 12, 1912. \ 24-26
little, for neatly 7 years,* write?
from Peavy, Ala., "but I wa?
when I went to bed mid had
> he could for me. but I got no
could not rest At last, 1 tried
> improve. Now I am ta very
all my housework."
Cardvii Is so successful, after j
The answer ls that Cardul ls
iposed of scientific ingredients,
manly Bystem. It ls a medicine
nly. It builds, strengthens, and
uncu, to health and happiness.
Fincher did, take Cardui. It
it did for her. At all druggists.
ittNanoog* Medicine Co., ChauoMOs*. Ttoa.,
"Homo TrtaUntnt lor Woora," Nat tm. 1 IO
Notice Is hereby given that thc
undersigned will make appllcatlot
to D. A. SMITH, Judge of Pro
bato for Oconee County, In thc
State of South Carolina, at hit
olTlce at Walhalla Couit House, ou
Saturday, July 20th, 1912, at ll
o'clock lu the foronoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of tho Estate of Mrs. M. C.
Bibb, deceased, and obtain linn! dis
charge as Executors of said ostato.
S. M. BIBB, Executors.
Juno 2?, 1912. 2G-29
The undersigned, Executrix of tho
estate of Mrs. Emma M ni ii kin, de
ceased, hereby gives notice that she
will, on Monday, July 22d, 1912, ap
ply to the Probate Judge of Oconeo
County, South Carolina, for a lina!
settlement of said estate, and a dis
charge from her olllco as Executrix.
Juno 19, 1912. 25-28
Notice is hereby given that pursu
ant to an order of tho County Hoard
of Education of Oconee County, an
election will bo held at George R.
Pike's store, in Salem School Dis
trict, No. 12, on Saturday, July 6th,
1912, for tho purpose of voting upon
the question of levying an extra tax
of POUR MILLS upon all tho real
and personal property In said district
for school purposes.
At said election each voter must
present his registration certificate
and tax receipt before he will bo al
lowed to vote. Each voter favoring
said levy shall cast a ballot contain
ing the word "Yes" written or print
ed thereon, and each voter opposing
said levy shall cast a ballot contain
ing the word "No" written or printed
t hereon.
Trustees District No. 4 2.
_Juno 26, 1912. 2 0-27
Tho examination for tho award of
vacant scholarships in Winthrop
College and for tho admission of
now students will bo held at tho
County Court House on Friday, July
5, tit i) a. m. Applicants must ho not
less than fifteen years of age. When
Scholarships aro vacant after July
5 they will bo awarded to those
milking the highest average at this
examination, provided they meet tho
conditions governing tho award. Ap
plicants for scholarships should
write to President Johnson before
the examination for Scholarship ex
amination blanks.
Scholarships aro worth $100 and
froc tuition. The next session will
open September 18, 1912. For fur
ther information and catalogue ad
dress Pres. D. B. Johnson, Rock
Hill. S. 0._27'
Tho University of South Carolina
- a first-class College with courses I:
Law, Engineering and Commerce and
Finance. Forty-three teachers' schol
arships, worth $100 in money and
exemption from fees. A rare chance
for an aspiring yoting man.
Tho health and morals of thc stu
dents are the first care.
Enrollment I CI students.
Many improvements next session.
Eut rance examinations will bo held
at the Court House on Friday, July
12th, at 0 o'clock.
For catalogue write to
S. C. MITCHELL, President,
Columbia, S, C.
May 22, 1012. 21-27
There Are fflaiiy M PIANOS
and among thom there aro sevoral
distinctly fino c .es-Pianos of the
artistic charae r in which aro tho
proofs of advanced skill and perfect
ed dovolopment in material construc
tion and musical results.
Among tho Pianos of this charac
ter none stands more conspicuously
prominent than tho Chase Brothors'
Pianos, sold by
Seneca, H. O.
* fy ?I- ?I? ?I? ?I*
fy fy
fy Attoiuoy-nt-Lnw, fy
fy Phono No. 00, fy
fy Walhalla, South Carolina. 4*
fy - fy
fy O?I?CO OvoP OcOnOO Nows. fy
fy "_fy
fy E . JJ. HERNDON, fy
fy Attorney-nt-Law, fy
fy Walhalla, South Curollnn. fy
4? PHONE NO. Ol. fy ?
fy R . Ti JA Y N IO S , fy
fy ? Attomey-nt-Liuv, fy
fy Walhalla, South Carolina. fy
fy Roll Phono No. 20.
fy - fy
fy Practico In Stato and Fedora! ?J*
fy Courts. fy
fy DR. \V. Fi AUSTIN, fy
fy Dentist, fy
fy Konoca, South Carolina. ?j*
fy - fy
fy Ofhco Over J. W. Byrd & Co. fy
fy-,-. fy
fy DRAINING, ?c. ?J*
fy W . M . F 10 N N 10 Ii Ii, fy
fy (Floyd Place.) fy
fy Walhalla, South Carolina. ?j"
fy J. P. Carey, J. w. Sholor, fy
fy Plckens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, fy
fy Attorneys mid Counsellors, fy
fy Walhalla, South Carolina. fy
fy -. fy
fy Practico 111 State and Federal 4*
fy Courts. 4*
?J. fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy
Call and see ino or phono 84.
Prompt attention to all calls.
All work guaranteed.
L. 0. WHITE, Walhalla.
1785 1912
128th Year Regln j September 27
Entrance examinations at all tho
county scats on FRIDAY, JULY 5th,
at 9 a. m.
It offers courses in Ancient and
Modojrn Languages, Mathematics,
History, Political Science, Debating,
Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and
Engineering, ?
Courses for 13. A., B. S., and B. S. i>
dogreo with Engineering.
A free tuition scholarship to each
comity of South Carolina. Vacant
Boyeo scholarships, giving $100 a
year nnd free tuition, open to com
petitivo examination In September.
Expenses reasonable. Terms and
catalogue on application. Write to
Charleston, S. C.
May 15^ J 91J2._27 * _
enrollment Over 800-Value of
Property Over u Million and n
Quarter-Ninety-four Teachers and
Degree Courses
Agriculture. Agriculture and Chemis
try. Agriculture and Animal Indus
try. Chemistry. Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering. Civil Engi
neering. Textile Engineering. Ar
chitectural Engineering,
Short Courses
One year course in Agriculture.
Two year course in Textiles. Four
weeks Winter Course in Cotton Grad
ing. Four weeks Winter Course for
Cost. Cost per session of nine
months, Including ?til fees, boat,
light, water, board, laundry and tho
necessary uniforms $133.60. Tui
tion $-10.00 additional.
Tho College maintains lf>7 four
year Agricultural and Tcxtllo Schol
arships and 61 one-year Agricultural
Scholarships. Value of scholarships
$100 per session and free tuition.
(Students who havo attended
Clemson College or any other col
lego or university aro not ollgtblo
for tin* scholarships unless there aro
no other eligible applicants.)
Scholarship and Entrance Exami
nations wilt ho Ireh! nt the County
Court House on .Inly 12th, 0 a. m.
Next Session Opens
SEPTEMBER tl, 1012
Write AT ONCE to W. M. Riggs,
President, Clemson College, S. C.,
for catalog, scholarship blanks, etc.
If you delay, >ou may bo crowded
out*. 23-28_
All persons indebted to the Es
tate of Archolaus Lay, deceased,
uro hereby notified to make pay
ment to the undersigned, and all per
sons having claims against said Es
tate will present tho same duly at
tested within tho Hmo proscribed by
law or bo barred.
LOUIS A. LAY, Executors.
Juno 20j_l 912. 20-29
Notice is hereby givon that the
undersigned will make application
to D. A. Smith, Judgo of Probate for
Dconco County, in tho Stato of South
Carolina, at his ofllco at Walhalla
Court House, on Saturday, July 20th,
1912, at ll o'clock a. m., or as soon
thereafter as said application can bo
heard, for leavo to make final settle
ment of the Estato of Archelaus Lay,
deceased, and obtain final discharge
as Executors of said estato.
f*1 OUIS A. LAY, Executers.
Juue 26, 912. 26-29

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